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Anweald Bermann

Anweald Bermann

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Common Practice

24 June 2018 - 07:42 PM

Lady Kay



Bermann had arrived early to the Royalties Palace. He had his proper clearance and authority to show he was allowed here and was requesting to see the Queen. However, he urged the assistant or secretary not to rush the Queen. Bermann was very soft spoken and respectful, at some points kind. He almost whispered as he told the secretary only let the Queen know he was ready to see her once she was prepared. It was very early in the morning, with dew still on the grass and birds just waking up. Even if Lady Kay did wake up early, Bermann hadn't really slept.


He told the secretary he was a high ranking military official of the Commenor Military and political member of the Royal Family; no relation. It showed on his credentials that his background was indeed classified, but it was cleared with the Commenor security system. Berman had decided to rest in the welcoming hall or sitting room. Out of the way, like an old man napping. Her held his cane firmly with both hands as it rested against the floor between his legs. He did not snore, he did not twitch, but everyone could tell the old coot was still alive, just taking a small nap until the Queen was ready.


Queen Kay, when she was available in her office, would be notified of an old man wishing to see her, claiming it was somewhat important, but not critical. Quoting the man said "oh, it's quite important, but she can take her time. I'll be here." Even if she was away from the planet doing whatever business she was dealing with, Bermann would occassionally grab a bite to eat, but otherwise, he would return and sit and nap in the same place. He was here for the Queen, and only the Queen. He only answered to her and he needed to know what his orders would be here in Commenor again.

Anweald Jojack Bermann

24 June 2018 - 06:24 PM



Bermann walks with a cane and has two obvious Cybernatic Limbs.

He has a Cybernatic left arm and a Cybernetic Right Leg. He uses the cane to support his right leg.



NAME: Anweald Jojack Bermann
FACTION: Commenor Systems Alliance
RANK: Reserves
SPECIES: Human (Umbaran/Korun mix)
CULTURE: Commenor
AGE: 53
HEIGHT: 173 cm (5 ft 8 in)
WEIGHT: 72 kg (159 lb)
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Brown (Balding)
SKIN: White

(+) Strong Will - Eddak has a very strong sense of will, being able to overcome oneself physically and mentally through challenges and difficulties.
(+) Physical Prowess - Eddak isn't the strongest of strong men, but he keeps his body in shape and proper for his skills
(-) Ocular Hypersensitivity - Due to his Umbaran heritage, Eddaks eyes are extremely sensitive to sudden, extreme flashes of light. If exposed, there is an exceptional possibility that he will enter into a violent episode similar to epilepsy.
(-) Impulsive - Eddak can most often times act without any thought or remorse. He has been known to make plans, but become forgetful and act on something based on the situation, completely messing up his future plans.


Bermanns passed has been kept quite secretive within Commenors walls. He is known as a Special Operative in Commenor rumors, but officially he is in the Reserves. Whether that's army, military, navy, or what, is unknown. It's obvious Bermann has exceptional survival skills. He has great weapon skills and is able to command vessels and fleets at any given time. He is a one man soldier that has lived with Commenor all his life in secret and completed projects and operations for them since before the great wars. Rumor says he's been alive for longer than humans can ever live, that he is ancient, that he is only unthawed from a cryochamber the military maintains until they need him. With the tales of a new Dark Age coming, and the Sith moving onto Commenors borders, it seems bhe's been awakened. Or reactivated into the military. His formal rank is never the same, always decided by the royal family.







Secret/Past Identity

My Best Intentions

10 June 2018 - 02:00 PM

Lady Kay

"W-wha-" Eddak woke up from a haze, he had been unconscious for what seemed like hours. Or days? He had no way to tell time, and his mind wasn't in any shape to think clearly. He heard a buzzing, no... it was something else... it was... "What?!" He opened his eyes to a dim red light blinking slowly; it was an alarm. An Escape Pod alarm. He tried to take a breath, but it felt like he was choking, barely able to gasp. There was almost no air to breathe. "Fething..." he wheezed, rolling over. He had slammed against the wall of the small escape pod; his head was in pain and he was laying on the floor. He grunted, slowly crawling to the control panel, or what was left of it. With squinted eyes, he stared at the panel. The holomonitor was shot, all he had to go on was some status colors. It didn't look good. The pod was already shot up and charred, as if it was used in a sick game of wack-a-mole, with turbolasers. "The fuel.... gah," he coughed, reaching up to wipe his mouth, seeing a familiar liquid fall from it and go across his arm. "Shut up," he whispered, closing his eyes as his head pulsed. The thought ran through his mind, even though he didn't want to think about it; his last breath. "No..... shut up," he raised a shaking fist to slam into the control panel, but it had little force. The alarm still buzzed, and the light continued to blink. "I said... shut, up!" He reached for his blaster and shakingly shot the control panel. The lights flickered as the alarm shut off like a dying droid. The Escape Pod began to shake as Eddak turned around and laid back, against the control panel. The Escape Pod was about to exit hyperspace and the Pod didn't have any inertial dampeners, at least, any functional ones. He remembered he jerry rigged a few when he was floating about in the Big Empty, but he doubt it would work, especially after he shot up the control mechanism.
The Pod roared as if it was about to tear itself apart, shooting out of hyperspace and flinging components off around it. As it exited, debris flew around it and forward. Either this debris was part of the Pod itself, or pieces of ships from an old battle. Eddak flew against the viewscreen and tumbled. It hurt, but it seemed the last spark of life for those inertial dampeners lessened his fall. He still fell. Eddak had lost the care and will, he only jumped in this Pod so his enemy didn't get what he wanted, but he was ready to die. He started to drift off, until he took one more peak. The gravity failed and the power flickered, slowly making Eddak drift from the viewscreen. But his eyes slowly opened as he saw a bright light. He saw a sun, and prepared to smile, at least he wasn't in the cold, dark space anymore. But he caught something in the corner of his eye, and he opened them again. He had drifted to the back of the Pod before he realized... he saw a planet. He saw.... a Space Station, Ships! No... he saw... Commenor!
His body slowly and gently spun in the Pod as Eddak tensed up, smirking in pain. "Ya can't just let me die... can y-cuh," he started to tear up, coughing up more blood. His hand reached down to grab at his side which was soaked in that familiar liquid and pain. He reached to the wall with his other hand and pushed off, getting to the control panel that he shot up before. The Pod wasn't receiving any transmissions... or it couldn't. Outside, the Pod looked like a trash heap, cobbled together parts of different ship components, components that shouldn't be used the way they were. Maybe the transmitter was shot, broken, or missing altogether. It was hard to tell. "Hey," he mashed the transmitter button, trying to get a signal out. "This is... cuh, this-" he coughed again, more and more. Barely able to get a word out, the strangling of the air choked his lungs, and made him cough up blood all over the console. "Lady Kay!"

