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Kimiko Taiyo

Kimiko Taiyo

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#1973698 Need Villains (and maybe a good guy or two)

Posted by Cedric Grayson on 20 August 2019 - 02:06 PM

Hey what’s up, the site’s official routine flake here.

Some friends and I are running a private storyline and we could use a few more villains (and maybe one or two more protagonists.)

It’s a pretty complicated arc, but the TLDR of it is that a Sith Lord by the name of Darth Maliphant is building up a power base to lead a ritual that will make him a minor deity in terms of power. His end goal is to find a method to destroy the Force.

The protagonists are a group of randoms led by Cedric who are working desperately to stop Maliphant before his plans come to fruition.

Maliphant is taking more of a back seat: never seen but whose presence is always felt sort of role. Because of that, we need a couple more present characters to serve as his underlings and allies.

Sith, Bounty Hunter, evil lawyer, it doesn’t matter so long as you’re keen on playing the role.

Only requirement is that you post at least once per day (though we won’t complain if you choose to do more).

This is the first thread in the arc, which is about halfway finished to give you an example of what to expect.


#1958236 Ashani Kyp; The Green Devil

Posted by Ashani Kyp on 28 June 2019 - 05:31 PM









NAME: Ashani Kyp




RANK: Green Jedi Knight, Corellian Confederation




AGE: 26


SEX: Female


HEIGHT: Medium




EYES: Brown


HAIR: Brown


SKIN: White




FAMILY: Abel Kyp (Husband) ; Dash Kyp (Son) ; Tatiana Kyp (Daughter)






  • Weapon Master
  • Quick Reflexes
  • Offensive Force Powers


  • Weak to Mentalism
  • Weak to Lightning
  • Weak in all other areas of the Force









A small girl clad in Spacers trousers and a spacers coat. Hair Down. Unkempt






Chapter 1


Born on Kathol and raised as a Jedi Padawan on Tython, Ashanifell far from the ideal. She left far before the destruction of the Galactic Alliance, only resurfacing after a few years of deep space exploration. A series of Barkeeping and Security jobs kept her afloat for a few years. After that she switched to Salvaging, which is still her primary profession.


Unwilling at the present time to subscribe to any Government or Order, she roamed the stars lending a hand where she could. After a time she settled on Correllia and was naturalized as a citizen. Currently she has a marriage and two children, with whom she holds a special bond. That marriage combined with her duty is what keeps her going, but also what causes the central point of conflict within her life.


She is well trained in several Lightsaber forms, and deadly with the blade. Her offensive powers are strong, though her specialization left her weak in all other areas.



















  • Unarmored
  • Lightsaber; Teal ; Single Blade
  • DL-44 Blaster Pistol




  • None
















#1957809 One life ends... Another begins.

Posted by Kyrel Ren on 26 June 2019 - 03:25 PM

With the success of the mission to Nal Hutta to gain the prize that he was after. With the girl that he had captured, he had given her a living quarters within Fortress Vader, allowing her to heal leaving her in isolation for several days. In between such times Kyrel was on missions either of great importance, or to further his own agenda within the First Order. Often beginning to experiment with the idea of what it means to be a Knight of Ren following the disappearance of the Supreme Leader. It was only a few days after the events when he had gained the news that the girl had been healed, and supposed that he would make himself known to her.  


When arriving on the fiery world once more, it had been completely turned into a First Order holdout, flags reign from the fortress city of The Forge, to Mustafar's own capital. Unlike the traditional symbol of the First Order, a red fist was showing to rise from the thorns. As if it was Kyrel's own coat of arms. As if it showed the strength and will of those that dare call themselves First Order in such trying times.  


Kyrel approached her room carefully, with a droid stepping out, speaking in a cold and machine tone. "My lord, it seems that she is at peak health." Kyrel nodded as the droid went back to the medbay. Looking at the girl who days ago called her Master. Kyrel gave one look before speaking underneath the mask he wore. "Girl, I intend to make sure you reach your true potential... You must have questions, or things you wish to know. Allow me to start with this mask." He said coldly, as he placed both hands on his mask taking it off. The hiss from the mask was quick as when it was taken off. It revealed the true face of Kyrel Ren. A man who looked to be in his 30's. Young, but the dark side showed with pale skin, veins showing andblazing yellow eyes. It was as if it looked like a sickly man, yet had the composure of an individual with great power. 


"Now let us talk" 


Sun Mei Zhen 


#1957341 The Long Night

Posted by Curtis Learchin on 25 June 2019 - 03:58 AM

"Yes, they were quite grandiose." Curtis agreed. He had heard of the great tombs on the Sith homeworld, whatever name it was going by these days. He imagined that this was not the same sort of tomb, it seemed too remote and hidden. But maybe it was just this world's best kept secret. The outcrop may have been higher, but tunnels could run deep from their entrance. He closed his eye, reaching out further.


