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Irajah Ven

Irajah Ven

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#1790230 Sahome Tyral

Posted by Irajah Ven on Yesterday, 05:35 PM

Kaida Taldir


Thank you very much!

pending approval

#1790114 Sahome Tyral

Posted by Irajah Ven on Yesterday, 03:09 PM

Kaida Taldir


Over all, this looks great. Just for bookkeeping reasons I have to ask:


  • Force imbued blade

Anything special about it or just 'blade that can block lightsabers' basically?

#1790045 Edge of Town

Posted by Irajah Ven on Yesterday, 01:13 PM

She kissed him back softly. In truth, she was too tired for anything more.


“You know I support your projects,” she said with a smile.


She didn’t have to say ‘as long as it doesn’t threaten our family.’ Partly because, in truth, everything either of them did could bring down scrutiny. Irajah was more careful in that yes, but the reality was that all they could do was be careful. There was no promise that could be made that an action would safeguard them all and it wasn’t fair to ask it. She did, however, trust him to be conscious of that aspect without needing to be reminded.


“I assume you’ll reach out soon then?”


Honestly curious what his plans were. 


It was strange. They didn't need to speak out loud. Not anymore. But it was still the way she preferred it. He could have gone either way, she knew, but there was something normal about having conversations, and she cherished that. 


#1789907 Edge of Town

Posted by Irajah Ven on Yesterday, 09:39 AM

There had been none of the same reservations with names in Irajah as there had been in Jairus. Maybe it was because she was the one feeling the lives growing inside of her- and even with their connection it was not, and could not be the same for him. She had respected his desire to wait, nonetheless, because it was a kindness she could offer him.


“I’d be upset if they ended up being ‘Cerbera’ and ‘Matsu’- not because I don’t love them dearly but because can you imagine calling either of those two ‘Cerbera?’” She teased back.


Settling against him and closing her eyes, she rested, listening to his recitation of some of what she had missed. Honestly, most of it was fairly irrelevant to her and the things and people she cared about. Most of it.


“A following?” She opened her eyes, giving him a bemused smile. “That sounds like a recipe for trouble… or else fan-fiction. Have you seen some of the things on the holonet? Eesh no thank you.”


Jairus Starvald

#1789096 Faction Owner Vote

Posted by Irajah Ven on 19 May 2018 - 09:03 PM

Okay so I can post this from my writer account but not my Faction Owner account. 




Anyway, pretend I'm the fox snake crazy person. Instead of the other crazy person. 


Cast your votes. You will need to use your writer account usually, often character accounts cannot- so if you cannot vote in this poll, please just post your opinion below.

#1788589 Valeria

Posted by Irajah Ven on 18 May 2018 - 09:39 PM

Enyo Typhos


Look good!

Pending secondary

#1787808 Gunther Stahl

Posted by Irajah Ven on 17 May 2018 - 07:19 PM

Enyo Typhos


As always, a great looking sub!


Pending approval

#1786623 Edge of Town

Posted by Irajah Ven on 15 May 2018 - 09:11 PM

Irajah closed the door softly behind her, holding the handle down until she could ease it shut- keeping it from clicking before turning her attention to him. 

"She's going to be a monster, that one," she murmured with a chuckle, crossing the room back over to him. She moved gingerly, slowly. 


The twins had come early, but that had been expected. Cerbera had recommended bed rest for Raj for the last month, making sure they got as far along as possible. Simply not enough room for two in there, in the end. They were small, too small- but healthy. Dark haired the both of them. Wide, fathomless eyes. When they weren't screaming their heads off, faces all screwed up and red of course. 


"You know we can't keep calling them 'the she devil' and 'the good one' right?" She teased, sinking down next to him with a soft, uncomfortable sigh. 


Just as bed rest had been ordered, Cerbera had also absolutely forbidden Jai from talking 'business' during the same period. No stress. None whatsoever. And that included updates on current events apparently. They had both objected but she was.... very persuasive when she had to be. Now though, she had left (just that morning), content with both mother and babies, leaving Jai and Raj to figure out just what this was going to look like now for all four of them. 


"Alright, fill me in love. I know you've been dying to."


Jairus Starvald


#1784945 April 2018 Rank Bar Contest Winners

Posted by Irajah Ven on 13 May 2018 - 09:49 AM

Everything looks gorgeous! Well done to the folks who submitted and thank you staff!

#1783856 Firemane General Staff

Posted by Irajah Ven on 11 May 2018 - 11:29 AM

Siobhan Kerrigan


In depth and well thought out submission! Love it. 


Pending approval.

