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In Topic: All For One

Yesterday, 06:12 PM

This was not the first time Jairdain had been invited to Veradune. Maybe some day she would be able to have the location saved in her ship, but for now she followed the customs Vulps had set up.


Things right now were not good for her though. A party was one of the last things she wanted to attend. Even if it was going to be something casual. However, duty made her feel like she needed to at least appear and try to have an enjoyable time.


So the master arrived and promptly went and did something she had never done before and that was pick up a drink. Not even bothering to say hello to people as she passed by them. In fact the only person she actually knew so far was Vulps himself. The presence of a child was noted and Jairdain smiled slightly as she walked past them. Someday maybe she would have her own.


And that thought brought her back to reality and the reason she got the drink. Her missing fiancée, memory loss which she had a part in with her former lover and the almost cold blooded murder of that shard of Lykos was tearing her apart. Maybe this party was just what the woman needed.


Taking that drink plus another, she sat down in a corner and started in.

In Topic: Silver Leaf

12 August 2018 - 09:18 PM

There was a reason Jairdain had asked him what she did. She needed to know exactly what Yuroic wanted to taken away from him. As he continued on into what he wanted her to put in its place made her feel torn. She would do what she could for him though. What she dreaded was him not knowing who she was. With his request, he would have no memory of what they had been. Their love would never have happened, but maybe it was one of the things that brought him into the situation he was in now.


Jairdain suddenly felt very guilty of initiating the break up that had happened between them. Deciding on something though, she could not fully erase his memory of her. However, she could alter it. He said he wanted to have been brought up Jedi with a fake master who was passed. Not anybody that had ever been real. These details though could be researched and learned though. Records had been kept of the various masters and if a fake one was given to him, he could learn of her altering.


Very slowly and with great care, Jairdain would attempt to cleanse his body of the poison. The addiction it had to the spice and remove the chemicals from his blood. When she had been poisoned with Sith poison, Jessica had cleansed her. She did the same for him. If it worked like it was supposed to, all traces of spice would be gone.


An addiction was also partially a mental issue. So the first step she took in playing with his mind was make him forget he even had it.


"I need your help, Yuroic. Think of everything you want to forget. I'm sorry to make you do this."

Yuroic Xeraic

In Topic: Ready For This

12 August 2018 - 08:39 PM

She was listening to a small device that was speaking to her on how to pilot a ship. Most of the directions were address for somebody with vision and it irritated her slightly. That was why she had requested to meet with Kalic. Hearing his approach, Jairdain turned the device off and listened to him as he introduced himself and his droid companion.


"Yes I am Jairdain. Thank you for coming and pleased to meet the two of you."


Shaking his extended hand, she turned and indicated the different ships.


"I am not sure which was best to learn on, so I figured I would give you the choice."

​What clothes he wore were lost on her, but she wore something comfortable and fitting for her position. Pants, not a skirt or dress and a white shirt. Her cloak she had for many years and would not part with it. It was brown with some green fabrics stitched in.


Kalic Daws

In Topic: Old Habits

12 August 2018 - 01:57 AM

What vision he was granted was for him to know. If he wanted to, he could speak to an interpreter if the meaning wasn't clear to him. However, as a Mystic, in the eyes of the Voss he was correct no matter what.


His eyes opened and he stood up to face Jairdain. She could feel the excitement within him and he admitted it was strange, but enlightening.


The two of them it seemed were both allies and enemies at the same time. Depending on the situation around their meeting. 


"There is one more thing I can gift to you. Do you remember that crystal in the hall? The one you could not get to? It is open to you now."


In a way accessing that crystal was one of the final things granted to somebody that had just gone through the trials. It would invigorate the person and give them a benefit they hadn't had before.


Adrian Vandiir

In Topic: The Construction of a Lightsaber

11 August 2018 - 10:04 PM

The woman couldn't help but have a bit of a smile and chuckle at what Harris said about not being aware of a trial before gaining his crystal. After a brief silence, he did ask what kind of test he would face and Jairdain really had to think on how to answer it.


"You're going to be facing this alone as the test is meant for you. Any time you come to Ilum, a new test will manifest. It is different for each person and each time. Myself, I've done this twice for myself and I have come here with others to assist them. However, the testing is done by yourself and I can't help with it."


Both tests she had faced would have proved fatal if she failed them.


Regent William Harris I