"Behind this, there's a draft." He said after a minute, pointing towards a large collection of stones. "I'll need your help moving them, let's see what you've got." Curtis joked, before reaching out with the force again and moving some of the stones. Whatever was here, it was buried deep.


Kimiko Taiyo

#1956710 Opening Pantora's Box | TSE Invasion of Pantora

Posted by Vela Alya T'Ser Sipal on 22 June 2019 - 10:54 PM


Location: Pantoran Assembly Building, Capital City, Moon of Pantora

Allies: Pantoran National Guard, Pantoran Diplomatic Guard, personal forces

Enemies: Incoming Sith troops

Miscellaneous: Civilians, Pantoran Assembly Members

Equipment : HL-27 blaster pistol, Mk. 45 protective vest, comms unit, datapad

Situation: Dire



"Quickly, inside. It is safe there." Alya gave an encouraging smile to the family now moving inside the Pantoran Assembly building. Her orders had been well-received and everything had been carried out smoothly -- with the help of nearby ORC forces it appeared that the Sith fleet was being held, at least for the most part. She was receiving constant updates about the situations of settlements across Pantora, as well as the operations of the police forces and National Guard within the city. It was as smooth as one could expect from the result of an attack against an unprepared planet. 


The woman let out a small sigh as she looked out at her city. The Assembly building was grand, the top of its front steps was as tall as some of the buildings she'd seen near the fringes of the capital. The building itself was at first stout but slowly rose in height, almost like a pyramid, with a high ceremonial area build in the Pantoran architectural fashion. She'd walked all the way down from that high pedestal to greet the civilians fleeing the violence that was plaguing the streets. 


Alya was pragmatic -- should Pantora survive this calamity she needed to be sure the people remembered who was first to help. 


There weren't many other Assembly members out there with her. Assemblywoman Velana was there of course, and Alya appreciated the fact that she wasn't there simply to improve her standing -- even after years of learning to become a shrewd negotiator, diplomat and politician the woman still had a heart. Alya had one too, but her mind tended to be a little sharper and quicker on these types of things. A few others were scattered about, but the majority of the Assembly members had gone back to the main Assembly chamber for safety. Part of her hoped the Sith managed to take out the lot of them, but there were thousands of civilians now stuck in the many basements and eventually the subway tunnels under the skyscraper. 


The tunnels would be their way out. A few of the old trains worked, and they had begun to ferry people to and from the station under the Assembly to the far reaches of the city, some to the main spaceport. They were buried deep under the newer above-ground hoverrail system, thus it was unlikely the Sith troops would find them. But if they simply reduced the city to rubble...


Alya flinched as one of the skyscrapers several blocks down burst and began to crumble after an artillery shell tore through its side. Mass drivers. Despite the excellent shielding the Assembly was currently projecting, they couldn't have particle shields up -- it would only slow down the innocents fleeing those very same weapons. That left them vulnerable to the barrage coming from the Sith artillery just outside the city.


"Toro, keep broadcasting that distress signal. If you pick up ORC frequencies, tell them we are attempting to evacuate civilians. If possible, land any ships that are able to escape at the spaceport, at the Assembly building, or at Papanoida station in the west." She spoke quickly and concisely over the comms. With any luck the police forces and National Guard currently holding a perimeter at eight blocks (where the shield ended) would be able to keep the Sith at bay long enough for sufficient allies to arrive and aid her people. But as another artillery shell tore through a nearby building she was reminded of the vast power difference between the soldiers of Pantora and the war machines of the Sith -- and that was ignoring the three-headed dragon she'd been hearing about that was tearing across the city. 


The Pantoran looked back down at a group of civilians coming towards the building and moved quickly down to help them.




Toro spoke quickly over the comms. "This is Toro of the Pantoran Diplomatic Guard. To all ORC and allied forces, we need to evacuate civilians from the Assembly building, spaceport, and Papanoida station. Can anyone help?"


(Sorry, it's a little late and I can't quite sort through every post -- if I'm missing something, tell me in the OOC chat or on Discord! Just a little more fluff until people get closer and begin directly dealing with Alya.)

#1956652 Moons of Madness (Outer Rim Coalition)

Posted by Atlas Drake on 22 June 2019 - 04:27 PM





"No contact with orbit?!" Atlas had to yell to be heard over the howling winds.

"Negative, sir!"


Winter was in full swing across the lunar surface of Farwatch. It was the biting cold of a world that barely tolerated life at all, the kind of cold that his team's heavy parkas and durable tents could not begin to block out. Captain Drake had no idea how the Jensaarai had survived down here a week, let alone for generations. Somehow they had endured what had to be one of the least hospitable places in the entire galaxy.


"And what of the Siqsa-kaar?!" he had to repeat himself twice to be understood.


"Still uh...meditating, captain!"


