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#1828974 Sith-Imperial Thirteenth Assault Fleet

Posted by Darth Carnifex on Yesterday, 06:02 PM




  • Intent: Create an Imperial Invasion Fleet
  • Image Credit: Click - The Star Wars Chronology Project
  • Role: Imperial Invasion Fleet
  • Links: N/A



  • Strengths
    • Planetary Assault & Occupation: The prime directive of the Thirteenth Assault Fleet is to advance the vanguard of the Sith Empire, conquering entire systems for the glory of the Sith Emperor and in the name of Imperialism. To accomplish this, the Thirteenth Fleet is accompanied by three Ferrata-class Assault Battlecruisers, each of which can land an entire army corps on the surface for ground operations. 
    • Imperial Presence:  The mere sight of the Empire's dagger-shaped warships is enough to inspire succinct fear into a planet's population, which more often than not leads to the capitulation of an entire star system to avoid any reprisal for defiance against the Empire. The continued presence of such warships reinforces that fear over many rotations.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Long-range Weaponry: The Thirteenth Fleet is not equipped to fight long-range engagements with dedicated artillery ships, as the Harrowers do not possess the necessary weaponry to engage at such distances. Close-quarter engagements and intimidation are its specialties.
    • Smaller Ships & Starfighters: The smallest warship in the fleet is five hundred meters, and is not supplemented by smaller and agiler frigates or corvettes. This leaves the fleet particularly weak against faster ships and starfighters that can easily outpace the Terminus cruisers and the even larger Harrowers. 



After the re-conquest of the Dromund System reached its conclusion, the Sith Empire found itself with a large number of Resurgent Empire assets, naval officers, and soldiers. Instead of divvying them up into already existing army groups, the Emperor declared that the former Resurgent armies would be allowed to form their own battle groups under the supreme supervision of the Military Executor, Darth Prazutis.


One of the Sith Lords who was recruited into the military, Lord Drakash, was given the authority to form his own expeditionary fleet. Summoning many of his previous allies and warriors to his side, Lord Drakash formed the Thirteenth Assault Fleet and the Thirteenth Expeditionary Legion, both of which would be comprised of and led by Pureblood Sith from Athiss. 


With his fleet and legion secure, Lord Drakash set out to bring more territory into the Imperial fold. The Thirteenth Fleet fought at the battles of Lianna, Rhen Var, Voss, and Ession. 

#1828951 The Dark Oculus

Posted by Darth Carnifex on Yesterday, 05:09 PM


++ A Dark Oculus seen situated above the Imperial Throne on Bastion ++


  • Intent: Create a cool piece of tech I thought up one day
  • Image Source: Click - AWN.com
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: 



  • Combining the technology and knowledge of the hyperspace travelers known as the Attendants and the ancient secrets of the Dark Side of the Force, the Dark Oculus enhances the power of artifacts known as Oracle Stones. 
  • Oracle Stones were used by the ancient Sith to divine the future, or to view distant locations, people, and events. The Sith Empire has seen to replicate these devices, albeit not as powerful as those described in the annals of the Red Sith.
  • The alien mechanism that surrounds the encased Oracle Stone amplifies the artifact's effects tenfold and magnifies the images conjured forth by the stone until they can be displayed in front of the device in a holographic state. 
  • There are several limitations to the user's ability to peer through the webways of the Force, however, primarily the fact that the user needs to know where an individual is beforehand if they wish to view them. The same goes for locations and events, one must be aware of their existence in the cosmos before they can accurately view them. 
  • This can somewhat be remedied with the aid of dedicated farseers and oracles, but only slightly.


  • Long-Distance Scrying - The Dark Oculus allows its user to view distant locations and events across the galaxy through the Force, similar to how one could look through the Force with Farsight but with greater clarity and focus. It could also be used to view future events, but as the future was in constant flux these visions were not as accurate as simply viewing distant locales.


