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Rick Kaloo

Rick Kaloo

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#1901892 The Devil's Lair | CIS Invasion of TJE's Copero Hex

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 14 January 2019 - 04:28 PM



ALLIES: CIS (Darth Tacitus, Adron Malvern, Srina Talon, etc.) & Coren Starchaser & Khonsu Amon








The battle had at last turned in Rick's favor.


Rick and his Confederate allies had dished significant damage on the Jen'ari and Chiss defense fleets, pushing them closer and closer to the planet. The planet's shield network had at last collapsed, leaving the planet's cities open for thousands of Confederate troops to enter. The planet's once thriving shipyards were now being obliterated, production for an enemy's war effort vaporized in an instant.


Perhaps after the battle, ORME could send in a few ships to scavenge the metal fragments before the Jen'ari returned.


The time had finally come for Rick to depart.


Even Pickle Rick's shielding was not infinitely durable, and soon the ship's heavy armaments would run dry. The two supercarriers had been strained in maintaining control of such a large detachment of starfighters, who were now returning to their hangars after a successful strafing run. In the expansive bridge of Pickle Rick, a final set of commands were issued.


[Pickle Rick to Sixth Fleet detachments. We are departing the battle after a positive damage tradeoff. This may be a large battle, but there are plenty of those nowadays. Our true faction, the Silver Jedi Order, needs us. So we must take the route we entered the system in to leave, and join our fleet in restoring justice to the galaxy.]


Not a second after the fleet comms concluded their message, Pickle Rick began to turn around, its right engines coming offline while its left engines burned especially bright. The two supercarriers did the same, angling themselves slightly downward to avoid colliding with any Confederate warships. All of the deployed starfighters returned to their hangars, and began the refueling process.


Blue and white streaks began to fill Rick's vision as Pickle Rick entered hyperspace.


Fleet Composition







#1901129 Valor-class supercarrier

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 13 January 2019 - 09:48 AM




  • Manufacturer: Outer Rim Military Engineering
  • Affiliation: Silver Spacy
  • Model: Valor-class supercarrier
  • Production: Semi-Unique


    • Valor (Owned by Rick Kaloo)

    • Liberty

    • Pride

    • Enlightenment

    • Eternal

  • Material:



  • Living Features
    • Crew Quarters
    • Officer Quarters
    • Admiral's Quarters
    • Mess Halls
    • Medical Rooms
  • Command + Utility
  • Military Structures
    • Barracks
    • Holding cells



  • Overseer - The Valor supercarrier can fit and manage a ridiculously large starfighter compliment. Its sensor arrays are some of the finest in the galaxy, allowing for the carrier's captain to effortlessly communicate between multiple vessels at the same time. 
  • Ironclad - In comparison to the smaller Valiant-class supercarrier, the defenses of the Valor supercarrier are far more developed. Reinforced, multi-layered shielding provides a powerful buffer between the carrier and enemy turbolasers, while its own wealth of offensive and defensive firepower can return the favor.


  • Turtle - With its bulk and reinforced defenses, the Valor supercarrier is very slow and tricky to turn.
  • Light Poke - Being a dedicated carrier, the Valor supercarrier has very little in terms of battleship-grade armaments. Against attack and stealth battlecruisers, the carrier's own armaments are easily overwhelmed.

Description: The Valor-class supercarrier is, as of currently, the second largest project Outer Rim Military Engineering has ever successfully completed. Nearly five kilometers long from its frontal sensors to its rear engines, each Valor supercarrier is meant to represent the pinnacle of the Silver Jedi Order's naval might.


With its massive bulk and ability to harbor nearly a thousand different vessels, a single Valor supercarrier is more than enough to protect core Silver Jedi worlds. In fact, the only carrier vessels that are on par with the Valor supercarrier fleet are the Mandalorian Oyu'baat class of supercarrier and the Sith's Song of Truth. Even in comparison to the other two, Valor supercarriers are better armed than their Oyu'baat counterparts and can move with greater ease than the Song of Truth.