#1783534 Noverskaa

Posted by Irajah Ven on 10 May 2018 - 06:48 PM

Rex Taff




 It is around earth's orbital position.

I need you to remove mention of earth from the sub- you could leave it out entire, or merely put 'in the system's habitable zone', whichever you prefer. 


The planet has a lot of crystals and mineral deposits that have yet to be discovered.

Though they have not been discovered yet, they are still there. If you have anything specific you would like this to be, please list it. If you do not have specific plans, simply add a note (no RMs)




Native Species: None

Do you mean none, or no sentient? You mention the trees and different animal species so I just want you to put something here to make it clear that you mean no native *sentients*.




Military: It is a fortress world complete with some decent defences. As well as a large navy as they are protected by Clan Australis, Mandal Arms and Mirdirmorut.

There is nothing in this sub that would make this a 'fortress' world. Acceptable to say it has decent defenses, but it's a forest world with small settlements- remove reference to it being a fortress world please. It also seems strange to me that a large navy would protect a world that is so sparsely inhabited with low wealth? You are welcome to leave that but I suggest you think about what the rest of your sub says and if that really matches what is put down in this particular section. 

#1783070 May the Skraal Eat Your Eyes

Posted by Irajah Ven on 09 May 2018 - 10:19 PM

Irajah blinked. Then laughed, an almost bright, cheerful sound. 


"You wish to or you are telling me to? Well, no matter. We'll sort it out once we're somewhere less..... well frankly less gross. If it's the former, well, we'll have to see if you still feel that way when you are all fixed up. If it's the later." Irajah chuckled. "Too late. Desmond?"


She stepped back as the larger man stepped in, scooping up the figure. 


"Heavier than she looks."


With a small frown, Irajah tilted her head. 


"Oh, yes, I suppose she is."


Whether it was about her weight or the fact that 'it' was indeed a 'she' was unclear.


They would travel up a number of levels. The Agua District was by no stretch a 'good' part of town, but it was significantly better than the chithole they'd come from. The S.E.M.C. settled on a corner, right on the edge of this and the neighboring district. Of course, they weren't going to the medical center itself, but to Irajah labs above it. If all went well, she would set to stabilizing and fixing up the wretched they'd picked up. 


Of course, there was no telling just what that would take until they got there.


Sam Rodarch

#1782210 Drøbak Research Base

Posted by Irajah Ven on 08 May 2018 - 12:44 PM

Fiolette Yvarro





#1782139 Drøbak Research Base

Posted by Irajah Ven on 08 May 2018 - 09:37 AM

Fiolette Yvarro


Two things I need then I can stamp this:


1) Links in your affiliation field


2) Since this is a military base, I need you to add a rating in the security field. From the template:

"You must provide your security assets in list format and must provide your base a Security Rating (choose from: None, Low, Medium, High, Maximum). "


You've got the info, so all you have to do is pick a rating you think is appropriate based on that. 

#1781661 May the Skraal Eat Your Eyes

Posted by Irajah Ven on 07 May 2018 - 01:12 PM

Irajah was mostly bemused as she watched the antics of the Skraal. They were not a species she had much direct contact with, but on the rare occasion she did, well- she was rarely disappointed. 


With a chuckle and a shake of her head, she relaxed slightly. They had been no real threat to her and she knew it, but if she could avoid making a bigger scene in this neck of the woods it would be much preferable. Coruscant was not a strong hold of those who she would consider allies, and she had managed to fly under the radar for the last year and a half. She'd much rather keep it that way. 


Crouching down, she studied the figure she had 'rescued'. In truth, she wasn't sure just what they'd been on about, but the commentary she'd overheard had piqued her interest. Irajah was, first, foremost and at heart, a doctor. 


Of course, her focus had shifted over the last couple of years. 


"Someone did a number on you my friend, and I don't mean the rats," she murmured, rocking back slightly on her heels. 


Alive, certainly. She met the crimson gaze unflinchingly. Considering.


Irajah Ven was not a good Samaritan. She might have been once, a long time ago, but events had lifted certain personal lies out of her eyes and she'd realized that even when she had been working to help others, it was by and large because of either the professional challenge or because it made her feel good to do so. Even when she had been 'good' to almost anyone looking in from the outside, she had been selfish. Once she had realized that, well, it had made a great many things easier. 


"Are you awake in there? Can you speak?"


A voice sounded behind her. 


"Would you like to bring it with, Ma'am?"

Desmond, once a member of the Star Cabal, now a loyal retainer, hovered. 


"Mmm, yes. I believe so." She didn't take her eyes off of the figure slumped against the wall.


With the Force, Irajah could have handled the body easily. But it would look less strange if Desmond handled it. 


Sam Rodarch