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Kaalia Pavanos

Kaalia Pavanos

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#1903502 A Growing Family

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on Today, 01:49 PM

It made no sense to be this nervous. This hadn't been the first time and if it was up to Ishana alone far from the last, but Kaalia had already come out of the bathroom and made her way to the living area without being able to muster the courage needed to look at the pregnancy test she clutched in her left hand. Her heart was racing, her mind shot from one place to another and she began pacing nervously, but she was glad that at the very least her wife was in upstairs with Xariah and Xarielle instead of here seeing her have a near-nervous breakdown. The redhead sighed heavily as she crashed down onto her usual spot of the couch, then nodded to nothing in particular to instill some level of confidence in herself.


Kaalia, deep down, already knew the test result. She felt it in the Force and it had never lied to her before. A small spark of a presence went wherever she did, it small and weak but the bond she felt with it was incredibly powerful. This really was no more than a confirmation of something she already knew, yet it was also something more. This was Ishana's way of knowing.


With the test still in her clutched fist she held it in front of her, the result obscured by the fingers that wrapped around it. Another sigh. "Fine. Let's just do it," she said to herself as her fist slowly opened up. What she saw made her heart skip a beat. Two lines. Positive. Although it wasn't truly a surprise, the feeling of shock that would quickly turn into excitement washed over her all the same. An uncontrollable smile took hold of her as she let out a small sequence of happy noises that nobody was ever going to know about. The first thing that came to mind was rushing upstairs to show Ishana, but she stopped herself after shooting back up onto her feet. One look at the small white stick later the woman had devised a plan.




With the pregnancy test no longer on her person, Kaalia made her way up the stairs and followed the sound to get to where her wife and daughters were. The three most important people in her life, she would often call them, and nothing could have been more true. And soon another would join them. She slowly opened the door to make sure she wasn't a sudden interruption and with a soft smile she walked over towards Ishana to give her a kiss before picking up Xarielle and holding her in her arms. "What are we up to here? Ready for sleep?" Out of the two mothers Kaalia was the one who was more strict about bedtimes, but she tended to be the more worrying one in general.


Ishana Pavanos

#1901550 My Thoughts about "Bananas"

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 14 January 2019 - 03:21 AM


#1901306 A Mirror to the Past

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 13 January 2019 - 07:35 PM

Kaalia left the question whether Samka's statement was a threat or not up in the air, deciding that ultimately it didn't make much of a difference. It wouldn't affect the way she approached the topic of her own past and she knew better than to do anything to spark the ire of a nation that was allied to her own. She didn't feel intimidated in the way she would have in the past, either- she was a far cry from the woman she was the last time the two had met after all. She wouldn't have been where she was now otherwise.


Samka's drink of choice didn't come to her surprise, though. It was very fitting.


Resisting the urge to snicker at the Ren's first comment after sitting down, the temptation mostly caused by the face she made, Kaalia instead nodded as Samka noted her approval of the drink she had chosen for herself. "I have to admit that I'm quite the fan of it too," she said in response, "I have found it is particularly good in cocktails too. But considering what you mentioned about alcohol before I doubt that is of much interest to you." Drinks of that kind were kept to special occasions, but she allowed herself to dabble in such pleasures from time to time. "Feel free to take the bottle with you when you go, consider it a small thank you for coming."


The drink was only a temporary distraction from the topic they were discussing though and when Samka went back on-topic, at first she answered the question Kaalia had asked in a way that the redhead could have imagined beforehand. An assessment of what the situation was back then in a very rational way, but with the small flair in a side-eye and a smile afterwards that served as a reminder of what Samka was like. Kaalia did not see herself having been anyone worth the bother back then, but was willing to concede that opinions often differed. And, now that she was considering the fact she had quite rapidly risen up the ranks of the Sith Brotherhood shortly after joining their numbers, it became easier to see that there was some merit to that claim. Kaalia's mouth opened slightly as she was about to share those thoughts, but stopped when the other woman continued.


What followed was, in contrast to the previous reasons Samka had given, something that came very much unexpectedly.


The Sith lady listened while some of her surprise broke through onto her facial features, her mind going back to Mustafar and replaying it in flashes. A side of Samka she realized she had seen but never truly recognized before now stared her right in the face, even if it was only visible in the most minute of details within those memories. She wasn't quite stunned silent, but it wasn't that far off. Although with the perspective she had now she had no wish to return to that life, but as nostalgia could pierce through the coldest hearts, it hit Kaalia with quite some force. The battles fought alongside her fellow Ren, the taste of victory- within that small bubble she lived in back then, those were some of the memories she could have still cherished had things gone differently.


