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Jyn Lorr

Jyn Lorr

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#1753088 New tag please

Posted by Jyn Lorr on Yesterday, 03:38 PM

Strider Garon


I got this, give me a few minutes

#1753087 Finding Things In The Dark

Posted by Jyn Lorr on Yesterday, 03:37 PM

She found herself flung forward as much as the restraint would allow as the ship lurched out of hyperspace and had to make a very swift change of direction before it ran into an Imperial vessel or two. Pain ran through her stomach where the safety belt had dug in, forcing a light cough from her, and the sudden addition of unexpected g-forces only sought to add nausea and breathlessness to the mix.


This was not the way Jyn had ever expected she would die.


Perhaps in some great battle, or at the side of her fellow Je'daii, or heck... Anything else that didn't involve a starship. Yet in that moment she began to have doubts about the validity of such silly thoughts. Death took you when it chose, brought you back to your place within the Force, it didn't care if you were ready, or if the method was as you had expected.


She reached out for something to hang on to and watched through the viewing port as TIE fighters and freaking turbo lasers were deployed in their general direction.


While she could breathe now, she didn't really think to and instead caught herself holding her breath in anticipation. Her skin prickled, turning ashen, and she could feel the heat beginning to course through her veins. The last thing she needed now was for the curse to catch up with her.


But for the first time in a long time she didn't feel quite so confident in her ability to keep it down.


Alistair Fenn

#1750836 The Great Gathering | The Je'daii Order

Posted by Jyn Lorr on 14 March 2018 - 11:51 PM

It seemed as though his mind was a little too preoccupied to truly focus on the Gathering. In order to get the ball rolling, and for him to find his crystal, she simply turned to him once they had paused and smiled while offering a loose shrug.


"A friend of sorts," she said, before turning her gaze across to the crossroad of tunnels which now lay before them. So many opens, and while many of the crystals were calling out to Jyn they were not here for her. She had her lightsaber. "We're dating, not that it matters... Come on, now. Focus on the task at hand, Padawan, I didn't bring any food or drinks and it's way past my dinner time."


A slight smirk, clearly she was joking about the latter part - where food was concerned, though this Order did seem particularly fond of their snacks - and this time she too closed her eyes and began to softly breathe through her nose, focusing through the Force, hoping to lead by example.


Hopefully he would give it a try, too.


"There's no right or wrong answer on which way to go, trust in the Force and your instincts..."


Kid Starburn

#1750057 This Liberation May Be Televised

Posted by Jyn Lorr on 13 March 2018 - 07:41 PM

In a moment of unseen action from Jyn, something Arekk had never before witnessed, the woman stepped forth and launched her hand out to grasp the woman by the collar of her shirt, pulling her upward from the floor with the strength even she did not know she truly possessed, a byproduct of her Epicanthix heritage, eyes boring into her. It had taken every ounce of willpower Jyn had not to grab her by the neck.


"Now you listen here, these children are not your property they are innocent souls you use to sap money from the government. They do not see so much as a credit of what you're earning, the credits meant to go on them. If you knew the issues the doctor found with Atefeh..."


By this point her skin had begun to flare up, lines of magma running where the veins ought to have been, her skin ashen, and her whole presence fiery and warm. Ready to combust, but not quite there.


"Well if all you care about is the credits, considered yourself set for life. I've arranged for your retirement. A moderate sum of money will be deposited into your bank account each month, enough to see you in a home with food and warmth and clothing. More than you gave the children, and far more than you deserve."


Her eyes had been completely engulfed by the flames, boring into the old woman, and a moment or so later her head snatched to the side to stare at Oogie.


"Get me the children. Now. Have them pack their things, I don't want them here any longer than they need to be."


With that she dropped the old woman back to the floor, and glowered down at her. Had she had less restraint she felt certain the woman would be dead right now, but that would not help their case. The last thing she wanted was for the children to be terrified, or for the authorities to stick their nose in.


"The children who are already here are coming with us. You'll go to your office and prepare the paperwork, and my friend here," she nodded to Ar'ekk, not bothering to state their relationship status in that moment as honestly that would only give her leverage over them, "Is going to accompany you to make sure there's no funny business."


Now that the terms were laid out, terms she would be hard pressed to turn down, Jyn finally focused on her breathing and allowed the anger to disperse. Her skin slowly began to return to its usual state, the magma receded back into blood, and finally her eyes turned blue once again.


No way the children were going to see her like that.


Atefeh Lorr

#1749769 Finding Things In The Dark

Posted by Jyn Lorr on 13 March 2018 - 06:36 AM

"You don't have to worry about the pay" she reassured him, openly surprised when moments later the ship signaled that they were nearing their destination. They must have been closer than she initially thought, that or the oddities of space had once again gotten to her.


