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Darth Maliphant

Darth Maliphant

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In Topic: Second Chance

16 October 2018 - 06:09 AM



The submissions have never been second chanced, so there would be no overturning of a decision. Infact, the factory administrator wasn't actually involved in either denial, since the follow up was done by yourself. Mind you, you yourself told me to wait to second chance them for that very reason, so this is why it has taken so long.


Regardless, if a second chance isn't being considered despite no prior second chance being filed, would resubbing them as separate entities work, or still be looked down upon?

In Topic: Second Chance

15 October 2018 - 02:44 AM

Posting both for second chance in the same post since they were denied for the same reason. Originally, they were denied because both contained more than three species in their genetic material, which is something I'm willing to change, but the rule seems to speak of character creation itself rather than bio-tech. Additionally, secondary inquiries said that non-sentient bio-tech should be run through the factory, and as these are genetic augmentation rather than outright species, it only seems right they belong here.


Links in question. 





In Topic: The Caravaggio Conspiracy

14 October 2018 - 03:06 PM



While Maliphant would have appreciated something more reassuring, even more well considered, he found comfort in the fact Kole was a man of few words; at least on the surface. It’d at least give the impression he wouldn’t blab about the situation, and an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure, especially in a delicate situation such as this. As the cigarette flaired to life once more as he drew on it, he let out an exasperated sigh, though one more out of discontent than discomfort, and stood.


In a fluid motion, he put the cigarette out, half smoked, and drew from the desk a key to a speeder; likely the personal transport vessel of Bastion’s notorious governor. Idling for a moment, he moved to grab a coat before motioning Kole to follow; as was required of his new companion. Nobody would stop them, though on a holonet tv nearby Kole would hear the background of some forlorn story;


... speaking on the fact that Darth Maliphant, Bastion’s Governor, lacks the experience required of its imperial position, and seeks to upheave his new rule through forced electoral elections. At current, the standing political opponents are…”, the newscaster would be cut off by Maliphant as he began to speak;


I suppose when we’ll get there, we’ll see what kind of people they are. See if they have any secondary goals…”, he said with a mild calm that seemed more dangerous than placant.


A press of the key and the lights on a speeder blinked before its engines began their pre-flight tests, all in accordance with an autostart module installed some time after Maliphant had received the speeder. He opened his door and moved to sit, it’s interior a well refined black leather with gold colored stitching wherever it seemed aesthetic;


Got anything you’re afraid of someone finding out, Agent Harper?”, he said as the vehicle roared to life and zoomed through the air to join the rest of Bastion’s traffic.



Kole Harper


In Topic: The Caravaggio Conspiracy

08 October 2018 - 12:03 AM


Governor's Office


Cirqa 853 ABY



Political enemies, Sith from the academy, external forces of the Empire-”, he said, each with a dismissive wave of his hand.


It’d be easier to name who it couldn’t be than who it could, Agent Harper. Imperial politics are cutthroat, no matter what the propaganda would have you see. There is no way to tell who it is off this alone.”, he said with a growing annoyance in his tone, though not at Kole, more a disembodied, vague annoyance that seemed to fill the room as a whole, adding to its already tense atmosphere.


Maliphant idled for a moment, reaching into his desk once more for two things, the first being a small cigarette he lit with his finger, a quick form of pyromancy through the force, and a small handwritten letter. Blowing smoke from his nose, he pulled the cigarette from his lips and pushed the note over, letting Kole read what was one it.


We know who you are. You will not survive this.”, was all it spoke.


This is the first note, the one that was delivered to another secretary of mine, Ira. She gave it to me with fear, that it simply appeared on her desk one day. Letter isn’t outright strange in itself, but there are small messages layered in the ink; geopoints I used to find the message you just saw…”, he said quietly as he took another drag.


Smoking was something Maliphant never did, and although Kole wouldn’t know the difference, it was easy to assume by the lack of an ashtray on the desk. Maliphant simply ashed it in the air, let the debris fall where it may, the sign that he did it from stress. Far was as dangerous as a stressed out Sith, but for the moment he seemed docile enough.


