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Rick Kaloo

Rick Kaloo

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  • Intent: To make a dropship for Ne-Cal Military Engineering and customers for transporting troops quickly across a battle

  • Image Source: TurboSquid

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Primary Source: TurboSquid - Sci Fi Dropship


  • Manufacturer: Outer Rim Military Engineering

  • Model: LRAD-OR (Long-Range Assault Dropship, Outer Rim)

  • Affiliation: Outer Rim Military Engineering, GA/AiE, SJO

  • Production: Mass-Produced

  • Material: Durasteel frame/armor, titanium engines


  • Classification: Dropship, Assault

  • Length: 50.4 meters

  • Width: 33.23 meters

  • Height: 8.19 meters

  • Armament: Moderate

2 light railguns, both on one turret, can tilt 90 degrees to the left and right.

  • Defenses: Moderate

Durasteel armor plating

Medium deflector shield

  • Squadron Count: 6

  • Maneuverability Rating: Low

  • Speed Rating: Average

  • Hyperdrive Class: N/A





  • Troop Carrier - The LRAD-OR can carry four dozen soldiers, eight speeder bikes, or two full-sized tanks in hooks underneath the troop transport.

  • Long Range - Being a long range transport, the LRAD-OR can carry its compliment in and out of atmospheres, and then return back out of the atmosphere to resupply. Its engines, despite being slow, are very reliable and can carry the dropship through many different enviroments without faltering.


  • Blind Spot - The LRAD-OR's railguns have a blind spot at the dropship's flank, with the railguns unable to cover the underside and back of the dropship, and protecting the top of the dropship being a complete impossibility.

  • Bulky - The size and relative lack of speed of the LRAD-OR makes it vulnerable to starfighters, ground-to-air missiles, and air-to-air missiles. Additionally, when carrying two tanks on the underside hooks, the LRAD-OR's speed and atmospheric handling is significantly reduced, while its signature grows substantially, only increasing the dropship's chances of being picked off.

Description: War calls for troops to be delivered from places often hundreds of miles from each other to support an increasingly large front. The LRAD-OR was designed to meet the demands of the army by delivering infantry soldiers across large distances.


Its massive engines, especially the pair attached to the wings on the front of the dropship, are optimized not for speed, but for fuel conservation and endurance. Therefore, the LRAD-OR's four highly developed engines allow it to stay in the air for days at a time. An armored boarding gate provides the singular entry and exit point for troops onboard the dropship. Controlled by the copilot, the gate can be opened or closed slowly to allow troops and vehicles to exit. The LRAD-OR handles tanks very similarly to an LAAT gunship of the Old Republic's waning days, simply dropping them off by disabling magnetic hooks connected to the top of the tanks. Two railguns provide defense against starfighters, capable of moving 90 degrees to the left or right on their turret. However, they can not perform a 180 degree tilt, leaving the flank of the LRAD-OR vulnerable.


Crew: 1 pilot, 1 copilot

Passenger Capacity: 48 soldiers, 8 speeder bikes, or two medium tanks in the undercarriage. Can be varied, but in the LRAD-OR, 1 speeder bike = 6 soldiers of space, medium tanks do not take up space but reduces speed and handling drastically.

Fuel Capacity: 5 days

Outer Rim Sand Primary

13 October 2018 - 08:05 AM




  • Mine Name: Outer Rim Sand Primary (ORSP)
  • Material: 99.999% sand, .001% other minerals
  • Location: Tatooine
  • Affiliation: Outer Rim Military Engineering
  • Size: Medium
  • Accessibility: The exact location of ORSP is classified and guarded by ORME weapon systems. Through private access, coordinates can be obtained.
  • Description: The Outer Rim Sand Primary facility was set up for the sole purpose of obtaining massive quantities of sand for glass products. It would seem natural that Tatooine, a planet of deserts under the twin suns and the target of Anakin Skywalker's annoyance, would be the place for a sand mine. Even more attractive to Outer Rim Military Engineering was the cheapness of Tatooine land, or rather Tatooine sand. In fact, the company bought multiple acres of arid dunes for only a hundred credits. Due to the scorching heat, droid labor had to be used to construct the facility, shipped in from multiple cargo frigates over the course of two months. Upon completion, sand intake immediately exceeded expectations by 300%. Soon, a rapid-fire industrial conveyor belt had to be added to transport the sheer quantity of sand offworld to ORME facilities.

Gravity Mine - The primary method of collecting sand used in ORSP is gravity mining. In a claw extending from the main facility, an industrial tractor beam pulls up sand from an exposed ground layer and sucks it up into the production plants. Sandstorms and strong winds guarantee that there is always a supply is fresh sand.