She often found that time melted away when she was onboard a ship, especially during hyperspace. Perhaps that was why she didn't enjoy the experience as much as some others she knew did.


To her a ship was a commodity, nothing more.


Having experienced first hand the rocky take off involved with this particular ship, as much as a beauty as she was, Jyn was not so eager to test her luck and actually buckled in in anticipation of their nearing descent. She felt certain that she was already going to have bruises from her earlier tumble headfirst into the wall of the cockpit, didn't make sense to her to add to that.


Alistair Fenn

#1749509 The Great Gathering | The Je'daii Order

Posted by Jyn Lorr on 12 March 2018 - 06:28 PM

Her gaze drifted to Arekk around the time that the medical team arrived, just as Kid Starburn stepped out from the shadows to show his concern for the man, and she gave him a very small smile, hoping it would make him feel a little better due to the circumstances he had found himself in, reassuring him so to speak.


"You can go with him back to Azar City, if you like, Querido, I won't be here much longer but I do need to tend to my Padawan before I leave."


Thankfully King was in good hands, the team had been quick to arrive and were prepping him to leave. With that in mind she suppressed her own anxiety toward the situation and turned to Kid, "I was late to arrive myself, don't worry. Shall we begin, Padawan?"


Beginning to walk away from the crowd of individuals she led him through a small network of tunnels and caves before finally pausing once there was no more distractions.


"Close your eyes, and breathe... Focus through the Force, Padawan, listen and feel for the crystals which lay within the cave, focus on the one which calls out to you. It may be difficult to feel at first, but we are in no rush."

#1749497 To Build Balance

Posted by Jyn Lorr on 12 March 2018 - 06:16 PM

As Tranquility dropped out of atmosphere and tumbled down to the spaceport below, Jyn could not help but nervously glance toward the Zabrak at her side. They had much to talk about, she and Sargon, and while she knew that this meeting was about more pressing matters she could not help but feel the seeds of guilt growing within her. It would be another couple of minutes before they were truly set to leave the ship, and so after a very small and uncertain intake of breath she turned to him properly.


"I should have told you," she said, all at once, continuing on without giving him much time to think, "About Ar'ekk, and Tefie, and the hunt I went on to find out about my family. Only, last time we spoke - before the tournament - we had more pressing matters to discuss than who I was dating, and Tefie had only been with us a couple of weeks by the time of the tournament, and I didn't want to upset you by making you think that your guidance wasn't enough. I didn't find my parents, but I also don't need them. I'm sorry."


The ship rocked as it came closer to the ground, the landing thrusters kicking in as the stabilizers pushed forth ready to cling to the dusty earth below. Up on her shoulder Kipo oo'd, and now that the sight of the world came into her view she felt somewhat... terrible for bringing him with her. What if he started breathing in the dust?


"Captain, we have reached the spaceport," came the droning sound of the navigation droid, moments before they touched down and a more significant jolt could be felt. She had to get that seen to.


She looked at Sargon, trying to find out what he was thinking, how badly she had messed up by unintentionally keeping things from him, while the boarding ramp lowered.


Seemed it was showtime.


Sargon Vynea Cemas D'baen Vaudin Miir

#1748591 Dawn is New Once Again. (Faction Members Only!)

Posted by Jyn Lorr on 11 March 2018 - 01:18 PM

"Hey now, mind your manners little one," she said to Sobaan when he stated how much he did not like the lizard, "the Force created it for a reason, remember that, just as it brought you back to us. How have you been? Are you back with us properly, Sobaan? I still have room for you as my student."


As she was saying this, the sight of Arekk drew her attention and she remained quiet as he and Jade said their hello's. She noticed the familiarity between them and was honestly surprised to discover that they knew one another. A pleasant surprise of course.


She spied the orb in the young Togrutalian's hand and shook her head. Since Teth was no longer theirs, nor was the Temple upon it, she could not help but feel... Glad that he had brought it with him. Even she could feel the odd connection between the pair, and truth be told Jyn didn't know what it was any more than he did. It had sat at the bottom of that waterfall for quite some time before he plucked it from there, as long as Jyn had been on the world and she had first visited when she was around ten or eleven.


"Morning, Querido," she finally said, addressing her beloved who somehow hadn't even noticed her there. Not that Jyn minded, she was enjoying a catch up of her own.


Sobaan Palle Jade The Rogue

#1748588 Instructions For Dancing | The Je'daii Order

Posted by Jyn Lorr on 11 March 2018 - 01:12 PM

"I miss you too..." she said, moments before her commlink began to blink and beep with activity. Giving the pair of them an apologetic smile she listened in to the frequency within her ear and her expression turned somewhat unreadable. During this time her hand lifted to fuss Tefie's hair, almost absentmindedly, before finally she said "Okay," and put the commlink back to her belt.


