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Aesir Light-Shield

05 October 2018 - 06:44 AM




  • Intent: To submit a high tech fantasy style shield for use by Jedi Lords and anyone who enjoys the notion of sword and boarding.
  • Image Source: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Canon Link:  Light-Shield
  • Primary Source: /


  • Manufacturer: Forgewrights of Vur Tepe | Oathsworn Compact
  • Affiliation: (x) Lords of Light, Closed-Market
  • Model: Aesir-series Light-Shield
  • Modularity: Yes; Scalable from buckler to targe dimensions.
  • Production: Limited

  • Material: Durasteel, Shield Emitter, Shield Generator Componentry


  • Classification: Light-Shield
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances
    • Blasters/Plasma: High
    • Kinetic: Very High
    • Lightsabers: High
    • Sonic: Low
    • Ion/EMP: None
    • Elemental: Average


  • Compact Gauntlet Projector: The Aesir light-shield's wearable generator is far less bulky or cumbersome than wielding a traditional shield. It features a spring release trigger which projects a circular energy shield at a moment's notice, but also features a persistent setting at the cost of more power drain.
  • Modular Surface Area: The Aesir's radius is adjustable, ranging from a smaller buckler size reminiscent of Mandalorian portable shield, to a larger but unwieldy targe capable of more fully shielding an upper torso. This is not something that can be adjusted easily in the field, but allows the light-shield to be adapted for different combat forms.


  • Energy Shield: The Aesir-series was designed to be a next generation, top of the line light-shield. It has high energy resistances, even capable of deflecting lightsaber blows for a more extended period. Particularly savage direct strikes can potentially penetrate this compression shield layering.
  • Hidden Aegis: While it won't pass through any spaceport scans without throwing up some serious red flags, when deactivated the Aesir appears as nothing more than your typical armored gauntlet. Some models have even been installed inside cybernetic hands.


  • Kinetic Impact: Light-shields have very high ballistic resistances, but while the energy generator is capable of vaporizing incoming projectiles, it does nothing to diffuse their force of impact. Struck with sufficient force, its wielder can still be knocked back or crushed.
  • Power Drain: Absorbing blows from potent energy sources like repeating blasters or lightsaber blades causes serious drain on such a compact device's finite energy reserves. If it takes too many hits, the Aesir can short out rendering it useless, a potentially fatal malfunction under the right circumstances.
  • Static Overload: Ion blasts and other electromagnetic pulse devices are fully capable of shorting out the light-shield's generator. Ion weaponry is a hard counter to these devices, and would require several moments for the gauntlet's systems to reinitialize.


Originally designed for use by Knights of the New Jedi Order in consultation with several Galactic Alliance military contractors, a newly completed prototype Aesir Light-Shield was discovered within an abandoned secure Tythonian orbital facility by the Oathsworn Reliquary after their Order's dissolution. Upon reverse engineering this device, the Compact turned over their transcribed schematics to the Forgewrights of Vur Tepe and their fellow Lords of Light.


Without the production manpower to craft these gauntlets in mass quantities, the Legions of Light now consider it something of a rite of passage for a junior knight to strike out and salvage the material for their own Aesir and even occasionally participate in its forging. Often an individual light-shield will be modified to display the heraldry of its intended bearer's lord in its center.


The Aesir-series is not without its weaknesses, a limited pool of battery life and particular vulnerability to ion blasts prevents it from being given any consideration as a perfected defensive solution.

Lord Amroth

02 October 2018 - 04:48 AM


NAME: Lord Amroth
FACTION: Lords of Light

RANK: Jedi Lord, Commander of the Oathsworn Legions

SPECIES: Humanoid

AGE: Unknown

SEX: Male

EYES: Gold

HAIR: Black

SKIN: Pale




  • Ethereal: Known to only a few, Lord Amroth is in fact the spectral essence of deceased Jedi Master Zark of the Galactic Alliance. Existing across space and time until recent events bound him to a corporeal shell, Amroth still partially exists within the spirit realm and can call upon that connection to the Unifying Force to bolster those around him.
  • Lightforged: While infusing his still living spirit with a soul snare crystal was the act of a desperate, unbalanced man, in his final moments of life Zark made peace with the Force, thus simultaneously becoming a Jedi spirit but still tethered to the material plane. For as long as he resists the temptation to embrace the Darkside, he remains attuned to the Light and considers himself an instrument of its will.