Processors - A newly installed industrial conveyor belt rapidly moves sand through the main facility. Throughout the conveyor belt, multiple forces are applied to the sand. A compressor makes the sand into a one meter by one meter by one decimeter cube, and then a furnace boils it into glass. The glass is then hardened with steel compounds and put in a cooling chamber to reduce the heat for packaging. Then, the glass is dropped onto large containers that are shipped offworld once they reach maximum capacity. The processing system is entirely automated, though it does have a kill switch. In the facility, the processors are visible as a long metal tube leading into a nearby hill.


Living Quarters - Only two to three organics live here for more than a week, so only two moderately sized, rectangular rooms reside in main facility of ORSP, directly above the processors. In the rooms are sinks to wash off the sand of Tatooine and beds, with tarps over them to reduce the amount of sand that enters. Additionally, there is a third room filled with solar-powered chargers for the droids working at ORSP.


Command Center - Collection of sand and glass is coordinated by a small team of organics and supercomputers, working in the command center, a glass tower just above the gravity mine. In the command center, the facility's automated workforce is coordinated and their actions monitored.


Delivery Bay - Inside the hill to the left of the facility, crates filled with glass compounds are carried up an elevator and arrive on top of the hill, about a hundred meters up. There, a large pad resides for industrial frigates to land on and collect the glass harvest.


Turret Locations - Two of the four EF-G Eye Laser Turrets are located to the left and right of the delivery bay, not on the bay itself but on separate, raised platforms. The other two are on top of the main facility on the left of the hill, spaced about ten meters apart.



Moderate - The location of the ORSP is not included in Tatooine planetary charts. Additionally, four automated EF-G Eye Laser Turrets are used to ward off any suspicious activity. However, the facility's concealment and isolation are its primary means of security, with it being practically that an army would march hundreds of miles into the desert and stumble apon the location of the specific Outer Rim sand facility.

As ORME's demand for ships grew, so did their demand for essential materials such as steel and glass. While Mon Calamari had many asteroid fields to solve the issue of the former, the latter remained nagging at the company for years. Then, they finally came up with a solution. Outer Rim's expansion into other worlds revealed that a huge profit could be made on Tatooine, where land cost virtually nothing and sand was everywhere. Better yet, Tatooine was a relatively safe world on the galactic scale, being too backwater to be found by an opposing faction and occupied.


So, ORME went along with the plan and sent scouting ships to scan the world. The company was well aware of the threats of Tusken Raiders and the Hutt clans, so decided to make their facility as far from any town or city as possible. Finally, they found the perfect place. In a range of dunes and small hills, there was an area where the sand was especially loose and sandstorms were especially common. Therefore, ORME began deploying a robotic workforce to build a mining facility connected to one of the hills.


After only two months of construction, the facility was complete, labelled Outer Rim Sand Primary. Self-sustaining due to its solar-powered reactor core, the facility was able to achieve nonstop work with huge success, delivering tens of thousands of tons of glass to ORME facilities throughout the galaxy. Its crew of primarily droids solved the problem of convincing organics to travel to Tatooine, while organics could still come in every now and then to check on the proficiency of the operations.

Pickle Rick!

10 October 2018 - 06:04 PM

It's been nearly two years since I created Rick Kaloo, a Mon Calamari engineer and fleeter who wants to see a galaxy run as efficiently as possible, with his current idea of such being a galaxy in peace.


Since then, I've had some fun times, including losing some legs, becoming Force sensitive, and fighting the same FO people over and over again with the same results. I've recently entered the second arc of Rick's saga, focusing on his entry into the Silver Jedi, handling his guilt, and balancing his responsibilities. I hope to start more personal threads soon, and develop even more of a character in Rick than I already have. Close, personal relationships with others is something Rick is currently lacking, and I sincerely wish that I'd get to know some of your characters better.


OOC, I've been through ups and downs. I left Chaos for nearly eight months as my workload became heavier and heavier, only returning this August to make up for all I had lost. I've searched tirelessly for a signature picture, with no avail as images were either too big, too messy, or in the wrong format. I've revived and renamed Rick's company with 5.0, experimenting with the entire military field of production. I currently have a dreadnought-sized vessel sitting in the SJO WIP page that's due in under a month, which I'm about halfway finished with.


Without further to do,



Tidal Wave

08 October 2018 - 07:29 PM




  • Manufacturer: Rick Kaloo
  • Affiliation: Rick Kaloo
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Titanium-reinforced silver frame, leather hilt


  • Classification: Standard Lightsaber
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Light


  • Hilt - Built using a minimalist design, the Tidal Wave's hilt has only a light wrapping of leather for its user to grab onto. Additionally, the rear of the lightsaber is very lightly built, with only a few strings of metal. The entire hilt from top to bottom is about a foot long.
  • Trigger - For the Tidal Wave, its activation trigger is located directly below its hilt. It is a small black button that is required to be pushed down firmly for two seconds to activate. The delay is meant to prevent accidental activation should Rick's hand slip.
  • "Blade" - A light blue kyber crystal emits a beam of the same color when the trigger is held down. The beam is four feet long, and is lacking in defects due to the quality of its crystal.