And then Samka snapped the woman out of her silence with her final remark, which caused her to chuckle for a short moment. Although not yet bringing it to her lips, she did wrap a hand around her glass. "After her short but, well, impactful visit to the wedding, I would think she wouldn't have gotten too upset about it," Kaalia replied, before taking a sip of her drink and putting the glass back down. Ara had left behind a set of rings that burdened Kaalia and Ishana with a curse that was to slowly drive the couple apart, but today they were still together while the curse was long gone.


"But, yes." Her tone turned to something much more serious. "I will never forget Mustafar again. It was quite the thing we all did." She remembered the rush of battle, the euphoric rush at the right of the Alliance retreating, things that now had an odd aftertaste. It wasn't an outright foul one, but it didn't add anything positive either. "That was when I, and I couldn't have been the only one, realized we weren't the lesser party in the conflict."


"I," the woman fell silent for a short moment, looking for the words she was trying to say. "I would be lying though if I said I wasn't surprised by your answer. It puts some things in perspective." She looked thoughtful, thinking about the fact that perhaps there still were missing pieces of the puzzle of her past out there. Ones that had never been put in place before. "Despite the fact that I couldn't bring myself to commit my entire being to the Ren as it was desired of me, know that I didn't fight alongside you for purely selfish reasons. Even if it was for other people such as Ara, and you too. You know what needs to be done, I have always respected that."


Samka Derith

#1898645 Playing With The Big Boys Now | TSE Invasion of TJE's Csilla Hex

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 07 January 2019 - 05:09 PM


Objective: Maim. Burn. Destroy.

Location: Csilla, in orbit -> landing

Allies: TSE - Khonsu Amon | Erin Tenel (Will wreck shop in your honor o7)

Enemies: TJE

Equipment: In signature



The words that spilled from Er'in's mouth returned Avacyn's mind to reality in a split second, realizing that the wait was over. The corruption in her eyes burned brighter than before, every fiber in her body was prepared for the battle that was upon her. Within the Dark side she had found power and today it would grow even further, while the weak would meet their end at her hand. Little time was to be wasted, but she did find it only proper to address Er'in one more time before departing.


"You have my thanks. Then, this is where we part for now. Until we meet again."


With a sharp nod she turned to face the exit of the chamber and began to make her way towards the hangar, where the pilot of her personal shuttle already awaited her arrival, among those who piloted the vessels that would take with them the other Sith warriors that accompanied her. Not long after making her way on board the ship shot through space and towards Csilla's surface, protected by Er'in's sorcerous power. Inside the ship itself, Avacyn sat in her meditation chamber with her legs crossed and her eyes closed, seemingly in a state of calm, yet those strong in the Force could see the whirlwind that was her presence. The ghostly illusion that wrapped around her was fed by the darkened strength that hung all around her, becoming even more difficult to see through. Yet still, those who the woman considered as an ally would only see who she really was.


"Beginning landing sequence," the pilot called out, notifying Avacyn that the wait was now over. She rose to her feet, left the chamber, and stood ready at the boarding ramp as the shuttles landed, their boarding ramps all beginning to lower to reveal the ones who were to annihilate all in their path.

#1898368 Trial of Strength

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 06 January 2019 - 04:59 PM

The amulet around Avacyn's neck sent waves of incredible agony through her entire body as she let the Force flow through her, but her mind somehow only became sharper. Instead of succumbing to it the pain was embraced, fuelling her connection to the Dark side and allowing her to draw even deeper from it. Her aura exuded an intensity that was overwhelming to those who were less powerful in the Force and with it came heightened senses, allowing her the time to react as Mythos pulled her towards him in an attempt to headbutt her. Still, she needed to free herself from the hand that wrapped around her neck and robbed her of the oxygen she needed and so her next course of action was clear. Use the momentum of the pull in her favor.


Though Mythos was physically much more imposing than Avacyn herself, that did not mean he couldn't be taken off his feet. While the distance between the two was rapidly closing the woman's feet left the ground before she kicked them forwards, aiming for his lower leg, the aim being that he would lose his balance and she could free herself from his clutches. She too needed to create distance so to put an end to a situation where physical strength had the upper hand and a way could be found to let speed and precision reign once more.


