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#1844360 TD-21 "Misini" Class Training Droid

Posted by Darth Maliphant on Yesterday, 06:17 AM



  • Intent: To create a robust and flexible training droid for Sith / Jedi / NFU's.
  • Image Source: Here.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Sith Training Droid │ 


  • Manufacturer: Blackwell Industries & Aegis Systems
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market 
  • Model: TD-21 "Misini" Class Training Droid

  • Production: Limited 
  • Modularity: N/A
  • Material: Durasteel Frame / Plates



  • Training Module
    • Information On:
      • Body Zones
      • The Three Rings of Defense
      • Marks of Contact
      • Ready Stances
      • Moves & Maneuvers
      • Form Specific Maneuvers
      • Sequences
      • Dulon
      • Velocities
      • Twin Suns
      • Faalo's Cadences
      • Trial of Skill
    • Lightsaber Forms
      • Form I: Shii-Cho
      • Form II: Makashi
      • Form III: Soresu
      • Form IV: Ataru
      • Form V: Shien / Djem So
      • Form VI: Niman
      • Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad
      • Three Forms: Strong Style / Medium Style / Fast Style
      • Unorthodox/Hybrid Forms: Sokan / Jar'Kai / Trakata
    •  Unarmed Combat
      • Teras Kasi
      • Echani
      • Hosnian
      • k'Jtari
      • Prismatic Self Defense
      • Traditional Boxing


  • Robotic Battlemaster -
    • More than anything, the purpose of the droid is to teach an extremely comprehensive understanding of light saber forms and stances to all ages and skill levels of force users, with many non force users fully able to take advantage of the well rounded learning plan instituted by the droids. With such an in-depth understanding of melee forms, the droids adjusts its difficulty at a prime level to push the user to their limits whenever possible, while not completely overwhelming them. It is this deeply rooted tutoring program that stops the droids from being excessively dangerous, or even lethal, though some causalities have been known to happen when in a manual override mode. 


  • Non-Lethal -
    • The droid in no sense is meant for actual combat, it is simply not built for the harsh reality of a battlefield. Surely the droid is certainly able to attack someone, but there are distinct limitations in its operating system to stop any intentional causalities. This means that utilizing the droid as some form of security would be useless, without somehow altering its very foundational programming; and even then it simply doesn't have the construction quality to be considered ready for war in any measure. A lack of Ion protection, no dedicated dust prevention measures, the very basics of power consumption technologies, all add to make the droid suitable for the training room in one's personal backyard and no more.
  • ​​​Skill Ceiling -
    • ​Despite the droid's excessive knowledge, there is a distinct limitation in its ability to stand. No matter how fast the servo-motors push the droid, and no matter how well versed it is in the various forms of combat, the droid simply cannot stand up to the apex of Masters; meaning that any Sith Lord or Jedi Battlemaster may find the droid lack luster despite its intended purpose. The droid can help to maintain that skill level, but to say it can push someone beyond their already extraordinary limitations would be silly. 




Through the combined efforts of Blackwell Industries and Aegis Systems, the hopeful pinnacle of training droids was developed; crafting through their combined means a droid capable of teaching most aspects of lightsaber combat at an accelerated rate without the taxing use of slaves, or even the time of Master’s. This helps to ensure the very nature of the droid’s expedited combat training for the many in the galaxy, with no innate restriction on Jedi, Sith, or Non-Force User.




Originally designed as a protection droid on par with the likes of the aging Magna-Guard, it was quickly figured that through a more dedicated effort Blackwell Industries could fill a more niche market in training droids for the galaxy; as the ‘personal protection’ droid market had become more and more saturated through innumerable companies. Turning its ‘Fringe Technology’ department to tackle the issue, the first steps were taken to create a droid capable of teaching someone to master melee combat.


Interviews were done on innumerable sections of the galaxy, paying for the expertise of retired Jedi, willing Sith, and even Echani Masters; each set up with motion capture devices to accurately match their moves in a synthetic environment. This was by far the most time consuming process, and the most expensive, and many of the secrets regarding these techniques cost the company hundreds of thousand of credits, pushing well past a million in some cases just to collect everything required.


What truly saved the company was getting much of the lightsaber forms and more from an unknown donation following a raid on a Lucrehulk in the Unknown Regions. It was this specifically that allowed the project to be completed within budget, through the secondary concern was the company's lack of knowledge in advanced robotics.


In this, a consultant was hired from Aegis Systems, a well known and respected robotics company also situated in the Outer Rim. Discussing this with them, they helped to design the droid for prolonged combat in controlled environments for the sake of all those interested. They added a number of features not previously considered, including the extremely adaptable training protocol that truly keeps the droid as an outlier when compared to more traditional training droids.


Aegis helped add things such as the heuristic processor to actively monitor and learn the current skill level of the trainee in question, even establishing numerous profiles for the sake sectionalizing that information to stop the chance of an acolyte accidently ending up the training regime of his extremely well versed Master. In addition, a personality matrix was added to help teach the users information, either through direct hands on training, or through the discussion of forms and target locations, something helped to be achieved by discussing result-oriented techniques from dedicated tutoring firms from the Core.


Still, while the droid has numerous features that help to set it apart, it’s extremely expensive knowledge and set up forced the very nature of the droid to be restricted to those who could afford one. The excessively high cost and relatively low grade materials used in its construction forced the droid to be used exclusively in controlled environments, and not the traditional warfare one might hope the droids would be good for.


In addition, while the droid is capable of elevating padawans and knights up to their peak; the droid does have a limit to where it can teach someone. Even overclocked, with illegal modifications, the droid simply will not be able to stand up to the apex of sword masters; most notably because the Force Users expertising in these forms have far faster reactions, prediction methods, and can overpower the likes of even the droid. It simply cannot teach a master any more than they know, but can help to maintain that knowledge should they wish.


Last, the droid is completely unable of teaching the user the important art of ‘Hybrid’ combat; meaning it cannot teach a knight how to mix a telekinetic strike into the middle of a lightsaber cadence no matter how much one might wish to learn such. There simply is no way for the droid to replicate the power of the force, and as such requires field training for the knight or trainee to actually understand how to effectively perform such an art.




