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Kaalia Pavanos

Kaalia Pavanos

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Borderlands 3

28 March 2019 - 05:02 PM


The last Borderlands game came out back in 2014.


The last Borderlands game developed by Gearbox itself came out in 2012.


And now, finally, it's time to get back to Vault Hunting. Ladies, gentlemen, people who don't identify with either, mayhem is coming.

IRL Comes Around (Reduced Activity)

17 February 2019 - 05:10 PM

So in a twist I had not seen coming in a million years, life has been very kind to me. I'm feeling well mentally, all the bad chit actually feels like it's in the past now, uni continues to roll along and I recently ran into this person who is now my girlfriend. Mornings are still the devil, but that might just be the fact I don't sleep enough.


A side-effect of all this though is the fact my online presence has been reduced significantly. I expect things to settle down over the course of the next few weeks, but until then I don't think I'll be around to post much. This affects Kaalia and Nylea Apollodor for the most part. I'll be back in full force once my brain can concentrate on things again instead of thinking of my girlfriend constantly, until then my activity will be much like it has been in the past two weeks or so.


See you guys when the life I've gained slips through my fingers. /jk

A Growing Family

18 January 2019 - 01:49 PM

It made no sense to be this nervous. This hadn't been the first time and if it was up to Ishana alone far from the last, but Kaalia had already come out of the bathroom and made her way to the living area without being able to muster the courage needed to look at the pregnancy test she clutched in her left hand. Her heart was racing, her mind shot from one place to another and she began pacing nervously, but she was glad that at the very least her wife was in upstairs with Xariah and Xarielle instead of here seeing her have a near-nervous breakdown. The redhead sighed heavily as she crashed down onto her usual spot of the couch, then nodded to nothing in particular to instill some level of confidence in herself.


Kaalia, deep down, already knew the test result. She felt it in the Force and it had never lied to her before. A small spark of a presence went wherever she did, it small and weak but the bond she felt with it was incredibly powerful. This really was no more than a confirmation of something she already knew, yet it was also something more. This was Ishana's way of knowing.


With the test still in her clutched fist she held it in front of her, the result obscured by the fingers that wrapped around it. Another sigh. "Fine. Let's just do it," she said to herself as her fist slowly opened up. What she saw made her heart skip a beat. Two lines. Positive. Although it wasn't truly a surprise, the feeling of shock that would quickly turn into excitement washed over her all the same. An uncontrollable smile took hold of her as she let out a small sequence of happy noises that nobody was ever going to know about. The first thing that came to mind was rushing upstairs to show Ishana, but she stopped herself after shooting back up onto her feet. One look at the small white stick later the woman had devised a plan.




With the pregnancy test no longer on her person, Kaalia made her way up the stairs and followed the sound to get to where her wife and daughters were. The three most important people in her life, she would often call them, and nothing could have been more true. And soon another would join them. She slowly opened the door to make sure she wasn't a sudden interruption and with a soft smile she walked over towards Ishana to give her a kiss before picking up Xarielle and holding her in her arms. "What are we up to here? Ready for sleep?" Out of the two mothers Kaalia was the one who was more strict about bedtimes, but she tended to be the more worrying one in general.


Ishana Pavanos

A Mirror to the Past

09 December 2018 - 04:38 PM



Avacyn knew that it was highly unlikely the invitation she had sent out would be answered, if it was even received. The last time she and Samka Derith, who also carried the name Decitus Ren, had spoken was long ago and had been nothing short of a hostile encounter. It was a time before Kaalia had taken up the title of Darth Avacyn, when she was among the ranks of the Knights of Ren- it seemed like lifetimes ago now. Her connections to the Sith had branded her as a traitor, something that carried heavy consequences. She was brought to an inch of her life, her memories were altered and she was exiled, all by Samka's hand. Yet, with the perspective time had given her, she had come to realize that if that had not happened, she wouldn't have been where she was now. And that did not even touch upon the fact she hadn't simply been killed for her actions like so many others who had done the same thing.


For many years, however, Avacyn did not even recall ever being one of the Ren. Only recently did she even find out her memories were lying to her and with the help of her fellow Sith Lady Taeli Raaf, the falsehoods planted in her mind were finally removed. Samka was one of the people she remembered now and after debating whether to do so for months the woman decided she wished to speak to her again. Thus she reached out through any means available that had even the slightest chance of reaching Samka, stating a planet, a place, and a date. Dromund Kaas, the citadel of the Triumvir of Strength, on what was now present day.


Inside of her private chambers Avacyn kept herself occupied with the datapad on the desk she sat at. She was working on her book outlining the basics of elemental Shaping, the Force techniques native to her homeworld of Kro Var. There wasn't much out there for people to study, whatever literature was out there consisted of ancient texts kept safely stored away by whoever owned them. She hoped to change this and make Shaping available to those who wished to learn it, and this book would be the first step towards that goal. Her work was cut short however, when she heard a knock on the door to her chambers.




A guard stepped through the doorway and gave her a slight bow. "Milady, a, well, young lady has requested to see you. She identified herself as Decitus."


For a moment surprise overcame the redhead as she turned her head towards the guard. Against all expectations it seemed she had indeed decided to honor her request. "She is the guest I was expecting. Guide her here and if there is anything she wishes, see to it."


Samka Derith


24 November 2018 - 07:58 PM

Valkyrie fortress

Undisclosed location, Mygeeto




When times changed, one had to adapt. It was a simple concept, yet in practice change was often overlooked. The Sith philosophy said to avoid the pitfall of believing that what worked yesterday would hold up today as well, for stagnation was death. So, when Darth Avacyn had come to the realization times had indeed changed for her, quite fundamentally so, the first order of business had become accomodating for this change. Not only had she been given the title of Triumvir of Strength, her personal life had also drastically changed with the arrival of her twin daughters. It meant more responsibilities, but not any more time to tend to them all. That brought her to Mygeeto, a planet she had not been to in some time, to bring change to the Valkyries so they could continue to thrive.


Vaylin, who had now claimed the title of Darth Moirai, had received the request to meet Avacyn in the Valkyrie fortress but was told little else than that there were important matters to be discussed. She would be expected in the Elder sanctum, a place within the fortress only Avacyn, as the lone elder, could freely enter. She was seated on the middle of three thrones, with a banner bearing the symbol of the Valkyries hanging from the wall behind each of them. In a time long past the two empty thrones belonged to Aria Vale and Darth Imperia, but now they remained vacant.


Here, the woman waited for Vaylin's arrival. Two guards who would stand at the gates when she was present were indeed stationed there, and would not stop the zabrak from entering.