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Eddak Manod

Eddak Manod

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#1731771 Factory Q&A

Posted by Eddak Manod on 13 February 2018 - 06:59 AM

What are rules on Company Merging? Can a lesser tier be merged with a larger tier, thus growing the lesser tier? I couldn't find specifics on the situation in the rules.

#1731588 A Common Partnership; It's Pzob's Law (PM for Invite)

Posted by Eddak Manod on 12 February 2018 - 10:13 PM

Lady Kay | Ra'a'mah



Eddak kept out of the way of the two, he felt a little guilty for his impulsive nature and being so defensive of Lady Kay. He agreed, following Lady Kay and stood a little within arms length of her as she prepared to cut the ribbon. The guards kept their distance so the spotlight was on Lady Kay and Eddak. "Let this be a reminder to everyone. Galderra seeks nothing more than harmony and prosperity, which is why it seeks to support freedom and amnesty for all who deserve that chance at a new life. Freedom for everyone!" Eddak raised his fist as Lady Kay cut the ribbon and everyone cheered, raising their glasses in a toast. This was a wonderful time for Galderra, and Eddak hoped it would only continue. For Commenor, Eddak had one more goal to accomplish, but he had to let the Orbital Array wear off before he could complete it. He reached out a hand to Lady Kay, for the first time offering a full handshake to show the patrons their trust of each other. No kissing of the hand, just once.

#1731586 Factory Renovations (FOTM and Galderra Royal Treasury)

Posted by Eddak Manod on 12 February 2018 - 09:56 PM

Lord Mettallum
Eddak grinned and stretched slightly as the droid mentioned the age of the AT-AT's. "Oh don't worry, Lord Mettallum. I have my own advanced walker," he continued, whispering, "I call it the Bantha. I'm sure you'd love to see it." He returned to a normal tone of voice as he took the holopad to look it over, gesturing for one of the men that traveled with him to take a look. "I plan to construct a number of original AT-AT's to look over their designs and test them for things, no doubt I'll improve upon them for what I need, but I don't want to start from scratch; I want to make something the facility won't have trouble making without severe alterations. Also, I'm not the foreman."
Eddak handed the holopad to the gentleman beside him who was looking over the holopad, who in turn claimed the pad and turned around as he started speaking on a comm, directing Eddaks workers. "I'm a soldier, also a King, but my experiences are not in Construction. I am merely in charge of where and how we operate, but that's how as in, who we do business with and when. I don't run the construction job. Galderra is a castle, and needs expert construction. So that's what my Treasury specializes in. For the people, I always say. If you've nothing to do, we could always sit back and watch. I'd offer you a drink but... do droids drink anything?"

#1728745 MV-11 Catcher Interceptor

Posted by Eddak Manod on 08 February 2018 - 08:15 PM




  • Intent: Create a cheap, mass-produced standard fighter
  • Image Source: A-Wing Redesign by Andrew Hodgson
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A





  • Manufacturer: MILSERV
  • Model: MV-11
  • Affiliation: Open-Market
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: Durasteel, Fighter Components





  • Classification: Starfighter, Atmospheric Fighter, Interceptor
  • Length: 11 meters
  • Width: 6 meters
  • Height: 4 meters
  • Armament: Low
  • Defenses: Average
  • Squadron Count: Moderate: 16
  • Maneuverability Rating: Average
  • Speed Rating: Average
  • Hyperdrive Class: N/A




Fighter Standard Features (Sensors, Targeting Programs, Life Support, etc)







  • Stock - The fighter is cheaply made with galaxy standard components, there is nothing out of the ordinary about this fighter. It makes it extremely easy to produce it in factories and ship them out quickly, allowing multiples in a Squadron


  • No Hyperdrive - Hyperdrive was considered a too-expensive option, so it was taken out of the original design



Description: The MV-11 Catcher Interceptor was designed partially as a multi-role fighter. To be a standard compliment, in larger than normal numbers, in a carrier or in a cruiser support role, these fighters can intercept fleeing ships or be the mainstay in a fleet battle against other fighters or small transports. During the initial design mock-ups, there was rumor that they nearly mimicked the old A-wings of old, but this was dashed out. Even if they looked like original A-wings, no designer had the original schematics of the old A-wing design. Still, it could help in making enemies think it's some sort of upgraded A-wing, and that interceptor was a great option in its days. However, the Catcher is very much different, using two small laser cannons but a single proton torpedo launcher, with very minimal ammunition. Along with a standard of Deflector Shields for defense, excluding minimal armor.

