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28 December 2018 - 01:16 PM

Darth Vyrassu




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28 December 2018 - 11:49 AM


  • Intent: [State why you are making this submission and what purpose it will fulfill in RP.]
  • ‚ÄčImage CreditHow to properly source your images
  • Canon: [Is this a canon location? If yes, please link to the original location wiki here, if no simply put N/A.]
  • Links: [Provide links to any relevant threads, characters, companies, locations, equipment, etc here.]


  • Structure Name: Our Sacred Lady of Martyrs
  • Classification: Temple Shrine
  • Location: Ruusan
  • Affiliation: Shattered Jedi | Silver Jedi Order
  • Accessibility: This shrine is extremely isolated and guarded in rotating teams of two, often by stealth specialists capable of remaining completely undetected. A narrow stair carved into the side of canyon rock forms a precarious path up to a cracked opening in one of the Valley's massive carved guardian statues.
  • Description: Little more than a cavity excavated from an already sculpted mountain, visible erosion in the stonework that went into its construction belies just how old the Force shrine truly is. There is room enough for broadening steps that lead up to an altar still echoing with light from the Valley's now mostly dormant Force nexus.

Ancient frescos and carvings covering each stone wall suggests that the shrine's builders meant for it to serve some ritual purpose likely for the benefit of primitive Force worship.



Sentinel Ledge


The top of the Narrow Stair widens out into a plateau level with the shrine's entrance. Just enough space for a handful of people to stand at one time, due to the way the ledge juts out over the Valley it makes for a natural lookout post. It has a clear view of the shrine's approach and concealment from any surveillance from below, so long as the watcher is hunkered down.


Altar Chamber




Artifact Vault




Mountain Passage




You must provide your security assets in list format and must provide your location a Security Rating (choose from: None, Low, Medium, High, Maximum). What defenses does this location have, including internal and perimeter defenses? Please link relevant tech/equipment to the SW wiki article or Factory-approved submission. If none, simply put N/A.

Normal civilian structures should not have much in security other than privatized forces and minor defenses. Military or very heavily defended locations should be submitted using the Military Base template.]

[Please include at least one paragraph on the structure's history. Detail how it came to be created and why. Talk about the people involved in this structure's history and what role it played and still plays. For historical structures, if you so desire, you can include historical events such as the Gulag Plague, the 400 years of darkness, and the Netherworld event where appropriate.]

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28 December 2018 - 11:12 AM




  • Intent: To submit a base of operations for the AiE in New Republic space.
  • ‚ÄčImage Credit: Mining Base by Leon Tukker
  • Canon: Kiris Shipyards
  • Links: /


  • Shipyards Name: Kiris Base
  • Classification: Deepdock
  • Location: Kiris Asteroid Cluster
  • Affiliation: Alliance-in-Exile | Corellian Confederation | New Republic
  • Population: Moderately Staffed
  • Accessibility: Hidden deep within an asteroid cluster on the Corellia system's outer edge, the existence of a Confederation sanctioned Alliance facility is something of an open secret, but its exact coordinates are closely guarded. As an undeniably paramilitary facility, the shipyard's perimeter is regularly patrolled and landing inspections are routine.
  • Description: Constructed on the foundation of ancient Kiris shipyards, on approach it is virtually indistinguishable from its surroundings save for a single protruding port of entry sufficiently large enough for a smaller capital ship to dock. Launch tubes for its internal starfighter complement are interspersed across its pock marked surface. Larger dry dock bays remain sealed except when damaged cruisers are in need of repair mooring, or newly produced models are ready for their shakedown cruises.


  • Production: Warships (up to heavy cruisers/light destroyers)
  • Specialty: Starfighter Modifications
  • Output: Rapid. Kiris Base does not share the same quality of production that either SoroSuub or the CEC is known for. Attrition levels for the Alliance are high, not only in terms of personnel but in war material. If anything it is known for manufacturing off brand, ramshackle quality models often that often go unpainted or even without armor plating.
  • Market: Kiris Base exclusively produces replacement ships for the Alliance Military, otherwise known as GA Remnant Forces.

Rating: High

Javelin Hypervelocity Cannon

Point-Defense Laser System

Fighter Wing

Marine Garrison


Kiris Base is a clandestine paramilitary facility and so operates under far stricter security protocols than the average commercial staryard. A complement of six squadrons (48 X-Wings, 12 A-Wings, and 12 B-Wings), regularly patrols the asteroid cluster. Internal security is equally strict, with regular sweeps by the battalion of SpaceOps Marines garrisoned on site.


