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Darth Maliphant

Darth Maliphant

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The Caravaggio Conspiracy

05 October 2018 - 04:57 AM



Cirqa 853 ABY




The room stood with a low, unbecoming light, small candles surrounding the office giving off the bare minimum requirements for Maliphant to be seen, his head buried in his hand. The day’s events had been relatively regular, no discerning point of concern, but what stood on his mind was far more impactful than the day to day routine of signing approval papers and interesting segments for the sake of Bastion and its governmental position. He didn’t regret attaining the position despite its somewhat mundane schedule, but what he did regret was allowing himself to be the target of a conspiracy.


Only a day before, his assistant had come into his office with a cold sweat on her brow, a small hand written letter with her. In today’s day and age, a letter was uncommon, almost unwelcome with how archaic they were, yet the concern on his secretary gave him a small measure as to what it might involve. As it was given to him, he took it, opened it, and read its contents before letting it slip from his fingers; a similar anxiety overwhelming him as the wording began to sink in…


We know who you are. You will not survive this.


Over the previous weeks, Maliphant had spent weeks discussing an unknown past with innumerable individuals. From Darth Vesper opening his eyes first to the raw reality of the situation, to Darth Morrow giving him small hints at the life of a slave he once held, amplified by slowly recurring, more vivid dreams of a life he never knew, with strangers of all sorts he had never met. None of it had made sense, but it was enough to understand the severity of the letter that had been sent to him; someone intended to blackmail the newly appointed governor of Bastion.


With it being the only home he seemed to know, his worries turned to his ‘family’. Nilia Saavilin, Thesh, and the various droids that accompanied his home were all he truly had; all others a sham to fill the idealized nature of a Sith, something he had embodied, but almost regretted in how hard it was to control the nature of its strength. Even now, with a rising tension in his heartbeat, he wanted to destroy the office, send out waves of lightning and embodied assaults of pure emotion; something to externalize what he felt, but he knew how immature, how childish it would appear. Sith respected power, surely, but they respected control more.


As Maliphant slowly lifted his head in the darkness, he awaited the secret envoy he had hired from a local agent on Bastion. A member of the empire who had little in terms of contacts, little in terms of true weight, and someone that Maliphant could not necessarily trust, but someone he could get rid of easily if the situation were to occur. If it were to be demanded of him.


His molten golden gaze fell on the door, waiting for the man who would become his temporary ally to come through.



@Cole Harper


The Unofficial Official Canon Item List

24 September 2018 - 03:02 AM



Alright, since Canon Items are no longer kept up to date by staff, and I for one enjoyed the system in place for such, I've decided to reintroduce the same thing only without the rules and putting the brunt of updating the list on myself. So, in this thread we will actively monitor, control, archive, and keep track of who has what canon items for the sake of cohesion and so we don't end up with 32 different Revan Masks. 


If you have a canon item, or want it it, fill out this section:


Name of Item (include canon link if applicable):

Account Name: (Which one of your characters does this belong to?)

Writer Account: (Please place your Writer account here.)

Link to Factory Submission: 

Brief Description: (Short sentence stating what it is or what it contains)

Any Misc Comments/Related Information on its known whereabouts, or flavor items (Ex: 'Nobody knows X has it'):


With all this said and done, I'll be working with some others to keeping the list going. 

The Darkstaff, Revelation's Trumpet [Resubmission]

24 September 2018 - 12:01 AM



  • Intent:  To follow up with The Slave's pursuit of what was mentioned in not only Bestria's holocrons, but also numerous rumors and leads followed upon over the course of a few months; RESUBMISSION: To make The Darkstaff less of a paperweight, and more viable for general RP.
  • Image SourceHere
  • Canon Link Here
  • Restricted Missions:
    • The Cold Wind Blows, where The Slave meets Velok the Younger in search of his father's staff. In doing so, they come to a deal where Velok will supply him with the remaining shard, and where to find those who can help him create it.
  • Primary Source: Darkstaff

