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Ben Antillies

Ben Antillies

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About Me

Ben Antillies is a profound engineer and mercenary during the Clone Wars. His astonishment during training sparked a new way for soldiers to train and had great results. He became the last survivor of the Separatists Team STORM squad after heavy fire from the 501st Legion.
AFFILIATED FACTIONS (Most Important first): The Order of the Silver Jedi, Bounty Hunter's Guild, The Sith Order, The Outer Regions Defense Force, THE UNDERWORLD, and The Kathol Outback.
RANK (Most Important First): Engineer - Mercenary - Silver Jedi


ASSOCIATED (Most Important First): Bounty Hunter - Salvager - Smuggler - Soldier - Assassin


SPECIES: Son of a Human and Miraluka


AGE: 21




STRENGTHS: Well with technology, Trained with a staff, Can hack into technology, Great constructing, Quiet, Efficient.


WEAKNESSES: Weak against wielding a pistol, Weak against the force, Far sight has deteriorated, Not Fast.


SEX: Male


SHIP: Colossus Mining Droid- Highly modified and updated. Adapted to be a spacecraft and shallow submersible.


HEIGHT: 5 Feet 4 Inches - 64 Inches - 162.5 Centimeters


WEIGHT: 163 Pounds




HAIR: Red Brown


SKIN: Rosy-Pale










BIOGRAPHY: [Indevelopment]


Early Life
Ben Antellies was born on Coruscant to the parents of a human who could be traced to Wedge Antellies and an unknown Miraluka. He grew up on Atollon piloting with his father and collecting unwanted scrap. Ben later used the scrap to build droids and machines.


When Ben was 9 his father left him to join the clones and fight Separatists. Outraged, Ben started putting his machines into action. He tested trooper droids and ships. The droids started to get more and more efficient, but the ships had ultimately failed. He had come across a mined out ravine. Nearby was a colossus mining droid that had been left among the dust. He had hauled it back with droids made for the specific job. After completely refurbishing the interior, he started to add boosters to the bottom and continued to refurbish the interior. It took multiple failed attempts to actually get the legs off the ground. He continued to rewire the whole ship. Ben stripped out the generator and installed one he created himself and was more effective. He used the ore storage as a soldier deployment bay, and he added two air defenses that deployed rockets. It wasn't until Ben was 15 when he finished the vessel. He quickly moved all of his machines into the outpost turning it into a laboratory. He was ready for his mission to find his father.

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