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Irajah Ven

Irajah Ven

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#1925400 Codex Patch 3.1

Posted by Irajah Ven on Today, 08:53 PM

Two small tweaks-


1. Submission modifications are being brought in line with the new Factory standard.


2. Planet submissions may now include any size nexus, rather than requiring a separate submission for those smaller than 'planetary.' You may do a separate submission but it is no longer required if you wish to add a smaller nexus. 

#1925398 Submission Modification Request

Posted by Irajah Ven on Today, 08:51 PM

After a submission has been approved, it will be locked. If you want to make a modification to it at a later date, post your request here with the following outline. You may also request submissions archived for inactivity be returned to Pre-Codex, or to archive an old submission.

Submission Name:

Link to Submission:
Move to PreCodex or Codex Archives?:

Reason for Archival (if applicable):


Once this request has been submitted, you will be notified in this thread that your submission has been moved to the Pre-Codex forum for editing, or the archives. Please make a note at the bottom of your submission summarizing the changes to your submission. Once you are finished editing, tag Irajah Ven, Srina Talon, and/or Arekk. Your submission will then be moved to its appropriate forum for re-approval.


At this time, please limit your requests to 10 submissions or less at a time.

#1924771 Timeline Update, 852-856 ABY

Posted by Irajah Ven on 19 March 2019 - 05:54 PM






#1924738 New Map Discrepancies

Posted by Irajah Ven on 19 March 2019 - 02:27 PM



Mandalore- We won't be using 'because it was like the old map' as a sufficient reason to move a planet. We have added Concordia (much like Nar Shaddaa and Trandosha in their respective hexes) to put another planet in the Mandalore hex for the moment. Other planets in the area will be assessed as we keep working. Keep in mind that even if a planet is not on the map does not mean that it is not there- both canon and chaos canon worlds still exist, the map is to highlight the most important ones in an area, so any planets you had you still control if they were in your sphere before but do not appear on the map now! :)

Anobis - Good planet with good wiki info, no issue adding it to the map and your placement is accurate to the galactic map. Added.


Darth Carnifex


Nathema- This is a very close and we won't be moving Nathema just a single hex when it's in relative position. The screen shot does show how off Malachor is however so we are fixing that. 

Trokien- Definitely in the wrong position, but the canon map shows above that hyperlane so we've fixed it based on that.  



Rhigar, Kinoss - In canon, Chiss space is really bunched up compared to the rest of the galaxy. But there's also not a lot else to put up there instead. In a more crowded area of space we'd need to decline but there is some room to spread out here and get a few more planets added. These moves are within reason and granted. 

The Redoubt- That location was already moved to the neighboring hex on a previous tweak, so you're good to go.



#1924673 Draemidus Prime

Posted by Irajah Ven on 19 March 2019 - 08:56 AM

Tathra Khaeus


I see this is more a work in progress! Tag us when you are done and ready to get moved back for live judging. 

#1924450 Lu'um u K'i'ik'el

Posted by Irajah Ven on 18 March 2019 - 12:03 PM


#1924243 Timeline Update, Update?

Posted by Irajah Ven on 17 March 2019 - 03:39 PM

Sorry I missed this. It's coming. 

#1923207 Codex Highlights January/February

Posted by Irajah Ven on 13 March 2019 - 06:47 PM

Codex is, by and large, a labor of love. The focus of Lore is often not particularly useful in competitive PvP, and easy to over look compared to the glamour of a new gun or a zoom zoom ship. But the work that goes into Codex by the members of Chaos has the potential to enrich the entire background galaxy we all write in. Whether it is full planets or esoteric tomes, fantastical religions or interesting creatures, the submissions offered by you all through our corner of Chaos have the potential to be the jumping off point for any number of stories we tell together. 


The Codex staff is pleased to offer these highlights of submissions we have been particularly impressed with. Some are excellently balanced, some have intriguing lore, while others are thought provoking and offer less common ways of looking at a particular topic. What they all have in common are their attention to detail without being overly restrictive, offering new lore that is possible to utilize but also invites further imagination and expansion. 