After searching the last few days, I found a second one. Has coordinates to an old warehouse on the outskirts of town. Not sure what’s there, but I need someone I can trust to come with, someone who has the knowhow to look for clues or… traces, something of who might have been there.


That’s where you come in, Kole.


Kole Harper


In Topic: The Caravaggio Conspiracy

06 October 2018 - 09:43 PM


Governor's Office


Cirqa 853 ABY



As Kole spoke, Maliphant sat quietly, watching him, forcing him to wait. Silence stood between them for several cold, tedious seconds, interrupted only by the methodical tapping of Maliphant’s fingers against the table; filling the room in a way that nothing else could, other than the slowly rising tension. Maliphant let it do so, until even a droid could feel some anxiety, a small scintilla of trepidation, and just the slightest bit of intimidation at his presence;


Only then did he speak, when the silence had done his job.


Agent Harper…”, he said somewhat quietly, his voice just short of regular conversational volume.


Recently brought to Bastion, though much of your record has been scrubbed. Living with one ‘Lynnori Cruz’. Enjoys the occasional drink and uses an RB-03 Blaster Pistol…


Could’ve chosen that better…”, Maliphant said under his breath as his hand lifted.


His finger moved to tap on the desk he leaned against, lifting himself up from his somewhat downtrodden posture and replacing it with the confidence that came with dealing with high level government officials. As he did, a small dossier of Kole came up, with far more detail regarding him than Kole was likely comfortable with others knowing, and Maliphant was no exception to this rule, a complete stranger with an entire history to a man he barely knew. He leaned back, looking it over as he let silence do the work once more, letting Kole look it over just as he had, to take in just the all encompassing detail his life entailed. From Lynn, to his life on Bastion, even the address he stayed at, and his favorite place to relax; All of it the result of working with the Sith. They always kept tabs on their agents.


Does all this information make you uncomfortable, Agent Harper? A complete disregard for privacy?”, he said in an unassuming, almost rhetorical manner.


Regardless of his answer, Maliphant would continue.


It doesn’t matter-”, he interjected, “- the reason I brought you here today is to help me deal with an issue of discretion.


Maliphant sighed as he pulled a hand to the top drawer of his desk, pulling out a small package from it and sliding it across the table, obviously already opened once. With it infront of Kole, he would motion to open it, letting a small hologram open up with nothing but an empty mask, hollow eyes, and unmoving lips, matched only in peculiarity by its heavily modulated, multi-vocal tones, as if both male and females tones of various pitches overlayed themselves again and again, just barely being understandable as it spoke;


Darth Maliphant, the esteemed Governor of Bastion. We have discovered your past, the crimes you have committed against both the Sith Empire, and the Outer Rim as a whole. We demand fifty million credits, deposited in the listed anonymous accounts, and your immediate resignation from the position of Governor. Failure to do so will result in three strikes; for each failure to abide by our rules, you shall be punished. On the third strike, we will release the following holovideo.”, the many voices finished, before the mask was quickly replaced by the holographic reenactment of a younger, shorter haired Maliphant covered in both men and women with far more tired eyes, surrounded by what appeared to be a massive party.


It displayed a monster, a hedonistic savant capable of nothing but indulging in the greatest pleasures any sycophant could chase. His lips were covered in eight different types of lip stick from nine different participants, while he wore nothing but an exceptionally tight pair of underwear and a long winding fur coat buried beneath him; while a twil’ek sat under each arm, abiding by his every command. It stood as a prime example of who Maliphant once was, even if he didn’t recognize the disgusting spawn that was before him.


With a quickly souring, sick expression, Maliphant closed the box and slid it back into the drawer, almost slamming it shut with excessive force. A hand quickly moved to rub his temple before he looked up to Kole once more, speaking once against just below regular volume;


They seek to dispose me. Tear down all I’ve done, with falsified lies and slander.”, he said with a harsh motion.


I called you here today to deal with it, Agent Harper.


Kole Harper