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Kaalia Pavanos

Kaalia Pavanos

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#1961803 Summer of '59 [CIS][TSE][UCM]

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 08 July 2019 - 02:43 PM

With the busy occupations of both herself and Ishana, family trips were difficult to plan for the Pavanos's. It made days like this that much more special, though, and with many children of other prominent figures in the empire there was more than enough opportunity for Xariah, Xarielle, and Azarin to make friends. Her own parents as well as many 0f her in-laws had come along to the park as well, with most of them going their own way to check out different areas. The destination for Kaalia, Ishana, and the little ones was Tilly's Pond, much to the excitement of Xariah in particular.


"No running, Riah!"


At the sight of a sign pointing the guests to Tilly's Pond, the five-year-old went full-speed ahead towards it. She quickly glanced towards her wife as to say she was going to go after her which she did after setting down the bags with towels, floaties, and various other items. Kaalia caught up to Xariah and picked her up off the ground to halt her progress. "We're almost there. Be patient, okay?." Her daughter's response was more of her saying she wanted to go swim. She had made that quite clear on the trip here already.


Although she was most definitely not happy about it, Xariah followed Kaalia back to where she had left the bags so they could be picked up again before continuing their walk towards Tilly's Pond. It was a sunny day and the redhead was going to be using that to get a bit of a tan. She would be more than content to watch the kids have fun while she took some time to relax and spend some time with Ishana. If the two would decide they wanted to go somewhere else, though, there were more than enough family members around to take over the watch here.


"Maybe Taeli and Fiolette will bring Nerralyn here, too," Kaalia pondered out loud as the five arrived at their destination. Azarin and Nerralyn were of similar age and she hoped the two could play together. Xariah in the meantime already had her floaties on and dashed off to one of the slides, nearly dragging Xarielle along with her. Their mother chuckled at the sight as she set down the bags next to a number of free lounge chairs. "Mommy's right here!", she called out to them while waving, letting the kids know where their parents were in case they needed anything.


Ishana Pavanos

#1958523 Lea Halalela | TSE Dominion of Maridun

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 29 June 2019 - 05:43 PM

The slightest rustle of grass that sounded just slightly out of place caught Avacyn's attention and the Force was called upon to find its source. A pair of presences that seemed aware of her, though likely not expecting the same to be true vice versa. Outwardly, the woman seemed oblivious to the two amanin's careful approach, but prepared she most definitely was. With the veil of night starting to wear thin though still covering the battlefield it was her sight through the Force with which she followed her enemies, patiently waiting for the right moment to make her own move.
They prepared to pounce when they came close enough to do so and as Avacyn saw this she made sure to get the jump on them instead. A strong gust of wind caught them off-guard and caused them to stagger backwards for a moment. This combined with their shared confusion towards the wind's origin gave Avacyn the time she needed to leap to her feet and towards them. In mid-air her lightsaber sprung to life and with a flourish slashed through the arm of one of the amanin, leaving only half of it attached while the other dropped into the grass. A second lightning-fast strike was aimed at the neck this time, severing head from body. 
The second would-be ambusher, who now quickly moved towards Avacyn from her left, would not allow himself to be taken down as easily and jabbed the tip of his spear towards the Sith's ribs. Avacyn answered with a strike from her saber to the staff, altering its angle to miss her instead. She then dashed past it and towards the now-defenseless amani. He was younger and less experienced than some of the others she had faced during the day, she could tell, and his inexperience would be his end. A jab of her saber plunged it into his chest, and when she let the blade retract into the hilt, his body fell to the floor.
As day broke and fatigue began to weigh even heavier on the Sith forces, it was the battlecry of the amanin that reminded them all that the battle was far from over. Despite all that, the Sith stood vigilant to hold the line as the amanin charged towards them. At the frontline, the triumvir herself stood.
The battle would end in victory. She would accept no less.

