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#1935978 Legacy of the Void

Posted by Zark on Yesterday, 01:46 PM

"Don't touch the water!" Zark cried out, tackling Coren Starchaser to the deck of the boat.


His touch was now just as solid as it had been in life, until a wave crashed over the side and splashed over them both. Both Jedi began smoking, and Coren's spirit guide started to fade. His cries to hold on could just barely be heard over the torrent, for Coren who had just been considering calling on the Force to intercede would now find that his connection to it was fading. All either of them could do was cling to the deck of the boat, and ride out the River's furor. After what seemed like a very long time but in hindsight must have only been a few minutes, the storm subsided of its own accord and the waters around them were unnaturally calm.


"Your powers should return...in time," the Jedi spirit was panting heavily, still flickering in and out of corporeality, "I am afraid until then you will continue to feel a great sickness. Welcome to the River of the Dead, the Path of Choices awaits us at its mouth. Here, give me a hand."


Zark could feel the sickness too, he was a being of the Force after all. It felt like radiation poisoning, and for as long as it lasted he was confined to this plane of existence, unable to access any of his spirit powers. Despite the pain, he reached for one of the oars and began to row them both downriver. They could not afford to tarry in any one place for long, the Ferrymen wouldn't hurt them but if their deception was discovered this journey would be over before it had ever begun.


"We don't have much time, I can tell you a little more now that you're on the Other Side. You won't remember most of this when you wake up anyway. There's no other way into the Mist-Beyond than the Path of Choices, not one that I know about anyway. I should be able to pass unseen, but you'll have to be Judged."

#1925925 Null-series Gravity Well Neutralizer

Posted by Zark on 23 March 2019 - 03:40 PM


  • Intent: To submit a balanced counter to interdiction fields, allowing some chance to counter while allowing for the realistic possibility of failure.
  • Image Source: /
  • Canon Link: /
  • Primary Source: /



  • Gravitic Destabilizer: A strange product of heavily modified null quantum field technology, the Null-series projects a targeted field via tensor beams that destabilizes any artificial gravity wells currently being projected. This module requires an immense amount of energy to power, and depending upon the size of the module is less effective against larger interdictors. A cruiser sized destabilizer would be unable to disrupt anything larger than a destroyer, a destroyer would be unable to disrupt anything larger than a battlecruisers, and it would take multiple battlecruiser sized neutralizers to seriously hamper a star dreadnought with interdiction capabilities.


  • Interdiction Begone: The Null-series utilizes modified hyperspace technology to disrupt the process of artificial gravity wells, effectively generating gravity shields that render these artificial anomalies inert and unable to effect realspace around them.
  • E-War, So What?: By targeting the interdiction field catalyst itself instead of the systems generating it, a gravitic destabilizer bypasses the robust countermeasure suites interdiction vessels often come equipped with.


  • Combat Range: The Null-series must be within standard turbolaser range before it can effectively shut down a gravity well generator. If it pulls out of range, the interdiction field will reinitialize.
  • Power Draw: Requiring large amounts of energy to operate continuously, any ship operating the module must take rating penalties to armament, defenses, or speed. Taking significant damage can interfere with its effectiveness.
  • Point to Point: Due to its tensor field delivery system, the Null-series can only disable one interdictor at a time. Multiple interdictors require multiple neutralizers.
  • Scalability: The Null-series only fits on capital vessels. In addition, there is an upper limit to its ability to interfere with larger targets. A corvette is unable to disrupt anything larger than a frigate, a frigate cannot effective anything above a cruiser, a cruiser is unable to neutralize anything bigger than a destroyer, etc.


An ingenious if peculiar device to emerge from the Metrobig Salvagestuff Platform, the Null-series Gravity Well Neutralizer does exactly what it says it does. Through a blend of null quantum field and tensor beam technology, the neutralizer generates a containment field that directly counteracts the debilitating effects these artificial gravity wells have on the surrounding region of hyperspace. Targeted at combating advances in interdiction technology, it is perhaps no surprise that such a devious countermeasure would find its birthplace in the lawless Outer Rim.


Known for their peerless understanding of tractor beams and uncanny compulsion towards tinkering, the Squibs developed this module after inter-consortium infighting led some innovative salvagers to employ gravity wells around any newfound claims, effectively cutting off their competition. Keen to free up the market, the first gravity well neutralizer was invented, and soon the Squibs were launching raids on each other claim's from light skippers outfitted with a HIMS to punch through the field, and a neutralizer to escape it. Naturally, it wasn't long before the wider galaxy caught on to the obvious military applications of such a device, and it soon fell in the hands of Skor's Coalition partners.

