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#1827973 Un-Common Battle Cry

Posted by Anweald Bermann on Yesterday, 01:30 AM


"But.... sir," one of the crewman spoke up, who seemed to be from Commenor Systems Alliance, "if the Queen is gone... then we need to speak to the Senate, that is what they are for. And.... there are no Kings here, not anymore." "You're right," Bermann spoke up after turning to see the one speaking, "I am not your king, but your Queen is still alive out there. We don't know for how long, and I will not let her die alone. Did you swear an oath to her? Did you pledge to protect her? I don't know if you did, but my people pledged their lives to me. I pledged mine to her. I don't expect my people to follow a few words they spoke before I disgraced my home with my false death. but there is one thing my people pledge to, no matter what; freedom. I've spent my share of blood to bring them up from the dirt. I wasted my life away, no personal time, no l-.... no loved ones, all my time - gone. So that I could save them. They flourished because of me. The killings and wars stopped. And I pulled them out of the shadows; they no longer hide because of me. So I'm asking - not ordering - for some help," he sighed, "some help to save the person who saved.... me."
Bermann took a moment to stare at the crewman who decided not to speak back, before making a hand gesture to one of the men that had walked onto the ship with him, who was carrying a large crate. He gestured him to follow as he walked towards the captains ready room. "Proceed on the course, as soon as we're ready, jump to hyperspace, I need to get ready for battle," he spoke out to the bridge crew, before moving into his room. Those who were not going to join them had left. They didn't have the crew to properly man the ship for war, and they had less. It would considerably be less of a threat before they left, it's unknown what more they could do now.
Bermann entered the room, leaving the door open for the crewman, reaching over and brushing his hand against the wall. He helped to build this ship, and it had all but forgotten him. His people thought he was dead, and they were right to, so his precious things were no longer precious, but forgotten and left behind. The crewmen put the crate on the old desk and started to open it up as Bermann watched out the window, seeing the ship start to move into hyperspace. "It's ready," the crewman said. Bermann turned around and walked over to the crate, looking inside, running his hand against what he felt. It was old, it was unused, nearly new, but still.... aged. He pulled out the pieces of armor and laid them out properly on the desk before stripping himself of his CSA uniform. Below it, a proper under-armor suit was hidden until now, preparing himself to wear the armor beforehand. First, his boots; he propped his leg up on the chair by his desk and removed it, readying himself to put on the armored boot-piece. He felt a tick in his head, something inside him trying to tell him something. He took it as a sign that he was either going to meet his destiny, or lose someone very close to him. It came to him as a disturbance, but he swallowed it, as he already made his decision. Judgement be damned.
The crewman spoke up, softly, "Admiral... forgive me, but," he paused. Bermann stopped what he was doing and looked up, "speak up, son." "Your friend.... Ailred.... he has come by the palace a lot since your ...ehm, death. Will he be joining us?" Bermann shook his head, going back to putting his pieces together and wearing them, "he doesn't need to know I'm still alive, that's why only the people on this ship and the one following knows. No, he has his people to worry about." He stood up, grabbing hold of the chest piece and securing it onto his torso. He turned around so the crewman could help with the interlocking parts. "But... he was your Admiral, wasn't he? He sh-" "Stop," Bermann interrupted him, turning his head to the side, "he..." He grunted, looking down and taking a breath, "he has his own people to worry about, now." Bermann tightened up the armor and straightened it, leaving the helmet on the desk and moving back to the crate. He pulled out a weapon inside, dusting it off and inspecting it. "I'm sorry, sir," the crewman finished, turning to leave the room. "Fellar," Bermann uttered, fiddling with the weapon, making sure it was operational. The crewman stopped and turned around. "You're my First Officer for a reason," he turned his head to look at the man, "I trust your judgement. Ailred is busy, but you're not, not for me. I expect you to command the Neutralizer and the Steadfast properly. Your success means everything to my success." Fellar nodded, "I won't let you down," he saluted him, in the old Galderran-style salute. Their world started from an old Imperial base, their culture was very Imperialistic. Or, at least, it was, at one time.
Bermann and Fellar exited the room and the bridge crew were all at their posts, as much as they could be. Bermann looked around at the crew that chose to stay with him, and he was happy. "I couldn't be more proud of all of you," he proceeded to walk to the center of the bridge, "thank you all, for staying. How long until we arrive at the coordinates, helmsman?" The helmsman spoke up, ready and waiting, "the location was very close.... it shouldn't take too long, sir." "Good," Bermann responded, "ready weapons, get the shuttles and fighters ready. In the next few moments, we may enter into a heated battle, or a debris field. Let's be ready for anything. Are you all with me?"