  • Prior Knowledge Required - A user needs to know the location they wish to view prior to using the Dark Oculus, as it will not show them a location that they have no knowledge of. One may see a planet or building they have either been to or know where it is, but they cannot view secret locations or locations unknown to them. Similarly, if one plans to use the Oculus to spy on another being, they must possess considerable knowledge of the individual's physical description and name.
  • Can't Penetrate Strong Force Cloaking - Techniques such as the White Current can circumvent the scrying powers of the Dark Oculus, preventing a user from spying on individuals who are well-versed in that particular art. The same goes for other forms of significant and difficult-to-detect cloaking Force powers.


When the Sith Lord known as Darth Vornskr came across the Attendants in the Unknown Regions he utilized their great knowledge of hyperspace travel to map out his own charts of the Unknown Region, discovering many untold secrets at the farthest edges of the unexplored galaxy. Impressed with their natural talents, Vornskr brought to the civilized galaxy and gave them a new home in the Sith. 

Thankful for the Sith Lord's generosity, the Attendants forged him a series of powerful objects that they called the Dark Oculus. Utilizing various esoteric metals, the Attendants built large contraptions that housed large spheres of crystalsteel and nihil smokestone around minor Oracle Stones that could channel the Dark Side of the Force into revealing distant locations across the galaxy. Vornskr used these oculi to great advantage when maneuvering his various assets across the galaxy, while also keeping tabs on both his allies and his rivals.

As Vornskr transitioned into Carnifex, the newly crowned Emperor of the Sith installed many of these devices across his numerous Sith-Imperial holdings and gifted others to prominent members of his family. One of these devices sits over the Imperial throne on Bastion, while another resides on the Emperor's dreadnought, the Behemoth.

#1828932 The Emperor's Fist

Posted by Darth Carnifex on Yesterday, 04:15 PM


++ The Super Star Dreadnought, Behemoth, with a patrol squadron of SI-TIE Fighters ++


  • Intent: Create the Emperor's personal escort
  • Image Credit: Click - Specimen13@DeviantArt
  • Role: Emperor's Escort
  • Links: N/A



  • Strengths: 
    • Powerful Command Ship: The Behemoth is one of the most powerful dreadnoughts ever to grace the space lanes of the modern era, and serves as the personal flagship of the Sith Emperor. Bristling with weapon emplacements dorsal and ventral, the Behemoth has often been cited as strong enough to comprise its own fleet.
    • Capital Ship Combat: All of the ships in the Emperor's Fist are geared towards capital ship combat, with powerful turbolasers capable of delivering high quantities of damage to any ship unfortunate enough to veer into its path.
    • Hyperspace Tracking: The Behemoth is outfitted with bleeding edge hyperspace tracking technology, enabling the Emperor to hunt his enemies even after they enter hyperspace. This makes escaping the Behemoth and accompanying vessels all the more difficult.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Weak Anti-Starfighter: While each ship in the Emperor's Fist is immensely powerful, they have very little in the way of dedicated anti-starfighter weaponry. There certainly is point-defense across the Behemoth's hull, but not enough to provide a full defensive screen.
    • Cumbersome Support Ships: Each support ship in the Fist is there to protect the Emperor's flagship, and never travel out of formation with the titanic dreadnought. This means that the destroyers can't achieve maximum forward momentum when in motion, having to deliberately slow themselves to stay in pace with the Behemoth
    • Only One Carrier: With the four supporting Xim-class Battlecruisers possessing zero hangar space for starfighters, that leaves only the Behemoth as the single starfighter carrier in the entire formation. And while the Behemoth can churn out just over forty starfighter squadrons, having it all localized in one ship isn't the best strategy. 



The Sith Emperor valued all things that epitomized strength and superiority, which was encapsulated by the sheer titanic nature of his flagship, the Behemoth. The very presence of the dreadnought was enough to inspire both dread and awe in his subjects and enemies alike, its distinct dagger-like silhouette the herald of many a rebel's doom.


