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Darth Maliphant

Darth Maliphant

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TD-21 "Misini" Class Training Droid

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  • Intent: To create a robust and flexible training droid for Sith / Jedi / NFU's.
  • Image Source: Here.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Sith Training Droid │ 


  • Manufacturer: Blackwell Industries & Aegis Systems
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market 
  • Model: TD-21 "Misini" Class Training Droid

  • Production: Limited 
  • Modularity: N/A
  • Material: Durasteel Frame / Plates



  • Training Module
    • Information On:
      • Body Zones
      • The Three Rings of Defense
      • Marks of Contact
      • Ready Stances
      • Moves & Maneuvers
      • Form Specific Maneuvers
      • Sequences
      • Dulon
      • Velocities
      • Twin Suns
      • Faalo's Cadences
      • Trial of Skill
    • Lightsaber Forms
      • Form I: Shii-Cho
      • Form II: Makashi
      • Form III: Soresu
      • Form IV: Ataru
      • Form V: Shien / Djem So
      • Form VI: Niman
      • Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad
      • Three Forms: Strong Style / Medium Style / Fast Style
      • Unorthodox/Hybrid Forms: Sokan / Jar'Kai / Trakata
    •  Unarmed Combat
      • Teras Kasi
      • Echani
      • Hosnian
      • k'Jtari
      • Prismatic Self Defense
      • Traditional Boxing


  • Robotic Battlemaster -
    • More than anything, the purpose of the droid is to teach an extremely comprehensive understanding of light saber forms and stances to all ages and skill levels of force users, with many non force users fully able to take advantage of the well rounded learning plan instituted by the droids. With such an in-depth understanding of melee forms, the droids adjusts its difficulty at a prime level to push the user to their limits whenever possible, while not completely overwhelming them. It is this deeply rooted tutoring program that stops the droids from being excessively dangerous, or even lethal, though some causalities have been known to happen when in a manual override mode. 


  • Non-Lethal -
    • The droid in no sense is meant for actual combat, it is simply not built for the harsh reality of a battlefield. Surely the droid is certainly able to attack someone, but there are distinct limitations in its operating system to stop any intentional causalities. This means that utilizing the droid as some form of security would be useless, without somehow altering its very foundational programming; and even then it simply doesn't have the construction quality to be considered ready for war in any measure. A lack of Ion protection, no dedicated dust prevention measures, the very basics of power consumption technologies, all add to make the droid suitable for the training room in one's personal backyard and no more.
  • ​​​Skill Ceiling -
    • ​Despite the droid's excessive knowledge, there is a distinct limitation in its ability to stand. No matter how fast the servo-motors push the droid, and no matter how well versed it is in the various forms of combat, the droid simply cannot stand up to the apex of Masters; meaning that any Sith Lord or Jedi Battlemaster may find the droid lack luster despite its intended purpose. The droid can help to maintain that skill level, but to say it can push someone beyond their already extraordinary limitations would be silly. 




Through the combined efforts of Blackwell Industries and Aegis Systems, the hopeful pinnacle of training droids was developed; crafting through their combined means a droid capable of teaching most aspects of lightsaber combat at an accelerated rate without the taxing use of slaves, or even the time of Master’s. This helps to ensure the very nature of the droid’s expedited combat training for the many in the galaxy, with no innate restriction on Jedi, Sith, or Non-Force User.




Originally designed as a protection droid on par with the likes of the aging Magna-Guard, it was quickly figured that through a more dedicated effort Blackwell Industries could fill a more niche market in training droids for the galaxy; as the ‘personal protection’ droid market had become more and more saturated through innumerable companies. Turning its ‘Fringe Technology’ department to tackle the issue, the first steps were taken to create a droid capable of teaching someone to master melee combat.


Interviews were done on innumerable sections of the galaxy, paying for the expertise of retired Jedi, willing Sith, and even Echani Masters; each set up with motion capture devices to accurately match their moves in a synthetic environment. This was by far the most time consuming process, and the most expensive, and many of the secrets regarding these techniques cost the company hundreds of thousand of credits, pushing well past a million in some cases just to collect everything required.


