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Kaalia Pavanos

Kaalia Pavanos

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In Topic: My Thoughts about "Bananas"

14 January 2019 - 03:21 AM


In Topic: A Mirror to the Past

13 January 2019 - 07:35 PM

Kaalia left the question whether Samka's statement was a threat or not up in the air, deciding that ultimately it didn't make much of a difference. It wouldn't affect the way she approached the topic of her own past and she knew better than to do anything to spark the ire of a nation that was allied to her own. She didn't feel intimidated in the way she would have in the past, either- she was a far cry from the woman she was the last time the two had met after all. She wouldn't have been where she was now otherwise.


Samka's drink of choice didn't come to her surprise, though. It was very fitting.


Resisting the urge to snicker at the Ren's first comment after sitting down, the temptation mostly caused by the face she made, Kaalia instead nodded as Samka noted her approval of the drink she had chosen for herself. "I have to admit that I'm quite the fan of it too," she said in response, "I have found it is particularly good in cocktails too. But considering what you mentioned about alcohol before I doubt that is of much interest to you." Drinks of that kind were kept to special occasions, but she allowed herself to dabble in such pleasures from time to time. "Feel free to take the bottle with you when you go, consider it a small thank you for coming."


The drink was only a temporary distraction from the topic they were discussing though and when Samka went back on-topic, at first she answered the question Kaalia had asked in a way that the redhead could have imagined beforehand. An assessment of what the situation was back then in a very rational way, but with the small flair in a side-eye and a smile afterwards that served as a reminder of what Samka was like. Kaalia did not see herself having been anyone worth the bother back then, but was willing to concede that opinions often differed. And, now that she was considering the fact she had quite rapidly risen up the ranks of the Sith Brotherhood shortly after joining their numbers, it became easier to see that there was some merit to that claim. Kaalia's mouth opened slightly as she was about to share those thoughts, but stopped when the other woman continued.


What followed was, in contrast to the previous reasons Samka had given, something that came very much unexpectedly.


The Sith lady listened while some of her surprise broke through onto her facial features, her mind going back to Mustafar and replaying it in flashes. A side of Samka she realized she had seen but never truly recognized before now stared her right in the face, even if it was only visible in the most minute of details within those memories. She wasn't quite stunned silent, but it wasn't that far off. Although with the perspective she had now she had no wish to return to that life, but as nostalgia could pierce through the coldest hearts, it hit Kaalia with quite some force. The battles fought alongside her fellow Ren, the taste of victory- within that small bubble she lived in back then, those were some of the memories she could have still cherished had things gone differently.


And then Samka snapped the woman out of her silence with her final remark, which caused her to chuckle for a short moment. Although not yet bringing it to her lips, she did wrap a hand around her glass. "After her short but, well, impactful visit to the wedding, I would think she wouldn't have gotten too upset about it," Kaalia replied, before taking a sip of her drink and putting the glass back down. Ara had left behind a set of rings that burdened Kaalia and Ishana with a curse that was to slowly drive the couple apart, but today they were still together while the curse was long gone.


"But, yes." Her tone turned to something much more serious. "I will never forget Mustafar again. It was quite the thing we all did." She remembered the rush of battle, the euphoric rush at the right of the Alliance retreating, things that now had an odd aftertaste. It wasn't an outright foul one, but it didn't add anything positive either. "That was when I, and I couldn't have been the only one, realized we weren't the lesser party in the conflict."


"I," the woman fell silent for a short moment, looking for the words she was trying to say. "I would be lying though if I said I wasn't surprised by your answer. It puts some things in perspective." She looked thoughtful, thinking about the fact that perhaps there still were missing pieces of the puzzle of her past out there. Ones that had never been put in place before. "Despite the fact that I couldn't bring myself to commit my entire being to the Ren as it was desired of me, know that I didn't fight alongside you for purely selfish reasons. Even if it was for other people such as Ara, and you too. You know what needs to be done, I have always respected that."


Samka Derith

In Topic: Playing With The Big Boys Now | TSE Invasion of TJE's Csilla Hex

07 January 2019 - 05:09 PM


Objective: Maim. Burn. Destroy.

Location: Csilla, in orbit -> landing

Allies: TSE - Khonsu Amon | Erin Tenel (Will wreck shop in your honor o7)

Enemies: TJE

Equipment: In signature



The words that spilled from Er'in's mouth returned Avacyn's mind to reality in a split second, realizing that the wait was over. The corruption in her eyes burned brighter than before, every fiber in her body was prepared for the battle that was upon her. Within the Dark side she had found power and today it would grow even further, while the weak would meet their end at her hand. Little time was to be wasted, but she did find it only proper to address Er'in one more time before departing.


"You have my thanks. Then, this is where we part for now. Until we meet again."


With a sharp nod she turned to face the exit of the chamber and began to make her way towards the hangar, where the pilot of her personal shuttle already awaited her arrival, among those who piloted the vessels that would take with them the other Sith warriors that accompanied her. Not long after making her way on board the ship shot through space and towards Csilla's surface, protected by Er'in's sorcerous power. Inside the ship itself, Avacyn sat in her meditation chamber with her legs crossed and her eyes closed, seemingly in a state of calm, yet those strong in the Force could see the whirlwind that was her presence. The ghostly illusion that wrapped around her was fed by the darkened strength that hung all around her, becoming even more difficult to see through. Yet still, those who the woman considered as an ally would only see who she really was.


"Beginning landing sequence," the pilot called out, notifying Avacyn that the wait was now over. She rose to her feet, left the chamber, and stood ready at the boarding ramp as the shuttles landed, their boarding ramps all beginning to lower to reveal the ones who were to annihilate all in their path.

In Topic: Trial of Strength

06 January 2019 - 04:59 PM

The amulet around Avacyn's neck sent waves of incredible agony through her entire body as she let the Force flow through her, but her mind somehow only became sharper. Instead of succumbing to it the pain was embraced, fuelling her connection to the Dark side and allowing her to draw even deeper from it. Her aura exuded an intensity that was overwhelming to those who were less powerful in the Force and with it came heightened senses, allowing her the time to react as Mythos pulled her towards him in an attempt to headbutt her. Still, she needed to free herself from the hand that wrapped around her neck and robbed her of the oxygen she needed and so her next course of action was clear. Use the momentum of the pull in her favor.


Though Mythos was physically much more imposing than Avacyn herself, that did not mean he couldn't be taken off his feet. While the distance between the two was rapidly closing the woman's feet left the ground before she kicked them forwards, aiming for his lower leg, the aim being that he would lose his balance and she could free herself from his clutches. She too needed to create distance so to put an end to a situation where physical strength had the upper hand and a way could be found to let speed and precision reign once more.


Would this be successful, she would roll away from Mythos the moment she hit the ground then kip back up onto her feet, letting herself take a number of deep breaths now that her windpipe was no longer being squeezed down upon.


Yet throughout this all, the question that Avacyn was asked was met by nothing but silence on her end. She saw no reason to say any more than she already had, so Mythos would be left to wonder whether what he questioned was true or not.



In Topic: I make rank tags

06 January 2019 - 03:35 PM

Efried Halbrecht




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