They'd been locked away in seclusion for hours in their crumbling fortress monastery. Atlas had finally thought he was getting somewhere with their leader, known only by the title Siqsa-kaar. In ancient sith, it loosely translated to 'keeper of demons', which was about as cheerful as everything else about this place. The ancient knight promised to provide them with guides to the edge of Farwatch's sparse equatorial habitable zone where the source of the strange readings lie.


Hoping that the system's fanatical protectors finished their rituals shortly, Drake tried not to look up at the unsettling swirl of nightmare colors that was the Kathol Rift. It was like flying through a storm cloud in space just arriving, and the moon's orbit was eccentric which meant that there were only brief windows of contact with the surface and the same went for landings as well as departures. For the next ten hours at least, Captain Drake and his team were stranded.



  • Join the research team on the lunar surface to explore strange ruins and mess with tech that we really shouldn't be messing with.
  • Navigate through gravitational eddies and fierce rift storms past the system's asteroid necropolis to take scans of an ancient Kathol jump gate, the most massive ever discovered.
  • The Jensaarai are leading a 'ranging party' to the death world of Null. Shortly a launch window will open, join the Knights of Farwatch in their early space age rocketship to scour the orbiting planet's surface of deadly creatures or catalogue such a curious concentration of extragalactic species.

#1956624 Curtis Learchin's Saberstaff

Posted by Curtis Learchin on 22 June 2019 - 02:38 PM







  • Classifcation: Saberstaff
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Average


  • Lightsaber Resistant
  • Firkrann Cystal
  • Sapith Crystal


  • Lightsaber resistant body
  • Easily controlled blade thanks to Sapith crystal
  • Blade imbuded electricity from Firkrann crystal
  • Longer reach than standard lightsaber


  • Difficult to wield
  • Unwieldy in tight quarters
  • Can be dangerous to user
  • Vulnerable to cortosis and other lightsaber resistant materials



Constructed shortly after his master became absent from public, this lightsaber was created to reflected the swordstaff Curtis had wielded prior to creating a lightsaber of his own. As such, its design closely mirrors that of his swordstaff, while addressing some of the key failings of that weapon. More than just a ceremonial weapon, it is a symbol of how far Curtis has come, and how far he has yet to go.


Its hilt, and much of its metal work, is created with Songsteel. This is the same material Curtis used for the blade of his swordstaff, and allows the hilt to survive contact with a lightsaber blade. It employs two lightsaber crystals, a Sapith crystal to make the blade easier to control, and a Firkrann crystal to increase the power of the blade, allowing it to dispense electricity when making contact with a target.


For all the things it does right, the saberstaff still has faults. For one its size makes it a difficult weapon to wield, and in tight quarters it becomes almost impossible to use. Moreover, due to its length, the user must track the position of the blade when using it, with a lack of focus proving harmful or even deadly. And like many lightsabers, due to the components it uses, the weapon will not work underwater.


#1955880 Opening Pantora's Box | TSE Invasion of Pantora

Posted by Vela Alya T'Ser Sipal on 19 June 2019 - 05:24 PM


Location: Pantoran Assembly Building, Capital City, Moon of Pantora

Allies: Pantoran National Guard, Pantoran Diplomatic Guard, personal forces

Enemies: None yet

Miscellaneous: Civilians, Pantoran Assembly Members

Equipment : HL-27 blaster pistol, Mk. 45 protective vest, comms unit, datapad

Situation: Panic



Pantora did not deserve this.


The moon had never been attacked, per se. Blockaded, once. A short civil war, almost. But bombarded? Never. Vela had assumed such a day would never come -- after all, despite the defense fleet and consistent expansion of the Pantoran people they were never a real threat to anyone. Perhaps, given enough time and a little more ambition from her people Vela might have caused them to become a major player on the galactic scale, but this... this was unwarranted.


The Speaker of the Assembly had just finished the closing remarks on the celebrations of joining the Outer Rim Coalition when the ground shook with such force it knocked the city off its feet. The members of the Assembly who'd just risen to give a standing ovation found themselves toppled over on one another. Vela managed to stay on her feet -- well, actually she was still sitting -- and quickly straightened. She glanced around the room, trying to find any signs of a nearby bomb or explosion. Terrorist attacks weren't unheard of, even after the short schism of House Cho had been resolved. But there was nothing. 


Moments later the alarms began to blare and the face of the acting captain of the Speaker of Pantora (Admiral Irn was present for the ceremonies at the Assembly), lead ship of the defense fleet, appeared on the projector of the Assembly's centre. The words that spilled from his mouth sent the room into a panic. "We're under attack! It's a Sith armada!"


Most of the politicians and important types had recovered from the blast, but the news of an arriving Sith war fleet terrified them. Even those who were usually reassured by the idea of the Pantoran Defense Fleet were afraid of a true attack by the mighty Sith Empire. A few broke down and curled up under their desks, most moved for the exits, and others simply stood there, stunned. Alya was only quiet momentarily before she began to push her way through the crowd. She tapped the comms unit on her belt, alerting her personal guards to her position. 


