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#1936995 Above The Clouds

Posted by Arekk on Yesterday, 08:27 PM

Coruscant, The Shipment, The Core Worlds

"Sometimes, something good comes out of it. Something you know you wouldn't deserve in a million years. Something that gives you a reason to go on."

Tava Del Nove


The man that presented himself afore Tava held an abundance of power on his hands just by canvassing him and by the manner he carried himself akin to people that know they're greatly powerful, fingers snapping in a second and Loren could make whoever he wanted to bend a knee except for the woman herself and her beloved that was obnubilating in the dark ready to strike with consummate stealth.


Arekk felt a shiver going down his spine once his hazel-blue pools settled on the hotshot, his robotic hand already reaching into the depths of his leather jacket to grab a 10-inch silver-plated blade from within. A smile formed on his face as his lover defied this mysterious figure by determining the options this arrangement had and the consequences that could be faced by not meeting the previously agreed requirements, bold indeed as she had always been.


Complete silence followed the slicer girl's inquiry to this person, an exchange of wary daggers were shared between the people present at the meeting stop as if the intention was to tense things up and whoever spoke first would "lose" . Exactly what, though? It remained unknown.


Perhaps Loren's intentions weren't as crazy or twisted as Ar'ekk thought? Nobody could be that predictable but yet again this was Coruscant, home to the lowest of the low. The bile of the of the galaxy. Whatever it was, he was ready to spill blood if necessary to get Tava out of there safely.



#1936941 Quarzite MAF Alpha

Posted by Arekk on Yesterday, 05:26 PM

Apologies with that, Pinterest is fine as long as it links to a place something exists, that is fine. It's only an issue if it links directly to an image with no context (straight to the .jpg/.png, etc) or if the link is broken.


With that said, approved.


Orex Mauda

#1936494 Pleasant Confrontation

Posted by Arekk on 22 April 2019 - 06:47 PM

Lithios, Ethos City, The Meissa System

"She was beautiful. I hated her for making me feel this way."

Mira Rekali


"It's a girl, huh?


Part of him liked that but the other refused to accept the truth that was unveiled, most of his plans were going to be truncated if it was truly the case. Mira wasn't going to be alone in this if everything seemed positive but at what extent? Ar'ekk did not know the answer to that or wasn't sure at all about it, only time would tell.


"Things happened, Mira. Lots of things, look at you now too. I don't know." What was done was done and there was nothing either of them could do about it, face the 'consequences' and try to play with the cards you were dealt with. Things could've been done better? Absolutely. "No, it wasn't. But I was not really expecting our first and only meeting to go like that and end like this."

His robotic finger pointed at Mira's obviously swollen belly.



#1936488 Above The Clouds

Posted by Arekk on 22 April 2019 - 06:39 PM

Coruscant, The Shipment, The Core Worlds

"Sometimes, something good comes out of it. Something you know you wouldn't deserve in a million years. Something that gives you a reason to go on."

Tava Del Nove


Tick tock.


The security feed's data and live footage was moved to a small datapad of Arekk's choice for easy access in case things took a drastic turn aka a bloodshed occurred, to which the fallen Jedi would definitely want to be closer to Tava if that happened. His K-16 Blaster pistol stirred nervously underneath his leather jacket as he took an advantageous position above their heads, hiding in the shadows ready to exterminate any threats if necessary.


Nothing seemed out of the usual to him as the footage was constantly reviewed, each angle scrutinized heavily to make sure nobody pulled any trickers from under their sleeve. Arekk knew very well that meetings like these could take an ugly turn at any given minute due to the other person's greed or ambition, simply to make a fast credit or two by trying to rob the other party involved.


"Come on, deliver the shipment already. Feth."


He hated when people took too long to deliver or even show the goods, meetings like these should be short and straight to the point but some people liked to do their own little power-tripped monologues to demonstrate who has the bigger cojones 'in the game' or to get you to pay an even more exaggerated price.



#1934306 Memories of Home

Posted by Arekk on 16 April 2019 - 06:10 PM

The Financial District, Ethos City, Lithios

"Love itself will save you... not condemn you."



"You are totally mistaken."


Every single word coming out of his mouth was honest and Athena could read and calculate all she wanted, nothing of that could change the fact that Arekk was telling the truth from the bottom of his heart. His attention diverted to the stimcaf before finally taking a small sip from it to only burn his mouth to which he reacted with an audible 'ow!' like he always did out of habit.

It was difficult to forget the very person who you shared an entire world with, intimate moments and secrets that would forever remain in her core despite any attempt to erase that data. Somewhere in her fragmented/erased memory had to be one single databank capable of bringing each moment spent together back to her main processing core, he just had to keep "digging" further by triggering things with words or even gestures.