This is a Canon Item



  • ClassificationArtifact
  • Size: Handheld
  • Length 2.1m
  • Width: N/A
  • Height: N/A
  • Weight 3.63kg


  • Sentient
  • Feeds Off The Force
    • Feeds On Force Essence And Force Artifacts
  • Strengthens As It Feeds
  • Lightsaber Resistant
  • Vastly Improves Force Powers
  • Can Alter Physical Reality Around It
  • Creates a Disturbance In The Force


  • The Sin of Gluttony -​
    • ​With an appetite for destruction, and the infinite carnage that comes with it; the Staff is able to consume all that comes in its path. With a favorite meal being the force sensitives and essences of those who wish nothing more than to live their regular lives, there is almost nothing that is not considered the perfect dinner for this abomination of a creation. Most often, entire fields of carcasses are left in its ravenous wake, forever staining her trail in the blood of the innocent and unsuspecting. Over time, this hunger creates a great power in the device; a slow build to an eventual revelation.

      Despite this however, even it must discharge its built up prowess. Because this reincarnation of the original device is not made of all the pieces, it can not hold even close to as much energy as its predecessor, but a notable amount in itself. While still a behemoth, every action it takes takes away from its power, and it has a cap to be set; a cap that while nigh unreachable by the standard practitioner is still nothing unheard of.
  • ​The Ultimate Sith Artifact -
    • Surely, while the beast of a staff lacks what its original progentor held, it pulls from the depths of its origins that of what the reforged Darkstaff held before it. To pull a Star Destroyer from orbit, to make acolytes a master in simple strength, to any iteration of a power the person already knew and understood; all magnified to the Nth degree by the prowess of what is built into the creation. Long gone are its days of transporting entire solar systems into a different era in time, but strong is its ability to dwarf the menial and conventional powers of some of the strongest Sith and Jedi Masters in the galaxy; all at the cost of the user's potential and power. 


  • The Sentience of Man -
    • ​As the morality of man is fickle and thin, so to is the Darkstaff's; as she is Man personified, the sin they have festered for eternity brought to physical manifestation through the dark incantations of the lowest being. With a mind of its own, she too has become fickle and condescending, a malignant energy that feeds on the suffering of those around it, able to choose its master on its very whim. In truth, the staff seeks nothing more than to end the lives of almost anything it comes across, effectively making its user a solemn beast; given only the presence of the dead raised again, and the staff for endless conversation.

      With this, The Staff too comes with the quirks and dangers of even a regular being. With deceit in its nonexistent heart, and a hunger that forces it to feed in an infinite cycle of gluttony, she often allows all those around her to feed into the lies she gives off. Appeasing to the sin in men's hearts, she is the incarnation of the darkest places in humanities heart; a disgusting reflection of what lies in every creation of the force.

      Yet, even the most abhorrent of personalities finds itself weak to a single thing, Love. Although abusive, disgusting, and cruel, the Darkstaff becomes almost obsessive with its owner. Not in the traditional caring sense, but one of survival and manipulation; something it fails to see as any different in truth. Despite this, it still wishes the death of almost all sentient beings around the galaxy, believing itself the true Judge, Jury, and Execution of the Galaxy's filth with little more than the legs to traverse its slums. For the Strong to make the decisions, and the weak to fall to nothing more than slaves; it refuse to respect anything but the most stalwart bearer. 

      And in this, the slow and grueling death of the bearer comes to light. Her all consuming nature begins to corrupt the bearer, destroying their personality and devouring their soul. In short order, they'll soon find what they once loved turned to dust, what made them laugh made little more than singed embers laid waste to in the grand scheme of all that is important. 
  • For The Kind, Find Strength -
    • ​While the weak, the forever desolated of all mortal men's populaces are subject to its will and consumption, those who are able to sacrifice their lives out of the love, the very compassion and goodness that holds itself in all men's hearts, she is unable to dominate. The very presence of the light, the yin to its yang, creates a disgust in its presence. This extends far past its simply feasting as well.

