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Rolf Amsel

Rolf Amsel

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LOA - Till at Least 3/12

05 March 2018 - 03:39 PM

Currently working towards a job transition. Will likely be LOA until at least March 12th but roleplaying may be delayed further (Factory activities will resume as of the 12th regardless).

Characters affected: Rolf Amsel, Sieger Ren, Martin Shepard and all others (see character list)

If anyone has faction specific questions, feel free to reach out to First Order Staff:
Samka Derith | Ara Zambrano | Asharad Graush

Invasion of Dagobah - Results

24 February 2018 - 10:02 PM


Invasion of Dagobah Results


The battle over Dagobah and the surrounding sector was hard fought, Alliance and First Order forces meeting in the void as well as a violent, knock down - drag out fight in the muck and mud of the swamps of the planet itself. Through the fog and mist, a victorious presence emerged, the banner of the First Order rises! Now under Imperial Control, the First Order claims a new sector of space, securing yet another swathe of space under the might of the Imperial war Machine. 


Congratulations to my fellow First Order writers, and good show - the Alliance put up a valiant effort and produced a lot of good character development opportunities across the board. Thank you all for participation, allies and opposition (And their allies) alike! For the Order!


Samka Derith | Asharad Graush | Ara Zambrano

Aryn Teth | Zark | Taeli Raaf


LAAV/g - (Low Altitude Assault Vehicle, Gunship)

22 January 2018 - 03:59 PM





  • Classification: Infantry Support Gunship
  • Length: 18.4 m
  • Width: 18 m
  • Height: 6.6 m
  • Armament: Very High​​
    • 4 x Heavy Blaster Cannon Turrets (Wing Mounted)
    • 2 x Dual Light Repeating Blaster Turrets (Forward, Ventral Mounted)
    • 24 x Light Concussion Missile Tubes (Single Use)
    • 8 x Proton Torpedo Missile Tubes (Single Use)
    • 2 x Forward Facing Shield Barrier Projectors (1 Port, 1 Starboard)
  • Defenses: Very High

  • Squadron Count: Low

  • Maneuverability Rating: Low

  • Speed Rating: Very Low

  • Hyperdrive Class: Very Slow: 10



  • Standard Engine Systems
  • Standard Navigation Systems
  • Standard Atmospheric Flight Systems
  • Standard Encrypted Communications Suite
  • Standard Sensor Package
  • FLiR & NV Optics
  • Standard Countermeasures
    • Chaff/ECF Canisters

    • Signal Jamming





  • Heavily Armored: Though its shields may be substandard, the heavy armor plating affixed to the exterior of the landing ship make it quite the juggernaut - most notably along its ventral and side surfaces to protect against ground fire during descent and to provide adequate cover for troops embarking/disembarking. Designed to take weapons fire, the 00D-A Charged Plating System allows for limited protection, relying more fully on its charged plating to mitigate damage.

  • BRRRRRRRRTTTT: Boasting a wide array of weapons, the LAAV/g can lay down withering amounts of fire on both hard and soft targets. Equipped with two large banks of single use concussion missiles and a total of eight proton torpedoes, the gunship is equipped to soften the enemy up before landing and delivering its complement of troopers to the battlefield.

  • Survivability: Though it carries the capability to operate with its side doors open, the LAAV/g is designed to protect those inside until the very moment they disembark. As the doors open, two forward facing shield projectors are activated, providing limited cover for the soldiers who are now exiting onto the battlefield.


  • Bulky: Because of its large size, the LAAV/g requires a somewhat berthy LZ if it plans on setting down. Unable to nimbly maneuver in tight spaces, it requires significant clearance if it hopes to land before disembarking its troops.

  • Freight Train: Once the vehicle gets going, it’s not stopping anytime soon. Sluggish controls on top of its bulk create  a definite barrier to finesse when piloting the LAAV/g

  • Slow: Because of its increased armor and weapons, the engine systems are already taxed at full loadout. Trying to eek out a few extra kph isn’t unreasonable but the risk/reward ratio of burning out the engines usually isn’t worth it. Slower than most shuttles, this gunship knows it’s going to be a target and compensates with heavy armor and weapons systems.

