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#1843839 Old Habits

Posted by Jairdain on 12 August 2018 - 01:57 AM

What vision he was granted was for him to know. If he wanted to, he could speak to an interpreter if the meaning wasn't clear to him. However, as a Mystic, in the eyes of the Voss he was correct no matter what.


His eyes opened and he stood up to face Jairdain. She could feel the excitement within him and he admitted it was strange, but enlightening.


The two of them it seemed were both allies and enemies at the same time. Depending on the situation around their meeting. 


"There is one more thing I can gift to you. Do you remember that crystal in the hall? The one you could not get to? It is open to you now."


In a way accessing that crystal was one of the final things granted to somebody that had just gone through the trials. It would invigorate the person and give them a benefit they hadn't had before.


Adrian Vandiir

#1843646 Ready For This

Posted by Jairdain on 11 August 2018 - 06:45 PM

The Grand Master of the Imperial Knights of the Fel Empire was a very poor pilot. While it was never something Jairdain had given much thought on learning about, the Force spoke to her and suddenly felt the need to learn. Since she was blind, she needed to be taught by somebody that could understand what it was like. So going through the roster of people within the Empire, she found somebody she thought would be perfect.


Sending out a request for Kalic Daws to meet her, she now waited for him to show up.


There was a selection of ships that were able to carry two people. Little more than fighters really, but ideal what Jairdain wanted to accomplish. Being without sight, starmaps, writing and holographs were lost on her. She had been granted real vision a few times in her life and much preferred her own sight. It gave her a far better understanding of people.


Now knowing what to expect from Kalic, she hoped he was going to be patient with her.


Kalic Daws

#1842535 A Place In Nature

Posted by Jairdain on 09 August 2018 - 01:47 PM

Myrel walked at the side of Jairdain as she moved between the students that were at the class. Noticing Lan-Dai had not actually joined the class proper, she motioned to the handler of the Akk Dogs present to bring one of them over. Letting go of the leash of Myrel, she took the one from the handler with a nod of thanks. The only sign she couldn't see the leash was that it took her more than one try to catch a hold of it.


She approached Lan-Dai and handed the leash to him.


"This is Shaknaw and if you will have him for the lesson, he will be your partner. I am Jairdain and the class today is about learning how to hide your Force Presence in two different manners. One of the is Art of the Small and the other Quey'Tek Meditation. We don't bite. Come and join us."

The choice would be his​ if he joined the other students and she continued her walk. When she reached Reggie, she gave him a hug and stepped back with a large smile on her face.


"It has been a long time we met, Reggie, how are you? Not at all. If you want, go pick one of the Akk Dogs to be your companion today."

There had not been any further questions asked, so she would then explain further what each skill did. It would provide details for the new people and give the others more information to work with.


Ronin Wendigo Sky'ito Yumi Reggie Faayare Lan-Dai Navras Jessica Med-Beq Elizabeth Skywalker Drystan Marakos

#1842489 Breath of the Desert

Posted by Jairdain on 09 August 2018 - 12:18 PM

She gave herself a mental curse at not taking all precautions when it came to her going into stealth. It was something she would normally have done, but assumed she was against a human. It was a mistake Jairdain would not repeat against this sith.


His Force yell hit her, but she remained in place. Waving a hand in front of her face, she pointed a finger at him after a moment and brought her saber up to block his slash.


"You really should brush your teeth more often. Your breath is horrible."

It was clear he had done some research into her after their meeting but lacked many details. He leveled at her that she was some sort of traitor and she shook her head.


"I am myself. Not Jedi or Sith. Maybe I am a traitor as you put it and trust is a rare resource these days."

Their blades were locked​ and she held off his physical attack. Not yet calling on any real strong Force ability, she would attempt to give him a Force Push away from her. No further attack would come from her until he made his next move. However, the Force was open to Jairdain and she would be ready for whatever he planned.


Darth Scuros

#1842248 Breath of the Desert

Posted by Jairdain on 09 August 2018 - 12:33 AM

The sound of lightning and thunder outside on a desert world was certainly out of place. This wasn't a natural storm she had been feeling, but the arrival and approach the sith she had held off on Commenor...how had he found her? Something that needed to be answered.


Listening to his words, she smiled slightly and picked up her own lightsaber. She didn't plan on running from him this time. Only time she would do that was if she knew she was going to die. So much she still had to accomplish and life in front of her.


