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Irajah Ven

Irajah Ven

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I'll Have His Breath

07 June 2018 - 06:03 PM

Irajah's work culminated in several places and people, all around the same time. The last two years had gone into the research and processes. The number of bodies, failed experiments behind her was not insignificant. She had been ruthless in her cause, culling those that had not unfolded the way she had hoped, releasing some into the wild, simply to see what they did and allow her to fine tune her techniques. Desmond had been the first success. Now, she hoped, she had two others. Icarn Amonta.


And Elian. 


While Icarn had been a windfall, Elian was more personal. Which made this simply that much more satisfying


The scanner beeped and she looked up into his face. All the familiar lines. And smiled. 


"This says you are fit as a fiddle, Elian," she said warmly. "But tell me, how do you feel?"


She listened carefully to his answer. Not just the words but the tone, his expressions. His memories had been carefully tampered with, removing and replacing with a surgeon's precision. They had already had two instances of rejection, but it had been months now and the imprinting seemed fully cemented. Even Jairus had been unable to find any loose threads left after the work she had done. 


Elian Keyes

Speak to the Heart

07 June 2018 - 03:36 PM

The Netherworld, Then


It was with a certain triumph that, when she looked up again, she could see the top of that mountain. One more shadow waited between her and the summit. But what was one more shadow now, after everything she had forced herself through?




She froze. 


No. That wasn't possible. Every face, every voice she had encountered was one of the dead. If he was here that meant-


A renewed energy filled her and she pulled herself up beside the spike. 





Coruscant, Pre-Endgame


The holonews was playing in the background. The twins, asleep across the room. She could hear their soft breathing- or perhaps she only imagined she could hear it. She got up from the desk, padding over to check on them. Just in case. Leaning over, aand soft on their heads, careful not the wake them. Irajah smiled softly, content. She stood up and turned back around-


And froze. 


The scene on the news was from Midvinter. A place she cared about not in the least. She hadn't been paying attention, and indeed, if she hadn't looked at the image in that moment, she would have missed it entirely. A familiar face. It was only a flash. An impression.


"Pause!" She said, too loud, a soft noise of protest from a sleeping infant. "Rewind. Play."


The Netherworld, Then


"No, no no nononono-"


She pulled herself up on the spike, hands going gingerly to the child's chest, not touching the spot where the mountain burst through, then to his face. Pale blue, far paler than it ever should be. 


"No, no, this isn't right- you're alive, no you can't be here-"


"Why did you send me away?"


His voice was small and plaintive, not accusing, but with that hint of suspicion he'd worn as a mantle, always. After what he'd come through, before she had opened her home to him, she had never been able to blame him- strived to make sure that she didn't take it personally. Sometimes she had failed, but she had always recognized that he'd had it so very hard in such a short life, and that the suspicion even when aimed at her, wasn't about her. 


This time, this time she deserved it and a thousand times more. 


"I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry," she whispered, hand cupping the boy's face. "I've looked for you. I never stopped looking for you-"


"Why did you send me away?"


Her fingers pulsed, useless and helpless just above where the spike jutted from his pale, too thin chest. 


"You're bleeding, I need to get you down from here-"


"Why Mom?"


"I wanted to protect you," she whispered, voice breaking. "I- I didn't know how to get away from them, but I knew- even before I understood it all, I knew they would threaten you, to keep me.... that they'd hurt you, if they thought they could. I couldn't.... I didn't want to send you away. I thought- I thought I was keeping you safe."


Coruscant, Pre-Endgame


Irajah had never attempted to sort out if the visions she had seen in the Netherworld were real or not. They were, in their own way, as real as anything else. She had looked for Boo for months with no leads, no luck. He had simply vanished in the time that she had been recovering after the attack by Darth Carnifex. Since every other face she had seen on that mountain was dead, well, after that...


She had given up. Had accepted that Boo was dead. Why see him there, after all, if he wasn't?


Finding herself in a chair, she didn't even remember sitting down. 




Breathing in shakily, she pulled up her contacts on the console. She had questions that needed answers. 


It didn't take long before they came flooding back. 


The Sith sat back heavily in her chair. There was a heaviness in her chest, the strange mingling of joy and sorrow she wished there was a word to describe it. Boo was alive. Living with the Silver Jedi as Boo Heavenshield now. Adopted. With a family. He was safe


So why did it hurt so much?


