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Valduin Izbien

Valduin Izbien

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About Me

NAME: Valduin Izbien

FACTION: Sith Empire
RANK: Apprentice
AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 6'0 ft
WEIGHT: 215lbs
EYES: Green
HAIR: Black
SKIN: White




STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

+ Valduin lives by one theory: Strength is obtained only through Power.

Be that power in knowledge, brute-force, or strength in numbers.

= He is very strong willed. If Valduin sets his mind to do something, his conviction is so strong only death will stop him from achieving it. Depending on the situation this can be a good thing or a terrible, fatal thing.

=Being very hostile in nature, Valduin is not the most charismatic person in the galaxy, and is often seen as intimidating.

+Through training he has become an exceptional adversary with a lightsaber, and is adept in manipulating the force to amplify his physical attributes,

-His concentration on these fields has caused his skill in other areas of the force to become stunted. Example being ranged force manipulation or effects on an adversary.

+Loyalty is of huge importance to Valduin as he has the heart of a soldier. That being said earning such loyalty can only be done so through respect and that falls back to the theory he has lived his life by...

-Valduin's body is scarred which does not benefit his charisma at all, but in the eyes of a true warrior it is a warmer sight than any handshake.

=Valduin is an excellent strategist, but often his blood lust over dubs his logic.







Valduin hated Naboo, resented his parents, and despised his race. He felt they were once such a proud tribe of people warring away with the Gungans. Naboo was his planet and he cringed at the thought of sharing it with such a race. He dreamed of becoming a warrior as long as he could remember, but his mother, Elise Izbien, and his father, Grey Izbien, felt his academic studies were far more important than his obsession with war fare. A topic they disputed often. He showed a connection to the force. How could that be ignored? His father, who like his father before him, had earned his wealth by trading amongst bordering systems, and this was the path he felt most suited for Valduin. For roughly ten years Valduin had undergone the torture of tedious studying at the academy. He had headed the lessons only because he saw knowledge as a power, second of course to strength in warfare, but power nonetheless.

Patiently he waited, posing as the loyal child expressing eagerness and obsession to his fathers trade routes and such, but he was determined to become the most powerful force-user alive. He grew into a young man and began to fear he might never leave the rock. His patience paid off as a captain in association was making a delivery to the planet of Korriban.

Valduin approached the captain with a proposition. For passage to Korriban he would provide him with both, password to his father's safe, and the account numbers and pins to his off planet accounts. With little hesitation the captain agreed to his terms, and Valduin soon found himself standing in a space port in Korriban...

The academy taught him how to attune his feelings to amplify the powers of the force and how to manipulate them to strengthen himself when dueling, and they introduced him to the weapon he has sworn to commit his life to perfecting, the lightsaber. He spends hours of every day practicing the different forms taught to him by the Sith Academy. His favorite from was the heavily power based Djem So form. A lightsabre was presented to Valduin as the prize of a dueling contest sponsored by the Academy. It was by no means flashy, and the boy dreamed of someday soon creating his own.

He found some enlightenment and training in the Sith Academy, but when it came time for him to become an apprentice to a master he went to seek fortune elsewhere. His drive for warfare led him to mercenary work (a profession he found himself quite fond of). He worked as an uncaring, unbiased mercenary for a while running errands for Mandolorians and Hutts both, but he had a certain respect for the Mandolorians. This was made apparent in his refusal to an assassination contract for a Hutt Cartel crime lord. A contract for his own life was added to the boards. Bounty hunters came...

In a now vacant club (burned to ember) on Tatooine, Valduin partook in the grittiest battle of his life. A skirmish he had hardly escaped from. He slew the heap of bounty hunters who had came to collect him as well as the brave, foolish patrons who had stuck around for the show, and then set the place ablaze staging his own death. Under the refuge of a prior employer more sympathetic towards him that the Cartel he healed for a time. He felt it time to further his understanding in the force, and seek a master that could match his desire for perfection

He met a lot of hardships and defeats, but the wisdom gained through this was as immense as the scars his body had began to acquire. At the age of 19 he returned to Korriban ready to begin true training in the force and pledge both his talents and his life to a master. Despite a few showing interest in the boy, he felt his destiny drove him elsewhere. Again, leaving Korriban he began to search the galaxy for one he might call master...

His search led him to the planet Vaynai. He was searching for a being so attuned to war, he was no longer considered a man. This was exactly the type of being Valduin asspired to become. He met this being, Arumi Zy, and on the beaches of Vaynai he pledged both his allegence and his blade to his new master in hopes of learning the skills of the infamous Arumi Zy...