#1956023 Lea Halalela | TSE Dominion of Maridun

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 20 June 2019 - 04:54 AM




Had it not been for the Force guiding her hand and granting her insight, Avacyn was sure her battle would long over. It was like the Sith were given little room to breathe and as time went by that took its toll. Fatigue began to set in, making the Triumvir conserve and ration her strength. There still was a second day of combat ahead of them once the night made way for the break of day, but even that was still some time away. A change of strategy was going to be beneficial and with that change in perspective on this battle came a new approach.


Until now, Avacyn had been more than willing to be the one seeking the confrontation. The way she scoured the battlefield in search of enemy forces to engage had not resulted in a thinning of numbers in a way that swung the tide in favor of the Sith. And so, it was no longer about quickly overpowering them, but endurance. The amanin had shown a level of prowess in battle that had surprised Avacyn and that meant it would now be about holding the position they had managed to take. From seeking the battle to letting it come to them. The Sith were prepared for them now.


With unlit lightsaber in hand, Avacyn sat in the long grass in meditation, waiting. Her senses were cast outwards and she was ready to react to any approaching presence the moment she became aware of it. She would be found eventually and that was the intention.


Sith Muse

#1949141 For Thine Is The Kingdom [TSE]

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 29 May 2019 - 04:30 PM

The life of Kaalia Pavanos and the life of Darth Avacyn rarely intertwined. It was a concious effort to ensure they were not to bleed into each other, for they required the woman to adopt a vastly different state of mind. Kaalia was able to let her guard down without the worry of a thousand eyes that admired, envied, or opposed her. Avacyn, however, had no such luxury. She was the Sith, the warrior, the Triumvir. A show of weakness meant death. Kaalia could be the loving and caring wife and mother, but only because her life as a Sith remained seperate from that. But today was one of the rare days where those two lives did intertwine and the reason was the fact she was accompanied by her wife Ishana, and their children. Introducing to the Empire her newest daughter.
The gathering marked Kaalia's first public appearance since giving birth to her youngest daughter Azarin, who was currently being held in the woman's arms as the family unit made their way through the halls of the palace. In the meantime she made sure to keep a close eye on Xariah and Xarielle while Ishana kept herself busy with them. The twins had become more and more of a handful as their second birthday already passed by, but when Azarin arrived it was like they were set on taking back the attention Kaalia gave to her youngest. The redhead dearly hoped they wouldn't cause trouble while in a setting such as this. The last time they had been brought along they were too young to do so, but both Xariah and Xarielle had grown to be quite the little rebels.
"I can't wait for everybody's reaction," Kaalia admitted to her wife. She had purposefully remained silent about the fact Azarin was being brought along beforehand, leaving it a surprise. "Especially since this will be the last time."
One of the many not-so-subtle comments she had made since Azarin's birth that she was more than content with keeping it to no more than three children.

#1948393 A Sith and a Jedi walk into a Ruin

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 27 May 2019 - 02:13 PM

"It does not seem this piece of text gives the answer to your question." That which it did say did not clarify much at all, in fact. The message missed its context and much like opening a book on a random page, it left Avacyn a bit lost on what it meant. "It mentions coffins, these coffins I will assume, and the fact they have something to do with the 'key' to something. Either there is text missing, or I simply haven't found it yet." Deciding to see if the latter theory held any water, she turned away from the wall and with torch in hand scanned the chamber again. When her eyes then locked with the stone tablet on the pedestal, she wasted little time making her way over to it, placing the torch in a sconce that was affixed to a pillar as she passed it. "Perhaps this is the start of the puzzle," Avacyn remarked as she approached the tablet. The text on it was in basic, albeit an ancient variant.


"When two minds meet, one which creates light and one which embraces the darkness, the path shall be revealed," the woman muttered as she read the tablet. "But divided, neither can walk it." It did not take long for Avacyn to understand what it meant. She almost found it to be comical. She was to work together with Coren if she wanted to ever make it out of the chamber, something she was quite certain she would never do again before now. 


"You should probably read this," the redhead then said while creating some distance between her and the tablet, as to give him the space to do so without her being too close by. There still wasn't much in the way of trust from either side, even if there was going to have to be at least some degree of that moving forward. Their lives now depended on it.


