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Darth Carnifex

Darth Carnifex

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#1790698 SI-Hunter Tracking/Targeting Suite

Posted by Darth Carnifex on Today, 09:23 AM




  • Intent: Create a military-grade tracking/targeting suite for TSE
  • Image Source: Click - Tumblr.com
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: 


  • Manufacturer: Sith-Imperial Corps of Engineers
  • Model: SI-Hunter Tracking/Targeting Suite
  • Affiliation: The Sith Empire
  • Modularity: Yes; additional sub-systems and routines can be incorporated into or around this package's systems
  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Durasteel, electronics, circuitry, insulators, other appropriate materials specific to military-grade systems included



  • Able to provide targeting solutions when sensor or scanner jamming is active, due to reliance on laser technology.
  • Non-standard sensor reliant targeting methods that improve firing solutions and enemy transitional data on the battlefield via system-specific targeting computers.
  • Seeker systems able to work either in conjunction with or independently from, existing Sith-Imperial vessel sensors and scanners for improved battle targeting.
  • Adaptable for targeting stealth ships, with improved accuracy via laser triangulation compared to blind sensor-based weapon fire, so long as detected visually or by other means (ion emissions, comm waves/bursts, etc).


  • Ineffective against visually-impairing cloaking systems.
  • Cannot detect sensor cloaking stealth ships, they must be detected by others means prior to manually maintaining triangulation targeting.
  • Individual components and systems retain typical properties and technical weaknesses.
  • Prone to standard weaknesses offered by electronics and machinery, such as EMP.
  • Requires dedicated crew to use, maintain and update data to standard targeting systems of the vessel.
  • Due to specific systems, heavily damaged components require replacement at Sith-Imperial shipping yards, limiting field repairs.
  • Requires integration into Sith-Imperial specific vessel systems, unable to be used on other ship designs.
  • Requires adequate system and component space, and cannot be installed on Sith-Imperial craft smaller than 500m in length.



When the Sith first made contact with the resurgent Chiss Ascendancy, there was a tentative distrust between the two authoritarian governments over perceived manipulation from each other. However, as time dragged on that distrust began to dissipate like steam, and a transfer of technological ideas emerged between the two groups.


The Sith learned much from the Chiss Ascendancy, especially how to better organize their starship equipment for peak efficiency.


Multi-spectrum laser-based targeting systems, capable of targeting, locking, and tracking multiple vessels was one of the many techniques taught to the Sith. Designed to bypass the shortcomings of older sensor and scanner modules against EWAR and other disruptive effects, it uses a method of ranged triangulation lasers, targeting modules, imaging, tracking and display systems that work together to pinpoint vessels, gauge range, estimate headings and offer a targeting computer this information for more accurate firing solutions.


This suite even offers improved weapon accuracy against stealth craft, which uses sensor disruption coating technology, once detected by various means (visually, ion emissions, comm waves/bursts, proximity, etc). And while the laser systems used are able to estimate locations against sensor disruption coatings, it isn't one-hundred-percent accurate, and the system still retains no effect against visually cloaked targets - yet, compared to blocked sensor-based weaponry, this system is much improved for the purpose.

#1790328 ENDGAME: Eclipse the Light OOC

Posted by Darth Carnifex on Yesterday, 07:56 PM

**Steals the GA's magma cell technology.**

#1790239 Rebellion Rules Update

Posted by Darth Carnifex on Yesterday, 05:46 PM

What about people who use year old minor factions with no activity to facilitate a rebellion?


Valiens Nantaris

#1790136 Endgame Faction OOC

Posted by Darth Carnifex on Yesterday, 03:23 PM

I will be at Coruscant, most likely leading the charge or something.

#1790112 ENDGAME: Eclipse the Light OOC

Posted by Darth Carnifex on Yesterday, 03:08 PM

Consider this a prime opportunity to purify Coruscant of entities that might still resist the influence of Coruscant First after the Empire and Alliance recede.


Zeradias Mant

#1790100 Scenes from the Empire

Posted by Darth Carnifex on Yesterday, 02:54 PM

"It is not often that I am able to lay my eyes upon your face, unmasked."


