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Rick Kaloo

Rick Kaloo

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#1934323 Megagunner Robot War Machine

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 16 April 2019 - 06:45 PM



Sorry for the low quality image - Nearly every other image wasn't compatible with Chaos's code. If you want a better image, look here.





  • Classification: Fourth Degree
  • Weight: 9,000 kg
  • Height: 5 meters
  • Movement: Bipedal
  • Armaments: Upscaled miniguns, most commonly an upscaled version of the Bull Minigun.
  • Misc. Equipment: N/A


  • Battery - In the very center of the Megagunner robot, surrounded on all sides by thick armor, lies the massive battery that fuels the Megagunner. It can sustain the robot for six to thirty hours depending on how much exertion it performs. When the battery is empty, a portion of its back can be opened through a small combination lock and the battery can be recharged outside the Megagunner.


  • Giant Metal Man - Each Megagunner is shaped to resemble a large, well-built human, consequently becoming a terrifying presence on the battlefield. A Megagunner is as much of a physiological threat as it is a physical threat, especially against smaller or less advanced species.
  • Human Actions - Being roughly humanoid, Megagunners can enjoy a level of adaptability far above that of their vehicular counterparts. Additionally, Megagunners are able to lift up large objects and even APCs, and then throw them across the battlefield with deadly effect.
  • Bulletproof - The Megagunner is well-armored, being practically immune to small-arms fire and is highly resistant to ion grenades. However, two anti-tank rockets to the head or six to the body are enough to destroy or incapacitate a Megagunner. Heavier armaments found on tanks, walkers, forts, and capital ships can typically kill a Megagunner in two or less shots in any area of the body.
  • Heavy Weapons Guy - Megagunners wield miniguns two to five times larger than infantry issue miniguns, and can constantly inflict terrifying damage. Their higher caliber bullets makes them able to penetrate light armored vehicles or multiple infantry units at once.


  • Close-Sighted - Megagunners have a limited sensor range, only being able to detect and fire apon enemies up to about fifteen meters away. If an enemy strays outside its range, it will automatically disengage and search for a new target.
  • Giant Metal Man - The Megagunner's size makes it an extremely obvious target to tanks and artillery. With no way of concealing itself, Megagunners must usually be supported by cavalry units who can distract heavier enemy defenses.
  • Superconductor - A giant plate of metal and wires, the Megagunner's ultimate bane is an ion cannon emplacement. Even a tripod ion cannon can be enough to hinder a Megagunner significantly, cutting down its rate of fire and making it even easier to hit with other weapons.
  • Inaccurate - Beyond twelve meters, the spread of the Megagunner's massive minigun becomes so great that it can no longer inflict reliable damage onto enemy infantry.
  • Soft Bullets - Despite the Megagunner's higher caliber bullets and excellent rate of fire, it has no dedicated armor-piercing rounds, and cannot penetrate the front, turret, and rear armor of most armored battle vehicles.


The Megagunner is the first complete product of the Robot War Machine Project.


The project was started by Rick Kaloo with the intent of replacing most armored vehicles with giant humanoid robots outfitted with massive weapons. Three models were experimented with nearly immediately after the project started - one with a giant minigun, one with a colossal rocket launcher, and one with a huge grenade launcher. The robot designs would each be centralized around their weapons, being well-suited to specifically wield their chosen weapon.


Out of the three, the minigun robot was completed first. As an upscaled minigun weighed the most out of all the giant weaponry used in experimentation, the robot was made to be the largest and bulkiest of the three models. An armored magazine was bolted to the chest and back of the robot, increasing the ammunition in its minigun from 600 to 3000. Finally, after the rest of the body had been put together, two sensors were hidden within its small eye sockets.


Named the Megagunner, the minigun-weilding giant soon entered private production.


#1933944 Sharpened Knives - Episode III - Rick Kaloo

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 15 April 2019 - 05:09 PM

Rick entered the room slowly, his armor covering everything but his head.


His helmet resided under his right armpit, kept off his head to maintain an initial formal appearance. On a belt built into his armor lay his sniper rifle, Shieldbreaker, and his lightsaber, Tidal Wave. Shieldbreaker was only filled with stun bolts today, as he would not want to turn the head of his instructor into a ruptured balloon. However, Tidal Wave remained as lethal as ever. Rick would take extra care into not inflicting any permanent wounds.


Seeing an armored human woman nearby and identifying her as his instructor, he quickly introduced himself.


"Hello there." said Rick. "I'm Rick Kaloo, and I'm interested in refining my combat skills so I can back myself up where water is scarce."