Overall, the “Misini” Training Droid is one that is highly sought after by every dedicated section of the galaxy’s force sensitives, partially because it fills a market niche that has been rarely touched, and it does so to an excessively well level. With few to compare the droid to, it has pre-orders already committed in places like Barbato’s training academy, and numerous other sources. It is a droid that teaches, but does not kill, and it is excessively well versed in all that it does.

#1843841 The Slave's Laboratory

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 12 August 2018 - 01:59 AM












  • The Prodigal Son -
    • Once a flagship of a bygone era, the new refit of the Acerbitas has crafted it into a well versed machine in absolute destruction. From its massive weapons, able to take down fellow ships with impunity, to its deplorably stalwart defense, the Acerbitas has come to the galactic playing field with a vengeance; ready to show the new age of vessels what it means to be a flagship.

      In the weapons, it contains a number of axial mounted heavy cannons and broadside lasers capable of shelling an area far larger than itself. The front cannons, between the two kilometer long hypervelocity cannons and the legendary Hellbores, are what is used on the approach to a battlefield, easily decimating off guard vessels, and even those with steady bulwarks of defenses. However, once close the exterior of the vessel bristles with far closer ranged weaponry readily available to lay swaths of destruction across the hulls of unsuspecting vessels. It is this heavy armament that allows it to strike out with an unmatched wraith, while the defenses keep the vessel impervious.

      Plated in Impervium, the vessel is capable of shrugging off all but the most extreme damage; leave along its ramped up shield generator known as 'The Aegis'. In combination, the combination of defenses creates a colloquial immortal on the battlefield, shrugging off much before failing to exterior assault. Few ships of similar size can compare, shadowing many ships that wander the galaxy today. 
  • Immortal Disciple -
    • While the aging AI of the Acerbitas has served generations of soldiers, it was far too out of date to continue its works. As a redesign was in order with the rest of the vessel, the legendary framework of the AXIOS was altered and updated with the MACA; a series of neural networks capable of transforming the AI into something far more than it ever was before. While traditional AI offer a near endless stream of data processing, command and control, the newly formed AI aboard the Acerbitas is capable of pushing all of these to the extreme, at the same time. It serves as a level far above and beyond what anyone could call sentience, with innumerable systems to process faster, more efficiently, and with deadly precision. 

      As the original AI every AXIOS past it was based on, it had years of information to process and compile, utilizing all of this to create the strongest framework capable; pushing the upper echelons of artificial intelligence within the galaxy. Add this with its dedicated hacking sweet make it as dangerous a weapon as that of a proton beam cannon; though with far less explosive results. Most of the time.


  • Make Way -
    • The absolute size of the beast has made it slow and burly, a sight for all to see as they watch it orbit above. Its impossibly high weight class made even massive thrusters strain to push it forward, meaning it can barely outpace ships twice its size. It simply can not adjust fast enough to protect its open rear, nor can it avoid large strikes such as that of kyber cannons or other capital grade weaponry. This makes it a floating target, and should its engines ever be taken out, then it suffers the further shame of being a sitting target, forced to be towed back to port to be repaired and refit once more.
  • The Old Ways -
    • While the ship as a whole is well balanced, the numerous axial mounted cannons force it to suffer as some of its strongest weaponry can only be shot forward. Take this into account with the fact the ship as a whole can barely turn makes them very situational, and rarely effective at but the longest ranges and assault vectors. Once close, the cannons can be avoided simply by moving to the side of The Acerbitas; becoming little more than massive power drains for the innumerably reactors.
  • All or Nothing -
    • To power the vessel, extremely dangerous reactors were chosen to power its accelerated AI, massive weapon systems, and even more gargantuan defensive measures. All of this created the struggle of tackling the power situation, before the solution of the Daedalus reactors were put on. To power the ship, a total of three are required to manage its insane power consumption; meaning each one is a serious failure point. If hacking, internal sabotage, or even a stray round enters any one of these reactors, it can force it to go hypercritical, annihilating the entire vessel and everyone on board; leave alone the nearest ten kilometers of space. 





From The Original Submission


String-pulling was the name of the game, and in the wake of the Dark Harvest crisis, the Imperial military had woken up to the fact that their vessels had, one for one, been unable to overcome the infected Vong ships they had engaged. With a little prodding from Pandeima, one of the captains who had personally ordered her fleet to engage the Vong with a Tulak Hord, then the most powerful warship in the Imperial navy, an order was issued for a Star Dreadnaught prototype to be developed, one capable of strategically annihilating a Star Destroyer-type warship or larger, and one capable of successfully engaging, with support, multiple Star Destroyers.


Always attempting to prove itself to the Sith Empire, the engineers at Subach-Innes, Kuat Drive Yards, Sienar Fleet Systems, and Lussk Logistics fervently got to work, designing a starship to meet the specifications the Imperials had put forth. The result was the Nihilus-class Star Dreadnaught, a vessel superior to the Tulak-Hord one-on-one, but like a typical Star Dreadnaught, more expensive. Despite this, and despite its armament being rather standard for that of a ship of its size, it does have some unique features.


The first is the pair of antimatter reactors. Utilizing a more stable 2:1 ratio of matter to antimatter, significant power for the Star Dreadnaught's shields and engines can be produced without worrying about possible antimatter surges breaking magnetic containment and vaporizing the ship itself. Safeguards are in place to increase the matter flow to 5:1 if the reactor becomes unstable. The entire purpose of the second generator was added entirely with the purpose to power the unique feature of the Nihilus.


The Nihilus Dreadnought boasted a shipborne Central Artificial Intelligence System. This system was dubbed AXIOS by the current Emperor, Dranok Lussk. Following the design and construction of the prototype AI cores and many tests, most of which failed, but soon followed with major successes. AXIOS CAIS is purposed for managing all technical functions of the vessel including: navigation, tactical analysis, security monitoring, fire control, encryption, and expert advisory for its commander. This particular unit was nicknamed "Aegrus" and can be communicated with verbally or through a computer terminal. It, however, only carries out orders issues by the ship commander. 


