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Nejaa Niynx

Nejaa Niynx

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About Me

Nejaa Niynx Child of stories Member of the force Killer of balance Creator of hope...







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NAME: Nejaa_Niynx
FACTION: Republic// Jedi_Order [_Error_code] (?)
RANK: Jedi_Knight://
SPECIES: Clawdite-- Changeling;
AGE: 19

HEIGHT: 1.85_meters;// 6_ft
EYES: [_error_code] Yellow; changes.
HAIR: [_error_code] Brown; changes.
SKIN: [_error_code] Yellow/green; changes.






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Changeling Master: Over the years of his life, Nejaa has constantly worked on mastering his species unique ability to change its shape, mastering the art in order to work it into his dangerous life. Because of this mastery over his body, Nejaa is able to do what is considered rare among other Clawdite individuals, changing with incredible precision, and even making changes that other Clawdites would deem impossible. Only a few Clawdites have been able to accomplish such a genetic mastery over their own abilities, allowing Nejaa to more easily manipulate his body mass by controlling the water levels in his body; this allows him more accomplishment with his deceptive styles. Because of this mastery, he's even able to copy someone's appearance; a skill which he uses for his trouble making, and, endless curiosities. What is more, he's able to maintain the transformations even during sleep, only forced out of them when he is killed, or possibly while he's experiencing great amounts of pain. This is due to the experimentation done onto him by the Mabari; read history for more details.


Speed & Precision: Throughout his time training in the Jedi arts of combat, Nejaa has made a name for himself in being one of the fastest Jedi Padawans. This does not only apply to blatant speed in running, but overall bodily movement. He is a fast learner, and is able to take his teachings and master them quickly. He's very quick to react, and always thinking on his feet. However, where he is strong in the area of speed, he lacks slightly in the area of brute strength.


Connection to the Force: From the beginning, Nejaa has had an incredible connection to the living force, with a very high midi-chlorian count that far surpassed most others. What is more, he has harnessed a powerful link between himself and the force, having been able to tap into the living force, the light side, as well as beginning to be able to tamper with the dark side of the force, not one more potently than the other. Other Jedi often notice that his force feels impressive even from simply being in the same room with him; it's very notable to those who are good enough with the force to notice. Even those that are not force sensitive notice that he has an aura about him that is mysterious and strange, though charming and warm.


Lackluster Brute: Despite being talented in the arts of combat, Nejaa is almost afraid of fighting in any situation where his life is at risk. Why? Because he is afraid of death. This can easily become a problem in numerous situations, forcing him to have to overcome this fear when it comes to fighting an opponent. In an attempt to make light of this fear, the boy developed the self proclaimed nick name of the "Lackluster Brute," in reference to his lacking will to go out and fight others. Despite this fear, however, Nejaa is still fully capable of fighting in combat, and some would even suggest this makes more cautious. Sometimes too cautious. This becomes a weakness because it forces him to live in fear, and sometimes desperation; a sure path to the dark side, if not handled properly.


Over Curious: Nejaa has always been curious, always deceptive, always wanting to be in the know on everything. If someone is having an important conversation, chances are he'll want to hear it. This can get him into trouble, seeing as he's a Jedi, and therefore bound to the Jedi code of honor. Despite this, he's been known to break the code's teachings on occasion, which is a weakness in and of itself. Nejaa loves to read people, wanting to be one step ahead of others at all times when possible. He's even done things such as taking on the form of other individuals in order to get a closer look at something, or edge his way into closer proximity of someone's conversation.







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Confirmed; new information added.

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The appearance of a Clawdite is one rooted in change. In fact, a Clawdite's survival relies on change and adaptation. Hiding among the faces and facades they are capable of creating. As a member of the hideous race, Nejaa too looks like one of the fowl humanoids. Although he is still young, he had nearly completed his physical maturing and stands with the force of an adult. This said, most of the time, Nejaa holds himself under a false appearance, one that has become so common he is even able to keep the form while sleeping and during other events where his concentration may be more easily broken. Originating from when he was a young boy, Nejaa saw that others around him were treated with more ease than he, especially on the planets heavily populated with humans. He had learned that, should he wish to also acquire the same treatment, he would need to appear smoother, and without such critical error. Now, he takes forms as he pleases, anything to survive and continue surviving. Though he still keeps his main, human form, he is more than adept at quick changes and the benefits of such a special defense.