      In truth, the light is the creations greatest weakness; able to cancel nearly all of its prowess when in the presence of equally strong forces. Perhaps a single master could prevent its endless supremacy, but an artifact of the light would negate her strength greatly, even able to silence her very voice. With nothing left but a meager whisper that barely reaches the ears of its wearer, The Staff is forever subjected to a life of avoidance, to hide in the shadows from those that overpower her with nothing more than their very presence and virtuous heart. 

      Those who master the light, can even become immune to the grand incarnation of sin through little more than a strong concentration. With mindset made calm, those who witness its bearer and this malignant flag can ignore her enigmatic calls and forsaken temptations; letting her fall to the wayside as the goodhearted hero lay waste to its empire of darkness. This is her greatest weakness, the final nail in a long overdue coffin that should have been closed and buried eons previous.

      This too applies for the objects of the universe that contrast her darkness in equal strength. Being able to mitigate its darkness, to even outright silencing her in her entirety through the light is achievable if not difficult to achieve; at worst subjected to the likes of Force Light, a power capable of decimating not only its creations and power, but its very body if overpowered.
  • The Cost of Potency
    • ​Perhaps one of the greatest dangers of wielding such powers, is being subject to her fickle nature. While the endless capacity can tempt even the strongest of wielders, even they become nothing more than a leaf floating in the abysmal breeze that she offers; forever a meaningless victim to her random whim. From her gifts, to her horrible torturous punishments.

      When one bearer finds themselves on the bad side of her dangerous edges, they become the victim of her wraith. While this can range from their sudden death, to even a quick imprisonment into the void of space, perhaps the most subtle and painful punishments is the off chance the insane creation simply decides its user is no longer able to use the force. Destroy their connection, and its bearer becomes nothing more than a vessel for the negligence that she is, tasked with being the legs of the god. Nothing more than the nails that hold up the most grand painting to ever grace this side of hell, it would seem.

      With this same train of thought, the user is no more a means to an end for her; and with it comes the need for energy. Utilizing the strength of the broken staff requires the user to amplify their own strength through it, feeding their very essence into its jaws to create a swath of destruction behind them. In truth, while this may be powerful for some time, those who overexert themselves or lay to her outrageous demands can see themselves the same as if they were on her bad side. Forever an empty husk that walks her about, giving up their soul to the devil that straps itself to their back.

      She is no mistress to have, and those who do will find pain forever.
  • The Grandest Presence -
    • When bore to the world, the Darkstaff is too prideful to be hidden away. In its mere presence the very fabric of reality is subject to distortions and changes, a chaotic churn that allows all those in the area to feel her presence. Perhaps a show put on for attention, if not a passive byproduct of its endless reserves, but something so forceful in its dealings that all those in a system wide area could simply tell where its malignant energy originated. To all those who can see, it would be a clear challenge, if not an invitation to bear witness to its decedent incarnation.
  • ​A Limited Reach -
    • As all things with their founding of power in the force, so too is the Darkstaff susceptible to the wicked and fickle ways of the force. Should it not exist, or should the force not appear in an area; then the staff is no more than a paper weight. Stuck within its wretched soul, the turbulent thoughts of an untold demon cry for release only to be met with an abysmal silence; a darkness that never offers more than a quiet disregard for its unholy wishes.


The Darkstaff is by far one of the most potent, abhorrent creations to grace the dark side of the force. In its endless years of corruption, consumption, and endless destruction, it has amassed an almost endless supply of power and metaphysical wealth. Able to know, understand, even create and change the very laws of nature, she is every darkness put into this galaxy in the palm of ones hand; yet even with all this prowess she is only a mere fraction of her original prowess, subjected to the whims of the great heroes of old that sent her latent pieces into black holes and shattered even longer before. 


Yet this is at the end of her story, and she traces back many millennia before any of today's dealings. Made by an unknown father in the farthest reaches of the galaxy, from its very inception it was regret in the minds of those who witnessed it, perhaps being an accident that turned into the greatest abomination to ever traverse the cosmos. Even still, before it was allowed to run, it began with a mere few steps; in this it killed its original creator, subjecting them to the horrors of its first massacre. Now, no longer virgin to murder it lay dormant for years before being found and recovered an unknown amount of owners before ending up with the Sith Empire of old.