Training as Arumi Zy's Apprentice:

With his master away to discuss matters with the Dark Council, Valduin found himself lost in deep contemplation of his sparring sessions with his master. Arumi Zy was the most competent martial artist young Valduin had ever faced. No confrontation ever played out the same, both men constantly improvising in their techniques. Valduin had merely scratched the surface of Arumi Zy's knowledge, and it had proven to be a vane not so easily mined. Every bit of knowledge Valduin chipped way from his master was earned in gallons of blood and sweat. Valduin loved it. Valduin lived for it.

It seemed that each time the duo clashed, Arumi wielded a new weapon, or, if his arsenal as a recurring one, he wielded it in an exotic style unknown to Valduin. He enjoyed the challenge his master provided, but found him self over-encumbered with frustration at his own short comings. During the time that his master was absent he swore to himself he would develop a form to at least challenge his master.

His master had turned him loose to freely roam much of the mansion with exceptions of course. Valduin had no intentions of tarnishing his new master's trust, and with held the conditions loyally. He set his course for the library. It was an expansive, dust layered room stretching for what seemed like light years back into the abyss of darkness. Using only the illumination of a candle, Valduin began his quest navigating thousands of transcripts seeking ancient forms from eras long forgotten. He fasted for days warning himself he would only eat when he was content with the knowledge he retrieved here. Truth be Valduin lost track of the time he spent in this room, but when he did emerge the light from the hallway took his sight momentarily. After regaining his strength and nourishment, he made his way to the training grounds.


Valduin began with laying out all he knew of the Sith originating form of Dun Moch. The incompetent instructors at the academy harped of it's dominance. Valduin felt that to truly be prepared for all enemies, or in his case imply his diverse master, one must master forms of every situation. Perhaps then he might mold them into universal form. Of course, no one form could trump another that was the beauty of the lightsaber, but just maybe he could develop the form all who would come after him would learn first. Not only would he be notorious for his reign on the galaxy, but the martial form he would develop would overtake Djem-So. With this as his goal to develop just that and his motivation to conquer his master in combat he began.

Building atop the Dun Moch form he then moved to stripping the necessities from Djem-So. Leaving the concept of balance he began to practice his own ability between switching from Makashi, Soresu, and the extremely aggressive and complex Juvo form. For hours he focused on the foot works of the three. Slowly moving up the body he focused on the next. Arm placement, center of gravity, balance, and so on finally arriving at strikes and guards themselves. Hours had turned in to days and he was just getting started...

He realized that with out learning many of these forms first hand from masters of each, he would never be a master of understanding in any one specifically, but in building his own form he was able to cover the faults eliminating them as faults all together. He had developed a form unique to him, but it still lacked the flare, power, and feel he was seeking. He pushed himself farther. Niman was the next form needing absorption. It's roots reached to be a hybrid between defense, power, and speed. Created under a preface similar to Valduin's. Many neutral force users preferred it to the Jedi Djem-So. Repeating a process similar to that he had already administered, Valduin blended it into his form. The next step was quite possibly the most difficult.

An aincient transcript Valduin had stumbled across in the library went into great detail of a legendary form called Vaapad. It's name came from a predator native o the moons of Sarapin. A style that truly bestowed dark power into it's wielder. It called for the user to give in to his blood lust and love of combat. His power was not only fueled by his own aggression, but also the aggression absorbed from his enemies. Vaapad created a continuous loop of power. It was the most important break through of Valduin's life. Perhaps he was not as strong as his master or those above him, but the rest of the galaxy would all bow obediently at Valduin's power. Of course such power does not leap from a holocron and into your soul, so Valduin began practicing his theories, experiments, and techniques not stop.

Valduin was pleased with his accomplishments, but there was one more thing that troubled him. His form, although immensely adaptable and powerful, felt like the many other forms of combat. A skilled warrior such as his master would need only minutes to adapt to defending it. Valduin needed to change everything. And so, taking inspiration and guidance from the Trispzest form, a reverse grip hybrid style mostly known for it's speed, Began to redevelop everything he had been working so vigorously on backwards. This would allow him to use his form both ways. In theory this had the potential to confuse even the greatest of duelist.

He had developed the style and felt a since of satisfaction in himself, but this was short lived as he knew that he was far from perfecting his new form. His master would be pleased he was sure of it. Valduin refused to slow in his training until his master returned. He would learn all he could while his master was away and present him with his advancements when he had returned...

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