Where the Emperor traveled, his flagship was not far behind. Following that was a support fleet of varying size and pedigree, the mainstay being a small formation known as the Emperor's Fist.


Comprised of the command ship Behemoth and four Xim-class Star Battlecruisers, the Emperor's Fist was not wholly designed to serve as a dedicated war fleet; as it lacked many of the essential cruisers and frigates that made for a well-rounded assault fleet. No, instead the fleet maximized the terror of Imperial arms and served to emphasize the Emperor's mighty command ship.


None of the Xim battlecruisers possessed the ventral hangar bays of their smaller destroyer cousins, with all of that freed up space being utilized for more powerful weapon systems, energy generators, and layers of reinforced armor. The only hangar that could launch starfighters was located on the Behemoth's underside.


With an emphasis on capital ship weaponry, the Emperor's Fist was geared towards ship-to-ship combat over both long and short distances.

#1828863 Cruelty is a Desirable Trait

Posted by Darth Carnifex on Yesterday, 02:12 PM

"A new dawn rises, Lady Morrow."


He sent his servants to fetch more suitable garments for his apprentice than the blanket she had wrapped around her, something befitting her new station. As they were left alone for the moment, the Emperor informed the newly minted Darth Morrow of her new charges. "With a new name comes new responsibilities. As a knighted lady, you are now an executor of my will. You will take apprentices of your own, pass down my teachings through you to them, and command the soldiers of the Empire in our wars against the light." Soon enough the word would spread of the Emperor's apprentice being formally knighted by her liege, and regional commanders would be made to learn to obey this new arbiter.


"Custom dictates that I bequeath you a gift on the day of your ascension, and thus I will give you the Apotheosis. It was a battlecruiser I had utilized as my flagship nearly ten years ago, and have recently retrofitted with the latest and greatest Imperial technology birthed by my Empire. You will find that it will serve you well as you serve me and the Empire." The Emperor would produce a small holoprojector, creating a three-dimensional image of the battlecruiser in question. At an even two kilometers in length, its fierce alien design would no doubt be pleasing to his reborn apprentice.


Valeska Daeranthe

#1828814 AQUILA Artificial Intelligence System

Posted by Darth Carnifex on Yesterday, 12:31 PM






  • Hyper-Intelligent/Advanced AI - AQUILA is capable of rapid data analysis and high-speed processing, allowing the artificial intelligence to not only carry out tactical operations but also hyperspace tracking, repelling boarders, serving as an overseer of all other automated systems, and a variety of other tasks onboard a starship.
  • Adaptive Heuristic Processors - AQUILA is considered a learning intelligence by those that designed it and is capable of learning and adapting the longer it stays online, effectively predicting the myriad of possible outcomes and solutions to the ever-shifting tide of war.
  • Self-Regulating Protocols - AQUILA can update or remove outdated coding in its own systems, ensuring that the AI remains at peak performance at any given time.


  • Advanced AI - Capable of rapidly analyzing, cataloging, redirecting, and processing astronomical amounts of data far faster than standard AI's and Organic crew.
  • Bio-metric Security Interface - Makes it difficult for slicers to slice through the already established command codes and override its programming.
  • Predictive Algorithms - Using newly acquired data, and comparing it to previous encounters - the AI is able to calculate the most likely outcomes of an encounter and offer the highest probability to the user.


  • Central Mainframe - The heart of AQUILA is susceptible to close-proximity EMP detonations, a weakness that can be easily exploited by boarding parties looking to disable the advanced AI at its source. 
  • Power Hungry - AQUILA requires its own dedicated set of power generations to remain at peak efficiency, and if anyone of those generations should be rendered inoperable then AQUILA would suffer detriment to its ability to perform its tasks.
  • Multitasking - To maximize efficiency, AQUILA typically devotes a large quantity of processing power to one task at a time. However, if the AI is running combat probabilities and it has to suddenly switch priorities to internal security, the sudden division in processing power slows down the reaction and accuracy until it can be stabilized. 


