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Kimiko Taiyo

Kimiko Taiyo

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#1957759 Opening Pantora's Box | TSE Invasion of Pantora

Posted by Kimiko Taiyo on 26 June 2019 - 01:02 PM



The governance of a populace was most definitely not in any job description she had ever held, she thought as her pace quickened through the hall of the palace towards the royal chambers. It was to be the umpteenth time she had attempted to reign in this chaos. Kimiko's disposition lately had been less than savory. Since she had returned from her captivity, her mood and general outlook were sour. No one had been able to get through to her, and it was driving Chika crazy. Tsubasa as well, had been attempting to sway her mother out into the public eye and to continue living normally again. But so far nothing.




Her fist rang against the heavy wooden door of the royal chambers, echoing throughout the surrounding area,"Kimiko, I know you are in there. Please, open your doors, your people need you. Your family needs you. I need you." she made sure place extra emphasis on certain parts, hoping to appeal to the woman.




She heaved a sigh and raised her fist again to continue her attempt, but was interrupted by one of her aides sprinting, literally, down the hall,"MA'AM! The Empire has launched a full-scale assault on Pantora! The Coalition is requesting all support available!"


The news caused her to pause, her fist hanging in the air. She looked at the door, gave it quick glare before swiftly turning to the aide,"Ready all available forces. Gather the commanders for a briefing, now. We need to get moving, yesterday!" The aide snapped to, and dashed off towards the command center in the palace to begin relaying orders.


Chika took another moment, thought of attempting to raise the Empress again, but thought better of it, her time was needed elsewhere.




Location: Pantoran Orbit, aboard AIN Nagato

Allies: ORC

Enemies: TSE

Specific Tags: Vela Alya T'Ser Sipal


The quickly assembled Akaran Task Force, had made great haste in assembling in-system, record times to some, and made the fastest path to Pantora. In-transit briefs were many, as new information was relayed through the battle-net and dispersed rapidly. It all painted a very dark picture of the present situation; the Empire's forces were everywhere, in force, and rapidly advancing on all fronts.


After the last gathering before arriving, the decision had been agreed upon to assist an under-equipped evacuation effort. Focusing on that, Chika hoped to be the most helpful.


As soon as they left hyperspace, the fleet rapidly began getting stuck-in with their opponents. All players were at the table, and were adding their skills when and where needed.


Chika was doing her level-headed best to keep the flow in check, standing at her console and looking over the most recent situation reports. The fleet had moved into a rather strong position on the far side of the blockade, amassed and ready to push. The Nagato sat in the center of a wedge of ships, several new designs, and dozens of escort ships. Fighters and bombers launched, Tsubasa in the lead, to escort the planned mass drop of support ships and combat troops.


Her personal chronometer ticked down and hit zero,"All ships, advance! Press into the blockade. As soon as the hole is punched through, get those drop ships into the black and make contact with the forces on the ground!"


The Akaran fleet, en-masse, surged forward, the fighters, bombers, and smaller vessels, led the wave and surged towards the enemy line...

#1954965 The Long Night

Posted by Kimiko Taiyo on 16 June 2019 - 08:16 PM

Her quick change in mood disappeared as he announced what he had felt. She closed off to the physical world and focused, quickly finding a strong presence from below...


"You are right...it seems as if it is coming from below us. Much of the geography of this world is still unknown. A cave perhaps? Your ancient counterparts did happen to enjoy digging grand tombs for themselves." she began attempting to figure out a path into the mountain, grinning slightly,"Perhaps we could both learn something from this. I do enjoy seeking new knowledge."


Curtis Learchin

#1954961 Mr. Heartbeat XXL (ORC Dominion of Skynara)

Posted by Kimiko Taiyo on 16 June 2019 - 08:01 PM

A rowdy group of women gathered in a large V.I.P. booth near the stage, ogling and cheering on as the various pieces of eye-candy put on one helluva show. They took turns, cheering for their favorites, throwing a seemingly endless amount of credits at the guys. The ladies were also partaking in some adult beverages, making them become increasingly rambunctious as the night advanced...all except one...


The empress herself, sat rather subdued in the midst of her more crazy compatriots. Clearly showing now, she did manage to crack the ever appreciative smile, and occasional cheer. But when her hubby took the stage, the white-haired fox somehow managed to drown out even those around her,"KNOCK 'EM DEAD BABE!"