The Valor-class supercarrier shares its idea of two command bridges with its predecessor, the Valiant-class supercarrier, which takes the concept from the Old Republic's Venator-class Star Destroyer. The two command bridges are built on large structures leaning into each other at the end of the ship, with the command section on the left and starfighter section on the right.


Due to the extreme costs of building a Valor-class supercarrier, only five were produced and issued by Outer Rim exclusively for the Silver Jedi Order. Only its smaller brother, the Valiant-class supercarrier, would be produced for the marketplace.





#1901127 The Devil's Lair | CIS Invasion of TJE's Copero Hex

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 13 January 2019 - 09:32 AM



ALLIES: CIS (Darth Tacitus, Adron Malvern,Srina Talon, etc.) & Coren Starchaser & Khonsu Amon






The CIS dreadnought suddenly came back to life, and Rick's objective was changed just as quickly.


Pickle Rick's engines abruptly stalled as power was shifted to armaments and armor, with the ship slowly tilting to face the enemy head-on. Unlike many other ships, Pickle Rick's broadside position wasn't on its flanks, but directly in front of it. While Pickle Rick was very nearly equal in length and width, its top-mounted main guns could all be fired at once only if facing forward.


The two supercarriers had long left Pickle Rick, now molding into the CIS battle formation. With the enemy shook and the planetary shields finally fractured, both carriers released starfighters. Hundreds of NC-1 X-Wings, Blue Jay interceptors, and Erakyte heavy bombers zoomed out of expansive hangar bays, flying toward the enemy's capital ships.


"Open fire." ordered Rick as all ten Cerrus Demolishers found their targets.


The massive cannons screamed once again, high-explosive bullets the size of meteors soaring toward the enemy formations.


Fleet Composition







#1898644 The Devil's Lair | CIS Invasion of TJE's Copero Hex

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 07 January 2019 - 04:55 PM



ALLIES: CIS (Darth Tacitus, Adron Malvern, Srina Talon, etc.) & Coren Starchaser & Khonsu Amon






The Chiss defenders of the planet swiftly let their anger be known.


Rick had taken special preparation for this battle, knowing the nature of the Chiss. Among their ranks were the best minds in the galaxy, with many naval tactics based off the Chiss Admiral Thrawn's own battles. Even Rick's own private battle procedures were partially based off those of the former Grand Admiral.


With that in mind, Rick had expected heavy resistance, and was not disappointed at all. The enemy fleets quickly realized that fire was coming from a new angle against them, and returned it curtly.


Alerts quickly filled Pickle Rick's bridge, but Rick hardly reacted. Sitting in his command chair, he stared out into space as hundreds of turbolaser bolts spiraled toward his fleet.


Pickle Rick had some of the most powerful shielding of any ship in the galaxy, and absorbed the hits easily. Immediately afterward, the shields began to slowly regenerate, fueled by energy deep within the warship. Slightly less fire was thrown in the direction of the two supercarriers, making up for their weaker defenses. But as Rick viewed the tactical feeds of the battle, he realized something was off. A Confederate dreadnought was being hit hard, its shielding vaporized by the mines Pickle Rick had narrowly glanced. Without much thought, Rick decided that Pickle Rick should move to protect the wounded vessel, in case it was valuable to the Confederacy.


At the same time, comms came in from the Confederate fleet channel, asking for a status report. Rick sent his reply swiftly, with his new set of intentions in mind.


[My fleet has entered the system okay, we are currently exchanging fire with our Chiss adversaries. Seeing that the longer Confederate dreadnought's shielding is down, Pickle Rick is moving to absorb fire headed toward the vessel. My carriers will fall back and form up with the main Confederate force. Expect a fresh shipment of troops once the planetary shield breaks. Rick, out.]


Following Rick's orders, all three ships began to turn leftward, continuing to deliver broadsides while accelerating away from their drop points. While the carriers moved toward the Confederate fleet slowly and without much trouble, extra power was converted from Pickle Rick's turbolasers to its engines.


