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Kaalia Pavanos

Kaalia Pavanos

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In Topic: Summer of '59 [CIS][TSE][UCM]

08 July 2019 - 02:43 PM

With the busy occupations of both herself and Ishana, family trips were difficult to plan for the Pavanos's. It made days like this that much more special, though, and with many children of other prominent figures in the empire there was more than enough opportunity for Xariah, Xarielle, and Azarin to make friends. Her own parents as well as many 0f her in-laws had come along to the park as well, with most of them going their own way to check out different areas. The destination for Kaalia, Ishana, and the little ones was Tilly's Pond, much to the excitement of Xariah in particular.


"No running, Riah!"


At the sight of a sign pointing the guests to Tilly's Pond, the five-year-old went full-speed ahead towards it. She quickly glanced towards her wife as to say she was going to go after her which she did after setting down the bags with towels, floaties, and various other items. Kaalia caught up to Xariah and picked her up off the ground to halt her progress. "We're almost there. Be patient, okay?." Her daughter's response was more of her saying she wanted to go swim. She had made that quite clear on the trip here already.


Although she was most definitely not happy about it, Xariah followed Kaalia back to where she had left the bags so they could be picked up again before continuing their walk towards Tilly's Pond. It was a sunny day and the redhead was going to be using that to get a bit of a tan. She would be more than content to watch the kids have fun while she took some time to relax and spend some time with Ishana. If the two would decide they wanted to go somewhere else, though, there were more than enough family members around to take over the watch here.


"Maybe Taeli and Fiolette will bring Nerralyn here, too," Kaalia pondered out loud as the five arrived at their destination. Azarin and Nerralyn were of similar age and she hoped the two could play together. Xariah in the meantime already had her floaties on and dashed off to one of the slides, nearly dragging Xarielle along with her. Their mother chuckled at the sight as she set down the bags next to a number of free lounge chairs. "Mommy's right here!", she called out to them while waving, letting the kids know where their parents were in case they needed anything.


Ishana Pavanos

In Topic: Lea Halalela

02 July 2019 - 04:03 PM

The Dominion of Maridun has been approved.
You may collect your Bling™ here:



In Topic: I make rank tags

30 June 2019 - 12:09 PM

Colden Renfrew


Life's been quite hectic as of late, so I only saw you request just now. I will get to the tags when I can, but note that I only take rank tag requests. I do not make signatures.

In Topic: Lea Halalela | TSE Dominion of Maridun

29 June 2019 - 05:43 PM

The slightest rustle of grass that sounded just slightly out of place caught Avacyn's attention and the Force was called upon to find its source. A pair of presences that seemed aware of her, though likely not expecting the same to be true vice versa. Outwardly, the woman seemed oblivious to the two amanin's careful approach, but prepared she most definitely was. With the veil of night starting to wear thin though still covering the battlefield it was her sight through the Force with which she followed her enemies, patiently waiting for the right moment to make her own move.
They prepared to pounce when they came close enough to do so and as Avacyn saw this she made sure to get the jump on them instead. A strong gust of wind caught them off-guard and caused them to stagger backwards for a moment. This combined with their shared confusion towards the wind's origin gave Avacyn the time she needed to leap to her feet and towards them. In mid-air her lightsaber sprung to life and with a flourish slashed through the arm of one of the amanin, leaving only half of it attached while the other dropped into the grass. A second lightning-fast strike was aimed at the neck this time, severing head from body. 
The second would-be ambusher, who now quickly moved towards Avacyn from her left, would not allow himself to be taken down as easily and jabbed the tip of his spear towards the Sith's ribs. Avacyn answered with a strike from her saber to the staff, altering its angle to miss her instead. She then dashed past it and towards the now-defenseless amani. He was younger and less experienced than some of the others she had faced during the day, she could tell, and his inexperience would be his end. A jab of her saber plunged it into his chest, and when she let the blade retract into the hilt, his body fell to the floor.
As day broke and fatigue began to weigh even heavier on the Sith forces, it was the battlecry of the amanin that reminded them all that the battle was far from over. Despite all that, the Sith stood vigilant to hold the line as the amanin charged towards them. At the frontline, the triumvir herself stood.
The battle would end in victory. She would accept no less.

In Topic: Lea Halalela | TSE Dominion of Maridun

20 June 2019 - 04:54 AM




Had it not been for the Force guiding her hand and granting her insight, Avacyn was sure her battle would long over. It was like the Sith were given little room to breathe and as time went by that took its toll. Fatigue began to set in, making the Triumvir conserve and ration her strength. There still was a second day of combat ahead of them once the night made way for the break of day, but even that was still some time away. A change of strategy was going to be beneficial and with that change in perspective on this battle came a new approach.


Until now, Avacyn had been more than willing to be the one seeking the confrontation. The way she scoured the battlefield in search of enemy forces to engage had not resulted in a thinning of numbers in a way that swung the tide in favor of the Sith. And so, it was no longer about quickly overpowering them, but endurance. The amanin had shown a level of prowess in battle that had surprised Avacyn and that meant it would now be about holding the position they had managed to take. From seeking the battle to letting it come to them. The Sith were prepared for them now.


With unlit lightsaber in hand, Avacyn sat in the long grass in meditation, waiting. Her senses were cast outwards and she was ready to react to any approaching presence the moment she became aware of it. She would be found eventually and that was the intention.


Sith Muse