  • Half-Life: Once trapped in the empyrean like all spiritual after images, his journeys between worlds have revealed to him the knowledge necessary to bind himself to an animate corporeal husk. Now capable of influencing others but still unliving, Amroth is a shadow of the man he was in life. Physically frail and in constant need of rest and meditation, his value as a Jedi Lord are in his tactical insight and psychic presence.
  • Spirit Bound: Amroth's continued existence remains intrinsically linked with that of the Dawnstar. Annihilating his physical form would not totally destroy his essence, but irreparable damage to the holocron's soul snare core would prove just as effective at erasing him from existence. Now that he has once again taken physical form, he is now also limited by proximity to the Force talisman, where Amroth goes so too must his tether.



Lord Amroth rarely appears in public, and when he does it is without exception behind a gilded mask which completely disguises his features. Only his truest confidants know the secret of the withered homunculus which contains his spirit. Ashen pale, the face behind the mask is hauntingly expressionless and featureless, more like an echo of a man than a man himself. Nevertheless, despite his infirm appearance the Jedi Lord seems to radiate a quality of righteous tranquility.



Whitest White of all White!
Blackest Blacks of all Blacks!
Shame and Son, Sun, and Shadow!

Stronger than gods, brighter than mortals!
Only He is Awake!
Only He is Alive!

He Knows the Names and the Naming!
He Knows the Wait and the Waiting!
He Enters into every Star and Moon!
He Shines through their Shadows!

One Shape, One Spelling!
One Wraith, One Casting!
From Light, He is Armed!
From Darkness, He is Warded!

He is All Things!
Drake! Liche! Theomen!
On rivers of fire he comes forth!
Through storms of dreams he rides!
With slivers of steel he pierces the Heart!

All Spells, Powers, Curses Broken!
The Chains are Shattered!
The Scales Fall Away!

I see you with MY EYE!
And all is SILENCE!
I Wake! I Remember!

The Dawnforged

02 October 2018 - 12:19 AM




  • Intent: To submit those Jedi loyal to the Oathsworn Legions.
  • Image CreditHellgate London: Exodus
  • Role: The Dawnforged function as a more regimented order of militant Jedi who serve as elite soldiers, bodyguards, and mercenaries devoted to safeguarding the Oathsworn Compact.
  • Links: /



  • AvailabilityUnique
  • DeploymentMinor
  • Strengths & Weaknesses:
    • Guardians of Light: The Dawnforged are all sworn Jedi, predominantly trained in the guardian tradition although with a small sentinel and consular minority. Most are battle hardened combat veterans, and many have adapted their lightsaber forms to incorporate the Oathsworn light-shield.
    • Beast Tamers: While the Dawnforged ruthlessly put down any Sithspawn they come across, some among their number have become known for developing psychic bonds with some of Tython's more exotic fauna that remains uncorrupted. Mounts, both land and air based, as well as trained predators make for not uncommon boon companions to those Jedi in touch with nature.
    • Swordsages: While the order's training tends to focus more heavily on martial pursuits than esoteric knowledge, all Oathsworn Jedi are taught to value their religion's ancient history and prize relics of that past above all else save innocent lives. The Dawnforged are known as record keepers, catalogers, and treasure hunters.
    • No Quarter: Like most Jedi who regress back into the old ways, the Dawnforged have an uncompromising attitude and paranoid sensibility that can make cooperation even with ostensible allies difficult. There is no right circumstance to call upon the black arts, and the only acceptable judgment for those who do is a final one.
    • Force Multiplier: The Dawnforged are no grand army, they are limited both in number and skillset, at their best when the inspiration of their presence serves to bolster the mundane legions of the Oathsworn. Their role is relegated mostly to frontline infantry command, where the greatest focus in their training as Jedi is on improving their martial prowess.
    • Righteous Fury: All Jedi Lords walk a fine line between pious valor and prideful arrogance, and the Dawnforged are no exception. They hold little love for the Sith and Dark Jedi they have sworn to destroy, seeing it as their tragic duty to purge not only their enemies but their way of life. This passion for justice as they see it can be manipulated, even corrupted.
  • Structure & Powers:
    • Squires: Also commonly referred to simply as padawans, junior squires are roughly equivalent in number to the Order's masters, with some senior advisors occasionally taking on several to share time between training and clerical responsibilities. More senior squires are often loaned out to knights to serve in a traditional capacity and gain some practical combat experience under watchful eyes. Common squire level abilities include: Force StrengthForce Barrier, Force Sense, Telekinesis, Precognition, Mind Trick.
    • Knights: By far the most common among the order, knights make up roughly half the Dawnforged's number. Their responsibilities are equally numerous, defenders of the people and military commanders chief among them. The most stalwart and resourceful of all knights are chosen to serve the Oathsworn Reliquary as historical scholars and treasure seekers. Common knight level abilities include: Force Light, Force Valor, Battle Meditation, Force Healing, Enhanced Reflexes, Force Stasis, Tutaminis, Telepathy.
    • Masters: Only one to two dozen masters are active at any given time, when one falls in battle or the Oathsworn grow sufficiently in mundane numbers, the most promising senior knights are subjected to trials to determine who is worthy. Masters train junior squires, administrate the Compact, and advise the Regent Lord. Some are placed in sole command of the Oathsworn's more remote outposts. Common master level abilities include: Battlemind, Force Body, Force Breach, Farsight, Memory Recall, Comprehend Languages.
  • Description: Originally a splinter faction of knights who once served Lord Talanis Long, the Dawnforged were formed by those drawn to the cult of personality of their brother in arms Titus Valerius. When Valerius recovered the Dawnstar from Ruusan, he returned it along with Lord Amroth to Tython, where he gathered his supporters and after securing Long's blessing, set out to establish a new colony on Ashla, one of the planet's twin moons.