Combining all of these unique features and a massive armament to couple a good sized complement, the Nihilus was constructed. It boasts a mix of weaponry along with attack craft support to create a nicely balanced vessel capable of undertaking standalone missions as well as serving as a flagship when augmenting fleets. Strengths of this craft lie in its weaponry, complement, and AI abilities. Boasting an AI core helps reduce the need for crew and allows re-allocation of these men to passengers for combat or combat support role.


Weaknesses are many, even considering it's a balanced capital ship. It's hulking size offers a very massive target and outline, commanding the attention of many opposing fleets to attempt to strike this first. This size also comes with a comparable weakness: slowness. It lacks proper speed and maneuverability skills to dodge incoming attacks. The AI core even has a weakness, requiring an entire generator to power it. While the core will be heavily guarded, the second generator can be taken out to disable it, but the crew can also switch to manual control to fly the vessel with much less efficiency.


All in all, the Nihilus became the pride of the Imperial Navy. As a unique ship, it had to be named. Acerbitas was bestowed upon the first of its race by Emperor Dranok Lussk with the meaning of bitterness or harshness.




While the ship has seen and unbelievable amount of history, after its collection by Maliphant and the GenoHaradan; it was refitted using Maliphant's influence over a number of companies, creating an updated, more powerful version of the once legendary flagship known as The Acerbitas. Many millions of credits were dumped into its creation, adding onto the original design while maintaining almost every aspect of its once righteous strength; and in turn its weaknesses. The ship holds an exceptionally large interior, built to hold many thousands of active soldiers, engineers, scientists, and even Sith when required. 


To begin, the Acerbitas itself was heavily based off ships such as the SD-584 from Jaeger Solutions, most notably in armament, but with a strong foundation in Sith technologies. Following similiar designs, such as that of The Behemoth, the ship was modeled to become a far smaller, more economical, dreadnaught of The Sith; serving in every aspect as its own progenitor. This dedication to the art of war makes the a deadly, potent enemy on the field of battle; able to siege down entire planets by itself. 


Housing the crew however, is just as important as warfare. This is why The “Acerbitas” splits its applicable areas into various separate decks, with the first designated as ‘00’ for all cargo, engineering, and hangers. Second comes the crew quarters, with the designation of ‘01’ and the last as the bridge with the designation ‘02’. These levels each contain different security parameters with ‘00’ being the lowest, and ‘02’ being the highest, respectfully; though there are a number of other facilities outside the main ship designations, taking cues from Jaeger Solutions exceptional interior design.


The lowest level, in both security and elevation position, is the Deck 00. This ‘industry’ deck lacks much of the refinement of its higher levels, but is absolutely required for the operation of the vessel in all aspects. From the holds to the cargo lifts, there is very little that comes aboard the ship that doesn’t first come through here; and that which doesn’t is likely paraphernalia and needs another look over by the officer.


First, the Main hold; a large area hold that is capable of holding over a few hundred thousand tons of supplies, enough to keep the vessel floating through deep expeditions for up to ten years without a resupply; allowing an extreme amount of independence behind enemy lines. With intelligent compartmentalizing done by dedicated droids and robotic trams, there are entire sections of the hold dedicated to a certain SKU or chemical, all with the corresponding SDS sheets to meet galactic standard. In addition to this, the section also holds a well stocked armory for the numerous crew aboard, with hundreds of weapons for boarding action and more; all sealed by a quartermaster and a number of biometric locked blast doors. In the center of it all however, lies the cargo repulsorlift tram that runs towards the forward hold.


The forward hold is where all incoming freight is kept for initial scans, secondary investigations, and final checks before being passed towards the main hold. This area has a number of security measures first and foremost, in addition to the ship’s primary air lock for crew departure, high mass loaders, and a number of repulsor based freight elevators to bring aboard large shipments of supplies. Just off this, lies the first hanger, tho not the largest. 


The hanger on the vessel is massive, holding a few hundred ships ready to zoom off and swarm, defending the Acerbitas with their life. The combined efforts of droid driven swarm drones, extremely powerful starfighters, and even a few dedicated bombers for destroying enemy capital ships; the hanger holds a serious repertoire for destruction whenever required, with automated systems to help expedite the arrival and departure of all ships, most notably any combat related ones. This is quadrupled, as four behemoth sized hangers hold the entirety of the ship's hanger storage, each covered with massive ray shields and impervium lined blast doors capable of closing whenever the risk for such assaults is too high. 


In addition to the main combat hanger, auxiliary hangers exist to project power over planets. The auxiliary hangers offer nothing in terms of space combat, and require far more dedicated measures to get the ships out of storage; meaning they can not be used in space combat for any reason. Once in orbit however, the measures to unlatch and deploy the ships and transports is opened, allowing the entire vessel to lay siege to even fortress worlds; all enhanced by a number of orbital cannons capable of decimating a world's surface, from cities to islands, a true swath of destruction can be carved out through both the Legion on board, and the weapons it can fire with.


Last on the Double-Zero deck is the engineering core; likely the most advanced place aboard the entire ship. Even less luxurious than the cargo holds and their automated organization protocols, is the deeply industrial engineering section filled to the brim in cooling pipes, computer modules, and advanced stealth technology. With some of the brightest minds in the galaxy walking its halls, the engineers of the Acerbitas find themselves often among the best to ever fly through space, and equally understanding just how important they are to the everlasting life of all those on board. Balancing the prowess of the ‘Daedalus’ reactors, ensuring constant power output by them in all areas of the ship, while simultaneously monitoring the active shielding fields to ensure they aren’t caught with their pants down, despite their bulwark armor; the life of an engineer isn’t easy, and can often stress those aboard out.


That is why Blackwell took from Jaeger, taking no cuts in offering perfect amenities for each of the scientists aboard, starting with their own crew quarters. This dedicated wing allows almost instant responses from the engineering team in the case of damage or emergencies across the vessel; but despite the tactile prowess of its repair crew, there also is the comfort of their own sound proofed hall. This ‘Engineer’s Club’, as some aboard the vessels have come to call it, contains a dedicated refresher, galley, and conference hall for personal and military use; effectively allowing a well oiled machine at all times. Even more than that, Blackwell understood that many engineers prefer a more solitary lifestyle, so no expenses were missed in terms of their cot. Each is offered and even more dense soundproofing to allow for complete impunity to the outside hustle and bustle of the ships churning heart, a durasteel privacy shutter that seals the cot to allow for dedicated downtime, and an environmental converter strictly for the purpose of the bed, allowing optimum sleeping potential at all times. In addition to this, each contains a small holoscreen for viewing of both personal holovids, and pulling from the onboard server with thousands of intergalactic hits from all aspects of life, effectively allowing endless hours of entertainment on an otherwise boring vessel. Secondary additions include alarms for shifts, emergency alarms that bring all crew awake and ready, and life support monitoring to alert medical staff if a crew member begins to behave abnormally in either physical or mental conditions.