Little did this Darth Scuros know was that Jairdain was trained in the ways of being an assassin. Done at the hands of a now dead sith lord. Using the Force, she opened the door of her house. Focusing on herself, she faded from physical view and through the Force. He shouldn't be able to see her. However, she held no fear of him.


Darth Scuros

#1842112 Breath of the Desert

Posted by Jairdain on 08 August 2018 - 07:40 PM

The Master could sense a great many things and now she sensed an incoming storm. Closing the windows of her home, Jairdain hoped the storm wasn't going to be causing much damage to her new property here.


If it was destroyed, this would make it at least the fifth time and she did not relish the thought of rebuilding it again. If she had sight, she would have been able to see there was not a storm of nature coming, but of man.


Darth Scuros was that storm and he was heading in her direction. Taking the last action of closing her door, Jairdain slid the lock into place and now waited for the storm to pass over.


#1842028 Breath of the Desert

Posted by Jairdain on 08 August 2018 - 03:49 PM

She had thought she left Iridonia far behind her. The memories of her life here in the past, the things that tied her here were dead and gone. Jairdain had seen her home destroyed and left it in ruins. As gone to her as her the past she wanted with it. However, things drew her to return.


Here only a few things changed from year to year and it wasn't the people. The people that knew her were still present and she went to visit them. Making sure they would be able to assist in rebuilding her old home, they walked out into the desert. A place would be provided for her for the time it took, but soon enough her old home was rebuilt and ready to be lived in.


Iridonia was now a location for her to hide out on. The Sith Empire had taken Commenor from her. So into hiding she went.


Darth Scuros

#1841990 The Siege of Commenor [TSE/CSA]

Posted by Jairdain on 08 August 2018 - 02:46 PM

Location: Mariner IV

Allies: CSA, their allies and Marina DeVoe

Enemies: None

Objective: Escape


Once both of them were securely on Marina's ship, Jairdain would follow the woman captain to the bridge of her ship. It might be felt by the refugees on board, but there was a calming feeling and sensation coming off of the Master. It had been many years since she had accepted the mark of a sith on her, but when she had done that, whenever she called upon him, this calming feeling came off her. Soeht


The stress of the situation was still present, but the calming quieted the children and relaxed the elders. Jairdain maintained this calmness herself as they walked through the ship. She was glad she had followed her intuition in telling these people to board the ship. It rarely lead her wrong and now she stood on the bridge with Marina.


"I held him off long enough to gets these people aboard your ship. Thank you for arriving when you did. Not sure they would have escaped if you hadn't."

When a name was given, ​Jairdain nodded and held a hand out to return the shake offered. Her other she placed over her heart slightly.


"Jairdain Ismet."


No other information was provided as to who she was or what she meant to Commenor.

#1841623 The Siege of Commenor [TSE/CSA]

Posted by Jairdain on 07 August 2018 - 10:17 PM

Location: Chasin City

Allies: CSA, their allies and Marina DeVoe

Enemies: TSE, their allies and Darth Scuros

Objective: Distract Scuros and then hoof it


The master had a far deeper connection to the Force than the last time she had been in battle. A woman that walked the path between light and dark, she had a balance most people lacked. She was not one that was afraid to use either side of the Force and Scuros might feel that within her.


This storm was not a natural one, but built off the living Force. She controlled it easily and lifted her saber hilt. Still not igniting it, Jairdain pointed a finger at him. As if her saber was a lightning rod, it was struck and her focus sent the blast heading at him. There shouldn't be any further need for her to block his vicious attacks because if the lightning connected, he would be shot away from her.


If the lightning struck like planned, then she would use the moments given to her to dash away and jump into the landing ramp of Marina's ship before it took off. A silent mental message would be heard by the sith though.


I am Jairdain Ismet and we will meet again sith. Looking forward to that day...young one.​

#1841363 A Place In Nature

Posted by Jairdain on 07 August 2018 - 12:43 PM

As she pet Myrel, she listened to the comments and questions around her. Looking in the direction of Drystan, it would be clear to those that hadn't met her before that Jairdain was blind. Her focus though was felt and she considered the question and how to answer it before speaking.


"Since illusion is lost on me, I would say they are tied together by you. By learning on your own the ability to hide, you also incorporated the illusionary aspect yourself. It's not something that goes with these skills normally. So there's a good chance you could hone your ability to cause illusions and use it separately from either Art of the Small or Quey-Tek Meditation.