What truly saved the company was getting much of the lightsaber forms and more from an unknown donation following a raid on a Lucrehulk in the Unknown Regions. It was this specifically that allowed the project to be completed within budget, through the secondary concern was the company's lack of knowledge in advanced robotics.


In this, a consultant was hired from Aegis Systems, a well known and respected robotics company also situated in the Outer Rim. Discussing this with them, they helped to design the droid for prolonged combat in controlled environments for the sake of all those interested. They added a number of features not previously considered, including the extremely adaptable training protocol that truly keeps the droid as an outlier when compared to more traditional training droids.


Aegis helped add things such as the heuristic processor to actively monitor and learn the current skill level of the trainee in question, even establishing numerous profiles for the sake sectionalizing that information to stop the chance of an acolyte accidently ending up the training regime of his extremely well versed Master. In addition, a personality matrix was added to help teach the users information, either through direct hands on training, or through the discussion of forms and target locations, something helped to be achieved by discussing result-oriented techniques from dedicated tutoring firms from the Core.


Still, while the droid has numerous features that help to set it apart, it’s extremely expensive knowledge and set up forced the very nature of the droid to be restricted to those who could afford one. The excessively high cost and relatively low grade materials used in its construction forced the droid to be used exclusively in controlled environments, and not the traditional warfare one might hope the droids would be good for.


In addition, while the droid is capable of elevating padawans and knights up to their peak; the droid does have a limit to where it can teach someone. Even overclocked, with illegal modifications, the droid simply will not be able to stand up to the apex of sword masters; most notably because the Force Users expertising in these forms have far faster reactions, prediction methods, and can overpower the likes of even the droid. It simply cannot teach a master any more than they know, but can help to maintain that knowledge should they wish.


Last, the droid is completely unable of teaching the user the important art of ‘Hybrid’ combat; meaning it cannot teach a knight how to mix a telekinetic strike into the middle of a lightsaber cadence no matter how much one might wish to learn such. There simply is no way for the droid to replicate the power of the force, and as such requires field training for the knight or trainee to actually understand how to effectively perform such an art.




Overall, the “Misini” Training Droid is one that is highly sought after by every dedicated section of the galaxy’s force sensitives, partially because it fills a market niche that has been rarely touched, and it does so to an excessively well level. With few to compare the droid to, it has pre-orders already committed in places like Barbato’s training academy, and numerous other sources. It is a droid that teaches, but does not kill, and it is excessively well versed in all that it does.


09 August 2018 - 01:48 AM



  • Intent: To create an armor that helps contain Maliphant's power, and assist in force endurance.
  • Image Source: Here.
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Los Muertos
  • Affiliation: Darth Maliphant
  • Model: Eurydice
  • Modularity: No.
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: 
    • ​​Exterior: Alchemized Terentatek Leather
    • Interior: Alchemized Leviathan Leather w/ Ballistic Mesh Underlay
    • Metal Breastplate: Alchemized Phrik


  • Classification: Training Armor
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances:

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Average

- Kinetic: Average

- Lightsabers: Very High

- Force Powers:  Extreme 

- Sonic: None


  • Double Front Force Resistance
  • Passive Dark Side Regeneration
  • Stalwart Breastplate
  • Flexible & Light


  • Strong & Flexible -
    • The armor itself is on par with many more traditional arms and armor, very established against duelists and the like through a very high resistance to both force powers, lightsabers, and by proxy to foot soldiers more common weapons. These various defenses allow for a reasonable protection against Sith and Jedi, through most of the hard protection is situated in a multiplate breastplate made of Phrik, that's joints allow for flexibility without sacrificing protection; while the rest of the armor simply does well enough with alchemized leather. 
  • Hunger -
    • Able the absorb incoming force powers, the armor can turn an opponents strength against them by harboring all but the strongest attacks into its folds and slowly repurposing it for its own ends. This has a small aura, however it does have the limitation that it does not effect exposed areas; the arms or face for examples. It also can not stop things such as mentalism, or indirect force powers in any capacity. 
  • Like Sion, But Worse -
    • Utilizing any excess force energy from the user and any power enacted upon it, it cannot not just get rid of such; choosing instead to build up in itself and heal the user quickly should they come under any damage. This is extremely limited to how much energy is given off, and prolonged healing will slow the rate until it is barely above that of a traditional person depending on the amount of damage. While it makes the wearer far harder to kill, it is not by any means a way to viable immortality. 


