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Darth Maliphant

Darth Maliphant

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#1871505 The Caravaggio Conspiracy

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 14 October 2018 - 03:06 PM



While Maliphant would have appreciated something more reassuring, even more well considered, he found comfort in the fact Kole was a man of few words; at least on the surface. It’d at least give the impression he wouldn’t blab about the situation, and an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure, especially in a delicate situation such as this. As the cigarette flaired to life once more as he drew on it, he let out an exasperated sigh, though one more out of discontent than discomfort, and stood.


In a fluid motion, he put the cigarette out, half smoked, and drew from the desk a key to a speeder; likely the personal transport vessel of Bastion’s notorious governor. Idling for a moment, he moved to grab a coat before motioning Kole to follow; as was required of his new companion. Nobody would stop them, though on a holonet tv nearby Kole would hear the background of some forlorn story;


... speaking on the fact that Darth Maliphant, Bastion’s Governor, lacks the experience required of its imperial position, and seeks to upheave his new rule through forced electoral elections. At current, the standing political opponents are…”, the newscaster would be cut off by Maliphant as he began to speak;


I suppose when we’ll get there, we’ll see what kind of people they are. See if they have any secondary goals…”, he said with a mild calm that seemed more dangerous than placant.


A press of the key and the lights on a speeder blinked before its engines began their pre-flight tests, all in accordance with an autostart module installed some time after Maliphant had received the speeder. He opened his door and moved to sit, it’s interior a well refined black leather with gold colored stitching wherever it seemed aesthetic;


Got anything you’re afraid of someone finding out, Agent Harper?”, he said as the vehicle roared to life and zoomed through the air to join the rest of Bastion’s traffic.



Kole Harper


#1869154 The Caravaggio Conspiracy

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 08 October 2018 - 12:03 AM


Governor's Office


Cirqa 853 ABY



Political enemies, Sith from the academy, external forces of the Empire-”, he said, each with a dismissive wave of his hand.


It’d be easier to name who it couldn’t be than who it could, Agent Harper. Imperial politics are cutthroat, no matter what the propaganda would have you see. There is no way to tell who it is off this alone.”, he said with a growing annoyance in his tone, though not at Kole, more a disembodied, vague annoyance that seemed to fill the room as a whole, adding to its already tense atmosphere.


Maliphant idled for a moment, reaching into his desk once more for two things, the first being a small cigarette he lit with his finger, a quick form of pyromancy through the force, and a small handwritten letter. Blowing smoke from his nose, he pulled the cigarette from his lips and pushed the note over, letting Kole read what was one it.


We know who you are. You will not survive this.”, was all it spoke.


This is the first note, the one that was delivered to another secretary of mine, Ira. She gave it to me with fear, that it simply appeared on her desk one day. Letter isn’t outright strange in itself, but there are small messages layered in the ink; geopoints I used to find the message you just saw…”, he said quietly as he took another drag.


Smoking was something Maliphant never did, and although Kole wouldn’t know the difference, it was easy to assume by the lack of an ashtray on the desk. Maliphant simply ashed it in the air, let the debris fall where it may, the sign that he did it from stress. Far was as dangerous as a stressed out Sith, but for the moment he seemed docile enough.


After searching the last few days, I found a second one. Has coordinates to an old warehouse on the outskirts of town. Not sure what’s there, but I need someone I can trust to come with, someone who has the knowhow to look for clues or… traces, something of who might have been there.


That’s where you come in, Kole.


Kole Harper


#1868737 The Caravaggio Conspiracy

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 06 October 2018 - 09:43 PM


Governor's Office


Cirqa 853 ABY



As Kole spoke, Maliphant sat quietly, watching him, forcing him to wait. Silence stood between them for several cold, tedious seconds, interrupted only by the methodical tapping of Maliphant’s fingers against the table; filling the room in a way that nothing else could, other than the slowly rising tension. Maliphant let it do so, until even a droid could feel some anxiety, a small scintilla of trepidation, and just the slightest bit of intimidation at his presence;


Only then did he speak, when the silence had done his job.


Agent Harper…”, he said somewhat quietly, his voice just short of regular conversational volume.


Recently brought to Bastion, though much of your record has been scrubbed. Living with one ‘Lynnori Cruz’. Enjoys the occasional drink and uses an RB-03 Blaster Pistol…


Could’ve chosen that better…”, Maliphant said under his breath as his hand lifted.


His finger moved to tap on the desk he leaned against, lifting himself up from his somewhat downtrodden posture and replacing it with the confidence that came with dealing with high level government officials. As he did, a small dossier of Kole came up, with far more detail regarding him than Kole was likely comfortable with others knowing, and Maliphant was no exception to this rule, a complete stranger with an entire history to a man he barely knew. He leaned back, looking it over as he let silence do the work once more, letting Kole look it over just as he had, to take in just the all encompassing detail his life entailed. From Lynn, to his life on Bastion, even the address he stayed at, and his favorite place to relax; All of it the result of working with the Sith. They always kept tabs on their agents.


Does all this information make you uncomfortable, Agent Harper? A complete disregard for privacy?”, he said in an unassuming, almost rhetorical manner.


Regardless of his answer, Maliphant would continue.


It doesn’t matter-”, he interjected, “- the reason I brought you here today is to help me deal with an issue of discretion.


Maliphant sighed as he pulled a hand to the top drawer of his desk, pulling out a small package from it and sliding it across the table, obviously already opened once. With it infront of Kole, he would motion to open it, letting a small hologram open up with nothing but an empty mask, hollow eyes, and unmoving lips, matched only in peculiarity by its heavily modulated, multi-vocal tones, as if both male and females tones of various pitches overlayed themselves again and again, just barely being understandable as it spoke;


Darth Maliphant, the esteemed Governor of Bastion. We have discovered your past, the crimes you have committed against both the Sith Empire, and the Outer Rim as a whole. We demand fifty million credits, deposited in the listed anonymous accounts, and your immediate resignation from the position of Governor. Failure to do so will result in three strikes; for each failure to abide by our rules, you shall be punished. On the third strike, we will release the following holovideo.”, the many voices finished, before the mask was quickly replaced by the holographic reenactment of a younger, shorter haired Maliphant covered in both men and women with far more tired eyes, surrounded by what appeared to be a massive party.


It displayed a monster, a hedonistic savant capable of nothing but indulging in the greatest pleasures any sycophant could chase. His lips were covered in eight different types of lip stick from nine different participants, while he wore nothing but an exceptionally tight pair of underwear and a long winding fur coat buried beneath him; while a twil’ek sat under each arm, abiding by his every command. It stood as a prime example of who Maliphant once was, even if he didn’t recognize the disgusting spawn that was before him.


With a quickly souring, sick expression, Maliphant closed the box and slid it back into the drawer, almost slamming it shut with excessive force. A hand quickly moved to rub his temple before he looked up to Kole once more, speaking once against just below regular volume;


They seek to dispose me. Tear down all I’ve done, with falsified lies and slander.”, he said with a harsh motion.


I called you here today to deal with it, Agent Harper.


