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Darth Maliphant

Darth Maliphant

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12 August 2018 - 09:57 PM



Maliphant idled for a moment as he watched her, watching her speak without so much as a hint as to what he was thinking; only the soft features of a man intent on listening. As she finished, he simply shook his head, speaking quietly in comparison to the music;


In fact, I’d say you have it worse. Unlike you, I never knew my family. Never knew what I had to miss.”, he continued, pausing for only a moment.


Besides, I don’t want you to talk about anything you’re not comfortable with. I’d hate to turn our night sour off reminiscent memories.”, he moved to smile once more; hoping to goad her into doing the same off simply the lines formed in his cheeks.


Tell me, Miss Lethe, do you know how to dance?”, he asked, making an idle glance to the dance floor near the orchestra.  


Magdalena Lethe

In Topic: Technology Submission Modifications

12 August 2018 - 04:00 AM

Submission Name: The Chained Tome

Link to Submission: Here.
Summary of Modification:

  • Add additional information attained by Maliphant.
  • Change ownership.

Reason for Modification:

  • To show more knowledge being uploaded to the holocron.
  • Removing Matsu due to lack of communication, switching to Antherion for the sake of activity and want.


  • Change current master Matsu Xiangu to Antherion
  • Add under 'The Slave's Additions':
    • "Complete Copy of 'The Proper Way to Corrupt a Jedi, by Velok of Toola'" under Unrestricted
    • "Full autobiographical understanding of The Slave's life, through his eyes." under Restricted

In Topic: The Slave's Laboratory

12 August 2018 - 01:59 AM












  • The Prodigal Son -
    • Once a flagship of a bygone era, the new refit of the Acerbitas has crafted it into a well versed machine in absolute destruction. From its massive weapons, able to take down fellow ships with impunity, to its deplorably stalwart defense, the Acerbitas has come to the galactic playing field with a vengeance; ready to show the new age of vessels what it means to be a flagship.

      In the weapons, it contains a number of axial mounted heavy cannons and broadside lasers capable of shelling an area far larger than itself. The front cannons, between the two kilometer long hypervelocity cannons and the legendary Hellbores, are what is used on the approach to a battlefield, easily decimating off guard vessels, and even those with steady bulwarks of defenses. However, once close the exterior of the vessel bristles with far closer ranged weaponry readily available to lay swaths of destruction across the hulls of unsuspecting vessels. It is this heavy armament that allows it to strike out with an unmatched wraith, while the defenses keep the vessel impervious.

      Plated in Impervium, the vessel is capable of shrugging off all but the most extreme damage; leave along its ramped up shield generator known as 'The Aegis'. In combination, the combination of defenses creates a colloquial immortal on the battlefield, shrugging off much before failing to exterior assault. Few ships of similar size can compare, shadowing many ships that wander the galaxy today. 
  • Immortal Disciple -
    • While the aging AI of the Acerbitas has served generations of soldiers, it was far too out of date to continue its works. As a redesign was in order with the rest of the vessel, the legendary framework of the AXIOS was altered and updated with the MACA; a series of neural networks capable of transforming the AI into something far more than it ever was before. While traditional AI offer a near endless stream of data processing, command and control, the newly formed AI aboard the Acerbitas is capable of pushing all of these to the extreme, at the same time. It serves as a level far above and beyond what anyone could call sentience, with innumerable systems to process faster, more efficiently, and with deadly precision. 

      As the original AI every AXIOS past it was based on, it had years of information to process and compile, utilizing all of this to create the strongest framework capable; pushing the upper echelons of artificial intelligence within the galaxy. Add this with its dedicated hacking sweet make it as dangerous a weapon as that of a proton beam cannon; though with far less explosive results. Most of the time.