Scherezade deWinter

#1931030 Ships Of Space

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 07 April 2019 - 03:52 PM



Onboard Pickle Rick, Rick Kaloo sat motionlessly at the command bridge.


Today, he would be teaching another his craft, his expertise in commanding warships. Rick had been on the bridge of a vessel for nearly two decades, aspiring to command from the day of getting his capital flight license. The perfect opportunity arrived with the fledgling GADF, seeking officers to bolster their ranks. Rick had eagerly joined, taking command of multiple frigates over the years. At first, he had been reckless, losing multiple ships. But later on, he became more defensive and range-oriented, preferring to strike his enemies out of their own range. When the Alliance fell, Rick had joined the Silver Jedi Order's navy, accepting a senior position, and greatly expanding his fleet. Now, he would teach his student the same.


Rick's student, a young Jedi also from the Silver Order, was due on the command bridge. Today, it would be her learning environment, and a view port into the rules and tactics of fleeting. A kilometer away and directly facing Pickle Rick were twenty of his own remodeled Essex-class starfighter killers and one Twinkie-class light cruiser, all emptied of any essentials, silently opposing the larger vessel.


Soon, they would become teaching materials.


Seo Linn



#1929738 The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 02 April 2019 - 07:19 PM

ALLIES: CIS (@A lot of people)

ENEMIES: NR (Dracken Pryce | Freza Mercur, etc.)





"Sir, the enemy is firing!"


Hardly a second after the gunnery officer on Pickle Rick's bridge called out the enemy's retaliation, the ship's shielding lit up as turbolasers impacted it.


"Fire every weapon we have. Charge the Demolishers, and then fire them too." replied Rick.


"Targets?" replied the gunnery officer.


Rick hesitated for a moment, scanning the battlefield for any New Republic ships that had been spared from the Confederate fleets. Before his eyes, a new battlegroup emerged from hyperspace, reinforcing the New Republic effort.


"Them. Lock four Demolishers on each flagship, and one per heavy cruiser. Distribute all other armaments as you please." ordered Rick.


At once, multiple hundred turbolasers came to life. Taking mere seconds to acquire targets, a fearsome barrage of plasma rapidly soared from Pickle Rick to meet its enemies. The shots were coordinated and highly structured, with the largest turbolasers firing on the largest ships. At the same time, a barrage of missiles rocketed above Pickle Rick, before curving in arcs to intercept the larger New Republic vessels.


On the very top of Pickle Rick, ten cannons the length of heavy frigates shifted into place, their colossal barrels pointed at the New Republic vessels. They began to charge, absorbing the energy necessary for them to fire corvette-sized rounds with incredible accuracy from dozens of kilometers away. Once they fired, the damage would be devastating, depriving the support fleet of all its heavy vessels and leaving the rest as easy pickings for Pickle Rick's heavy turbolasers.


"Two minutes until the Demolishers are charged."


Sixth Fleet





#1925959 The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 23 March 2019 - 05:39 PM

ALLIES: CIS (@Genesis Rotsu | Sor-Jan Xantha

ENEMIES: NR (Dracken Pryce)





Pickle Rick had arrived to provide powerful enforcement for the blockade.


After nearly twelve hours in space, Pickle Rick's annoyingly slow hyperdrive had dropped the ship off in Kuat. It was followed shortly after by six experimental corvettes with unique AMS guns capable of directly repairing structures in space. Seeing the space in the vicinity to be safe, the corvettes broke away from Pickle Rick and headed towards the ruined orbital stations to repair as much as possible.


Pickle Rick loomed over nearly every other vessel in the blockade, its physiological presence alone creating significant reinforcement to the Confederate presence. Its largest guns, the 500-meter long Cerrus-class Demolishers, remained inactive, but ready to be unleashed apon enemy retaliation. But Rick put firing Pickle Rick's primary armaments low on his agenda. He was holding a blockade, not launching a counterattack. There would be no need to provoke the Republic forces unless they launched the first attack.


"Primary power to shields and ion weapons." ordered Rick. "Hold position and do not fire turbolasers unless absolutely necessary."


"Also, keep transmissions open. If we're lucky, we can negotiate for the local Republic forces to leave."


#1924759 Brightest Day

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 19 March 2019 - 04:46 PM

Rick took a seat and watched as the other admirals filled in.


They each addressed their own points - Bombers, stealth tech, internal security and grand strategy. But Rick felt as if it was his turn to contribute his own ideas.