  • Beacon of Darkness -
    • Unless acted upon by a secondary force power, the armor itself will slowly build up force energy until it can be seen like an ember on an all black backdrop. This means that while worn, the armor can be seen from much of an area; meaning that the user can not hide once combat has begun and the force draws to them in droves; soon to be absorbed for its re purposed power. 
  • Exposed Flanks -
    • While the armor itself carries a Phrik breastplate, and the pants and straps are alchemized to resist lightsabers, the arms are fully open to strike, and anywhere but the chestplate will lack a serious resistance to anything extreme. This means that a dedicated assault to either flank, arm, wrist, or anything else could very well end a fight before it began.
  • Sonic Annoyance -
    • While the armor offers a plethora of defenses against a number of weapons, it contains no such resistance to sonic weaponry or the like. There are no sonic compensators, nor gel to resist direct assaults from sonic rifles or grenades. This creates a glaring weakness, especially if for any reason the user is suprised by an assault.
  • Weighted Vest -
    • The real 'power' of the armor is to help contain the excessively large reserve of force energy held within its original creator, Maliphant. Its does this by slowly sapping away whatever excessive force energy he has at any given moment, effectively robbing in excess of 80% of his force potential at any given time. The reason for this is three fold;

      First is that the armor is meant to contain the exceptional power reserve Maliphant has, something he has trouble controlling often. 

      Second, to act as a means of a 'weighted vest' often utilized by physical training regimes. Not only will it force Maliphant to utilize what force powers he can muster strategically, but it will help build a strong 'endurance' and control for when he eventually takes the armor off.This harsh mixture of deadening his own sensitivity to the force will serve as a long term engagement, rather than a short one.

      Last is the fact that he understands he has a severe lightsaber weakness, and as such wishes to utilize the armor to force him into conquering at least one lightsaber form before switching to a more traditional armor. Utilizing artifacts like The Skull of Mythos, he has begun to push into more forms like that of Juyo for the sake of being less reliant on the force as a whole.


Created for a very simplistic purpose, that of weakening its user, the ‘Eurydice’ is a lightweight dueling armor meant to enhance Maliphant’s ability in more physical attributes while simultaneously controlling his exceptional prowess in the force, something he has spent years avoiding without the assistance of The Dolos Necklace and Art of The Small. A long term solution, the Eurydice serves as a prison for any excess power Maliphant holds; turning it into a power, with a strong defensive design.


This ‘weighted vest’ training was simple to make, though was quickly upgraded following its predecessors destruction by that of Alexandra Feanor; with the addition of a phrik breastplate and stronger alchemized resistances to force powers. A direct result of a force blast that decimated the prior, nearly killing Maliphant in the process; his only saving grace the sudden release of force power he had been holding onto up until that point. The second addition to the armor was the utilization of the force energy held, allowing it to heal the user like an electric capacitor does a system with less voltage than it needs. This sudden and violent healing is both painful, and efficient in how it is utilized, but will slow if done too much in a single battle.


A limitation is found in that it can not stop someone from dying, and will never put someone back together if they are torn asunder or missing a limb. This restriction is only reasonable, as the artifact has no ability to turn someone into a walking juggernaut, despite its strong dark side foundation; however it does still take cues from that of Darth Sion, helping to turn strong emotions in a greater durability.



08 August 2018 - 11:12 PM





Harper's Respite



A soft breeze blue what hair laid on Maliphant’s shoulder to his back, though it did little to distract him. The soft and constant pressure of the wind, the warmth of the beating sun, even the distant cries of birds in the midst of their mating calls; nothing took from Maliphant what he held so close in those moments. Even as the roar of the waterfall caressed his ears, he never failed to move from his meditation.


