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Kaalia Pavanos

Kaalia Pavanos

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In Topic: A meeting by gunfight...

Yesterday, 12:20 PM

"As you wish." Miyavi bowed her head once again and took off to fetch a change of clothes, leaving just Avacyn and Er'in in the central area of the shuttle. Their conversation then pivoted back to the topic of Darth Metus, of whom Er'in didn't seem to have too many good words left over for. The lack of any personal interaction with the man meant Avacyn did not have any experiences to compare her guest's view to, though there was one commentshe could reply to.


"Every master will one day exhaust his teachings for a student," the woman's response sounded. "That is where some Sith look to kill their master and take their place, but ironically that will only come to pass if the master was a good teacher." How that was relevant to what they were talking about was left to Er'in to conclude. "They either leave the student too weak to best them, or they aren't worth the student's time." Her attention was drawn to Miyavi for a moment again as she returned with the clothes, but quickly returned it to her guest. "I somehow doubt it was the former, in your case."


With that she concluded her point and looked towards a door. "You can have some privacy in that room so you can change. We should be arriving shortly, so we can discuss further in my chambers."


Erin Tenel

In Topic: A Sith and a Jedi walk into a Ruin

17 March 2019 - 06:06 AM

Though much of her time spent away from Dromund Kaas was in her capacity as Triumvir of Strength, today was a different story. For some time now, Darth Avacyn had been chasing down several leads from an old text she had found in Krest's old chamber in Bastion's Sith academy. She had 'inherited' the place after ending the life of her old master and after discovering the text she had been exploring all the locations it mentioned. It had started out as a series of explorations born from curiosity, but when she started finding old and valuable artifacts it turned into something more akin to an interplanetary treasure hunt. This time it brought her to the planet of Ahch-To and the temple she was now exploring.


The woman was dressed accordingly to the tropical climate of the planet, her outfit showing she wasn't expecting much in the way of hostility. Still, a pair lightsabers hung from her hips in case their usage did become necessary, but armed further she was not.


She had not made it far in yet, but the interior look seemed to already fill her with some sense of disappointment. Its design harkened back to the Jedi of old, though Avacyn did not let that keep her from going further in. She had to come from far to get here and there often were surprises to be found in old temples such as this. There was no reason to turn back quite yet. Not much light filtered through into the temple and so Avacyn took an unlit torch from one of the many pillars that held one, using her free hand to light it through the application of fire shaping.


Using the light that emanated from the torch, time was taken to take inventory of the main hall. In front of her was a large set of stairs that led to multiple chambers, which she decided would be the first area to explore. The redhead kept her eyes and senses peeled as she made her ascend and stepped into one of the chambers.


Coren Starchaser

In Topic: A Growing Family

06 March 2019 - 05:44 PM

"Sorry, the surprise isn't as grand as last time," Kaalia responded as Ishana went to settle into the back of the chair she was sitting on, the redhead's arms still loosely coiled around her. Having her hands joined with her wife's was one of the things that made Kaalia truly feel at home- in those moments, she would be able to temporarily forget the hostility the galaxy was filled with and the eternal battle that was to be fought in order to protect all she and her loved ones had built. Tender moments were the little stars in the sky, surrounded by the black night sky that symbolized the harshness of life. Topping the way she revealed her pregnancy the previous time would've been quite the feat, but it was doubtful Ishana was too bothered by how she found out. The news itself was what mattered. "I do hope it doesn't ruin the moment," she jokingly added with a smirk.


Kaalia took a small step backwards to allow Ishana the room to stand up from the chair, casting another quick glance at the pregnancy test while it was being set down on the table. "It was your idea, miella," she remarked in response to the assertion that having another child was perhaps a bit crazy, though dismiss the claim entirely she did not. "But like you said, we'll be just fine. Hopefully you can survive another round of my hormones, though." She placed her hands behind Ishana's neck, her arms resting on the Balmorran's shoulders. How her wife had made it through the first pregnancy perplexed the redhead to this day.


The 'thank you' came as a bit of a surprise to Kaalia, but she did know how to respond. "And thank you. For helping me see there is more to life than just struggle, that there are things worth fighting for as well." The Kro Varian also leaned in for a kiss herself.


Kaalia's face then lit up as something crossed her mind, filling her with amusement. "I just realized," she suddenly said with a matching tone, switching the subject matter just that small bit as she continued. "We'll have the girls' reaction to look forward to as well. That should be fun."


Ishana Pavanos

In Topic: I make rank tags

03 March 2019 - 10:22 AM

Asa Shi'ne




Apologies for making you wait- I'm only now settling back in after the few weeks of what I guess you could call life happened. Anyway, take your pick for the second tag. It's your sig, after all.

In Topic: I make rank tags

15 February 2019 - 05:34 AM

Valdus Bral




Redid the Resol'nare tag so it matched the others in terms of colors- I didn't save the PSD file and couldn't 100% replicate the colors.


Eddlo Taphilic Hoc




And your tag as well.



I would've made the tags earlier if time had permitted me, but I'm currently being kept busy by real life. I hope they are satisfactory anyway.