"Recently, my company and fleet has begun working on a variety of new technological projects, that could potentially make the current Sith and Imperial weaponry obsolete. I will keep these ideas classified due to the potential for moles in the station. However, I will say this. Our rates of success have been incredible, and we are fully capable of entering fleetwide production."


"The Matter Pull Cannon is an example of a Sixth Fleet success. Incredibly durable and able to weild matter itself as fuel, it can fire beams rivaling those of superheavy turbolasers at a twentieth of the energy requirements. Its only drawback, its indiscriminate nature, could soon be countered, allowing it to be fitted onto warships."


"It is not quantity we are looking for as a naval power - hordes of starfighters and picket carriers have simple counters. Rather, it is quality. The more powerful our individual vessels are, the better they will be able to support other warships as part of a larger fleet. The recent advances the Second Fleet has made in stealth fighters already shows the power of quality. An enemy you can't detect will always strike you by surprise."


"I hope to work with some of you on future projects."


Gir Quee | Jessica Med-Beq | John Locke | Sala'dine

#1924547 A Spark of Hope [Rebels!]

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 18 March 2019 - 07:03 PM

Coren Starchaser | Frielle Kinniak | Kira Vaal | Sol Stazi


Rick had arrived at the meeting place, and listened to the state of the Alliance.


Overall, the nation was recovering greatly. The GADF, which Rick had joined a lifetime ago, seemed to still exist, at least among a few larger ships. Confirming rumors that Rick had heard from Oraim Mei, an alien force had taken a substantial chunk of the First Order's power, including their own capital. Now, the force that once threatened to invade the company's fortified headquarters was in full retreat and likely weaker than Outer Rim's own corporate arsenal. Soon, the First Order would take the same path the Empire centuries prior took - splintering into a variety of warlord-ruled states. And the smaller, weaker states were ripe for invasion. Which lead into a point that Rick could now address.


"Indeed, the First Order has fallen greatly. Unlike our Alliance, they don't have the hope or capacity for change necessary to restore themselves. My company alone has enough manpower to punch through whatever remains of the tyrannical Order and open it up to liberation. We could be free from one of two great evils in mere months. Combined, we can all do great things for the galaxy."

#1924545 [Jedi/Sith Empire] Rock and a Hard Place - pt2 Jedi Rescue

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 18 March 2019 - 06:46 PM

Allies: AiE, SJO

Enemies: Sith, boarding Darth Carnifex's ship




Merely a minute after Rick's arrival, multiple loud, unidentified footsteps could be heard rapidly traversing the hallways.


Silently gesturing forwards, Rick lead his squad of boarders down a hallway stretching to the left, seeking to evade attention for as long as possible. But luck was against Rick today. He saw a corner about ten meters away and began to close the distance, only to nearly slam head-first into a column of Sith infantry. Rick drew his lightsaber just in time, the aqua blue blade catching a bullet aimed at his head and sending it at the head of the shooter instead.


Before Rick could yell out his next order, multiple barricades were established as the enemy began relentlessly firing. The front dozen marines were quickly killed by the sheer quantity of bullets, as even Rick backed up, unable to deflect the full force of the enemy. Machine guns and rifles began returning fire to the Sith, only to bounce harmlessly off of the barricades. As the steady firing and persistent advancing of the Sith soldiers took their toll on the boarders, Rick devised an emergency plan.


"Grenade launcher!" ordered Rick desperately, not wanting a holdup at such an early state of boarding.


Behind him, the grenadier, still alive, launched three grenades forwards, bouncing towards the line of Sith soldiers. As the grenades rapidly closed the gap, Rick used the Force to hurl them over the barricades. A second later, anything behind them became a bloody soup of organs and metal. But while all the Sith had perished, nearly a quarter of Rick's boarders shared their fate. He had underestimated his enemy, and the clever Sith had gotten the best of him.


Shaken and well-worn, the remaining boarders knocked the unsupported barricades over and continued down the dark hallway, leaving the gory scene behind them. There was still a Sith reactor core that had yet to be disabled.

#1924532 A New Alliance (Liberation of Sullust)

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 18 March 2019 - 06:15 PM


ALLIES IN SPACE: Mazik Stazi | Silara Varis




For this mission, Rick had brought in Pickle Rick herself.


It had been deemed safe for the massive battlecruiser to enter the system days prior, shortly following an First Imperial order to retreat from the system. With an enemy presence no longer enforcable, there would be nearly no opposition for Pickle Rick. Sending in another heavy battlecruiser to counter Pickle Rick, shortly after a retreat order, would strain the resources of the Imperials far more than Rick. Consequently, the Alliance Exiles would have total naval superiority.