#1728720 Under Pressure ATTN: CSA

Posted by Eddak Manod on 08 February 2018 - 07:34 PM

Lyra SarnMacoda Haberon
"Emergency alert from the Commenor Prison - this is bad..." The comm officer of the commanding ship of two Royal-class Cruisers in the area, including itself. The helmsman walked over to the comms officer, getting his attention, "Why, what's going on down there?" "It's the prison that holds the assassin that tried to kill Lady Kay... there was a massive explosion opening it up, the alarm sounded a prison riot," the comm officer repeated to the helmsman what he read off the screen. The helmsman took control of the situation immediately, "get King Eddak on the line, priority. Meanwhile, call the other cruiser to our formation, head to Commenor. Get the Captain up here, and get a message to that prison, see what's going on." GDI was in full support of CSA and COmmenor, but they had absolutely no jurisdiction on the prison, nor to drop troops on Commenor, there would have to be an emergency confirmation by the commanders of the prison, or an executive order by Queen Lady Kay for them to touch down, but that didn't mean they would do everything they could to assist.

Message to Commenor Prison
"This is the GDI Royal-class Cruiser 'Executor,' what's going on down there? Do you require assistance?"
Communication with Eddak Manod
"King, we have an emergency situation"
"What's going on? Spill it."
"It's the Commenor High Priority Prison, the one holding Lady Kays attemptor assassin. There's a prison riot."
"What?! I'm heading back home from Coruscant, I'll be there shortly. Don't let this get out of hand before I get there!"
"Understood King Eddak, Helmsman Jericho out."

#1728444 My All for the Children (Charity Auction)

Posted by Eddak Manod on 08 February 2018 - 10:10 AM

Cecile MiraxusMariya Fleischer
Well, that was it. Eddak tried to muster everything he had to win this lot. Even if he threw the rest in of what he had, it wouldn't be any match. Terraforming equipment wasn't the hardest to come by, but he knew a lot of those bidded items had far more wealth to them. And the next bid just after so swiftly beat out galderra royal treasuries coffers. He didn't expect for such high rollers to be present at this auction, but maybe he should have. "Thank you Gray Raxis for this wonderful opportunity. However, with such high lucrative individuals, I no longer have any chance of winning further lots. I retract my bids. But as you know, everything that was not money, will be donated to Mandalore. You have my Bantha, my mobile construction vehicle, and my sacred sword." Eddak leaned down to pick up his platinum bars and to put them in his suitcase. "Please, treat my weapon with respect - it is all that I ask." He reached to grab the handle to his suitcase and lifted it up - it was a rolling case. He turned to Gray Raxis once more and gave a goodbye wave with a wave, before turning to leave the embassy.
All Bids Retracted. Non-currency items donated to Mandalore. No further bids.

#1728290 My All for the Children (Charity Auction)

Posted by Eddak Manod on 08 February 2018 - 02:57 AM

Shoden Moz

Eddaks eyes looked over as he heard the girl speak up again. Eddak was full of himself at this point. He overbid a child, but he was so caught up in his confidence he didn't expect.... what came out of her mouth. Eddaks eyes widened as he heard the scariest words possible. His eyes widened so much it looked as if they were going to fall out. His chest felt heavy and hollow as he took a deep breath. A god damn ancient lightsaber. It wasn't going to fix Mandalore but Eddak knew... oh he knew those blasted force users would love to get their hands on it. Eddak had no choice, if he wanted to win, that is. Eddak was no longer happy, an anger took over his face as he turned to face the stage.