  • Make Way -
    • The absolute size of the beast has made it slow and burly, a sight for all to see as they watch it orbit above. Its impossibly high weight class made even massive thrusters strain to push it forward, meaning it can barely outpace ships twice its size. It simply can not adjust fast enough to protect its open rear, nor can it avoid large strikes such as that of kyber cannons or other capital grade weaponry. This makes it a floating target, and should its engines ever be taken out, then it suffers the further shame of being a sitting target, forced to be towed back to port to be repaired and refit once more.
  • The Old Ways -
    • While the ship as a whole is well balanced, the numerous axial mounted cannons force it to suffer as some of its strongest weaponry can only be shot forward. Take this into account with the fact the ship as a whole can barely turn makes them very situational, and rarely effective at but the longest ranges and assault vectors. Once close, the cannons can be avoided simply by moving to the side of The Acerbitas; becoming little more than massive power drains for the innumerably reactors.
  • All or Nothing -
    • To power the vessel, extremely dangerous reactors were chosen to power its accelerated AI, massive weapon systems, and even more gargantuan defensive measures. All of this created the struggle of tackling the power situation, before the solution of the Daedalus reactors were put on. To power the ship, a total of three are required to manage its insane power consumption; meaning each one is a serious failure point. If hacking, internal sabotage, or even a stray round enters any one of these reactors, it can force it to go hypercritical, annihilating the entire vessel and everyone on board; leave alone the nearest ten kilometers of space. 





From The Original Submission


String-pulling was the name of the game, and in the wake of the Dark Harvest crisis, the Imperial military had woken up to the fact that their vessels had, one for one, been unable to overcome the infected Vong ships they had engaged. With a little prodding from Pandeima, one of the captains who had personally ordered her fleet to engage the Vong with a Tulak Hord, then the most powerful warship in the Imperial navy, an order was issued for a Star Dreadnaught prototype to be developed, one capable of strategically annihilating a Star Destroyer-type warship or larger, and one capable of successfully engaging, with support, multiple Star Destroyers.


Always attempting to prove itself to the Sith Empire, the engineers at Subach-Innes, Kuat Drive Yards, Sienar Fleet Systems, and Lussk Logistics fervently got to work, designing a starship to meet the specifications the Imperials had put forth. The result was the Nihilus-class Star Dreadnaught, a vessel superior to the Tulak-Hord one-on-one, but like a typical Star Dreadnaught, more expensive. Despite this, and despite its armament being rather standard for that of a ship of its size, it does have some unique features.


The first is the pair of antimatter reactors. Utilizing a more stable 2:1 ratio of matter to antimatter, significant power for the Star Dreadnaught's shields and engines can be produced without worrying about possible antimatter surges breaking magnetic containment and vaporizing the ship itself. Safeguards are in place to increase the matter flow to 5:1 if the reactor becomes unstable. The entire purpose of the second generator was added entirely with the purpose to power the unique feature of the Nihilus.


The Nihilus Dreadnought boasted a shipborne Central Artificial Intelligence System. This system was dubbed AXIOS by the current Emperor, Dranok Lussk. Following the design and construction of the prototype AI cores and many tests, most of which failed, but soon followed with major successes. AXIOS CAIS is purposed for managing all technical functions of the vessel including: navigation, tactical analysis, security monitoring, fire control, encryption, and expert advisory for its commander. This particular unit was nicknamed "Aegrus" and can be communicated with verbally or through a computer terminal. It, however, only carries out orders issues by the ship commander. 


Combining all of these unique features and a massive armament to couple a good sized complement, the Nihilus was constructed. It boasts a mix of weaponry along with attack craft support to create a nicely balanced vessel capable of undertaking standalone missions as well as serving as a flagship when augmenting fleets. Strengths of this craft lie in its weaponry, complement, and AI abilities. Boasting an AI core helps reduce the need for crew and allows re-allocation of these men to passengers for combat or combat support role.


Weaknesses are many, even considering it's a balanced capital ship. It's hulking size offers a very massive target and outline, commanding the attention of many opposing fleets to attempt to strike this first. This size also comes with a comparable weakness: slowness. It lacks proper speed and maneuverability skills to dodge incoming attacks. The AI core even has a weakness, requiring an entire generator to power it. While the core will be heavily guarded, the second generator can be taken out to disable it, but the crew can also switch to manual control to fly the vessel with much less efficiency.


All in all, the Nihilus became the pride of the Imperial Navy. As a unique ship, it had to be named. Acerbitas was bestowed upon the first of its race by Emperor Dranok Lussk with the meaning of bitterness or harshness.