It had to move with haste, for Rick was saving a dreadnought from oblivion.


Fleet Composition



#1897855 Battle Against Our Nature [SJO Event]

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 05 January 2019 - 10:08 AM




A beam of light ripped through a huge, mantis-like creature, felling it swiftly.


Rick wielded a rifle for firing where his floods and lightsaber were unable, desperate to protect a world so important to the Silver Jedi Order. The village was less than fifty kilometers away from the Silver Rest, and was host to a desperate last stand as giant creatures continued to flood the place. Rick wasn't the only defender - Wookiee soldiers fired bowcasters into the horde, while a few other Jedi were present.


As a savage Wookiee ran straight towards Rick, he aimed for the infected's chest and held the trigger for one second. Enough to incapacitate the Wookiee, but not kill him. If a cure were to be discovered, many live Wookiees would need to be treated.


The last defenders of the village formed a tight half-circle near the outskirts of the village, a great fence right up against them. If they slipped, it would be a very far drop.


With that in mind, the defenders resumed relentless firing, even against insurmountable odds. Rick loaded the fourth charge into his rifle as empty bowcasters were turned into desperate melee weapons. Still, the garrison held, at least for the time being. Rick used the Force to his full advantage, throwing beasts in all directions, even without a body of water nearby to manipulate.


Today would be a very long day.






#1897636 The Devil's Lair | CIS Invasion of TJE's Copero Hex

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 04 January 2019 - 08:05 PM



ALLIES: CIS & Coren Starchaser & Khonsu Amon






The fleet suddenly emerged from hyperspace, finding themselves in a battleground.


There was a brief rumble as the three large vessels absorbed multiple mines, their shielding holding up well. A quick scan showed that Rick's fleet had emerged from hyperspace approximately six kilometers above and Pickle Rick was nearly directly lined up with the primary Confederate fleet. The two supercarriers retained flanking positions, keeping the triangle formation consistent.


"The ship's main guns are viable up to a hundred kilometers away, even more outside of the atmosphere. Have them rain hell on the enemy fleet from afar." ordered Rick.


"Tell the captains of the supercarriers to load the boarding shuttles." continued Rick. "But don't launch them until I say so. In the meantime, open fire on the nearest enemy vessels."


Hundreds of turbolasers, primed merely minutes prior, suddenly opened fire, their bolts swiftly tearing through the space between Rick's fleet and their Jen'ari counterparts. Shortly afterward, a great volley of missiles erupted from the decks of the warships, soaring toward their targets eagerly.


On top of Pickle Rick, ten massive guns loomed. Each one was the length of a light cruiser, and was nearing the end of its two-minute charge time. All ten pointed at the largest vessels of the enemy fleet. A single one of the guns could crack a cruiser in half. With ten, there was no telling how much devastation could be utilized at once.


Then, a horrendous boom tore through Pickle Rick.


As Rick shielded his ears, he witnessed ten bright streaks soar through space, as bullets the size of corvettes zoomed across space, cataclsymic, high-powered meteors.


Fleet Composition






#1896824 LBS Sniper Rifle

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 02 January 2019 - 03:33 PM






  • Manufacturer: Outer Rim Military Engineering
  • Affiliation: Outer Rim Military Engineering, Alliance In Exile, Silver Jedi Order
  • Model: LBS Sniper Rifle
  • Modularity: Different scopes can be added, extended clip can be added for extra size + weight
  • Production: Minor

  • Material: Titanium outer casing, durasteel core & grip


  • Classification: Bolt-Action Heavy Sniper Rifle
  • Size:  Large
  • Weight: Average
  • Ammunition Type: Anti-infantry/anti-emplacement slugs
  • Ammunition Capacity: 1 mag/5 rounds (10 in an extended mag)
  • Reload Speed: Slow

  • Effective Range: Extreme
  • Rate of Fire: Very Low
  • Stopping Power: Extreme
  • Recoil: Very High


  • Bolt - Being a bolt-action rifle, each seperate slug is loaded into the magazine by pulling down a bolt and then pulling it backwards. After the rifle fires, the bolt returns to its original position, and it has to be pulled back once again.