Just as with the Engineering Core, Deck 01 holds the rest of the crews dedicated quarters, only with more additional room for activities and fitness. While the regular crew quarters shares the same style of cot as the engineer’s quarters, additional thought was put into the accessory facilities that were not able to be put in the lower levels. This includes a full scale Mess Hall, kitchen staff and all running hundreds of crew through the paces with a few daily choices in meals, while there is also a large assembly hall for group meetings and get-togethers. A massive holoscreen and holotable allow for both mission briefings on the large scale, and movie nights for the entire crew should the need ever arise to raise morale. In addition, a small Gym was added to help ensure no muscle degradation on long space flights for the more physically focused members of the crew. With localized gravity augmentation, and virtual reality pods for training purposes, the gym is built to keep its users at maximum peak condition at all times.


On the same level lies the Medbay, as well, as all areas with crews such as this require such a facility. With rows of bacta tanks and at least a small army of dedicated doctors trained in emergency medical procedures, the vessel is fully able to pull together the medical knowhow to fix up to a few hundred soldiers with concurrent fatal injuries. Having such an advanced medical facility is a must when considering how far behind enemy lines these soldiers usually are, and the risks involved with not treating injuries immediately.


Next is the Brig, conventionally standard for most ships of its size. Smaller than some perhaps however, as the ship was never meant to carry a number of large scale prisoners, only a few Universal Energy Cages for high priority VIP’s with force sensitivity, and more numerous RPC-12’s or advanced force cages for all others. These in combination to an interrogation room utilized by officers allows for completely autonomous prisoner management, with even the option of purging the various cells should the alarm ever reach a high enough defcon.


Last is the Officers Quarters, a group of studio style apartments for the various high ranking officials on the ship. With much of the same cots as all the other crew, the Officers see an upgrade in the fact they get their own miniature galley, refresher, and desk with integrated computer for personal work. This integral system allows for the management of the vessel equal parts rest and relaxation on their ‘days off’ aboard the vessel, and even a dedicated VPN between the other officers computers. Sizes and comfort can change depending on preference, but predominantly the only room with an actual size difference is the captain's quarters; a topic covered better in a moment.


Deck 02 is the top of the ship, and the highest area of the ship in both position and security. Here is where the officers engage each other aboard the bridge, send down commands through all the networks aboard the vessel, and guide her through combat at any given instant. This is the brain of the vessel, and in more ways than one it would seem. With the addition of the SADS to actively protect the entire ship, the high security core was placed behind sealed blast doors with a biometric scanner that allows only the Captain and the Head Engineer through at any given point. Should the SADS ever fail or be taken out, so too would the rest of the ship’s automated defenses.


Past any of these however, lies the entire section of the ship dedicated to Sith such as Maliphant himself. The foremost area of this is the captain's quarters, perceived luxury in the emptiness of space. Coming with dedicated living areas, his own gym and dueling arena lined with training droids, and a bar for company; the quarters relies heavily on the comfort of its master. A master override switch lives within, should the extremely powerful AI turn on the ship, along with various other biometric controls to lock down the vessel if all else fails. This is where Maliphant spends most of his time; though it is not the only thing in the section.

Various other rooms exist, though they are best related to the officer's quarters. Dedicated closets, studio apartments for the Sith who are tasked with coming along for whatever campaign the Acerbitas was set out on; it is in its entirety established for the study of the Sith. Workshops, dedicated cafeteria, inboard library and more; all of which is to assist in the training and perpetual honing of a dark siders skill, with various meditation chambers to enhance one's ability in the Force at all times. The ship is a massive example of The Sith's prowess in the galaxy, and it is only fitting that it hold within its depth the additional infrastructure to serve as even a small scale academy. 

#1843795 The Crumbling Dream [Slave]

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 12 August 2018 - 12:11 AM



No, nothing so grand.”, he said with a soft laugh trifling his tone.


Split between a pupil, and a bodyguard who’s back at the hotel I rented.


His eyes washed over the bottle’s various aesthetics, taking in the time spent to design it and the way its label sat so thinly against the glass, each letter raised from the parchment, most likely from expert glass work from behind. With his thumb running over it, he took in the quality of its craftsmanship before setting it down once more, turning his gaze back to Magdalena;


Believe it or not, I’m actually single.”, spoken as the curl of his lips came back.


Quickly changing the subject however, he motioned to her as he spoke once more;


I’m sorry to hear about your family, Miss Lethe. I know what it must mean to lose them. I lost my own, mother in childbirth, father in some war I couldn’t name.”, he said with a dismissive toss of his hand.


The truth of the matter was, the man known as Maliphant never knew his father, not even a legacy left behind. His mother was a slave, one he knew only the faintest memories of, though even these were buried deep within his psyche as the brainwashing had taken over most conscious thought. His perceived family were simply synthetic iterations, washed into the grand scale of The Empire’s records with false identities and a false life.



Magdalena Lethe

#1843784 The Crumbling Dream [Slave]

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 11 August 2018 - 11:50 PM



One big hope for what?


Maliphant offered his full attention now, glancing over what body language he could understand. He obviously couldn’t make out the details of her face, but the way her shoulders stayed tight to her ears, the tense way she arched her back; the entirety of it was enough to tell him she was uncomfortable, likely at the prospect of a failing company. He didn’t know it then, but he was in a similar situation once, where his AI fell silent and his ship sundered by ill will; now forgotten as a small chip in his brain whirred away at holding his emotions still.


