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#1973005 Destination: Home

Posted by Arekk on Yesterday, 07:39 PM

The Sanctuary, Dathomir

"I was already so far past the point of no return I couldn't even remember what it looked like when I had passed it."

Mira Rekali


He most definitely didn't expect a flamboyant welcome by any means necessary, let alone from Mira herself though that wouldn't deter him from seeing Emberlyn again with a big smile upon his face since after all she meant everything to him. Mira and Arekk did their best to not show their bitterness at each other in the presence of their daughter and though they managed to do well most of the time there were moments where all of the supressed emotions came flourishing in an instant.


Arekk didn't blame her one bit. Not. One. Bit.


"I promised Emberlyn I'd make it here early." The fallen Jedi turned slicer explained to Mira calmedly in an attempt to de-escalate their animosity. "Hope I didn't interrupt anything important."


Yet when he thought everything would be bitter remarks and hurtful comments the purple and white BB unit came rolling his way with loud happy beeps and whatnot, a smile surfaced on the man's face. The ball-shaped droid seemed to have taken a likeness of Arekk in some way, probably because he was the only one to do specific diagnostics on him or something.


"Hey, Pixel! How you doing, buddy? It's so good to see you too!"



#1972715 Please Welcome Our New RPJs!

Posted by Arekk on 16 August 2019 - 10:20 PM


#1972608 Destination: Home

Posted by Arekk on 16 August 2019 - 03:40 PM

The Sanctuary, Dathomir

"I was already so far past the point of no return I couldn't even remember what it looked like when I had passed it."

Mira Rekali


The past few months had been rough given that Arekk was not able to see Emberlyn as much as he wanted because work simply didn't allow him to. Often his employers demanded the man's entire time to pull a few gigs here and there that could last as much as a week or two out in the field, depending on the matter to handle. The slicer had left behind the life of crime to an extent and instead focused on more 'legal' employment opportunities with still quite shady figures of the Lithios world.


As soon as the legendary Ebon Hawk was allowed to land on Hangar 3 his eyes settled on the main door opening as Mira surfaced in its frame with a not so friendly face. "I deserve that look." he thought once more.


"Tee-zero, make sure to do a full diagnostic of the navicomputer. Something's glitchy about it and I don't wanna handle such thing mid-flight, okay?"


The astromech droid beeped cheerfully at his master and did as he commanded, strolling to where Arekk had been sitting to begin working on whatever needed fixing with an unrivalled eagerness. He couldn't focus on anything else but seeing and holding his child again after who knows how long, it only felt like decades but in reality were nothing but mere months.


"And when you're finished just stay with the ship."


Arekk eventually said as he moved over to the back of the ship where the metallic ramp lowered down to let him out and finally catch some fresh air. This was the first time he set foot on Dathomir and while it was nothing he expected it to be he remained optimistic about the visit, it couldn't all be so bad right?



#1972568 Destination: Home

Posted by Arekk on 16 August 2019 - 12:38 PM

The Sanctuary, Dathomir

"I was already so far past the point of no return I couldn't even remember what it looked like when I had passed it."

Mira Rekali


Picking up all the broken pieces took a toll on the former Jedi but that did not deter him from doing something meaningful with his life again, Arekk knew he had to provide what he could never have to Emberlyn even if that meant pulling down the entire galaxy for her. It was already time to stop feeling pity for himself, to drown in booze every night or simply wishing to step over the railing and fall to a certain death.


The mercenary would not allow for his daughter to look at him as if he was a stranger because that would most certainly put the last nail in his coffin, even thinking about it made his chest feel like it was being pressed down by a Rancor with the strength of a Krayt Dragon. His visit to Dathomir, the first one at that, had the sole idea of checking up on Emberlyn and also, because despite all of it he wasn't able to let go of, Mira.


Their journey on Lithios was definitely not the best one and he blamed himself for allowing things to reach a point where he'd become absent during her pregnancy and to have left during such a difficult time without notice. That wasn't something a man is supposed to do so there he is now trying to amend things one way or the other, seek for forgiveness despite the bitterness still looming in the air when both see each other face to face.


"EH-277 requesting permission to land." He spoke through the interlink, impatiently sitting on the captain's chair. "Advise the proper docking bay, please."



#1971259 Admin Promotions

Posted by Arekk on 11 August 2019 - 07:25 PM

Congratulations!!! Well deserved! :D


Neri Rashal & Gir Quee, we'll miss you guys. Thank you for absolutely everything.

#1964648 Codex Q&A

Posted by Arekk on 17 July 2019 - 12:18 PM

I have archived the submission for you. These kind of requests are done here.


Zahori Denko

#1964638 Crown of Sorrow | CIS Invasion of UCM-held Tanaab [ OOC ]

Posted by Arekk on 17 July 2019 - 11:32 AM

Quick clarification on behalf of your friendly RPJs:


Vanessa Vantai's involvement and her assets (fleet, etc) thrown earlier into the invasion are to be overlooked and not used by everyone involved given that she wasn't supposed/was able to be present during the invasion of Tanaab.


Thank you.

#1958436 Would you kiss the person above you?