It was Harper’s Respite, the beauty that surrounded it even now taking away much of the foreboding nature that was taking root. Only as the dark presence neared his home did he open his eyes, having taken only a single breath in the last several hours of his meditation; enough time to get him ready. He’d have to have every sense accelerated, every measure controlled, for what he brought upon his home was a warrior.


A prophet of war.


Her name was Darth Morrow, someone he didn’t know he once met years prior in another duel. The Sith had challenged her this day for her respect, to bring her into the folds of his growing influence, or suffer a fate worse than death; to be disrespected by another Sith in ritualistic combat. He knew his only choice, to fight until he could move no longer, and he only hoped the other had intended to bring such gruff.


Maliphant sat in the arena outside his home, a place layered in sand with large walls on the outsides to keep any creatures from entering. The observation deck would hopefully remain empty today, he had told his apprentices, Thesh and Nilia Saavilin, to stay inside while he dealt with some ‘business’; he only hoped they listened should he truly lose. It couldn’t be predicted what the Sith would do if they knew of them, either kill or take them from him; setting him back to square one.


Still, he had no intentions of a defeat today; as he had trained himself for weeks in preparation. Morrow may have been twice the warrior he was, once, but today she would find herself an opponent that lacked the raw strength she did, but the capacity for greatness few held. With everything to lose, Maliphant left the armor that grounded and restricted his force powers within his home; choosing instead to take a very light leather article that he had yet to alchemize, though hoped he would soon.


All it was now was a waiting game, for Morrow to show up. She had her directions, she knew what Maliphant had sent, he only hoped she’d be off her game. It wasn’t everyday Maliphant chose to fight the Emperor’s apprentice in an honor duel, but he would be damned if he’d of made an uncalculated risk.





The Jkiti Greatcoat

07 August 2018 - 03:41 AM




  • Manufacturer: Akure Interstellar Solutions (Production) │ Los Muertos (Design)
  • Affiliation: The GenoHaradan
  • Model: The Jkiti Greatcoat
  • Modularity:
    • Size Changes 
    • Aesthetic Changes
  • Production: Limited 
  • Material: 
    • ​Exterior: Alchemized Terentatek Leather
    • Interior: Alchemized Synth-Leather w/ Ballistic Mesh Underlay
    • Metal Features: Quadanium Steel


  • Classification: Alchemized Greatcoat
  • Weight: Average
  • Resistances:

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): High

- Kinetic: Average

- Lightsabers: High

- Force Powers: Extreme 

- TemperatureVery High

SonicVery Low



  • Extremely Resistant to Force Powers
  • Strong Resistance to Lightsabers
  • Strong Resistance to Temperatures
  • Minor Augmentation of Force Powers


  • Stalwart Defense -
    • To meet the needs of The GenoHaradan's agents abroad, each coat is made with a strong foundation in defense against Sith and Jedi alike. Utilizing the renowned quality of Akure, and the more precise works of 'Lost Muertos', the general build quality allows for a number of repeated blows from the likes of Blasters and Kinetic rounds due to the ballistic mesh underlay layered between the outer and inner layers. More importantly, the exterior of the coat is similar in nature to that of force dead creatures when it comes to force abilities that would threaten the wearer, while the coat itself can sustain a number of direct strikes from Lightsabers will little damage. 
  • Mustafar to Hoth -
    • In addition to a strong resistance to combat techniques often utilized by force users, the coat itself is infused with sith magic that allows it to compensate for temperature extremes often found on planets such as Mustafar or Hoth, as an active connection to the user helps create the optimal comfort for any environment, protecting the skin even uncovered from the damage of frostbite or extreme burns; regardless of the source. 


