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Irajah Ven

Irajah Ven

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#1902615 The Lone Titan

Posted by Irajah Ven on 16 January 2019 - 10:10 AM



Hello there! I'm popping in here to let you know that Codex is currently closed as we work on the revamp. You can leave this here with no issue, and I will move it to the correct forum when Codex re-opens. We are operating under the current ruleset until that happens, so please keep in mind that unapproved species can't be used in RPs. 



#1901167 Eye of the Storm

Posted by Irajah Ven on 13 January 2019 - 01:10 PM

She absorbed the appearance before he spoke, a hint of surprised interest in those hazel eyes when they met his. His experiences marked him, mute and intense against the gentleness of his voice. A contrast there that caught her attention. 


While he recognized her, she did not remember him. There was nothing to remember. His had been a presence that she had never seen, never knew existed. She didn't know about Ashin's interference during her incarceration by the Alliance, or of this man's actions in response to it. 


The smile froze on her face as the words continued past his own apology. 


"You must be mistaking me for someone else," she said after a moment. She was still smiling, but it would not be difficult to miss the more artificial tilt of it. 


Irajah had been careful. Stayed away from the First Order and from those who could recognize her from before, unless she knew they could be trusted. But for a short time she had been, if not well known, certainly not nameless in the Order. Decorated, named a Baroness for services to the state. Even at the time it had all been a strange, but enjoyable form of mild insanity. A sort of baffled acceptance of more than she had, in her own mind, given at the time. 


Of course, the price she had paid later put it all into perspective. 


He was not technically wrong, after all. 


She rarely thought about those moments anymore. The cold edge of the knife. The hot rush of blood. Gasping, slowly fading as the face of Samka Derith filled her view. She had died, murdered. And then covered up by flames and the state, proclaimed a tragedy. And then, slowly forgotten. 


Or so she had hoped. 


"I'm Dr. Calais. And you are?"


As if there could be no doubt that he was mistaken. But already she was considering just what to do. Risking a crack in her lock down of the force, a trickle of power. Reaching out. 


She wasn't expecting what she would find. 



#1901140 Test

Posted by Irajah Ven on 13 January 2019 - 11:03 AM

Testing a potential bug, don't mind me, go about your business. These aren't the droids you're looking for

#1896915 Codex Judge Recruitment

Posted by Irajah Ven on 02 January 2019 - 09:21 PM

Do you enjoy exotic locations, cool new species, ancient tomes of history, and player generated content? With the new updates in the works, Codex is looking to add to our roster of judges! We are hoping to bring on several new faces to help support the Fluff Side (sorry, Dark Side has the cookies, but we have tea and cake) of Chaos Canon. Want to help out and give back to the community? We’d love to have you.


A successful applicant will:

  • Be polite and tactful, showing courtesy to members as you advise them on their submissions.

  • Be impartial while working with other writers to approve their submissions.

  • Be able to work in a team and take instructions.

  • Be consistent in posting responses to waiting submissions.

  • Discord Chat accessibility and activity is mandatory for all Codex Judges.

  • Prior experience submitting to Codex a plus.

Please read everything before submitting your application in a single pm to Irajah Ven


In the pm state:

  • The profile you would want to judge with.

  • Examples of your best Codex submissions and any previous experience.

  • Why you want to become a Codex judge?

  • How you would help make the Codex better? Ideas you have?

  • Your discord name.


Failure to follow directions will result in the application’s rejection.



#1896767 The Cerulean Navy

Posted by Irajah Ven on 02 January 2019 - 09:58 AM

Cyrus Drakon



#1896756 Kalinda Black Steel Guard

Posted by Irajah Ven on 02 January 2019 - 09:29 AM




#1896754 28th 'World Breakers' Ultranaut Regiment

Posted by Irajah Ven on 02 January 2019 - 09:26 AM

Darth Tacitus



#1896748 Lu'um u k'i'ik'el

Posted by Irajah Ven on 02 January 2019 - 09:15 AM

Khali Strahd Zark


Due to the ongoing nature of this sub and the Codex closing, I am moving this to Pre-Codex for now. You two can continue here as you were before. Tag me, Jairus Starvald or Srina Talon when you are done.

#1896746 The Sanguine Worlds

Posted by Irajah Ven on 02 January 2019 - 09:11 AM

The Anarch Scherezade deWinter


Because of the Codex closure, I am moving this to Pre-codex for you, so that you can make your edits. You two can continue here so that you can both actually post to this, and tag me, Jairus Starvald or Srina Talon when you are done with the edits and judging. 

#1895631 Baal

Posted by Irajah Ven on 29 December 2018 - 10:53 AM

Scherezade deWinter



#1895620 Baal

Posted by Irajah Ven on 29 December 2018 - 10:40 AM

Scherezade deWinter


Under review

#1895434 Project: Seeker

Posted by Irajah Ven on 28 December 2018 - 03:53 PM

"Mmm, yes, let's."