She was going to ensure they all enjoyed this rare reprieve to the highest it would allow.


Dax Fyre Joza Perl

#1953229 The Long Night

Posted by Kimiko Taiyo on 09 June 2019 - 07:21 PM

They reached a small outcrop, situated slightly higher than the shrine's seat on the mountain. The air was thinner, and an evening chill sat heavy around them as night began to fall.


She took a moment to take in the scene on the shadow-side of the great mountain before responding,"You are right that the Sith are not welcome where they have not conquered. But here, I have tried to be welcoming to all, allowing those who would not pass freely elsewhere do so. You will come to no harm as long you are here, I swear it." The empress turned to him, smiling genuinely, attempting to ease his troubled mind.


As much as she wanted to get past the awkwardness and just get to the task at hand, she thought perhaps, the wider her web of friends, the better,"Maybe, if there is a positive outcome from our findings here, the future may allow more like yourself to come and learn from it." she turned away, shrugging as a whimsical smile spread,"Perhaps, my little world, in our own little corner of the Galaxy, can be an example, where Light, Dark, and all those in between, can learn to live with one another."


Curtis Learchin

#1945582 Uncertain Destiny

Posted by Kimiko Taiyo on 17 May 2019 - 04:48 AM

Ki vaulted at the sight of the massive saber, landing on the other side of the giant slug. He quickly spun and slashed mightily at the comparatively small woman, forcing her to roll near the last second under the blade. He would smash the long blade into the floor. Seeing this momentary opening, she sprung up, hilt grasped towards the bottom, and she thrust it towards him like a spear...


The commanders of the Akaran strike team saw the Hutt focused on the duel and seized the advantage, pouring from the hallways they were taking shelter in moments ago. They pressed into the hall, engaging the guards and beginning a new advance towards the stage. The Knights, broke their defensive formation and charged, only stopping to deal with a pesky guard, towards their empress.


Meanwhile, the two operatives, took up position outside the safe room, now armed. They listened to the voices inside, barely audible through the thick walls, waiting their chance to strike. They figured they must have an escape plan in place to get the woman out the palace. They messaged the Cyaron just to be ready in case they were able to flee. They heard clattering from within and readied outside the hatch, weapons drawn...


Sun Mei Zhen

#1945576 The Long Night

Posted by Kimiko Taiyo on 17 May 2019 - 04:29 AM

She nodded, both as understanding of his analysis of the situation and the question,"Master Pyrrhus' name has passed my ears several times. Neither malicious nor benevolent in meaning. But, if your assumptions are correct, we could be looking at quite an interesting discovery here. I would definitely like to know what, if any, reason the Sith had here." she looked at her newly acquired companion, and smiled, Oh the company we sometimes keep.


She took a moment to focus on the radiating darkness, feeling the tendrils as they emanated from their source and pulled on her,"Well, shall we?" she asked before stepping off towards the descending steps of the mountain.


Curtis Learchin

#1945315 We All Thaw This Coming | ORC Invasion of Rhen Var

Posted by Kimiko Taiyo on 16 May 2019 - 09:37 AM



Location: Rhen Var Orbit

Aboard: AIN Nagato

Allies: ORC (duh!), @Dax Fyre, @Jerec Asyr

Enemie: TSE and friends, Vanessa Vantai

Objective: RAWR!

(Anyone else is more than welcome to hop in with me!)


Hair bristled on the back of her neck as Chika looked over the latest reports from the battle. Things were still stagnate as the battle ensued, but she had the feeling they were being watched. It was a commander's sixth sense of sorts, and hers had proven plausible on many occasions. She quickly checked the status of the point-defense systems, finding them fully functioning. She then quickly ordered additional guards stationed near the bridge and ensure the Imperial Knights were on heightened alert status. The Cyaron and Lily White were pulled in to a closer screening position along with several more escort destroyers. She sent the Mutsu captain this updated information and requested they do the same.


Ki was back in her quarters, resuming her 'Battle Meditation' to inspire her forces. If anything were to happen...




Character: Crown Princess Tsubasa

Tasks: Deal with new contacts, continue assistance to Dax

Opponent: Vanessa


"NEW CONTACTS! All ships, evasive maneuvers!" she had barely been able to get off before the formation of new vessels appeared. Her own formation split up to go around, losing two gunboats in collisions with these new ships, all lost. She quickly took in these new ships, noting their interesting design, and unique weapons. But the thing that stood out the most was their speed. They could easily be outmaneuvered, putting the advantage in her court.