  • High Caliber - The LBS has a large, gaping barrel that leaves room for an equally impressive slug. Once it is sent rocketing forward, there is very little that can stop it.
  • Clean Sight - The LBS is very accurate, able to effectively hit a target from nearly a kilometer away.
  • Multipurpose - Anti-infantry and anti-emplacement slugs can both be put inside of an LBS. Anti-infantry slugs excel at slicing through enemy infantry formations, and can easily score multiple kills with a single shot. Anti-emplacement slugs are lethal against harder targets, able to fully penetrate light armored vehicles to rupture their more vulnerable areas.


  • Dislocator Of Shoulders - Firing the LBS creates a very large amount of recoil, enough that wearing armor or a shoulder pad is recommended to prevent dislocation.
  • Clunky Reload - The process of inserting a bolt and replacing a clip are both extended and costly activities.
  • Big Boom - Traditional silencers are unable to fit on the LBS's large barrel, restricting its abilities in unseen killing. Additionally, the slug being released from the rifle creates a boom that can be heard from nearly a kilometer away.


The Loaded Ballistics Sniper is Outer Rim Military Engineering's take on a sniper rifle, essentially a high-powered lightning rod.


Using experience from previous rifle and heavy weapon designs, Outer Rim Military Engineering sought to expand its audience by adding sniper weapons to its arsenal. Consequently, the LBS was thought up.


A traditionally powerful bolt-action sniper with high reliability, the LBS was quickly refined and mass-produced. It has multiple different uses, including reconnaissance fire, eliminating high-priority or armored targets, cutting through neatly ordered infantry units, and can even be mounted on a vehicle and used as a heavy weapons emplacement.

#1896734 The Devil's Lair | CIS Invasion of TJE's Copero Hex

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 02 January 2019 - 06:57 AM









Onboard Pickle Rick, preparations were being made.


Its massive top-mounted cannons were loaded and primed, the starfighters in its hangars prepped, and its crews sprung into action. Rick Kaloo was once again arriving to a hostile world in support of a faction he was not officially aligned with.


Rick sat in the bridge, watching the blue and white swirls of hyperspace go by. In his last battle, Pickle Rick was nearly destroyed by devestating new Sith technology. But since then, he had adapted. His ships were now equipped with molecular shielding, adding a third layer to Pickle Rick's already well-established defensive systems. Additionally, shielding around the top of Pickle Rick had been reinforced, and all bugs had been fixed.


Flanking Pickle Rick were two Valiant-class supercarriers, the newest of Outer Rim Military Engineering's products. Pickle Rick's massive bulk and firepower, combined with the huge starfighter capacities of the carriers, made for an intimidating presence on the battlefield.


[Prepare to exit hyperspace.] ordered Rick through his fleet comms.


Today, he would assure the Confederates that his presence here was not a mistake.


Fleet Composition




#1896183 The Devil's Lair | CIS Invasion of TJE Controlled Copero OOC

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 31 December 2018 - 10:11 AM

Srina Talon


I see there's still one more ally spot open for the CIS and can't resist asking to have my name up there.

#1895717 Long Overdue (Jedi Skirmishing Sith Empire's Ossus Library!)

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 29 December 2018 - 05:22 PM









At last, Rick arrived at the stolen shuttle.


Rick and the rest of the Jedi task force had arrived merely an hour ago, if not less. Now, the shuttle's break from use would end. It stood silently in front of Rick, unscathed from the battle raging in the library. Soon, whatever Jedi survived the raid would return, and they would flee. Surely, Rick was far from the only survivor. But as Rick walked up the open ramp into the shuttle's interior, he still sat at the pilot's seat, just in case.