Avacyn would wait unil Coren had read the tablet before continuing. "If it says what I think it says, we have to find the way out together. I'm willing to put our differences aside for as long as we're on this planet if you are." Her eyes searched for Coren's and although they were still teeming with the Dark side's corruption, they did show sincerity. That sound acceptable?"


Coren Starchaser

#1947507 I will worship you as a god if you help me with my Avatar

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 24 May 2019 - 10:36 AM





Shoutout to Kaili Talith for the .PSD file. All I did was crop the image, resize it, and stick it in there.

#1946380 I make rank tags

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 20 May 2019 - 01:12 PM

Kimiko Taiyo




I'm currently struggling with fatigue-related issues and really just my general well-being, which is why it took me so long to get to your tags. I apologize, hopefully my editing work on the images at least made them look good enough.

#1941512 Trial of Strength

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 05 May 2019 - 05:35 PM

A scream born of pure agony poured into the Force as Mythos's Deadly Sight reached Darth Avacyn, attempting to burn her away from the inside out. If he was allowed to retain his vision on her it was going to spell the end of not just the duel but potentially her life, a realization that sent the shock through her system that unlocked the deepest recesses of her connection to the Force. There was too much left to live for and accomplish to die here, so merely letting a chance of her death being the result exist was something that justified whatever was necessary to be the last one standing. Anything to put an end to the threat Mythos posed.


After hearing the thud, created by her opponent's back colliding with stone, Avacyn drew from her nearly-depleted pool of strength to wrap the Force around the cracked statue he had been tossed into. Her hands were held outwards with her fingers slowly curling into her palms, causing the base to crack even further before suddenly pulling her arms backwards, pulling the entirety of the statue down and sending it in a rapid crash course with Mythos. The amulet around her neck reacted with an intensity the woman had never felt before, sending a shockwave of agony through her body that nearly equalled the effects of Mythos's Deadly Sight.


Then, the amulet cracked. Her own blood contained within began seeping out and in its place it sucked in whatever excess of Dark side power it could, hungrily consuming part of the Darkness of the Deadly Sight's effect on Avacyn. It did not make the agony any less bearable but no longer was it inches away from burning her down to ashes from within. With one final pulling motion, the woman caused the statue to close the distance between it and the ground even faster and when it came down, the ground trembled from the impact..



#1940630 We All Thaw This Coming | ORC Invasion of Rhen Var (OOC)

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 03 May 2019 - 03:28 AM


#1938806 A Sith and a Jedi walk into a Ruin

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 28 April 2019 - 05:38 PM

The realization Coren himself had no real clue as to what had transpired moments before either was relayed by Darth Avacyn through an amused scoff, even though she was keenly aware of the fact she was caught in some kind of trap. Coren's shock could have been hidden from those who could not connect to the Force but Avacyn very much noticed it, leading her to the conclusion that it was likely they were both locked into the chamber together. It was nearly perfect as an arena to host a battle to the death, the prospect of removing a key threat to her home still dancing through her mind. She could only imagine the blow it would be to the resistance that sought to bring down the empire she helped build, but not out of a wish to kill.


Death was often necessary and Avacyn was willing to use any and all aspects of it to accomplish whatever it was she set out to do, but rather than letting her aversion to death turn into bloodlust as she stepped further into the Darkness, she had taught herself to become numb to that sensation. The thrill of combat forged a powerful connection to the Force- the rush of returning a life to the Force was too and both allowed one to immerse fully into that source of power. Yet while the former made it possible to focus fully on battle, the latter too easily turned from forging the means to becoming an end. As such, Avacyn sought to temper the anticipation she felt towards the prospect of a confrontation with Coren, as it no longer aided her. At that moment, the chamber itself was the priority.


"No, it wasn't you." Though deciding against raising her weapon against Coren for now, the Sith lady remained on edge. She was cautious to not let her guard down and give Coren any opening for an attack much like the Jedi himself. While making sure to keep her attention on the man, Avacyn slowly moved towards the wall to her left, walking inbetween two stone coffins to get herself close enough to illuminate the texts carved into the wall with the torch she was holding. "And I wasn't planning on destroying anything within this place, either. Do not think me a brute." The stereotypes that Sith were associated with by many irritated her at times. Even Jedi history was worth keeping, even if just to know one's enemy.