It is quite possible you already know these skills and have learned them naturally in your own manner."


More questions happened along with Jessica explaining how else she used Art of the Small. If any of these students wanted to learn additional skills from Jessica, they could speak to her about them after class. Listening to what Sky'ito asked she shook her head.


"There are various and different used for Quey'Tek. The most prevalent though is masking your ability to use the Force, however it also blocks out emotions at the same time. In my opinion, stealth has a larger use, but Quey'Tek is much more skill based. It needs a stronger focus to accomplish fully. Probably why it includes meditation in the name. To answer the other question though, there are other skills to use to project a false alignment, however, they aren't part of the lesson today. Perhaps something to be considered for another training class." 


Humor was an important part of teaching and she allowed a small portion of it to show as she spoke.


It was nice to know Ronin and Elizabeth had picked up their Akk Dogs for the day. Pointing to the one with Elizabeth, she provided his name and then one for her brother's.


"The one by you is Zorobos and Ronin yours is Sriala."


Walking along the present students, Jairdain sense they were being watched by an outside party. She might have been physically blind, but she saw with the use of the Force naturally. Looking in the direction of Lan-Dai, she felt he did not mean any harm and motioned for him to join them.


"Welcome, I am Jairdain. Please join us."


Lan-Dai Navras Ronin Wendigo Elizabeth Skywalker Sky'ito Yumi Jessica Med-Beq Drystan_Marakos Jarael Belaerys

#1841338 Old Habits

Posted by Jairdain on 07 August 2018 - 11:55 AM

The choice he made brought about a sense of acceptance from the observing Mystics. By him taking in and not rejecting his past, Adrian passed the test. What he did though interested them. When attempted to force his will on the entity, it did succeed. However, it would not be bound to him. In defeating it, the thing faded away into nothing and just disappeared.


In its wake, Adrian would certainly feel alone. There was hope though, the trial was almost complete. Almost like a trail of breadcrumbs, there was a lighted doorway in front of him. The golden hue now something familiar to him.


As he walked through, there might be a sense of loss felt by him. An unknown weight that had been holding him back was lifted and now he could see like a Mystic did. The Force spoke to him differently, neutrally and it was all natural. If he continued to hone this new skill of prophecy within him, he would truly become a Voss Mystic even though he was an outsider like Jairdain. The knowledge he sought was now open to him.


She was waiting for him on the other side. Not a facsimile of Jairdain, but really her. No golden aura was on her and if he reached out to touch her, she was solid.


"Follow me please, Mystic Adrian."

Not waiting for him to reply, she only took a few steps and stood next to a tablet. Motioning for him to kneel in front of it, she waited.


"Here you will be granted your first vision as a Mystic. Take the time you need and I will be here when you are done."


Adrian Vandiir

#1841312 The Dance

Posted by Jairdain on 07 August 2018 - 10:47 AM

There were many things Jairdain had kept hidden from the general population. Rex could not have known much about her. She was the advisor to the Crown Prince and his consort. It was also known she was a Silver Jedi, but she did not follow their code. Jairdain followed the code of her people and that was enough for her. What Rex could not have known was that Jairdain had once been captive of the Sith and for a time had been one among their number. Those chains had been broken by her and she would never return to them.


"You ask if I would do something hypothetically. Let me show you..."

​She was a mentalist and used those skills relating to it very well. This was not an attack however. Well, maybe in a way it was, but not a harmful one. Reaching out with the Force and with her thoughts on how to answer his question, Rex would be assault with her past. A past she had kept between herself, those that had been present and a few she had talked with after the events happened. (Ask for details if you want them.)


He then attempted to lay blame at her feet for the death of some people around them and she shook her head.


"When did I attempt to stop you from leaving? You caused this, not me. As for an answer to your question, I am not either of them. I am Jairdain Ismet and follow the path of my people."


Two golems were summoned by him. One of flame and the other of earth. With a change that recently happened for her, Jairdain was able to quickly dispatch the two creatures. Using cryokinesis on the one made with flame, it died as it froze to death. The other was swept away after she formed a flash storm just above its head. Being made of mostly dirt, it was an easy death and neither caused harm to any of the innocents around them.


"Now you never answered my question. Who are you?"