Pickle Rick lunged forwards through the blue funnel of hyperspace, nearly at the Malastare system. One of Rick's few complaints about his flagship was its slow hyperdrive. It often took Pickle Rick two to five times longer to hop from system to system than the rest of the Sixth Fleet. Consequently, Pickle Rick had often been kept towards the center of the Sixth Fleet, guarding key Silver Jedi worlds. Until today. Pickle Rick alone left the Sixth Fleet behind, while command transferred to the similarly sized supercarrier Valor.


Onboard Pickle Rick's massive command bridge, easily the size of a CR90 corvette, Rick Kaloo sat in his command chair, pondering for the fourth time the order of battle. Suddenly, a call rang out from behind him.


"Sir, we're on the Alliance naval force frequency now."


Rick approached Pickle Rick's large holotransmitter slowly, before beginning his first communications with the GADF in nearly three years, when he had taken his fleet and fled into the Outer Rim after the original Alliance crumbled.


"It's good to be back."


#1924525 Return of the Alliance

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 18 March 2019 - 05:27 PM



Yippeee!! It'll be fun to be back with the GADF, even if it's as an an ally instead of a member.

#1924293 Brightest Day

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 17 March 2019 - 07:16 PM



Stepping out of the LRAD-OR that had brought him to the station, Rick began to walk towards the meeting area.


Recently, his Sixth Fleet had grown substantially. The successful Valiant and Valor supercarrier classes had been rapidly distributed through the Silver Spacy, with the first of the latter carriers being the secondary Sixth Fleet flagship. Already, the second was pending ownership and the third was being built in Centurion Station, which, like Windsor, was in orbit of Kashyyyk. The Matter Pull Cannon had proven itself to be an extremely powerful weapon, using matter itself as ammunition for a beam capable of punching through even the thickest of fortifications.


Many new projects had begun - most of them soon to leave experimentation and become a reality. A corvette with special-purpose repair cannons had been proven successful at healing the hulls of other vessels, while tesla cannons and direct missile-interception lasers showed excellent potential. As Rick entered a large circular meeting room, he was snapped out of his thoughts. Raising his voice, he quickly introduced himself.


"I'm here. Rick Kaloo, of the Sixth Fleet. I am willing to share my ideas."



#1924173 Medivan-class corvette

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 17 March 2019 - 11:00 AM




  • Classification: Support Corvette
  • Length: 175 meters
  • Width: 50-83 meters
  • Height: 50-60 meters
  • Armament: Very Low
    • 6 animated metal sealant (AMS) cannons (Parallel above and below the Medivan, one in the front and two adjacent to the engines
  • Defenses: Low
  • Fighter Hangar: Moderate (1 squadron)
  • Support Craft Hangar: None
  • Maneuverability Rating: High
  • Speed Rating: High
  • Hyperdrive Class: 1


  • Living Quarters
  • Mess Hall
  • Command Bridge
  • Hangar


  • AMS cannons


  • Ship Healer - The Medivan corvette's primary cannons fire animated metal sealant, an adhesive that can be used to repair cracks in the hulls of ships. All six sealant cannons are evenly spaced, allowing for them all to be focused on healing another vessel. Additionally, healing craft can be deployed directly from the Medivan's small hangar space.
  • Paramedic - The Medivan's powerful engines and high maneuverability allows it to keep up with nearly any other ship.


  • Defenseless - The Medivan has no true offensive or defensive weaponry, leaving it extremely vulnerable to any other vessel. Consequently, it is very important to have a more capable ship supporting the Medivan.
  • Cramped - The AMS cannons and their fuel takes up a large amount of interior space, leaving living space extremely limited.
  • Supercharged - The engines and AMS cannons of the Medivan are both significant power drains, and it can only function independently for around twenty hours before requiring a recharge. Consequently, Medivans are only deployed when absolutely necessary.

Description: One of the many technological advances made within Outer Rim Military Engineering was in ship-to-ship healing.


Animated metal sealant, an adhesive capable of healing metals and already commonly found galaxywide, would be repurposed for heavy capital maintenance. A unique set of cannons were designed, functioning similarly to a flamethrower. A large durasteel tank of deactivated sealant about the size of a LAAT gunship was put under each cannon, which would be the primary ammunition. When fired, AMS would be transferred through a tube from the tank to the cannon, where a sudden and powerful wind would launch a stream of sealant outwards. The stream has a range of half a kilometer in atmospheres, and a potentially indefinite range in space. However, it would be impractical to fire the AMS cannons at a target more than two kilometers away, as accuracy would be sacrificed.