"Nobody sent me, Athena. It's only me." Bright eyes settled on the replicant girl's for a second, appreciating her beautiful frame again like he always loved to do. She was there somewhere, her old self. The real Athena. "Baby sweet, you know who I am."


There was a moment of clarity in her voice and face that seemed to made her light up like a Life Day tree but unfortunately it disappeared before either of them could keep stimulating that further. A look of sadness and disappointment adorned his face despite his best attempt to hide it behind the cup of stimcaf, his gaze looking out the window to the rainy street.


"A song. Can you remember which one? Tell me about that song."



#1933692 Memories of Home

Posted by Arekk on 14 April 2019 - 10:28 PM

The Financial District, Ethos City, Lithios

"Love itself will save you... not condemn you."





The phone call had become a monologue by the time Athena picked up and Arekk was unable to even reply back because he was dumbfounded and anxious at the same time while trying to come into terms with whatever was happening. What kind of questions was she asking him? Had she forgotten him after all this time or maybe it was just her playing games?


Something didn't add up with Athena, she wasn't like this before he thought immediately. Something had gone wrong, perhaps?

Arekk's attire hadn't changed much over the last few months as he continued to wear the same black leather jacket with matching slacks and heavy boots to shelter him from the unrelenting rain of Ethos City. He loved to keep the same short mohawk-like haircut due to its simplicity and because it made him look good overall, not that he cared about that specifically.


The holo café that Athena mentioned was a few steps away from the phone booth so Arekk walked in that direction while going through multiple scenarios in his head. Would she smile, curse, hate, slap, hug at him? Why did that matter? So many questions that were soon going to be answered, he simply wanted to just see and talk to Athena once and for all.


Pushing the door within and as the bell rang once doing so, the fallen Jedi looked within to find his former beloved sitting next to the window and he could feel how his heart broke in a thousand pieces once his hazel-blue pools laid on her beautiful face. She undoubtedly looked as perfect as the day she had first been put into her body frame and was given the life she always deserved.




"May I sit?" He said while approaching the booth with a careful step, almost expecting an outburst of sorts. A nervous smile adorned his face which showed how, albeit partially, happy he was to see her but also how heartbrokingly their current situation was. "Athena."



#1933629 Memories of Home

Posted by Arekk on 14 April 2019 - 08:04 PM

The Financial District, Ethos City, Lithios

"Love itself will save you... not condemn you."



The sweet sound of Athena's voice made Arekk's heartbeat increase rapidly while his eyes fluttered, memories of happier days flooding his sensations like a lightning strike. It had been months since he knew anything about her, keeping tabs would've been a creepy thing to do. She still sounded as sweet as before everything came down hard, mostly if everything thanks to him, but there was something different despite not saying much. Sadness?

"Athena?" The man's voice trembled momentarily before regaining his composure again, trying to come up with words to say. "It's Ar'ekk."


If his position was to be geolocated by the replicant girl, which Arekk was already expecting to happen considering how cautious he taught her to be, she'd find out that his location wasn't too far away from where she lived. Arekk did not know where Athena's new home was or had the intention to find out forcefully unless she told him personally.

"You definitely don't want to know anything about me but we need to talk about something, I'd prefer if it was in person if that's okay with you." Arekk eventually said to break the small silence that had built up after picking up. The rain falling on the phonebooth and the foginess of the windows made it difficult to see the outside world, almost as if life was telling him to finally get out of his shell. "Or you can hang up on me. I will understand."


The scars left behind continued to ache as if they were freshly given, Arekk knew that Athena would never forgive him for what he did and he had already come to terms with that yet there was a slimmer of hope that was present in the man's heart that they could amend things for a better life. Hating each other was something Arekk would never expect to happen, though she had every right to be angry at him.



#1933185 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Trailer

Posted by Arekk on 13 April 2019 - 03:29 PM

KOTOR 2's writer is in this. Nothing more to say.

#1932638 Pleasant Confrontation

Posted by Arekk on 11 April 2019 - 10:07 PM

Lithios, Ethos City, The Meissa System

"She was beautiful. I hated her for making me feel this way."

Mira Rekali


"This... Wow."


Mira's words resonated as loud as a bomb going off and destroying everything in its path, the truth had been unveiled and Arekk couldn't do anything about it except accept the fact it was his blood that was inside her belly. The following minutes were very quiet ones until the silence was broken eventuallly with him trying to wrap around the whole idea in his head.