  • Loud Noises -
    • While the coat itself is capable of defending against almost all assaults outright, it suffers an exceptional weakness in that it can not by itself stop sonic weaponry or gadgets, partially due to it simply not covering the ears, and in part because there are no sonic compensators built into its flexible nature. Most will go past the leather, or straight through it, if unable to traverse any other direction.
  • Big Hammers -
    • Blunt weaponry as a whole has a very minor resistance from the device, meaning that anything heavy hit against the coat will not be stopped. This includes fists, hammers, many large kinetic rounds, and anything that is telekinetically thrown from outside the coat's resistance, meaning that there is very little one can use to block these besides simply moving aside or otherwise dodging the incoming projectile, something not always viable when in combat. 
  • Indirect Interference -
    • Force powers that don't directly strike at the coat are not affected by its resistances. That means Mentalism, indirect force manipulation, force enhanced strength, telekinetically thrown objects, anything that targets exposed features such as chest or hands, and more are all not possible to block. While the coat's size is an advantage in coverage, anything affecting the areas outside of this are completely viable for damage in every capacity. 


Born from the mind of the man known de jure as ‘Los Muertos’, the very first designs of the coat were made with a number of features in mind. From temperature control to protection from Jedi and Sith, the coat is the pinnacle of protection from the force sensitive, built from the ground up to counter much of what the Master’s of the Galaxy often choose as their weapons of choice. Few other creations in the galaxy have compared, though a certain love was given to the likes of other Akure leatherwork designs, the exact company utilized in the later creation of the coats on a far larger scale.


Built from the notorious Teretatek and its durable hide, each strip was handpicked and alchemized through teams of well endowed sorcerers for every scenario. Lightsabers found themselves to skim off its durable exterior, while force powers were almost entirely negated when applied following the full sorcery. This imbuement allowed the coats to shrug off some of the strongest force powers known, but only as long as the strikes hit the leather rather than more uncovered areas such as hands or face, or the chest should the coat be open.


The additional ability was added to allow the coat to resist extreme temperatures, even a strong blizzard in the midst of Hoth’s coldest regions. This ability was implemented to help the operational range of the coat, to help allow it to resist areas that would otherwise force the user to remove the coat or wear additional layers, both lightening the load and creating a certain flexibility for the user not often found in heavier environmental protection equipment.


As any coat however, no additional protection was implemented to resist strong assaults from things such as hammers, or any blunt instrument or strikes; meaning someone hit with a power hammer for example would find their bones crunched and muscles bruised heavily. Kinetic rounds might not pierce the leather, but are completely able to crack ribs and bruise muscles like that of a rubber rounds; depending on the power of the assault that is.


Overall, the coat is designed exceptionally well for its purpose, but will never see the true light of day due to its highly exclusive nature to the likes of The GenoHaradan and its agents. Anyone outside of that may seek the coats, but very few will ever come into the hands of anyone but those loyal to the organization; a safety implemented through a number of assassination protocols if an agent goes rogue.

Home on The Range

06 August 2018 - 11:53 PM





The move had taken a week, despite the promises of the crew to bring what little furniture he had over in far less them; but it had finally managed to complete with little in regards for further delays. The estate itself was Maliphant’s personal project, using the wealth he had taken from places like the Shadowport in the Outer Rim Coalition’s Pergitor system to change the entire nature of the facility; mostly bringing it up to date and further altering it to accommodate the new ‘family’ that was to live within.


Various rooms had been set to offer the group everything they desired, with all the room to grow they needed, fitting that of a mansion more than that of the apartment they had just moved from. Between Odona, Thesh, and the newly aquintated Nilia, the facility was somewhat empty besides the small army of droids maintaining the facility in every aspect; even going as far to make the group their meals when so requested.


It was the early morning, the sun rising on the horizon and illuminating the jagged edges of the red rock canyons, reflecting vaguely off Maliphant’s eyes as everything was covered in a soft orange glow. The Sith sipped on his coffee as the wind brushed past him, throwing aside the alabaster ponytail and jostling the sweat pants he wore. Steam rose from his small black cup as he watched a distant deer-like creature leap and bound through the bushes, finding a small escape in that which was nature.


He’d been up most of the night, as dreams and visions kept him awake. His face however, didn’t show his lack of sleep, but he pondered them still, the face of ones such as Irajah Ven or Marcus Itera kept picking up, never forgiving. There was a story to be told within those dreams, but none of them could be made out, only that they were a mystery to him.


A painful one at that.



Nilia SaavilinThesh