Would this be successful, she would roll away from Mythos the moment she hit the ground then kip back up onto her feet, letting herself take a number of deep breaths now that her windpipe was no longer being squeezed down upon.


Yet throughout this all, the question that Avacyn was asked was met by nothing but silence on her end. She saw no reason to say any more than she already had, so Mythos would be left to wonder whether what he questioned was true or not.



#1898332 I make rank tags

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 06 January 2019 - 03:35 PM

Efried Halbrecht




There you go.

#1897943 A meeting by gunfight...

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 05 January 2019 - 03:05 PM

The acceptance the offer was received with a content nod, glad that the woman was willing to at least lend a listening ear. "Thank you," Avacyn responded as she brought up her holocommunicator again, the same woman as last time returning to view a few moments later.


"Milady," she said, "what can I assist you with?"


"I am heading back and have got a guest with me. Prepare a change of clothes for her and make sure she can get refreshed. Also, we will be speaking in private. We are not to be disturbed during that time."


"Of course, milady. Your transport will be waiting. Anything else?"


"That is it. We will discuss our finding about these ruins later. We will speak again then."


The holocommunicator was stored away for a second time before Avacyn turned around towards the body of the man she had killed only minutes ago, closing the distance between her and it and kneeling down next to the lightsaber that had rolled away from his hand a short distance to pick it up. "I keep trophies," she gave as an answer to a question that was never asked. Afterwards she stood back up, looked at Er'in, and began to walk towards where she had entered the ruins. 


"While we walk, I want to ask you something. If you don't mind, of course." The woman continued to look ahead as she walked. "And do not be afraid to offend. I have asked this question to many in the past, even Jedi. It is something I ask out of a fascination for philosophy." Most of those Jedi were no longer alive, but their answers had not affected their fate. "Why do you think the ones who are with the Brotherhood of the Sith, the rulers of the Sith Empire, stand with the Dark Lord and emperor?"


Erin Tenel

#1897528 Playing With The Big Boys Now | TSE Invasion of TJE's Csilla Hex

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 04 January 2019 - 03:20 PM


Objective: Maim. Burn. Destroy.

Location: Csilla, in orbit

Allies: TSE - Khonsu Amon | Erin Tenel

Enemies: TJE

Equipment: In signature



A master was not worth that title if they failed to pass on their knowledge. It was from this conviction that Darth Avacyn took pride in teaching, whatever form it took. She had brought Er'in here not to share explicit teachings, but to show the Dark side in its purest form. The Sith lady herself had experienced it many times before, granting her the perspective that Er'in now seemed to share. Conflict was neverending, a universal constant that devoured the weak without mercy. Yet the strong, through conflict, could harness the strength and power to not just survive, but thrive.


That was the basis on which the Sith Empire was built, something that the hapan now saw clearly. The blind followers were the sacrifices, not the leaders. Avacyn knew Er'in was no fool, that she was capable of seeing how the Empire and the Brotherhood of the Sith could light the path to ascension within the Dark side. "We don't follow an emperor blindly into battle, unquestioning of his vision. He knows what an empire needs to thrive and I stand by him out of respect. Would he ever lose sight of this, then his days would be numbered." She herself would not hesitate a second if bringing down Darth Carnifex was ever a necessity for the good of the empire. However, she was confident such a day would not come to pass.


Despite the brewing storm that was the Dark side encompassing all, for Avacyn and Er'in there was little else to do but wait and so the redhead remained patient, awaiting the moment the planetary shield that kept them from getting to Csilla to go down. Her thoughts had room to wander and so they did, reminding her that her wife was out here too. Starfighter pilot, commander Ishana Pavanos. It brought a bit of herself as Kaalia back to the surface. She would be lying to herself if she ever said she didn't worry whenever her wife was out there, but she knew she was a damn good pilot too. She would always come home- they had both promised each other after all.


Have I got a surprise for you when I get back, the woman thought to herself. It was easy to read from her expression that something was on her mind, even if it wasn't expressed in words.