While the ship has seen and unbelievable amount of history, after its collection by Maliphant and the GenoHaradan; it was refitted using Maliphant's influence over a number of companies, creating an updated, more powerful version of the once legendary flagship known as The Acerbitas. Many millions of credits were dumped into its creation, adding onto the original design while maintaining almost every aspect of its once righteous strength; and in turn its weaknesses. The ship holds an exceptionally large interior, built to hold many thousands of active soldiers, engineers, scientists, and even Sith when required. 


To begin, the Acerbitas itself was heavily based off ships such as the SD-584 from Jaeger Solutions, most notably in armament, but with a strong foundation in Sith technologies. Following similiar designs, such as that of The Behemoth, the ship was modeled to become a far smaller, more economical, dreadnaught of The Sith; serving in every aspect as its own progenitor. This dedication to the art of war makes the a deadly, potent enemy on the field of battle; able to siege down entire planets by itself. 


Housing the crew however, is just as important as warfare. This is why The “Acerbitas” splits its applicable areas into various separate decks, with the first designated as ‘00’ for all cargo, engineering, and hangers. Second comes the crew quarters, with the designation of ‘01’ and the last as the bridge with the designation ‘02’. These levels each contain different security parameters with ‘00’ being the lowest, and ‘02’ being the highest, respectfully; though there are a number of other facilities outside the main ship designations, taking cues from Jaeger Solutions exceptional interior design.


The lowest level, in both security and elevation position, is the Deck 00. This ‘industry’ deck lacks much of the refinement of its higher levels, but is absolutely required for the operation of the vessel in all aspects. From the holds to the cargo lifts, there is very little that comes aboard the ship that doesn’t first come through here; and that which doesn’t is likely paraphernalia and needs another look over by the officer.


First, the Main hold; a large area hold that is capable of holding over a few hundred thousand tons of supplies, enough to keep the vessel floating through deep expeditions for up to ten years without a resupply; allowing an extreme amount of independence behind enemy lines. With intelligent compartmentalizing done by dedicated droids and robotic trams, there are entire sections of the hold dedicated to a certain SKU or chemical, all with the corresponding SDS sheets to meet galactic standard. In addition to this, the section also holds a well stocked armory for the numerous crew aboard, with hundreds of weapons for boarding action and more; all sealed by a quartermaster and a number of biometric locked blast doors. In the center of it all however, lies the cargo repulsorlift tram that runs towards the forward hold.


The forward hold is where all incoming freight is kept for initial scans, secondary investigations, and final checks before being passed towards the main hold. This area has a number of security measures first and foremost, in addition to the ship’s primary air lock for crew departure, high mass loaders, and a number of repulsor based freight elevators to bring aboard large shipments of supplies. Just off this, lies the first hanger, tho not the largest. 


The hanger on the vessel is massive, holding a few hundred ships ready to zoom off and swarm, defending the Acerbitas with their life. The combined efforts of droid driven swarm drones, extremely powerful starfighters, and even a few dedicated bombers for destroying enemy capital ships; the hanger holds a serious repertoire for destruction whenever required, with automated systems to help expedite the arrival and departure of all ships, most notably any combat related ones. This is quadrupled, as four behemoth sized hangers hold the entirety of the ship's hanger storage, each covered with massive ray shields and impervium lined blast doors capable of closing whenever the risk for such assaults is too high. 


In addition to the main combat hanger, auxiliary hangers exist to project power over planets. The auxiliary hangers offer nothing in terms of space combat, and require far more dedicated measures to get the ships out of storage; meaning they can not be used in space combat for any reason. Once in orbit however, the measures to unlatch and deploy the ships and transports is opened, allowing the entire vessel to lay siege to even fortress worlds; all enhanced by a number of orbital cannons capable of decimating a world's surface, from cities to islands, a true swath of destruction can be carved out through both the Legion on board, and the weapons it can fire with.