Rex Taff

#1841299 The Siege of Commenor [TSE/CSA]

Posted by Jairdain on 07 August 2018 - 10:09 AM


Location: Chasin City

Allies: CSA, their allies and Marina DeVoe

Enemies: TSE, their allies and Darth Scuros

Objective: Evac the civvies and distract Scuros from killing them


If the times in her life of various battles had taught her only one thing, Jairdain knew there was a need to constantly be aware. Through the Force she sensed the fast approach of Scuros and was ready for him. A barrier was placed around her body and that alone blocked the saber slash he made at her. The essentially helpless civilians behind her started to turn back around to return to the school. However the landing of Marina's ship stopped them.


Jairdain took her saber off her belt and let out an inward growl. She could defend herself and others with it against most, but she wasn't a fighter normally.


"Get on that ship and out of here. I'll hold this sith off."

​The pack of people turned when Marina started calling out hello and headed in her direction. Knowing this might be their chance to escape, they just hoped they were walking into a new trap set up by the sith trying to attack them.


Not once did Jairdain change her focus and kept it on Scuros the entire time. If he attempted anything else in those few seconds, she was ready.


At the moment, she was calm, but there were clouds starting to form around them. There was the sound of thunder as the storm started to build. She shook her head at him and pointed a finger. Her tone was cold, unemotional and serious.


"Don't stand in my way."

#1840769 The Siege of Commenor [TSE/CSA]

Posted by Jairdain on 06 August 2018 - 12:13 PM

Location: Chasin City neighborhood

Allies: CSA and their allies, eventually to meet with Marina DeVoe

Enemies: TSE and their allies, maybe meeting Darth Scuros

Objective: Evacuate civvies and hoof it


She didn't know if her quick thinking of causing the lightning storm had worked to give that pilot a chance to escape or not, but it didn't really matter. One thing Jairdain did know was she and that not quite Lykos weren't going to be meeting again. A time would come when they would, but it that was in the future. She would make sure it happened...someday.


Wandering the streets, she reached out with the Force to feel for the living still present. Many had already left the area and been evacuated. Not everybody had though and it was these she searched for. More than one group was present, but she made her way to where the largest was congregated.


In situations like this, it was probably a blessing she was physically blind. If she could have seen what she thought of as her home in its current state, she probably would have been crying. As it was, she moved along like the wind. Silent, but present and aware. Nothing moved to get in her way of her objective now and she had a clarity of mind that hadn't been there before.


What might have been some sort of religious facility or school was currently occupied by several families. A safe haven in these times of war, but they weren't safe on Commenor any longer. Approaching openly, one of the men came out and offered her shelter. She shook head though and pointed up.


"With all these ships raining down, this building is not safe. Come with me and we will get out of here."


Just how Jairdain thought she would get them out was beyond her, but they needed to move. Following the man into the building, the families started gathering together and now they waited for that evacuation.

#1837452 No Life Ever Goes Forever Unbroken

Posted by Jairdain on 01 August 2018 - 11:24 AM

Listening to the story unfold, Jairdain had a small feeling of jealousy when Silfe mentioned seeing the stars. There was also sympathy because her friend had been a captive it sounded like. Unable to be free to come and go as she wanted, but also likely kept in a drugged state. In a way, what she had been through was similar to something that had happened to Jairdain too.


Being held captive for an extended amount of time, deprived of the Force through the use of drugs and unable to be free.


There was a swelling of emotion from Silfe along with a focused sense Force energy that almost shattered the glass of juice she was holding. That use of the Force would be explored later, but right now, Jairdain needed to comfort her friend.


"Don't worry about the spill and we can get your dress cleaned. Did you hurt yourself?"

Standing up, she moved back into the kitchen to pick up one of the towels she knew was in there for this kind of thing. Handing that to Silfe, she waited on knowing if she was hurt or not. In her mind, she was thinking over what she had just been told and the revelation of a still unknown skill in her friend. Once she knew Silfe was fine, Jairdain offered another glass if she wanted it and leaned back in her chair.


"You know I can use the Force and there are many ways it can be used. One of the things it can do is bring up memories. If you wanted and felt comfortable, I could help you remember your missing years."


Jairdain kept silent still about Silfe being able to also use the Force. Time would come when there wasn't a more pressing concern to talk to her about that. It might even be in this meeting, but it would be addressed soon.


Silfe Sosuri