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Jack Anderson

Jack Anderson

Member Since 17 Mar 2017
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In Topic: Faction Owner Transfer Requests

14 April 2019 - 06:56 PM

Faction Name: The Jen'ari Empire
Current Owner: Jack Anderson (Temporary owner under Tefka's appoinment)
New Owner: Kao Xusros
Reason: Do to administrative discipline being taken on previous owner a vote was mandated by Tefka to to determine a new owner to continue the faction.

Vote Thread Here

In Topic: Shadows of Cyron (TJE Dominion of Hex AI-44)

15 March 2019 - 03:17 AM

A medic from the 22nd heard the call and shoved her way over though the flooding of bodies to attend to the Zabrak as her comrades thrust deeper into the citadel and got to work, and dug into her bag o' drugs, not that it was going to help really, and stabbed a needle of painkillers into the dying patient, shutting them up was a good start as the half a female zabrak fell unconscious. Now was the time to work, hands flew as open wounds were cauterised in the usually field method, a piece of durrasteel heated up by blaster fire, next came a blood transfusion, a needle was stuck in the arm that was the least mangled and a tube with a plastic bag full of blood was attached to it, as the patient was going to need at least three bags the medic set the bag on the ground and used her boot force the blood to flow faster.

As she pressed down on the last bag to squeeze it into the somehow still breathing zabrak the medic finally spoke up, "Aye she's gonna live, don' know what yer gonna want with 'er, she really ain't worth the blood I'm puttin' in 'er."

The medic turned to walk away leaving the unconscious zabrak for Darth Malice, though at some point during the exchange the lightsabers they were clutching to for dear life seemed to have been misplaced onto the medic's utility belt, kinda funny how that seemed to happen with most of the weapons from most of the bodies, disappearing into the hands of many of the 22nd.

Rikaelyr Ragnos

In Topic: Shadows of Cyron (TJE Dominion of Hex AI-44)

13 March 2019 - 11:53 PM

Of course compared to the 25 and a half inch mortar shell designed to turn a hardened bunkers into dust and slag the lightning might as well have been just tickling it, though it didn't have much of chance as the the gun took it's sole shot as the dust and ear drum shattering boom subsided, there was another hit this one in the force and physical, Jack knew what this meant, the Emperor had died, though now wasn't the time to deal with that.

Jack screamed an order at his troops. "CHARGE!" 


The 22nd went from a disorganised mob the an organised mob pretty quickly as the rushed into the building with Jack at the head lightsabers swinging and blaster bolts lancing past him putting down Cryon's troops one last hurrah before he expected the empire to crumble if the dark council wasn't able to keep things together. 

Ashara Evanaris Darth Necrin Darth Vyrassu Demitry Draskovits Rikaelyr Ragnos

In Topic: Karking around in the academy

10 March 2019 - 11:17 PM

Jack reached out with the force and ripped the garbage can from it's position and flung it across the room so that he had a clean shot at Mike. "Aye, you an' the trail a bodies I left behind, said that, that's i wear a codpiece laser brains." Jack knew most of the galaxy's dirty tricks he wasn't going to leave himself open to on of the oldest tricks.

He launched himself at Mike again, slashing and kicking and punching and spitting just about anyway he could get his opponent to flinch and leave him an opening to stick a blade though and end this fight, though Jack was a man of endurance, so if this fight dragged on he was confidant in his ability to outlast Mike.


Mike V'Trechen

In Topic: Shadows of Cyron (TJE Dominion of Hex AI-44)

10 March 2019 - 11:01 PM

With the siege right on the doors to the citadel the forces were getting worn down, making it an ideal time to bring in reinforcements, fresh troops to storm the ramparts was a good idea, and though not on cue several transports dropped out of hyperspace in low orbit and began to disgorge drop ships to the surface, Jack of course, was the first one on the ground of his troops, the 22nd Antarin Besiegers were good for both maintaining a siege, breaking one, or being the breakthrough.

Jack spoke up as the gunship flew off and what appeared to be rowdy and undisciplined troops took a formation behind a Siege Breaker Howitzer that was being set up and pointed at the door. "I say we knock an' let are selves in."

He then signalled for a shell to be loaded and fired.


Ashara Evanaris Darth NecrinDarth Vyrassu  Demitry Draskovits