#1924504 Return of the Alliance

Posted by Zark on 18 March 2019 - 04:16 PM


Check one two. Is this thing on?


It's been a while. As most of you know, this group was well on its way to becoming the Jedi Academy Network of rebel minors. But sometimes fortune conspires to challenge our expectations, and now we find ourselves in the unique position of being able to resume our close relationship with ORC and in so doing reclaim the Galactic Alliance's ancestral homeland.


You may have noticed that there is a new faction thread up. This will mark the prelude to a Coalition dominion campaign that will hopefully culminate in the acquisition of Sullust. Instead of ragtag exiles constantly on the run, we'll be ragtag exiles taking back our home and starting over.


I understand that this is a sudden shift from the way things were going, and may interfere with certain writers' plans. Some of you have already established your characters in other factions, holding on to your AiE badges and making the Alliance your own thing. I don't want to mess with any of that, so any splinter groups or foreign chapters will not be challenged, but welcomed as brothers and sisters.


Everyone is free to continue their dual citizenship, as members of the Alliance and wherever you wound up, but if you would prefer a fresh start in a different environment we wish you all the best and hope you will continue to think of us as close allies at the very least. :)

#1924404 Gullwing-class Starfighter

Posted by Zark on 18 March 2019 - 06:34 AM

Gir Quee


Edited out the nomenclature to something that borders a little less on infringement.


Can't believe you're doin me dirty on my hyperdrive rating, bumped the armament down an extra peg.

#1923873 Legacy of the Void

Posted by Zark on 16 March 2019 - 08:06 AM

When Coren first began to walk it was disorienting, as if he was remembering pieces of a dream instead of experiencing the moment in his own body. Zark assured him that this sensation would soon pass, or at least the Corellian's conscious perception of it.


"Possibly everything," the specter offered his old friend a warning in response to his query, "Smuggling living souls past the Ferrymen is a dangerous business, and that is just the first of many threats we will certainly face. The Mist-Beyond seldom allows mortals to return to the land of the living."


The Jedi Master trailed off there, and despite his vigorous new appearance a shadow passed over his features. He knew that Starchaser would volunteer eagerly enough, but did he even know what he was volunteering for? How could anyone, without having seen it for themselves? Coren would place his life in his hands without a second thought, but could he say the same about his sanity? That was what was at stake hear, Zark knew. Not just lives, but their life essence itself, any trace of their existence.


"If you're looking for specific instructions," he continued, glancing sidelong at Coren Starchaser. They had emerged from the temple now, and were moving through the biosphere's artificially maintained garden ecology, "The best way to become one with the Force is to die. Or in this case, to put on a convincing enough show of it."


Zark motioned for his companion to follow him into a secluded grove.


"Come, we will meditate," effortlessly he began levitating off the ground. Here in the depths of Coren's mind, the laws of physics could be bent, and as a spirit Zark's connection to the Force was pure, "There isn't much to it, really. We'll begin with a simple Force trance, slow your heart rate as much as possible."


Controlling a Jedi's own vital functions was very basic in technique, and without even realizing it his mind palace would take care of the rest, focusing his intent until for all intents and purposes he was as much pure spirit as Zark. Now only barely alive and comatose scientifically speaking, the familiar surroundings of the Sullust Temple faded away, and Coren was unceremoniously roused from his trance by the unmistakable sensation of freezing cold water splashing into his face. He opened his eyes to find that he was now somewhere else entirely, sitting across from Zark on a small rowboat, stormclouds shining off and on through an otherwise impenetrable fog on all sides. A heavy rain battered them from above, and a particularly monstrous wave threatened to capsize them.


"Hang on!" he could finally make out what Zark was shouting at him over the sound of roaring water, "We're an unscheduled arrival! The River is angry!"