  • Reduced Complement: Designed primarily as an infantry support gunship, the heavy punch the LAAV/g Mk I comes with a tradeoff in complement size. Though it is larger than its predecessor, the LAAT, it holds a smaller complement of soldiers within its bowels to make room for the additional weapons systems and thickened armor. This coupled with the increased thrust requirement allow only up to 15 fully kitted stormtroopers. Like anything, you might be able to squeeze in a few extra in a pinch, but it was designed for 15.

  • Limited Ordinance: Though it packs a meaty punch, the rocket/missile racks on the LAAV/g are non reloadable in the field and require a service facility (Or designated landing zone) to replace the modular racks. By default, each rack is equipped pre-loaded and the expended module is replaced with another fully loaded one upon return to a service location. As the rack's firing systems are aligned in series, if one rocket malfunctions or is damaged, the entire module is short circuited and will fail to operate. 

  • Shield Disruptor: Equipped with a shield disruptor, the LAAV/g is capable of breaching most planetary shields - once. Designed as an assault vehicle, a one way trip isn't particularly out of the question. As such, a weaker shield disruptor was installed, allowing it only one use before burning out.

  • Low Altitude: Like its predecessor, the LAAT, the LAAV/g is capable of entering space, but was never really designed for zero g environments. Typically designed to enter the atmosphere of a planet, getting back out requires a lot more work, taxing the engines to full capacity. While exiting the atmosphere, due to the poor power distribution and required thrust, the LAAV/g's weapons systems are diminished and sometimes completely unavailable. 




Operating primarily out of the SJAS-AAL/FO-03 Tactical Troop Transport, the First Order’s Stormtrooper Corps was missing a crucial component in their ground combat doctrine - that of close air support. Lacking a dedicated troop delivery, gunship platform, the First Order settled in on a design. Rushing it into production. Carrying a hefty price and the high quality armor and systems they weren’t able to mass produce the craft, but have eyes on creating other variants based on the same design. This, the “Gunship” model was the first to reach production however, the others plagued by design and compatibility flaws with some of the proposed features.

Faction Update | 1/3/18

03 January 2018 - 03:35 PM


-- -- --

Faction Staff:

Rolf Amsel (Faction Owner)

Samka Derith | Ara Zambrano (Faction Admins)

 Asharad Graush (Faction Moderator)


Faction Mandate: Relentless Horde
Faction Capital: Avalonia, Dosuun

 -- -- --


Long live the First Order! Congratulations are in order for all of you as we end one year and jump into the next! Last year we made an offensive into Alliance territory, and we find ourselves once more at opposing ends of the sword. With the First Order victory over the Galactic Alliance at the L-49 Hex, we've started the new year off with a big bang! There are a few changes I'd like to mention within the First Order in case we hadn't let everyone know what was official. But first - I'd like to take a moment to recognize one of our members as they transition from our Admin team back to the general pool of plebians :P


It is with a measure of sadness that I let you all know that Natasi Fortan has stepped down as a faction admin. Her contributions have been above and beyond anything we could have expected from a single person and though she won't be participating on the admin team, she has said she'll be sticking around and writing with us still! I can't count the number of times I've been grateful to have her as not only our faction owner but also during her time on the admin team, she's been a valuable team member and mentor and I'm sad to see her go, but also excited as hopefully this will give her a breath of fresh air - and without my whip constantly overhanging her, she might actually be able to get a few personal posts out with her characters too!


As you all know, Ara Zambrano has been helping us out as a faction moderator, making graphics, organizing threads, and being kind of our go-to person for new members and updating rank threads. She does a lot behind the scenes too so if you didn't know before - trust me, she does a lot for us. Along those lines, we're happy to welcome Ara onto the Admin team as a Faction Admin. In truth, she's been doing the job already but I figured it's about time we make it official :) So welcome to the team!

I would also like to note, that I am extremely thankful to have Samka Derith and Asharad Graush on the faction staff team as well, they both contribute greatly to the faction, and I am very grateful for not only their assistance in keeping threads and forums updated but also their opinions and judgement. Thanks!




With that bit spoken to, I imagine you're all pretty excited to hear what grand new plans and ideas have been oozing down the pipeline. So without further ado, I'll go ahead and make a few notes regarding our present state and where we're headed - provided the faction members and my fellow staff agree. These are the overall plans, so I'm hoping that be seeing where our overall arcs are going, the member base can start their own threads in the same theme of the overall plot arcs. I'll start with the current situation.