Kole Harper

#1868203 The Caravaggio Conspiracy

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 05 October 2018 - 04:57 AM



Cirqa 853 ABY




The room stood with a low, unbecoming light, small candles surrounding the office giving off the bare minimum requirements for Maliphant to be seen, his head buried in his hand. The day’s events had been relatively regular, no discerning point of concern, but what stood on his mind was far more impactful than the day to day routine of signing approval papers and interesting segments for the sake of Bastion and its governmental position. He didn’t regret attaining the position despite its somewhat mundane schedule, but what he did regret was allowing himself to be the target of a conspiracy.


Only a day before, his assistant had come into his office with a cold sweat on her brow, a small hand written letter with her. In today’s day and age, a letter was uncommon, almost unwelcome with how archaic they were, yet the concern on his secretary gave him a small measure as to what it might involve. As it was given to him, he took it, opened it, and read its contents before letting it slip from his fingers; a similar anxiety overwhelming him as the wording began to sink in…


We know who you are. You will not survive this.


Over the previous weeks, Maliphant had spent weeks discussing an unknown past with innumerable individuals. From Darth Vesper opening his eyes first to the raw reality of the situation, to Darth Morrow giving him small hints at the life of a slave he once held, amplified by slowly recurring, more vivid dreams of a life he never knew, with strangers of all sorts he had never met. None of it had made sense, but it was enough to understand the severity of the letter that had been sent to him; someone intended to blackmail the newly appointed governor of Bastion.


With it being the only home he seemed to know, his worries turned to his ‘family’. Nilia Saavilin, Thesh, and the various droids that accompanied his home were all he truly had; all others a sham to fill the idealized nature of a Sith, something he had embodied, but almost regretted in how hard it was to control the nature of its strength. Even now, with a rising tension in his heartbeat, he wanted to destroy the office, send out waves of lightning and embodied assaults of pure emotion; something to externalize what he felt, but he knew how immature, how childish it would appear. Sith respected power, surely, but they respected control more.


As Maliphant slowly lifted his head in the darkness, he awaited the secret envoy he had hired from a local agent on Bastion. A member of the empire who had little in terms of contacts, little in terms of true weight, and someone that Maliphant could not necessarily trust, but someone he could get rid of easily if the situation were to occur. If it were to be demanded of him.


His molten golden gaze fell on the door, waiting for the man who would become his temporary ally to come through.



@Cole Harper


#1863983 The Unofficial Official Canon Item List

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 24 September 2018 - 03:02 AM



Alright, since Canon Items are no longer kept up to date by staff, and I for one enjoyed the system in place for such, I've decided to reintroduce the same thing only without the rules and putting the brunt of updating the list on myself. So, in this thread we will actively monitor, control, archive, and keep track of who has what canon items for the sake of cohesion and so we don't end up with 32 different Revan Masks. 


If you have a canon item, or want it it, fill out this section:


Name of Item (include canon link if applicable):

Account Name: (Which one of your characters does this belong to?)

Writer Account: (Please place your Writer account here.)

Link to Factory Submission: 

Brief Description: (Short sentence stating what it is or what it contains)

Any Misc Comments/Related Information on its known whereabouts, or flavor items (Ex: 'Nobody knows X has it'):


With all this said and done, I'll be working with some others to keeping the list going. 

#1863952 Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom [TSE Ruling Council]

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 24 September 2018 - 12:30 AM

Barbatos, Palace of The Dark Lord

Cirqa 854 ABY


Interacting with: Fiolette Yvarro │ Taeli Raaf │ Mythos │ Kaalia Pavanos │ Darth Prazutis │ Kor Vexen │ Darth Carnifex



Bastion, the crowning jewel of The Empire. It stood as a beacon of imperial authority, prosperity, and all that came with the efficient aesthetic of a growing dominion. The fortress world had likely never seen a better day, not in the times it stood as the Imperial Remnant’s foothold, nor under the Fel; but as it stood now, free of the domination of The Primeval, of the Mandalorians, kept together by the almighty strength of The Sith. It was this exact planet that Darth Maliphant had been crowned governor of, a minor lord amongst the many, but someone of influence as it stood.


It was likely the only reason he was invited to the high ranking council meeting, and it stood as a moment of pride for him. All the growth, the time spent training, making the connections, and now entrusted with advising the Emperor himself. As his footsteps took him closer to the chamber, two personal Sith knight’s tailing him for protection and entourage status, he couldn’t help but become slowly intoxicated by the raw potential that could be felt through the force. The council was filled with the most powerful entities in the known galaxy, as Maliphant was to stand among them.


How enticing.


As he entered the council room, he offered anyone who looked upon him with a subtle smile, his alabaster braid dancing behind him as he stood clattered in an all black formal suit with obvious imperial aesthetic decisions. Its geometric patterns help to accent his aesthetic form, and it stood as the smallest glimpse of influence that Maliphant carried; through subtle enough to not drag too much attention. Despite his invitation to the political council, he knew as well as anyone that his position there was minor by comparison, a gift given out of appreciation for his efforts, not for his current standing.


Darth Maliphant gave Darth Carnifex and his entourage a slight bow, though offered no words as he moved to find a spot with his two masked bodyguards. They were taken from the Academy of Barbatos, hand picked by the puppeteered Overseer of the facility, and both stood as a prime example of what Maliphant was capable of. With both hands moving to clasp over one another, he stood idle, waiting for someone of more authority to speak.


#1863941 The Darkstaff, Revelation's Trumpet [Resubmission]

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 24 September 2018 - 12:01 AM



  • Intent:  To follow up with The Slave's pursuit of what was mentioned in not only Bestria's holocrons, but also numerous rumors and leads followed upon over the course of a few months; RESUBMISSION: To make The Darkstaff less of a paperweight, and more viable for general RP.
  • Image SourceHere
  • Canon Link Here
  • Restricted Missions:
    • The Cold Wind Blows, where The Slave meets Velok the Younger in search of his father's staff. In doing so, they come to a deal where Velok will supply him with the remaining shard, and where to find those who can help him create it.
  • Primary Source: Darkstaff

This is a Canon Item



  • ClassificationArtifact
  • Size: Handheld
  • Length 2.1m
  • Width: N/A
  • Height: N/A
  • Weight 3.63kg


  • Sentient
  • Feeds Off The Force
    • Feeds On Force Essence And Force Artifacts
  • Strengthens As It Feeds
  • Lightsaber Resistant
  • Vastly Improves Force Powers
  • Can Alter Physical Reality Around It
  • Creates a Disturbance In The Force


  • The Sin of Gluttony -​
    • ​With an appetite for destruction, and the infinite carnage that comes with it; the Staff is able to consume all that comes in its path. With a favorite meal being the force sensitives and essences of those who wish nothing more than to live their regular lives, there is almost nothing that is not considered the perfect dinner for this abomination of a creation. Most often, entire fields of carcasses are left in its ravenous wake, forever staining her trail in the blood of the innocent and unsuspecting. Over time, this hunger creates a great power in the device; a slow build to an eventual revelation.