As he waited for an answer, the waiter came back with a bottle of the aforementioned Wine, its very nature looking excessively expensive. The bottle was a series of oddly pizzicato like instances of harsh edges that wrapped the entire thing in a glamorous casing; though the inside liquid would remain a mystery as the waiter offered to uncork it only to be waived off by Maliphant. He rested a hand on the still sealed container, glancing it over before setting it back down;


Think they’d be mad if I just took that?”, he jested.


I don’t drink much myself, just thought someone back home might enjoy it.”, he said as the idea of one of his apprentices, one Nilia Saavilin came to mind. He knew, of those staying at his home, she would be the most likely to appreciate such an alcohol.



Magdalena Lethe

#1843771 The Crumbling Dream [Slave]

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 11 August 2018 - 11:08 PM



Oh, this and that.”, he said in a dismissive tone, turning his gaze outwards to the crowds once more. He was quiet for a moment before glancing back to her, never losing the amiable smile.


I’m a scholar by trade, I suppose. Collecting information, researching, learning just about anything I can get my hands on.”, he continued.


Its just about the only thing I do, occasionally taking the reins of the upstart that is Blackwell-”, motioning offhandedly to the mention of his company, “-Just to travel without the looming threat of anyone coming after me.


The orchestra that played lulled as they came to the end of one otheir songs, the idle taps of their conductor taking their place before the next tune picked up. Its long, withdrawn notes pulling the musical soul from the body as it moved through the nuances, forcing Maliphant to close his eyes and listen, if only for a moment. Music brought him peace, even at home on Bastion he often had headphones on or earbuds in to offer more focus, especially when faced with the turbulence of his own force aura, something that always seemed foreign and nagging; dragging on him to fall deeper into the darkness.


Maliphant eventually came back to look at the defunk CEO before him, taking a small sip of his water before setting it back down. His voice came smooth, lubricated through years of charismatic expression and a tone mastered through the deals only a silver tongued devil such as himself could master;


What is it you intend to do, Miss Lethe? After this GUIDE, that is.


Magdalena Lethe

#1843746 The Crumbling Dream [Slave]

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 11 August 2018 - 10:28 PM



Wouldn’t matter if they did.”, he said with a shrug.


Maliphant idly lifted the glass and rested it against his lips, taking a slow draw of the water before setting it back down, his movements slow and deliberate. He seemed to hum to the music despite all of this, and his general demeanor was far separated from the traditional Sith, and certainly not one with such a profound darkness lurking behind the eyes. None of that evil, none of the dark side corruption showed however as his gaze back towards her;


Money isn’t the biggest concern. Just enjoy yourself, for the night. Don’t worry about what it means in my pocket book.”, said with an idle fancy that pushed and maneuvers the guilt she felt off into the abyss of apathy. It was obvious he didn’t mind what she did, ever motion of his body language only serving to support his statements, instead of offering even the minute detail of uncomfortability or anger.


I can’t imagine the people here enjoying me, most likely because they’d turn their nose up at me.”, The Sith said with a mild amusement.


They’re looking for a come up. Something to gain.


At times, I think they embody teachings some contemporaries back home follow, only far better.”, ending it with a slight shake of his head.


It's good to get away from the bloodletting and rat races. Even for a little while.


As he finished, their waiter approached, dressed in a recolored vest and bowtie not disimiliar from the host that seated them. His hair was slicked down, tight to his skull with not an ounce of facial hair to offer; his age not possibly over nineteen. The boy followed his training well as he offered the smallest of bows, quietly moving into a greeting;


Good evening, and welcome to Astra Blue. My name is Nu, I’ll be serving you tonight.”, sprang off without missing a beat.


To begin, our specials tonight are the Wroonian Flycatcher Filet, and the Ramorean Capanata. Wines include Crème D'Infame and Domaine de la Maison sur le Lac, respectively. Would either of you be interested in these tonight?


Maliphant glanced to Magdalena, as if to gauge her approval of the choices before raising a finger;


A bottle of the Domaine, and the Wroonian. Raw, if you will.”, he offered with a smile.


Both Maliphant and the waiter looked to Magdalena, the sith idly leaning back as he waited to see if she had a choice to make.



Magdalena Lethe

#1843720 The Crumbling Dream [Slave]

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 11 August 2018 - 09:45 PM



It was true Maliphant noticed the environmental suit, and it was true he considered the purpose for such; be it a severe wound that forced her to seal herself deep within a suit unfit for the air that surrounded them, or perhaps something more extravagant, more enigmatic; like that of a severe issue with germs or the air people breathed. It mattered little in the end however, the nature of it was aesthetically pleasing and he knew far better than to ask rude questions. If memory served him right, asking a teacher how far in the pregnancy served a harsh punishment with a switch that broke over him twice before being given up.


Maliphant watched as the leader of the foundation known as GUIDE began to get nervous, the way she carried herself faltering as she almost tumbled on her words; obviously thinking of some way to alleviate the strain of bad news. The Sith simply raised his hand, quietly waiting for her to finish before shaking his head;


I’ve kept track of the company, Miss Lethe. I knew this was a possibility…”, he said as the host came back with the ice water for the two, a central carriage holding more for a refill should they require.


I don’t mind. In truth, I really just needed and excuse for company here.”, glancing around the room at the various posh individuals that turned their nose up at every worker that meandered through the crowds. Despite the classy nature of the place, there was a certain sickness that littered the area, that of contempt and ego buried behind mounds of credits and liquid assets.


He never did enjoy the white tie philanthropist type.


And I have a feeling most of these people wouldn’t like me…”, he said with a small laugh and smile directed towards the lilac visor that watched him.


Would you still be willing to stay? I’d hate to be alone.


Magdalena Lethe

#1843693 The Crumbling Dream [Slave]

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GUIDE, huh?”, The drive said with a mud-like accent, thick enough to choke on just by listening.


That one of those holobooks, or-”, he said with a long emphasis on the last word, as if Maliphant would fill in the blank.


Something like that but, could we just, you know… Not talk?”, he said with a furrowed brow. Better to ask nicely than rely on something like the domination of the will through the force, as most of his contemporaries might commit themselves to.


O’ of course boss! I was just curious because my daughter back home, see, she-”, the driver began once more.


With a sigh, Maliphant quietly lifted a finger in the direction of the driver; his voice slowly fading and silence befalling the speeder as it raised through the cityscape. Sometimes, asking didn’t work, and as much as he was trying to not rely on the force for everything, it certainly didn’t help some people were so incessantly obnoxious.