"But," Avacyn said with an intrigue-filled tone as she approached the wall, "we sure have found ourselves in quite the scenario." Her line of sight finally broke with the man as she turned her head towards the wall, analyzing the texts while she absent-mindedly continued. "Unless, of course, you know a way out for yourself."


Her train of thought was interrupted however, when her eyes met a section of the wall that had words carved into it in a language she least expected in a place such as this. The woman let out an audible hum of surprise as she looked back towards Coren. "A Jedi temple with ancient texts carved into the walls, partially in the Sith language. How interesting."


Coren Starchaser

#1938468 Lothal Intent

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 28 April 2019 - 11:57 AM

The Dominion of Lothal has been approved.
You may collect your Bling™ here:

#1937245 I make rank tags

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 24 April 2019 - 11:52 AM

Thank you both for your patience.


@Kana Mikasa 




I found the image to be used for the Jedi Hunter tag to be difficult to work with. I do have another one from a previous request that may look better: bwdpFzJ.png






And your tag as well, of course.

#1936465 End of a Cycle

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 22 April 2019 - 05:10 PM

"Do extend my gratitude towards president Goja for bringing together his cabinet on such short notice."


"Of course. The cabinet is eager to hear your offer. I wish you a good evening, milady."


Darth Avacyn silently nodded and watched the holo-image that was projected in front of her retreat into the base from which it came, the blue hue present in the bunker dissipating as it did. Her unorthodox decision to contact the president's office personally instead of through a subordinate had turned out to be the right move. Where before it had been exceedingly difficult to arrange for a meeting between herself and president Goja, her second request was met with little resistance. A meeting with the full cabinet was quickly arranged to take place only two days later.


With her part of the preparations complete Avacyn walked towards the mug that contained her caf on the table, but as she took hold of it she realized it had long gone cold. Sebastian had already left the bunker so that she could get the necessary arrangements done and so she allowed a sigh of disappointment to escape her lips, something she would never do in the presence of those she worked with. At least her transport to the hotel she stayed at was already waiting for her, one of the benefits of visiting another planet in an official Sith-imperial capacity. The woman already knew what she was going to do first when she got back, too. A call to Dromund Kaas.


She always missed Ishana when she was off-planet for Imperial business.




Avacyn looked away from the datapad in front of her to take a sip of her caf, savoring the taste for a short moment before swallowing the hot beverage. She had taken a chair placed in front of one of the machines and turned it so that she faced the door when sitting down, saving her from having to turn her head when Sebastian arrived as well. Until then, she had decided to use the time she had to go over her speech script for a final time. It wasn't as much of a proper 'script' as it was a list of points with the general information and statistics needed to back up the points to be made, though, which had become Avacyn's preferred way of preparing for any kind of public speech. There wasn't a lot to address as the meeting with the cabinet was simply a way to extract the information the Empire needed to gain the upper hand without having to resort to armed conflict, but it was important to at the very least stave off any suspicion. Empty speeches devoid of substance were far from uncommon, serving as little more than to show a willingness, or guise of willingness, to maintain relations.


When Avacyn began nearing the end of her list the doors opened and Sebastian entered the room, causing her to nod in greeting. Afterwards she gestured to the guards that everything was in order, the doors closed to allow the two to speak in private. The woman placed the datapad and the cup of cap onto a flat surface of the machine she sat nearby and got up from her chair to approach him. "Good morning, mister Thel," she said in a friendly tone, giving him a modest smile. Sebastian had been pleasant to work with, his personality being a welcome change of pace of the normally ego-driven Sith.


Sebastian went to make the necessary adjustments to the microphone Avacyn had already had attached to her dress and the woman couldn't help but feel a bit of amusement at the awkwardness he displayed, but she managed to keep that to herself. It was hardly the reaction she expected anymore with the way she was subconciously eyed at on a regular basis, but it didn't bother her. While the man worked behind the terminal she went back to her caf, sipping away at it from her own seat until he was done.


