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#1871349 Push the Limits

Posted by Jairdain on 13 October 2018 - 11:05 PM

"I have heard a great many things in my time, Mister Vaun, I highly doubt there is anything you can say that will sway me one direction or the other. It also has nothing to do with hiding how you feel, but with what you wanted to say. You do not need to tell me if you would rather keep it to yourself."

Though she spoke with a sense of certainty, there was also a bit of dismissal at points. While he might be able to pick up she really did want to know, he should also see the choice really was his. 


"The past brought me here. You see this location has a great deal of meaning to me. It started me down a path that I thought I had gotten past. However, the past seems to keep coming back and haunting me."

Running her hand along the wall behind her in a way that traced the runes Lykos had done those years ago, she didn't even realize she was doing it. Chuckling a little, she finished the motion her hand had started and nodded at him slightly.


"Yes, I am physically blind. The Force has gifted me with a sight greater than what a person can normally see with. Allows me to see what emotions people want to keep hidden."


Mereel Vaun

#1869163 Across the Trees

Posted by Jairdain on 08 October 2018 - 12:33 AM

As they walked, she pointed out a few of the various areas or at least gave him the directions on how to get there. She decided to lead him to the training area. A location where classes would be held that were open for everybody to come and go as they wished. Maybe at some point, she would hold another such a class and pass on more of her knowledge. 


Hearing one of the ongoing classes, she listened to what was being said with half an ear and the rest of her attention was on Thel. Picking up on his curiosity, she actually stopped and nodded at his question.


"Of course, these classes are open to anybody that wishes to watch or join in."

Making a small motion, she would remain at the rear if he wanted to go closer. Wearing a little smile as if to reassure him, she wondered what else was going to happen. Her own training in saber forms was pretty limited and it actually rarely left her belt. Jairdain was not a fighter and preferred to provide support. However, general knowledge would be nice to have.


Thel Antares Allyson Locke Finley Dawson

#1868379 Push the Limits

Posted by Jairdain on 05 October 2018 - 09:08 PM

She could of course pick up on the embarrassment he felt, but didn't press that much further. 


"It's been said there's a reason people like to be able hide what they feel. I never could figure out why. So I see below the exterior and know what people wish to keep secret about what they feel. That's not something that can be kept hidden from me easily. Now you say it's better some things are left unsaid. I trust you there, but whatever it is, I can handle it."


Giving no reaction at all to his hand movements, she then considered pushing him and changed her mind. If he wanted to tell her, he would. Thankful Mereel did not press his own questioning of her any further, the line was probably better left alone.


"What do you think I can teach you exactly?"


This wasn't what Jairdain had in mind when she made her suggestion, but would go along with it.


Mereel Vaun

#1867853 Girl Talk (Jairdain)

Posted by Jairdain on 03 October 2018 - 09:46 PM

It was good Asajj didn't think she would hurt her and the statement was met with a small smile. Taking in more of her food, Jairdain listened to the question asked and pointed her fork at the girl.


"What makes you think you are not already strong?"


Asajj Novar

#1867847 Across the Trees

Posted by Jairdain on 03 October 2018 - 09:28 PM

Very much like when Jairdain had been waiting for Harris to return, she did the same for Thel. Luckily nobody questioned why a strange, blind woman was standing around. Maybe some people at least knew of her, but it had been a bit of time since she was a familiar face here.


As she thought about it, this was only the third time she had been to Kashyyyk. The two previous times had been under unfortunate situations, this one was different and would hopefully remain that way. Her aura and attitude fit in well here, but she was still different. 


Leaning against the wall as she waited, when Thel returned, she stood back up. She nodded when he said he wanted to something other than settling in, Jairdain motioned to the planet around them. Giving him a little smile, her arms lowered back to her sides.


"Most certainly. It would probably be best to get you familiar with where everything is."

Once again, Jairdain took the lead and started to walk to one of the other areas.


Thel Antares Finley Dawson

#1866629 Girl Talk (Jairdain)

Posted by Jairdain on 30 September 2018 - 04:53 PM

Just because Jairdain had the ability to do what Asajj feared it was not something she would do. There were no signs to indicate this and it worried her that Asajj thought she would after she even said it. 


"It is a scary thought, luckily I am not prone to doing such things and even when I was sith...I never truly fit."

Focusing on eating, the silence had changed and it had been her words that brought them to it. If she could have made eye contact with Asajj she would have.


"I'm not going to hurt you, Asajj. Promise. Words alone may not be able to say that, but I'm sorry."

Asajj Novar

#1866219 Girl Talk (Jairdain)

Posted by Jairdain on 29 September 2018 - 02:05 PM

"Everybody should know how to cook something. Tell you what. Come here when you can after today and I'll teach you how to cook. Mostly simple things mind you because well, I'm blind. If I don't know where something is...or what it is...things can get rather interesting."


As if Jairdain could sense the questions rattling around in the mind of Asajj, she did not press on them though. 


"If somebody had extended this hand to me at another time, I would very likely be a different person than I am now. Maybe I would have been one of those that tortured you. Though I can hardly imagine myself like that."

Asajj Novar

#1866110 Push the Limits

Posted by Jairdain on 29 September 2018 - 01:57 AM

Her focus in the Force became centered on him far more deeply than before as he realized his slip wasn't missed. Since she saw through the Force and picked up on the emotions of others, Jairdain knew he was lying. Even though she was blind, there were some facial expressions that were universal to humans. Now was one of those times and she gave him a very flat look that indicated she saw through his attempted deception.


"You're trying to fool the adviser to royalty. Do you think it that easy to fool one? Before you try that again, I suggest practicing."


Giving him half a smile at his attempt to also turn the conversation back to her, she just shook her head a little. Folding her hands in front of her, her focus did not falter from Mereel, but there was not any anger in her. 


