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Jyn Lorr

Jyn Lorr

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Today, 12:32 AM

Jyn couldn't quite believe what she was hearing.


She hadn't even taken the datapad from his grasp and was instead staring up at him with a rather dumbfounded expression. Her eyes were wide, and she could feel her heart both quicken and pause at once - whatever that meant. It felt like an eternity before she was able to actually speak, and even then at first her words were breathy and incoherent.


Then she managed to spit out her question.


"Is this what you want?"


Excitement then swelled within her, a slight tremor taking over her body.


"I don't have any real family, Sargon, they're dead..." Well, she had brothers... But she had only met one of them. Parents, though? There was none of that. "You're the closest thing I've had to that, whether you realized it or not... If... If you mean it, if it's what you want, then of course!"


The ship hissed as it finished its landing protocols. Realizing that their time was cut short she took the datapad from him, and without warning threw her arms around him.


"We'll talk more about this later, okay? I don't want you to feel as though you have to do this..."


She looked down the ramp, before letting out a small breath and straightening up her robes.


Stepping down the ramp, Jyn halted at the bottom when the two figures made themselves known and respectfully lowered herself into a deep bow of respect.


"President Miir, Madame Secretary, thank you for the invitation and for greeting us in person. I can't speak for Master Vynea, but I've always preferred to get down to business right away if that's okay with you both."


Sargon Vynea Vaudin Miir

In Topic: Combat + Dice Rolls = Win?

Today, 12:22 AM


In Topic: Combat + Dice Rolls = Win?

Today, 12:22 AM

It's gonna be a no from me.


Sure if people WANT to then they can, there's no rules currently stopping people from doing it that way, but I certainly don't want this to be an enforceable thing.

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Yesterday, 03:44 PM

Strider Garon



In Topic: New tag please

Yesterday, 03:38 PM

Strider Garon


I got this, give me a few minutes