The chatting was perfunctory at first. Him asking after her trip, her replying with a laugh and that of course it was perfect. Ever since the fall of the Galactic Alliance the Core had been less stable than before, but that seemed to deter the Doctor little enough. Thank yours and your welcomes traded easily back and forth. 


It wasn't until they were in the private elevator that the true meat of why she was here was broached. She knew the broadest of strokes- after all, she couldn't have come if she hadn't known at least in a general way. But the details had been shadowed. 


For good reason, she thought to herself, as he outlined more of the details of the project. 


It was, in truth, far more interesting just for the sake of what it was than she had been expecting. Irajah didn't care much for living weapons in their end result. But the process and the specifics of how this would need to be accomplished, utilizing the Rakghoul virus? This was everything she was interested in on a professional level. She had been prepared to do a job here and do it well, perhaps gain some things that would aid her longer views in the process. But she hadn't been expecting to enjoy the work for its own sake. 


It was an entirely pleasant surprise. 


If the Exarch was expecting shock or horror from the woman beside him, as the lights came up and the truth was revealed, he would be disappointed. Despite masking (literally) as her own clone within the Empire these last months, Irajah was not a particularly consummate liar. Oh, she could pretend, especially behind a mask, but she was no good at feigning emotions she did not feel- the woman wore her heart on her sleeve. Instead of recoiling she stepped up to the glass, hazel eyes keen on the details. The restraints, the thickness of the barrier, the creatures themselves. She had studied the virus in an academic way- in her own research to beat the Gideon Virus it had been necessary- but this was the first time she had seen the results in person. One hand came up, laying against the glass. One of the creatures, the closest, redoubled its efforts to break its bounds, but to no avail. 

Absolutely fascinating. 


She lowered her hand, falling into step beside Adron again as he continued down the hallway. 


"I assume you have already considered the.... well.... considerable challenges to over come here," she commented. Raising a hand, she counted off, one finger at a time. 


"Compliance with orders- those infected typically lose all ability to manage that. Unless you intend to use them in a 'release and clean up later' sort of way, in which case," she ticked off another finger, "A deadman's switch of some sort, to protect against having them used in turn against you." Another finger. "Blocking transmission of the plague further, or neutering its transmissiblity utterly." That would be a key to making this a weapon to be wielded like a scalpel, rather than as a thermal detonator. A fourth finger then, "Because this disease was engineered by the Sith, there may be need for a Force User to functionally alter it. I have done work with another Sith created virus, but each is different and until the changes are attempted it will be difficult to tell."


Could she do it? Absolutely. But Doctor Calais was not a Sith Lord. Irajah had found that the best way to lie was simply to tell the truth. 


Just not all of it. 


The last finger. "And of course..... arranging for people to sign their lives off to you in order to accomplish what you wish."


Casual, easy. But there was a curiosity in her eyes. A weighing. This was a layer beneath the public face of the CIS. She wondered how far the darkness here went. 


Adron Malvern

#1894875 Eye of the Storm

Posted by Irajah Ven on 26 December 2018 - 03:25 PM


Tipoca City



The sound of rain was a constant. In the morning she woke to it, in the evening she fell asleep to it, and for the last two days it had accompanied every step and waking thought. Even in the depths of the city, there was a subconscious awareness of the driving deluge, just as with the movements of the sea itself. It had taken her a day to grow accustomed to it again after years on solid ground. Even in Tipoca city, large and relatively stable, one would occasionally feel the shift and swell of the ocean and need to make minute shifts in position and posture to feel on even ground again. 


'Doctor Calais' had promised a week for the first stage of the project before she had to return to her other work. In truth it was all the time she could spare without the absence of Dr. Vain Jar'He being noticed in Sith-Imperial space. She could get away with that long, but she dared not risk longer. Not yet. A week however was not so strange for the good doctor to disappear into a project, only to return, confused at how long had passed, back into people's attention. It was a familiar enough habit of the clone, and one Irajah intended to utilize for her own ends without hesitation. These days Darth Carnifex rarely called upon the family physician, but just in case Irajah had set up a relay for the 'priority' level of the message that would come through. If he did, she could easily claim to be off planet but would of course return immediately. In its way, the deeply anti-social nature of the clone he had made of her, and placed in such a position of trust, had been exactly the tool she had needed to begin building the base of her vengeance. Hubris, at its finest. 


While her purposed for being here were ultimately her own, that did not mean that she did not give the lion's share of her attention to the project she had been hired for by Adron Malvern. It was in fact only when one of the lab assistants gently reached out to touch her shoulder that she was brought up and out of the simulated projection, blinking in some confusion. 