At least the rest of the ride was quiet.





As he stepped out of the speeder, a lightly dressed valet quickly approached and motioned him forward towards the elegant exterior of the Astra Blue, a restaurant he hadn’t been to before this point, but held a certain extravagenious he had wanted to see for some time. Its why he had chosen the place months prior, interested in the way their food might taste, or the way the dance floor might offer a quick glimpse into how the rich live without the influence of the likes of Sith such as himself.


Almost instantly, as he was guided into the restaurant, the sound of a live band quickly took over. They played something smooth, notes smoothly transitioning into one another as they worked through something passionate, yet lacking the sad nature of so many holorecordings he had heard before; reminding him faintly of songs he knew on the piano. Humming in tune, the valet quickly overtook the sound to ask him a question;


Sir, are you here to meet someone?”, he said as posh a tone as the young man could create.


Magdalena Lethe, with GUIDE.”, Maliphant responded, his gaze more focused on the endless sea of faces rather than the one that gave him attention now.


The host nodded, quietly motioning him forward once more, “Right this way then.


As the two approached the table Magdalena sat at, Maliphant offered her a smile. His hair was neatly arranged in a set of braids windings to the back of his head, where a bun held them tight, faint streaks of black mixing with the otherwise silvery ash that colored the rest of his hair; his cheeks gaunt and defined, cut by a jawline that helped to define attention to the center of his face where pale lips curled upwards in a receptive grin. Maliphant’s clothes were no different, well adjusted to his size and rounding nicely around moderately broad shoulders, though he wasn’t like that of the massive warriors so many had seen come from the Epicanthix or the Sith as a whole; instead a navy blue vest, undershirt, and tie tucked beneath a dark grey sports coat matching conventionally with the pants, equally as fitted.


His first motion towards the GUIDE Founder was an outreach of his hand, golden eyes falling on her in a heavy set appreciation as his voice found leeway in its use of a silken tone;


A pleasure to meet you, Miss Lethe. I hope you haven’t been waiting too long…


The well dressed man chuckled lightly before moving to sit across from her, only to have his attention quietly struck by the host that had guided him to his seat, his youthful nuances expressed as he spoke to the two;


Is there anything I can start you off with? Wine, perhaps?


Maliphant simply shook his head, speaking in a reassuring manner as he disregarded the option given;


Just water for me, and whatever the lady would like.”, he finished, glancing over to Magdalene.



Magdalena Lethe

#1843680 The Lusty Togorian Maid [Maliphant]

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The soft nudge of the shoulder readjusted the heavy handed sword on his shoulder, adjusting the strap to not pull so tightly into the progressively worn skin beneath the leather robes he wore. His gaze moved towards the door motioned to by the Imperial Sentinel, cocking a brow as he made a few mental connections about what sort of ritual was occuring behind those accursed stone doors. Around them, a maelstrom of spirits spurred and whistled, a cacophony of pain and torment situated around some unknown source deep within the well of power of the temple, the deplorable smell of a dark side nexus breaching his proverbial senses. To him however, the darkness came with something sweet, a certain comfort in power, and even the cries of the afterworld cried couldn’t overpower his sense of peace in the turbulent environment.


Eventually, his gaze moved back to the sentinel, a corrupted gaze looking the giant of a ‘man’ over. It was obvious enough why  the girl was given such a goliath of a guard, with his exceptional stature only the first and foremost notable trait he likely carried; ignoring the hammer on his back and the bloodshot nature of his likely mangled body. Maliphant understood all of this, but knew just as well that even the single prospect of the man turning on him would do little to stop him, though combat was certainly not the way he intended to meet his hopeful ally.


Well-”, he said motioning to the door, expectantly.


Let her know I’m here, slave. I don’t have all day.


Elani Zambrano

#1843426 What Comes Around

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The group moved through the darkness of the Lucrehulk with a faint hum and glow of ignited lightsabers. Every few moments, the poor choice of a Technobeast led to each stepping over the corpse of a creature they never cared to witness to begin with. Each of them wore masks, hiding an identity while giving off an incredulous persona that likely differed far from their own. All in the great measure of things it would seem, as secrecy above all else stood as the staple point of this newly founded GenoHaradan.


Tracing through the core ship for Adeko’s aura was simple, considering the combined skill of the group, and as such they moved in as direct a path as possible to meet the man. Turbolifts, hallways, and an almost endless labyrinth of seemingly disconnected sections guiding them to their eventual goal. The aging carcass of the vessel showed its age the deeper the group entered, with spare wires hanging from the walls and lights flickering in the hallways; years of neglect and abuse through apathy, a lesson for the young Sith behind the robes. Even still, they were making progress through its folds, something obvious when one of the Maven called out as such;


Behind this, Master.


Tiamat watched as one of the Maven with them hooked up a small slicing droid and opened a large blast door, offering them all a glance at a large and musky room; likely the result of years of ill repair or maintenance. If not for the masks and they’re integrated internals, each of them would likely have been put in a coughing fit, giving credence to the state of their tech. Each of the men moved in before the two Archon’s, careful to protect them as they moved outwards to search the room.


Within, the shrouded figure of Darth Adekos stood some distance from them, each of the stoic expressions of the Archon’s drawing upon the progressively more obvious persona as they stood side by side. Yet, despite this duo stature, it was Ninkasi who spoke first;


Darth Adekos.”, she said with a cold, imposing tone.


You must know why we're here. My only question for you, is are you willing to surrender?


She meant what she said, as the Archon’s stood tall; though the Maven around them began to move to either side of Adekos, keeping a mild distance from him though through their mask it became obvious how intent their attention was upon the man. The group as a whole was set up, though to what degree wasn’t known without testing Adekos, and it seemed they intended to wait for the moment to do so.


For some reason.


@Thraxis │ @Thesh │ @Arekk │ Nilia Saavilin │ Jorel Geller │ Koda FettDarth Adekos

#1842575 Subjugation

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Maliphant watched as the distant ship landed, eyeing the trio as they walked to his arena. Two of them were minor in every sense, mediocrity to be trained, reminding him faintly of his own apprentices. Their presence here would be little distraction from the true goal, dragging his attention to Morrow. There was a faint beauty about her, and and even more imposing will to kill; enticing and foreboding in every step. How curious.