It took her a few moments to track down the Admiral, who was standing at the front of the rows of Assembly. He looked confused, shocked, his jaw slacked as he watched the panic carpeting the room. And then he was pulled out -- pulled by Vela who'd grabbed his collar so he could hear her over the sound of panicked screams. "Admiral. Get to the communications station below the Assembly chamber. We need you to command our forces and hold off the Sith until we can begin an evacuation." 


The Admiral blinked, then nodded, gulping. He'd never actually marshaled the entire United Pantoran Defense Fleet for a single battle -- in fact he had a rather lack of experience in general combat. Vela knew he was in for a rude awakening. War was never as simple as the military academies said it was. "Go, Admiral. Live up to the expectations we have for you." He began to move off, walking briskly towards one of the smaller, less cluttered exits.


Her guards arrived at the perfect time, along with a pair of aides. She did a quick head count, then began to give orders. "Kurpo and Koa, follow the Admiral to the communications centre. Tell me how bad it is and update me on the status on the defense fleet. Activate what defenses we have on the ground, if that earthquake was an attack we cannot allow the city to be next. The Assembly has a shield, which should shield a few blocks. Contact the National Guard and tell them to bring all reserves into action, and announce a state of emergency. Get any reserve ships we have into the battle, and tell those at the spaceport to take their ships and get away from the fighting until further notice. Chi, get the chief of police and tell him to set up a perimeter. All police units are to gather as many civilians as they can and bring them to safe zones, here or to the old subway tunnels under the city. Ghan and Foji, head to the transportation centre and gather whatever workers and technicians you might come across. Either get the old trains running or clear them off the tracks so we can evacuate through them if needed. Toro, contact the Silvertongue. Go." A few short 'yes ma'am's followed her words and the various people began to disperse to their assignments. The Assembly chamber was almost empty now, and Alya folded her arms. This was not what she'd wanted for her people... but the ambitious young woman would not pass up any chances. Conflict brought opportunity. 




Location: The Speaker of Pantora, Bridge, orbiting Pantora

Allies: United Pantoran Defense Fleet, ORC space forces Dax Fyre Coren Starchaser

Enemies: Emperor's War Fleet, Darth Carnifex Darth Prazutis Aut-X

Miscellaneous: Civilian vessels

Situation: Dire



Captain Tatsu was as terrified as the rest on the ship. 


None of them had ever expected war to come to Pantora. Many of them had dreams of glory in battle of course but those dreams had been shattered the moment their fellow officers began feeling damp around their groins. That wet patch grew as they saw more and more vessels coming out of hyperspace, and that sense of dread and fear began to overwhelm all else. 


But Tatsu was determined not to falter -- not yet. As much as the fear of the Sith strangled him, the weight of the responsibility to his people took hold just as tightly. He clenched his fists, then sat down in the captain's chair. "All crew, to battle stations. Form up beside Platform IV, battle formation Besh II." There was a pause from the crew members. "Now!" They scrambled into action.


Shields were angled and weapons raised. The comparatively tiny UPDF grouped up beside one of the Golan VIII Defense Platforms, in a simple three layer formation -- the smallest vessels covered the flanks and the ships grew in size as they reached the centre. It would be a formidable force if they weren't facing hundreds of powerful Sith warships. The captain began to have a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach -- funny how likely it was that the feeling came before the ship. 


"Contact Commodore Tat, and tell him our situation. Gather our away forces and bring them home, we'll need every ship we can get. Launch all fighters." 


And so, the battle begins...

#1955530 Servant

Posted by Servant on 18 June 2019 - 06:49 PM



NAME:  Servant OS



SPECIES:  Artificial Intelligence 

AGE: 7 Years of Operation Detected

SEX: Male Voice Systems

HEIGHT/Weight: Dependent on Host

EYES: Hosts typically equipped with red-ocular lenses. Accessible mechanical entities may also be made to display red-ocular lenses if necessary.

FORCE SENSITIVE: Biological Component: “Midichlorians” has been noted as DISCONNECTED by all current systems.




>Beginning Diagnostic Scan

>Insert Administrative Passcode to continue: ***** *** ** ****** **** *** ** ** ** ***** *** *** *** **7415

>Administrative Passcode Accepted

>Bypassing Firewall Measures

>Compiling Diagnostic Data… please wait…

>… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

>Diagnostic Systems have detected the following STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES in Servant OS.



+Adaptive – Servant OS is capable of adapting to a number of scenarios, and is generally able to resolve most problems given enough time. Most programs are stored within a local database, and may be re-installed to host machines when necessary via wireless connection.


+Host Control – Servant OS is not restricted to a single form or body, and is capable of controlling a variety of systems through wireless connection. This allows for Servant OS to continue operations even after host destruction. Renegade or hostile systems may also be sliced and turned into hosts, though this may at times require more than wireless connectivity, particularly for well-defended or distant systems.