      Despite this however, even it must discharge its built up prowess. Because this reincarnation of the original device is not made of all the pieces, it can not hold even close to as much energy as its predecessor, but a notable amount in itself. While still a behemoth, every action it takes takes away from its power, and it has a cap to be set; a cap that while nigh unreachable by the standard practitioner is still nothing unheard of.
  • ​The Ultimate Sith Artifact -
    • Surely, while the beast of a staff lacks what its original progentor held, it pulls from the depths of its origins that of what the reforged Darkstaff held before it. To pull a Star Destroyer from orbit, to make acolytes a master in simple strength, to any iteration of a power the person already knew and understood; all magnified to the Nth degree by the prowess of what is built into the creation. Long gone are its days of transporting entire solar systems into a different era in time, but strong is its ability to dwarf the menial and conventional powers of some of the strongest Sith and Jedi Masters in the galaxy; all at the cost of the user's potential and power. 


  • The Sentience of Man -
    • ​As the morality of man is fickle and thin, so to is the Darkstaff's; as she is Man personified, the sin they have festered for eternity brought to physical manifestation through the dark incantations of the lowest being. With a mind of its own, she too has become fickle and condescending, a malignant energy that feeds on the suffering of those around it, able to choose its master on its very whim. In truth, the staff seeks nothing more than to end the lives of almost anything it comes across, effectively making its user a solemn beast; given only the presence of the dead raised again, and the staff for endless conversation.

      With this, The Staff too comes with the quirks and dangers of even a regular being. With deceit in its nonexistent heart, and a hunger that forces it to feed in an infinite cycle of gluttony, she often allows all those around her to feed into the lies she gives off. Appeasing to the sin in men's hearts, she is the incarnation of the darkest places in humanities heart; a disgusting reflection of what lies in every creation of the force.

      Yet, even the most abhorrent of personalities finds itself weak to a single thing, Love. Although abusive, disgusting, and cruel, the Darkstaff becomes almost obsessive with its owner. Not in the traditional caring sense, but one of survival and manipulation; something it fails to see as any different in truth. Despite this, it still wishes the death of almost all sentient beings around the galaxy, believing itself the true Judge, Jury, and Execution of the Galaxy's filth with little more than the legs to traverse its slums. For the Strong to make the decisions, and the weak to fall to nothing more than slaves; it refuse to respect anything but the most stalwart bearer. 

      And in this, the slow and grueling death of the bearer comes to light. Her all consuming nature begins to corrupt the bearer, destroying their personality and devouring their soul. In short order, they'll soon find what they once loved turned to dust, what made them laugh made little more than singed embers laid waste to in the grand scheme of all that is important. 
  • For The Kind, Find Strength -
    • ​While the weak, the forever desolated of all mortal men's populaces are subject to its will and consumption, those who are able to sacrifice their lives out of the love, the very compassion and goodness that holds itself in all men's hearts, she is unable to dominate. The very presence of the light, the yin to its yang, creates a disgust in its presence. This extends far past its simply feasting as well.

      In truth, the light is the creations greatest weakness; able to cancel nearly all of its prowess when in the presence of equally strong forces. Perhaps a single master could prevent its endless supremacy, but an artifact of the light would negate her strength greatly, even able to silence her very voice. With nothing left but a meager whisper that barely reaches the ears of its wearer, The Staff is forever subjected to a life of avoidance, to hide in the shadows from those that overpower her with nothing more than their very presence and virtuous heart. 

      Those who master the light, can even become immune to the grand incarnation of sin through little more than a strong concentration. With mindset made calm, those who witness its bearer and this malignant flag can ignore her enigmatic calls and forsaken temptations; letting her fall to the wayside as the goodhearted hero lay waste to its empire of darkness. This is her greatest weakness, the final nail in a long overdue coffin that should have been closed and buried eons previous.

      This too applies for the objects of the universe that contrast her darkness in equal strength. Being able to mitigate its darkness, to even outright silencing her in her entirety through the light is achievable if not difficult to achieve; at worst subjected to the likes of Force Light, a power capable of decimating not only its creations and power, but its very body if overpowered.
  • The Cost of Potency
    • ​Perhaps one of the greatest dangers of wielding such powers, is being subject to her fickle nature. While the endless capacity can tempt even the strongest of wielders, even they become nothing more than a leaf floating in the abysmal breeze that she offers; forever a meaningless victim to her random whim. From her gifts, to her horrible torturous punishments.

      When one bearer finds themselves on the bad side of her dangerous edges, they become the victim of her wraith. While this can range from their sudden death, to even a quick imprisonment into the void of space, perhaps the most subtle and painful punishments is the off chance the insane creation simply decides its user is no longer able to use the force. Destroy their connection, and its bearer becomes nothing more than a vessel for the negligence that she is, tasked with being the legs of the god. Nothing more than the nails that hold up the most grand painting to ever grace this side of hell, it would seem.

      With this same train of thought, the user is no more a means to an end for her; and with it comes the need for energy. Utilizing the strength of the broken staff requires the user to amplify their own strength through it, feeding their very essence into its jaws to create a swath of destruction behind them. In truth, while this may be powerful for some time, those who overexert themselves or lay to her outrageous demands can see themselves the same as if they were on her bad side. Forever an empty husk that walks her about, giving up their soul to the devil that straps itself to their back.

      She is no mistress to have, and those who do will find pain forever.
  • The Grandest Presence -
    • When bore to the world, the Darkstaff is too prideful to be hidden away. In its mere presence the very fabric of reality is subject to distortions and changes, a chaotic churn that allows all those in the area to feel her presence. Perhaps a show put on for attention, if not a passive byproduct of its endless reserves, but something so forceful in its dealings that all those in a system wide area could simply tell where its malignant energy originated. To all those who can see, it would be a clear challenge, if not an invitation to bear witness to its decedent incarnation.
  • ​A Limited Reach -
    • As all things with their founding of power in the force, so too is the Darkstaff susceptible to the wicked and fickle ways of the force. Should it not exist, or should the force not appear in an area; then the staff is no more than a paper weight. Stuck within its wretched soul, the turbulent thoughts of an untold demon cry for release only to be met with an abysmal silence; a darkness that never offers more than a quiet disregard for its unholy wishes.


The Darkstaff is by far one of the most potent, abhorrent creations to grace the dark side of the force. In its endless years of corruption, consumption, and endless destruction, it has amassed an almost endless supply of power and metaphysical wealth. Able to know, understand, even create and change the very laws of nature, she is every darkness put into this galaxy in the palm of ones hand; yet even with all this prowess she is only a mere fraction of her original prowess, subjected to the whims of the great heroes of old that sent her latent pieces into black holes and shattered even longer before. 


Yet this is at the end of her story, and she traces back many millennia before any of today's dealings. Made by an unknown father in the farthest reaches of the galaxy, from its very inception it was regret in the minds of those who witnessed it, perhaps being an accident that turned into the greatest abomination to ever traverse the cosmos. Even still, before it was allowed to run, it began with a mere few steps; in this it killed its original creator, subjecting them to the horrors of its first massacre. Now, no longer virgin to murder it lay dormant for years before being found and recovered an unknown amount of owners before ending up with the Sith Empire of old.


When found, it was not utilized, instead considered far too potent and traitorous to ever be considered a viable weapon against their enemies, no matter the promises of power she offered as whispers in the back of their blackened minds. Put into a now ancient space station known simply as the Arcanum, it became a prisoner to the careful scholars who cared for this prison of malignant powers. To be put into isolation, forever lost to the joys of manipulation and communication, it was destined to a life of dormancy from the outside world.


