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Irajah Ven

Irajah Ven

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In Topic: The Lone Titan

16 January 2019 - 10:10 AM



Hello there! I'm popping in here to let you know that Codex is currently closed as we work on the revamp. You can leave this here with no issue, and I will move it to the correct forum when Codex re-opens. We are operating under the current ruleset until that happens, so please keep in mind that unapproved species can't be used in RPs. 



In Topic: Eye of the Storm

13 January 2019 - 01:10 PM

She absorbed the appearance before he spoke, a hint of surprised interest in those hazel eyes when they met his. His experiences marked him, mute and intense against the gentleness of his voice. A contrast there that caught her attention. 


While he recognized her, she did not remember him. There was nothing to remember. His had been a presence that she had never seen, never knew existed. She didn't know about Ashin's interference during her incarceration by the Alliance, or of this man's actions in response to it. 


The smile froze on her face as the words continued past his own apology. 


"You must be mistaking me for someone else," she said after a moment. She was still smiling, but it would not be difficult to miss the more artificial tilt of it. 


Irajah had been careful. Stayed away from the First Order and from those who could recognize her from before, unless she knew they could be trusted. But for a short time she had been, if not well known, certainly not nameless in the Order. Decorated, named a Baroness for services to the state. Even at the time it had all been a strange, but enjoyable form of mild insanity. A sort of baffled acceptance of more than she had, in her own mind, given at the time. 


Of course, the price she had paid later put it all into perspective. 


He was not technically wrong, after all. 


She rarely thought about those moments anymore. The cold edge of the knife. The hot rush of blood. Gasping, slowly fading as the face of Samka Derith filled her view. She had died, murdered. And then covered up by flames and the state, proclaimed a tragedy. And then, slowly forgotten. 


Or so she had hoped. 


"I'm Dr. Calais. And you are?"


As if there could be no doubt that he was mistaken. But already she was considering just what to do. Risking a crack in her lock down of the force, a trickle of power. Reaching out. 


She wasn't expecting what she would find. 



In Topic: Oraim Mei

13 January 2019 - 11:11 AM

Rick Kaloo


Apologies for the delay- the URL on the last one bugged and we had to check and make sure it wasn't a forum issue. I went in and fixed that last URL for you so you are good to go (just so you know what the edit was for). 



In Topic: The Sanguine Worlds

08 January 2019 - 10:17 AM

The Anarch


Status on this?

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08 January 2019 - 10:15 AM

Khali Strahd


Status on this?