After the failed attempt to hijack the Behemoth over Dubrillion, the Emperor and his engineers knew they needed to rebuild the AXIOS artificial intelligence in their possession from the ground up.

They stripped away the outdated software until all that remained was the core intelligence and the personality matrix of AQUILA, the intelligence that served as the captain of the Behemoth. They then designed entirely new coding that was then integrated into the core intelligence, bereft of the old protocols that the intruders had attempted to utilize to gain control of the dreadnought. 

The Emperor personally oversaw every step of the intelligence's restoration, inputting his own commands and backup protocols where necessary. With the intelligence core rebuilt with new software, AQUILA's personality matrix was reconnected and intertwined with the new protocols. 

Carnifex abandoned the old name of AXIOS and renamed the artificial intelligence after the personality, AQUILA. Not content to just possess one AQUILA, the Emperor commanded that several copies of AQUILA be created for use elsewhere in the Sith Empire.

#1828349 TSE Armory

Posted by Darth Carnifex on 17 July 2018 - 04:37 PM

#1828345 Planetary Holdings

Posted by Darth Carnifex on 17 July 2018 - 04:33 PM

#1828328 Cruelty is a Desirable Trait

Posted by Darth Carnifex on 17 July 2018 - 03:56 PM

"You have suffered in your own way for your ambition, apprentice." There was nothing like dying and then crawling back to life in the Emperor's mind, he had experienced the sensation personally and found it to be quite traumatic. "And no, I do not think you have much left to learn in the ways of battle. You have proven yourself to me."


She had done well, remarkably so.


Had she informed him that she planned to track Imperia down and hassle her for answers, he would've written her off as a dead fool. But no, she had surprised him when she returned, irrevocably broken yet victorious. Though her recounting of the Lady Imperia did leave the Crucible Operation in considerable dire straights if she was to be believed, he would have to dispatch his agents to find Imperia and surmise the entire truth in order to decide how best to proceed with his hidden projects. 


But first things first.


"Valeska Daeranthe, kneel before your Lord and Master so that I may transfer onto you a blessing." Once she had done so, the Emperor conjured forth crimson Sith lightning between his two hands and passed the current back and forth from fingertip to fingertip, eventually enveloping his apprentice in an agonizing field of dark energy that cascaded over her body like a shroud. "You have knelt before me as Valeska Daeranthe, and I, Darth Carnifex, Dark Lord of the Sith, transfer onto you the mark of the Sith." Somewhere on her body, the image of the Sith would be systematically burned into her flesh by the dark lightning that coursed around her, the smell of burning flesh filling the room before the mark was complete.


"And with this mark comes a new name, a new identity to coincide with your rebirth. So now rise, my apprentice, rise as Darth Morrow! Lady of the Dark Side, and trueborn Knight of the Sith!"


Valeska Daeranthe

#1828317 The Less You Know The Better [ TSE Dominion of Zygerria ]

Posted by Darth Carnifex on 17 July 2018 - 03:47 PM

"Excellent, we'll take our refreshments in the conference room." No need to waste time when you could combine both avenues to maximum efficiency, a mindset that had led the Sith Empire to triumph many, many times over the preceding months. The Emperor crossed both of his arms behind his back and beneath his cloak as the Zygerrian Guards led them through the palace, which was ornately decorated in rich reds, blues, and turquoise architecture until, at last, they reached the chamber where the Empress of the Zygerrians awaited them. The Empress wore an elaborate dress of interwoven dark blue and bright gold fabric, which clung well to her shapely form and was accented by an amusing number of jewelry adorning her fingers, ears, nose, and neck that glinted warmly and jingled with the slightest movement.


In contrast, the Emperor and his Shadow Hand only wore dark and foreboding ceremonial armor and robes inscribed with golden Sith runes, a symbol of their power and prestige among the Sith culture. A lanky adjutant wearing standard Imperial military dress stood at attention and announced their arrival, "Presenting Emperor Kaine Zambrano, the supreme master of the Sith Empire and Dark Lord of the Sith Brotherhood, and Shadow Hand Braxus Zambrano, Military Executor of the Imperial Military."