"All craft, new targets in the open. They seem sluggish, so use our speed to keep behind them. Pump everything we have into their rears!"


The quick and nimble Akaran ships did a quick 180, and led by Tsubasa and her fighters, unloaded an intense barrage into the backs of this new formation...


Task Force Verdict - Unloading barrage into enemy corvette formation
Class | Name | Length | Shields | Hull
Shimushu | x12 | 250m ea | 100 | 100
Hashidate | x10 | 150m ea | N/A | 100 (two lost colliding with Massassi)

#1944307 We All Thaw This Coming | ORC Invasion of Rhen Var

Posted by Kimiko Taiyo on 13 May 2019 - 09:51 AM


Location: Rhen Var Orbit

Aboard: AIN Nagato

Allies: ORC (duh!), Dax Fyre, Jerec Asyr, Racket

Enemie: TSE and friends, Vanessa Vantai

Objective: RAWR!

(Anyone else is more than welcome to hop in with me!)

The actual engagements were occurring less and less frequently in orbit, with the majority of the regular defenders left drifting or routed. A few still held on, the ones with more fervor and experience tended to last longer. Chika was enjoying rooting out pockets of resistance...it was like a sport.

It didn't help the bastion of the planet that fresh reinforcements seemed to endlessly stream into the system to bolster and contribute to the attack. Some identifiers were those of allied forces navies, and others she did not recognize, but they fought alongside them so those little details could be gathered later. One stood out to her though; one of the largest ships in the Coalition Navy, the Verdict, captained by none other than Grand Marshall Fyre. She grinned, imagining the taunting she would deliver later.

She keyed her personal comms, calling out to her forces, after looking over ship statuses,"Torpedo Squadrons 4 and 13, Escort Groups 2 and 7, fall-in with the Verdict and provide support. Emerald 1, your father is here, go have some fun."

Her smug look didn't didn't disappear, even as she heard the hatch behind her position open and mostly bare feet pad across the deck. She knew exactly who it was,"Your Grace, the battle goes well. It will not be long until the day is ours."

The Empress placed a hand on her military leader's shoulder, which was grasped in-turn,"Very good Chika. I just felt Dax's presence which is why I'm assuming you sent Tsubasa to help him?"

A soft chuckle of amusement,"Exactly. She's really kicking it out there, like she has some pent up rage to let loose."

Kimiko nodded, knowing exactly what she meant...


Character: Crown Princess Tsubasa Kira

Assisting: Her dad

Opponent: Vanessa Vantai

The Akaran Ace vectored her craft in the direction of her father's flagship, having been given permission to assist. It was a good thing they did, because it appeared as if they attracted the attention of very mean looking and very big ship. She smiled maliciously.

"Task Force Verdict, Emerald 1: Emerald, Red, Gold, and Black squadrons will lead the attack, distracting their guns and softening any fighter support. Shimushu, Ishigaki, I want your groups circling the vessel, do not let up. Hashidate, Uji, I want your squadrons doing what you do best. Let's take this <bad language inserted here> down!"

Task Force Verdict - Charging en-masse towards Heresiarch w/accompanying fighter squadrons
Class | Name | Length | Shields | Hull
Shimushu | x12 | 250 ea | 100 | 100
Hashidate | x12 | 150 ea | N/A | 100

#1944260 We All Thaw This Coming | ORC Invasion of Rhen Var (OOC)

Posted by Kimiko Taiyo on 13 May 2019 - 03:28 AM

Vanessa Vantai

I'm kinda just NPCing a general big-picture overview of the action. If you want, hit me up in PM and we can work something out!

#1943699 We All Thaw This Coming | ORC Invasion of Rhen Var

Posted by Kimiko Taiyo on 11 May 2019 - 10:55 AM



Rhen Var orbit

Fleet Battle

Aboard AIN Nagato


Twin concussive shots rang across the engaged fleets, signaling another use of the massive railguns they brought to bear. The Nagato and her sister, the Mutsu, were living up to the expectations of their commanders. They had engaged the biggest opponents they could find and came out on top. The massive canons they each had were a nice touch, Chika thought, as she watched another enemy ship list away, dead in the water. The ship was the newest addition to the killed list she was keeping, venting atmosphere from hundreds of hull breaches where the massive Akaran vessel pummeled it's shields and armor away.