#1917833 Gullwing-class Starfighter

Posted by Zark on 24 February 2019 - 08:42 AM




  • Intent: To submit a ridiculous idea as a support fighter for the Squib Reclamation Fleet.
  • Image Source: Back to the Future, Ready Player One
  • Canon Link: /
  • Primary Source: /


  • Manufacturer: Squib Merchandising Consortium
  • Affiliation: Open-Market
  • Model: Gullwing-class Starfighter
  • Production: Mass-Produced

  • Material: Durasteel, Spare Parts


  • Classification: Starfighter/Landspeeder
  • Length: 5 meters
  • Width: 2 meters
  • Height: 1.2 meters
  • Armament: Very Low
    • 2 Fire-Linked Laser Cannons
  • Defenses: Average
  • Squadron Count: Moderate: 16
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed Rating: High
  • Hyperdrive Class: Very Fast: 0.5




  • Seatbelts
  • HoloNet
  • Air Freshener
  • Cup Holders
  • Leather Seats


  • Spark Booster: An extraordinarily complex, proprietary piece of Squib technology, functionally equivalent to an afterburner. When activated, the capacitor floods the craft's sublight reactor and jettisons the Gullwing forward at breakneck speeds. Should the user encounter any temporal anomalies, please contact the manufacturer to arrange for a recall as the product is defective.




  • Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads: The Gullwing-class is a compact, two seat starfighter that is also capable of performing in a dual role as land transport. Thanks to Squib ingenuity, this little undersized snub craft transitions seamlessly from road travel to liftoff.


  • We've Gotta Go Back: A short range fighter, the Gullwing doesn't have sufficient fuel capacity for prolonged trips through hyperspace, nor would it be a particularly comfortable ride for long journeys.
  • 1.21 GIGAWATTS: Activating the starship's hyperdrive requires practically all its power reserves, requiring every system except for sublight and life support to be deactivated before initiating a jump. Additionally, the ship must accelerate to at least 88% maximum velocity in order to successfully break through into hyperspace.





One of countless cobbled together horrors to come from the Metrobig Salvagestuff Platform above Skor II, but undeniably iconic, is the strangely conceived Gullwing-class Starfighter. Essentially based upon an ancient Corellian land rover design, the ingenuous Squibs hollowed out most of its internal components to make room for a sublight reactor and hyperdrive. Sealing the frame up enough to maintain pressure seals, they slapped a pair of twin laser cannons on the front and an ejector seat inside, then promptly spent the rest of the project budget on making the ship go faster.


The Gullwing is one of the strangest ships in the galaxy, but its ability to transform from air to land vehicle without any reconfiguration makes it undeniably useful. The Reclamation Fleet has come to rely on their use as support for the standard needle fighters, cherished for their high speed, low sensor profiles, and ability to perform radical stunts with.

#1909574 Lightsreach Citadel

Posted by Zark on 03 February 2019 - 06:07 AM




  • Intent: To submit a Batcave for Titus in the Tython system.
  • Image Credit: Simon Fetscher
  • Canon: /
  • Links: /


  • Nexus Name: Lightsreach Citadel
  • Nexus Alignment: Light
  • Location: Ashla
  • Affiliation: Oathsworn Compact
  • Size: Medium
  • Strength: Strong
  • Accessibility: Nestled in the center of Ashla's Sanctity Crater, Lightsreach is easily approachable but gaining entry is another matter entirely. Automated air defense turrets surround the perimeter, and three to five legions of armsman as well as fully trained Jedi Knights guard every conceivable entrance. The Oathsworn are mistrustful of outsiders, any trespassers would either be attacked on sight or taken prisoner for ruthless interrogation.
  • Description: Built off the foundation of an old Galactic Alliance research outpost, Lightsreach Citadel has been converted into a mixture between a house of worship and a paramilitary facility. Maintaining the base's neo-futuristic architecture, once spartan corridors are now arrayed with ornate tapestries and heraldic pennants.


  • Consecrated Ground: A product of hosting such large numbers of Jedi crusaders over an extended period of time, this effect is not at all dissimilar to an aura of battle meditation that radiates throughout the compound.
  • Light's Aegis: The light is so strong in this place that any loyal to its call are able to summon a Force barrier with little to no concentration, as well as construct more elaborate shielding when multiple Jedi combine efforts in a kind of barrier ritual.
  • Balance of Nature: Tython is consumed by eternal war, and its soul lashes out in retribution. The Force is unstable here, using one's abilities is like tossing around wild magic. Most of the time a desired effect will be produced, but sometimes its power output will be considerably less or more than the wielder intended, and occasionally entirely unexpected powers will manifest instead.





Command Bunker


Deep under the lunar surface at the heart of the Citadel proper, from this tactical strategium Regent Lord Valerius directs his Oathsworn Legions across Tython and the rest of the system. Sitting atop a raised circular dais at the center of the situation room is an ornate looking command throne, emblazoned in electrum carved sigils.


Warp Altar


A special chamber within the facility's Church of the Force cathedral, the altar is watched over by a team of six trained Jedi Consulars. Due to the sympathetic Force connection between Tython and its twin moons, these Consulars are able with great ritual preparation to fold space, sending up to a small group of individuals from Ashla to the surface of Bogan or Tython below.