As the Sith maid her way into the arena and motioned her apprentices to the stands, Maliphant slowly lifted himself just high enough to stand, letting his feet touch earth with not even the slightest of disturbance. Dirt served to support, and it would do so with no qualms to Maliphant, who idled a few steps forward as Morrow chose to speak;


Are you sure you’d like to do this worm. I near killed you before. But I’ve killed Lords since.




Maliphant took on a crooked smile, simply shaking his head as he turned his gaze to the Sith before him. Golden orbs of a piercing intensity glazed over her as the silver words of a man built for speeches spoke;


You must have me confused. You see, I’ve never been beaten, and certainly not by you.


Morrow wasn’t aware, but the man before her was not the same as the man she once fought, everything from his demeanor to his mannerisms were changed, and within he did not hold the same darkness. At least, no so fully. Her sensation in the force was strong, just a glance would tell her what lay within his heart;


Where most Sith carried their own darkness, Maliphant carried four. A quadrumvirate of pressure that ranged from the sad and downtrodden, that which saw itself a victim to circumstance beneath the surface but held tight by metaphysical shackles; to the more destructive pressure of an artifact she was likely not familiar with. As Maliphant slowly released the pressure he held in during meditation began to wash over the land like a star in its final stages of life, growing and expanding, threatening to consume the arena as a whole.

What radiated off Maliphant was not the aura of a Sith Lord, but the intent of a beast. The sickening sensation of all that was wrong with the world, and it dragged itself across Morrow’s skin like that of ravenous man who knew no boundaries. It stung, its very touch a painful reminder of whatever it was the man held, and yet somewhere beyond that it stunk.


The smell was Death.


Yet despite all of this, despite the way his aura moved around the arena on its own, how autonomous and encompassing his pressure was, Maliphant didn’t move far from that of his stance, a single lightsaber in his own palm. His posture was collected, calm and not unlike that of Morrow herself, yet the smell of the air, the sensations given off by the beating black heart that resided within were tremendous; yet he showed no signs of reaction to them.


Was Maliphant even aware of what was within him, or who he was?


The calmness in her voice was not unheard of when considering the confidence most Sith carried with them, even when challenged. Surely she carried with her a pressure, a presence that chose to intimidate and coax; yet Maliphant was not a man so simply enslaved, that he knew such of. Perhaps is Carnifex himself told him to kneel, he would have, but Morrow was not his Emperor, and she was nothing but a goal.


Imperia knelt before me. Let’s see if you are as intelligent.


I take that with resentment, you know.”, he said as he saluted with a small flourish of his seemingly unignited lightsaber.


And here I invited you for an honorable duel, and you choose to insult me. A shame, really.”, he said with a wink.


For a moment, he walked in a semicircle. The distance between them was moderate, and the robotic overseer watching over counted the seconds off in its clock before it raised a hand. The refinement of its Imperial programmed tone called out to the two;




In a sudden rush, Maliphant charged forward, lightsaber in front of him in low guard. Matched by his sprint was the sudden intensity his expression took, apathetic and calculating not unlike that of Morrow herself. The blade he carried however was not ignited; not visible, a possible sign the man intended to use a complex display of Trakata? It’d be folly to charge an opponent with an unlit blade, and yet he did so with so much as a murderous intent in his vision.


Maliphant was sure of his strike.


The man rushed forward, dust picking up in his wake as he lept high into the air, coming down with the force of a rancor in a downward strike that threatened to take Morrow in a single blow; yet it was not the only danger to appear in those careful moments. Somewhere in the time it took the man to sprint and jump, an exact doppleganger of Maliphant had appeared behind him, with the exact expression and nuances as the original, only it came with the same lowguard as before, coming upwards in a swinging strike.


All at once, the man had doubled, coming from opposite directions. It was done in an instant, and the danger carried with it was immense. Perhaps, despite all of Morrow’s preconceived notions, she actually had a run for her money.



Darth Morrow

#1842215 Subjugation

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Harper's Respite



A soft breeze blue what hair laid on Maliphant’s shoulder to his back, though it did little to distract him. The soft and constant pressure of the wind, the warmth of the beating sun, even the distant cries of birds in the midst of their mating calls; nothing took from Maliphant what he held so close in those moments. Even as the roar of the waterfall caressed his ears, he never failed to move from his meditation.


It was Harper’s Respite, the beauty that surrounded it even now taking away much of the foreboding nature that was taking root. Only as the dark presence neared his home did he open his eyes, having taken only a single breath in the last several hours of his meditation; enough time to get him ready. He’d have to have every sense accelerated, every measure controlled, for what he brought upon his home was a warrior.


A prophet of war.


Her name was Darth Morrow, someone he didn’t know he once met years prior in another duel. The Sith had challenged her this day for her respect, to bring her into the folds of his growing influence, or suffer a fate worse than death; to be disrespected by another Sith in ritualistic combat. He knew his only choice, to fight until he could move no longer, and he only hoped the other had intended to bring such gruff.


Maliphant sat in the arena outside his home, a place layered in sand with large walls on the outsides to keep any creatures from entering. The observation deck would hopefully remain empty today, he had told his apprentices, Thesh and Nilia Saavilin, to stay inside while he dealt with some ‘business’; he only hoped they listened should he truly lose. It couldn’t be predicted what the Sith would do if they knew of them, either kill or take them from him; setting him back to square one.


Still, he had no intentions of a defeat today; as he had trained himself for weeks in preparation. Morrow may have been twice the warrior he was, once, but today she would find herself an opponent that lacked the raw strength she did, but the capacity for greatness few held. With everything to lose, Maliphant left the armor that grounded and restricted his force powers within his home; choosing instead to take a very light leather article that he had yet to alchemize, though hoped he would soon.


All it was now was a waiting game, for Morrow to show up. She had her directions, she knew what Maliphant had sent, he only hoped she’d be off her game. It wasn’t everyday Maliphant chose to fight the Emperor’s apprentice in an honor duel, but he would be damned if he’d of made an uncalculated risk.