"Then I suppose it is time for me to do my part. Let's see what we can uncover, hm?" Avacyn quickly finished her cup and standing up for a second time. After straightening her dress she took the datapad and with a series of taps informed her chauffeur that she was on her way. "I will return here afterwards to discuss what we've found. Wish me luck." With that, she made her way towards the exit of the bunker.


Sebastian Thel

#1935733 Trial of Strength

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 20 April 2019 - 06:10 PM

"Then match your power I will."


The words were uttered as absolute and undeniable fact, reverberated by the echoes of power Darth Avacyn exuded in overwhelming amounts through the Force. It was only through her sheer force of will that she had come to this point, becoming the woman she was now, and that defiance stood unbowed and unbroken even through the battle she had endured thus far. Had she accepted the life of a servant and slave to first the Jedi and then the Order of Ren, she would have been nothing but another faceless being lost to the cruelties of the Galaxy, forgotten the moment she went to take her last breath. But that was not what came to pass. The defiance that first sparked within the sixteen-year-old Kaalia Voldaren on the day marked by the facial scar she now proudly displayed became a wildfire that would burn inside her soul forever. That was the defiance that allowed her to triumph and flourish.


A nobody without a home, without a family. A child who truly had nothing, struggling to survive in an uncaring galaxy. That child now stood before Mythos, a woman who shaped her future by her own hand. This was where Mythos would learn the true meaning of the word that defined Darth Avacyn.




A shockwave infused with an intense heat shot outwards all around the woman, carrying with it a cloud of sand that began containing glimmers created by tiny glass pieces, reaching Mythos in merely a blink of an eye. Then Avacyn moved, her lightning-fast approach being followed by a blast of wind dwarfing hurricanes in an attempt to drive her opponent into one of the walls of the arena.



#1933589 A Sith and a Jedi walk into a Ruin

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 14 April 2019 - 05:45 PM

The first hint of the Jedi Master's approach was the dim light that slowly seeped into the chamber, accompanied by his footsteps, and Avacyn kept her eyes firmly on the entrance from which it did, awaiting its source's arrival. Coren too would be able to notice the signs of the Sith Lady's presence outside of the Force and they were nearly mirrored, his own light was met by the flickering light of her torch and his footsteps by the tapping of her foot while she patiently sat and waited with her legs crossed. Upon entry into the room she seemed to not at all be bothered by the situation, as though it wholly failed to have any effect on her, though the anticipation hidden underneath was something she couldn't deny to herself.


"I was a Jedi myself once, many, many years ago," Avacyn replied while she calmly uncrossed her legs and got to her feet to face Coren. "Am I not allowed to take a trip down memory lane, back to my childhood?"


She turned to look at him directly.


"Learn from my mistakes of the past?" The woman had very few good words to speak about the way the Jedi life had treated her. It wasn't the true reason she had come here, though Avacyn wasn't much interested in explaining the real reason why she was here and now that Coren had shown himself to be here as well, her priorities had shifted towards him, trivializing her original objective. He was one of the greatest threats to the safety of her home and her family through his opposition of the Sith Empire, and for that he had to die.


The brilliant emerald color in Avacyn's eyes slowly began to make way for the corruption that hid underneath, showing clearly her intentions in that moment. With the reputation that preceded him she had no doubt he would raise his blade against her. She would welcome it, gladly even. In preparation, she began to twist the Force around her and made it to mirror the Darkness from which she drew her strength, creating a spike of power in the Force, but it was not Coren who reacted to that first.


It was the chamber itself.


As though it had been watching this entire time, upon drawing from the Force Avacyn instantly felt the chamber shake and rumble violently and in a way that simply could not be natural. She recoiled from the sudden nature of the phenomenon, causing her to jump backwards to make as much distance between herself and the Jedi as possible. It was only after the unnatural earthquake ceased that she noticed the chamber door had sealed itself shut, as though there never had been an entrance in the first place. It had become another part of the four walls that surrounded the two people inside with seemingly no way out.


"I must admit that was impressive, Starchaser." It was Avacyn's first impression that whatever had happened was Coren's doing. "That a new trick of yours?"


Coren Starchaser