In those formative days, the Dawnforged were few in number, but the more their reputation and influence grows across Tython below the larger their Oathsworn Legions have become. Absorbing smaller legions in their wake, the Dawnforged fortify outposts scattered across Tythonian continents and sends expeditionary teams out to survey nearby worlds, now numbering no more than two hundred at a time and spread out across the system.


Former monks of the New Jedi Order almost to a man, the Jedi of the Dawnforged have embraced a more radical orthodox ideology and consider themselves no longer constrained by the contemporary edicts that practitioners of their religion are not meant to govern the realms of men. Dawnforged Knights are sworn to enforce the tenants of the Compact, and while participation in that social accord is not compulsory, it is expected for all those who live on lands defended by their order to comply with Oathsworn law or suffer the consequences.

Sanctum Assault Tower

01 October 2018 - 09:13 AM



  • Intent: To submit a heavy duty troop transport and deployable prefabricated stronghold for the Legions of Light.
  • Image Source: Chronicles of Riddick
  • Canon Link: /
  • Primary Source: /


  • Manufacturer: Band of the Silik | Oathsworn Compact
  • Affiliation: (x) Lords of Light
  • Model: Sanctum-class Assault Tower
  • Production: Minor

  • Material: Durasteel Hull, Quadanium Reinforced Armor Plating


  • Classification: Assault Dropship/Prefabricated Command Post
  • Length: 20 meters
  • Width: 20 meters
  • Height: 50 meters
  • Armament: High
    • Automated Point Defense Laser System
    • Anti-Personnel Laser Cannons
    • Mass Driver Cannons
    • Anti-Aircraft Turrets
    • Ion Turrets
  • Defenses: Very High
    • Deflector Shields
    • Dampener Aerosol Missiles
    • Anti-Ordinance Chaff
  • Hangar: None
  • Maneuverability Rating: None
  • Speed Rating: Low
  • Hyperdrive Class: None


  • Expanded Personnel Bay
  • Detention Cells
  • IM-6 Medical Droid
  • Maglocks
  • Ion Shielding
  • Standard Sensor Array
  • Standard Targeting Array
  • Standard Navigational Systems
  • Holographic Communications System


Light's Embrace: Specially designed non-lethal crowd control generators, the Light's Embrace has two settings. A stun wave capable of incapacitating a single district of a large city, and a pacification field powerful enough enough to dampen passionate emotions in as large an area as a small city. This effect can be resisted through certain means, and both settings can only be fired once before a long recharge cycle.


Meditation Chamber: Having consulted the finest Oathsworn architects and scholars, Sanctums are designed to function as massive resonance amplifiers of the Force. Any adepts inside gain the same enhancements to their abilities that they would from a meditation chamber after only minor contemplation.