Rick wasn't familiar with all the controls, but knew enough about starships to pilot many of them. After all, his company's primary product was warships, and would be deeply ironic if he couldn't fly his own products. Rick carefully ignited the engines, heating them up but not moving the shuttle forward. Not yet, at least.


His water long abandoned in distant puddles, Rick began plotting a route offworld.



#1894929 Rescue of Jedi Outlaws in TSE Space

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 26 December 2018 - 07:21 PM

I wouldn't be satisfied unless I flooded at least five buildings. But hopefully, they won't be directed in your area.


Jerek Zenduu

#1894869 Rescue of Jedi Outlaws in TSE Space

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 26 December 2018 - 03:10 PM

The more, the merrier.

#1894423 Long Overdue (Jedi Skirmishing Sith Empire's Ossus Library!)

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 24 December 2018 - 11:23 AM









Get out of here.


The voice he recognized as Coren Starchaser's flowed through his head, concluding his mission. So Rick obeyed, and began searching for an escape route while ascending the stairwell. But first, he was going to leave a mark.


Arriving at the upper floor of the library, Rick pushed the flood in front of him forward. It steadily accelerated, smashing into walls and displacing entire bookshelves. Then, the flood naturally spread out, until Rick was using all his concentration to keep himself from being lost in the flood as well. He heard yelling behind him and turned to see two Sith troopers pointing their rifles at him. But before they could fire, a great wave of water engulfed them, knocking them back and stealing the air from their lungs. While the unfortunate Sith troopers drowned, Rick ignited his lightsaber.


Finding a window ten meters to his left, he ran forward, careful to part the water when it came his way. Then, Rick plunged his aqua blade into the window, forming a large crack. He continued to push the blade into the window, until it broke down and completely shattered. Without a moment's hesitation, Rick jumped out the window.


It was nearly a twenty meter drop, but with Force insulation combined with Rick's prosthetic legs, it felt more like two meters. After he hit the ground, Rick immediately broke into a sprint. Additionally, he grabbed a sizable stream of water that had flowed out the window and wielded it for self-defense, in case any more drownings were necessary.


The ship Rick and the other Jedi had arrived in began to come into sight, surprisingly intact.




#1891316 Long Overdue (Jedi Skirmishing Sith Empire's Ossus Library!)

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 14 December 2018 - 06:52 AM









The flood burst through open doors, throwing books and holocrons into disarray.


With Rick directing the water, it quickly consumed entire rooms before changing position to target the rooms that remained intact. Once Rick felt the water hit perimeter walls, he turned the flood back the way it had came, stepping out of the way while focusing the rest of the flood in the hallway he had just left.


Behind the waters once again, Rick moved them toward a large stairwell, still soaked and dripping from where his waters had descended. As Rick hopped onto the slippery stairwell, his bionic feet automatically deployed clingers, preventing any slipping or sliding.


After a short jog upward, Rick came to the ground floor he had left behind. But he continued upward still, seeking the one major area of the library he had left untouched.


After yet another jog, Rick arrived at the next floor up. He unleashed his flood in front of him, once again seeking to knock the Sith off guard and disassemble their books.

#1890818 A Merry Little Life Day [SJO]

Posted by Rick Kaloo on 11 December 2018 - 08:34 PM

Rick was looking forward to today's events.


In his hands was a small yet heavy metallic box, covered with vibrantly colored wrapping paper. He placed it under a large tree already filled with presents, leaving a note on top of it.


Tanaski Yumi, here is a little gift for you. It may seem heavy, but a majority of the weight is the box. I'm just playing it safe in case it goes off. After all, even with the armored box, I was hardly let through the security checkpoint with the box's contents. These "contents" I'm referring to, it is the Mida submachine gun. The only one of its kind, with two unique functions. It is actually quite a light gun, and doesn't take much experience to handle. I hope you enjoy it.


Sincerely, the spirit of Life Day.


P.S, the code to open the lock on the box is 5824.


Then, Rick left to enjoy the other festives.