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Walk In Shadow

Yesterday, 11:51 PM

Jairdain had met this person long ago. At a point in her life when she was happy and content. The opportunity had been given to her then to get away from Commenor for a time. Now things had changed for her. Galactic war had happened. The Alliance and now Commenor had fallen prey to the Sith and Jairdain was on Kashyyyk with the feeling of a loss surrounding her.


However, she had a duty to attend to and perhaps it would help take her mind off her personal issues. Kurenai requested to meet her and wanted to learn a few skills. Agreeing to meet on Kashyyyk it was a good thing she was already there.


Waiting in the Jedi Temple they had set up, she waited for her new student to appear.


Kurenai Yumi

Ready For This

11 August 2018 - 06:45 PM

The Grand Master of the Imperial Knights of the Fel Empire was a very poor pilot. While it was never something Jairdain had given much thought on learning about, the Force spoke to her and suddenly felt the need to learn. Since she was blind, she needed to be taught by somebody that could understand what it was like. So going through the roster of people within the Empire, she found somebody she thought would be perfect.


Sending out a request for Kalic Daws to meet her, she now waited for him to show up.


There was a selection of ships that were able to carry two people. Little more than fighters really, but ideal what Jairdain wanted to accomplish. Being without sight, starmaps, writing and holographs were lost on her. She had been granted real vision a few times in her life and much preferred her own sight. It gave her a far better understanding of people.


Now knowing what to expect from Kalic, she hoped he was going to be patient with her.


Kalic Daws

Silver Leaf

08 August 2018 - 04:25 PM

Things had very suddenly changed again for Jairdain. The Sith Empire's attack on Commenor had come as a surprise to her and the royal family. She had gotten lucky though and escaped the planet without being harmed physically. The actual trauma was mental and she was lost once again.


Not as lost as she had been in the past, but without a clear purpose this time. What she needed now were her friends and companions from the past. Those that had been there for since she had joined the Jedi. The most important of those people was Yuroic and she needed him. More than anything in the galaxy, Jairdain needed that man.


From friends to lovers and back again...their own relationship needed work. And Jairdain wanted to set it right between the two of them. What might happen, she did not know. They had both changed over the years and she did not know if he even wanted to see her again. With the hope he wouldn't turn away from her, she sent a message to him and now prayed to her gods he choose to come.


Yuroic Xeraic

Breath of the Desert

08 August 2018 - 03:49 PM

She had thought she left Iridonia far behind her. The memories of her life here in the past, the things that tied her here were dead and gone. Jairdain had seen her home destroyed and left it in ruins. As gone to her as her the past she wanted with it. However, things drew her to return.


Here only a few things changed from year to year and it wasn't the people. The people that knew her were still present and she went to visit them. Making sure they would be able to assist in rebuilding her old home, they walked out into the desert. A place would be provided for her for the time it took, but soon enough her old home was rebuilt and ready to be lived in.


Iridonia was now a location for her to hide out on. The Sith Empire had taken Commenor from her. So into hiding she went.


Darth Scuros

A Place In Nature

24 July 2018 - 06:52 PM

It had been a good amount of time since Jairdain had held any form of class for the Jedi and their allies. So she set word out about her class. She hoped to help empower more Jedi with the ability to become what many people call a Shadow.


Knowing it would take time to bring this aspect of the Force into general usage, she was going to start with two simple skills. If these students wanted further knowledge, she would continue lessons after. For now though, she would begin with how to keep your presence in the Force hidden.


Often called Art of the Small there was an additional skill that did the same thing known as Quey'tek Meditation. The manner in which she learned these skills wasn't very pleasant, so Jairdain would find an alternate method of teaching them.


She travelled to the kennels where Akk dogs were kept. These creatures had been common companion animals to the Jedi for a very long time. The ones the Jedi possessed were domesticated and would not attack unless ordered to do so. They would be perfect for what Jairdain wanted to accomplish. Being able to sense the Force presence of a person or not, they would be attracted to these students until they learned how to keep their abilities hidden.


Picking a setting that was outside, she made sure the weather was clear and now waited to see just who would show up...