Last on the Double-Zero deck is the engineering core; likely the most advanced place aboard the entire ship. Even less luxurious than the cargo holds and their automated organization protocols, is the deeply industrial engineering section filled to the brim in cooling pipes, computer modules, and advanced stealth technology. With some of the brightest minds in the galaxy walking its halls, the engineers of the Acerbitas find themselves often among the best to ever fly through space, and equally understanding just how important they are to the everlasting life of all those on board. Balancing the prowess of the ‘Daedalus’ reactors, ensuring constant power output by them in all areas of the ship, while simultaneously monitoring the active shielding fields to ensure they aren’t caught with their pants down, despite their bulwark armor; the life of an engineer isn’t easy, and can often stress those aboard out.


That is why Blackwell took from Jaeger, taking no cuts in offering perfect amenities for each of the scientists aboard, starting with their own crew quarters. This dedicated wing allows almost instant responses from the engineering team in the case of damage or emergencies across the vessel; but despite the tactile prowess of its repair crew, there also is the comfort of their own sound proofed hall. This ‘Engineer’s Club’, as some aboard the vessels have come to call it, contains a dedicated refresher, galley, and conference hall for personal and military use; effectively allowing a well oiled machine at all times. Even more than that, Blackwell understood that many engineers prefer a more solitary lifestyle, so no expenses were missed in terms of their cot. Each is offered and even more dense soundproofing to allow for complete impunity to the outside hustle and bustle of the ships churning heart, a durasteel privacy shutter that seals the cot to allow for dedicated downtime, and an environmental converter strictly for the purpose of the bed, allowing optimum sleeping potential at all times. In addition to this, each contains a small holoscreen for viewing of both personal holovids, and pulling from the onboard server with thousands of intergalactic hits from all aspects of life, effectively allowing endless hours of entertainment on an otherwise boring vessel. Secondary additions include alarms for shifts, emergency alarms that bring all crew awake and ready, and life support monitoring to alert medical staff if a crew member begins to behave abnormally in either physical or mental conditions.


Just as with the Engineering Core, Deck 01 holds the rest of the crews dedicated quarters, only with more additional room for activities and fitness. While the regular crew quarters shares the same style of cot as the engineer’s quarters, additional thought was put into the accessory facilities that were not able to be put in the lower levels. This includes a full scale Mess Hall, kitchen staff and all running hundreds of crew through the paces with a few daily choices in meals, while there is also a large assembly hall for group meetings and get-togethers. A massive holoscreen and holotable allow for both mission briefings on the large scale, and movie nights for the entire crew should the need ever arise to raise morale. In addition, a small Gym was added to help ensure no muscle degradation on long space flights for the more physically focused members of the crew. With localized gravity augmentation, and virtual reality pods for training purposes, the gym is built to keep its users at maximum peak condition at all times.


On the same level lies the Medbay, as well, as all areas with crews such as this require such a facility. With rows of bacta tanks and at least a small army of dedicated doctors trained in emergency medical procedures, the vessel is fully able to pull together the medical knowhow to fix up to a few hundred soldiers with concurrent fatal injuries. Having such an advanced medical facility is a must when considering how far behind enemy lines these soldiers usually are, and the risks involved with not treating injuries immediately.


Next is the Brig, conventionally standard for most ships of its size. Smaller than some perhaps however, as the ship was never meant to carry a number of large scale prisoners, only a few Universal Energy Cages for high priority VIP’s with force sensitivity, and more numerous RPC-12’s or advanced force cages for all others. These in combination to an interrogation room utilized by officers allows for completely autonomous prisoner management, with even the option of purging the various cells should the alarm ever reach a high enough defcon.


Last is the Officers Quarters, a group of studio style apartments for the various high ranking officials on the ship. With much of the same cots as all the other crew, the Officers see an upgrade in the fact they get their own miniature galley, refresher, and desk with integrated computer for personal work. This integral system allows for the management of the vessel equal parts rest and relaxation on their ‘days off’ aboard the vessel, and even a dedicated VPN between the other officers computers. Sizes and comfort can change depending on preference, but predominantly the only room with an actual size difference is the captain's quarters; a topic covered better in a moment.