A sinister grin...this was her rush.


The shields flared, and hull shuddered as a flight of enemy fighters flew by. Two were brought down by the ship's impressive anti-fighter weapons, but the others escaped. Cheeky little buggers, she thought, before spotting a newer Akaran fighter quickly gaining behind them, this one adorned in a very familiar light-green pattern...


Tsubasa was hunting...


Cockpit of Akaran Fighter

Callsign: Emerald 1


She jerked the controls to the left, corkscrewing through the fireball that was her last kill. She began scanning for her next opportunity,"Good kills Ma'am! It's good to have you back with us." Tsubasa chuckled, her wingman, a cocky Akaran fighter pilot, sounded over comms before sidling beside her right wing. The princess felt at home here, she wouldn't trade this for the world,"You can thank my mother for that Two. Besides, these new fighters were a nice welcome home gift, and this is the perfect chance to break them in."


Their conversation was cut short by an urgent transmission,"Any station this net, this is Red 1, requesting assistance. Currently under-strength required to give Gold and White Squadrons cover on a bombing run of the defense platform, respond." Tsubasa and her wingman shared a knowing look before she keyed the mic,"Red 1, this is Emerald 1, form up behind us, we'll give you the cover you need." she banked towards their indicators,"Emerald Squadron, form up on me, we're going hunting!"



Objective (currently): Keep the Imperial fleets occupied

Allies: ORC and any on our side

Enemies: Sith and any on their side

(feel free to play with me!)

#1943686 The Long Night

Posted by Kimiko Taiyo on 11 May 2019 - 10:19 AM

She eyed him cautiously, processing the request for a moment before speaking,"Very well, you and me will conduct the search in the areas surrounding this spot. Nozomi, Honoka, you will remain here and see what information you can gather about the history of any abnormal occurrences nearby." She gave her party an assuring smile, causing them to relax slightly, the guards deactivating their weapons and the whole group bowing.


Ki returned her attention to the visitor, tilting her head as she thought about the question,"Hm...none that I have discovered since my tenure began. The only outside influence was from a supposed Jedi Master and her Padawan during the Great Galactic War. That was the only incident that left some form of mark here, or so I have been told." Her eyes closed and a deep breath was taken in, feeling the wilds about them,"But yes, I have felt the darkness around myself. Do tell me Master Curtis, what sort of disturbance would you qualify this particular one as?"


Curtis Learchin

#1943520 The Long Night

Posted by Kimiko Taiyo on 10 May 2019 - 08:56 PM

Darth Pyrrhus...


Kimiko's eyes narrowed at the name, one she had gone a while without hearing, and the fact this person claimed to be their apprentice, great. She did nod, not wanting to cause a altercation that could cause unwanted casualties. Her guards maintained their focus, but stepped behind their charge, in between her and the gathered party.


She let loose a sigh, looking back over her shoulder and smiling slightly,"Well it appears as if this anomaly is larger than we all originally believed." One of her signature soft chuckles sounded as she returned her attention to the newcomer,"Well, welcome Master Curtis, to Akarui. I am Empress Kimiko Taiyo, and yes, I am here investigating a disturbance somewhere in the area of this mountain. If you would, you could join us in our search for its source? I do not wish to cause any unnecessary trouble for anyone."


She remained positive, keeping her welcoming smile up though her hands were clenched within the sleeves of her robe...


Curtis Learchin

#1943447 The Long Night

Posted by Kimiko Taiyo on 10 May 2019 - 04:24 PM

The empress herself had very recently arrived early in the day at the urgent request of the head priestess herself. Nozomi's normal cheer and playfulness were surprisingly absent from the correspondence, thus pressing haste from Ki. Upon arrival, she felt it immediately, a dark pressure in the area of the great mountain, one she had not experienced as of yet.


She made haste up the small path towards the shrine, spotting Nozomi, accompanied by her priests and the matriarch of this province's clan, Honoka, standing at the top. Upon spotting her, the party bowed and Nozomi spoke, without her usual demeanor,"Greetings Your Grace. Thank you for coming on such short notice. The local priests and myself have felt an odd darkness emanating from the area this shrine oversees. We did not want to trouble you with such a matter, but with your knowledge of things of this nature I thought bringing you here might shed some light on this matter." beside her, the Kousaka Matriarch was nodding along with the words, awaiting her chance too speak,"I agree with Nozomi, if it wasn't affecting the local village, and my people, we could've handled it. But, our grain crops this past season have not been as fruitful and some of the livestock has passed before winter even set in."