#1842105 The Lusty Togorian Maid [Maliphant]

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The air held frigid as a distant cry of sorcery began to take over the land, the soft overlapping whispers of spirits threatening to overcome the music playing in Maliphant’s ears. Standing outside the mausoleum of dark side energy, he readjusted the sheathed warblade on his back before taking a few steps through the massive stone entrance, more intrigued by whatever must be taking place within. Every step echo’ed off the stone walls, bringing him closer to whatever the source of this disturbance was.


He knew well enough who must be involved, the daughter of his emperor. It’d taken sometime, but Maliphant had tracked the Sith through his growing network of spies and cartels; something he was vaguely proud about if not slightly tight lipped of. The woman within was a means to an end, as all Sith looked upon the world; a rose tinted realism where everything was subject to manipulation, but Maliphant looked for allies now. He wouldn’t squander this on something inane.


The spirits grew louder as he traversed the great halls, eventually coming to witness the crude silhouette of a massive armored man, his status still and his nature imposing on stance alone. What this man carried was an aura of function, and he knew his place well; all visible in the care he took to remain still despite the roaring chasm of energy surrounding the two. With a slow ease, Maliphant removed the earbuds he was using to listen to music, readjusting his ponytail before looking up to the man, his voice moderate and cold, idle and reserved;


Hello, Slave. Could you, by chance, point me in the direction of your master?”, he said as his eyes glanced towards the door near him.



Elani Zambrano

#1841757 What Comes Around

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As the various ships were slowly boarded, Maliphant glanced towards his apprentice’s and their unknown company. He didn’t directly hire every single individual within his subsect of the GenoHaradan, but the sight of the two conversing at least caught his attention. Although he couldn’t dedicate himself to investigating it just yet, he made a mental note to follow up on the stranger; he couldn’t allow unknown influences on his greatest possessions.


His gaze moved back to the female Archon before him, watching her move to stand towards the front of the vessel as a number of shrouded Sith followed in behind them; each carrying soft caricatures of demons and animals, each carrying a name to hide their identity. They were not Tiamat’s apprentices, only his personal guard while on patrol, made up of a number of knights who had shown a willingness to surrender their will to him. Their loyalty was unquestioned, for now at least.


The rear door began to close, and the ship began to hover as its landing gear was disengaged, a number of other boarding ships following in suite as the many within the hanger were loaded onto their vessels and communication was established. The ships were capable of stealth, their major advantage as they threatened to go up against the likes of a Lucrehulk, and only the soft churn of ion engines would impart on the hanger as the void of space left by the ships was quickly filled with the return teams preparing themselves for the countless hauls of loot predicted to come off the vessel.


Much was expected of the ship, and much would be hoped for as the many sprinted through the darkness on their metal stallions. In his own shuttle, the Archon known as Tiamat glanced over to his would be compariot, studying her stoic nature and the static expression held by her mask. It was apathetic, the likes of which held by someone unafraid to die, unafraid of the unknown, simply impartial as it reigned control of whatever it was they sought.


He’d seen her many times on through their holographic communications, knew of her exploits from discussions with Marduk; as both were taken in around the same time. It was only Marduk that knew of their identities, who brought them from the folds of inequity into the secret organization of the GenoHaradan, but it would be Maliphant who removed this ‘Ninkasi’. She didn’t know the threat she posed, how she could easily rob from him the entire wealth he had gathered thus far. The GenoHaradan was growing, and he knew the truth of the situation better than even Marduk himself.


His gaze fell back to the empty wall before him, the soft chatter of the pilots behind their durasteel doors offering him nothing in the way of conversation. Only to meet him was the soft red glow that surrounded him, and the thought came to him that he hoped through all of this that his apprentice’s would come out alright. He knew the two were very inexperienced, they had very little in the way of combat training as of yet; only that they needed to witness was warfare was like before it was too late for them.

He only hoped they could witness the carnage before him, and walk out stronger because of it.


A sigh left his lips as the words rang out between the fleet;


T-Minus 5… 4… 3…”, the countdown began.


Maliphant drowned it out as he beckoned the force to his will, letting its endless folds encompass him for a moment before the lurch of the vessel as it made complete contact with the Lucrehulk. With himself somewhat centered, the man then known as Tiamat moved with a grace that betrayed him, soft black cloaks kicking out from under him as the ship cut into the flesh of the aging titan in the abyss of space.


It took only a moment before the cutters pressed past the many layers of the ship, opening up to allow the guards he had brought with to rush outwards and secure the area. The ship was musty, a soft miasma and smell littering it, but the only signs of life nearby was the rush of blaster fire from droids yet identified. The Guards quickly moved to engage, while two of each affiliation stuck with Tiamat and Ninkasi respectively, the group moving deeper into the ship than the others would, almost instantly.


Seperate from it all, the small group were looking for not the archives tasked to the rest, but that of the true prize; The Telos Holocron and its Master, Darth Adekos.



Thraxis │ Thesh │ Arekk │ Nilia Saavilin │ Jorel Geller │ Koda Fett 

#1841727 The Shaper and the Alchemist

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Leaning back, Maliphant rested in his chin on his palm, and his arm on the arm rest, letting a finger idly frame his face as he watched her speak. The woman preceded her, what with her induction into the Valkyries and later slaying of Krest; she was well known as a warrior, one that likely far surpassed where Maliphant stood now. If nothing else, she was a marauder, someone he could use to help establish a powerbase; something all Sith covet.


Darth Maliphant will suffice.”, he said as his gaze watched her move towards the the shelf and offer him a drink. While the selection was certainly wide, casting back a number of brewing generations on just a glance, Maliphant simply shook his head and swayed it off with his free hand;


I don’t drink. Never sat well with me.


It was the truth, but in part because he liked to keep his wits about him.


Once more the woman sat, always followed by the corruption in his gaze, monitoring every micro expression, every movement she made. It was integral to understand a Sith in every aspect, to see them for who they were before they could ever make a move against another. Trust was hard to comeby amongst those within The Sith, despite the overreaching hand of the inquisition.


Surely, as all alliances are founded upon…”, he said with a calm undertone.


I appreciate the thought, however I am curious, what do I seek to gain from this?


Kaalia Pavanos