Central Command


CENTCOM isn't just the starbase's command and control hub, it is one of very few remaining links in a chain of galactic government that once spanned over two thirds of the Core Worlds and stretched all the way to Lothal. Now the Alliance's Coreward command elements are a mere shadow of their former selves, but still seek to safeguard their lost homeland and strike back at those who destroyed it.


Port Defiance


The vast majority of this hollowed out facility is reserved for rapid starship manufacture and repair. With no great wealth to tithe from its former constituent worlds, the Alliance-in-Exile has to make do with what materials or substitutes it can acquire on such short notice. As a result, most of the vessels produced from these yards have a patchwork or ugly aesthetic.


Research and Development


Most of what Kiris Base does is produce knock off low quality replacements of SoroSuub and Incom models that were designed during the Galactic Alliance's halcyon days, but every once in a while something new is produced through the efforts of Kiris' modest engineering wing. A mixture of refugees from the Outer Rim (most notably the Free Sullust Volunteers), and disgruntled partisan ex-CEC employees make up the design staff.


Battalion HQ


Kiris is host to one of the last battalions of elite Alliance SpaceOps Marines. While their primary duty is to protect one of the few remaining high value GA facilities, at times a small portion of their number may be seconded to Alliance warships passing through the system for short term assignments. In a true system wide crisis, the battalion's standing orders are to reinforce beleaguered Corellian Defense Force personnel.


Flight Deck


A full wing of Alliance starfighters is assigned to the facility at all times, conducting regular patrol sweeps throughout the asteroid cluster on constant alert for Imperial probes or scouts. Except for in a system wide emergency, the rest of the Corellia system is a designated no fly zone out of respect for New Republic and Corellian sovereignty.


The Bloodstripe

More a hole in the wall than a true cantina, the Bloodstripe is nevertheless the only commercial establishment on Kiris Base. In exchange for now mostly defunct Alliance branded credit chits, a variety of ales and spirits is on hand for station personnel to wind down with. A mixture of starbirds and Corellian heraldry adorns the walls.



Although the foundation of the Kiris Base shipyards dates back centuries, renewed activity at this scale within its surrounding asteroid cluster is a relatively recent phenomenon. Along with sites like Station 51 in the Vergesso Asteroids, Kiris is a single component in a larger cluster of modest shipyards continuing to produce war material for the Galactic Alliance Remnant.


Now housing the Coreward most command elements of this Alliance-in-Exile's military leadership, the Corellian Confederation aids in concealing its presence in repayment for the rebels' assistance across multiple campaigns of system wide liberation. With Corellia now enjoying additional protection from the New Republic, CENTCOM has altered its mission focus from local triage to waging guerilla campaigns of drawn out resistance across the Core Worlds and in so doing paving the way for New Republic, Silver Jedi, and Mandalorian negotiations with true representatives of the people.


But perhaps Kiris Base's most crucial purpose is to make up for the devastating loss of manufacturing power that came when the First Order arrived on Sullust. No longer able to depend on SoroSuub to replenish their losses at discounted rates, the Alliance has been forced to adapt and scavenge resources from their surroundings. Leaning on their ties to the Corellian Engineering Corporation, a similar arrangement has been reached to provide partisan shipwrights to build replacements themselves.

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27 December 2018 - 11:44 PM

Darth Vyrassu


Overall this looks good, a solid infantry submission with some hard weaknesses.


There's only one issue we need to address, and that's your equipment loadout. These guys are Common/Mass deployment, but the GHL 1B blaster rifle is a minor production item. Common/Mass are normally restricted to mass produced. There are a few ways we can proceed here, I'll leave it up to you. Either you can bump these guys up to Uncommon, make whatever changes you need to make that work. Or if you're really keen on keeping them as is, you can have your factory whizzes submit another rifle at mass produced, and swap that in.


I know you guys have an invasion coming up, and I was unable to judge during the holidays themselves. So if you decide to submit the new rifle, tag me as soon as its posted and I'll take it on faith that it will be vetted by the factory judges so we can expedite this.

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23 December 2018 - 03:20 AM

Darth Vyrassu

Under Review.