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Rick Kaloo

Rick Kaloo

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In Topic: Stage Two - Freedom for the Common Man: Battle On Commenor

13 October 2018 - 05:11 PM

Location: Royal palace, Commenor 

Objective: Secure the place listed above, god save the queen

Allies: AiE/SJO/Commenor (Amari Deechi, Kaine Australis (please don't take my legs again), Lady Kay, Coren Starchaser, Tom Taff, etc.)

Enemies: FO/TSE (Kyrel Ren, Luther Ando, Primat Ren, etc.)



Right as Rick was about to draw up a counter to the Ren's remark, the masked Sith drew a woman to him and, to Rick's horror, began to suffocate her.


But that had been a smart move on the Ren's part. Rick's natural compassion, born not just of the Jedi Code but also his Mon Calamari community, prevented him from making a move in an otherwise opportune moment. Instead, Rick attempted to achieve the best compromise he could. He tilted his aqua blade very slightly toward the Ren, shifting from his Soresu stance to a more offensive position, and slowly moving to the left to completely block the hall between the Ren and the royals of Commenor.


"Kill her, and you guarantee your own death as well." growled Rick. "I may be a protector of peace, but I have no reservations to ending your life right here."


Now, at least, Rick at least partially counterbalanced the leverage the Ren had against him. If the Ren were to kill the woman, he'd most likely find himself on the wrong end of the lightsaber. However, there were still plenty of factors stacked against Rick. The Ren could draw his blade faster than Rick and counter him, or he could slam him against a wall and flee. Rick had no way of predicting the Ren's next move, so he simply played it safe, with his blade extending outward and his body tensed, ready to make any sudden maneuvers.


In Topic: Stage One - Freedom for the Common Man: Battle over Commenor.

13 October 2018 - 07:36 AM

Location: Commenor Orbit

Objective: Avenge Mon Calamari

Allies: CSA, Mazik Stazi, Veiere Arenais, Kaine Australis, Tobias Dracks, etc.

Enemies: TSE, FO (Currently NPC)






Chaos reigned.


Dozens of Sith reinforcements had jumped nearly right on top of Rick's Mon Calamari task force, catching them completely off guard and temporarily disorienting their ranks. The Sith had taken advantage of their surprise, brutally raining fire down on the Mon Calamari fleet. However, they were not deterred. Soon, Rick had realized the extent of the counterattack and altered targets, point-blank broadsides quickly breaking out throughout the intermixed fleets. The scene soon resembled the Battle of Coruscant from over eight hundred years ago, as countless, massive ships from both sides engaged each other.


In Rick's battlecruiser, Morty, Rick watched as a Providence exploded a kilometer ahead of the flagship, beaten into submission by a Xo'xaan. In the meantime, Morty's shields were taking a serious beating as escort Destroyers danced with the Sith. X-Wings and TIEs weaved through the battle, firing bolts at each other while avoiding and even skimming the defense guns of the battleships.


"Keep up the broadside!" yelled Rick. "Try to single them out, but if any more reinforcements come, feel free to withdraw on Morty!"


In response, Morty and its two remaining Providence escorts fired a second salvo of concussion and ion missiles, many hitting cleanly on the Sith Destroyers and frigates. Then, their turbolasers powered up again as they unleashed powerful forward fire on the still recovering Sith, destroying a few Xo'Xaans that had already taken heavy fire.


The pride of the Mon Calamari had not yet been lost.


Task Force Mon Calamari











In Topic: Stage One - Fleeting OOC: Freedom for the Common Man

12 October 2018 - 06:07 PM

Update time! Not seeing much action in the buffed Mon Calamari front, but hopefully there will be something fun soon. After all, this the Mon Calamari's revenge for the siege and poisoning of Rick's homeworld, and the Mon Calamari are infamous for their shipbuilding


Veiere Arenais

In Topic: Stage Two - Freedom for the Common Man: Battle On Commenor

12 October 2018 - 03:09 PM

Location: Royal palace, Commenor 

Objective: Secure the place listed above, god save the queen

Allies: AiE/SJO/Commenor (Amari Deechi, Kaine Australis (please don't take my legs again), Lady Kay, Coren Starchaser, Tom Taff, etc.)

Enemies: FO/TSE (Kyrel Ren, Luther Ando, Primat Ren, etc.)



As Rick and his men continued through the royal gardens, they found a suspicious lack of opposition.


Not a single soldier, or even an abandoned cannon post, remained to oppose the Jedi infantry as they closed in. The only sounds were the rustling of flowers under their feet and the distant booms of artillery fire. At one of many of the secondary doors to the palace, not a single obstruction lay in their path. Only a locked and bolted door of polished wood and steel separated Rick from his objective.