"Yes sir"

Any moment, everyone would be able to see them coming up on sensors. The more sophisticated, the farther out they would be able to see them. But what they saw... was a very... big... signature. Intimidating. Bermann walked up to the comm station and stared at the comms officer, making a head motion for them to move, so that he could get access. He inputted some information, and opened a channel. "Lady Kay, if you can hear me. I'm coming. I will not let you go this alone, I promise."

Ships Entering the System



Kor Vexen

#1827386 Un-Common Battle Cry

Posted by Anweald Bermann on 15 July 2018 - 10:23 PM

The Admiral walked aboard the rested ship, which had very minimal crew. At one time, it was a beacon of hope. Not just for Commenors forces, but for a forgotten people that once held Commenor and its leaders up, pushed them high. Made sure they could see over the horizon and more. But those days were over. A skeleton crew, left onboard to ensure the ship was maintained and kept from falling apart at dock, the bright beacon had become a dreadful tomb. Bermann was going to wipe the dust off of it, one last time.
He ordered his command staff and crewman from the ship he was assigned to by the Queen, and transferred them with him over to the Neutralizer. The current crew were absolutely confused at what was going on, they hadn't received any orders from command, or the royal family. Randomly, there were members of Commenor and Galderra on the ship, a complete mix of both. However, they were announced to the new Admirals position, and were curious about it just as much as they knew about it. However, they kept silent. It was obvious new orders had came in, and only he was privvy to them..... right?
Bermann reached the bridge of the ship and nodded to a communications officer, who prepared a communications broadcast throughout the ship. Video terminals would also have access to an imaging from the bridge to see their new Admiral, their new Captain, who was preparing to... release.... these 'secret' orders that they had all been waiting for. A smaller ship exited hyperspace nearby the great Neutralizer, having been granted clearance beforehand, taking up a position next to the Neutralizer.
Bermann looked down at the floor of the bridge, glancing up at the camera a couple times until he was notified the vast majority of the crew were now tuned in as much as possible. He took a breath, and opened his mouth; what came out of his mouth was to be his final speech.


"This is Admiral Anweald Bermann, Rear Admiral of the Commenor Systems Alliance. I know, you are all confused about my presence here today, not being warned beforehand, not able to prepare for my arrival. But what I am about to tell you will be shocking. At first, you will not believe a word I am saying, you will question me and my authority, you may want to strike against me, but I can do nothing except tell you the truth. Queen Arenais has gone on a mission, herself, to face down the Sith Empires blockade, to show them that Commenor is not weak, and we won't take Sithspit lying down. For obvious reasons, many of you did not know this. I did not know this, at first. Of course, you all question my ability to command, and just how I came across this position when you have never known me. I took on this role to protect my people, and the people of Commenor. But I can not sit back and watch as the person I have fought for, for nearly half of the years I continue to stand, the very person who saved my life, faces off against an armada of enemies who wish to intimidate us, and perhaps, threaten our very livelihood."
Bermann tossed his cane to the side, against the wall of the bridge and put his weight on his only good leg, the leg that was not cybernetic. He reached to his hip and drew one of the sheathed swords at his side, showing it to the camera. He tilted the sword, so it could be properly seen.
"Decimation, Token of Invocation. With this sword I give my loyalty to my land, my home, and my people. To those I care about, they will forever know my undying trust and sacrifice. For I am King Eddak Manod, of Fort Galderra. As a child, I watched my family die. As a young man, I watched our home burn. Twenty years ago I witnessed the Galactic Empire wrestle its collars on us. I fought each and every day. I ended the Gamorrean wars. I made our people stronger. But in the end, Lady Kay was the one to finally release us from our bonds, proving that life would not end swiftly, that death would not be our only option. Today, I watch the Sith Empire push Commenor Systems Alliances borders, and I will not stand for it. I will not bend over and just let them rain fire and scorch the galaxy, the very place we have fought and died for, the place we have created families and settled in! For the good of the Alliance members! For the good of the refugees! For the good of Commenor and Galderra, for the good of the people, We Must Fight!"
Bermann jerked his sword in the air, twice, encouraging the men to rally. Some of the people on the bridge were scared, some were amazed, some rejoiced. Their King had returned! But he's a stranger taking over a Commenor ship. The old man had gone nuts. But some agreed, they couldn't let their Queen, or King, fight alone.
"For all those who choose not to join me, please leave the ship now. I will not force any of you to go into a mission I do not know the outcome of. But what I do know is, if we die, we will not have died realizing we let those we care about die alone!"