Strike Hangar


Although not vast, an Alliance hangar remains which is used to store and maintain the Oathsworn's growing fleet of single system starfighters and small attack craft. Variously salvaged from wrecks or cobbled together uglies, it is the Regent Lord's emphasis on mobility that allows his Legions to project their strength from orbit. Lightsreach has entered into a mutual defense compact with Lord Sardun's Band of the Silik to help defend their seized orbital manufacturing facilities in exchange for some of the tech produced there.


Sanctity Crater

Although Lightsreach only takes up a small portion of the crater, many civilians traveled along with the initial Oathsworn exodus and have since established Hope Colony several dozen kilometers away at the crater's edge. Using the ancient ruins which cover much of Ashla as a foundation, since then a small industry has grown out of providing basic services and amenities to the Citadel's warriors.

Rating: Maximum

  • The Dawnforged
  • Anti-Air Turrets
  • Point-Defense Laser System
  • Deflector Shield Generator


When Knight Valerius began receiving visions compelling him to make a pilgrimage to Ruusan, he took leave of his master Talanis Long and journeyed to the Valley of the Jedi. Many of his devotees speculate on what exactly he witnessed there, all that is known for certain is that when Valerius returned to Tython he was a changed man, a man with a grand and seemingly impossible dream.


Gathering his own followers from among Long's subjects and the pilgrims of New Kaleth, Titus convinced this first Oathsworn Legion that he had been in contact with a lightside entity known only as Lord Amroth. Although such a feat at this time, so soon after the fall of the New Jedi Order was considered practically impossible, the Jedi convinced his followers to construct a ramshackle exodus fleet with the intention of recolonizing Ashla. Before his grand expedition departed, Lord Talanis released Titus from his service and anointed him Jedi Master.


It was a team of survey scouts that initially discovered the abandoned Alliance outpost. Declaring this to be their new bastion, Valerius proclaimed himself Regent Lord of the Oathsworn Legions, contending that their true master was the enigmatic Lord Amroth and that he continues to receive communications from the entity in the form of cryptic omens. Over time what became known as Lightsreach Citadel has been converted into a fortress redoubt and main sanctuary of the Compact.



#1909215 Trial of Reverance (New Republic Dominion of Alderaan, Open to All)

Posted by Zark on 02 February 2019 - 04:18 AM

There was a Sith Lord on Alderaan, and so Ser Tycho kept watch.


The benevolent Queen Faith Organa had allowed today's proceedings to take place on Alderaanian soil, but it was a decidedly Republic affair. Foreign soldiers roamed halls once forbidden to all but the Crown's most trusted defenders. It had been impressed upon him that there was no real need for additional security, the prisoner Reverance was well in hand, but the son of Count Alde's presence if nothing else would serve as a constant reminder to their guests that they were only here by House Organa's leave. And of course, should the unthinkable happen, he was standing by to put down the Sith should he make a desperate attempt at escape.


"Senator," he tilted his head in grim acknowledgment when Lisza Starseeker entered flanked by two of his brothers, Order of the Shield from the looks of their heraldry. One glance at the Quarth politician's expression was enough to chill him into silence.


Resplendent in his mantle, Ser Tycho towered over Starseeker yet once he had exchanged salutes with his fellow Knights of Alderaan remained as still as a statue. She wasted no time in revealing the cause of her visit, and from the venom in her words he could tell that something personal had transpired between them. Knight-Captain Alde was well aware of his charge's crimes, but it was not his place here to pass judgment on either party. He would leave that to the Queen's Justice, whether by her own hand or through her Republic proxies.

#1908631 Cuirass of the Crystal Dawn

Posted by Zark on 31 January 2019 - 10:29 AM



  • Intent: To submit a set of personal armor for Titus Valerius.
  • Image Source: Tyrael by rikmms
  • Canon Link: /
  • Primary Source: /


  • Manufacturer: Forgewrights of Vur Tepe | Oathsworn Compact
  • Affiliation: Lords of Light
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: No.
  • Production: Semi-Unique

  • Material: Laminanium, Songsteel Trimmings, Armorweave, Gaberwool, Force Crystals


  • Classification: Jedi Armor
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Resistances
    • Blasters/Plasma: High
    • Kinetic: Very High
    • Lightsabers: High
    • Sonic: Average
    • EMP/Ion: Very Low
    • Elemental: Average


