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In Topic: Push the Limits

13 October 2018 - 11:05 PM

"I have heard a great many things in my time, Mister Vaun, I highly doubt there is anything you can say that will sway me one direction or the other. It also has nothing to do with hiding how you feel, but with what you wanted to say. You do not need to tell me if you would rather keep it to yourself."

Though she spoke with a sense of certainty, there was also a bit of dismissal at points. While he might be able to pick up she really did want to know, he should also see the choice really was his. 


"The past brought me here. You see this location has a great deal of meaning to me. It started me down a path that I thought I had gotten past. However, the past seems to keep coming back and haunting me."

Running her hand along the wall behind her in a way that traced the runes Lykos had done those years ago, she didn't even realize she was doing it. Chuckling a little, she finished the motion her hand had started and nodded at him slightly.


"Yes, I am physically blind. The Force has gifted me with a sight greater than what a person can normally see with. Allows me to see what emotions people want to keep hidden."


Mereel Vaun

In Topic: Perserverance

12 October 2018 - 10:32 PM

Tilting her head to listen to what Yuroic said about his goals, she felt his want to grow. When it had been her time to become a master, she felt she had gone through enough trials in her life to be thought of as one. Boy had she been wrong. Life was good for a while...until the Alliance fell. Then things had really turned sour for Jairdain. She was really interested in what he planned and he might see this in her.


"What do you think your next step shall be?"

Letting out a mental groan when he ordered water, it was all she was going to get while he was near. She was in such a poor state of mind she was unable to pick up on his caring of her. 


"Water is meant for fish to drink."


He then went to dispute her feeling of not belonging and understood a little better. His offer to help her meet new people and interest in helping her made her feel wanted by him. What he said next though pretty much dashed her hopes down again. When they had been a couple, they may not have been together all the time, but their time together had meant the world to her. It was something she missed and needed. Her own memory was clear while his was empty of it all. With his indication he was better off alone really hurt her. Maybe in time her faulty work done on him before might fail and his memory would return. If that happened, she just hoped he wasn't going to hate her for what she did at his request.


"I did not actually know that, Yuroic. At least the current Order does not forbid relationships. You might think you do better alone, but I think you just don't know how good a relationship can be."

Shutting her mouth or she might reveal too much, she took a drink of the water when it was set down next to her.


Yuroic Xeraic

In Topic: Girl Talk (Jairdain)

12 October 2018 - 12:33 PM

"You and I are quite similar then, Asajj and you are just as strong as I am."


There were times even now when Jairdain could project something stronger than how she really felt. So while she was on the verge of a breakdown of her own, she needed to be strong for this other woman. And she was.


"Look at me. Take the Force away and I'm helpless...a simple, blind human. I was caught, more than once and broken by your father after a great amount of time. I don't want it again either. It might seem like I am strong, but even I have weaknesses. We all do. I will do my best though to make you stronger where I can."

Pointing at her head, she indicated her mental fortitude.


Asajj Novar

In Topic: No Life Ever Goes Forever Unbroken

12 October 2018 - 11:51 AM

Jairdain finished off her drink and kept a hold of her glass. There was a reason for it and it would soon become clear why. She listened to what Silfe said about her knowledge of the Codes and nodded. When she asked if there a reason for her being questioned, Jairdain nodded. However, she could also tell there was still a cloud of doubt hanging around her friend and she thought on what it might be caused by.


Holding the now empty glass out to Silfe, she indicated for her to take it.


"Try to break it again. They were supposed to be unbreakable, yet you broke the one. First one of the collection for that to happen to. Now I'm not worried about that and hopefully your cuts are fine now. But there is a reason for my questioning and asking you to try and break that."


There was a skill she thought Silfe manifested a few moments ago without even knowing it. It was called shatterpoint and picked up on the weak points in pretty much anything. The user could then target those weaknesses and get through. She thought that is what Silfe did when she broke the glass.


Not yet able to pinpoint what was bothering Silfe, she would not be able to address that issue and have to wait until it was given voice.


Silfe Sosuri

In Topic: Across the Trees

08 October 2018 - 12:33 AM

As they walked, she pointed out a few of the various areas or at least gave him the directions on how to get there. She decided to lead him to the training area. A location where classes would be held that were open for everybody to come and go as they wished. Maybe at some point, she would hold another such a class and pass on more of her knowledge. 


Hearing one of the ongoing classes, she listened to what was being said with half an ear and the rest of her attention was on Thel. Picking up on his curiosity, she actually stopped and nodded at his question.


"Of course, these classes are open to anybody that wishes to watch or join in."

Making a small motion, she would remain at the rear if he wanted to go closer. Wearing a little smile as if to reassure him, she wondered what else was going to happen. Her own training in saber forms was pretty limited and it actually rarely left her belt. Jairdain was not a fighter and preferred to provide support. However, general knowledge would be nice to have.


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