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The Call To Duty

26 March 2019 - 08:56 PM

Somewhere in Space, Aboard The Ebon Hawk

"The numbing cold of the broken night had followed me in."

Alexandra Feanor


"Meet me at my new home, we need to talk urgently. The coordinates are attached to this message. - Alex"

The legendary vessel, the Ebon Hawk, had been drifting in space without a set path simply because that's what Arekk loved to do in his spare time as a way to clear his mind off any clouding thoughts, mostly as a method to battle with the remnants of the inner demons that seemed to continue to haunt his dreams during sleep.


Feet kicked up on the main dashboard of the cockpit and reclining against the comfortable leather chair, the fallen Jedi stared into the pitch black darkness of space seemingly day-dreaming about the most meaningless of things. However, his trance was quickly interrupted as a message arrived to his personal datapad from a very old friend, the coordinates automatically transfering to the ship's main holocomputer.

"Haven't seen Alex in a while. It might be great to catch up, if there's time." He was thinking outloud, of course, since it was himself alone aboard the ship except for the new artificial intelligence system. "SAM, set a course for Alderaan."


"Very well, Arekk. The ship's ready to make the jump to lightspeed, please manually perform this action so we can arrive to the destination present in the holocomputer." A voice echoed throughout the ship, SAM, the very advanced artificial intelligence that provided Arekk and any crew member of The Black Hand with the necessary on-the-field support, intelligence and advice. "We shouldn't encounter any issue once we're there either unless unforseen circumstances affect us."


"Thanks for the heads up, making the jump to lightspeed now."


Tick, tock.



M90 Series Class A "The Serenity" Scout Ship

23 March 2019 - 07:52 PM






  • Classification: Scout/Exploration Ship
  • Length: 95.2 meters
  • Width: 49.6 meters
  • Height: 22 meters
  • Armament: None
  • Defenses: High
  • Fighter Hangar: None
  • Support Craft Hangar: None
  • Maneuverability Rating: High
  • Speed Rating: Very High
  • Hyperdrive Class: Very Fast (0.5)


  • Advanced Medical Bay
  • Integrated Artificial Intelligence System (Simulated Adaptive Matrix)

  • Hydroponics Laboratory
  • Research and Development Area
  • Technological Laboratory
  • Biological Analysis & Containment Laboratory
  • Advanced Vid-Conference & Meetings Suite
  • Elite Crew & Captain Quarters
  • Workshop & Storage Rooms
  • Advanced Armory & Loadout
  • Galley
  • Encrypted Communications Suite
  • Long Range Communications Management Systems

  • Advanced Communication System Jammer

  • Communication System Frequency Database Analyzer

  • Navigational Sensor Suite

  • Internal Security Systems Management

  • Holosuite and Power Management Systems

  • Long Range Tactical Analysis Computer Suite

  • Electronic Countermeasures Control Suite

  • Gravitational Systems Management Suite

  • Life Support and Emergency Life Support Systems

  • Environmental Systems Management Suite

  • Swarm Targeting and Tracking Sensor Systems

  • Multi-Directional Long Range Sensor Arrays

  • Damage Control Systems

  • Standard Escape Pods



  • The Serenity was manufactured with the sole purpose of being a fast and stealthy vessel capable of outrunning any kind of enemy ship regardless of size or armament.


  • The Serenity's a scout/exploration vessel which is why it lacks any kind of armament, thus leaving them in an extreme disadvantage during any kind of battle.



The Serenity's an exquisite vessel on its own, capable of stealing glances with its imponent look and handpicked design tailored to make it elegant without trying too much.


Manufactured by the best engineers to be an amazingly stealthy ship, the Serenity aims to provide its crew with top of the line technological systems, quarters and tools for the most complex of missions one could ever come up with for the years to come.


The Black Hand will begin to consider the Serenity as their new home, ready to tackle all and any obstacle that's put in their way. The future begins now.

Memories of Home

08 March 2019 - 10:42 PM



The Financial District, Ethos City, Lithios

"Love itself will save you... not condemn you."