Posted by Arekk on 29 June 2019 - 12:31 PM

Sorry Khonsu but nah, bro.

#1954148 Above The Clouds

Posted by Arekk on 12 June 2019 - 10:36 PM

Coruscant, The Shipment, The Core Worlds

"Sometimes, something good comes out of it. Something you know you wouldn't deserve in a million years. Something that gives you a reason to go on."




Nothing but a whisper emanated from the slicer's mouth as he laid his cybernetically enhanced eyes on the datapad, catching all the footage of the enclosed animals with the utmost detail. Arekk did not know how to feel about the deal brought on the table by the mysterious figure that waltzed around his beloved with a chilling confidence, the fact that animals were brought into the mix made him feel reluctant enough; Jyn had requested his assistance all those years ago to liberate some exotic creatures from the claws of a Lithios salesman.


Deep inside, the fallen Jedi turned slicer knew that Tava's intentions were totally different unlike the vendor he had to face to liberate those poor tortured animals. Something felt wrong as if she was getting herself deep into the Krayt Dragon's cave without actually wanting to, as if Loren had played out the winning cards before they were even played. Men like him, mysterious and secretive, had a sole idea in their minds and that was to always become the winners.


Did he want to lead Tava and her men into a trap? To lead her to an unavoidable death but what for, at what extent, what price or why? The underworld worked in many ways the common mind would never be able to understand. Arekk only then decided to evoke his presence from the shadows, his bassy voice echoing on her right side.


"Why these animals in particular, Tava?" He inquired while he watched Loren and the rest of his men leave, eyes calculating every step and movement with perfect precision. "Why more than usual?"



Tava Del Nove

#1953618 Submission Modification Request

Posted by Arekk on 11 June 2019 - 12:52 AM

This is a submission that belongs to The Factory and must be submitted here in the future!


However, I have moved it for ya. Just make sure to let the Factory peeps know.


Haon Hafey

#1952990 Looking For Beefy Bois and Tipsy Ladies

Posted by Arekk on 08 June 2019 - 11:15 PM


#1952281 Hello

Posted by Arekk on 06 June 2019 - 04:56 PM

Soccer? Football. One of us, one of us!

#1949828 Submission Modification Request

Posted by Arekk on 31 May 2019 - 12:06 PM



Siobhan Kerrigan

#1948442 Ceremony of Masterhood: Romi Jade.

Posted by Arekk on 27 May 2019 - 04:49 PM

The Silver Rest, Kashyyyk, Mid-Rim

"War... is a hunger. And there are spirits in the galaxy whose hunger is never satisfied."


Romi Jade ~ @Veiere Arenais ~ Coren Starchaser ~ Cotan Sar'andor


"That I am but you know what I mean." Arekk said in a hushed tone, not wanting to interrupt the on-going ceremony. "I thought you were with Asha."


The whole Jedi Order was reunited today to congratulate Romi Jade in her much important day as she received the utmost recognition a keeper of the peace could ever hope for; Be granted the chance to become a Jedi Master. All in all, rank didn't matter to a Jedi but to mantain the order and ensure there's a harmony kept in the galaxy but one couldn't simply feel elated to receive such honor.


Arekk had forgotten how much the Jedi Order meant for him even in his darkest days, furthermore after having lost his way to the light and getting caught inbetween. His deeds were probably too bad to forgive which would certainly banish him from rejoining their ranks again, unless offered, however that wouldn't shake away the feeling of finding purpose again.


Once a Jedi, always a Jedi.


"Know any of these people, Cotan? I've known most of them since I was a Padawan. I wonder if they even remember me."


There would be more time to talk and go through old memories later because as of that instant the temple erupted in cheers and applause for Romi. A bright day for the Jedi Order had just started and he knew that the woman standing before them had very well earned the honor to be a Jedi Master. Because of that Arekk applauded loud and proudly, she deserved it.

#1948264 Ceremony of Masterhood: Romi Jade.

Posted by Arekk on 26 May 2019 - 11:52 PM

The Silver Rest, Kashyyyk, Mid-Rim

"War... is a hunger. And there are spirits in the galaxy whose hunger is never satisfied."


Romi Jade ~ Veiere Arenais ~ @Coren Starchaser ~ Cotan Sar'andor


"The difference between you and me is that I look like the younger child going through their 'phase'." He replied as he offered his palm out to Cotan, a smile accompanying the gesture. "A little far from home, yes. Where's that again?"


Beyond proper looking attires and daggers thrown at him, Arekk was present to simply offer his support and accompany his friend in a very remarkable day that will stay in the records forever.


The fallen Jedi hadn't seen Cotan since their days as part of the Je'daii Order under Asha and his beloved Jyn, seeing him brought back cherished yet also painful memories of a once peaceful life that fell into pieces in the blink of an eye.


"You're still living in Aurum?"


He kept up the pace and walked to where the rest of the Jedi had assembled in an orderly fashion, himself staying under the spotlight as if to not caught anyone's attention. Several known faces were present in the room but he preferred to stay back due to a plethora of reasons, clear ones at that. Romi had entered the temple and the fallen Jedi watched with attention, clapping in unison with the rest of the crowd.