Thank you to everyone, highlighted or not, for your submissions to Codex. We look forward to future highlights and seeing the heights of your creativity and work!




Easily the most ambitious section in Codex, planets have the potential to be brilliant set pieces. This is, in my opinion, one of the most challenging sections to excel in, but also one of the most rewarding when done well. 


Thuleby Darth Carnifex
Getting the right balance necessary to expand a canon world while keeping true to the source material as well as including Chaos canon events can be a challenge. This sub hits all the right notes, spanning from 5000 BBY to the present day, including the particular flavor of the current Sith Empire faction without over whelming the canon feel of the planet. 




This section bursts at the seams with potential for diversity. At its best, the species section gives us fascinating alien biology, creative cultures, and interesting traits balanced in ways that make sense and give writers highly playable templates upon which to build unique characters. The various canon species give Star Wars so much of its flavor, and our Chaos additions are no exception. 


The Extant by Mother

For a board steeped into a big sci fi fantastical setting, Chaos hasn't had a lot of focus and attention on weird alien things. Which has always been kinda sad, but also makes it even more awesome when the weird stuff does pop up. The Extant are a cool example of it. Hivemind parasites who grow smarter as more join their collective. They are nicely balanced, offer some really cool stuff to play with and are as alien as they come. More of this please!

I started my tenure in the Factory as a Species Judge (which will tell ya how long ago that was) and I have always had a soft spot for them ever since. This is a cool as feth submission. Sand constructs that use the Force to keep themselves together, being able to reshape, etc. Basically the mythical coyotes from Native American mythology, but with a few twists. I loved how reasonable it was, not overpowered, just really neat lore. More of this pls.



Offering the widest range of different template options, this section ranges from the deeply personal of a homestead to entire star systems. With so many options, there is something for everyone to utilize and expand upon- and boy does it, being one of our most popular sections.


Shaol'mara | Mistwalker Village by Jorah zos Darnus

I love the flavor of this sub. Taking existing culture and looking at it from the direction of a transplant into new places is under utilized and it is done well here. There's enough detail to give a clear picture, but enough open spaces to allow someone else to fill in more as the reader or a character engaging in the setting. 


Caliban System and Vector Null by Atlas Drake

Making this a single nomination, because these two submissions belong to one another. I really love it when people sub weird/out there submissions and this is definitely that. A locale full of monsters, danger and death. Plus, it doesn't actually push a lot of boundaries, even though it was one of the first submissions that was made with the loosened regulations. Fixed in canon, fleshes out some cool stuff, what's not to like?


Palmyra's Wail by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori

The details and history here are the platonic ideal of a Nexus submission. I love that while it is a Dark side nexus, it is just as dangerous to darksiders as lightsiders. The combination of science and the supernatural in the flavor is also incredible and well melded to create something very unnerving. 


Concord Dawn Moon by Gilamar Skirata
Every once in a while a submission comes around that has a nice mix of lore potential, canon grounding and a bounty of story. This is one of them. A big centerpiece in Mandalorian canon, used by many PCs, this submission both gives respect to the established canon while providing people with an interesting cool setting to play around with in their story. Nothing overpowered about it, instead all the focus is on the lore. Hats off on this one!




Every scene has the potential. Every background face has a story. From individuals to companions, from combat units to ship crews, these are often used to enhance stories through additional flavor and dialogue beyond the faceless. 


Bryn'adûl | M'gaelak Siege Tower by Tathra Khaeus

This was a really interesting and flavorful submission. Ambitious in its details, but limited in its scope. The details were well thought out and explained, while balancing some pretty powerful creatures with a narrow utility and well themed weaknesses.


Pyronauts by Darth Tacitus

An attractively put together sub, both visually appealing and well thought out. This specialist unit has good and sensible weaknesses based on the strengths, expanding on particular facet of a Chaos group that has spanned time and factions. 




While all of Codex is focused on Lore, this forum brings a laser focus to that topic. Give us your religions, your holocrons, your organizations. The fluff is strong with this one and we want it all. 