Then, with a half-frown, she leaned down to kiss the girl atop the head.


"I have to go take care of something with our new suite, I'm sorry Stardust. You and Ar.... Daddy can enjoy the rest of the festival, though. You can even take Kipo with you if you like."


She made sure to turn the frown into a large smile of encouragement, crouching down to face the girl head on.


"And if you need me, you just use this to call me okay?" Pulling out a secondary commlink she offered it to the girl, "It already has my frequency tuned to it." She looked to Arekk very briefly, "You should add yours in too. I love you both, yes and you too Kipo" she added the latter with a small chuckle when the monkey oo'd at her.


Then, after a quick hug and kiss to both, she began to head back through the City toward the Academy they called home.


Atefeh Lorr

#1748214 This Liberation May Be Televised

Posted by Jyn Lorr on 10 March 2018 - 08:04 PM

Before the woman could reach the door Jyn had already pushed it open and was walking into the foyer.


She had not answered Arekk - it wasn't that she was trying to be rude or anything, simply that she did not want to have to think about anything other than the task at hand in that moment. She figured he would understand, she hoped he would, yet the moment that she lay eyes upon the horrid owner of the orphanage she quickly realized that it did not matter anyway. The battle had been brought right to them, and there remained no time left for idle chatter.


Her hand tightened in his for but a moment, before she dropped it and stepped forward. Her eyes bore into the woman, she who Jyn had wanted to slap right in her lying, disgusting face from the moment she had seen her. That wasn't good of her, or professional, in fact it would likely do little more than get them into further trouble. Get the city police on their backs and make it impossible to leave again.


"Call him" she said to Ar'ekk, her voice low, speaking of the contact they had in place to take over the orphanage when all was said and done. Best to have him close by ready for when the establishment was turned over to their control. Then she stepped closer to the woman, eyes boring into hers.


"We meet again; gather the children please. All of them. Cut the crap and just do it."


She knew the woman was going to scoff, laugh in their face, tell them no, but something in Jyn's eyes brokered no leeway and she brushed aside her robes to reveal her lightsaber and show how serious she was. Much faster to the draw this time than she had been with Tefie.


She meant business.


Atefeh Lorr

#1748034 A Flower Among Duracrete

Posted by Jyn Lorr on 10 March 2018 - 03:49 PM

She listened as the young girl did her best to mimic Jyn's pronunciation, proud of her for glancing to the menu and following along so that she could correctly identify the words in the future. Just how much formal education had Tefie had? Given the state of the orphanage she doubted very much at all, and that both angered and saddened her at once.


Knowledge was such a wonderful thing, it unlocked so many doors... Hopefully Jyn could impart what it was to love books, and the stories they held within, the new worlds to uncover in the pages, on the girl, though something told her it wouldn't be too difficult. There was a look in Tefie's eyes that spoke of intelligence and imagination both.


Excitement replaced the frustration, at the thought of being able to teach her. It would be more difficult given her age, a lot of the basics ought to have been covered already, but it was a challenge she was more than willing to sink her teeth into.


"Very good, Stardust," she said with an encouraging tone, moments before the girl began to look for a drink. When she asked about spice liquor Jyn thought she might have a heart attack, yet moments later she chose one which was actually suitable for her age and so this time she let the question of liquor slide. Another time such things could be explained.


When the waitress arrived Jyn relayed the both of their orders and their drinks were brought soon after.


"The food will take about 10 more minutes, is that okay?"


"Of course, thank you."


Jyn turned to Tefie, and pushed her drink toward her. "Help yourself, sweetheart... I hope you enjoy it."


Atefeh Lorr

#1748022 Dawn is New Once Again. (Faction Members Only!)

Posted by Jyn Lorr on 10 March 2018 - 03:41 PM

Jyn was glad to know that she had been missed, she could feel it in the way he squeezed her during their hug. Soon enough she set him back down within his tree, beaming a smile up at him as she listened to what Jade was explaining. Ah... The ysalamir... Yes, a curious little creature indeed.


"It is Jyn, though not to this munchkin I suppose" she chuckled, shaking her head; it had always surprised her how quick Sobaan had been to discover her own little curse, the fires which constantly flowed through her veins yet at times were more well hidden than others. Like now, she was in complete control. Though, she supposed the force nullifying bubble of the lizard helped with that.


"Miss Jade here has trouble remaining balanced in the Force," she explained to the lad, making it as easy to comprehend as she could even if that meant dumbing down the concept of the Force Sickness, "Just like I once did. This lizard - a ysalamir - helped me through my difficulties, so I brought one for Jade to use in hopes that it would help her too. Do you sense how the Force feels distant right now? Ysalamir are special in that they can remove the Force, they sort of... Push it away. And anyone stood in close proximity to it also feels those effects. No Force for any of us right now, my little friend."