If the Zygerrians had their own announcement, they were allowed to give theirs before the Emperor spoke.


"It pleases me to see you in good health, Empress Nil. Even more, it pleased me to see the Sith welcomed so warmly to Zygerria, truly the crown jewel of the Chorlian Sector.


Verse Taggart | Darth Prazutis

#1828304 Cruelty is a Desirable Trait

Posted by Darth Carnifex on 17 July 2018 - 03:19 PM

The Emperor chuckled, "It is a long story apprentice, but suffice to say my power cannot be contained within a physical shell for more than several years at a time. I primarily exist as energy, formless and unyielding, but require a mortal conduit to exercise my power. That is the ultimate toll of the Dark Side of the Force." His current body was his fourth, his first having been destroyed by Kiskla Grayson many years ago on Panatha, and his second falling victim to Gabriel Sionoma on Dromund Kaas. His third was sacrificed in exchange for his current body after significant modifications were made to the clone's genetic sequences that afforded the Sith Empire rapid regenerative abilities.


Fortunately, his current body was still useful and strong. He calculated that it would be many more years before he was forced to abandon it.


"And because of that necessity, I have acquired the greatest cloning technology ever known to the galaxy. With it, I have created an inexhaustible supply of clone bodies to serve as my future vessels once the flesh I wear becomes too weak and brittle for my power. It was that technology that I used to create the form you now wear, as mindless clones needn't a long gestation period like those who possess their own personalities do."


Valeska Daeranthe

#1828204 O Fortuna

Posted by Darth Carnifex on 17 July 2018 - 12:43 PM

The Emperor's grin widened, "A pity then."


He raised his right hand up, palm facing out towards Veiere as dark power began to coalesce beneath his scarred skin. Slowly, he extended each of his fingers out towards the subdued man as if reaching out towards him, and that was when the power reached its apex. Electricity, unnaturally crimson, poured from the tips of his fingers and sang through the air with a metallic crackle followed shortly by the odorous stench of ozone and burning flesh as the tendrils of power slammed right into Veiere Arenais. There had been past instances where the Emperor's insidious power had been strong enough to melt metal and cook flesh right down to the bone, but the energy that now washed over Arenais' body was far more subdued.


Carnifex did not want to kill the former King of Commenor, he wanted to make him suffer.


The supreme suzerain of the Dark Side bathed Veiere in his power, subjected him to several minutes of agonizing torture as lightning continued to pour out of the Emperor's hand in controlled intervals. Smoke rose from the man's body, undoubtedly crumbled without any means of defending himself. 


After a final bout of electricity, the Emperor brought an end to his assault. "Ignorant fool, you will only find understanding in the end... The power of the Dark Side is unmatched in the galaxy, and soon your former wife will feel its effects just as you have if she continues to defy destiny. Pray that she is a quick learner, Arenais."


Alkor Centaris | Veiere Arenais

#1828193 Cruelty is a Desirable Trait

Posted by Darth Carnifex on 17 July 2018 - 12:29 PM

The struggle to survive, the determination to not perish. If anything it was these qualities that embodied the spirit of the Sith, this fierce tenacity to never let go of the material and to exist in perpetuity, a permanent actor upon the stage of life. Carnifex watched his apprentice transfer her essence from her mangled corpse to the fresh body he had made for her, his eyes twinkling with pride as she managed to bridge the gap despite her exhaustion and momentary weakness. She utilized her anger, tapped into the Dark Side of the Force, and made the universe bend to her will as she fully slipped into her new skin.


Awakening with a startle, Valeska Daeranthe was reborn.


Carnifex watched dispassionately as her old being crumbled into dust, several of the attendants already moving ahead to scoop up the ash and clean the soiled linens without him having to command them to. This allowed him to fully fixate on his reborn apprentice, his hand reaching out to gently grasp her flesh to anchor her in reality as her senses re-adjusted to this alien sensation of rebirth. It was an experience he was well familiar with.