BzzzZZzT - Ady Kay.... Comme-- bzzzZZzzzTT TT SCCHHHHhhhh..... Com- zz Lady Kay, it's Eddak! I... bzzzZZttt SCH Need Help.....I can't zzzzZZZttttCHHHHHH

The Escape Pods power went out. The Escape Pod was still flying and hadn't quite slowed down after exiting hyperspace, it was on a direct collision course for Commenor. When the lights went out, Eddak looked up and forward, staring at the planet. The Escape Pod had forced a hyperspace entry at an unknown speed. But, its speed was dangerous. At this speed and momentum, its weight was as great as a Star Destroyer or more. Eddak held onto the broken console as he floated, removing his arm from his side to break open a panel underneath, he reached for a valve and started twisting it. The thrusters of the Pod spurted for a moment, unloading their pressure, but just as quick as they started, they stopped. "Hah. Yeah. I bet the air brakes will work to-cuh, feth!" He was traveling at an intense speed, reaching the planet in mere minutes, being pulled by his momentum.

Not Like This...

05 March 2018 - 07:55 AM




Eddak was at his desk, sitting comfortably as he was reviewing security reports. His men had just came to him with a critical report, it was about King Arenais. Eddak didn't know what to think as the man he bowed to and promised to serve would.... do such horrible things. He was thinking over what to do. The full report laid on his desk, yet his private Keep truly showed his initial reaction. Every station manned, doubled. Electronic security systems were put in, knocking out stone for room. But it seemed tonight, those security systems would not be enough. Eddak wasn't the smartest man, but he did his best to be prepared. It was unfortunate someone was one step ahead of him.


He dropped his writing utensil as he heard something, it came from the sitting room. But it was outside, as if on the balcony, the one with the glass door. Many have sat in that room, so it wouldn't be an unlikely choice by some wannabe attemptors. That's Eddak for you, always with his cautious, superstitious behavior. He stood up and grabbed the saber by his desk. He had forged a generic blade from his private Forge after the Mandalorian Auction, having lost his sword because of a child, and then not even winning said auction. He stepped towards the sitting room and slowly pushed the door open with his saber, calling out, "Oi, who's there? Come out."

MV-21 Pitcher Bomber

08 February 2018 - 08:34 PM








  • Manufacturer: MILSERV
  • Model: MV-21
  • Affiliation: Open-Market
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: Durasteel, Fighter/Bomber Components





  • Classification: Bomber, Atmospheric Bomber
  • Length: 7 meters
  • Width: 20 meters
  • Height: 5 meters
  • Armament: Average
  • Defenses: Average
  • Squadron Count: Average: 12
  • Maneuverability Rating: Average
  • Speed Rating: Average
  • Hyperdrive Class: N/A



Fighter Standard Features (Sensors, Targeting Programs, Life Support, etc)







  • Stock - The bomber is cheaply made with galaxy standard components, there is nothing out of the ordinary about this bomber. It makes it extremely easy to produce it in factories and ship them out quickly, allowing multiples in a Squadron


  • No Hyperdrive - Hyperdrive was considered a too-expensive option, so it was taken out of the original design



Description: The MV-21 is Milservs answer to a mainline bomber that anyone in the galaxy can afford. Well, they can afford one, but multiple will still cost a little, even if significantly cheaper the more you purchase. The Pitcher was designed to reflect, partially, the functions of the old Y-Wing tried and true starfighter/bomber. However, it is obviously a very short range craft, the Pitcher, so its scout feature is non-existent. It carries four fire-linked light repeater lasers and a high yield of Proton Bombs.