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X-063 “Kenny”

X-063 “Kenny”

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#1503961 Kahranna

Posted by X-063 “Kenny” on 11 February 2017 - 09:31 AM

just want to say that's a beautiful character creation, so detailed. and second I might be interested in a rp with you, if your interested in rp together please pm me.

#1493006 Arcadia N-30, a new life[force development]

Posted by X-063 “Kenny” on 27 January 2017 - 10:41 AM

He saw the ship, the ramp down, she wanted him to get on board. he could see that she wanted to get him hidden on the ship, away from the authorities. he knew there was plenty he still did not know about this new galaxy he woke up in. but he did need to update 's data banks, and he needed to get to a power source, now. he jump/dived into the ship and made his way to the back of, what he thought could be the cargo hold but he was criticly low on power so his limbs stoped working and he fell to the floor. ​"bring me a power cell, one used in heavy ground turrets, fast please. there is a slot in the back fith a small botton you need to push that to open it. take out the old one, and put the new one in, I'll have 30 sec in between before I blackout." ​he was running on only 3 minutes of power.

Stardust Raxis

#1482453 X-063 “Kenny”

Posted by X-063 “Kenny” on 12 January 2017 - 03:06 PM


NAME: X-063 “Kenny”

FACTION: not yet


RANK: none, currently


SPECIES: human, Cyborg


AGE: 18 in appearance, in reality, about 300


SEX: male/cyborg


HEIGHT: 6’4”


WEIGHT: 300lbs


EYES: red (were green but due to experiments they changed)


HAIR: grey low cut.


SKIN: (face) tan Caucasian. (rest of body) grey and black light Durasteel.


FORCE SENSITIVE: yes mostly untrained(uses Niman fighting style)(http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Form_VI)







STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

+/+ Super strong: his cybernetics allows him to lift normally impossible weights for a human. He can single handedly lift 400lbs. he can power thru saber block and pars with ease.

+/+ Force user: being able to use the force can help him control himself + is better at combat with a saber and can predict his enemies moves before they make them (with 45% accuracy)

+/- Part computer: Due to imperial experiments, he is part computer giving him better knowledge and faster thinking/reflexes plus unique force abilities. But being part computer he can be hacked and used to cause harm to his friends

+/- Skilled at combat: his combat skill are amplified be both the force and the cybernetics.

-/- Rage Attacks: will spontaneously burst into uncontrollable attacks of rage that can hurt/kill anyone around while he watches helpless.

-/- Cyborg: due to him being a cyborg he must use energy cells,1every 3 days, big ones to stay awake, if he ran out of power he would have 2 days to get power or completely die.

-/- Insanity: he suffers from partial insanity due to the imperial experiments, hearing voices in his head and seeing things that aren’t real. It’s hard for him to tell reality from insanity.


APPEARANCE: standing at six foot four inches he wears only a dark brown cloak becase of his mostly cybernetic body. Most of the cyber tech was graphed to his bones causing him to have unnatural armor of light Durasteel(can take a beating, 8 heavy blaster shots), sometimes seen wearing a helmet also made of Durasteel with a full face transparent plasteel.



He doesn’t remember much from his old life, only bits and pieces. When he was 10 he was stolen by imperial scientists for his ability to use the force. When he turned 18 the horror started, it started with his hands first. The horribly painful surgery that graphed machine to bone replacing muscle and skin and replacing it with metal and wires. They continued for months until only his heart, lungs and head (plus other vital organs) remained. He tried to rebel, fight and escape but his body was not his own any more, the scientists controlled and suppressed any unwanted actions. Towards the fall of the empire they placed him in suspended animation until they needed him, that time never came. Years later (300 years) the lab where he was, started to fall apart and loss power. an emergency procedure woke him. He awoke….

​... he discovered he was on a planet called Lok, in the old imperial base, he was rescued by Gna Grimwasp along with her compatriot Midden. he tried really hard to control X as to not kill them, and he Succeeded. thanking them, they took him to Arcadia N-30, where he is currently.


SHIP: none



Green staff lightsaber

Dark brown cap  










http://starwarsrp.ne...lopmetbegining/ [almost complete]

http://starwarsrp.net/topic/103179-arcadia-n-30-a-new-lifeforce-development/ [Current]