Deck 02 is the top of the ship, and the highest area of the ship in both position and security. Here is where the officers engage each other aboard the bridge, send down commands through all the networks aboard the vessel, and guide her through combat at any given instant. This is the brain of the vessel, and in more ways than one it would seem. With the addition of the SADS to actively protect the entire ship, the high security core was placed behind sealed blast doors with a biometric scanner that allows only the Captain and the Head Engineer through at any given point. Should the SADS ever fail or be taken out, so too would the rest of the ship’s automated defenses.


Past any of these however, lies the entire section of the ship dedicated to Sith such as Maliphant himself. The foremost area of this is the captain's quarters, perceived luxury in the emptiness of space. Coming with dedicated living areas, his own gym and dueling arena lined with training droids, and a bar for company; the quarters relies heavily on the comfort of its master. A master override switch lives within, should the extremely powerful AI turn on the ship, along with various other biometric controls to lock down the vessel if all else fails. This is where Maliphant spends most of his time; though it is not the only thing in the section.

Various other rooms exist, though they are best related to the officer's quarters. Dedicated closets, studio apartments for the Sith who are tasked with coming along for whatever campaign the Acerbitas was set out on; it is in its entirety established for the study of the Sith. Workshops, dedicated cafeteria, inboard library and more; all of which is to assist in the training and perpetual honing of a dark siders skill, with various meditation chambers to enhance one's ability in the Force at all times. The ship is a massive example of The Sith's prowess in the galaxy, and it is only fitting that it hold within its depth the additional infrastructure to serve as even a small scale academy. 

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12 August 2018 - 12:14 AM




  • Intent: To expand on the depth of Blackwell Industries.
  • ​Image Credit: Here.
  • Role: Head of Blackwell Industries newly founded Security Division. 
  • Links: Blackwell Industries


  • Age: 56
  • Force Sensitivity: Non-Force User
  • Species: Firrerreo
  • Appearance: 
    • A man of stature, Bren carries himself with an almost unnatural confidence; the result of years within military service. His face shows signs of wear, weathering an innumberable amount of storms before settling on the other side. Wrinkles, occasional warts, discolored skin, the man shows his age, but doesn't do without grace; his ashy grey hair speckled with enough color to give a sign of not only his age, but the excellent amount of experience he has. A beard covers most of his face, with thin lips and deep sunken eyes always seeming slightly exhausted despite the almost uncanny piercing stare he offers to anyone. 

      The Colonel often wears comfortable, but dignified clothing. White undershirts and a black coat carrying Blackwell Industries symbol are common; its sword a striking hint at what exactly he does for the company. A wedding ring sits on his finger, despite losing his wife many years ago. Overall, he is a very distinguished, seemingly experienced man that would fit well within any Moff Council or aging veterans club. 


  • Name: Colonel Bren Marr
  • Loyalties: Blackwell Industries
  • Wealth:
    • While Bren Marr is certainly not poor, it'd be folly to claim he is beyond approach in riches. The man serves dutifully as the head of security for the entire Blackwell Industries command, his overarching experiencing allowing him to bring in well over six figures on an annual basis. This, combined with a hefty insurance and numerous benefits packages, puts his total worth just above 1.6 Million Credits; much of his otherwise established income given to his twin daughters, though much is kept in solid assets capable of being liquidated at a moments notice. 
  • Notable Possessions:
  • Skills:
    • Bren Marr is a reputable commander, despite his armchair status now, as he led a number of high risk operations during the tenure of The One Sith; a time when he was far younger. His skill in leading soldiers was superb during his tenor with the Sith, leadingthem to a number of victories against the Galactic Alliance under the leadership of men like Isamu Baelor before eventually abandoning the empire as whole during its violent collapse. After such, he found a strong independence in running mercenary crews through much of the galaxy; serving this outfit and that for the sake of giving money to his family.

      While an excellent shot, he is far past his prime ins straight combat prowess. He serves no more on the front-lines as he does in the armchair in the back; effectively making him only viable for overarching command roles rather than direct confrontation. Although no stranger to combat, his age wears heavy on him, enough so that prolonged combat would see him likely to fail or falter, though he could certainly put a strong fight for a time, should the need be required.
  • Personality:
    • Although not overly friendly, Ben Marr holds a soft spot in his heart for those close to him. Family, friends, he's long past his days of anger and resentment, pain and sorrow guiding his path to the next battlefield. Now, his family receives much of the love he holds, although often difficult for him to express even to them. He is a stalwart man with strong ideals, and even a passive conversation will offer that to any stranger who speaks to him.