The need for secrecy had been paramount over the years, Taeli's position deep within the Galactic Alliance could not afford to be compromised. But now, at last, the era of secrecy was quickly coming to a close as Master Raaf reported on her activities. "So, the time has finally come. For many years we have plotted, we have waited patiently. Now, at last, we will unleash the fire that will burn the Alliance to cinders, shattering their stranglehold on the galaxy forever."


It had long since been a dream of the Emperor, to see the Alliance finally humbled and made to kowtow to the might of the Dark Side of the Force. The Great Galactic War had allowed the Sith Empire to deliver its own series of hammer blows to the ailing Alliance, but they had never been in a position advantageous enough to deliver the final strike. 


Now they were, with Taeli's agents infiltrating practically half of the Alliance military and other governmental institutions.


"This is most excellent news, my darling. You have served faithfully for many years, and your loyalty will be rewarded tenfold once Coruscant burns."


Taeli Raaf

#1790091 ENDGAME: Eclipse the Light OOC

Posted by Darth Carnifex on Yesterday, 02:44 PM



Cotan Sar'andor

#1789999 ENDGAME: Eclipse the Light OOC

Posted by Darth Carnifex on Yesterday, 12:07 PM


#1789943 Scenes from the Empire

Posted by Darth Carnifex on Yesterday, 10:43 AM

The Emperor's mouth curled down in a frown, his brow knitting in thought as Disciple disappeared into thin air only leaving behind a single red balloon. The creature's words didn't necessarily trouble the Sith Emperor, but they did make him think.


"An ill omen indeed, for what does Sarge Potteiger have to do with this?"


The last time the Emperor and Potteiger met was on a rooftop many years ago, when Carnifex had attempted to finally fulfill his burning desire to end the life of Anaya Fen. Potteiger had interrupted them, of course, and had blasted Carnifex with a round from his combat bolter. The blast had torn out a great chunk of his midsection, leaving him bleeding and injured several stories below that rooftop. He had not known what had transpired after he had fallen, but by the time his agents had recovered him, both Anaya Fen and Sarge Potteiger were gone without a trace.


"Questions for another time," the Emperor muttered, "But now that we are no longer interrupted, my lady, why don't you inform me of the harrowing news you keep locked in your head?"


Disciple | Taeli Raaf

#1789545 A Step Up

Posted by Darth Carnifex on 20 May 2018 - 06:29 PM



The Emperor didn't completely trust Vanessa, he was rightfully paranoid about many Sith in his great Empire. This consolidation of hidden assets was also unsettling, though she had been completely forthwith in her confession of her actions. One could still never be too cautious when navigating a den of vipers, and already there had been whispers of a breach from within the Saaraishash themselves; leading to the disastrous incident at Jaminere. 


"Perhaps," the Emperor reiterated, "But I am still not convinced, Vanessa. This behind-the-scenes meddling and accumulation speaks more of treachery than it does dedication to my work, preparing for my downfall while my reign still remains steadfast and strong. Relinquish yourself to the authority of the Saaraishash agents I am sending to monitor your activities concerning the Maldrood, and let them discern where your true loyalties lie."


"Should you be proven capable and loyal, I may yet grant you what your heart desires."


Vanessa Vantai

#1789440 Scenes from the Empire

Posted by Darth Carnifex on 20 May 2018 - 03:15 PM

"You and boredom never mixed well."


Oh, how long had it truly been? Though nearly two decades had passed, the Emperor could vividly remember the dark storm clouds that had rolled over Kaas City the night that Moridin had made his move. Fighting had been sporadic, isolated pockets of resistance pushing against the grand coup that Moridin had orchestrated to put himself upon the throne of the Empire. Carnifex had been there in person, he killed several Sith who had resisted Moridin's call for unity and strode into the throne room shortly after the Dark Council's execution to declare his allegiance to Moridin's Empire. 


What surprised the young Imperial Agent was the sudden appearance of Disciple in that throne room, trading words with the newly christened Emperor Moridin. He had truly looked the part of a jester in those days, his outlandish appearance concealing his devilish nature. Disciple didn't stick around for long, disappearing as quickly as he came while Kaine delivered the proclamation of Moridin's ascension to the greater Empire, himself becoming Moridin's right-hand in the aftermath.