#1897188 Bestowment

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 03 January 2019 - 06:39 PM

The galaxy didn't care for the people that lived in it. A simple but harsh truth, and in their own ways both women knew just how far-reaching it was. While Vaylin used to be lost in the wilds of Dxun, Kaalia herself in ways that were different yet of the same nature. She had nobody to rely on, had no home. She often put herself in harm's way and being paid in scraps for it just to eat that night. But Vaylin and Kaalia alike had not let that become their ultimate fate. They both had taken their lives into their own hands and now here they stood- Kaalia had become Avacyn and Vaylin had become Moirai. It were people like her who the redhead respected more than anyone else. They were the ones who truly knew what it meant to fight, to break down the barriers only they had to go through while others never did.


"I have always found it ironic, kneeling before the Lady of Defiance." Many highly valued formalities such as ceremony and tradition, but Avacyn was simply incapable of being genuine in the performance thereof. There had been only one time in which she was truthful, the day Kaalia got married. So, instead of doing what most would do, she instead held out her hand so she could quickly get back on her feet. "I would never ask my sister to do such a thing, especially when we stand as equals," she then said, her expression lightening up slightly afterwards as she let out a modest chuckle. "Besides, I already have to deal with enough formalities as is." It was doubtful she would ever get used to it.


"From now on, I am leaving it to you to represent the Valkyries as our voice. My duties as Triumvir leave me unable to be that voice myself," Avacyn explained as she began to walk over to the throne that once belonged to Aria. "And this seat now belongs to you. Only one remains unclaimed now."



#1897105 Feedback - Coren Starchaser

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 03 January 2019 - 02:40 PM

You were so close to being cool, but you just had to pick the losers' side. What a waste.


In all seriousness, Coren is an amazing character. He brings action and proactivity to the Jedi table, but in a way that still fits within being one. Like others have mentioned before me you make sure Jedi always have something to do and are a positive OOC influence in general, let alone the fact you provide opposition for TSE that is incredibly fun to write with. Ya a good dude. 

#1897095 A Mirror to the Past

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 03 January 2019 - 02:23 PM

Little mind was paid to the fact that Samka appeared to pay more attention to the contents of the cupboard than what Kaalia was saying. It hadn't been the first time, and it hardly was the strangest quirk she had ever seen in another. "You may rest assured that those secrets have been and will continue to be kept to myself," she responded to what could have been taken as a quip at her expense. She had been too careless in the past though, which justified the remark. She wasn't above admitting her missteps, either. "I learn from my mistakes. I wouldn't be here now if I still wasn't able to, well, keep my mouth shut about certain things." 


There was one person who knew what Kaalia knew in regard to the Ren, that being Taeli Raaf, but the woman saw little reason to bring that up. It had been part of the process that restored her memories in the first place and it seemed like there was nothing there she didn't already know. Knowing her past gave her the closure she wished for- but there was no further need to ever speak of it again to anyone who played no part in time of her life. "Hm, Carnifex and I see eye to eye on many things. Not everything, of course, but seeing things from a different perspective can be enlightening for both parties."


"You are welcome, Lady Pavanos, for anything in particular?"


It was a question Kaalia expected, and had an answer ready for. "I was not the first who turned to Sith teachings and those who did so before met a much more final fate. You could have done the same to me, but you did not." She was very much aware that she had gotten more than just lucky that day. "I cannot say the alternative was particularly pleasurable, but even then there was nothing stopping you from ending my life afterwards." Had the roles been reversed, it was very unlikely the redhead would have done the same. 'That is why I must thank you. With that comes a question, too. If you are willing to answer it." It was something that had been on her mind ever since she was able to remember what happened.


"Why is it that you let me live? I was devoid of any significance back then, I wasn't any different from any other who turned their back on the Ren."


Samka Derith

#1896561 Playing With The Big Boys Now | TSE Invasion of TJE's Csilla Hex

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 01 January 2019 - 07:24 PM


Objective: Maim. Burn. Destroy.

Location: Csilla, in orbit

Allies: TSE - Khonsu Amon | Romi Jade | Erin Tenel

Enemies: TJE

Equipment: In signature



"The Jen'ari Empire is a blight, a stain on the history of the Sith. Their kind cannot be allowed to flourish- they must be destroyed completely and utterly. Take no prisoners, tear down every last monument of their existence. Go forth and reave, so you may return to Bastion with glory!"