However, when a Sith Lord named Lord Tagriss laid siege to the facility for powers like the staff on the behalf of his horrid masters. Relieving the Darkstaff from its reliquary, Tagriss fled from the station to his master's sanctum, letting the other prisoners and soldiers he brought become a cloud of dissipating live to be used as a means of slowing down his less than cowardly pursuers. Even still, those who chased him eventually found where the abhorrent creation was taken, and inturn raided the sanctum themselves.


Yet, through enigmatic means, the staff disappeared shortly after. Lost to the annals of time, the staff simply lay void in history until it was found by a nameless trader who's name too found a grave in recesses of man's attention. However, although he may not be remembered, his actions became of great renown, as he was the first step in a long series of a run that would end with the life of an entire civilization.


It was her the Staff came into the possession of the species known as the Oblee. Studied by their greatest minds, it became their favored prophet of power, yet the staff itself had something else in mind. In its manipulation, its cruel manifestation created a massive shadow creature that fed off the literal fears the people of the planet held in their hearts. It became their greatest danger, their greatest fear in every waking moment of their miserable lives. With the Staff's presence, it became a danger to their way of life, and in turn the people of Oblis turned to its cancerous advice as the only truth they could understand.


Creating a weapon to destroy the creature from the dark mentions of the abysmal prophet, the Oblis fell to her cruel manipulations. Although some considered its advice to be against their greater interests, those who dissented were outcast and the final nails were planted into the coffin of their culture. Absorbing those fears, those hopes and dreams, the Darkstaff manifested their energy in the most destructive manifestation that it could.


Those who sought the staffs favor were instantly obliterated, made into beings who lurked in the darkness the sinful creation had made. Their planet fared no better, as it too was instantly destroyed in a matter of seconds; yet another result of its immaculate advice. Once more, the Staff was put into hiding amongst the planets rubble; forever to be guarded by the once grand people who trusted its creation wholeheartedly. 


And yet, even this was not to be. Despite the attempts of nearly every owner thus far to hide away its endlessly apocalyptic energy, another would come forth and fall victim once more. A story with no end, forever repeating like the tail of Sinbad the great; sin after sin after sin, the torturous and endless cycle of absolute ignorance. 


Eventually, a man known simply as Darth Rivan became the staff's next owner. Yet, even he quickly began to understand just how torturous the thing could be, and he too chose to destroy it. Though that was his goal, it too failed when the staff let its somewhat master fall into its own black hole creation, transporting him to his grave many years in the future.


Here, it was given to the next series of owners; The Jedi Order. Studied under the safety of its own light sided artifact, many assertions were made in their scholarly pursuits before it was locked away once more under the protection of many of their greatest warriors. Still, despite the precautions taken to keep the creation safe, it was lost once more only to be rediscovered by the greedy nature of criminal dissidents. 


Although much of the history becomes shrouded in mystery, the truth was that the original staff was eventually destroyed by the selfless sacrifice of a nameless hero many years after its rediscovery. For almost a millennia, its darkness would lack a graceful entrance into the galactic plane, allowing once more the galaxy to understand and come to terms with balance and peace. This, their greatest chance at a future, was given to them by a single man who was forgot by all the people they ended up saving.


That is, until its subsequent recreation under the guiding eyes of a man known simply as The Slave, Velok The Younger, and Cerita Sarova, a woman simply known as Cerbera. Under the corrupted and nigh ignorant guidance of the triumvirate that calls forth a near Armageddon, they bring back a staff that was subject to the grave under a number of times. Now, brought back to the forefront of reality, it begins yet another chance at its end goal of power of everything.


Only time will tell how many lives it will take this time. 

#1863938 PU-96 "Imperius" Class Flight Suit

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 23 September 2018 - 11:52 PM



  • Intent:  To create a strong pilot uniform for The Sith Empire.
  • Image Source: Here.
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Primary Source: Rebel Flight SuitTie Pilot 


  • Manufacturer: Blackwell Industries
  • Affiliation: The Sith Empire
  • Model: PU-96 "Imperius" Class Flight Suit
  • Modularity: 
    • Various Equipment Loadouts
    • Custom Insignia Based On Squadron
    • Various Aesthetic Changes
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: 
    • ​Interior: Durafiber Skin Layer w/ FiberPlast Outer Layer
    • Exterior: Duralumin Fibers w/ Duraplast Hardpoints
    • Plates: Duraplast Chest Piece w/ Duraplast Helmet
    • Misc: Various Computer Components


  • Classification: Flight Suit
  • Weight: Average │ 14kg
  • Resistances:
    • Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): High
    • Kinetic: Average
    • Lightsabers: Very Low
    • IonHigh



  • Rising Sun -
    • Given all the traditional bits and bobbles of a flight suit, with the additional enhancement of Jaeger Solution and Blackwell Industries ingenuity. These various creative aspects helped to create not only a very valid combat uniform, but one that offers protection and suitability to any pilot in The Sith Empire. From the vacuum of space, to the climates on Mustafar, the suit is capable of surviving nigh any environment so long as the internal life support systems last. 


  • Foo Fighters -
    • The major downside of the armor is that what it does well, is all it does well. It offers no protection for ground operations, and while it can survive a crash landing, there is no guarantee that it will protect against the various elements that seek to capture the high value bounty on a pilot. Only the chest and helmet, the most vital areas, truly have decent protection; everything else relying entirely on the suit's underlay. 


Originally designed by Blackwell Industries, the "Imperius" flight suit is capable of prolonged engagements with or without inbuilt life support systems, with the additional enhancements of various computer engagements to ensure a better flight ability while actively combating enemy forces and should worse come to worse, the ability to defend a downed fighter from semi-overwhelming odds, or survive in inhospitable conditions for some time. 


The armor itself comes with a number of components, from the dedicated combat attachments in the hud that allow an active display of a battlefield in a near 360 degree sight, with optional field of vision adjustments. This allows a constant monitoring of where other fighters appear along with squadron emblems, and callsigns all displayed in real time. Active objectives, active communication channels encrypted through careful manipulation of short range S-Threads, along with a variety of enhancements usually disabled for the sake of ease for the pilot, but automatically activated when pushed into a combat scenario. The suit even has certain adjustments to help the ship automatically adapt to a user's brain patterns, effectively allowing those ships equipped to 'predict' what its user will do, and compensate for it. This is not all however.


While the armor holds a number of active operative sensors and abilities that make it strong in the use of ace pilot scenarios, it in addition finds a moderate amount of defense should the ship ever go down or otherwise begin to fail. Active internal life supports are designed to kick on should the main life support fail, ensuring the pilot has the abilty to fight for a continued 18 hours if need be, or at the very least survive in the vacuum of space until dedicated response teams are able to retrieve them. Internal locking systems allow for the armor to absorb mid air collisions, or fall from orbit with minimal damage and a near 92% effective recovery rate with minimal injuries. This however restricts the user for up to a few hours, designed not to disengage until a 'safety' signal has been activated, though emergency overrides are viable should the need arise.