"Doctor Calais? Have you been here all night?"


"Hmm? No of course not. Just since you left on your break." It was nice to put aside the caustic persona of Vain and return to herself, the purity of her work. In a way, this was almost like a vacation for her. 


He smiled ruefully. "That was the end of my shift, Doc, not a break."


"Oh." A pause and then. "Oh. Oh alright, yes, I have then."


It explained the tight pain at the center of her shoulder blades certainly, if she had been hunched over the three-dimensional projection and testing splices for ten hours without realizing it. With a sigh and a stretch, she unfolded herself from the stool, and sheepishly agreed to leave the lab in other hands. Get something to eat, get some sleep. With a groan, she stretched out her back, and headed out. A nod to the droid guards Adron had left in that sector, she headed out into the more public areas. The project was largely a secret, and casual wanderers were sternly discouraged. But she came and went as she pleased. And what she pleased right now, was a cup of caf and some time to unwind her mind from the work at hand. Sleep? Not before she had managed that and she knew it. 


She picked up caf and a quick bite before taking the later with her and winding through the hallways to one of the observation rooms. Wide open windows all along the exterior opened up to a wide view of the stormy seas outside. This time of the day they were largely empty- too early for the usual after breakfast crowd. The high backed seats, facing toward the wide windows, were best suited to the native kaminoans, and when she didn't see the tops of any of those tall, slender heads swaying absently above them, she assumed this one was empty as well. 


The mug of caf cupped in both hands, the diminutive woman stepped up to the window, taking a sip and sighing as she did. A shift, a small sound, and she turned, hazel eyes blinking in some surprise. The room was not as empty as it had seemed- only empty of the too tall locals. Not that he was short- just enough for the back of the chair to block. Quiet for his size, but then, Irajah was used to that at home wasn't she?


" 'Morning," she offered with a smile. "Apologies, I didn't see you there."


Sarge Potteiger

#1894858 Project: Seeker

Posted by Irajah Ven on 26 December 2018 - 02:07 PM

Coming down through the stormy atmosphere of Kamino, the shuttle rocked precariously in the high winds, buffeted by rain- a metallic staccato filling the ears of those within. Worry? Hardly. The pilot was a droid, and the lone passenger gazed absently out the transparisteel view port, mind distant. 


It had been years since she had last worked and studied on an ocean world. Azure had been different, but it was impossible to not compare and draw those memories to this new moment. Forehead resting against surface, she smiled softly, less at the view of the tumultuous sea that came into view as the clouds parted beneath them, but remembering. 


It had not been a good period. There had been so much anger and pain. But it had been the beginning of the path that had brought her everything that mattered. Oh, she could trace it back farther perhaps. Azure however, was the turning point. The place where she had chosen to keep walking even when all she had wanted to do was give up. The place where she had been at her lowest, and decided that no, she would not let the Zambranos break her. Not for keeps. Could she have done it without Jairus Starvald? Possibly. Even likely. He had not been a kind teacher. She had found herself angry at him as often as she had been angry about her own limitations. The sheer damage done to her body by Darth Carnifex. The Gideon Virus. Every step of that path had been one of pain


And yet she had taken something back from it and turned it into the life she had now. 


It was enough. More than. 


The settling of the shuttle on the rain slick tarmac brought her back to the now. With a shake of her head and a chuckle, the diminutive woman rose, accepting the waterproof poncho from the droid before stepping out into the deluge. 


"Lord Malvern!" She called with some amusement, barely audible over the wind and rain. "When they speak of the Kamino weather, I had always assumed they were exaggerating. It seems I was mistaken. You did not have to meet me out here," she didn't stop moving when she reached him, instead offering him a bright smile despite the weather. 


"But perhaps we can hurry this along back inside, yes?"


Clearly of a similar mind, the pair were back under shelter in moments, Irajah sliding off the poncho and handing it to a droid with a soft expression of appreciation. 


Known to Adron as 'Doctor Calais' from Coruscant, she appeared much as she had the first time they had met. Dark hair curling around her face, which she brushed back absently now divested of the hood. She dressed in quality, but practical clothing, and she had traveled light, the surprisingly small bag brought in by the droid pilot a moment later. Amused, friendly, with Force signature tightly cloaked, the persona of Calais was in truth very little removed from who Irajah Ven was


It just kept things simpler. 


Adron Malvern

#1894826 Codex will be closing Jan 1st

Posted by Irajah Ven on 26 December 2018 - 09:59 AM

To reopen in approximately two weeks. 


We will be bringing Codex in line with the current Factory rules. You may keep submitting things to Codex until January 1st, and they will be judged by the current rule set. 


This warning is so that any of you with time sensitive subs due to invasions, faction contests, etc have a chance to get them taken care of before we close.