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Neri Rashal

Neri Rashal

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#1979979 OOC Rank Title

Posted by Neri Rashal on 11 September 2019 - 03:49 PM

You can also put 'OOC Account' in your custom user title if you like.

#1977054 September's Member of the Month - Congratulations Romi Jade!

Posted by Neri Rashal on 02 September 2019 - 07:46 PM

Romi Jade



#1977051 Map Update 02September2019

Posted by Neri Rashal on 02 September 2019 - 07:43 PM

Alas, my last map update for you all, but capable hands will continue from here on out. 


Our galaxy's map, as of the beginning of September, frozen for posterity.





#1972860 Nothmir

Posted by Neri Rashal on 17 August 2019 - 07:09 AM

Returned to pre-codex by request

#1972856 Submission Modification Request

Posted by Neri Rashal on 17 August 2019 - 07:08 AM

Scherezade deWinter FederationPrime Siobhan Kerrigan


Go forth

#1969999 Nar Sha-DON'T - Open Skirmish

Posted by Neri Rashal on 06 August 2019 - 09:29 AM

Darth Ophidia




There was no mistaking the ghoulish face in the smoke. Old bias died hard, but it's not like she was wrong after all. Sith, if there had been any doubt before. But then, why would there be? The Sith were a rot worse than the Smuggler's Moon itself, the black slime eating at dead flesh.


The fragments of the blade left in her side ground against bone and shrapnel from old injuries that had never been properly removed. It was enough to leave her gasping, white stars flecking her vision and threatening more. It was enough that she reacted too slowly to breaking the hold the other woman gained on her wrists. 


She couldn't break it, but even as she felt her body lifting, she centered the gun and fired- point blank with her opponent grappling her, could she even miss? The angle wasn't quite right and she knew it, but something.


The smoke disoriented but she could feel the whip of the wind, the strength of the throw and then the sickening suck of gravity as she flipped and landed with a lung emptying OOPH on the filthy pavement flat on her back. 


Even with her chest screaming for air, she started to roll- reflexive, muscle memory taking over- to surge back to her feet. But her mind screamed in the back that it was too slow. She'd reach her knees at least.....

#1969990 Into the Leaves

Posted by Neri Rashal on 06 August 2019 - 08:49 AM

"Okay that IS weird cause you would think it would shift at least a LITTLE. Unless the locals are helping maintain it."


It didn't occur to her that the MOSS was deliberately maintaining it. Despite her field of study, or perhaps because of it, Neri had particular sets of biases and assumptions- and most of them didn't involve this kind of plant with a culture. Plants, with few exceptions, didn't do that. Even when he said that, it seemed unlikely as a conscious decision. Honestly she suspected the sentience of the moss was overblown by the locals. 


"This place doesn't really have seasons, not anymore though. Maybe the current climate after the cataclysm is only marginal for it? Just enough for it to hang on but not enough to spread? That's a delicate equilibrium and usually collapses the next time there's the slightest shift of any kind..... might be we're here in a perfect timing sense- I know they said living memory but from a galactic and evolutionary standpoint that's barely a heartbeat."


A flicker of amusement crossed her face. 


"You okay with heights, Wild?" 


Neri didn't pause, but she did slow down if he did. 


Delaney Wilder

#1969388 August's Member of the Month - Congratulations Mig Gred!

Posted by Neri Rashal on 03 August 2019 - 06:07 PM



Congratulations Mig Gred, August's MotM! 


Your good attitude and sense of fairness have been noticed and appreciated!


It is time for Gilamar Skirata to hand over the keys to the cookie cabinet (assuming he left anything)



#1969302 Map Update 03August2019

Posted by Neri Rashal on 03 August 2019 - 07:32 AM

A snap shot of the Chaos map, as of August 3rd, 2019





#1968333 Timeline Update 856-858

Posted by Neri Rashal on 30 July 2019 - 07:23 PM

After soliciting member arcs, we decided to do a small, two year jump based on those. 




Thank you to the folks and groups who submitted events!



#1967471 Nar Sha-DON'T - Open Skirmish

Posted by Neri Rashal on 27 July 2019 - 12:55 PM

Nar Shaddaa

Back Alley

Darth Ophidia


Not a Forcer, Neri was unaware of the momentary blip that betrayed Ophidia's location to her apprentice. Good for Ophidia- bad for Neri. 


With blaster in hand, Neri tried to navigate the smoke. The wall to her right had been closer, so she started drifting in that direction. Blaster in her left hand, her right reached out, searching for the bricks that would orient her in the haze. Fingertips brushing the rough stone, stepping in and letting her shoulder, then back, then opposite shoulder brush it as she pivoted, continuing to move in the direction she had initially planned. It was a small comfort, having something solid at her back. Something that blocked off at least once direction as an avenue of attack. 


