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Darth Abyss

Darth Abyss

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I'm back and I need your help

30 August 2018 - 04:20 AM

Hey Chaos, long time no see.

As the title says I'm planning a return, due to my RL schedule being pretty free right now. It also says I need your help, as I'm still not sure as to what exactly I want to do besides the fact that I rather play a single character instead of a bunch of them. Of course I considered just bringing back the Big A, but that's a lot of baggage that I don't feel like bringing back with him. I also considered rebooting his character, but I really like using him as background noise for new characters.

I still had a character I felt like playing but never really went through with it: Derriphan

I also made one in the on the spur of the moment when I came back here for the first time in months: The Ambassador

Now my question is which one you consider the more interesting one based on their bio. Third option would obviously be to create just another new one, but I really don't know what so I'm open for ideas and concepts if you have some.


So how does the Netherworld work, really?

04 May 2018 - 08:49 AM

Alright, I've currently been doing a lot of think about far future arcs to bring Abyss' story to some sort of closure one day. The questions bugging me tho are: how does the Netherworld work here on Chaos?

Sadly I wasn't here during the event exploring that question, and while I know that there are certain changes that followed from it (the veil having grown thin for example allowing lost souls to escape with comparable ease to before) I still don't think I got the full extent of these effects.

And of course the real question: Would it be possible to become some sort of ruler of the part of the Nether called Chaos/Hell/The Void? I know this is a pretty outlandish thing to ask lol, but my intention isn't to end up playing some god of death. Instead I want to end his story by him leaving the physical world behind fully and best case become a demonic gatekeeper trying to keep spirits from returning back into reality (as fluff, I obviously can't tell anyone that they can't to bring their characters back from the dead anyway lol).

Thoughts, information, ideas, critic (Like seriously I'm fully aware that this is a pretty out there idea so feel free to throw my own stupidity at me lol), etc?


25 April 2018 - 07:42 AM


Yeah I'm back. I don't think I have to excuse my absence (I mean I at least hope I don't lol) as I dropped out from Chaos at a point where I wasn't involved with anything major. Still I think at least an explanation is in order, as my disappearance was sudden to say the least.

When I left my muse was already at an all time low, not because of Chaos itself but due to my actual real life. Still for a while I enjoyed mainly lurking and reading, maybe working on some factory and codex stuff when I had the time but not much besides that. The college decided to turn even more stressful, as did my passion for music (currently working really hard to go to a rather prestigious college that offers Music and Sound Design) and I really just lost all interest in roleplaying all together. Now things have calmed down a bit, and I felt a desire to get back into writing. At first I was thinking about looking for a new forum in a new universe, but tbh there's just no forum like Chaos which in the end lead me back here.

So yeah, how's it going everyone, what did I miss?

Some IC things: For the time being I have no interest bringing Abyss back as a major character. He is by far my favorite of all characters I ever used anywhere be it online or in a pen and paper, but I need a change. For that I'm starting out as a new character, that will slowly give reason to Abyss absence over the course of his upcoming arc.

Special Delivery

05 February 2018 - 03:53 PM

Deep Space - Bridge of the Eldritch

The dark endlessness of space was nothing compared to the void within the Prophet, who silently rested on the ground with his legs crossed. His rusted and broken body was mostly shrouded in shadows and dirt, but the few remaining pieces of shining silver still reflected the hints of dim green light of the terminals around them. Motionless in form, immersed into the very darkness he was composed of, he waited for the man he had his crew contact, a certain smuggler called Alistair Fenn.

The task that awaited completion was simple and complex at the same time. In theory it was a simple delivery, but all of his men had refused to do it once they learned of the cargo. His newest creation, the strange spawn of dark magic that called herself Narcissa, had managed to earn to hate of the whole crew in less then a few months. Besides her mindlessly running away to cause trouble others had to clear up at any chance, she had also shown an impressive level of misbehaviour within the vessel.

After the mechanics had to repair the energy core the third time in one week, Abyss had decided that it was enough. It was time to teach her a lesson, the lesson that she meant nothing to him and either had to follow his commands or die a lonely, cold death in space's dark embrace. For that she had been outfitted with a small amulet that suppressed her ability to shift through solid matter, and then packed into a small, uncomfortable cargo crate that was to be delivered to a blacksite prison on the outer corners of the galaxy.

In the hangar of the Eldritch a team was already preparing the crate for pickup, while one of Abyss' agents waited besides them to great the smuggler and escort him onto the bridge. The pale, thin man was shrouded in an odd mix of military uniform and sith robe, and only looked slightly less unnatural then his master.

The Debt of the Dead

05 February 2018 - 03:12 PM

Deep Space, One Jump from the Smuggler's Run - Bridge of the Eldritch

After their last deal had concluded, Abyss didn't had expected to call for Kilum Bralor so soon, at least not for a meeting face to face. Yet the contract he had to offer was both secret and slightly too complex to just throw the bounty towards the Mandalorian and wait for it to be completed. The Prophet had very precise plans for how he wanted the job done, and he wasn't willing to discuss the details in a tiring call over the holocommunicator.

Instead he had simply send a message to the hunter containing a job description and the pay. 300000 Credits to abduct a pirate captain unseen, at night on his shipbelow the noses of his crew while it was docked to Skip 1. Abyss agents had already scouted the place, and knew where the target and his crew spend most of their time, supplying the intel Kilum could use to fulfill his task.

Gideon Newport owned a great debt to Abyss. Not money, not power, but his very life. The husk had gifted the pirate a way out of the land of the dead, in return for his eternal service. As it was to be expected from a pirate captain with more then questionable loyalties, Gideon had used his gift to run as far away as he could, trying to escape the endless hand of the Prophet.

Like during their last meeting, Abyss simply rested on the ground of the Eldritch's bridge in motionless perfection. In his silent meditation he awaited the arrival of the hunter. Once his ship would come into sensor distance, Kilum would be able to notice that the Eldritch had locked his ship's signature and offered a docking clearance the second he entered into the system.