Coming with drawbacks however, the armor is unable to be used as an active combat armor for the primary concern of its lack of overall protection. Surely the armor can protect against some strikes from the likes of many weapons, though deploying it in large combat situations would see its users broken down relatively easily when faced with more active armors that might protect them to a better degree. Basic survival equipment is packed with the armor for the sake of emergency survival situations, not the outright assault of a compound nor special forces operations; only survival. Anything past this is not guaranteed or backed to work, and the internal flares or SOS signals should be minded instead of combat, whenever possible.

#1863936 Pandora's Scabbard

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 23 September 2018 - 11:48 PM



  • Intent: To create a scabbard for those who carry Sith Warblades, and other melee variants.
  • Image Source: Here.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: 
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market 
  • Model: Pandora's Scabbard
  • Modularity: 
    • Various Aesthetic Changes
    • Various Size Changes
    • Custom Mounting
  • Production: Semi-Unique 
  • Material:


  • Classification: Scabbard
  • Size:  Average
  • Weight: Light


  • Hides Sith Warsword Force Presence
  • Constant Blade Maintenance 
  • Doubles as Lightsaber Resistant Blunt Weapon
  • Built in Force Lock
  • Protects Warblades from Force Light (Once)


  • Blade of Grass
    • While the sword is important for any Sith who chooses to carry one, what many lack is a reasonable scabbard to hold such weapons in. The 'Pandora's Scabbard' ,as it has come to be known as, actively masks the presence of the sword within no matter how strong its aura, while in turn locking it on its owner's command. When not in use, and sealed, the blade seals the metal as one piece before letting go upon its owner's unconscious command; often done in one swift movement as it is pulled upon by those it is bonded to.


  • Those Space Lizards -
    • In the presence of force cancelling fields, assuming the weapon is sheathed, it will cease to even open. With no force to be altered, the metal that keeps the blade protected from the elements will in turn fail to release and force the blade to be within the scabbard at all times. In the presence of Void Stone, it takes considerable effort to unsheathe the weapon, but is still possible despite this.


Following in line with the prior designs, and deals, with Akure Executive Interstellar; Blackwell Industries moved to provide additional items for Sith based markets. Most notably in the realm of providing adequate protection and maintenance of Sith Warblades, something that found a strong recurrence in the modern era despite the prolific nature of the Lightsaber. Knowing both of this, Blackwell Industries teamed up with its fledgling alchemic design team to create something all those beneath it could viable use.


To begin, every blade put within the scabbard is given two boons; the first is that while sheathed it can not be detected as to what it is. Simply put, for those Sith Warswords that carry with them such an infamous, terrifying presence, the scabbard is able to hold in its depths all that it is; effectively negating a very common danger they hold. In addition, while sheathed the blade also is reinforced, cleaned, and sharpened if need be at all times, creating the perfect automated care routine for any Warblade; keeping them pristine in all conditions. All of these do lose their effectiveness when drawn from the scabbard however, and only maintain so long as it is sheathed.


The last major boon of the scabbard, is that it has a force lock built into it that stops anyone but the original owner of the scabbard to pull the blade from its depths. Without knowing the very unique presence, sometimes ritualistic means of pulling the sword from the scabbard, there is no way get the lock to let go; protecting the blade from would be thiefs and more. This lock can however be overpowered by the exceptionally strong, both physically and metaphysically, though these cases are rare; and more importantly they will cease to open easily while in the presence of such items as Ysalamiri fields, or Void Stone, the latter being more of a tough draw than anything impossible.

While the alchemic side of the scabbard certainly gives it a number of boons, the last effective strategy of the scabbard is being an extremely lightweight, lightsaber resistance, blunt weapon in last case scenarios; or even to strike at someone in a non-lethal manner. Jar'kai be gifted, utilizing the scabbard in tandem with a blade will let the wielder open themselves up to a number of counter attacks and strong bind techniques regular users may not be able to use; without the exceptional strain of using a second lightsaber, or even a second warblade.


Overall, it is an exceptionally high quality scabbard capable of providing outstanding protection to blades in most capacities, from dangerous force abilities to the would be thief; effectively allowing the scabbard to be as much a tool as a weapon and an extension of a strong swordsman; all in the name of providing for the Sith of the modern era.

#1863934 TSE Narrative and Your Stories

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 23 September 2018 - 11:46 PM



I've actually had the idea for one for a while, where Maliphant clones himself, but his clone takes his old memories dominant, takes the darkstaff with all the knowledge Maliphant as accrued and moves to screw some people up.


Would anyone be interested in a campaign revolving something like that?

#1863604 Nihilus-Class Star Dreadnaught, "Acerbitas" [Resubmission]

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 23 September 2018 - 01:37 PM








  • The Prodigal Son -
    • Once a flagship of a bygone era, the new refit of the Acerbitas has crafted it into a well versed machine in absolute destruction. From its massive weapons, able to take down fellow ships with impunity, to its deplorably stalwart defense, the Acerbitas has come to the galactic playing field with a vengeance; ready to show the new age of vessels what it means to be a flagship.

      In the weapons, it contains a number of axial mounted heavy cannons and broadside lasers capable of shelling an area far larger than itself. The front cannons, between the two kilometer long hypervelocity cannons and the legendary Hellbores, are what is used on the approach to a battlefield, easily decimating off guard vessels, and even those with steady bulwarks of defenses. However, once close the exterior of the vessel bristles with far closer ranged weaponry readily available to lay swaths of destruction across the hulls of unsuspecting vessels. It is this heavy armament that allows it to strike out with an unmatched wraith, while the defenses keep the vessel impervious.

      Plated in Impervium, the vessel is capable of shrugging off all but the most extreme damage; leave along its ramped up shield generator known as 'The Aegis'. In combination, the combination of defenses creates a colloquial immortal on the battlefield, shrugging off much before failing to exterior assault. Few ships of similar size can compare, shadowing many ships that wander the galaxy today. 
  • Immortal Disciple -
    • While the aging AI of the Acerbitas has served generations of soldiers, it was far too out of date to continue its works. As a redesign was in order with the rest of the vessel, the legendary framework of the AXIOS was altered and updated with the MACA; a series of neural networks capable of transforming the AI into something far more than it ever was before. While traditional AI offer a near endless stream of data processing, command and control, the newly formed AI aboard the Acerbitas is capable of pushing all of these to the extreme, at the same time. It serves as a level far above and beyond what anyone could call sentience, with innumerable systems to process faster, more efficiently, and with deadly precision. 

      As the original AI every AXIOS past it was based on, it had years of information to process and compile, utilizing all of this to create the strongest framework capable; pushing the upper echelons of artificial intelligence within the galaxy. Add this with its dedicated hacking sweet make it as dangerous a weapon as that of a proton beam cannon; though with far less explosive results. Most of the time.