The First Order has successfully established a blockade of the L-49 Hex (According to the Galactic Standard Map). Though losses were significant and the Supreme Leader's flagship suffered heavy damage, the coordination and effective fleet deployment the only thing allowing the First Order to keep its stranglehold across the Hydian way and deeper into the sector. Unknown to the First Order, a simultanous strike of the neighboring sector near Dagobah. Even now data is still incoming, the FOSB hard at work deciphering scattered reports from both sides of the battle - the victor is unknown. The most damaged of the First Order fleet have withdrawn for repairs and modifications but an agile blockade force remains, supplemented by reinforcements traveling at sub-light to reinforce the blockade further. In a state of high alert, the First Order continues to beat the drums of war after a brief ceasefire. Most surprising very well could have been the Supreme Leader himself participating in the battle, almost seemingly in direct conflict with the Grand Moff's drive towards peace only months before. Times are changing.


First Order Government


The War Cabinet assembles as the First Order government finds itself on war footing again. Ostensibly a group of trusted advisers to the Grand Moff, the War Cabinet seems more like a team of ambitious rivals, each with an agenda and a vision for the prosecution of the war. Grand Moff Fortan finds her position tenuous as her once-solid partnership with the Supreme Leader becomes fractious following Sieger Ren's reinstatement of the war only months after Fortan's hard-fought peace agreement was signed. Meanwhile, members of the cabinet jockey for influence and look to expansion, even as rumblings of an old menace surface. As galactic war rages outside the First Order's borders, internal struggles are beginning to heat up -- for control of resources, for the Supreme Leader's favor, for the support of the people, and for the very soul of the First Order. ( Written by: Natasi Fortan)


First Order Military


Alongside the Cabinet, the highest echelons of the First Order Stormtrooper Corps along with the Admiralty have convened to discuss the tactical situation. Assisted by the First Order Security Bureau, they aim to establish a concrete timetable and timeline as well as focus on ironing out the logistics of this new surge of conflict. While it was obvious some preferred the relative peace established by the ceasefire it has become glaringly obvious that a larger majority itched for all out war. Lead by Sieger himself the offensive was executed, but going forward they found their position more precarious. Morale and superior technology would only get them so far, what they needed were sound tactics. Analyzing combat data from the most recent conflict, the military now moves towards learning from the encounter as they push the offensive.


First Order Security Bureau


The First Order's Premiere intelligence gathering agency has had no small hiccups of its own. From incomplete data to outright incorrect data, the Bureau has been instructed to shape up, or face the consequences. Following an influx in recruitment, the FOSB has had no small share of accidents but starting to form is a core group of special agents and top brass that are finally making the correct moves. With new blood and a concrete purpose, the agency has doubled down on its directive to collect, analyze, process, and execute data and operations to assist not only the formal military forces of the Order but also work with the Order of Ren, the mysterious dark side cult lead by the Supreme Leader himself. As the conflict moves from open combat towards a more agile and precise method of warfare. Some of the most versatile of the First Order's organization, the FOSB has stepped up to the plate - the real question is can they stay there.


The Order of Ren


Having undergone a somewhat radical change in the last months, the Order of Ren is no longer a Force Sensitive exclusive club. With the return of Sieger Ren and his Praetorians, even those not blessed (or cursed) with sensitivity in the Force are able to join the brotherhood. Though they face a much harder road, the Supreme Leader awards his flock by merit. A non-force user can still kill a Jedi, just as one in tune with the Force. If you can hack it, you can join. Going back to their roots, the Order of Ren has taken a more radical approach to teaching combat techniques - techniques while their connection to the force is suppressed under the influence of Ysalamiri, now native to the planet of Virgilia. Training under the most difficult of circumstances ensures victory under any conditions - with or without the manipulation of the Force. Additionally, Knights of Ren and their disciples have been tasked with actively rooting out sects of Jedi not only in and around First Order space, but to make a violent effort to cull the enemy where they sleep. The days ahead look grim, but with the Supreme Leader returned and his presence commanding, the Order of Ren stands ready to bring order to the galaxy. By force. 




OOC Notes:


You guys are awesome! 2017 was an exciting years, we've had a lot of ups and downs, a lot of people come and go, but we've made a heck of a story. Let's keep that up into 2018! I'm really excited, myself and staff have come up with a few overarching themes we want to really play out this year and we'd love to have your input. As it stands, Dominions have an approval process, but don't think of them as dominions. Any story can be a dominion so as long as you can get people interested in the story, let's write it! As far as overarching plots go, I'd like to discuss the details with my staff first, but we'll have a much clearer idea of where we're going once we start our series of themed threads. As always, if you have suggestions, concerns, or comments, feel free to post them below! Welcome to 2018, and welcome to the First Order!