  • Crystal Pauldrons: Encrusted on each shoulder plate is a cluster of spiritually active Force crystal shards, each imbued by master forgewrights to store a single charge of barrier which can be consumed at will.
  • Holodisplay Gauntlet: A lone modern conceit fashioned onto the left vambrace of the armor's otherwise ancient design, this compact holopad device allows the suit's wearer to stay up to date on intelligence reports, activate a topographical map of their surroundings, even send and receive communications.
  • Utility Belt: Comes equipped with everything a standard utility belt would provide, as well as a spyglass, a compass, and a sheathe for a small vibroblade


  • Ornate Guardian Armor: Crafted during an era when Jedi and Sith were simply distinctions on the battlefield, each Cuirass is far bulkier than the warrior monk equipment of today, not to mention more ostentatious. Their composition and the skill of their creators allow whoever dons them shrug off significant damage.
  • Crystal Shards: By consuming the imbued energy within each of the pauldrons' inlaid crystals whoever dons this armor is able to manifest a Force barrier with little strain or concentration.


  • Heavy Metal: This armor is extraordinarily heavy. Even the most powerful humanoids would suffer limited movement if they were to don it. This is not a suit of armor forged with agility in mind.
  • Shatterpoint: Each pauldron only has a limited number of crystals to consume, and particularly powerful effects can overload individuals, triggering a chain reaction of eruptions that could even channel energy as feedback directly through the metal plate.
  • Blind Spots: Even if its wearer could turn on a dime, there are significant gaps in their available peripheral vision and situational awareness.


The Cuirass' of Crystal Dawn are thousands of years old, a set of ancient Jedi relics lost to the ages until an expedition led by the Oathsworn Reliquary liberated them along with a minor trove of archaeological findings underneath the surface of Tython. While the other artifacts were stored and catalogued the grandest of these magnificent sets of ornate Jedi Guardian armor was presented to the Regent Lord Titus Valerius, Master and Commander of the Oathsworn Legions.


Decreeing that it would be unjust to let such a masterworks rust away unused in some dreary cellar, he instead removed his own handcrafted warplate and took up the mantle himself as one of the Crystal Dawn's chosen knights. Dispatching honor guards to convey the other sets to some of his most trusted fellows. Lord Valerius is rarely seen without his hauberk, an exquisite piece of artisanry that is nevertheless eminently functional.


Perhaps the most notable facet of each cuirass is their crystal encrusted set of shoulder plates, jutting up from each pauldron like jagged spikes. After every battle any destroyed crystals are replaced with freshly harvested specimens from the Oathsworn's crystal mines on Tython. Some minor refurbishment has been permitted under the careful scrutiny of Vur Tepe, but for the most part the armor Titus wears today is much the same as it was when it was last consecrated in battle during the New Sith Wars.

#1907275 Our Sacred Lady of Martyrs

Posted by Zark on 28 January 2019 - 08:07 AM




  • Intent: To submit a base of operations for AiE Jedi in SJO space.
  • ​Image Credit: Shrine of the Rising Phoenix by TitusLunter
  • Canon: /
  • Links: /


  • Nexus Name: Our Sacred Lady of Martyrs
  • Nexus Alignment: Light
  • Location: Ruusan
  • Affiliation: Shattered Jedi | Silver Jedi Order
  • Size: Small
  • Strength: Strong
  • Accessibility: This shrine is extremely isolated and guarded in rotating teams of two, often by stealth specialists capable of remaining completely undetected. A narrow stair carved into the side of canyon rock forms a precarious path up to a cracked opening in one of the Valley's massive carved guardian statues.
  • Description: Little more than a cavity excavated from an already sculpted mountain, visible erosion in the stonework that went into its construction belies just how old the Force shrine truly is. There is room enough for broadening steps that lead up to an altar still echoing with light from the Valley's now mostly dormant Force nexus.

Ancient frescos and carvings covering each stone wall suggests that the shrine's builders meant for it to serve some ritual purpose likely for the benefit of primitive Force worship.




Feeding off the dormant greater nexus that is the Valley of the Jedi, this Jedi shrine has been infused with relics preserved from a fallen New Jedi Order and contains a faint echo of the broken Coruscant Temple nexus. Within the shrine itself those sworn to the lightside are granted Force valor with minimal concentration, while darksiders' danger sense and ability to think predictively is numbed.



Sentinel Ledge


The top of the Narrow Stair widens out into a plateau level with the shrine's entrance. Just enough space for a handful of people to stand at one time, due to the way the ledge juts out over the Valley it makes for a natural lookout post. It has a clear view of the shrine's approach and concealment from any surveillance from below, so long as the watcher is hunkered down.