The Netherwold, Then


She clung to the side of the mountain, the slow breathing of the shrike creature forgotten as her hands fluttered helplessly. She clung to the spike, elbow hooked around it, oh so careful to not put pressure on him where it exited his chest. 


"I needed you. And you sent me away."


Somehow, she managed to curl herself around him, trying to find a way to lessen the pressure of the spike through his body. 


"I'm not going to leave you again," she whispered fiercely against his hair. "I'm going to get you out of here. I'll figure something out. I don't know how yet. But I will, I swear it."


He nodded weakly, closing those golden eyes. 


"I believe in you. You can do anything."


She laughed, unable to help it, but there were tears in her eyes. 


"I found you didn't I?"


It had taken going into hell itself, but she had found him. 


She looked up at the top of the mountain, so very close, and then back down at his face. A sob welled up in her throat, but she didn't know exactly why. Carefully, as gently as she could, she pulled her attention and actions into figuring out just how she'd keep that promise to him. 


Coruscant, Pre-Endgame


It hadn't been real. But the memories were as real as anything else ever could be. She had felt them as surely as this now. But they had been lies, manufactured by the keeper of that mountain. How much else of what she had seen between her death and rebirth had also been false? That was a question for another day. 


Irajah sat and mulled. Finally she stood. After another check on the twins, she headed toward the closet. A box, buried at the back. She had not kept everything. What point would there have been to that? But from their apartment on Dosuun she had kept it with her. It had been salvaged from the wreckage of Blackwater Keep after it had burned by Samson, who knew just how much it had meant to her. The room there, made up for a boy that would never use it. In a away, she was glad he hadn't been there then. That he hadn't been with her when she had been murdered by Samka Derith, her death covered up by the 'tragic accident' of fire. Would she have let the boy live? Irajah didn't know. 


Kneeling, she drew out the box. Opened it, her fingers ghosting over the items there. A t-shirt. A bean bag. A trio of action figures. They hadn't had long together, but it had been happy. A different time. 


A different person. 


She knew that the last thing she could do now was intrude on his life. He had come from Coruscant, from the Sith. They had damaged him in ways that, at first, she had thought would be impossible to undo. But slowly, so slowly, they had found trust. How could she think even for a moment of bringing him back to that? 


Irajah was selfish. She knew that now. Did not deny it. But in this, in the people she loved, she knew what she had to do. 


Leave him. 

And yet. 


She couldn't help but do one thing. She knew she shouldn't. And yet....


Midvinter, Now


The package that arrived, addressed to Boo Heavenshield was small and unassuming. There was no note. Nothing to explain. Only a return address of Coruscant. 


But nested inside, oh so carefully, a trio of action figures. Last seen right before they had fallen behind the couch in a particular apartment on Dosuun. 


Boo Heavenshield

Empty Room

07 June 2018 - 02:25 PM

The upper floors of the Sou Emergency Medical Center were closed off to access from the clinic. They had always been, and would always be. After all, they only rented the first two floors, and someone else owned the building. For the most part, the people who worked there barely thought about the upper floors. Usually it was quiet. Rarely they heard movement in the earliest hours of the morning, between midnight and dawn. 


Of course, the sound dampening insulation that Irajah Ven had installed before the center had moved into the bottom floors was very good at what it did. 


Known to the people at the clinic downstairs as Doctor Calais, Irajah leaned over the figure on the table, head tilting from side to side as she withdrew her presence in the Force from his mind. Months of work, but she wouldn't know just the effects until it was all over. She had just finished erasing a particularly unpleasant moment from his memory. She couldn't do all of them, that would cause the entire psyche to collapse in on itself. But she could keep the worst under the cover of the subconscious. 


"Shhhh," she murmured softly, "You're alright. Can you hear me Icarn?"


Icarn Amonta

Faction Owner Vote

19 May 2018 - 09:03 PM

Okay so I can post this from my writer account but not my Faction Owner account. 




Anyway, pretend I'm the fox snake crazy person. Instead of the other crazy person. 


Cast your votes. You will need to use your writer account usually, often character accounts cannot- so if you cannot vote in this poll, please just post your opinion below.

Weekish LOA

29 April 2018 - 06:00 PM

Hey folks! I will be taking around a week unplugged from Chaos and the discords. If someone has anything that needs addressing related to TSE, please drop a line to one of the other admins!


My apologies to folks I am in RPs with- I will continue with them when I get back for the private ones, and for the public ones we can figure it out based on how the thread has gone (please feel free to skip me rather than holding anyone up!)


Take care and have a great week ya'all!