FO-SF Mk I Armor

03 December 2017 - 03:06 PM



  • Intent:To create a non-standard armor for First Order special operations personnel, aimed at being lightweight enough for use in starfighters, but also be resilient enough for assault operations. 
  • Image Source: Img | Img Source
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Storm Commando Armor | FO-02 Stormtrooper Armor


  • Manufacturer: First Order Corps of Imperial Engineers, Brandt-Volcata Industries
  • Model: FO-SF Mk I "Commando"
  • Affiliation: The First Order
  • Modularity: Plates and Guards (Greaves, Gauntlets, Shoulder Pads), Environmental, Load Bearing Equipment, Enamel Coating (Camouflage, Matte, Gloss, Reflec)
  • Production: Limited
  • Material:  Reinforced Duraplast and Duravlex Composite Ablative Alloy, Flex-Armour, Environmental/ Vacuum/ Compression - sealed Armourweave and Duravlex Bodyglove, Integrated Shockpadding, EMP/Ion Resistant Materials, Fire Retardant Textiles, Military-grade Electronics (Helmet and Body Armour.), Sonic Dissipator/Dampening Overlay, Advanced Bio-Restorative Underlay, Sound Baffling materials.


  • Classification: Environmental, Anti-ballistic, Anti-blaster Commando Armor
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Resistances