When rain taps against your window like an eager child, it is important to remember that even the world cries—even the sky, which holds everything together, falls a part from time to time.

Arekk's return to Ethos City was a rocky one after dealing with business back 'home' at Coruscant plus some other affairs that he really didn't want to even think about out. Stressed out to just get to the penthouse, kick his shoes off and fall on that massive king sized bed was going to be the key to making it through the day.


The dreary rain outside seemed to pelt away his senses which is why he desperately wanted to find shelter in the comfort of his own place sooner or later however he had been stuck in a line for three hours to deal with a financial issue. Several charges in different shops around Ethos City to his credit card triggered a minor alert, sort of speak.


A detective friend in the Ethos City Police force had called him to speak about the matter, knowing of the fallen Jedi's reputation and how this case would preferably be handled as quiet as possible.

"I already know about the last five transactions. Can you give me something?" He said to the detective while covering his mouth instinctively in an attempt to avoid being lip-read by someone. "You'll receive the usual, plus a little more."


"All I've got is a phone number, try calling it." The crooked cop offered the slicer a piece of paper with a rather long number scribbled on it, it was worth the try. "I can't give you nothing more or the chief's gonna send me to the slaughterhouse. They're cleaning the whole place out with this new administration. We'll have to be more careful."


"This will do. Thanks."


He said, finally. A phonebooth was nearby for him to use, entering its cabin right after the meeting was over and closing it behind him for some privacy. His gaze flickered between the piece of paper and the numbers on the holoscreen while he started the call.


Beep, beep...



No Heart

10 February 2019 - 03:05 PM

Ethos City, Lithios, The Meissa System

"I felt the rise of that old familiar feeling. I hated it. I welcomed it."

Amea Virou


Everything felt suffocating.

Perhaps it was the constant rain pouring on everyone's heads or the invasive amount of advertisements scattered throughout the city that made Arekk feel like he was being strangled to death. Lithios wasn't in a better place two years after his arrival but it continued to thrive, to provide him with opportunities many would kill to have, yet...

He felt he was owed more, something more valuable. To give your life for. What was that, though? He couldn't say.

Old acquaintances had come and gone for the last few years, faces from the past that bring the best and also the most hurtful memories flooding back like a tsunami. The booze supressed all those painful memories, sitting alone in the Triple Overdose Club while enjoying a cancer stick or conversating with the girls who served drinks helped a bunch too.

"It's not a pretty thing to witness." Arekk said to the droid bartender, who certainly didn't speak much but rather served drinks on command, a half empty glass of Savareen brandy resting in front of him. "I bet you don't care, do you?"

The droid shook his head negatively and immediately countered with: "Do you want some more?"

Funny but he wouldn't say no to a drink. It kept him alive somehow... Hopefully someone else could.



Above The Clouds

28 September 2018 - 07:29 PM



The Outlander Club, Uscru District, Coruscant

"Love is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope."

Tava Del Nove



The scent of cigarra inside of the establishment was suffocating enough and combined with the loud patronage enjoying way too many drinks made Ar'ekk feel like he had never left this planet at all. Little did he know that a job would take him once more back to his homeworld that he very swore to never return to but that's just how life strangely worked, you never got what you asked for.


If there's anything you can choose is how you feel and certainly the aliens spread through the sabacc table couldn't do that at all as they saw their life savings being taken away by one very smart human slicer such as yours truly. Green sylop here and a powerful deck of carrs over there had him amassing a big fortune of sorts, good enough to buy anything or anyone in this city. Playing was just a pleasure for him, not business.


Enjoying taking other people's money was his drive, nothing more, besides attracting a handful of people over to his table while continuing to win at impossible odds.

"Are you sure you wanna make that move, Kehl?" He mused with a big cocky smile, rocking back on his chair with a glass of Savareen brandy on his hand and a cigarette to accompany his poison. "We all know how this ends."


Cards revealed on the table and another win for Ar'ekk. Impressive to say the least.