"Blast it." ordered Rick.


The Silver Jedi troopers had come prepared, packing with them a box of C4 explosives. The sticky back end was placed right in the middle of the two doors, to spread damage out evenly through both. Then, Rick and his squad slowly backed away until about ten meters of distance remained between them and the door. The trooper who had carried the C4 took out a small, square detonator from the box of explosives. Then, he pressed a red button on top of the detonator cube. A loud, violent explosion ripped both doors off their frames, leaving an open, smoking path for the ten men to bolt into, disappearing into the hallways of the castle as soon as possible.


The inside of the vast castle of Commenor was a labyrinth, with halls leading into halls leading into halls. Adrenaline kept Rick and his nine soldiers at a constant sprint, desperate to find the royals before the Sith and First Order did. Suddenly, Rick heard a commotion nearby, and the sound of something large breaking. Using the Force and his prosthetic legs to push his speed to his limits, Rick accelerated tremendously, clearing the hall in seconds before drifting to a stop in front of a room with a broken in door.


Two revelations hit Rick at once. First, a Ren-looking, armored Sith was in the room, and another Sith fleeing the scene, in armor as well. Secondly, there was a fellow Jedi engaging the Ren, leaving only the other masked Ren unoccupied. Rick was determined to change that.


"Secure the castle!" yelled Rick to the soldiers with him. "I've got some Sith to deal with!"


Understanding the cue, the soldiers turned around and continued on their own, ill-suited to handling Force users. On the other hand, Rick was perfectly fine at it. Using his prosthetic and a Force leap, he sped forward just in time to avoid the Jedi's environmental alterations, effectively sealing the two pairs off. Recovering quickly, Rick drew his lightsaber and ignited it, its aqua blue glow illuminating the features on Rick's face. He crouched very slightly, standing still in a Soresu defensive stance.


"You will not pass any further." called Rick. "Commenor was never meant for Sith dictators to rule."


In Topic: Stage Two - Freedom for the Common Man: Battle On Commenor

11 October 2018 - 08:26 AM

Location: Approaching palace, Commenor 

Objective: Secure the place listed above, god save the queen

Allies: AiE/SJO/Commenor (Amari Deechi, Kaine Australis (please don't take my legs again), Lady Kay, Coren Starchaser, etc.)

Enemies: FO/TSE (Kyrel Ren, Luther Ando, etc.)




The revolution had begun.


Already, civilians were beginning to rise up, take arms, and emerge from their masks of obedience to openly rebel. Sith troopers were mobbed and beaten, their weapons and armor stolen from them and used to kill their comrades. Even the children and the elderly took part in the resistance, fueled by a undying allegiance to the Commenor Systems. As Rick and his soldiers closed in on the castle where the planet's monarchy resided in, the people of the city let out loud cheers and yelled encouragement to them until they were no longer in sight. The massing, patriotic crowds had been so efficient at warding off the Sith that Rick did not encounter another enemy for the last kilometer of road leading to the castle.


But as the gates came into detail, Rick felt a dark presence within the castle. He could not pinpoint an exact location, but knew it was close, possibly a kilometer or less away. The SJO-enlisted soldiers momentarily faltered, noticing the shift in Rick's pace.


"Sir, are you feeling okay?" asked one of them.


"There's a dark presence in the Force around here, and moving." Rick replied softly. "Something's in or approaching the castle, and I'm not sure what its intentions are."


Unable to respond, the soldiers simply continued down the road, with Rick resuming his usual pace. However, he was now slightly on edge. Another force, likely a Sith, also wanted to infiltrate the castle. Then, Rick came to a sudden realization. The Sith likely wanted to get into the castle so he could deny Rick the very objective him and his soldiers were working towards: Securing the palace and its queen.


At the gates, there were only six troopers left. As with the four troopers in the alley, Rick unleashed a Force push on all of them, sending them flying into the hard steel of the castle's gates. As he approached the unconscious bodies of the Sith soldiers, he realized that the gates to the castle of Commenor were locked, with a small slit intended for a chip to go through the means of opening them. Realizing this as well, Rick's squad began digging through the bodies. After a few seconds, a soldier rose with a thin, white, slightly bloodied chip in his hand. He quickly swiped the chip, and at once the gates slowly creaked open, revealing a magnificent castle behind them.


"Follow me. Stay close, stay alert. There's no telling what may be in there." It was an order and a warning at the same time, exposing how dire the situation was. 


Cautiously, Rick and the nine soldiers with him entered the castle grounds.