  • Laser Sword - The Tidal Wave is a lightsaber, a legendary weapon of the Jedi and Sith. It is capable of slicing through almost any material in the galaxy without a hitch, and can deflect small-arms fire. Additionally, the glowing beam of the Tidal Wave allows it to be used as a torch, lighting the way through dark spaces. The Tidal Wave can be used to duel with others in lightsaber combat, deflecting the beams of other lightsabers as any would.
  • Unhindered - The Tidal Wave's minimalist design makes it on the lighter side of the lightsaber family, weighing only half a kilogram. Therefore, it is very easy to use and handle the Tidal Wave.


  • Glass Cannon - The same lack of excessive weight and plating that allows ease of use in the Tidal Wave also weakens its frame. Additionally, if the kyber crystal inside the lightsaber is tilted even slightly out of place, the results can be catastrophic.
  • Careful... - Even with the safety delay on the lightsaber's trigger, it can be accidentally held down very easily should Rick's hand slip, causing the blade to activate in a bad situation.


After discovering his Force sensitivity on Umbara, Rick set off to relearn his family tree and see whether there was an explanation to him being a Force user while his family had no such children for many generations. His findings lead him to a set of coordinates, leading to an obscure moon in the Outer Rim.


At the same time, an expedition of Jedi had planned to go out there in search of old artifacts, so Rick followed with plenty of gear. The team dove deep into a submerged temple, with Rick leading the way. At the first intersection, a vision caused him to head to the left, leaving the others to their own fates. At the end of the hallway lay a huge, circular, partially lit room, with a circle-shaped pavilion rising from the center. Apon the pavillion lay multiple graves. One called to him in the Force, drawing him in. Breaking through the eroded stone with an axe, Rick found the skeleton of a Mon Calamari. In his palm lay a kyber crystal, glowing blue and almost perfectly intact. The former home of the crystal, like the stone, had eroded, and lay in bits around the skeleton. Therefore, apon realizing the significance of the vision and crystal, Rick took it into his own care and began to design a lightsaber.


Back on Mon Calamari, Rick came up with a design plan: He would make himself a light, simple lightsaber, with a tiny bit of decoration. So, he went to work, spending hours a day painstakingly aligning bits of the lightsaber with the Force. After three days, the newly named Tidal Wave was complete. Its crystal properly placed, the lightsaber glowed aqua, reflecting the lapping waves of Rick's home world. All of its conponents were functioning as planned, so Rick began putting the Tidal Wave to use.

Supernatural Shenanigans

05 October 2018 - 05:13 PM

8 hours after Mandalorian blockade of Umbara
The Nebula was once again calm, with only the brightest of stars disturbing the canvas of color. The Mandalorians and Silver Jedi had long since left the system, with even the Alliance In Exile forces eventually withdrawing. Now, an eerie silence resided over the former battlefield, now empty, as the void of space consumed everything else.
However, apon closer inspection, there was something else.
A huge pile of wreckage and debris floated stagnantly near the south edge of the nebula. Metal and glass were given wicked points, occasionally slicing through any bit of scrap that floated by. An entire intact turbolaser floated through the wreckage, its crew long evacuated. Corpses of the unlucky filled the gaps between the debris, seemingly of different factions of origin. But among the corpses, a singular life form could be found.
Rick Kaloo had been unconscious for hours, and would likely stay so for hours more. He wore an armored suit that insulated him from space and provided a sustainable source of air. However, the suit had not protected him from the sharpened metal fragments. One had pierced clean through the left part of his leggings, penetrating his leg to the bone and allowing outside space to flow in, freezing Rick's leg over. Another fragment, nearly three feet long, had gone under a centimeter from severing Rick's right leg entirely. Like Rick's left leg, Rick's right leg was quickly frosted over. Combined with severe bleeding, both of his legs had been rendered useless, most likely permanently.
It could also be observed that Rick was giving off a Force signature, one that was not there in the beginning of the battle. How that had happened would remain a mystery until Rick had been recovered and treated.
OOC: This thread takes place immediately after the ME skirmish, and is in the Nebula itself. The main focus of the thread is making sure Rick is picked up so he can continue his story as a Jedi.
Edit: While obtaining Rick is a priority, another purpose of this thread would be recovering any crew from vessels destroyed in the battle, civilian or military.
Aubrey King, Allyson Locke, Cathul Thuku, anyone from the SJO