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Jyn Lorr

Jyn Lorr

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This Liberation May Be Televised

27 February 2018 - 12:04 PM

Kaas City

Dromund Kaas


She did not expect to ever see this place again.


After being smuggled in by Alistair Fenn, and leaving with Atefeh Lorr, Jyn felt certain that her time here was at an end. Behind her for good. But in the journey back to Aurum from the Shadowport, when Atefeh fell asleep in her arms and Jyn could do little more than sit and think, she could not help but feel unbridled guilt toward all of the poor souls she was leaving behind. The children left at the mercy of those vicious 'caregivers' who would let them rot if it meant gaining a little bit more funding.


Discussions with Arekk after their arrival back in Azar City made up her mind.


Nobody was going to be left behind.


They had space enough in the City to bring the children of misfortune back with them. A larger vessel had been a necessity, after all the Hawk only held so many passengers and Jyn had found out through sources that there were upward of 40 children housed within. as well as permission from the Je'daii Council to make this move. Jyn and Ar'ekk would put their name forward to take over guardianship of them all, so as not to tie the Je'daii - or Aurum - up with this mess, but once they were safely in their custody that Guardianship would change hands.


The Force Sensitives among them would find a home within the Je'daii, while those who were not Sensitive would find homes within the City. There were so many people who had lost children, who could not have their own but longed to, that she felt certain that they would be snatched up faster than anyone could imagine. A few men and women had already stepped forward to house them.


Stardust had been left behind in Azar City. Jyn did not want to risk any harm to her person should things go south, so she had entrusted her daughter into the care of Sahna Te and Ignis Imura in the meantime. Between the two of them, and all the other Je'daii who were around and were close enough to Jyn to be deemed family, she knew Atefeh would be well cared for.


As their civilian transport vessel came upon the planet, Arekk relayed the relevant information and documentation (which he had acquired alongside the ship itself from old contacts on Nar Shaddaa) and soon enough they were coming upon the City.


Nerves ran through her, but also a sense of necessity. This had to be done, somebody had to look out for the children.

For The Life You Had Known

27 February 2018 - 09:07 AM

The Great City of Thainbroek





Though snow had speckled the ground at their arrival, it was not until just now that she truly saw it falling from the skies in great magnitude.


Wrapped in furs which did not belong to her, yet had been so graciously provided, Jyn made her way out from the City which would house them throughout the upcoming process of constructing Stav Kesh in the Northmark and through a faintly trodden path surrounded on all sides by great evergreen trees.


She did not know precisely where it was that her feet were taking her until she saw it with her own two eyes, the frozen lake which sat between her and a stark white tree with leaves as crimson as blood and a face which bled so similar a colour. It was beautiful, even though it held what many might consider a grim visage upon its great trunk, and in so mesmerized a state she made short work of rounding the body of water in order to step in front of it properly.


The Force congregated here so easily. She could feel it in the breeze, sense it as it coursed through the branches and boughs of the tree. It was haunting. It was wonderful.


She sank to her knees there and let out a long sigh. Truth be told Jyn had not expected to see so stark a reminder of her mother here in the City. The High King and Queen were all she had believed would be present, so to look upon Thurion Heavenshield and be forced to hold her tongue to refrain from derailing the conversation and dragging up the past was painful, difficult. Somehow she had managed.


But for how much longer could she?


Did he even know he had siblings out there, tied to him through the one known as Asha Seren?




At least, he likely knew of Tracyn's sons.

A Flower Among Duracrete

24 February 2018 - 11:10 AM

Kaas City

Dromund Kaas

Intersecting Finding Things In The Dark


To say that she was feeling overwhelmed would have been more than an understatement.


Jyn had not seen the inside of Kaas City since just after her curse kicked in, but during that time she had been so far gone mentally that it was more or less a blur in her memory databanks. No, the last lucid time she could recall walking through this duracrete hellscape was in her youth, playing with Jiaa before the Sith came to break them apart.


She had not seen her brother since that time.


While returning to the remnants of a home she had once known had not pulled up any information on the boy or his whereabouts, it had provided her with some much needed closure. A reminder that part of it was true, real, even if much of her earlier memories had been transplanted and faked by Darth Carnifex. This was not her place of birth, but it was the place where she had come into her own.


She didn't even remember Serenno.


Didn't even remember Talus.


Kaas City was not a nice place for anyone to be, much less live or be raised. Dreary, eternally raining, and while some infrastructure and rebuilding had been tended to parts of it still felt almost like a ghost town.


Her hood was risen; she doubted the God-King of Panatha was anywhere close by, doubted he would even know her to look upon her - though she had been told by Tracyn that she looked just as her Mother had - yet she had to be wary all the same.


For all she knew she was the last of her bloodline.


And she would not give him the satisfaction of snuffing it out for good.


Atefeh Lorr

The Curse Which Binds Us

13 January 2018 - 07:59 AM

Azar City




News of Asha's disappearance had reached her, and yet she felt helplessly held back by the Council's decision to send individuals less attached to the case to Nar Shaddaa in order to investigate. Visibly on edge, and unable to sleep, Jyn had slipped from the bed she shared with Arekk as softly as she could so as not to awaken him and ventured out into the quiet white City they called home.


As ever Kipo was quick to follow. The fat monkey had clambered up her body, all the way to her shoulder, and there he sat with one hand on her cheek, the bond between them revealing her anxious state of mind.


The City was beautiful at this time of day. The sun was barely risen, a few rays breaking through the jungle which encroached upon the city perimeter, and though there were still areas of it which needed attention she was able to appreciate just how far they had come since first landing here, how much destruction had been reversed at their hands.


At this hour the streets were mostly empty. One or two Togorians had risen to open up shop, but given the small population for a City this size the likelihood of her running into another person was slim to none.


It gave her time to walk and be with her thoughts, to worry freely without someone seeing the curse take shape if it chose to. Most did not take kindly to the sight of her flames.

As Far As The Roots Dare Go

10 January 2018 - 06:21 PM




She had been here but once before, just following the Je'daii's re-emergence into the Galaxy and the Great Gathering on Teth. So much had happened since that time that it felt as though an eternity had passed, though she knew this simply was not the case. They were back on Aurum now, the birthplace of the modern Je'daii Order who had been so mercilessly slain by the hate-filled Horde, and though the wounds were still fresh, though many among them still mourned, it had proven a wise choice to return.


Unlike last time, Jyn was not here on Je'daii business. Not truly, at least, though it did concern her heritage and, well, that tied into the Order in some regard. With a small sigh she set her gaze around the Capital of the Wookiee homeworld, a place which had been ravaged in recent years and yet somehow remained. Amazing species, Wookiee, ridiculously resilient it would seem.


Upon her shoulder Kipo chittered away. The fat monkey was always happy to accompany her on her strange journeys across the stars, especially when it meant being back among greenery such as they knew back on Aurum. The great wroshyr trees were ridiculous in height, easily dwarfing any that they had back home, and she could sense her furry companions awe through the Force.


"I know," she muttered, giving him a good fuss behind the ear, "Isn't it just magnificent?"


Now all that she had to do was find out information on a certain Jedi whose name had cropped up in holocrons, diaries, and visions concerning her Mother... Her sources wouldn't get her much farther than here.