Ki listened intently, hearing her advisors and people's stories. She had agreed to assist in discovering what was causing these disturbances for this area of her planet. They knew of several areas that held high importance to the Akarans that might have been actual Force Nexuses, but none had actually been lively and were set to be just areas of 'religious' importance for her people. But, Mount Fuji, the largest mountain in the central highlands, was now giving off some sort of energy. This new revelation intrigued the Force sensitive empress and the possibilities drove her mind wild.


Her thoughts were cut short when her senses picked up the approach of another, a darker presence. One that was unknown to her. Her knights picked up as well and turned in place, shields and saber staffs at the ready as the figure appeared.


Definitely no one I know...


"Who are you and why have you come here?" Kimiko herself challenged.


Curtis Learchin

#1943367 We All Thaw This Coming | ORC Invasion of Rhen Var

Posted by Kimiko Taiyo on 10 May 2019 - 11:37 AM

Aboard the bridge of AIN Nagato

Combined Akaran and Coalition Fleet

30 minutes ago, just outside of the Rhen Var System


The Firebird and accompanying strike group launched from the staging point, leaving the amassed fleets waiting their turn, if they got it. It didn't stop the troops from running over their last minute checks, drills for all sorts of situations, honing their skills. Akaran and Coalition Marines moved together while their officers poured over topography maps and intel. Pilots from all walks of life assisted their maintenance crews in preparing the multitude ships across the fleet. All around was the camaraderie and bond that brought these groups together. Chika surveyed the vast hanger of her new ship with pride, the Akaran Supreme Commander had some whimsical flashbacks of her imperial days. The fond memories caused her to crack an unusual smile.


The moment was not meant to last however, as an alarm sounded, followed by a summons from the bridge for her specifically. It took her no time to reach the centrally located command center,"Status?" She barked, looking for an update. Her second in command snapped to attention and relayed the message,"Ma'am, the strike group ran into heavier defenses than anticipated, their advance has stalled, requesting immediate assistance." Chika's crimson eyes, got a certain look in them and her bridge crew knew what was coming.


"Open fleet comm across all channels." A pause,"All vessels, prepare to jump. All hands man your stations! Pilots, prepare your fighters to launch! Bring all shields and weapons up. Ground troops, stand-by for further instructions. We're going in!"




Rhen Var orbit



The battle raged above the planet. Smaller ships crisscrossed through the larger vessels as the space between was slashed with multi-colored laser fire. Coalition and allied vessels were in close combat with their Imperial counterparts, trading shots, and slugging it out.




Objective (currently): Keep the Imperial fleets occupied

Allies: ORC and any on our side

Enemies: Sith and any on their side

(feel free to play with me!)

#1942717 Uncertain Destiny

Posted by Kimiko Taiyo on 08 May 2019 - 09:55 PM

The guards in the inner sanctum were better trained and equipped then their hallway-filling counterparts. Better equipped to. Their leader, the giant mass of space-slug with the heavy rotary canon, was currently keeping her troops from advancing. Currently the Marines were trading shots when they could with the defenders and all Kimiko could do was watch. She surveyed the situation, as best she could, and took in the stacking casualties. Her eyes met those of one of her commanders, and she read the desperate thinking on the other woman's face...and it scared her.


But her mind came up with a solution after seeing her personal shield-toting knights use their specialized equipment to block some of the incoming fire. Her ears shot up straight and she immediately began barking her orders,"Knights! Form a a shield in front of Kanan's Commandos, provide them cover while they advance. Kanan, you and your Marines, advance behind them. On my signal..." and quickly she looked around the expansive hall, looking for her moment...


It came when the Hutt turned his attention to another door, swinging his weapon with him. Kimiko sprung into action, propelling herself, Tsuriai activated before her and deflecting the shots sent her own way. Her knights followed suit, forming a well rehearsed and disciplined testudo with their shields. The Commandos and Kanan snuggled in behind them, and as one they slowly advanced from the hallway. The Empress charged ahead, not worried with the other guards, her target was the Hutt. The armored column behind her was making short work of any of the enemy they passed.


The Hutt turned, finally seeing the rapidly approaching Akaran...


Sun Mei Zhen