The snap hiss of the lightsaber to her left brought the blaster up in a reflexive snap, a pair of bolts aimed at the spot it ignited- the blade MOVING and it took a critical moment to register the type of motion. Not held. A heartbeat needed for Ophidia to close that distance. But Neri sidestepped farther down the wall toward her destination


(move, in the back of her mind, always MOVE after taking a shot, long habit, old habit, die hard habit, survive habit)


Which shifted her out of position just enough- a hissing grunt as the blade sliced through her shirt and deep into the flesh of her side, skipping off of the rib rather than finding purchase between and beneath. 


Edge of blade, warmth of hand and shadow- all enough for Neri to know where to aim. Another pair of shots fired, this time at point blank range as she tried to twist away, to pivot on her lead foot off to the side. 

#1967279 The Deathtroopers of Krieg

Posted by Neri Rashal on 26 July 2019 - 06:34 PM

Vhei Wasp Naudir Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori



#1966907 Skirmish threads leading into Invasions?

Posted by Neri Rashal on 25 July 2019 - 08:28 AM

More skirmishes, plz and ty

#1966905 Forcing that Narrative

Posted by Neri Rashal on 25 July 2019 - 08:18 AM

I don't normally wade into these, but there's a facet of this that I feel has been getting over looked recently, in a number of situations across a number of individuals. 


So I am going to put a gentle reminder here that not everyone is always going to agree on just what is sufficient for 'IC motivation'. What one person thinks is good motivation for their character to do something IC may not match up with another's. And that is not the same thing as having 'no IC reason' to do a thing. It's very easy to look at someone's stated IC reasons and dismiss them because they do not match up with how you (collective) would do it- or worse, assume that because you have not personally been told their IC reasons, that therefore they have none. 


This comes down to a two-fold issue of assuming the worst and lack of communication, and both of those things impede RP. Many, many times (not always, because there are certainly occasions where it's cut and dry), issues like this end up boiling down to assumptions and lack of communication, rather than one side of the complaint being right and the other side being wrong. This can lead to rulings that folks are unhappy with on both sides, because deciding who has the 'correct' IC motivation to justify an action is not how it works in a free form RP of this size. 


There are a hundred thousand ways to play this weird game we have, and a hundred thousand potential motivations to act it out. Most of the time, people actually aren't trying to be deliberate jerks. But the assumption that 'I don't like this, therefore this person is clearly in the wrong/clearly trying to wrong me' is a matter of attitude adjustment and communication. Sometimes, someone will just be being a jerk. But actually communicating with them and going 'okay, is this actually something wrong or just not how *I* would do this?' is a necessary component to figuring out how to move forward.

#1966405 Nar Sha-DON'T - Open Skirmish

Posted by Neri Rashal on 23 July 2019 - 01:52 PM

Back Alley

Darth Ophidia


The man had come out of nowhere and disappeared again into nowhere. 


Sure random person, I'll get right on that. Go with him..... right into a raving lunatic. Sure. Okay. 


Yeah that wasn't happening. 


Turning around for a moment, her back to the group she'd been leading, she started walking backward- keeping an eye for the moment on Amon Vizsla and Ivory . Oh yeah, that was a one way ticket to crazy town. Neri had been a soldier in the Galactic Alliance. It wasn't that she'd never seen forcers fight but that she generally avoided it for the sake of her health. Even the good ones were usually dangerous. She'd yet to see a forcer fight that gave a chit about the collateral around them. 


Her thoughts flickered, to a moment, to Delaney Wilder. Not a fighter that one but that was just as well. Well. Not THAT kind of fighter. Stick to the agricorps, friend. But if he did? Yeah, she thought he might. Give a chit that was. 


It wasn't the time for that. Not even remotely. With a shake of her head, she pivoted-


And blinked. 

Stepping into smoke. 


The barest shadow of the tail end of the group in front of her disappeared from one step to the next. Where had the smoke come from? Something burning? Didn't smell like that- more likely from something dropped deliberately somewhere, wafted in by the hot winds from the east? Too thick. Too close. Her step slowed, drew wary. She brought the shot back up slowly, sweeping the mist-


A blaze of smoked light. The snap hiss to the side as she started to turn. Already on high alert, her finger squeezed the trigger just before the lightsaber cut through the twin barrels like butter. She didn't think she'd come around enough to actually tag the figure in the fog- her hands dropped the remains of the gun as she back pedaled, hand going down to her hip and the blaster there. 


"RUN" She barked, drawing the gun, hoping they heard her- hoping they LISTENED. 


Of course, she was just another random person, wasn't she?


The smoke swirled.