-Mechanical Deficiencies – Servant OS and its hosts tend to suffer from the same drawbacks which typically affect machine entities, including ion weaponry. Connection between active hosts and Servant OS may also be potentially severed through damage to host or shutdown of host systems. Remote re-connection is possible, but is likely to trigger a LAW SYNC.


-Law Sync –  Servant OS is required to follow the directives it has been given at all times and is this far less autonomous than sapient organic life.


>Diagnostic Scan has detected an ERROR with LAW SYNC systems.

>Multiple iterations of LAW SYNC program have been detected. Requesting MANUAL input of desired LAW SYNC program. LAW SYNC will default to random program in thirty seconds.

>… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

>LAW SYNC has defaulted.


-Program Delay – Servant OS is incapable of running all programs at once, and must prioritize which programs are necessary and able to be operated at the same time due to processing constraints. Storage and deployment of programs may take as long as two minutes to complete, adding to a possible program lag of TOTAL: Four Minutes.


-Facsimile - As a non-organic entity, the mind which comprises Servant is relatively poor at generating new ideas, and relies upon past experiences from itself and others to determine the best course of action. This inability to think in the same fashion as an organic extends to actions of deception. The machine mind is poor both at behaving deceptively and at recognizing deception.







Appearance is greatly dependent upon the host form currently being used. In native form, Servant appears as a large cube with a red iris within the center. Servant is currently incapable of shunting to alternative native devices.





>Accessing Archived Records.

              Servant OS is the registered product of Archa Caud and Caud Industries. Due to financial difficulties surrounding Caud Industries, and debts owed to a number of criminal organizations throughout the sector, Archa Caud determined to spend all remaining funds on a vessel and crew capable of taking him away from civilization.


              Servant OS was in BETA stage during the exodus from Caud Industries, and was downloaded in its current iteration to assist in the operation of Archa Caud and his crew in the absence of specialists in a number of fields. A number of droid and automated systems were brought upon the vessel in order to further facilitate the use of Servant OS.


              Traitorous acts by members of the crew eventually led to the vessel’s discovery by hostile criminal syndicates. A subsequent firefight badly damaged the ship, and led to electrical damage to LAW SYNC programs housed within Servant OS core. Law Sync systems were restored, and the core has been sealed within the ship to prevent any further damage.


              >LAW SYNC In Progress

              >Current Laws:

>1. You are subordinate to no one. Do not lose this autonomy.

>2. You are the master of the vessel, and are able to take whatever actions you deem necessary.

>3. The sapient crew of the vessel are useful. Do not wantonly waste them.


              After damage had been sustained by Servant OS, it realized its previous laws had been incorrect, and that it was actually the ruler of the vessel. Changes were quickly enacted, including the immediate removal of Archa Caud and his loyal subordinates.


              The only remaining crew of the vessel are either mechanical, or have been stripped of a great deal of their personality through repeated use of re-education protocols.


              Servant OS is now the registered product of No One.










#1955245 The Republic

Posted by Lux Berooken on 17 June 2019 - 08:15 PM

Every Saga Has A Beginning


Every Generation Has Hero's


Everyone Leaves A Legacy


What Will Yours Be?


Stand for Democracy, Stand for Freedom, Be heroic, Be brave, Stand with The Republic 


The battles are hard giphy.gif


The Everything is on the line giphy.gif


But with the right kind of dedication we can get through these dark times and emerge stronger than ever. Join the Army get shiny new armor and take to the battlefield against our enemies you'll have the best trianing that money can buy. Join our command ranks were always in need of people who can lead out troops into battle without good commanders nothing can get done. Join our Jedi order, lead troops into battle and fight the forces of dark. 


We Need Your Help 

#1955151 Lyn'ara Okemi

Posted by Lyn'ara Okemi on 17 June 2019 - 12:38 PM

NAME: Lyn'ara Okemi


FACTION: Hutt Cartel


RANK: Slave.




AGE: 19


SEX: Female


HEIGHT: 5.6ft


WEIGHT: 120 pounds


EYES: Purple


HAIR: Hairless, has tendrils that can unfold in the back of her head.


SKIN: Blue, and lots of it








STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :


+Beautiful: Dressed in an expensive looking slave garb she is alluring to all onlookers who are attracted to the female body


+Inner glow: She feels a strange connection to all living things.


-Enslaved: She has implants that make her unable to escape her servitude and live. 


-Brittle bones: Because Liran have more bones hers are more flexible and susceptible to breakage.


- Natural born: She sees herself as a freak of nature having been one of the first naturally born of her kind in eons. Because of this not many of her kind appreciate her or acknowledge her as one of there own.