Altar Chamber


Not much larger than a modest atrium, the shrine itself is a raised central platform surrounded by shallow steppes and capped with towering obelisk statue. A calming light radiates from between the obelisk's twin spokes, bathing those who step into its presence with the healing touch of the lightside. Although seemingly ancient and long abandoned, many of the wall sconces appear freshly maintained and a set of bedrolls can be found next to a modest power cell in one of the far corners.


Artifact Vault


Disguised by an old fashioned trigger mechanism built into one of the wall sconces, a simple twist is enough to reveal a narrow hidden stair leading to a sparse basement level underneath the altar proper. This is the artifact vault, one of the largest surviving repositories of Galactic Alliance era New Jedi Order relics still maintained by exile monks.


Mountain Passage


Another hidden portal within the artifact vault itself leads through a snaking hand dug tunnel just wide enough for a single humanoid. This exit route through the other side of the mountain the shrine and its concealing statue are carved into is the only example of recent construction. It was created along with several other safe houses across the galaxy so that hunted Jedi would be able to use the shrine as a haven along the way to their new life in safer space.


Rating: Low


The shrine is guarded at all times by a pair of fully trained Jedi Knights, usually a Sentinel and a Guardian. However, due to the lack of any other defensive measures, these warriors are meant to serve as lookouts and keepers of the hidden Jedi valuables within. Its main defense is its secrecy, even a modestly sized team of soldiers would have little trouble storming the altar.


Originally constructed nearly two thousand years ago during the Army of Light era, the shrine that would become known as Our Sacred Lady of Martyrs was abandoned for over a millennia before it was rediscovered and catalogued in 848 ABY by a New Jedi Order ExplorCorps team and logged with the official records on Sullust. Originally any knowledge of the successful expedition was thought to have been wiped out when the Sullust temple was destroyed, only to be recovered later by scavengers after the Fall. This is one of the main reasons it was selected as a possible safehouse location, as there was no record of its location during the time that Taeli Raaf was Grand Marshal of the Order.


Now the long forgotten shrine is used for worship once again, but more importantly than that it serves as a safe house and meet point for those few surviving Jedi loyal to the fallen Alliance. Many of the refugees who make the pilgrimage are simply using its remote locale for safety before being relocated to worlds under the Silver Jedi or New Republic's protection. Some are even from neutral worlds that border the Sith Empire where practicing the Jedi religion has been declared a serious criminal offense.


The shrine's watchmen are also one of the main point of contacts between the Shattered Jedi network and the masters of the Silver Order. Communication is handled through couriers to ensure security, when a message needs to be delivered a broadcast pulse is sent out and a transport arrives not long after with a replacement guard.

#1906997 The Liberation of Sullust (New Republic Invasion of the First Order)

Posted by Zark on 27 January 2019 - 09:28 AM

Allies: The Wayfarer | Nunak

Enemies: Luther Ando | Tanomas Graf | Rexus Wenck | Kyli DT-6767

Objective: Train Job

Equipment: In Signature



"Who is the good guy here? These fellas, they're just doing their jobs. They're the rank and file, like me...well, maybe not so rank and file. My entire life, or whatever you want to call it, has always been about the badge. As it turns out, I make a pretty lousy criminal, maybe my heart just isn't in it. But then I think about the last time Coronet was under Imperial rule, I think about the screams, and I punch okay..."

Mykas Venture Memlogs, 851 ABY


"Say, old timer. You got a mean right cross."


Myk wiped the oil from his chin, the black and viscous leavings of the internal damage he had already suffered in the short time he and Tanomas Graf had been exchanging blows. The Imperial officer had been on him before he even realized they were no longer alone in the train car, and despite the human's apparent age his diving charge had nearly been enough to knock the replica droid clean off his feet. There was a lethal military finesse to his opponent's fighting style, Inspector Venture hit like a sledgehammer but didn't have the same kind of tactical training. He was a street brawler with a few dirty tricks up his sleeve.


His fingers curled up into his longcoat's pocket, and when the officer came at him again Myk feinted a left jab and hurled the fistful of sand he had stowed directly at the senior Imperial's eyes with artificial precision. Immediately he sought to move in and lock the spy old fellow in a chokehold, limit his mobility and neutralize his extraordinary strength. His hands seized the officer's lapel, and that was when he felt a tingling surge in his side. Everything felt like it was moving in slow motion, so much so that somehow through the extraordinary sensation of it all the Republic agent had time to glance back at Luther Ando, recognizing the stun baton in his hand with dim comprehension.


