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Neri Rashal

Neri Rashal

Member Since 28 Jul 2016
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Map Update 02September2019

02 September 2019 - 07:43 PM

Alas, my last map update for you all, but capable hands will continue from here on out. 


Our galaxy's map, as of the beginning of September, frozen for posterity.





August's Member of the Month - Congratulations Mig Gred!

03 August 2019 - 06:07 PM



Congratulations Mig Gred, August's MotM! 


Your good attitude and sense of fairness have been noticed and appreciated!


It is time for Gilamar Skirata to hand over the keys to the cookie cabinet (assuming he left anything)



Map Update 03August2019

03 August 2019 - 07:32 AM

A snap shot of the Chaos map, as of August 3rd, 2019





Timeline Update 856-858

30 July 2019 - 07:23 PM

After soliciting member arcs, we decided to do a small, two year jump based on those. 




Thank you to the folks and groups who submitted events!



Nar Sha-DON'T - Open Skirmish

20 July 2019 - 07:21 AM


Nar Shaddaa



It came without warning. When the Sith Empire seeks out vengeance for transgressions across the galaxy, bringing fleets from Bastion to Pantora, others might expect a certain relief that the attention would be focused on others. So when a portion of the Sith fleet dropped out of hyperspace over Nal Hutta, there was no one watching for it, no one waiting for it. The Sith had a relationship of a sort with the Hutts, and Nar Shaddaa might have expected to be protected by the virtue of that. 


Unfortunately, Hutts aren't well known for giving much of a chit about anyone else. 


Flush with victory, there was too much energy, too much to contain to ships in empty hyperspace. Why not, it was decided, let off a little steam before returning to Sith space? Allow them to.....




There is nothing joyous about the celebrations of a Sith. 


It came without warning. Rather than an act of war, with intent and planning, the sith came to Nar Shaddaa looking for fun. For blood, for slaves. To take what they desired before returning to the strict structure of the Empire and the rules they had set upon themselves out of need.


The Sith came to Nar Shaddaa as Reavers. And the streets ran red. 




"Do you have a basement? Something that locks from the inside?"


"More like a muddy hole."


Neri swore to herself as she peered over the counter. Nar Shaddaa wasn't a favorite of hers, but sometimes you went where you had to for a job or to pick up a ship component. Of the risks you expect to take coming to the Smuggler's Moon, there were more than enough to make a rather long list and Neri had come prepared for all of them. 


What hadn't made it onto the list? Sith in mawdamned numbers. The blaster on her hip was woefully inadequate, though she'd liberated a slug thrower shot gun from a trandoshan right before the idiot had bolted out into the street. 


"Alright, back door. I can see a group of them going store by store down the street and waiting for them ain't doing us any favors," she said grimly. 


The Sith Empire was known for a few things. One of them? Keeping their people on a leash most of the time.... but when they let them OFF? Neri's mouth set in a hard line. She remembered Thyferra. This was different. This was the bloodlust after a victory, rather than the intent scrutiny of vengeance wrought in fire. In a way this was more dangerous. Rabid and impersonal both at once. 


Neri ushered the small group of people out the back of the bar and into the alleyway that ran along behind the stores. There, for now, relative quiet. But the echoes from the street could still be heard.