  • Make Way -
    • The absolute size of the beast has made it slow and burly, a sight for all to see as they watch it orbit above. Its impossibly high weight class made even massive thrusters strain to push it forward, meaning it can barely outpace ships twice its size. It simply can not adjust fast enough to protect its open rear, nor can it avoid large strikes such as that of kyber cannons or other capital grade weaponry. This makes it a floating target, and should its engines ever be taken out, then it suffers the further shame of being a sitting target, forced to be towed back to port to be repaired and refit once more.
  • The Old Ways -
    • While the ship as a whole is well balanced, the numerous axial mounted cannons force it to suffer as some of its strongest weaponry can only be shot forward. Take this into account with the fact the ship as a whole can barely turn makes them very situational, and rarely effective at but the longest ranges and assault vectors. Once close, the cannons can be avoided simply by moving to the side of The Acerbitas; becoming little more than massive power drains for the innumerably reactors.
  • All or Nothing -
    • To power the vessel, extremely dangerous reactors were chosen to power its accelerated AI, massive weapon systems, and even more gargantuan defensive measures. All of this created the struggle of tackling the power situation, before the solution of the Daedalus reactors were put on. To power the ship, a total of three are required to manage its insane power consumption; meaning each one is a serious failure point. If hacking, internal sabotage, or even a stray round enters any one of these reactors, it can force it to go hypercritical, annihilating the entire vessel and everyone on board; leave alone the nearest ten kilometers of space. 


From The Original Submission
String-pulling was the name of the game, and in the wake of the Dark Harvest crisis, the Imperial military had woken up to the fact that their vessels had, one for one, been unable to overcome the infected Vong ships they had engaged. With a little prodding from Pandeima, one of the captains who had personally ordered her fleet to engage the Vong with a Tulak Hord, then the most powerful warship in the Imperial navy, an order was issued for a Star Dreadnaught prototype to be developed, one capable of strategically annihilating a Star Destroyer-type warship or larger, and one capable of successfully engaging, with support, multiple Star Destroyers.
Always attempting to prove itself to the Sith Empire, the engineers at Subach-Innes, Kuat Drive Yards, Sienar Fleet Systems, and Lussk Logistics fervently got to work, designing a starship to meet the specifications the Imperials had put forth. The result was the Nihilus-class Star Dreadnaught, a vessel superior to the Tulak-Hord one-on-one, but like a typical Star Dreadnaught, more expensive. Despite this, and despite its armament being rather standard for that of a ship of its size, it does have some unique features.
The first is the pair of antimatter reactors. Utilizing a more stable 2:1 ratio of matter to antimatter, significant power for the Star Dreadnaught's shields and engines can be produced without worrying about possible antimatter surges breaking magnetic containment and vaporizing the ship itself. Safeguards are in place to increase the matter flow to 5:1 if the reactor becomes unstable. The entire purpose of the second generator was added entirely with the purpose to power the unique feature of the Nihilus.
The Nihilus Dreadnought boasted a shipborne Central Artificial Intelligence System. This system was dubbed AXIOS by the current Emperor, Dranok Lussk. Following the design and construction of the prototype AI cores and many tests, most of which failed, but soon followed with major successes. AXIOS CAIS is purposed for managing all technical functions of the vessel including: navigation, tactical analysis, security monitoring, fire control, encryption, and expert advisory for its commander. This particular unit was nicknamed "Aegrus" and can be communicated with verbally or through a computer terminal. It, however, only carries out orders issues by the ship commander. 
Combining all of these unique features and a massive armament to couple a good sized complement, the Nihilus was constructed. It boasts a mix of weaponry along with attack craft support to create a nicely balanced vessel capable of undertaking standalone missions as well as serving as a flagship when augmenting fleets. Strengths of this craft lie in its weaponry, complement, and AI abilities. Boasting an AI core helps reduce the need for crew and allows re-allocation of these men to passengers for combat or combat support role.
Weaknesses are many, even considering it's a balanced capital ship. It's hulking size offers a very massive target and outline, commanding the attention of many opposing fleets to attempt to strike this first. This size also comes with a comparable weakness: slowness. It lacks proper speed and maneuverability skills to dodge incoming attacks. The AI core even has a weakness, requiring an entire generator to power it. While the core will be heavily guarded, the second generator can be taken out to disable it, but the crew can also switch to manual control to fly the vessel with much less efficiency.
All in all, the Nihilus became the pride of the Imperial Navy. As a unique ship, it had to be named. Acerbitas was bestowed upon the first of its race by Emperor Dranok Lussk with the meaning of bitterness or harshness.


While the ship has seen and unbelievable amount of history, after its collection by Maliphant and the GenoHaradan; it was refitted using Maliphant's influence over a number of companies, creating an updated, more powerful version of the once legendary flagship known as The Acerbitas. Many millions of credits were dumped into its creation, adding onto the original design while maintaining almost every aspect of its once righteous strength; and in turn its weaknesses. The ship holds an exceptionally large interior, built to hold many thousands of active soldiers, engineers, scientists, and even Sith when required. 


To begin, the Acerbitas itself was heavily based off ships such as the SD-584 from Jaeger Solutions, most notably in armament, but with a strong foundation in Sith technologies. Following similiar designs, such as that of The Behemoth, the ship was modeled to become a far smaller, more economical, dreadnaught of The Sith; serving in every aspect as its own progenitor. This dedication to the art of war makes the a deadly, potent enemy on the field of battle; able to siege down entire planets by itself. 


Housing the crew however, is just as important as warfare. This is why The “Acerbitas” splits its applicable areas into various separate decks, with the first designated as ‘00’ for all cargo, engineering, and hangers. Second comes the crew quarters, with the designation of ‘01’ and the last as the bridge with the designation ‘02’. These levels each contain different security parameters with ‘00’ being the lowest, and ‘02’ being the highest, respectfully; though there are a number of other facilities outside the main ship designations, taking cues from Jaeger Solutions exceptional interior design.


The lowest level, in both security and elevation position, is the Deck 00. This ‘industry’ deck lacks much of the refinement of its higher levels, but is absolutely required for the operation of the vessel in all aspects. From the holds to the cargo lifts, there is very little that comes aboard the ship that doesn’t first come through here; and that which doesn’t is likely paraphernalia and needs another look over by the officer.


First, the Main hold; a large area hold that is capable of holding over a few hundred thousand tons of supplies, enough to keep the vessel floating through deep expeditions for up to ten years without a resupply; allowing an extreme amount of independence behind enemy lines. With intelligent compartmentalizing done by dedicated droids and robotic trams, there are entire sections of the hold dedicated to a certain SKU or chemical, all with the corresponding SDS sheets to meet galactic standard. In addition to this, the section also holds a well stocked armory for the numerous crew aboard, with hundreds of weapons for boarding action and more; all sealed by a quartermaster and a number of biometric locked blast doors. In the center of it all however, lies the cargo repulsorlift tram that runs towards the forward hold.


The forward hold is where all incoming freight is kept for initial scans, secondary investigations, and final checks before being passed towards the main hold. This area has a number of security measures first and foremost, in addition to the ship’s primary air lock for crew departure, high mass loaders, and a number of repulsor based freight elevators to bring aboard large shipments of supplies. Just off this, lies the first hanger, tho not the largest. 


The hanger on the vessel is massive, holding a few hundred ships ready to zoom off and swarm, defending the Acerbitas with their life. The combined efforts of droid driven swarm drones, extremely powerful starfighters, and even a few dedicated bombers for destroying enemy capital ships; the hanger holds a serious repertoire for destruction whenever required, with automated systems to help expedite the arrival and departure of all ships, most notably any combat related ones. This is quadrupled, as four behemoth sized hangers hold the entirety of the ship's hanger storage, each covered with massive ray shields and impervium lined blast doors capable of closing whenever the risk for such assaults is too high. 