Her gaze shifted to Jade after explaining, with an encouraging smile.


"How are you feeling? Have you tried meditating without the lizard yet?"


Jade The Rogue Sobaan Palle

#1747853 Dawn is New Once Again. (Faction Members Only!)

Posted by Jyn Lorr on 10 March 2018 - 09:45 AM

She had not believed it at first when she sensed a presence she had not felt since Teth.


So very long ago now, the Je'daii had been newly formed and she had still been so insecure, uncertain of herself. Look at her now, she had embraced her positions within the Order and had learned how to control the beast of a curse which lay within her. Hardly the same woman at all, even her name had changed in part due to the unearthing of information on her past. She had found a brother, and a family friend, and a step-father... She was in a better place now that she had ever been...


And the presence she latched onto now only made her feel immeasurably better.


Stepping through into the gardens she felt that presence disperse as she stepped into the range of the Ysalamir's bubble. No more sensing, no more controlling, she was free from her own restraints for the time being in Jade's presence, such were the wonders of Myrkr's native lizards. She would be forever grateful of Sargon for showing them to her.


Her eyes fell over the two of them, equally as cursed woman and rambunctious little scamp, and she could not keep the smile from her lips. She lowered her head into a deep bow of respect, before stepping over to the Togrutalian and attempting to pull him into an embrace.


"It has been too long" she told him, before she could find cause to speak anything else. For truly it had.


Jade The Rogue Sobaan Palle

#1746284 The Great Gathering | The Je'daii Order

Posted by Jyn Lorr on 07 March 2018 - 04:21 PM

Some time passed, with Jyn handing Tracyn her comm frequency on a piece of flimsiplast before parting ways. There was so much the pair had to talk about, but she could sense her student further in the cave struggling to begin the Gathering he had attended and as such she knew that her duties out trumped personal needs for now.


Heading further into the cave systems she kept her attention on Kid Starburn but was surprised to also feel Arekk out there too. Both of them shone like beacons to her, after all they were both integral parts of her life now, and so she picked up her pace hoping that she would bump in to at least one of them along the way.


Her hopes were founded in truth, for soon enough she came upon Ar'ekk tending to Josef King and she could only smile. The man admittedly didn't look in too great shape, so she pulled out her commlink and boosted its range through the Force so that she could get a message out to the City.


Possible medical crew needed in the Crystal Caves. Ensure the man is checked over for injuries and sickness.


"We'll stay with him until the crew arrives, and then head on out," she told Ar'ekk, before closing her eyes and focusing on Kid. While her actions could not be reciprocated through the Force due to her genetics, she was able to tug on his mind to indicate to him that she was close by, and hopefully that would prove enough to bring him to where she and Ar'ekk now waited.


[ Josef King / Tracyn - I was just trying to come up with a way to let you both finish the thread despite your LOAs, if you want this changed at any point please let me know]

#1745799 Finding Things In The Dark

Posted by Jyn Lorr on 06 March 2018 - 10:37 PM

"I suppose you're right" she said, with a very soft shrug, knowing full well that the sanctuary that she and her Order clung to had already been subjected to attacks far greater than any might have expected given its location and lack of anything to offer, it wasn't prime real estate and yet the Vong had trampled all over it anyway. Long before her time, before they returned to its space, but the remnants of that time remained in place enough to warn them from becoming too complacent. "Still, I'll take anything I can get right now. The current climate of the Galaxy is bordering insanity."


Her eyes lingered over to the viewing port, but truth be told at this stage of the game there wasn't all that much to see. Stars drifting by... The usual spacey stuff. Some people adored it, she knew Asha did, but Jyn had seen it all before. She much preferred the lifestyle offered on land, the freshness of trees and verdant landscapes. Space travel was little more than a commodity to her.


"I guess you have to do what you can, we all do."


Jyn was lucky, the money she received either came from the government of Aurum for her state job - if one could really call it that - or from the trust fund she didn't know existed until the past few months, set up by her parents. The same parents she had never met. Still she found her work rewarding, even if many would happily look down on it, running the archives and library complex of Aurum, restoring old books and artifacts, logging the data into memory banks so that future generations could make use of it. Yes... Rewarding indeed, to her.


"I promise it will just be a quick run, if that helps any..."


It wasn't as though she was looking to cause trouble, or stir the pot; she had just one destination in mind when they touched down, and then they could leave again. Simple as that. Almost seemed like a waste of credits, but to Jyn it was a necessity.


Alistair Fenn