When found, it was not utilized, instead considered far too potent and traitorous to ever be considered a viable weapon against their enemies, no matter the promises of power she offered as whispers in the back of their blackened minds. Put into a now ancient space station known simply as the Arcanum, it became a prisoner to the careful scholars who cared for this prison of malignant powers. To be put into isolation, forever lost to the joys of manipulation and communication, it was destined to a life of dormancy from the outside world.


However, when a Sith Lord named Lord Tagriss laid siege to the facility for powers like the staff on the behalf of his horrid masters. Relieving the Darkstaff from its reliquary, Tagriss fled from the station to his master's sanctum, letting the other prisoners and soldiers he brought become a cloud of dissipating live to be used as a means of slowing down his less than cowardly pursuers. Even still, those who chased him eventually found where the abhorrent creation was taken, and inturn raided the sanctum themselves.


Yet, through enigmatic means, the staff disappeared shortly after. Lost to the annals of time, the staff simply lay void in history until it was found by a nameless trader who's name too found a grave in recesses of man's attention. However, although he may not be remembered, his actions became of great renown, as he was the first step in a long series of a run that would end with the life of an entire civilization.


It was her the Staff came into the possession of the species known as the Oblee. Studied by their greatest minds, it became their favored prophet of power, yet the staff itself had something else in mind. In its manipulation, its cruel manifestation created a massive shadow creature that fed off the literal fears the people of the planet held in their hearts. It became their greatest danger, their greatest fear in every waking moment of their miserable lives. With the Staff's presence, it became a danger to their way of life, and in turn the people of Oblis turned to its cancerous advice as the only truth they could understand.


Creating a weapon to destroy the creature from the dark mentions of the abysmal prophet, the Oblis fell to her cruel manipulations. Although some considered its advice to be against their greater interests, those who dissented were outcast and the final nails were planted into the coffin of their culture. Absorbing those fears, those hopes and dreams, the Darkstaff manifested their energy in the most destructive manifestation that it could.


Those who sought the staffs favor were instantly obliterated, made into beings who lurked in the darkness the sinful creation had made. Their planet fared no better, as it too was instantly destroyed in a matter of seconds; yet another result of its immaculate advice. Once more, the Staff was put into hiding amongst the planets rubble; forever to be guarded by the once grand people who trusted its creation wholeheartedly. 


And yet, even this was not to be. Despite the attempts of nearly every owner thus far to hide away its endlessly apocalyptic energy, another would come forth and fall victim once more. A story with no end, forever repeating like the tail of Sinbad the great; sin after sin after sin, the torturous and endless cycle of absolute ignorance. 


Eventually, a man known simply as Darth Rivan became the staff's next owner. Yet, even he quickly began to understand just how torturous the thing could be, and he too chose to destroy it. Though that was his goal, it too failed when the staff let its somewhat master fall into its own black hole creation, transporting him to his grave many years in the future.


Here, it was given to the next series of owners; The Jedi Order. Studied under the safety of its own light sided artifact, many assertions were made in their scholarly pursuits before it was locked away once more under the protection of many of their greatest warriors. Still, despite the precautions taken to keep the creation safe, it was lost once more only to be rediscovered by the greedy nature of criminal dissidents. 


Although much of the history becomes shrouded in mystery, the truth was that the original staff was eventually destroyed by the selfless sacrifice of a nameless hero many years after its rediscovery. For almost a millennia, its darkness would lack a graceful entrance into the galactic plane, allowing once more the galaxy to understand and come to terms with balance and peace. This, their greatest chance at a future, was given to them by a single man who was forgot by all the people they ended up saving.