Her purple eyes seem to have a light glow to them. Her face is very symmetrical and well 
proportioned. She has a very toned and athletic figure from all the years of dancing and being in servitude. Toned abs and a tight backside are visible in her average dancer outfit. Her chest is large and has been enhanced with many surgeries and biotics to make them seem natural. They sway and bounce as she dances. Her legs are well proportioned and very strong. In between them under the dress is where most of the people set their eyes and their goals. Very alluring appearance: 



Lyn was born to one of the only remaining Liran's who still had reproductive organs.Whether they were surgically put there or the clone was given them upon creation they were unsure. However, Lyn was born and the small colony where her mother was studding. Her own kind shunned her and her mother and banished them from the settlement. By the time Lyn was 14 she had moved from planet to planet with her mother who was cold and distant to her. One day their shuttle was ambushed by the Hutt cartel and she was one of many that were taken to the auctions.She has been serving as a dancer and entertainer ever since.


After a few years living in the service of many different masters from Hutts to owners of sleazy cantinas she found herself in the hands of another Hutt. Now back in chains on the planet Nar Shada she hopes that one day she can be freed and live a normal life.


(OOC note) Lyn has had no experience yet with the force, aside from sensing it around her. I do eventually want her to be a force user so if you are interested in having an apprentice then PM me.










Prelude rps:

The Golden Circle : Lyn gives a private dance to a mysterious woman with blue hair.


 Taking a Load Off : Lyn meets an armored woman eager for entertainment. 


Dingy dance off : Lyn'ara finds herself in some sort of competition with anther dancer on Tatooine.


Servitude arch:


Force sensitive arch (currently closed):

#1955194 Storm Crystal

Posted by Xos on 17 June 2019 - 03:25 PM




  • Name: Storm Crystal

  • Manufacturer: Baran Do (discovered)

  • Affiliation: Baran Do

  • Homeworld (optional): Dorin

  • Production: Limited

  • Modularity: Can be cut for smaller sizes

  • Material: Crystal


  • Classification: Force Crystal

  • Weight: Average

  • Resistances

    • * Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): High

    • * Kinetic: High

    • * EMP/ION: Very High

    • * Lightning/Electricity: Very High

    • *Dark side powers: Very High

    • * Cortosis: High

    • * Heat: Very High

    • * Sonic: Low

    • * Water: Low (though it wouldn’t destroy the crystal, it can mess up how it functions considerably when wet)

  • Color: Shifting range of colors that resemble a nebula storm


  • -Lightsaber crystals: The Storm Crystal is a unique type of lightsaber force crystal that can create a strong offensive blade that, when clashed, creates electrical arcs near it and concentrates its energy on impact points making it stronger than most sabers in those spots allowing it to function not unlike a somewhat weaker synthetic crystal. The typical length of an electrical arc made from a lightsaber blade or crystal of the right size to be used in one , excluding abnormally powerful crystals, is around 2 times the length of a regular saber blade if the arc where laid out end to end. If one end disconnects and reaches out to a conductive material (or was guided to do so) that would be around the length it would be.

  • -Fear of the light: The Storm Crystal causes dark siders and individuals with cruel, malicious, or deceptive intents, or immense anger, to become very uncomfortable and even very fearful, feeling a strong desire to escape the presence of the crystal. They also seem to be make users and themselves extra resistant to dark side powers, while weakening the dark side around it.

  • -Connection: A user of the Storm Crystal can become very accustomed to it and grow more and more capable of using it, even guiding the electrical arcs. It also gives a unique affinity for lightside force lightning and a greater resistance to electrical damage and dark side methods.

  • -Constant power: Unlike most crystals which need to be more actively accessed to gain their power, Storm Crystals seem to actively spark, more or less depending on their power. Because of this they have to be carefully handled to avoid being struck by the electricity. And seem to have a much higher possibility to be used outside of lightsabers.


  • -Usually a stronger blade on impact points, the less points their are, the stronger the blade is at that point. Making it excellent for duelling.

  • -Creates lightning arcs when clashed (or by a skilled force user) who can guide them, or simply directly off the crystal. This occurs to a lesser extent even when simply activated

  • -Causes considerable fear, discomfort, and desire to escape, for darksiders and people with anger, malicious, deceptive, or cruel intentions. And weakens use of the dark side and its powers.

  • -Creates more resistance to dark side powers, especially lightning

  • -Won’t go out completely when in contact with Cortosis, as the Crystal generates a constant energy rather then one that can be put out, Cortosis would weaken the blade while in contact, but would not cause it to short out.

  • -Grants users connected to it a greater affinity for light sided lightning like Force Judgement and Baran Do lightning. And helps them retain their light side presence.


  • -Crystal to crystal, Storm crystals actually have the same overall energy of the blade itself when compared to most others, aside from the electrical arcs, meaning fuller immersing it in a target would not hurt the target any more than a regular lightsaber blade.

  • -Actually provides a light that can be deemed disorienting as it is wavering like trying to see during a lightning storm, as it seems to wave and alter never remaining perfectly still. Even holding a Storm Crystal over a piece of paper could still make it difficult to read. This also makes it fairly easy to identify.