"Helmsman," he spoke out, ignoring the camera for a moment, "allow those who wish to leave, to do so. Then plot a hyperjump to this location," he ordered, walking over to the officer. "I want to thank all of you," Bermann looked back up the camera, "for serving your people, the only way you can. You are the heroes of the galaxy."

The ship would not leave yet, it had to prepare. It was loading its munitions, reserves, rations, and then it had to undock and prepare to hyperjump, coordinating with its partner ship, and clearing the Commenor Traffic Control. This would take time. Bermann just hoped he wouldn't be too late.



OOC: Not in battle/system yet

#1826116 CSA Discussion: Major or Minor Faction?

Posted by Anweald Bermann on 13 July 2018 - 08:14 PM

Lady Kay

You always have me, Lady Kay. All that time ago, you poked Eddaks character sheet just to be curious. Nobody knew how much fun we'd have, no one knew the characters relationship would become what it is.



Doesn't matter

I'm here

#1825934 CSA Discussion: Major or Minor Faction?

Posted by Anweald Bermann on 13 July 2018 - 01:46 PM

No Vote



Reasons to Stay Major


I think we should stay Major, because after a long while I've finally become part of the CSA that I wanted to, or mostly. CSA offers an opportunity to everyone in the galaxy. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot offered in the way in the Faction Game. For companies, it offers people a neutral place to create contracts and a way to tier up their companies as per their requirements. It is also a place that would readily accept the use of outside assets instead of only using assets created by the faction, giving companies a big purpose and allowing solo manufacturers/mechanics the ability to support in a variety of ways.


As a faction CSA also offers more vast roleplay opportunities aside from just company work, but people could roleplay freighter work, diplomatic advisors, discover diplomacy and politics, CSA is a very big asset in the community, and I would hate to see it go Minor.


Unfortunately, my best recommendation, is go for a Justice War against TSE. If it's going to go down/die, at least let it go down with a fight and show people a Neutral faction isn't Weak. But that's if it goes down, I'm rooting for it to win the war and create peace.





Reasons to Go Minor


Well, if you go minor, Kuat Drive Yards no longer has protection, we lose our big manufacturing contract and all the money pouring in from Commenor. I think.... I would feel I would have lost a great background partner. By background, I mean things that don't have much to do with roleplaying; Contracts, Companies, defense support, constructing things, the drama of the faction and such. But there are reasons to go Minor.


Currently as it stands, it seems faction business OOC weighs heavily on a single person, you Veiere. And Lady Kay is trying to juggle Roleplay, Roleplay Decisions, Roleplay Decisions that Affect the Major Faction Game, relations with other Factions, and still trying to do what you do, while she has interviews, work, recording sessions, kids, the whole lot. You absolutely, positively, rely on your faction base for activity, as you can only do so much. I believe the decision is entirely up to you. Even though I would vote against going minor, that means I'm requiring you to do work, work you may not even have time for, and it isn't my faction. As much as I wanted to be part of the government, work my way, and earn it, this faction is Lady Kays baby. I have no say in what you need to do or want to do.