In addition to the main combat hanger, auxiliary hangers exist to project power over planets. The auxiliary hangers offer nothing in terms of space combat, and require far more dedicated measures to get the ships out of storage; meaning they can not be used in space combat for any reason. Once in orbit however, the measures to unlatch and deploy the ships and transports is opened, allowing the entire vessel to lay siege to even fortress worlds; all enhanced by a number of orbital cannons capable of decimating a world's surface, from cities to islands, a true swath of destruction can be carved out through both the Legion on board, and the weapons it can fire with.


Last on the Double-Zero deck is the engineering core; likely the most advanced place aboard the entire ship. Even less luxurious than the cargo holds and their automated organization protocols, is the deeply industrial engineering section filled to the brim in cooling pipes, computer modules, and advanced stealth technology. With some of the brightest minds in the galaxy walking its halls, the engineers of the Acerbitas find themselves often among the best to ever fly through space, and equally understanding just how important they are to the everlasting life of all those on board. Balancing the prowess of the ‘Daedalus’ reactors, ensuring constant power output by them in all areas of the ship, while simultaneously monitoring the active shielding fields to ensure they aren’t caught with their pants down, despite their bulwark armor; the life of an engineer isn’t easy, and can often stress those aboard out.


That is why Blackwell took from Jaeger, taking no cuts in offering perfect amenities for each of the scientists aboard, starting with their own crew quarters. This dedicated wing allows almost instant responses from the engineering team in the case of damage or emergencies across the vessel; but despite the tactile prowess of its repair crew, there also is the comfort of their own sound proofed hall. This ‘Engineer’s Club’, as some aboard the vessels have come to call it, contains a dedicated refresher, galley, and conference hall for personal and military use; effectively allowing a well oiled machine at all times. Even more than that, Blackwell understood that many engineers prefer a more solitary lifestyle, so no expenses were missed in terms of their cot. Each is offered and even more dense soundproofing to allow for complete impunity to the outside hustle and bustle of the ships churning heart, a durasteel privacy shutter that seals the cot to allow for dedicated downtime, and an environmental converter strictly for the purpose of the bed, allowing optimum sleeping potential at all times. In addition to this, each contains a small holoscreen for viewing of both personal holovids, and pulling from the onboard server with thousands of intergalactic hits from all aspects of life, effectively allowing endless hours of entertainment on an otherwise boring vessel. Secondary additions include alarms for shifts, emergency alarms that bring all crew awake and ready, and life support monitoring to alert medical staff if a crew member begins to behave abnormally in either physical or mental conditions.


Just as with the Engineering Core, Deck 01 holds the rest of the crews dedicated quarters, only with more additional room for activities and fitness. While the regular crew quarters shares the same style of cot as the engineer’s quarters, additional thought was put into the accessory facilities that were not able to be put in the lower levels. This includes a full scale Mess Hall, kitchen staff and all running hundreds of crew through the paces with a few daily choices in meals, while there is also a large assembly hall for group meetings and get-togethers. A massive holoscreen and holotable allow for both mission briefings on the large scale, and movie nights for the entire crew should the need ever arise to raise morale. In addition, a small Gym was added to help ensure no muscle degradation on long space flights for the more physically focused members of the crew. With localized gravity augmentation, and virtual reality pods for training purposes, the gym is built to keep its users at maximum peak condition at all times.


On the same level lies the Medbay, as well, as all areas with crews such as this require such a facility. With rows of bacta tanks and at least a small army of dedicated doctors trained in emergency medical procedures, the vessel is fully able to pull together the medical knowhow to fix up to a few hundred soldiers with concurrent fatal injuries. Having such an advanced medical facility is a must when considering how far behind enemy lines these soldiers usually are, and the risks involved with not treating injuries immediately.


Next is the Brig, conventionally standard for most ships of its size. Smaller than some perhaps however, as the ship was never meant to carry a number of large scale prisoners, only a few Universal Energy Cages for high priority VIP’s with force sensitivity, and more numerous RPC-12’s or advanced force cages for all others. These in combination to an interrogation room utilized by officers allows for completely autonomous prisoner management, with even the option of purging the various cells should the alarm ever reach a high enough defcon.


Last is the Officers Quarters, a group of studio style apartments for the various high ranking officials on the ship. With much of the same cots as all the other crew, the Officers see an upgrade in the fact they get their own miniature galley, refresher, and desk with integrated computer for personal work. This integral system allows for the management of the vessel equal parts rest and relaxation on their ‘days off’ aboard the vessel, and even a dedicated VPN between the other officers computers. Sizes and comfort can change depending on preference, but predominantly the only room with an actual size difference is the captain's quarters; a topic covered better in a moment.


Deck 02 is the top of the ship, and the highest area of the ship in both position and security. Here is where the officers engage each other aboard the bridge, send down commands through all the networks aboard the vessel, and guide her through combat at any given instant. This is the brain of the vessel, and in more ways than one it would seem. With the addition of the SADS to actively protect the entire ship, the high security core was placed behind sealed blast doors with a biometric scanner that allows only the Captain and the Head Engineer through at any given point. Should the SADS ever fail or be taken out, so too would the rest of the ship’s automated defenses.


Past any of these however, lies the entire section of the ship dedicated to Sith such as Maliphant himself. The foremost area of this is the captain's quarters, perceived luxury in the emptiness of space. Coming with dedicated living areas, his own gym and dueling arena lined with training droids, and a bar for company; the quarters relies heavily on the comfort of its master. A master override switch lives within, should the extremely powerful AI turn on the ship, along with various other biometric controls to lock down the vessel if all else fails. This is where Maliphant spends most of his time; though it is not the only thing in the section.

Various other rooms exist, though they are best related to the officer's quarters. Dedicated closets, studio apartments for the Sith who are tasked with coming along for whatever campaign the Acerbitas was set out on; it is in its entirety established for the study of the Sith. Workshops, dedicated cafeteria, inboard library and more; all of which is to assist in the training and perpetual honing of a dark siders skill, with various meditation chambers to enhance one's ability in the Force at all times. The ship is a massive example of The Sith's prowess in the galaxy, and it is only fitting that it hold within its depth the additional infrastructure to serve as even a small scale academy. 

#1863601 CM-96 "Cyberpunk" Class Cranial Implants

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 23 September 2018 - 01:33 PM



  • Intent: To expand on Blackwell's cybernetic division.
  • Image Source: Here.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Cybernetics


  • Manufacturer: Blackwell Industries & Aegis Systems
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market 
  • Model: CM-96 "Cyberpunk" Class Cranial Implants
  • Modularity:
    • Aesthetic Changes
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: 



  • Slicer's Wet Dream
    • ​The real purpose of the 'Cyberpunk' is to allow those integrated with it a fundamental 'swiss army knife' of hacking when required, filling every possible area with equipment meant for military grade operations. Everything from biometric scanners to computer systems the user can't even touch, they are all covered with some connections; including a secondary computer that works far faster than the mind to run subroutines and allow the user to 'Jack In' to the holonet at will, or even visualize the hacking efforts over their own vision, though this can cause some blinding complications.
  • Always Wear A Helmet
    • The second purpose of the device is to replace the bone, muscle, and nerves with something more resisilient. To reduce weight, light matierals such as Duraplast were chosen to compensate for the excessive amount of equipment put into the device itself, meaning while thinner than bone it certainly protects on par if not better. Internal compensators even cushion brain impacts to prevent the user from being prematurely knocked out, and an electrically toggled duralumin layer beneath the skin of the neck that allows it to stiffen a moments notice to prevent chokes, or in rare cases even decapitations; however none of this is a complete replacement from conventional armor, and should not be taken as such; they are simply mild reinforcements to the form. Skin damage is still completely viable, as it has been completely ignored in the augmentations.