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  • Chapter One: Nejaa was born onto the planet of Zolan, a desolate planet in the Mid Rim, located in the Lambda sector of the Galaxy. It was an interesting and pretty dangerous planet, home to the shape-shifting Clawdites, such as Nejaa and his family, as well as the other Zolanders and predatory Monzus. Due to the constant disagreement between the Zolanders and the Clawdites, a disagreement centered around the planet's alliance, there was a constant state of hit and run, miniature attacks and a general state of dangerous war between the two races. Because the Zolanders outnumbered the Clawdites by a long shot, they were able to oppress the Clawdite race, and impose their will onto the planet, having it ally with who they chose. The Clawdites began to become desperate and formed an organization called the Mabari, a group of highly trained assassins and Clawdite warriors that was devoted to passing their skills onto the next generation to help fight their fight. At least, that was what it had started out as. Years and years later, when Nejaa was born, it had changed greatly, and become more obsessed with the science of the Clawdite race, and concentrated on making a super soldier than anything else. Nejaa's mother, Kebaa Niynx, a woman who had lost her husband to the constant wars between Zolanders and Clawdites, decided to give her child up to the Mabari in order to be one of their first test subjects and lab toys. Nejaa, far too young to remember most of it, was thus handed over to the science department of the dying Mabari, where he was placed into a series of experiments that would attempt to alter his DNA and create more genetic mutation than what other Clawdites had already gone through. It was said that the Clawdite race had evolved, though genetic mutation, from the Zolanders due to the solar radiation coming from the planet's sun. Because of this, the Mabari organization subjected Nejaa to controlled spurts of radiation, aimed directly at the areas of the brain responsible for the change that Clawdites were able to undergo. Surprisingly, the testing paid off, and before long, Nejaa's entire appearance changed, hardly looking like a Clawdite in the first place, and looking more humanoid than most. What was more, the part of his brain which had been subjected to the testing was much larger than what would be found in most other Clawdites, giving him a much larger control over the Clawdite's shape-shifting abilities. However, even by this time, Nejaa was still a small boy, about three years of age, and just beginning to understand language, though fully able to walk, of course.
  • Chapter Two: Nejaa's entire life began to change around the age of four years. It was in this year of his life that his mother was killed by a brutal Zolander raid on his residential area, killing most everyone that he knew, including three of his friends. Things were beginning to set in for Nejaa, and he was starting to understand the world around him; that it was violent and dangerous. Because of his mother's death, the Mabari claimed him as their own, and so it was. He was sent to the Mabari in order to continue feeding their greed filled wills with his abilities, and use him as a test subject and example of a successful completion of their project. However, this would not be his fate, it seemed. On a mission to start sorting out the differences of the races, a single Jedi Knight was sent to Zolan, in hopes of being able to sway the planet's choice in allying itself with the Republic's enemy. This Jedi Knight's name was Geemta Todowian, a male, Rodian Jedi. His mission was to negotiate with both sides of the "war" on Zolan, and talk with both side's leaders in an attempt to set some kind of peaceful standard. This meant, of course, that Geemta came to the Mabari districts, and instantly picked out Nejaa's force sensitivity to be quite incredible. Instantly, he became more personally interested in the fate of the young boy that was there, at the mercy of the ruthless Mabari. Nejaa, just conscious enough to be able to plead, begged the Knight to take him off and away from the planet, not knowing the full possibility of it, and merely thinking it a pipe dream. However, before the negotiations had fully taken place, the Zolanders attacked the Mabari headquarters, and in the chaos of it all, Geemta took Nejaa back to the Jedi Temple to be trained as a Jedi Knight. His age was less of a problem than Geemta thought, seeing as he was about the age that the younglings started to undergo training in the first place. As such, he was placed right into the Jedi Order as a youngling, and started the training with the rest of the kids. To say the least, Nejaa started to undergo culture shock, but was able to overcome it; at least to some degree. Though he was a child bread from a warring planet where mischief, crime, and other villanous acts were needed to survive. That kind of cultural difference was not something as easily replaced.