How far he had come since those early days.


"You know more than you let on, King of Creatures. I would ask that you be forthwith, but you've never been one to abandon madness and riddles."


Disciple | Taeli Raaf

#1788950 Scenes from the Empire

Posted by Darth Carnifex on 19 May 2018 - 03:06 PM

The doors retracted with a hiss of hydraulic steam, a mystifying fog surrounding Taeli's approach towards the elevated throne. Several Crownguard stood positioned at strategic intervals around the chamber, closer to the walls and to the multiple entrances built into them. Many of them knew the Lady of Secrets by her appearance, having been the silent watchers on many of her private meetings with the Emperor of the Sith. Their loyalty was unquestionable, and their devotion unwavering to their diabolical liege-lord. 


Carnifex smiled, spreading his hands wide in greeting as the Lady of Secrets took a knee at the foot of the plinth. "Lady of Secrets, it is always a pleasure to see you in good health. Do not concern yourself with the past, Jaminere was an insignificant distraction. Whatever ground the rebels gained is of no consequence, they will soon be dealt wi-..."


The Emperor's words were cut off as his gaze suddenly swept to the left, fixating on the enigmatic figure that suddenly seemed to materialize out from behind one of the statues that decorated the chamber. At the man's sudden appearance the nearest Crownguard sprung into action, lightsaber pikes held in aggressive stances as they surged forth to surround the man. Yet even as they did so, the Emperor held up a hand for them to stand down.


He recognized this man, surely not physically but the familiarity in the Force revealed the man's identity, and it was not someone that Kaine Zambrano had expected to see again in his lifetime. "Disciple," he spoke the words, not as one would say to an actual novice, but with more than a fair share of respect, recognition, and surprise. "What an ill omen," mused the Emperor, practically under his breath, "You will find that many of your kind have returned to the galaxy, most came from the planet Athiss. Apparently, they kept an entire Pureblood civilization in hiding there. I am surprised that you did not know, Disciple, but to what do I owe the honor of your arrival, Jester of Mischief?"


Taeli Raaf | Disciple

#1788947 Sith-Imperial Multiple-Altitude Assault Gunship

Posted by Darth Carnifex on 19 May 2018 - 02:48 PM




  • Intent: So many ships, so little time
  • Image Source: Click - FractalSponge
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source:



  • Classification: Infantry Transport, Air-to-Ground / Air-to-Air Support Craft
  • Length: 18m
  • Width: 16m
  • Height: 7m
  • Armament: High
    • [4] Composite-beam Laser Cannons (360° Range of Fire)
    • [2] Fire-linked Twin Repeating Blaster Cannons
    • [2] Wing-mounted Missile Launcher Pods
  • Defenses: High
    • Deflector Shields
    • Reinforced Hull
    • Anti-Missile Countermeasures
      • Chaff
      • Flares
  • Squadron Count: None - 1
  • Maneuverability Rating: Moderate
  • Speed Rating: Moderate
  • Hyperdrive Class: None


  • Communication Systems:
    • Communication Wave Descrambler
    • Encryption Module
    • Frequency Jammer
    • Holonet Transceiver
    • Hyperwave Transceiver
    • Ranger Transceiver
    • Subspace Transceiver
  • Environmental Systems:
    • Artificial Gravity
    • Distress Beacon
    • Environmental Converter
    • Inertial Damper
    • Life Support
    • Navigation Systems
  • Propulsion Systems:
    • Ion Drives
    • Maneuvering Jets
  • Sensor and Targeting Systems:
    • Anti-ion Emission Tracer
    • Aural Sensor
    • Com-scan
    • Comm laser
    • Hyperwave Signal Interceptor
    • Life Form Indicator
    • Long-range Sensor
    • Sensor Dampener
    • Targeting Laser
    • Targeting Sensor
    • Tri-Tracker
    • Wide-range Sensor


  • N/A


  • Mobile Gun Platform: The MAAG is chocked full of offensive weaponry that can make life abnormally hellish for any footsoldier unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of its fury.
  • Troop Transport: The MAAG can carry a full platoon of Imperial Legionnaires into battle within its reinforced hold, with a rear-facing deployable ramp able to quickly facilitate the disembarking of soldiers.