#1825796 Star Kart: The Commenori Cup (CSA Dominion of X-27 Hex)

Posted by Anweald Bermann on 13 July 2018 - 07:37 AM

What kind of devoted Commenori citizen and serviceman would Bermann be if he didn't partake in a little fun from his planet? Oh, no prideful military man would never let themselves be seen in such a [i]childish]/i] game. Or would they? This is just the sort of thing a soldier would get mixed up in. Something to get the mind distracted, live a little, not having to worry about the day to day worries of who to shoot next and where to take cover. Bermann had one thing over all the other participants; experience. But that experience meant nothing when he had only piloted a fighter over almost twenty-five years ago, and him bum arm and legs, and his age, were certainly not going to help. Hell, he might just wreck the track, but those who knew him, knew he didn't tread lightly. If he was going to make noise, everyone was going to hear it. He looked over to his sides, strapping himself into the Gosper 1, checking out his current competition. To his left, seemed to be a kid ( Caedyn Arenais ), hope he doesn't hurt himself. To his right, someone who looked like they could actually kick this old mans keester ( Zye Woden ). It was all for fun, Bermann could have commented a jest or a mock to the man he was worried about losing to, but he was more worried about wrecking, so he decided to encourage, instead.


He looked over to the kid instead, piloting a Titan 547. "Hey kid," he spoke up to Caedyn, "when you get up to the turn, pull back on the throttle just a bit before you push into the turn, then you can gun it. That'll give your craft time to compensate and you'll have a smoother ride through the turn and you won't hit the edge." He gave a thumbs up as his other hand put on a racer helmet and strapped it on, "good luck kid." Caedyn had enough time to say a response, if he wanted, but after the Gosper 1's viewport would come down and seal Bermann in. He was going for maximum safety, hoping this bird took all the damage when he crashed. He looked forward; he knew he was going straight for the hyperloop.

#1822221 Star Kart: The Commenori Cup (CSA Dominion of X-27 Hex)

Posted by Anweald Bermann on 06 July 2018 - 11:02 PM

Lady KayKlestaLoreena ArenaisStardust Australis SkiraeCaedyn Arenais



A space race? Oh gods.... tight turns, known craft, cybernetic limbs, and old age. Not to mention, Bermann hadn't piloted an interceptor in decades. But he thought, well, injuries couldn't get much worse than what he already had, and was still healing from. Stubborn old man, he just didn't know when to quit. Never did. He noticed some others, a couple familiar faces from Commenor, but he kept quiet. Of course, he was in his CSA uniform, although he would change it later for something more.... less faction related. Once he was able to get up to the registration, he already knew what he wanted. Taking it easy? Out of the question. Bermann knew he was going to screw up in the race, whether that meant flying off the track due to mishandling of the beasts, or bumping against a sideline. He was not a racer, but he figured he should have a blast and push it over the limit to see where it all would end up.


Racer Registration: Anweald Bermann
Designated Ship: Gosper 1
Dice Penalty

#1817681 Character interaction pls

Posted by Anweald Bermann on 29 June 2018 - 07:17 PM

Yula Perl

Are you implying physical relations? Good gracious Yula. He's a force Master, he can train her. Oh my god


#1816939 Common Strains (CSA/ME)

Posted by Anweald Bermann on 28 June 2018 - 12:57 PM

Yasha Mantis

Berman took his Queens order and went to leave the room. Yasha spoke up and he stared at the door at the door as he listened "People are going to die. People already have. We can't hide behind potential death when no matter what happens, people will die. They already started. We all know pain and suffering, and watched those we loved die. But the bodies will continue to fall unless we put a stop to it, here and now. It's time for the Sith Empire... to end." Bermann dropped his cane and raised his right arm towards the wall behind Lady Kays desk. His palm opened and those in the room with the ability to sense the force felt him pull something off the wall. What landed in his hand was a sword of great craftsmanship. He didn't say another word or listen to any goodbyes. He exited through the door and left the Queens Office