All of his artificial senses were dialed up to an uncomfortable extreme, and whatever vague subconscious connection he had with his internal power source told him that the readings were off the charts. Glancing down at his fist, he could see electricity spark across the surface, rending simulated flesh in lightning across across his hands and arms. Flexing the hand he felt...powerful.


"Thanks, kid," Myk called out over his shoulder, and hurled a haymaker at Graf with nearly three times his usual maximum force.


Sparks erupted from his side, and he could feel the paralysis in his right arm even before he finished the follow through. His insides felt like they were on fire, every system crammed inside his body overloaded, and the Corellian slumped to his knees as if all the energy to stay standing had been driven out of his body all at once. His still working but damaged hand reached out to steady his fall, and curled around the grip of something familiar. His discarded backup piece.

#1905201 The Liberation of Sullust (New Republic Invasion of the First Order)

Posted by Zark on 22 January 2019 - 12:25 PM

Allies: Krenis Skirata | Chekīta Awaud

Enemies: Dominic Craig | Lucius Draugh | Joycelyn Zambrano | Koda Fett

Objective: Prison Break



Gen Pop

IDF Drilling


"Boss, we got a problem," Private Jun nudged his shoulder, still covered in bandages from his rough treatment at the hands of First Order interrogators, "A red saber."


"Looks like the Sith took a personal interest," the tattooed man said, mulling this new information over. Things had just gotten more complicated, they were too far beyond the point of no return.


First step in breaking any decent prison's security is to understand the protocols.


"You wanna call it off?" Jun asked, staring along with the rest of them at the dreary processional of Sith Imperial prisoner transfers.


Once you understand the way things work, you can start to rig the system in your favor.


"There's no calling this off. We're committed," Deacon shook his head grimly. It was now or never, "Pass the word along, they'll lock us down for the new intake in fifteen. That's the signal to riot."


Jun nodded and ran off to deliver his orders. He watched the young man go sadly. Not all of the prisoners in gen pop would survive the next few hours, a hell of a price to pay for a distraction. If the undercover agent had more time or the barest of resources, he could maybe have devised a workaround, but with coordinated strikes taking place across the Byllurun region today would be their best opportunity by far.


The thing about riots is, they're great distractions. But as soon as one starts, the entire place goes into lockdown. So that means I have a little less than fifteen minutes to get outside the yard and inside a secure area.


"Alright," he sighed, taking one last lustful drag on his cigarra before pounding a fist into his chest several times to spike his adrenaline, "I'm ready."


"This is a fething terrible idea, boss," Jun groaned, "You sure you want to go through with it?"


"Just make sure he doesn't miss," Deacon spat, and hopped off his seat on one of the bleachers. He started to cross the yard.


It took all of the special agent's self control to suppress the instincts decades of training had provided him when his assailant fell into step behind him. A searing pain erupted in his side. The Sullustan attacker yanked his homemade shiv out, and plunged it in again, this time into Deacon's gut. Three more stabs, each as precise as the last, and then the shiv was dropped and the attacker was gone just as soon as he had arrived. Agent Darksword collapsed in a growing pool of his own blood, and after waiting a few seconds on signal Jun cried out.


"Aww sithspit, guards!" the private cried out, "We got a bleeder! Get him to a med droid!"


First Order prison wasn't pleasant, but at least they wouldn't leave you if you were dying. It wasn't about empathy, it was about the mess inmates made in the process and how that might reflect on their overseers if any superiors were to happen through.


"Back up, convict! I said back the hell up! Ah, kark. Yeah, this one looks bad. Go get the meat wagon."


I'd be under guard the entire time, but the hole in the wall they called a prisoner med center was behind the magic line. Its a good thing Doctor Nunb had such steady hands.

#1904944 The Liberation of Sullust (New Republic Invasion of the First Order)

Posted by Zark on 22 January 2019 - 12:43 AM

Allies: The Wayfarer | Nunak

Enemies: Luther Ando | Tanomas Graf | Rexus Wenck | Kyli DT-6767

Objective: Train Job

Equipment: In Signature



"War and peace. Empire and Republic. Leave all that to the philosopher kings, I'm just a guy trying to survive. I caught a case, and then one thing kept leading to another. Now I'm here, stuck in the middle of some secret agent action fantasy. Only this ain't the holos, and the stakes are very real..."