  • Prosthophobes
    • The amount of replacements done on this will pull away from a Force User's ability to draw on the force substantially, as every cell the user in question replaces with metal will stop them from manipulating that which connects the galaxy. This means that while a Non Force User might not be that much at a loss to use the cybernetics, any force user who wished to would find a signifigant trade off facing them for all the benefits that come with such a device.
  • Grease Lightning
    • While the device itself has some built in deionizers, the overall nature of the augmentations are extremely dependent on power. That means that anyone with a knack for ion weaponry, or even the accident discharge of a larger than normal source of electricity, all have the chances of shutting down various electrical components of the device; blinding the user, shutting down a portion of their brain, muscle control, just to name a few of the possible outcomes.
  • Mechu Deru Vitae
    • While most weaknesses are an always given, the greatest threat to any cyborg or cybernetic augmentation is someone trained in Mechu Deru, or its ultimate form. Should someone have access to these, they have the possibility to blow up the internal powerpacks of the device, or otherwise altering the mechanisms built in. Any of these can lead to devastating effects, the most dangerous of these is the death of the cyborg utilizing the device.


Created by Blackwell Industries and Jaeger Solutions, the 'Cyberpunk' as it has been come to be known was designed around the major philosophy of bringing both the wounded veterans of our turmoiled time within the galaxy back to the forefront of combat, and to allow those with a certain affection for cybernetic augmentations to find yet another power in the form of military grade hardware. These various aspects have led to a very sought after reputation for cybernetic enthusiasts, leading to an almost excitable amount of purchases from planets such as Nar Shaddaa and Coruscant for their exceptionally large slicer populations. 


Much of this can attributed to the internal microcomputer and the dedicated hacking package. Containing everything from biometric bypasses, internal subroutine options, and even voice box manipulation, the 'Cyberpunk' allows a constant 'swiss army knife' approach to almost any computer system, with anything more complicated than the upper echelons of high security usually requiring a secondary slicing measure and the skill of a very well establish slicer. These numerous systems are additional reinforced by a number of protection materials to stop everything from the casual debilitating blow to the head, to the often feared death choke many attempt on someone they just found hacking into their holonet history.


While all of this is great, the constant issue is the fact the cybernetics do rely on electronic and robotic replacements of otherwise working (sometimes) biological systems. This means force users lose a proportional skill in feeling the force, ionic weaponry is doubly effective against such a person, and while there is integrated virus support, even the careless application of ransomware could keep a loved one locked in a 'dream' for weeks. Even worse, if a Mechu Deru specialist ever faces down a user of the 'Cyberpunk' they'd find it exceptionally easy to alter, destroy, or otherwise install any amount of fear into the person without question.


Overall, while the device is certainly great for rudimentary protection and excellent slicing features, it is still the sum of its parts and suffers equally for each. It consolidates a slicer's need to carry equipment, while making much of it far easier to access on the run from security forces and more; making anyone capable of hacking simple doors, and more specialized slicers left to break into everything from AI cores to dedicated security measures.

#1863365 Tweak the focus of the Map Game

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 23 September 2018 - 03:39 AM

There's nothing that stipulates that a dominion have such objectives. The difference between a dominion and a faction thread is rather arbitrary - the former just nets you a hex after you reach 50 post. It can tell whatever story the faction wants.


What I said was a satirical jab at dominions that usually show up, just in case you thought I was serious. As far as the arbitrary difference, that is true, but most don't want to get involved with a dominion because they are shallow by comparison, and nobody wants to do faction threads because they already spent all their muse making 20 posts for the month to get their faction staff a new SSD.


Isn't the whole point of the map game that different groups clash as they struggle for control? Instead of everyone sitting in their insulated bubbles. Personally I think the map needs more fighting - fighting with actual stakes, not predetermined skirmishes.


Once again, a jab at major factions for not actually working together where there isn't as much to lose (Conquest), and anywhere else they have 'stakes' (IE: A color on the map and bragging rights) is just a salt fest that involves someone writing a post someone will bring up for the next 2 months because they critiqued it to their friend group. Should the map game have more interesting details put on it? For sure, I totally agree, but I'm not sure I could agree with more fighting, since Chaos has proven time and time again to be a cesspool of salt and villany.


If stopping burnout is your main concern? Maybe reeling in doms is the better way to go eh.


Honestly, I'm not sure I could agree with that. I'm not for restricting people here, and I don't believe in saving them from themselves, I'm just looking for the chance to see a new idea that makes Doms not universally hated by the community, which seems to be the consensus if you bring up the words 'Hate' and 'Dominion' in the same sentence. Unless you're talking about Ession, but whatever.


But we're not gonna murder dominions just because ya'll can't convince your Faction Staffers to be exciting.


I'm not sure anyone is suggesting murdering dominions, or at the very least I'm not. I just want to see more options, a little more depth maybe, something that gives dominions a bit of a flare or rejuvenation that they aren't so dreaded. Different rewards, more ways to expand influence clouds, maybe just something more engaging.


Something, I suppose. Take from it what you will. 

#1863361 Tweak the focus of the Map Game

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 23 September 2018 - 03:19 AM



While you're not wrong, I think that's why the OP has a point.


I'd say easing up the requirements for expansion allows people to contribute in ways they might enjoy more than the 50 post grind fest dominions are now. People enjoy posting to the factory, to codex, doing their own little storylines, yadayada; but as it stands dominions don't have people show up for any number of reasons. We could blame the faction staff, but there is only so many times people can slap lipstick on a pig and be interested in 


- Objective 1: Build The Thing

- Objective 2: Kill the Insurgents 

- Objective 3: Investigate The Spooks

- Objective 4: BYOO


Idk. I certainly agree half of it is faction staff being repetitive, boring, and not engaging their writerbase enough, but at the same time giving the staff more options could help breathe life into the system. Ignoring conquests, apparently, because major factions can't get along, it seems. 

#1863355 Tweak the focus of the Map Game

Posted by Darth Maliphant on 23 September 2018 - 02:59 AM

Scherezade deWinter


To quote a Confederacy staff member directly; "I hate dominions, we just do them because we need to."


Hexes mean nothing but a color on the map, and while a few people might enjoy dominions as they stand, its blatantly obvious they burn people out and crush muse. Is it really such a big deal if there are more ways to get it than coming up with 3 'interesting and engaging' dominion ideas that always end the same way? I'm glad if there are a few of you guys who enjoy how it stands, but it seems pretty pointless to get defensive when your own staff are getting burnt out constantly by what the dominions are doing.


I'm all for taking the stress off the staff, and a few different ways to achieve the same goal sounds as good as any. Its not like a hex really matters that much, they don't give you anything at the end of the day.