"Apprentice, can you hear me?"


Valeska Daeranthe

#1828173 Cruelty is a Desirable Trait

Posted by Darth Carnifex on 17 July 2018 - 11:36 AM

Carnifex ordered another bed rolled into the room and that the clone body is taken from stasis and moved onto the new bed. Chilling fog billowed out from the sarcophagus as it was opened, and with careful hands the team of doctors lifted the naked clone body out and gently placed it down, making sure to adjust all of the limbs so that they were uniform. Then both beds were pushed together, with the Emperor standing behind the heads of both as he grasped the decrepit remaining hand of Valeska and held it above the fresh hand of the clone.


"The time has come, apprentice. Be reborn."


Now he placed her hand over the smooth porcelain skin, bridging the connection between the old and the new. It was up to Valeska now to ford that distance, to wrench her soul free of her decaying body and transfer it into the new one that her master had crafted for her.


A new beginning.


Valeska Daeranthe

#1828144 Cruelty is a Desirable Trait

Posted by Darth Carnifex on 17 July 2018 - 10:08 AM

"Very well."


The Emperor turned to leave, his mind consumed by the task at hand. He would leave Valeska in the care of his personal doctors, despite both of their eccentric personalities he trusted them explicitly with his well-being. They would keep Valeska good company while he set himself to work building a new body for his apprentice, one that would be as she requested; powerful yet aesthetically unassuming, one that would be pleasing to the eye but lethal in every sense of the word. 


The lift down to the sub-labs was excruciatingly long, especially with how much of Valeska's life was held by mere strings. Luckily, he had sent word of his intentions down to the cloning technicians prior to his arrival, and they were already hard at work firing up the cloning cylinders and inputting generic specifications into the computer systems. Carnifex took over control once he entered the room, his large hands moving deftly across several control panels as he keyed in various specifications and utilized his vast knowledge of genetic engineering to mastermind the creation of his new apprentice. 


Hours would pass as the technology at his disposal did its work, whirred and humming with power as a newly formed adult female body was made from scratch. He had used the Zabrak genetic base as a foundation upon which to build this new body, removing the horns and adjusting the melanin until the clone's skin and hair was a beautiful porcelain white. Mutations made to the eyes removed both pupil and iris, leaving the entire eye a smoldering orange hue. This did nothing to impede the clone's eyesight, however, as her eyes functioned just as well as they did previously. Slight modifications were made to give the body a more alluring womanly look, with wider hips and pleasant curves, but nothing too obscene was included. 


It would be nearly 72 hours before the clone's creation was achieved, the vacant body extracted from the cloning vat and placed in a specialized stasis chamber for its transportation up to the medical wing. The next time Valeska would see her master, it would be as he strode into the chamber followed by a transparent sarcophagus containing her new body.


"It is ready."


Valeska Daeranthe

#1828130 Cruelty is a Desirable Trait

Posted by Darth Carnifex on 17 July 2018 - 09:18 AM

Interesting, most interesting.


"It is fortunate that Imperia was not strong enough to destroy you, apprentice. Indeed, I have trained you well." There was the faintest glimmer of pride in his voice as he spoke, the mere fact that Valeska had defeated someone that he considered to be of far greater strength than her was proof that his teachings and methods were well and truly righteous. Still, they could not prevent the gradual destruction of her body, which was now left for the master and the apprentice to overcome.


"But your victory has come at a price. You will die unless we can transfer your consciousness into a new, undamaged body. I can arrange such a transfer, but it is up to you on how it will be done." She would need to decide what kind of body she desired, what species, what gender, every specific that she had locked away in her mind about who she wanted to be and who she wanted to become. The Emperor had often kept his body relatively similar throughout his many transfers, with the exception of some genetic tampering to improve natural healing to a ridiculous degree.


"Make your choice, apprentice."


Valeska Daeranthe