Mykas Venture Memlogs, 851 ABY


Myk had turned the train car over looking for a terminal or scomp port where he could plug in, and he was tearing apart mundane supply pallets looking for any physical evidence when he realized that he had company. His sharp ears caught a sudden intake of breath and stifled curse behind him. Luther Ando lost several seconds, both to reaction time an adrenaline spike which threw off his fine motor skills. Venture meanwhile had reacted instantly, wheeling around and covering the distance between them with long purposeful strides. By the time the Imperial had drawn his firearm he was only a few meters away, and as Luther raised the gun to fire he reached out with his palm outstretched.


The charric pistol blew a hole clean through his hand. Sparks flew from the wound and shredded wiring sprung out as it started leaking oil. His expression of grim determination remained unchanged. With his still functional hand, he reached over and grabbed at the young man by the wrist holding onto his weapon.


"Sorry, kid."


His grip tightened, and he yanked with all this force his powerful arm could muster, attempting to throw Luther violently across the car.

#1904651 The Liberation of Sullust (New Republic Invasion of the First Order)

Posted by Zark on 21 January 2019 - 03:02 AM

Allies: The Wayfarer | Nunak

Enemies: Rexus Wenck | Kyli DT-6767 | Luther Ando | Tanomas Graf

Objective: Train Job

Equipment: In Signature



"It wasn't until I was balanced on the seat of that swoop bike, ready to leap down on top of the car below me, that I realized just how deep this had gone. A man dead on the streets of Coronet, his insides unlike anything the sawbones had ever seen before. Imperial designation codes seared into his DNA. Corellia wants to know if the First Order is making supermen, and now the lowly detective who had seen too much is about to rob a train in the middle of what's about to become a warzone..."

Mykas Venture Memlogs, 851 ABY


Myk jumped, skidded across the roof of the train car, and nearly tumbled over the other side.


Inhuman strength allowed him to hoist himself back in place with ease, and once he had magnetized the soles of his feet he was even able to stand and move forward. Inspector Venture was no commando, as far as the rest of the jackboots he was with knew he was probably Corellian Intelligence. Realization dawned on him that given his current assignment in a way he was. It had been a weird couple of days. He was supposed to be their codebreaker, to keep a lookout and deal with any electronic countermeasures they might encounter.


The real Corellian spooks had given him a different mission. Determine if there was any validity to the rumored Imperial project designated AFTERLIFE.


His chances of infiltrating a high security facility where any project files might be stored were low, but the experts back home said the stiff in the Coronet morgue most likely required regular injections of chemical stimulants to balance out their biochemistry. They had to transport those doses somehow, and Sullust was a good a place to start as any. The rest was serendipity. It wasn't long before he heard blaster fire, which was his signal to move. Venture dropped down in between two of the train cars, pressing his back against the door of one and leaning over to glance through its window. He caught a glimpse of a heated las fight between a squad of Imperial troopers and the commandos he was working with.


The car across from him appeared to be empty, so as quickly as he could Myk leapt across the gap and forced open the lock with his mechanical grip, letting himself inside. No sooner had he drawn his personal CR-2 heavy blaster than an Imperial trooper dashed into the cabin, drawn by the commotion of the firefight next door. They both froze, having almost ran right into each other. The trooper raised his carbine, and on instinct he scissor kicked the weapon out of his hands. Myk clubbed the man across the temple with the butt of his blaster, and landed a powerful uppercut to the jaw to make sure he would go down for the count.


"I'm in position," he grunted into his comm link, dragging the trooper's body out of sight behind a stack of equipment, "Buy me as much time as you can."

#1904631 Annual Faction Elections

Posted by Zark on 21 January 2019 - 01:59 AM

Yeah that's gonna be another no from me, sorry. :( As others have said, I think the problem you are trying to solve is for a good cause, even if as this thread goes on I am beginning to question some of the underlying motivations. I just don't think the ideal way to handle transitions of power like that is through popularity contests. The current vote system for replacing retired owners isn't even ideal, but it works okay because at least a lot of the time the previous owner can point to someone and say, that is my heir apparent please vote for them.


Being able to get people to vote for you isn't a great indicator of whether you would actually be a better choice to run a faction. People are dumb. Take it from someone who was elected to lead a major faction in that way himself. Honestly, the best way of proving that a writer would make a good owner candidate is for them to successfully start a major faction. A lot of people are worried about potential for abuse, I agree that probably wouldn't be very common. I just don't think, even working at its best, that a rule like this would have the kind of positive effect on the community you'd want it to.