The Thirriken Empireby Darth Saarai

I am never so pleased as when creativity of members builds off of each other. Building off of the Thirriken species submitted by Jorus Merrill, this submission pulls together a collection of lore built over time, utilizing new ideas that tie in to a Major Faction as well as the personal story of the character himself. I love the heart and attention to detail, while still offering continued room to grow. 


Ashiranism by Vaena Askari

Sio has been doing a lot of work in the Codex fleshing out some of the things she has created over the years. I had a bit of trouble picking out a specific one, but ended up going for the Ashiranism. First religion sub, just as meaty and expansive as her other submissions. Expands yet another part of the Eldorai, which might be one of the most elaborate species/cultures Chaos has seen to date. 


#1922208 Short LOA

Posted by Irajah Ven on 10 March 2019 - 06:45 PM

Kor Vexen


I saw lots of birbs.

#1921013 Short LOA

Posted by Irajah Ven on 06 March 2019 - 12:39 PM

I'll be up in the mountains with family from 3/7-3/10. Have a good weekend ya'all!

#1920669 Primum Non Nocere

Posted by Irajah Ven on 05 March 2019 - 01:47 PM

"Oh I couldn't," her hand waving slightly, but eyes casting to the cake for a moment before. 


"Weeeeelll maybe a taste. But only if you'll let me buy you another cup of tea before I go."


She settled into the chair across from her, relinquishing her hold of the mug of caf for a moment to try a bite of the cake. Her eyes closed as she chewed. "Oh maw that's amazing."


It took a conscious effort not to send the feel of the experience through her link to Jairus Starvald and tell him he needed to learn how to make this asap. But as usual when she was out and about, she kept her Force signature small, tightly under wraps and unused. She never knew when she'd run into someone who could ruin everything and she rarely chanced it in public. Better to be over looked. Much better in fact. She'd harass him about it later though. 


A laugh, glancing up at the other woman now. 


"That obvious?" She asked ruefully, then nodding. "I've always meant to but never had the time." She didn't ask the same in return, for what could be considered very obvious reasons. Ask a zeltron if they came here often? 


"My job keeps me very busy- that and family," she added with a smile. "But sometimes you just have to.... steal a little time for yourself, right? So I thought I'd take a weekend, take in the sights." 


Joza Perl

#1920631 Over Now, Feel It Still

Posted by Irajah Ven on 05 March 2019 - 12:18 PM

"We have..... a durni who's heart is about to stop from the sheer terror of this moment, love."


But she paused there. Turning over the desire that threaded through their bond. 


"Making a predator out of prey isn't a simple process," she said softly, amused. 


It was, after all, essentially what had happened to her. She knew that all too well. Not impossible by any stretch, but the line between turning it into something useful and breaking it irrevocably was a hairs breadth. 


A pause there, eyebrow arching at him. 


"You wish to do it here, now?"


Irajah was a creature of habit in some things. She relied on science, the stability of it. What he seemed to want to do was something different. A particular slice of Force work that had always been more of a challenge to her. Sorcery, the Sith called it. She hate it. It felt wrong. Oh, not from a moral stand point, just from her own particular biases and preferences. It had never settled fully as a mastered concept for her, operating too much at a right angle to her strengths. 


Jairus Starvald

#1920611 Congratulations Boo Heavenshield - March MOTM!

Posted by Irajah Ven on 05 March 2019 - 11:25 AM

Boo Heavenshield


You, uh.


Gonna share that cake buddy?


Congratulations :D

#1918463 Ra'Katha

Posted by Irajah Ven on 26 February 2019 - 09:42 AM

Bastille Rommer


Looks good. 



#1918155 Star Titans

Posted by Irajah Ven on 25 February 2019 - 09:44 AM



I am going to approve this now. With a caveat.


This submission is painfully over powered. We have not required edits beyond what was clearly against the rules of the board, because we no longer work primarily from a balance standpoint. If this submission is abused and reported, balancing will not be a suggestion, but a requirement. If the species is treated in RP like the gods they believe they are, especially in PvP scenarios, there is a good chance this will end up reported and pulled. Actually go toe-to-toe with an SD in an RP and we'll be back here again.


Neither of us wants that.


Use it responsibly.