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Judas Wayne

Judas Wayne

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Somewhat-brief LOA

09 August 2018 - 11:40 PM

As a few of you know, my indoctrination for ROTC starts Saturday morning. That means no phone, no computer, no nothing. These heathens are even taking away my watch so I don't know what time it is. Yay! Anyways, all posting on my accounts will stop for at least a week.


Writers/Characters affected: Mythos | Umai | Darth Vesper | Jahan the Lion | Primarch Iedolas | Drez | @The Factory (I know you guys are going to miss my business)

Insert Some Genuine Thought-Provoking Thread Title Here

05 August 2018 - 02:29 PM

Wayne Tech Temporary HQ Roon



Judas Wayne sat behind the desk in his makeshift executive office on Roon. His company had yet to source the funding for a full-time headquarters, so this is what he had to work with until they were able to construct something a little more official. The blueprints were already being drawn up by an architecture firm, though the Wayne Tech CEO was still hoping to locate an old Techno-Union structure to inhabit instead. The costs of building the structure they had in mind was astronomical, and he greatly wished to shuffle at least some of those funds elsewhere. For now, he was at least grateful that this building had AC.


He sat awaiting a certain Darth Vesper for negotiations regarding a potential business agreement. He had been vehemently opposed to meeting a Sith of any kind, as the death of his parents by the hand of Force-using warmongers had left him with a deep-seeded hatred towards those that wielded their gift with reckless abandon. However, partially due to the practical begging of his advisers, he had agreed to meet with the Darth despite his feelings towards the Sith Empire.


While he waited, Judas looked over the rough draft of the terms he wished to negotiate on. His goal was to hire some of Luxarc's doctors to train some of his own people in medicine, all in exchange for weapons and armor for Vesper's security guards. Judas just hoped he would be able to hold back his anger before it spoiled the negotiations.



Wayne Tech Biological EMP Grenade

04 August 2018 - 12:42 AM

Intent: A futuristic EMP grenade designed in response to modern anti-EMP tech
Image Source: Aberiu on DeviantArt
Canon Link: N/A
Primary Source: N/A
Manufacturer: Wayne Technologies
Affiliation: Closed-market
Model: Mk.1
Modularity: No
Production: Minor
Material: Rubber, Duraplast, Argon gas, rechargeable power supply, electric feeding nodules, electric components, Genetically Modified Power-Consuming Organisms
  • Can wipe out virtually all electronics, including lightsabers and blasters, within a 12 foot radius of detonation
  • Cannot be stopped by Ion/EMP shielding (second burst)
  • Since the device is composed of living organisms, it is impossible to direct or control the flow of the attack at all whatsoever and may result in weapon backfiring (second burst)
  • Must be kept charged. If grenade runs out of power, the organisms within will die and the device becomes essentially useless.
For all sakes and purposes, the grenade itself is of a very simple design. A rather unremarkable EMP grenade, it is capable of wiping out all non-shielded electronics within a 12-foot blast radius of the origin point. What makes it unique, however, are the organisms dwelling within that are released after the intial EMP burst.
Many sets of armor and such these days are shielded from EMP to prevent a single pulse from completely wiping out a person's technological assets on the battlefield. While this is all good for the majority of the Galaxy, some people wanted an innovative workaround. And so, as per the usual, Wayne Technologies heeded their call and set to work.
The first burst takes out those devices ripe for the picking, unshielded and unprotected. In essence, a regular EMP burst. Then, the Power-Consuming Organisms are released from their Argon-doped containment pocket to finish up the dirty work. Any bit of electronics within that 12-foot radius that isn't stuffed behind airtight sealing can be "devoured" and destroyed. Of course, this 12-foot number is merely a general guess. These are living microorganisms and it is entirely impossible to predict their movement patterns. However, in testing they generally tended to stick to the 12-foot measurement. After about 10 seconds of not being inside of their special Argon-filled habitat, they suffocate and die to prevent an outbreak of power outages.
Of course, there are several disadvantages to this product. The grenade has to be constantly charged to provide a food source for the organisms within with a battery life of approximately 12 hours. Once this runs out without being recharged the organisms within will starve to death in about 5 minutes' time. It is also helpful to note that due to the somewhat entropic nature of these organisms' movement patterns, the device can easily backfire on the user and shut off their electronics rather than the enemy's. To be totally safe, be sure to stand at least 25 feet away from the release point until the scene is clear.