"What I came here for is in the past and won't do you any good in knowing about it. Would probably give you nightmares. My gods know it did me."

As much of an answer he was going to get until he came clean on what he was going to say. Her words were also true, but did not reveal the whole truth.


"Hey we're at a library. Even if it is a rather dark one. Let's go learn something. I mean if a day goes by and you don't learning something, then it is a day lost."

Mereel Vaun

#1866009 Girl Talk (Jairdain)

Posted by Jairdain on 28 September 2018 - 07:14 PM

A small nod greeted the single word Asajj said to her question. While the healing Jairdain offered right now wasn't active, it was far more subtle. Here the girl could take the she needed. For her physical and mental recovery. Another thing she offered was acceptance. Asajj wasn't going to be turned away, ridiculed or anything negative while in the presence of Jairdain. Hopefully she had figured that out by now.


The prospect of dinner drew the girl in and her natural exclamation that it was good made Jairdain smile.


"Colors in there mean little to me, but the chunky, chewy things are potatoes. The little sliced things are onions. Cylinder looking things are carrots and the meat is reek. The broth is reek broth, but there shouldn't be much of that and more like gravy."

Asajj Novar 

#1865624 Across the Trees

Posted by Jairdain on 27 September 2018 - 06:30 PM

The life around them filled her senses and Jairdain had to stop and take a breath. She felt the Force around them and smiled. Kashyyyk she never felt she could call home, but maybe in time she could find a place here. There really was no role designated for her within the Silver's. One reason she had gone to Commenor and then the Fel when she and the Prince she advised separated. It seemed though she was bound to return to the arms of the Jedi though and here she was once again. 


Thel might send the change in her. A sense of being touch with nature on a level very few people had. Around her projected that aura of calm and tranquility, even if this wasn't a home to her, she was comfortable.


Turning in his direction slightly when he answered, she nodded.


"Of course. I feel getting your room settled should come first. Follow me and we'll get your stuff away."

Not taking him by the hand, but allowing him to follow her she would point out some of the other areas on the way. Eventually she lead them to where she thought the rooms were. At least it was near to where her room was when she stayed on Kashyyyk.


Most of them were simple. With the needs of a room. Bed, refresher, desk and places to sit. Some had a little more to them, but not much. 


Thel Antares

#1865586 Girl Talk (Jairdain)

Posted by Jairdain on 27 September 2018 - 04:11 PM

If Asajj looked at her physically there would be nothing apparent to her. Jairdain's pain was all in her head, but unseen. As the two of them might get to know each other, then that pain would be more obvious in her eyes. A hollow look and maybe haunted. Nothing on the surface to be seen. Quite the opposite of Asajj and her wounds were on both levels. 


"If you want, I can help a little with the pain or recovery. More than just a place to stay, but it's up to you. Some people feel they need to feel the pain and heal to learn something. I think you've learned enough to last a lifetime though."


Smiling as she dished out the food for them, she brought the plates over to the table and set them down. 


"I do."

Asajj Novar

#1865256 Push the Limits

Posted by Jairdain on 26 September 2018 - 11:55 PM

Even though Jairdain was not a broken woman any longer, the recent past still left a mark on her. She had also mostly evaded giving him the reason for her being here. That would soon change enough though. Not deceptive by nature, she could alter attention away from herself, but sometimes that didn't work.


"I really had very little connection to those of the Alliance. Commenor has been my life for a few years now. Their fall has seriously caused me more upset than the other. The Prince is alive, I feel it."

Raising a hand above her heart to indicate something, there was no doubt about it in her tone. Lowering that hand, it was clear she could tell he had altered what he was going to say before changing his mind.


"What were you going to say?"

Not answering his question yet, she wasn't about to give up her secret for coming. He would probably think her a fool if she even mentioned it.


Mereel Vaun

#1864961 Girl Talk (Jairdain)

Posted by Jairdain on 26 September 2018 - 01:22 PM

"No you don't, but you have the time needed to recover. There is a difference, Asajj and I don't think that is something you yet know."

Probably was never given the chance in the past either. Here it would be given to her if Jairdain had anything to say about it. 


"A change of pace is always nice. I don't think I will be staying here too much longer myself. Time will tell I suppose. Life carries on outside these walls and it is passing me by while I wallow in my own pain."

Letting out a little growl of personal annoyance for even saying anything, she turned her attention back to the dinner.


"Come on in and have a seat. Dinner is done."

Asajj Novar

#1864762 Girl Talk (Jairdain)

Posted by Jairdain on 25 September 2018 - 08:37 PM

Giving Asajj a smile in answer to her question, she motioned to her eyes in a way and shrugged her shoulders slightly.


"Time passage means very little to me actually. I just follow my body's schedule more or less and what others do. It's not that hard. Maybe something you should as your body repairs itself."

Indicating the kitchen she just came from, she turned back around to finish the dinner.

"Make yourself comfortable and you can stay here as long as you need."

Asajj Novar

#1864439 Across the Trees

Posted by Jairdain on 25 September 2018 - 12:59 AM

Kashyyyk the still new to Jairdain capitol of the Silver Jedi. She had spent very little time here with her duties taking her off world so much. Yet she returned from time to time for various reasons. This time she brought with her a padawan she had met and picked up on Ilum. Offering to bring here, they stepped off the shuttle and onto the planet.


"Would you like to find a place to stay before looking around, Thel?"

It was something she would have done in his place. Find where to sleep and then worry about what else there was around. Luckily she had been here a few times and knew where things were. If Thel wanted, she could show him around and get him settled in.


Looking in his direction with a friendly smile, she waited on his answer. There was a true confidence in how she carried herself and it showed clearly to him.


Thel Antares