The cannons were then fitted onto a sufficiently sized corvette, which would be produced to serve Rick's Sixth Fleet.

#1923751 The Fish Tank - Rick's Personal Armor

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 15 March 2019 - 08:02 PM






  • Classification: Multi-purpose
  • Weight: Light (15 kg)
  • Resistances

- Blasters: High

- Kinetic: High

- Lightsabers: Average

- Explosives: High

- Ion/EMP: Low

- Elements: High

- Radiation: High



  • Holographic Tactical Visor: Implanted within the helmet of Rick's armor is a multipurpose tactical visor. It allows for night vision, heat signature tracking, and can even identify lightsaber wielders by detecting the kyber crystals in the blades.
  • Emergency LEDs: Should Rick's visor be disabled in a dark environment, or a clear way of identifying him in a shifting battlefield be needed, there are multiple small but powerful lights on Rick's arm plates and helmet. They produce a steady blue light, and can do so for about three hours straight. They can be recharged through battery cases located inside the armor.
  • Gas Filter: A small filter in Rick's helmet can prevent him from breathing in toxic fumes as long as his helmet is not cracked.


  • Multipurpose: Rick Kaloo's armor suit is a perfect mix of qualities. It is light, durable, good at blocking out radiation and gases, and does not hinder Rick's increased mobility granted by his legs.


  • Electrocuted: Due to the multiple lights and tactical visor embedded within Rick's armor, it is vulnerable to ion attacks. Untreated electrical damage can rapidly lead to the essential tactical visor shutting down, leaving Rick blinded.
  • Unfocused: Despite its many capabilities, Rick's armor cannot work especially well in any one situation. It is outclassed by Mandalorian iron, phrik, and cortosis in protection, and is much heavier than songsteel armor of equivalent protections.


After multiple desperate battles where Rick traveled from his fleet directly onto the ground, Rick finally decided to make himself a set of battle armor.


As Rick greatly appreciated agrinium's durability and relative cheapness, he made almost all of his armor out of the compound. He later decided to add a helmet, fearing that snipers may take the opportunity to strike at his head.


As a result, a final product was finally perfected. Its relatively low cost of production juxtaposes its impressive durability, which Rick has yet to test on the battlefield. Now, Rick could finally feel comfortable about leaving his fleet behind to run directly into the ground-based battlefronts.


The armor would be named The Fish Tank.

#1922444 The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 11 March 2019 - 01:00 PM

Eternal Muse


Sign me up for some fleeting action as a CIS ally


roger roger

#1922191 [Jedi/Sith Empire] Rock and a Hard Place - pt2 Jedi Rescue

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 10 March 2019 - 05:50 PM

Allies: AiE, SJO

Enemies: Sith, boarding Darth Carnifex's ship




The boarding pods continued to soar forward with increasing speed, uninterrupted.


But Rick knew it wouldn't last. Best case scenario, all twelve pods would hit the Sith dreadnought, and then Rick would have to fight through any number of Sith defenders. Worst case scenario, they'd be shot down midway, with Rick vaporized in an instant. Or onboard the dreadnought he could be greeted by a Sith Lord. Or the pods could land on top of a turbolaser. There were quite a few ways in which the boarding could go wrong.


His thoughts were interrupted as a point-defense laser impacted the pod, its shielding rippling. Thankfully, the pod remained leak-free and on course. Another thump from a defensive laser, yet the pod still held strong. And then there was a much louder thump as the pod hit something large and solid. The other pods, bruised but intact, also hit their targets, not too far away from each other.


The frontal armor of the pods pulled back, revealing a currently empty hallway. Rick took Shieldbreaker out of his belt and into his hands and switched its sight to reflex before warily stepping into the alien vessel.



Vesper - Harpy-class artillery cruiser


With the pods safely delivered, Vesper began to refocus power to engines and shielding, slowly speeding up.


But just as Captain Seth let out a sigh of relief, a massive beam hit the rear of Vesper. The cruiser's rear shielding immediately became overwhelmed, giving out completely. Additionally, while the blast had been largely absorbed, it had still managed to create a few external fires with the remaining energy that had passed through. Overloaded, Vesper's shields could no longer function until time-consuming repairs were made.


"Put Vesper's remaining power into the engines." urged Seth. "The primary priorities are putting out the fires before they hit the engines and getting a mechanical crew down to the shielding drive. Go! Go! Go!"


Vesper rapidly sped up, its engines still fully functional. But until Rick either returned or died, the cruiser wouldn't be leaving the battlefield.