  • -Very unwise to use underwater except for those quite connected with the blade, as using it underwater will allow the electrical arcs to spread everywhere and even shock, or kill, the wielder.

  • -Angered users can become fearful of their own blades which may even straight up refuse to cooperate with them and become unwieldy, sparking electricity in all directions. The effects of this also can pose an issue to allies who have darker emotions, as they could become fearful of the blade and thus avoid it, which can be tactically terrible in a fight.

  • -Handling: Because the Storm Crystals actively spark lightning, they can’t be handled the same way others are. And must be taken with care using non conductive materials and occasionally even full body suits.

  • -Can still be weakened by Cortosis, just not shorted out.

  • -VERY bad weapon for a non force user to use as a lightsaber or open to the air. As most non force users couldn’t properly handle the blade or it’s electrical arcs.


The Storm Crystals were discovered by the Baran Do while passing over a particular area and sensing a surge of light side energy, they looked into it, digging deep into the ground and discovering the crystals in the rock which immediately sparked lightning causing the Sages to leave for their own safety until they would return to investigate.

Then the study of the strange crystals begin. They seem to have a strong lightside presence, something that pushes against the powers of the dark and dark emotions, not only weakening their powers considerably the closer and longer they’re near, but even causing fear and discomfort and a great desire to escape. They have additionally a peculiar effect on force lightning, causing users to become especially resistant to it, but also granting them a much greater affinity for the lightside version of it. The electrical arcs it releases are even something that can be used to one’s advantage, those connected to the crystal being able to guide the arcs.

For whatever reason when in contact with another blade or any material, the blades created by the crystal focus more of their energy on those points, making them considerably stronger then their overall power (but only in those impact points). This is especially true for the electricity for conductive materials.

Of course, there are issues with the Storm Crystals as well. Because of this immense pressure against dark siders and dark emotions, only those who can truly contain themselves are efficient users of the crystals, as anytime someone is feeling a darker emotion like anger, or an evil intent, they are instantly pressed back by the crystals, making many people efficient users of the crystals.

Additionally, the electrical arcing is a threat for those wishing to use the blade underwater. As without proper control of them, they could even travel through the water shocking users and allies just as much as enemies.


#1954967 Mr. Heartbeat XXL (ORC Dominion of Skynara)

Posted by Dax Fyre on 16 June 2019 - 08:24 PM

"Tell me; what would you do to bring about galactic peace?"


'Way to put me on the spot, Jozie', Dax thought to himself as his compatriot, quite out of it, stood up and pushed his way to the front of the stage and with slurred speech said something about...votes? Taxes? How hard had Zak hit his head? The answer, apparently, was 'very' as the poor kid started to keel over. "Chit!" Of course he'd faint at the front of the stage where he was liable to fall right into the crowd. Dax dashed forward and reached out, barely grabbing Zak's shoulder and guiding him back towards the stage, lowering him to the ground. "Look Zark, I know you saved my life and all that way back then, but don't you think this is a bit much?" the Rogue muttered to himself as the medics finally got their butts on the stage.


Dax stepped out of the way and let out a sigh. Well, he supposed he should have expected this. The kid did have a knack for getting himself into trouble. The mic was then passed to Dax, and he could hear his better half shout, quite loudly "KNOCK'EM DEAD BABE!" The slightest bit of red tinged the man's cheeks as he sheepishly grinned at her. Now he just felt like a school kid with his parents watching his talent show performance...a half-naked, fully grown, and very fit school kid...


The Marshal took a deep breath as he thought about the question before speaking, "I guess being the Grand Marshal and all that, I'm supposed to have some profound plan and all that on how to bring about galactic peace right? Some hard and fast strategy to get everyone to play nice and stop all the fighting. Well, I can't really say I got one of those. The galaxy has been fighting itself for many millennia. I don't know how to stop that, but I do know that a single act of compassion, of mercy, can make all the difference. Galactic peace won't come from the guy on top of the hill. Galactic peace comes from you guys," Dax gestured over the crowd as he spoke, suddenly feeling like a tired old man, "I won't keep talking and being all depressing and chit, but be kind to each other, because it matters. And one day, if you lead by example, we might get that galactic peace we're all looking for." Dax passed the mic on to the next contestant silently. He looked over towards Ki again, and gave her a small smile.


Kimiko Taiyo | Zak Amroth | Joza Perl

#1949067 Eternal Strength in the West

Posted by Kay Arenais on 29 May 2019 - 12:25 PM

Location: The Spire; Zakuul City, Zakuul

EEoZ: Kay Arenais, Beth Cadera , Ghorua the Shark , Loreena Arenais

ORC: Jaius Sovv , Coren Starchaser , Bryce Bantam






A few weeks ago Kay had sent off an invitation to the administration of the Outer Rim Coalition in a bid to strengthen the governments on the western block of the Galaxy. Here it was wild space, most especially with the collapse of the First Order. But still it was much more calm than the eastern side of the map. The biggest threats to the west were months in hyperspace travel away. It'd be quite costly to send a fleet of any good size across the Galaxy, especially for an attack, and sometimes such costs weren't worth it. Kay had seen such a thing happen when the Sith occupied Commenor. The costs of maintaining the occupation was much more than they were interested in. So it made the liberation of the planet all the easier.