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High

- Kinetic: High

- Lightsabers:  Very Low

- EMP/ION: Average

- Sonic: Low

- Elemental: High



  • Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System:
    • The Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System, also known as MFTAS, was a sensor system used in helmets that provided assistance in acquiring targets in conditions of poor visibility and at long ranges. ~ Wookiepedia (x)
  • Faraday Cage (Helmet):
    • The brain of the tactical advantages provided by the HUD are housed within the helmet. To prevent electrical or ion interference, the helmet has been designed with an internal Faraday Cage to diffuse excess electrical charges. This is not infallible however, and should the helmet be physically damaged, it is possible the Faraday cage will not perform as advertised.
  • Holographic HUD (Biometrically Blink-Command Capable.):
    • Tied into the MFTAS and locked to the wearer's irises, this HUD is capable of displaying terrain-following tactical readouts, detecting energy emissions, night vision (Infrared and Ultraviolet), and designated target magnification. Additional to the standard systems, a lifeform scanner has been integrated into the HUD system, allowing the user to detect all but the most hidden of life signs. Based off of Scout Trooper Armor used during the reign of the Galactic Empire, this HUD also provides the advantage of an included Macro-binocular, able to increase visibility up to 1 km as well as a rangefinder. This data is visible on the HUD itself, but can also be projected to a Forearm-mounted Comms/Holo-Projector/Data-streaming Device. 
  • Sonic/Aural Dampeners:
    • Like any good soldier will tell you sound is a powerful tool on the battlefield, that and being able to tell where the sound came from. The Sonic/Aural Dampeners ensure that any excess or sudden loud noises will not overwhelm the wearer on the battlefield and assist in preventing ruptured eardrums.
  • Tongue-activated Comm Link:
    • Entirely hands free, a tongue depressed device rests near the user's mouth in the form fitting helmet. This allows the user to activate, deactivate, and otherwise manipulate the integrated encrypted comm system all while performing battlefield duties simultaneously.
  • Rebreather/ Environmental/ Oxygen Filtration System:
    • Designed to function just as well in the void of space as it does in atmosphere, the FO-SF Mk I is a fully sealed combat suit, supplemented with a rebreather/ Environmental/ Oxygen Filtration systems to allow the wearer to traverse even the most toxic of environments. This fully contained system allows for the integration of external oxygen supply tanks worn either as a pack or in some cases, strapped to the wearer's thigh and connected by a durable flex-weave tube into the helmet.
  • Self Contained/Pressurized Body Glove:
    • Fully sealed, the body glove is made from blaster resistant fabrics, supplemented by an armorweave layer allowing the user's extremeties and unprotected bits some protection from blasters. While much of the wearer is protected by plates and padding, the body suit provides additional protection and capability allowing the user to operate in all environments, pressurized or not. As well the body glove is temperature regulated, shedding the worry of extreme temperatures in either direction. 
  • Auto-Adrenal Injection System:
    • In the moment of flight or fight, everything seems to move slowly around you as your heart hammers within your chest. The Auto-Adrenal Injection system detects your body's increased need for strength, alertness, and it responds in kind. Set up to either function automatically or manually (Both available to wearer), the injection system is rigged to supply much needed adrenaline to the wearer, allowing them unparalleled reflexes, strength, and speed to overcome the obstacle in their path. Note: This could be used to deliver other substances to the user, however this is highly discouraged and a violation of regulations.
  • Advanced Bio-Restorative Underlay:
    • Included in the armor's bodysuit is a Bio-Restorative Underlay. This allows the bodysuit to apply chemicals and medications to the affected parts of the body rapidly and effectively not only to stop traumatic bleeding, but to enhance the speed at which the wearer's body will heal. In tandem with the auto-adrenal injector, this allows the wearer to truck through injuries that might incapacitate or otherwise prevent the soldier from continuing on without medical treatment. 
  • Mag-lock Capable Surfaces:
    • Containing several HUD activated mag-lock capable surfaces, the FO-SF Mk I armor provides the user unparalleled control of both their body and their weapons systems. In space, activated mag-lock boots help root them to the surface of a starship before they cut their way into the hull. On the ground, a mag-lock capable glove ensures the wearers weapon isn't jarred from their hands as they dive behind cover to avoid an incoming blaster bolt.
  • Reinforced Gauntlets (Optional):
    • An important feature of the FO-SF Mk I is its reinforced gauntlets. While the armor itself has very weak lightsaber resistance, the gauntlets are designed to be able to take several strikes from one, allowing the user at least a short moment for a last ditch attempt to render the lightsaber wielder ineffective before they die. Though it is somewhat resistant to lightsabers, these can be easily rendered useless by a quick strike across the elbows.
  • Energy Sinks & Combat De-ionizer:
    • If utilized as intended, the user of the FO-SF Mk I is likely to come under heavy fire at some point during its use. As such, two integrated Energy Sinks and a Combat De-ionizer have been designed into the armor. As an added capability, the wearer is able to supplement their suit's energy with this stored energy, however they should be wary that if the Energy Sinks are damaged, it could cause an overload rendering their HUD (Arguably the most comprehensive piece of the armor) useless.
  • Sound Baffle System (Integrated): 
    • Just like its predecessor Storm Commando Armor, the FO-SF Mk I comes with a proprietary sound baffling system which enables the wearer to move more quietly. While in complete silence some movements may still provoke noise, in anything more the sound of movement is suppressed. The field only extends with a radius of one meter, and while sound of movement is suppressed, a standard weapon discharge would be unaffected by this system, easily revealing the location or presence of the wearer (Unless the weapon in question is suppressed inherently).
  • Power Gloves
    • While nowhere near as powerful as a Mandalorian Crushgaunt, Power Gloves allow the wearer increased physical strength in gripping or forcibly handling detainees. With strength enough to break bones, these gloves are also capable of delivering an unpleasant and possibly incapacitating shock to anyone gripped by the wearer. These gloves are supplied by a power pack integrated into the armor itself, however it can be supplemented by siphoning energy from the Energy Sinks or Combat De-ionizer. Control is relegated through the HUD system but also has a manual input on the wrist strap.