#1816469 Common Strains (CSA/ME)

Posted by Anweald Bermann on 27 June 2018 - 07:56 PM

Bermann tilted his head up slightly, speaking to no one in particular as he whispered in a respectful tone, "it is because of blind ignorance, that ones judge only of what they see. I kneel to my Queen only because I choose to. If you wish to challenge for my loyalty, you only need to tell me to stand." Bermann didn't want to damage the talks, he knew he was wrong to speak out, but if these people can only see the surface of anything they judge, whether it be the preparation of what the Emperor plans, or show them he is not just a weak old man, he would be honored to show them what lurks underneath. He made no further actions, as he waited his Queens forgiveness, or any shame brought unto him.

#1816434 Common Strains (CSA/ME)

Posted by Anweald Bermann on 27 June 2018 - 06:42 PM

Lady Kay | Yasha Mantis | Jaster of Clan Awaud | Keira Verd | Aedan Miles

Bermann decided to interject before anyone else spoke. Once he said his mind, he would leave, if the Queen demanded it, or stand in the corner should his privilege to speak was taken.

"The Emperor already opened negotiations. He went to Lady Kay first, and said these are the terms you must agree to, if you don't want us attacking you. He made a tactical move when he didn't get what he wanted. He said 'let us pause,' and while she was unprepared he struck gold when he had the opportunity. Go and talk to him? He came here. He doesn't want what we have? He's raiding our cargo. He's killing entire planet populations and that is outrageous. Mand'alor, as much as I respect your title and your honors, this is a disgrace. You stand there, stammering, defending a man you claim can turn your bones to dust. You're afraid, you're intimidated. When you stand in the face of evil that you know is evil and wrong that you admit to the face of Queen Kay and just... Say let's keep cool, let's back off, give him what he wants, let him walk free."

He approached Lady Kay and whispered, " I understand your admiration for the Mand'alore, but she does not seek to stop the Emperor even if he dared to stomp through her home. I apologize for my interruption, it is not my place my Queen, but you can clearly see she is afraid." Bermann knelt beside his Queen, hoping she would forgive him.

#1816331 Common Strains (CSA/ME)

Posted by Anweald Bermann on 27 June 2018 - 03:21 PM

Lady KayYasha MantisJaster of Clan AwaudKeira Verd



Discussions were suddenly being had over the incident with the Sith and their Emperor. Bermann was made aware of the Mand'alores arrival since he was nearby in the palace. The Admiral, preparing a fleet to protect his Queen and the Commenor people, was unfortunately late. The word came to him only as the Mand'alore was already landing. He spoke to the secretary outside of Kay's office and they nodded to each other as he quickly, and calmly entered the room. The Mand'alore Yasha Mantis was already in deep conversation with the Queen, as he slowly shut the door behind him. He did it quiet enough so that he did not disturb the conversation, yet obvious enough for everyone to know his entrance so it was known he wasn't trying to sneak in. He wore the CSA's Admiral Uniform, although he wasn't yet accustomed to it. His cybernetic arm and leg still in view, and he was walking with a cane. He still hadn't gotten used to his cybernetics, hoping he would before the war started.


"It is not my place to speak, but I have to be honest. The Sith Empire wants the Galaxy. The Galactic Empire has been absorbed. The Emperor is making aggressive acts at the edge of CSA space and we think he's going to keep his word when he obviously wants Commenors resources. He's not looking for friendship, he's looking for control. And to take what he wants, he needs resources to fuel his own version of a Galactic Society that forces you to listen and fall in line. No one would do that, unless they had weapons pointed at their head or a Slave Collar on." He took a couple steps forward to be behind Lady Kay as his position should be, under her command, limping the way with his cane. "Forgive me, I am Admiral Bermann, you can see me as the figure head for the CSA's Navy until our esteemed Queen finds another above me. But still, the Emperor says he won't hurt us, but then he causes such aggressions at the edge of our space, proving he wants what we have. Innocents or terrorists, if they were in the Galactic Alliance, he wants them. And I have to say no to that. But it is Queen Kays choice."