That is, until its subsequent recreation under the guiding eyes of a man known simply as The Slave, Velok The Younger, and Cerita Sarova, a woman simply known as Cerbera. Under the corrupted and nigh ignorant guidance of the triumvirate that calls forth a near Armageddon, they bring back a staff that was subject to the grave under a number of times. Now, brought back to the forefront of reality, it begins yet another chance at its end goal of power of everything.


Only time will tell how many lives it will take this time. 

Mother Talzin's Grimoire

23 September 2018 - 11:53 PM




  • Name: Mother Talzin's Grimoire
  • Manufacturer: Mother Talzin │ Witches of Dathomir
  • Affiliation: Darth Maliphant
  • Modularity:  N/A

  • Production: Unique
  • Material: 
    • Exterior: Imbued Rancor Leather
    • Interior: Enchanted Bane Back Spider Silk Pages
    • Decorative: Various Small Bones w/ Unknown Metal Decorative Pieces


  • Classification: Grimoire
  • Size:  Large
  • Weight: Heavy


  • Autobiographical Accounts of Mother Talzin's Life
  • First Edition of Wild Power
  • Copies of:
  • Major Historical Records of The Witches of Dathomir & Nightsisters
  • Lessons on Dathomir Magic Philosophy, Spells, Voodoo, and Weapons


  • Nightsister's Knowledge
    • The tome holds within its pages the entirety of an order up until the fall of Mother Talzin, from its various spells taught to its many shamans, to the long standing history of the order of the very matriarchal society that the Witches of Dathomir were. This varied and extensive record of the order comes from one of its most exceptional leaders, that of Mother Talzin herself; who helped unite the order and consolidate what information was available on them.
  • Enchanted Pages 
    • While the book itself is certainly strong in an informational sense, the physical aspects of the Grimoire were enhanced and reinforced using innumerable rituals and efforts to ensure the maintained quality of the tome. With ink that refuses to lift or fade, pages that do not tear, and a cover that is arguably impervious to anything but a lightsaber; it is capable of surviving in the open storms of Dathomir for thousands of years with minimal wear.


  • Enigmatic Form
    • Despite it holding the history of an entire order during one of the short periods of being unified, the Grimoire's words seem to rearrange, alter, and otherwise seem completely unintelligible to those unable to understand what message it holds. This was meant to protect the history of the order; server as a form of 'Gatekeeper' similar to that of Sith Holocrons, it constantly adjusts to give only as much information as it deems right for the reader, and no more.
  • Book Weight
    • Considering how much the tome holds, both in form and intellectual property, it is equally as heavy. The book itself is far larger than more normal books, taking two hands to hold at any given point, and weighing in excess of fifteen kilograms; making it very hard to travel with. It is best suited for a sturdy stand in a well established library somewhere far from prying eyes, and certainly not for the careless hopeful looking to fight with the incantations of an order at their finger tips. 



Prior to the Clone Wars, the Dathomirian female known as Talzin was given a vision from the spirits of her culture and helped bring about the unification of the Nightsister covens after; creating one of the most powerful force sensitive orders in the galaxy, next to that of The Sith and The Jedi; and arguably the most recognizable after the two foremost organizations. This did the Nightsisters as a whole well, as they were led through years of successful power moves before the eventual 'death' of Mother Talzin during the ritual she hoped would make her stronger than both Jedi and Sith combined; instead leading to her dissapearence.


Before this final ritual, Talzin worked diligently to create the Dathomir equvilent of 'The Telos Holocron' or 'The Great Holocron', only now for the likes of Dathomir Magic. Holding in its pages the entirety of their order, the artifact varies on subjects from the entire history of the Order as known from Talzin and the other Nightsister covens, but also the orders various spells, weapons, and philosophical standpoints. These records are kept under enchantment however, in the hopes of maintaining security; very similar to that of Holocrons and Datacrons.


Ritualistically enhanced, the grimoire hides many of its secrets behind a constantly changing ink and often unreadable text. That, combined with its various durability enchantments, help to make the book itself last thousands of years, and give out information only to those it deems worthy; just as so many artifacts before it. This has kept the book very sought after, though few actually know of its existence besides those with historical nods to the order of Witches itself.