      To the public however, he knows full and well how to play the part of power. When men come to speak to him, he makes them wait, watch him finish whatever it is he needed to do; knowing full and well that by making the other wait, they know they are on his time, his schedule. He waits to speak when stood up against, letting his enemies fester on the thought of wronging him, and in all senses he demands respect off form alone. It is an almost striking, completely separate personality than the one he carries with his family; the combined experience of years dealing with politicians and enemy commanders. 


  • Weapon of Choice: Tactics & Custom Verpine Shatter Gun
  • Combat Function: 
    • While Marr is no stranger to combat, he certainly doesn't hold up to the once legendary status he held. To shoot down his enemies, stab, maim, and destroy was his occupation; however as age took him, he lost much of his ability to strike with impunity. Now, exhaustion riddles him, prolonged physical activity tears at his muscles far more than they ever had before, and everything that he was is little more than a passing memory. Perhaps if pushed to the limits, he would able to fight just once like he had before, but that would be the end of his life no doubt.

      No, instead of combat Marr finds a specialization in holding off his opponents with a strong tactical thought. After years serving the One Sith, rising to the rank of Colonel, he has become a fiery tyrant of war capable of outpacing fellow commanders through years of fire forged experience and an iron will. Marr makes no illusions, never seeking glory, or becoming some silly butcher, but the demoralizing erudite of wars years past. 



The man known as Bren Marr was born to a poor family, choosing to join the Imperial military as soon as he could to pay his way into a better future. Pulling himself up by his bootstraps, the soldier moved through battlefield and battlefield collecting heads, medals, and enough credits to support some semblance of a stable life. Between serving in the standard legions, and eventually special forces, he not only made a name for himself but the One Sith as a whole before the eventual fall; by this rising to the rank of Colonel.


Marrying at the age of 26, Bren Marr had three children. Two daughters and a son, to which he experienced love in its most unbridled form; though this happiness would not last long. Shortly after his youngest childs birth, it was found their mother had cancer. Spending half his acclaimed fortune to attempt to cure her, their journey eventually took them to the Outer Rim, where to pay for such medical expenses Marr formed a mercenary group meant for the highest bidder. Despite the income, the cancer was not stopped and eventually killed his long time wife, and mother of his children.


To this day, Marr continues to wear the wedding ring of his beloved; though his profession has shifted. To help support his children without the risk of death, he offered his services to the rising 'Blackwell Industries' to allow benefits and more for his family. Taking a home on Bastion, Marr now serves to hold up the entire security force of Blackwell, with little stress of ever falling victim to raids or assaults; taking comfort in a life of peace and security. 

In Topic: The Crumbling Dream [Slave]

12 August 2018 - 12:11 AM



No, nothing so grand.”, he said with a soft laugh trifling his tone.


Split between a pupil, and a bodyguard who’s back at the hotel I rented.


His eyes washed over the bottle’s various aesthetics, taking in the time spent to design it and the way its label sat so thinly against the glass, each letter raised from the parchment, most likely from expert glass work from behind. With his thumb running over it, he took in the quality of its craftsmanship before setting it down once more, turning his gaze back to Magdalena;


Believe it or not, I’m actually single.”, spoken as the curl of his lips came back.


Quickly changing the subject however, he motioned to her as he spoke once more;


I’m sorry to hear about your family, Miss Lethe. I know what it must mean to lose them. I lost my own, mother in childbirth, father in some war I couldn’t name.”, he said with a dismissive toss of his hand.


The truth of the matter was, the man known as Maliphant never knew his father, not even a legacy left behind. His mother was a slave, one he knew only the faintest memories of, though even these were buried deep within his psyche as the brainwashing had taken over most conscious thought. His perceived family were simply synthetic iterations, washed into the grand scale of The Empire’s records with false identities and a false life.



Magdalena Lethe