#1814457 Anweald Jojack Bermann

Posted by Anweald Bermann on 24 June 2018 - 06:24 PM



Bermann walks with a cane and has two obvious Cybernatic Limbs.

He has a Cybernatic left arm and a Cybernetic Right Leg. He uses the cane to support his right leg.



NAME: Anweald Jojack Bermann
FACTION: Commenor Systems Alliance
RANK: Reserves
SPECIES: Human (Umbaran/Korun mix)
CULTURE: Commenor
AGE: 53
HEIGHT: 173 cm (5 ft 8 in)
WEIGHT: 72 kg (159 lb)
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Brown (Balding)
SKIN: White

(+) Strong Will - Eddak has a very strong sense of will, being able to overcome oneself physically and mentally through challenges and difficulties.
(+) Physical Prowess - Eddak isn't the strongest of strong men, but he keeps his body in shape and proper for his skills
(-) Ocular Hypersensitivity - Due to his Umbaran heritage, Eddaks eyes are extremely sensitive to sudden, extreme flashes of light. If exposed, there is an exceptional possibility that he will enter into a violent episode similar to epilepsy.
(-) Impulsive - Eddak can most often times act without any thought or remorse. He has been known to make plans, but become forgetful and act on something based on the situation, completely messing up his future plans.


Bermanns passed has been kept quite secretive within Commenors walls. He is known as a Special Operative in Commenor rumors, but officially he is in the Reserves. Whether that's army, military, navy, or what, is unknown. It's obvious Bermann has exceptional survival skills. He has great weapon skills and is able to command vessels and fleets at any given time. He is a one man soldier that has lived with Commenor all his life in secret and completed projects and operations for them since before the great wars. Rumor says he's been alive for longer than humans can ever live, that he is ancient, that he is only unthawed from a cryochamber the military maintains until they need him. With the tales of a new Dark Age coming, and the Sith moving onto Commenors borders, it seems bhe's been awakened. Or reactivated into the military. His formal rank is never the same, always decided by the royal family.







Secret/Past Identity

#1802744 Haven't done one of these in a while.

Posted by Anweald Bermann on 06 June 2018 - 08:55 AM

Allyson Locke

We almost had a chance to roleplay awhile back - with your character Charlie. If you'd be up for it I had an idea maybe Charlie would like Vi Grir if you can handle the scars! While she is a Sith Acolyte, she isn't exactly trained to be Sith, nor has she killed anyone. I think the two girls could have a lot of fun horsing around and finding new delicacies haha

I hope one day we get to roleplay!

#1731771 Factory Q&A

Posted by Anweald Bermann on 13 February 2018 - 06:59 AM

What are rules on Company Merging? Can a lesser tier be merged with a larger tier, thus growing the lesser tier? I couldn't find specifics on the situation in the rules.

#1731588 A Common Partnership; It's Pzob's Law (PM for Invite)

Posted by Anweald Bermann on 12 February 2018 - 10:13 PM

Lady Kay | Ra'a'mah



Eddak kept out of the way of the two, he felt a little guilty for his impulsive nature and being so defensive of Lady Kay. He agreed, following Lady Kay and stood a little within arms length of her as she prepared to cut the ribbon. The guards kept their distance so the spotlight was on Lady Kay and Eddak. "Let this be a reminder to everyone. Galderra seeks nothing more than harmony and prosperity, which is why it seeks to support freedom and amnesty for all who deserve that chance at a new life. Freedom for everyone!" Eddak raised his fist as Lady Kay cut the ribbon and everyone cheered, raising their glasses in a toast. This was a wonderful time for Galderra, and Eddak hoped it would only continue. For Commenor, Eddak had one more goal to accomplish, but he had to let the Orbital Array wear off before he could complete it. He reached out a hand to Lady Kay, for the first time offering a full handshake to show the patrons their trust of each other. No kissing of the hand, just once.