"But what are you gonna do alone? With the baby?" The fallen Jedi treaded carefully while adressing the matter at hand in an attempt to not make Mira angry or to say somethinng out of line. Tons of future imagined moments came floodinng to his head with images of their child and the future it'd have, the ideal one he couldn't afford to have. "I've been here all this time at my apartment in the Financial District. I stayed but could never contact you again since... You know."

The truth was difficult to swallow.



#1930252 Submission Modification Request

Posted by Arekk on 04 April 2019 - 05:03 PM



Tathra Khaeus

#1929090 April's Member of the Month

Posted by Arekk on 01 April 2019 - 07:58 PM

Grats, smurf Chiss man! :D

#1929089 Get Your Metal On

Posted by Arekk on 01 April 2019 - 07:56 PM

Somewhere, Sometime

"I'm not slipping man... I'm slipped."

Aren D'Shade


Tiny crumb-trails were all what Arekk needed to know about Aren's current state and to make sure she was safe wherever she was, it had been a while since he had decided to stop meddling into her little sister's business to allow her to see the world as it really was. He'd be there for her when things would go south and to make her realize that not everyone was out there to help her, that most offers were too good to be true and that she couldn't trust anyone.


Decoding the message was the easiest part of the job and with the current aid of the AI implant just installed in his body, Arekk was able to pinpoint her exact location and to decypher some very clever messages left behind on the datapad. She was clever, he thought, that was in their blood. The mighty Daesharacor bloodline.


"I was hoping you'd give me a better challenge, little sis."


Wherever she was, Aren would have been able to hear him. Not so difficult to find each other, huh? Only siblings know how.



#1928197 Avalonia

Posted by Arekk on 30 March 2019 - 09:16 AM

Moved back to the live Codex.

#1927740 Our Only Hope

Posted by Arekk on 28 March 2019 - 08:18 PM

Ethos City, Lithios, The Meissa System

"One thing you could count on: you push a man too far, and sooner or later he’d start pushing back."

Teyla Ee'everwest ~ Damon Riggs ~ Kerstan Blackmoore


"Give her some time to think and breathe, Damon. You're not failing anyone because you are bringing your children back to her mother's arms and your own as well, keep that chin up. She will quickly regain that strength that's so signature of hers, it's not easy losing or having your children kidnapped. Trust me."

The more he spoke about the ordeal, the more he felt his chest aching like the day that Asha had shown him the vision of Jyn's fate on that fatidical day that changed it all for his life and her own as well. Taken away by lusty for revenge criminals seeking revenge from Arekk himself for desserting The Hawk's Circle by taking everything he loved, his whole universe crashed down when Jyn was murdered and Atefeh had been taken away.


Three years of not knowing the little girl's whereabouts and at the same time mourning the death of who would have ended up becoming his wife if it wasn't for what had happened to her.


Where was he to protect them? Why did this happen to them? Why, why. The same situation couldn't repeat itself now and Arekk was more than aware of that, even if it meant dying to find his friend's children then it would also be worth the attempt.


"You've got to be a soldier for Teyla." Arekk said while carefully bandaging Damon's hand as if he was treating the many injuries he had received over the years. "Get your head back in the game, let's find them safe and sound. That's all what matters now."



#1927143 The Call To Duty

Posted by Arekk on 26 March 2019 - 08:56 PM

Somewhere in Space, Aboard The Ebon Hawk

"The numbing cold of the broken night had followed me in."

Alexandra Feanor


"Meet me at my new home, we need to talk urgently. The coordinates are attached to this message. - Alex"

The legendary vessel, the Ebon Hawk, had been drifting in space without a set path simply because that's what Arekk loved to do in his spare time as a way to clear his mind off any clouding thoughts, mostly as a method to battle with the remnants of the inner demons that seemed to continue to haunt his dreams during sleep.


Feet kicked up on the main dashboard of the cockpit and reclining against the comfortable leather chair, the fallen Jedi stared into the pitch black darkness of space seemingly day-dreaming about the most meaningless of things. However, his trance was quickly interrupted as a message arrived to his personal datapad from a very old friend, the coordinates automatically transfering to the ship's main holocomputer.

"Haven't seen Alex in a while. It might be great to catch up, if there's time." He was thinking outloud, of course, since it was himself alone aboard the ship except for the new artificial intelligence system. "SAM, set a course for Alderaan."


"Very well, Arekk. The ship's ready to make the jump to lightspeed, please manually perform this action so we can arrive to the destination present in the holocomputer." A voice echoed throughout the ship, SAM, the very advanced artificial intelligence that provided Arekk and any crew member of The Black Hand with the necessary on-the-field support, intelligence and advice. "We shouldn't encounter any issue once we're there either unless unforseen circumstances affect us."


"Thanks for the heads up, making the jump to lightspeed now."


Tick, tock.