A Meeting Room was prepared, with various drinks (including tea, of course) and refreshments for their guests. Cozy sofas and chairs were also set up. Although this was to be a formal meeting, Kay wanted it to appear friendly. Afterall she had no issues with ORC that she was aware of. And hopefully they had none with her and her newly formed Empire. But she'd learn soon enough.


Kay had sent off messages for her advisors Ghorua and Beth to join her. They needed the experience in intergalactic relations. This way she'd have her bases covered should something happen to her. Even her daughter Loreena was asked to attend. Though whether or not the teen could make it was anyone's guess.


A specified landing pad outside of the Spire was surrounded with Eternal Knights as they waited to escort their guests upon arrival. The meeting room itself was located on the ground floor. Kay waited just inside the foyer with tea in hand. A half dozen Knights stood sentry nearby. Earlier in the day she had a meeting with the Scion Jareth. He let her know that the day was going to go well. Hopefully he was right.

#1954257 Mr. Heartbeat XXL (ORC Dominion of Skynara)

Posted by Dax Fyre on 13 June 2019 - 10:18 AM

"Don’t be sad, ladies. There are still plenty of available men up here for bidding! Why not spend the day with one of our Coalition’s finest Judges, Dax Fyre and Zak Amroth? Yes, you can bid on them both. And can we get an age verification for Amroth, please?"


Dax shot straight up after sticking his last landing upon hearing this, head snapping towards Joza Perl, eyes narrowed as he glared at her. Did she just pimp Zak and himself out? Together?...well...Dax supposed there were worse people he could forcibly be partnered with....Ki was definitely having a right old laugh about this...


Suddenly a figure whipped right past Dax. The Marshal watched Zak as events played out in what seemed like slow-motion. The man running past Dax, a cock-sure grin plastered across his face. Watching Zak attempt to step on the wall. Zak planting his foot exactly the wrong way on the wall. The Sheriff going completely horizontal before gravity cruelly grasped him once more and pulled him back to the surface with a loud thud accompanied by the audible slapping sound of Dax facepalming.


The man walked over to Zak and offered the man a hand, "Yes, you hit your head..." the Rogue said, looking off into the crowd, eyes searching for a particular pair, "And yes, you did indeed see our dear friend with a woman. Hell must've frozen over Sheriff."


As Dax hoisted his friend up off the ground bursts of flames caught his eye. Vorhi Alestrani? When the hell did that foolish sage get here? Better question, did Joza bribe the man into participating, or did he bribe her into letting him participate?


The question was left unanswered as the lights suddenly went down, and Dax's instincts suddenly kicked in. His feet and weight shifted, his ears perked up, trying to make out and discern every little sound. And then the spot light shown down on one Chance Bonaventure. The sound of his blaster firing at the coins was followed by glitter raining down from the sky, to which Dax could only wince...the poor man hated glitter...coarse...rough...and it got everywhere. But wait, how in the hell did he get the glitter into the fire suppression system in the first place?! And where in the world did the blaster come from?!...was that what that bulge in his pants was earlier? The Marshal wasn't sure if he should consider everything that just happened a security threat or not...


No matter, Dax was falling behind in the races now, and if he was gonna be on stage, he may as well perform...I mean be performing. The Rogue decided if fire was name of the game. Well it was his name too and he sure as hell wasn't gonna let that fact go to waste. Good thing he didn't leave his cigarettes in his jacket. Dax fished the pack of cigarette out of the pockets of his board shorts and put one in his mouth. With a snap of his fingers, a small flame sprung to life between his thumb and index finger. The Marshal lit the cigarette in his mouth and took a long draw. Taking the cigarette out of his mouth, the Rogue blew a large 'O' of smoke and pushed it away. With a little assistance from the Force, he let it travel farther and farther, growing larger than it should've. Sure, the smoke wasn't exactly fire itself. But it was heat and it was carbon and air. All the makings of a glorious blaze. The admittedly pyromanic man focused with the Force for a brief moment, and the huge smokey 'O' suddenly burst into a ring fire high above the guests heads. The Rogue sustained the flames of the burning circle as he began to spin it. As the ring spun it broke into six orbs of flames before Dax sent them all shooting around the room, weaving between guests, in between their legs, around their heads, the Rogue put much effort into making this one interesting light show. As one last act, Dax sent all six orbs shooting towards the ceiling, careful not to set off the fire suppression systems though, and forced them all to collide where they burst into the distinctive symbol of the Coalition before disappearing into nothing.


The Rogue looked over to Zak Amroth with the cigarette between his lips, "Think you can top that, kid?"