  • Chapter Three: Years passed for Nejaa, until he was of the age to become a padawan, and shed his youngling title. At that time, he was only eight years old, much younger than most were when they moved on from the youngling title. In part, this was because the masters thought it needed for him to have a master, a parent figure almost, and someone to look up to in a more personal way, due to his cultural differences, and the tendencies that he was starting to show. Trouble making, a sign that meant he was unruly. It was only to be assumed from the young Clawdite male, who had already started to take the appearance of a human male. If nothing else, it was out of shame, hating his appearance when paired with the appearance of the other children he was always around. He was never described as cute, or talked to with loving words on the mostly-human-world. Instead, he was looked at with almost fear, his appearance looking rather demonic, almost. Because of this, he created a persona which he clung to more than his natural appearance, and even wore it while he was by himself, hiding his real face, and having most assume that he was simply a human. His Jedi Master was a strong, human man by the name of Keba Sueen, and Nejaa very quickly bonded with him, idolizing him for his beautiful appearance, and wishing that he could one day be respected and loved like his Jedi Master was. They started their training at once, learning the art of lightsaber fighting at an excelled rate, quickly surpassing the other Padawan learners in the temple, despite their older age, and longer years of training. Nejaa and Keba grew very close, and really started to trust each other. Nejaa was even brave enough to allow his master to see his real face, knowing that the Jedi Master did not have it in him to judge the appearance as anything bad, and just as who Nejaa was under the false skin he provided himself with. In fact, he told Nejaa on numerous occasions that he thought the Clawdite's ability to be rather interesting and cool. Because of this, Nejaa quickly bonded to the man in perhaps a stronger way than his own, biological parents. However, that was just the problem. He started to become too attached to his master, and thought of him as the father that he never had. He told himself that his father was just like his Jedi Master, and convinced himself that it was okay to think of him that way. Keba's mistake was not making it clear that this was not the relationship between the two. It was master and student, not parent and child. However, he had made the mistake due to his similar feelings, feeling responsible and bonded to the young boy. Over time, the human persona which Nejaa had created started to look more and more like his master, wanting to look as if he were the man's son. Of course, he justified it by pointing out that it would make certain infiltration missions easier, however Keba needed no justification to it. He had wanted a child, and this was the perfect secret from the other Jedi Knights.
  • Chapter Four: This chapter is the most recent chapter of Nejaa's life, and perhaps the most life changing. After numerous years with his master, Keba, Nejaa was sixteen years of age, and had become rather adept with his lightsaber abilities, and force control. He was, by all means, ready for his first big mission; something more than simple diplomatic missions with minor danger levels. Keba ad Nejaa were sent into the Outer Rim, to the planet called Sigil: a planet which was the source of the dangerous and expensive sigil lightsaber crystals, an important planet to the Jedi Order. Reports had come in from the Jedi Guardians posted there which made it sound like the planet was under siege. Keba and Nejaa were sent instantly, and arrive as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it was much worse than they had expected; than anyone had expected. As it turned out, one of the Jedi Knights posted there had tampered too far with the dark side, seemingly converting himself into a Dark Jedi, and slaying the others there. In a sudden and desperate attempt to control the situation, Keba engages the dark jedi in combat, telling Nejaa to seek cover. However, despite Keba's prowess with the lightsaber, the other man was more powerful and struck down Keba, forcing the padawan learner to watch as his master and father figure died from the agonizing pain of cauterized wounds. Nejaa waited in hiding for what seemed like hours, until he found the chance to escape, stealing the dark jedi's Scimitar starship, and using it to explode the building that the dark jedi was in, killing the man before Nejaa returned back to the Jedi Order in order to report the events. The mission scarred him, and started to push him towards angery tendencies, and a strong fear of death, not having fully comprehended the pain involved with dying. The jedi gave him their condolences, however, it did not help, seeing as their mentality was to rejoice the fact that he had become "one with the force." A concept that Nejaa could not simply accept, and he hated the fact that death was so easy for the others around him. Darkness started to collide with the boy's natural bright light, pushing him closer and closer to an undetermined fate.