PU-96 "Imperius" Class Flight Suit

23 September 2018 - 11:52 PM



  • Intent:  To create a strong pilot uniform for The Sith Empire.
  • Image Source: Here.
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Primary Source: Rebel Flight SuitTie Pilot 


  • Manufacturer: Blackwell Industries
  • Affiliation: The Sith Empire
  • Model: PU-96 "Imperius" Class Flight Suit
  • Modularity: 
    • Various Equipment Loadouts
    • Custom Insignia Based On Squadron
    • Various Aesthetic Changes
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: 
    • ​Interior: Durafiber Skin Layer w/ FiberPlast Outer Layer
    • Exterior: Duralumin Fibers w/ Duraplast Hardpoints
    • Plates: Duraplast Chest Piece w/ Duraplast Helmet
    • Misc: Various Computer Components


  • Classification: Flight Suit
  • Weight: Average │ 14kg
  • Resistances:
    • Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): High
    • Kinetic: Average
    • Lightsabers: Very Low
    • IonHigh



  • Rising Sun -
    • Given all the traditional bits and bobbles of a flight suit, with the additional enhancement of Jaeger Solution and Blackwell Industries ingenuity. These various creative aspects helped to create not only a very valid combat uniform, but one that offers protection and suitability to any pilot in The Sith Empire. From the vacuum of space, to the climates on Mustafar, the suit is capable of surviving nigh any environment so long as the internal life support systems last. 


  • Foo Fighters -
    • The major downside of the armor is that what it does well, is all it does well. It offers no protection for ground operations, and while it can survive a crash landing, there is no guarantee that it will protect against the various elements that seek to capture the high value bounty on a pilot. Only the chest and helmet, the most vital areas, truly have decent protection; everything else relying entirely on the suit's underlay. 


Originally designed by Blackwell Industries, the "Imperius" flight suit is capable of prolonged engagements with or without inbuilt life support systems, with the additional enhancements of various computer engagements to ensure a better flight ability while actively combating enemy forces and should worse come to worse, the ability to defend a downed fighter from semi-overwhelming odds, or survive in inhospitable conditions for some time. 


The armor itself comes with a number of components, from the dedicated combat attachments in the hud that allow an active display of a battlefield in a near 360 degree sight, with optional field of vision adjustments. This allows a constant monitoring of where other fighters appear along with squadron emblems, and callsigns all displayed in real time. Active objectives, active communication channels encrypted through careful manipulation of short range S-Threads, along with a variety of enhancements usually disabled for the sake of ease for the pilot, but automatically activated when pushed into a combat scenario. The suit even has certain adjustments to help the ship automatically adapt to a user's brain patterns, effectively allowing those ships equipped to 'predict' what its user will do, and compensate for it. This is not all however.


While the armor holds a number of active operative sensors and abilities that make it strong in the use of ace pilot scenarios, it in addition finds a moderate amount of defense should the ship ever go down or otherwise begin to fail. Active internal life supports are designed to kick on should the main life support fail, ensuring the pilot has the abilty to fight for a continued 18 hours if need be, or at the very least survive in the vacuum of space until dedicated response teams are able to retrieve them. Internal locking systems allow for the armor to absorb mid air collisions, or fall from orbit with minimal damage and a near 92% effective recovery rate with minimal injuries. This however restricts the user for up to a few hours, designed not to disengage until a 'safety' signal has been activated, though emergency overrides are viable should the need arise.


Coming with drawbacks however, the armor is unable to be used as an active combat armor for the primary concern of its lack of overall protection. Surely the armor can protect against some strikes from the likes of many weapons, though deploying it in large combat situations would see its users broken down relatively easily when faced with more active armors that might protect them to a better degree. Basic survival equipment is packed with the armor for the sake of emergency survival situations, not the outright assault of a compound nor special forces operations; only survival. Anything past this is not guaranteed or backed to work, and the internal flares or SOS signals should be minded instead of combat, whenever possible.