"Her-e.... here..." Eddak took one more breath as he choked up before he made his decision. "Ten Platinum Bars, in total, along with everything else I've bid. One Bantha. No, not the animal. The Galderran At-SAT, ownership to the Mandalorian administration of Raxis' choice. And..." Eddak took one last look over to the child with a less than pleasant face as he reached for his sword. Eddak only kept his sword on him, not his blasters, or rifles, or anything else. Because it was sacred to him. He slowly drew it from its sheathe and pointed it towards the stage. "Decimation, Token of Invocation. An ancient Galderran Militia sword, past down through generations. From the second Gamorrean War, which was almost 300 years ago. It now has a Phrik blade, and it has seen countless battles before reaching my hand. It has seen me become King and take Galderra to its ultimate reach; space. You will not find a more sturdy, a more reliable, a more trustworthy weapon. It will never fail you." Eddak gently laid his sword on the table as he stared at Gray Raxis. Why was he willing to give up the very sword that had saved his life countless times? It wasn't a meaningless sword that you could toss hands. It was the symbol of Galderra, and it meant more to Eddak than anything he owned. But it was just a phrik-bladed sword. "I personally reforged the blade in my own Royal Forge. And should you need any kind of personal equipment, I am at your service." Making it a bidding item meant if he won or lost, he would be donating it to Mandalore.


#1728267 My All for the Children (Charity Auction)

Posted by Eddak Manod on 08 February 2018 - 02:05 AM

CharlieDarlyn Excron
"Here, here!" Eddak stood up from his chair, who did this kid think they were? Eddak grinned over at the kid. They got spunk. Eddak grabbed two more Platinum Bars and tossed them on the table, making about 100,000 credits or so. "I'll match that bid... I mean... you know I can't bid a person, but his credits. And..." Eddak looked over at the girl and squinted his eyes, thinking for a moment, before turning back. He went to open his mouth, but he decided against what he was about to say.... for something else. "And one FOBV Galderran Mobile Construction Vehicle, ownership to Gray Raxis. That should solve a lot of your construction needs."


#1728258 My All for the Children (Charity Auction)

Posted by Eddak Manod on 08 February 2018 - 01:39 AM

So, it seemed one of the lots Eddak wanted was finally up on stage. She was... engulfed in the buffet, it seemed. Would that cause a problem for Eddak? Hell no. Galderrans had an infamous eating culture. Dinner was usually served with multiple people, sometimes friends more than family, but the serving would be at least three family sizes too large. They even picked up on classic gornt that was once used in Imperial rations, but now they serve full-sized gornts like god damn turkeys... if they were half the size of cows. Eddak wasn't afraid, in fact he relished the thought of introducing her to the variety of meals in Galderran Culture. Eddak would not waste any more time pondering as her speech was done, and he leaned over behind his table out of sight, reaching into his suitcase. When he rose back up, he had two Platinum bars, which he sat on the table.
"Here, here!" Eddak yelled, assuring he got the attention of the stage. "Two Platinum bars, and the full service of the Galderran Defense Initiative in service to the ruling administration that Raxis Embassy follows on Mandalore. Consider full military support of GDI, with the inclusion of our new command ship, the Super Carrier, 'Neutralizer'.. Not only are they there for your protection should anyone wish to take light of the planets weakened state, but we will enforce your laws, protect freighters and transports, and even help transport anything the planet purchases from anywhere, for free. I don't know how much that's worth to you, but I hope it's worth its weight. I will also give two Royal-class Cruisers and one QAF-B9 Mining Station to make getting construction materials cheaper and faster for yourselves." To be honest, the Royal-class Cruisers were becoming out dated, and weren't being mass produced because of that. But they were a tried and true model, a symbol of pride of Galderran culture. Even if they weren't worth their weight on a bid, hopefully they did Mandalore some good. All of this was prepared to be given whether he won or lost. Eddak had calculated his assets before coming here and he knew what he was able to give. Giving anything more would be pulling straight of Galderra resources, and he wasn't going to do that. You can only support independence so much.