  • I See You:
    • The complex HUD system of the armor is likely the most important feature, feeding tactical and environmental data to the wearer. Additionally, the HUD allows the wearer to interact and control the sub-systems of the armor making them even more deadly in a fight. Capable of boosting the wearer's vision up to 1 km and providing numerous ranges of visual attenuation, the HUD is what gives the wearer an almost unhindered view and understanding of the battlefield.
  • I'm the Juggernaut, Schutta!:
    • The Auto-adrenal injection system is likely the secondary most notable system of the armor that makes it stand out among the armors of the First Order. Capable of delivering a heavy hitting chemical cocktail to the wearer upon detection of need or manual input, it could be said that it makes the wearer unkillable. While that isn't exactly true, it does turn the wearer into an almost unstoppable force. Wounds no longer seem to matter, and the user's natural abilities are enhanced and amplified. Faster, stronger, they seem driven by death itself. This obviously comes with drawbacks. Depending on the chemical cocktail involved, it can be very taxing on the body, resulting in addiction.
  • Any Clime and Place:
    • Designed to be resilient in all manner of atmosphere, or lack of atmosphere, this armor, due in part to the armorweave and duravlex body glove, is capable of operating in most environments provided the additional equipment is acquired (Such as oxygen tanks in low O2 environments). Underwater, in space, in extreme cold or heat - this armor does it all.
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Kids:
    • Unlike the majority of combat armor, the FO-SF Mk I has been streamlined, cutting out the unnecessary weight and decreasing overall target profile. Designed to fit within the tight confines of First Order TIE fighters, this armor is designed to be both comfortable and allow them sufficient room to move without restriction as mobility is key.
  • High Voltage
    • Due to the Power Gloves included as a feature of this armor, increased grip strength (Bone breaking pressure if applied) and the ability to shock enemies or detainees into compliance is literally at your fingertips. A useful and possibly unexpected tool that could give the wearer a temporary advantage in a fight. The shocking mechanism can be supplemented by siphoning energy from the Energy Sinks or Combat De-ionizer. Control is relegated through the HUD system but also has a manual input on the wrist strap
  • Pink Panther:
    • The combination of both the sound dampener and the reflec coating of the armor creates a perfect recipe for stealth operations. Along with the decreased silhouette and the high mobility of the armor, the sound dampening system reduces sound to a minimum while moving within a radius of one meter. The Reflec coating ensures getting an accurate sensor read is difficult. I might not recommend trying to rip off the Grand Bank of Coruscant, but in combat, these systems make for a deadly surprise for the unwary. 


  • Vlad the Impaler:
    • While this armor provides great blaster and kinetic protection, this time the lightsaber is not your friend. Designed for breaching vessels of war and heavy conflict zones, lightsabers weren't a consideration when testing vulnerabilities. It goes without saying, should a lightsaber be used against the wearer it would be much better to surrender and sort it out later - unless you want to be missing body parts or a Jedi's pincushion.
  • Turn That Trash Down!:

    • While the armor does provide a glancing blow's worth of protection against sonic weaponry, it's definitely not the primary or even secondary function of the armor. If you're fighting an enemy who's utilizing sonic weaponry in this armor, your best bet is to find another route or get out of Mos Eisley, pronto.
  • Lack of Durability:

    • Though a stout defense against blasters and kinetic weaponry, the armor won't last long under repeated fire. Should one portion of the armor be focused on, it won't be long before it is rendered useless. Likewise, if the body suit is damaged significantly and cannot self seal, it becomes worthless in the void or extreme temperature zones. The armor was meant to take hits, but not for prolonged periods of time, just enough to shed a few blows - the idea being that due to the decreased weight and high mobility of the armor would allow the wearer to reach cover or some form of protection. It'll shrug a handful or two of blaster bolts or slugs, but after that it would be little more than excess weight. Compared to other medium armors, it wears down faster, even if it can take a few hits from high caliber or high power weaponry like its counterparts.
  • Exposed Joints:
    • Making anything comfortable or mobile usually means it's missing something somewhere. The FO-SF Mk I is no different. Using armorweave and Duravlex to protect the user's joints has drawbacks, as it creates distinctive weak spots in the armor. Designd to be lightweight and flexible, the armor pays for it in the joints. 



Created to provide a special forces specific armor, the FO-SF Mk I is the first in a proposed line of combat armors tailored to the specific needs of the special forces community. A few key factors were discussed by the manufacturers until a prototype design was developed and tested based off of the FO-02 Stormtrooper Armor - those tests failed miserably. After receiving the test results and scratching their heads, it was determined that they would go back to the drawing board. After the success of the FO-02 pattern, engineers decided to invite a panel of actual operatives and special forces troopers to oversee development and testing of the armor. Why talk about it and make pretty pictures when they could go to the source. What did the special operations community want?


Several key descriptors came up: Intel, Mobility, Versatile. What they got was the FO-SF Mk I. 


Designed and tested in a lab environment, the armor performed well and the special forces operators loved it. It was just what they needed. Something smaller than the FO-02 model, allowing for more mobility and the ability to be agile in enclosed spaces. Something more versatile than a full combat kitted armor, both in weight and capability - it had to be able to be tailored to their individual mission, something that couldn't be said quite as much about the FO-02. For the general forces of the Stormtrooper Corps the FO-02 was a blessing, but for some of the more covert and surgical applications, the FO-SF Mk I would become the standard go to of both Special Forces and FOSB Operatives.