Wayne Tech Distribution Center: The Wheel

03 August 2018 - 07:45 PM

Intent: To open the first Wayne Tech storefront in the mid rim.
Image Credit: Simon Fuchs
Canon: N/A
Links: N/A
Structure Name: Wayne Technologies Distribution Center at The Wheel
Classification: Storefront
Location: The Wheel
Affiliation: Wayne Technologies
Accessibility: Very easy to access; open to the general public.
Description: A rather ordinary medium-sized storefront. It's on the outer edge of The Wheel and looks down into the structure's massive casino. When you walk in there are two security guards stationed at the entrance near the bay windows. Another guard is generally patrolling the store while another guards the entrance to the back. The main floor is covered in shelves stocked full of Wayne Tech gadgets and such, even containing a weapons counter (watched by another guard) and armor section. A cash register for check-out is located right at the front of the store to the right of the door.
  • Gun counter
  • Cash register
  • Storage/break room
  • Manager's office
Rating: Medium
  • x5 private armed guards
  • Normal Wheel security forces
  • Various security cameras
The storefront's previous owner ran a successful business in the space, making a good living out of selling weapons to the casino's patrons. However, the owner was also developing quite the addiction to gambling and spent most of his earnings on the nearby casino floor. His wife eventually left him for another man and he could no longer afford the steep costs associated with owning a store on The Wheel. Desperate for a way out, he began actively seeking out someone to buy the space from him.
That's how he met Judas Wayne.
The business magnate immediately began renovating the space, turning it into one of the Galaxy's first Wayne Tech distribution points. The windows were soon lined with armor display racks, and the weapons counter filled with Wayne Tech blasters and slugthrowers. Large holoprojectors can be found throughout the store either demonstrating current products or teasing new releases. The Wheel is a highly frequented space station, and big wigs at Wayne Tech did everything they possibly could to create as much a positive buzz for their company as possible.

WayneTech Taozin Bullets

30 July 2018 - 08:59 PM

Intent: A specialized form of ammunition specifically designed to combat Force-wielding opponents
Image Source: DotTeam
Canon Link: N/A
Primary Source: N/A
Manufacturer: Wayne Technologies
Affiliation: Closed-market
Model: N/A
Modularity: Comes in multiple calibers
Production: Minor
Material: Taozin nodules, chemical reactants, bullet casings
  • (Un)sensible- extremely difficult to detect/manipulate by use of the force
  • Independence Day- explodes in a flash of fiery delight upon impact with a lightsaber blade
  • Pricey- expensive to make, expensive to use
  • Volatile- due to the somewhat questionable chemical compounds found inside, these things are especially prone to misfiring and causing unwanted collateral damage
Fact of life #1: Force-users use the Force. Fact of life #2: Force-user love their lightsabers. The scientists at Wayne Tech realized these simple truths and decided to act on it. Their goal was to produce a cheap form of ammunition that was especially deadly to Force-wielding adversaries.
Early in their research it became apparent that no matter what they did, these slugs weren't going to be cheap. In order to shield them from the force, each bullet had to contain a tiny Taozin nodule to keep it hidden. Fact of life #3: Taozin anything isn't cheap. These rounds were only going to be purchased by those with deep pockets and a hatred for Force-users. Luckily, the anti-lightsaber measures weren't going to be as difficult to develop. The bullets were filled with a chemical gel that reacts to extreme heat, approximately that of an ignited lightsaber (to prevent a clip from exploding in a desert trooper's ammo belt).
Upon impact with the blade of an ignited lightsaber, the chemical gel will ignite with an effect similar to that of a flash-bang grenade. A bright flash of light follows with a sharp Bang! that will leave anyone's ears ringing at that close of a range. The obvious intent of this ammunition is to remove a Force-user's ability to defend themselves whether it be by Force, lightsaber, or removal of the senses.
It should be noted that these rounds are filled with a substance of a highly volatile nature. While the scientists at Wayne Tech did their best to prevent premature explosion, there is no guarantee against such an occurrence. As a matter of fact, each box of ammunition comes with a zero-liability statement protecting Wayne Tech from any and all legal ramifications of a potential misfire. You have been warned.