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Coruscant, The Shipment, The Core Worlds

"Sometimes, something good comes out of it. Something you know you wouldn't deserve in a million years. Something that gives you a reason to go on."

Tava Del Nove


The man that presented himself afore Tava held an abundance of power on his hands just by canvassing him and by the manner he carried himself akin to people that know they're greatly powerful, fingers snapping in a second and Loren could make whoever he wanted to bend a knee except for the woman herself and her beloved that was obnubilating in the dark ready to strike with consummate stealth.


Arekk felt a shiver going down his spine once his hazel-blue pools settled on the hotshot, his robotic hand already reaching into the depths of his leather jacket to grab a 10-inch silver-plated blade from within. A smile formed on his face as his lover defied this mysterious figure by determining the options this arrangement had and the consequences that could be faced by not meeting the previously agreed requirements, bold indeed as she had always been.


Complete silence followed the slicer girl's inquiry to this person, an exchange of wary daggers were shared between the people present at the meeting stop as if the intention was to tense things up and whoever spoke first would "lose" . Exactly what, though? It remained unknown.


Perhaps Loren's intentions weren't as crazy or twisted as Ar'ekk thought? Nobody could be that predictable but yet again this was Coruscant, home to the lowest of the low. The bile of the of the galaxy. Whatever it was, he was ready to spill blood if necessary to get Tava out of there safely.



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Link your faction here, please.


Orex Mauda

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