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X-063 “Kenny”

X-063 “Kenny”

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Returning to the Outer Rim

13 February 2018 - 09:31 AM

It had been a long time since X-063 has seen his master, Stardust Raxis: Queen of Imahalyan in the outer rim. The time he was away was spent learning more about the force, and helping those that deserved help.He spent most of that time in the Inner Rim systems. there were a few 'degenerates' that meet their end by Kenny's saber and force abilities, well X said they were criminals, Kenny was still unsure.


'are you sure she still remembers you? still wants you as her apprentice? do you really think she hasn't moved on?'  the constant reminder that he will never be alone, at least until he died, X was tolerable for a few weeks after leaving for his mission, but quickly became a nuisance again constantly bringing tubulation to Kenny's mind. he still has a hard time controlling X, but he believes this was part of his reason going on this journey. 'Quite! if she did forget me tell me why she called me back to end my journey? yes, Master Raxis still wants me as her apprentice. and I've got a lot to show for the time I was gone'. 


He continues his outwardly silent walk to the palace, while constantly arguing with X internally, after paying the rest of his travel fare to the caption of the ship.It had been a long time since he was last here on Imahalyan but very little has changed. but the galaxy itself has changed so much since what he remembers before he woke up after the imperial experiment.