  • Combat Transport: The Sanctum-class is a large scale planetary assault dropship, capable of delivering a considerable amount of personnel or supplies from orbit even while under intense enemy fire.
  • Deployable Foothold: Sanctums aren't simply designed to drop troops off and return to base, upon landing powerful locking mechanisms are deployed which secure the assault tower in place even if struck by a larger kinetic barrage. It is equipped with manned anti-infantry and anti-aircraft emplacements which allow it to establish fire superiority across its given area of operations.


  • Glorified Drop Pod: The Sanctum has the maneuverability of an arrow, once it is launched its not diverting course until it reaches its final pre-programmed destination. Because of its dense mass, once the transport gets going it reaches its point of no return in a very short window, meaning sudden hazards below can pose a problem.
  • Booster Cycle: Once an assault tower lands, it takes some time before its power core can annihilate enough antimatter so that the booster rockets are provided with enough fuel on re-firing to achieve escape velocity. These are not structures that can be re-positioned on a whim once launched.



"Our time has come.


For years, we prepared. We grew stronger.


While you rested in your cradle of power, believing your people were safe and protected.


You were trusted to lead the galaxy. But you were deceived. As your faith in the Darkside has blinded you.


You assumed no force could challenge you.


And now...finally, we have returned."


A mainstay of the Lords of Lights' broader military arsenal, the Sanctum-class is a product of multiple independent Legions pooling resources to work in concert. It is brutally elegant, emblematic of typical martial Jedi creations. Designed to be launched from the holds of any capital ship with sufficient space, assault towers are armor reinforced combat troop transports which function as temporary command posts upon landing.


Fashioned with anti-personnel countermeasures throughout its exterior, Sanctums are mobile footholds, but more than their armament or troop complement they are known for their sizable Light's Embrace pacification field generators. Capable of stunning all lifeforms in its immediate surroundings, and even sapping strong emotions from everyone in its general vicinity, assault towers are psychological weapons just as much as they are physical.


With only low powered guidance boosters to assist with orienting for docking procedures, the Sanctum-class is effectively one massive drop pod, and there are other drawbacks to its use, but despite its savage nature the assault tower is a frighteningly effective fast assault weapon.

Oathsworn Compact

30 September 2018 - 09:47 PM




  • Image Source: Lightful Gondor by kempo24.
  • Canon Link:  

  • Development Thread: /

  • Primary Source: /


  • Corporation Name: Oathsworn Compact
  • Headquarters: Ashla

  • Locations: Tython

  • Operations: Lightside Crafting, Armstech, Bounty Hunting, Animal Handling, Security Consulting, Mining, Infrastructure, Archaeological Research.



Less a corporate enterprise and more a loosely structured religious commune, the Compact represents the economic arm of those loyal to the Oathsworn Legions of Tython. Overwhelmingly a paramilitary organization, much of their production output consists of artisan works crafted by loyal vassals and state-sponsored public works projects to harvest Tython’s unique natural resources.

It is a symbiotic relationship, for in addition to the Legions’ protection all proceeds from their martial endeavors are split between upkeep of Oathsworn facilities and the lands of the peoples they watch over. It is a rite of passage for many Oathsworn Knights to prove their worth by taking contracts on Darksiders or their abominable creations while others focus on engineering wondrous Force imbued talismans.

None of these pursuits are so sacrosanct as the Oathsworn Reliquary, an elite division of the Compact dedicated to archeological discovery and research. Reliquary Knights often lead expeditions to remote corners of Tython and its outlying worlds in search of ancient artifacts left behind by the ancient Jedi civilizations who once dwelt here.




While ostensibly the Compact serves at the pleasure of Lord Amroth, commander of the Oathsworn Legions, in practice most day to day oversight is conducted by Regent Lord Titus Valerius and his closest advisors. Inheriting much labor and infrastructure from the fallen Galactic Alliance, they hold domain across scattered territories throughout the continents of Talss, Masara, Thyr, and Kato Zakar.

The largest settlement to pay tribute to the Compact is the village of New Kaleth, a fledgling community that has grown out of commerce associated with the ancient city ruins’ legacy as a popular site for religious pilgrimage. New Kaleth has dealings with each of the Lords of Light, but benefits in particular from a nearby Oathsworn keep.


Subsidiaries: /


Parent Corporation: /