Posted Image

A warrior born

From life itself.

Hidden, yet seen.

To walk in the light

Yet cast a dark shadow.

A light which sheds darkness,

And darkness which illuminates.

Meant to walk a path with high fences,

And found the destruction of his own upbringing,

While birthing something stronger than it was in its place.

The victim of destiny, set to redefine light and darkness itself.

Grasping his weakness as a powerful weapon without acceptance.

Set to live within the force, and be one with the force.

A warrior of both worlds, and a victim in both.

Let him hunt and become his sacrifice.

Yet those who lock him within himself,

Those who bar him in judgement,

Shall decay in their

Own Malice.

A warrior is born.

A warrior not to be forgotten.

Nor looked over.

A danger, yet the strongest saving grace.

A natural oxymoron.

Look into his eyes, and you will know.

Feel his aura, and you will know.








Posted ImagePosted Image

  • Stolen Pride.


    The Scimitar, fondly nicknamed Stolen Pride by its new owner Nejaa Niynx, is a stolen Sith Infiltrator that he claimed later on as his own. It has a pair of folding wings around a round cockpit; a design which was used on T-class long-range personal cruisers like the Valcyn and would later resurface in the famous TIE series of starfighters used primarily by the Galactic Empire. In front of the round cockpit (the whole forward-center section of the spacecraft) of the vehicle was a rare stygium crystal-powered cloaking device for creating an invisibility field. This enabled the ship to sneak through even the most advanced of security technologies and allowed its master to evade pursuit while on his missions. Built beneath the cloak field generator was a series of compartments containing various equipment for the previous owner's missions including three DRK-1 Dark Eye probe droids, his speeder bike Bloodfin, several interrogation droids and several security droids, spying equipment, torture devices, bombs and mines. Unfortunately, none of the equipment was on-board when the ship was stolen by Nejaa, other than the Bloodfin speeder bike. The Infiltrator was protected by six low-profile solar ionization cannons which could extend and fire several bursts in the blink of an eye. It was also equipped with an experimental high temperature X-C2 ion drive array which would resurface in future Sienar designs while the ship's hyperdrive was an unmodified SSDS 11-A. It could also carry six passengers while its total capacity was 2.5 metric tons.

  • Hook Hand.


    The Razalon FC-20 speeder bike consisted of a semi-circular body powered by a repulsorlift and piloted with a simple steering handle. The strange, curved body gave the FC-20 a low center of gravity, affording its rider a dramatically improved cornering ability. The FC-20 was most useful for those who did not wish to be seen, since the compact design presented a small target profile. The FC-20 was not armed, however it can be used in conjunction with the Jedi's lightsaber if needed. The FC-20 speeder also lacked shields or sensors, though an auto-brake feature brought the bike to a safe halt if the rider released the steering handles. Though popular, the FC-20 model was considered to be slower than other speeder bikes of the time, with a maximum speed of 180 kilometers per hour. The speeder bike also had a limited range before a recharge was required. It had a small repulsorlift engine with heavy baffling which made it a very quiet vehicle. That and its low riding height made it a popular vehicle for use in scouting.








Posted ImagePosted Image

Quantity: 2;

Blade Color: Green;

Special Features: Connect at middle to make dual bladed.

Posted Image

Quantity: 1;

Model: Geonosian Sonic Blaster;

Capacity: 30 Shots.








Posted Image

Quantity: 3;

Model: DRK-1 "Dark Eye" probe droid;

Armament: [2] Blaster cannon, stun blaster, dart gun.

[1] Grenade launcher (6 fragmentation grenades).








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> Access Encoding// ? [Enc_424]

> Active_Mission {int: scan}



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