No matter from where or how they would arrive on the planet of Csilla, all the Sith warriors that came to fight in the name of the Sith Empire would receive the message sent out by Darth Avacyn, the Triumvir of strength. Today would be a bloody one and that was exactly how it was supposed to be. Sith against Sith, for only one collective could truly carry that name. In Avacyn's eyes, and no doubt many who stood on the same side, the only true manner of showing they were superior was to utterly annihilate those who opposed them. War was the only way to cleanse the name of Sith.




"Zo dvasia maskuoti nu sekleti aveti."


As the vessel that contained the Sith Lady drifted in orbit of Csilla, she gathered the Force around her and uttered an incantation in the Sith language. The words of power wrapped around her, causing her appearance to change. Her skin turned a ghostly pale, her hair became spectral and her eyes started glowing in a luminescent red color. It was a powerful and well-practiced illusion, one that only her enemies would see. To them, she was a spirit, but to her allies she was still human.


The woman then turned towards Er'in, one of the Sith who accompanied her on the shuttle. After their chance meeting she had sought to bring her into the numbers of the Sith Empire and now they would be fighting on the same battlefield, much like how they had fought side by side when they had met. "I fought in the wars I did because it was a simple necessity. But this war is different." Why Avacyn felt this way, she did not know. Perhaps it was the fact she now wore the mantle of Triumvir of Strength, perhaps it was the enemy they fought. "They are an insult to the Sith and I will not stand for it. Their demise will be my satisfaction." This time, it was much more personal.


"Can you feel it? The encroaching Darkness, eager to feed on the death and destruction that we will bring?"

#1896233 Long Overdue (Jedi Skirmishing Sith Empire's Ossus Library!)

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 31 December 2018 - 02:44 PM

Location: Outside Ossus library

Objective: Get these damn Jedi off my lawn

Allies: TSE, Sithy people - Romi Jade | Taeli Raaf

Enemies: Jedi scum - Coren Starchaser | Cotan Sar'andor



Now that some distance was created between Avacyn herself and her opponent, she was given a moment to catch her breath. It was only for a short moment, however, as Cotan went to engage once more. Then with a lunge he struck out and the woman caught the blade with her own, close to where it would reach her shoulder. Her body pivoted away from the bladelock before she let her lightsaber deactivate for a split second and with a repositioned blade a slash was sent out, her target once again being the man's midsection.


It was then when another woman showed herself and her arrival meant that the numbers advantage the Jedi once had was now not just nullified, but firmly on the side of the Sith. Avacyn needed not look at Taeli to know it was her, her presence in the Force being more than enough to identify her. "Arcanix," she called out while keeping her eyes firmly on Cotan, "how lovely of you to join us." The redhead sounded quite pleased, knowing that the duel was now theirs to lose by all accounts. "I hope they did not inflict too much damage to the library."

#1895927 A meeting by gunfight...

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 30 December 2018 - 04:20 PM

It seemed the woman had quite the interesting history to her. The things she had shown to be capable of made more sense now with the knowledge she had given, although Avacyn wouldn't immediately assume that and the experiments to be directly linked until she heard it directly from the source. What was equally interesting was the fact she had ties to the Confederacy- it hadn't been too long ago since the non-aggression pact the Sith Empire had entered into with them, but a direct alliance it was not. Avacyn had no obligation to do much of anything if it turned out she was wanted there for any reason. Because of this, there were no barriers in the political sense to make her an offer if she seemed privy to it.


"You had friends in high places, then," Avacyn remarked in a more casual manner now that the introductions were out of the way. "I indeed know of both Darth Metus and lady Talon. I won't pry further on what happened that caused you to part ways with them, though. You have your reasons, and I can respect that." Those matters were intriguing, but apart from the experiment Er'in had mentioned her previous affiliations mattered little in the present day. What was of relevance was the fact she appeared to have none at the present moment.


She looked over Er'in once again, more specifically the blood and gore she was still covered in. "We all keep something to ourselves, Sith lords and ladies are no exception." The redhead was in fact quite amused by the way Er'in had chosen her words instead of the contrary that the brunette seemed to have expected. "Considering how you were of great help dealing with these cultists, allow me to invite you to get yourself cleaned up in my quarters on the Star Destroyer. There's an offer I'd like to make to you on behalf of the Sith Empire, if you are willing to hear me out."


Erin Tenel

#1895699 I make rank tags

Posted by Kaalia Pavanos on 29 December 2018 - 03:58 PM





One tag, just for you.