#1727972 Coruscant First Charity Auction

Posted by Eddak Manod on 07 February 2018 - 05:20 PM

Eddak didn't have his eye caught by anyone in the room as he presented his ticket and entered the room. There was no one here he knew, unfortunately. He walked forward, knowing Ailred would be right behind him as he got a drink from one of the waiters. "To be quite honest, Ailred," Eddak whispered as he looked around, Ailred also grabbing a drink, "I can't stand these fancy parties. There's nothing wrong with them, but everyone knows they are not for me. Still as King I should know I'm not going to like everything. I just didn't expect how many fancy parties I would be attending." Ailred was inclined to agree.... fancy parties were not Eddaks forte. Ailred grinned as Eddak kept walking. He ventured over to a quiet corner where the two could mingle with themselves. He didn't believe anyone would approach him as the only contact he has had with Coruscant first was over the HoloNet.

#1727966 A Common Partnership; It's Pzob's Law (PM for Invite)

Posted by Eddak Manod on 07 February 2018 - 05:15 PM

Lady Kay | @Ra'a'mah



Eddak took a step back and clasped his hands together as he didn't look happy with himself, but quickly getting over it. He took a position a step or two behind Lady Kay and perked up once more to Ra. "So, what is it you're here for, miss Ra'a'mah," Eddak said with a bit of trouble saying the name, "come to watch the grand opening of the Commenor Embassy? Friends of Commenor I take it then?"

#1727957 Factory Renovations (FOTM and Galderra Royal Treasury)

Posted by Eddak Manod on 07 February 2018 - 05:06 PM

Lord Mettallum



Eddak nodded as the droid came to a realization, it was good its processing unit still functioned properly. "I don't need to get complicated on the matter. Yes, I'll probably just use the base AT-AT's, and that will be no problem. As for the supply station..." Eddak took a couple steps backward and knocked on the transport, enough that the Pilots inside would hear him. Apparently that was the signal to alert the acclamators to launch their payload; the workers and resources. "Galderra has a way of making structures relatively fast. We'll have the supply station up and running in less than an hour.... then a more permanent solution will be constructed in less than a week. Until then I'm sure you're fine with us landing just about anywhere? Haha" Eddak was certainly calm during all this. Not to say he didn't fear Lord Mettallum or should, but even as a droid Eddak still expected Lord Mettallum to act like a droid. They typically don't make rash decisions, they're intelligent, and use deductive reasoning. This was a sound idea and Eddak was sure Lord Mettallum agreed.

#1727949 My All for the Children (Charity Auction)

Posted by Eddak Manod on 07 February 2018 - 04:58 PM

Gray Raxis | Lady Kay | Baiko no Kaho



Hmm... it seemed Gray was pulling out all the stops on this one. If Eddak recalled correctly, Gray had access to all of that technology, and rather easily. While Galderra had a lot of money, they didn't have a lot of connections. Let's hope Gray doesn't win them all. Eddak threw up his hands in surrender, "I'm out," he said calmly, not needing to get anyones attention as he backed down from the bid.

#1727198 My All for the Children (Charity Auction)

Posted by Eddak Manod on 06 February 2018 - 04:57 PM

Lady Kay | Baiko no Kaho

"Here, here," Eddak raised his hand, "I'll see that. I'll match that bid, and add 10,000 credits and three Light Freighters of Galderran design to help re-establish trade routes to Mandalore." Eddak smiled over at Lady Kay. He was sitting all alone but he wasn't going to stay quiet for this auction. Besides, when the lots for what he wanted came up, he was going to put up everything he got. Still, he doubted his ability to outbid Lady Kay, Queen of Commenor, High Queen of CSA. Though that didn't mean he wouldn't get the Queen to count her assets.


#1726580 Starship 5.0 Sub-Capital Ship Tool

Posted by Eddak Manod on 05 February 2018 - 07:49 PM

Nadja Keto

Good work!