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Across the Trees

25 September 2018 - 12:59 AM

Kashyyyk the still new to Jairdain capitol of the Silver Jedi. She had spent very little time here with her duties taking her off world so much. Yet she returned from time to time for various reasons. This time she brought with her a padawan she had met and picked up on Ilum. Offering to bring here, they stepped off the shuttle and onto the planet.


"Would you like to find a place to stay before looking around, Thel?"

It was something she would have done in his place. Find where to sleep and then worry about what else there was around. Luckily she had been here a few times and knew where things were. If Thel wanted, she could show him around and get him settled in.


Looking in his direction with a friendly smile, she waited on his answer. There was a true confidence in how she carried herself and it showed clearly to him.


Thel Antares

Push the Limits

22 September 2018 - 02:35 PM

It had been several long years and pretty much what felt like two lives ago since Jairdain had ever been on Vjun. Here in the skies above Bast Castle, she had brought Battle Meditation into a battle between armies. Because of her actions that day, she had caught the attention of the Sith that had been attacking. 


One had stepped up and a mental duel had occurred that quickly ended her meditation above the field. Since it was not a physical fight, distance did not matter. The then knight had focused on being a mentalist and thankfully the Lord she had fought had not. They had ended up essentially locked in a stalemate. That was until something came to the aid of Jairdain and she was able to make an escape. This duel ended up leaving both of them scarred and forever connected. 


To return to the world that pretty much started everything was a walk down memory lane. She wasn't entirely sad about all of it any longer or upset even.Now she walked the halls of Bast Castle and searched for the location Lykos entombed himself for that duel. 


Mereel Vaun


09 September 2018 - 04:07 AM

The past two months for Jairdain had been very trying on her. With no real support, the emotionally broken woman had turned to trying to drink her pain away. Most of the time it worked and she was able to put it aside for a time, however when she woke up...it all returned and the vicious circle began again...


Having found her way back to Kashyyyk after a stay away from everybody. She was only slightly better, but not entirely. Having taken a step back in the recovery process after a trip to the Netherworld...here she was in a cantina on the new capitol for the Silver's trying to drink this new pain away.


She sat at one of the booths and wasn't paying any mind or attention to what was going on around her. Focusing on the drink she sipped at, Jairdain wished all of a sudden that she wasn't alone any longer. With these people, there were only three people she thought of as friends and one of them no longer remember their full history.


Tears of pain and sorrow fell from her eyes as her own heartbreak was remembered and she took a drink from the glass in front of her. It wouldn't be long from now before that painful memory was washed away for the night.


Yuroic Xeraic

In the Dark

06 September 2018 - 11:00 AM

The young woman was not entirely emotionally stable, but she was getting by. She lived day to day on Iridonia and followed a form of a routine there. Waking up in the morning, tending to her plants she was able to grow there and then training. After that a short break for food, maybe a rest and then training again until it was dinner time. After that, the rest of the day was hers to do with as she wanted. Quite often she would be found sitting under one of the few trees in the area.
Even though she was a master herself, there were still many things for her to learn.
Krest had introduced her to his blind apprentice and given him the opportunity to assist in her training. That had to really formally begin though. Time, duties and the weather had kept it from starting. A sand storm had been going on most of the day, but it cleared up in time for her to go outside and enjoy the fall of night.
Sitting under that tree, Jairdain was in touch with the nature around her. Iridonia might be a mostly desert world but it was far from lifeless. Here she witnessed the survival of the fittest. A rule that applied even outside of nature and carried over into life itself. She was one herself, but at this point in her life...it was one of her lowest.
Hoping for company, she wasn't fully expecting any tonight. So she sat alone and touched the earth around her, just feeling. Sensing the approach of Vaulkhar, she smiled. Maybe there was going to be company this evening.

There is Power in a Union

29 August 2018 - 10:25 AM

It was said time changed people and it was no different for Jairdain. There were a few things that would never change for her. Fighting was one or so she thought. She really only knew the basics and followed a far more natural or instinct based fighting style. At least she knew the business end of her saber from the other and had yet to hurt herself (or anybody else) with it.


Time had also changed the man who had once been her enemy. Much of that changed had accidently been caused by her, but he had continued with that even after her touch had ended.


Twice now he had asked her to stay with him, but she still declined to make any formal decision. She now freely came and went from Iridonia and did spend time there when she could. Heading back now to the gift he had given her there. That plot of land with the home and here she could just be herself.


She sat meditating on the property without a care to the weather around her.


Darth Ferus