  • No Hyperdrive: Without a hyperdrive, the MAAG has to be launched from warships with reasonable hangar space. Typically this is done via Ferrata-class Corps Assault Carriers.
  • Non-existant Squadron Count:  MAAGs typically fly in singular groups with an optional fighter escort.


Drawing on the Old Empire's S90 MAAT and the ancient Imperial LAAT/i for inspiration, the MAAG is the definitive evolution of both combat transports rolled into a singular vehicle. Powerful and well-protected, the MAAG sports top-of-the-line weapon systems designed for superior atmospheric combat to both ferry soldiers and support Imperial ground elements during surface campaigns. 


The MAAG is also equipped with several atmospheric countermeasures such as flares, chaff, and robust deflector shields that can take quite a pounding before reaching critical levels. 


The interior of the MAAG is spacious enough to store forty Legionnaires, several crates of munitions, and two speeder bikes. The interior can be reconfigured to serve several different purposes ranging from cargo hauling, to mobile scientific laboratories, and anything else deemed appropriate for a situation. MAAG's versatility as an atmospheric gunship ensures its continued place as a valued asset of the Imperial Legion.

#1788817 Scenes from the Empire

Posted by Darth Carnifex on 19 May 2018 - 10:29 AM



The Emperor's throne room was dark, illuminated only by the light filtering up through the gridded electroluminescence strips that surrounded the throne in the shape of a spoked wheel. The absence of light cast ominous shadows across Carnifex's face, enhancing his naturally intimidating appearance. His body was swathed in dark maroon robes embroidered with gold Sith lettering and iconography, a symbol of his power, opulence, and dedication to the old traditions of the Sith.


Before Carnifex knelt several Pureblood Sith, their crimson bodies adorned with black zeyd-cloth robes covered by equally black plastoid armor. Their markings indicated them as Majors of the Imperial Legion, and before them, they had arrayed several lightsabers and padawan braids over torn and tattered cloth displaying the symbols of several of the Empire's enemies.


"Well done, my warriors, well done. With each victory and every tribute, you bring glory to the Empire, bringing us ever closer to achieving grand triumph over the thralls of the Light." The Emperor's voice was booming, utterly authoritarian, and dripping with a casual cruelty that demanded absolute obedience. "Return to your command ships, and continue to scour the Tingel Arm for any more Jedi Temples. Burn them and bring back more treasures, and your descendent's will never know hunger, poverty, or weakness."


They rose and saluted the Emperor, a closed fist crossed over the left breast and held there for a second and a half before bowing low at the waist. As they departed, several hooded servants would surge forth to collect the tributes and relocate them to private storerooms adjacent to the throne room.


A message chimed on the Emperor's throne, conjuring a small holoprojection of one of the guard captains of the Palace upon activation. "Your Eminence, the Lady of Secrets is here to see you." Carnifex's mouth split into a mischevious grin, "Send her in at once."


Taeli Raaf

#1788455 Watch the Fangs

Posted by Darth Carnifex on 18 May 2018 - 06:00 PM

His head turned slowly, regarding his beautiful wife with cruel and searing eyes, though they softened ever so slightly in her presence. Carnifex wore a specially tailored Imperial uniform, though his trademark maroon cloak was currently draped over the tall back of his throne, and his lightsaber sat inert on top of his desk. He turned fully now, taking two tentative steps towards Invicta as a coy smile split across his grizzled, handsome features.


"It is nothing, my treasure. Just the waning fatigue of a day of bureaucracy. Like the enemies of the Empire, it will pass into the sands of forgotten history."


Now he neared closer, standing at less than an arm's length from her as uncusped both hands from behind his back and let them hang idly at his sides. He simply stood there, taking in her beauty as the seconds passed mercifully slow, his breath well-maintained and slow as he drank in every ounce of her magnificence. Her dress was particularly provocative, its body-fitting nature showing the results of her multiple pregnancies. She had evolved from that lean predator into a voluptuous mother, though she retained her lethality even as her edges softened to tantalizing curves.


And then in a moment, he was on her, his large hands pulling her up into an embrace as his lips found hers. They parted for but a second, "Oh, but how I have yearned for your company, beloved."


Invicta Zambrano