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Rick Kaloo

Rick Kaloo

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Valor-class supercarrier

13 January 2019 - 09:48 AM




  • Manufacturer: Outer Rim Military Engineering
  • Affiliation: Silver Spacy
  • Model: Valor-class supercarrier
  • Production: Semi-Unique


    • Valor (Owned by Rick Kaloo)

    • Liberty

    • Pride

    • Enlightenment

    • Eternal

  • Material:



  • Living Features
    • Crew Quarters
    • Officer Quarters
    • Admiral's Quarters
    • Mess Halls
    • Medical Rooms
  • Command + Utility
  • Military Structures
    • Barracks
    • Holding cells



  • Overseer - The Valor supercarrier can fit and manage a ridiculously large starfighter compliment. Its sensor arrays are some of the finest in the galaxy, allowing for the carrier's captain to effortlessly communicate between multiple vessels at the same time. 
  • Ironclad - In comparison to the smaller Valiant-class supercarrier, the defenses of the Valor supercarrier are far more developed. Reinforced, multi-layered shielding provides a powerful buffer between the carrier and enemy turbolasers, while its own wealth of offensive and defensive firepower can return the favor.


  • Turtle - With its bulk and reinforced defenses, the Valor supercarrier is very slow and tricky to turn.
  • Light Poke - Being a dedicated carrier, the Valor supercarrier has very little in terms of battleship-grade armaments. Against attack and stealth battlecruisers, the carrier's own armaments are easily overwhelmed.

Description: The Valor-class supercarrier is, as of currently, the second largest project Outer Rim Military Engineering has ever successfully completed. Nearly five kilometers long from its frontal sensors to its rear engines, each Valor supercarrier is meant to represent the pinnacle of the Silver Jedi Order's naval might.


With its massive bulk and ability to harbor nearly a thousand different vessels, a single Valor supercarrier is more than enough to protect core Silver Jedi worlds. In fact, the only carrier vessels that are on par with the Valor supercarrier fleet are the Mandalorian Oyu'baat class of supercarrier and the Sith's Song of Truth. Even in comparison to the other two, Valor supercarriers are better armed than their Oyu'baat counterparts and can move with greater ease than the Song of Truth.


The Valor-class supercarrier shares its idea of two command bridges with its predecessor, the Valiant-class supercarrier, which takes the concept from the Old Republic's Venator-class Star Destroyer. The two command bridges are built on large structures leaning into each other at the end of the ship, with the command section on the left and starfighter section on the right.


Due to the extreme costs of building a Valor-class supercarrier, only five were produced and issued by Outer Rim exclusively for the Silver Jedi Order. Only its smaller brother, the Valiant-class supercarrier, would be produced for the marketplace.





LBS Sniper Rifle

02 January 2019 - 03:33 PM






  • Manufacturer: Outer Rim Military Engineering
  • Affiliation: Outer Rim Military Engineering, Alliance In Exile, Silver Jedi Order
  • Model: LBS Sniper Rifle
  • Modularity: Different scopes can be added, extended clip can be added for extra size + weight
  • Production: Minor

  • Material: Titanium outer casing, durasteel core & grip


  • Classification: Bolt-Action Heavy Sniper Rifle
  • Size:  Large
  • Weight: Average
  • Ammunition Type: Anti-infantry/anti-emplacement slugs
  • Ammunition Capacity: 1 mag/5 rounds (10 in an extended mag)
  • Reload Speed: Slow

  • Effective Range: Extreme
  • Rate of Fire: Very Low
  • Stopping Power: Extreme
  • Recoil: Very High


  • Bolt - Being a bolt-action rifle, each seperate slug is loaded into the magazine by pulling down a bolt and then pulling it backwards. After the rifle fires, the bolt returns to its original position, and it has to be pulled back once again.


  • High Caliber - The LBS has a large, gaping barrel that leaves room for an equally impressive slug. Once it is sent rocketing forward, there is very little that can stop it.
  • Clean Sight - The LBS is very accurate, able to effectively hit a target from nearly a kilometer away.
  • Multipurpose - Anti-infantry and anti-emplacement slugs can both be put inside of an LBS. Anti-infantry slugs excel at slicing through enemy infantry formations, and can easily score multiple kills with a single shot. Anti-emplacement slugs are lethal against harder targets, able to fully penetrate light armored vehicles to rupture their more vulnerable areas.


  • Dislocator Of Shoulders - Firing the LBS creates a very large amount of recoil, enough that wearing armor or a shoulder pad is recommended to prevent dislocation.
  • Clunky Reload - The process of inserting a bolt and replacing a clip are both extended and costly activities.
  • Big Boom - Traditional silencers are unable to fit on the LBS's large barrel, restricting its abilities in unseen killing. Additionally, the slug being released from the rifle creates a boom that can be heard from nearly a kilometer away.


The Loaded Ballistics Sniper is Outer Rim Military Engineering's take on a sniper rifle, essentially a high-powered lightning rod.


Using experience from previous rifle and heavy weapon designs, Outer Rim Military Engineering sought to expand its audience by adding sniper weapons to its arsenal. Consequently, the LBS was thought up.


A traditionally powerful bolt-action sniper with high reliability, the LBS was quickly refined and mass-produced. It has multiple different uses, including reconnaissance fire, eliminating high-priority or armored targets, cutting through neatly ordered infantry units, and can even be mounted on a vehicle and used as a heavy weapons emplacement.

Harpy-class artillery cruiser

31 December 2018 - 10:53 AM




  • Intent: To make a heavy artillery cruiser capable of raining hell.
  • Image Source: Pinterest
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Pinterest



  • Classification: Artillery Cruiser
  • Length: 960 meters
  • Width: 300 meters at widest, 220 meters at narrowest
  • Height: 225 meters, bridge is elevated an additional 40 meters
  • Armament: Very High
    • 12 boarding guns (6 per side of the ship, lined up by each other)
    • 50 heavy anti-capital missile racks (All on top of the ship, distributed evenly in rows)
    • 50 dual turbolasers (Spread evenly throughout the ship)
  • Defenses: Low
    • OR-SAP, Variant II
    • Basic energy shielding
    • 10 dual flak cannons (All on top of the ship, in rows parallel to and bordering the command bridge, 5 cannons per side of the ship)
    • 4 Flyswatter light AA guns (1 per corner of the command bridge structure)
  • Hangar: None
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed Rating: Average
  • Hyperdrive Class: 1


  • Crew Quarters
  • Officer Quarters
  • Mess Hall(s)
  • Medical Rooms
  • Command Bridge
  • Holding Cells




  • Justice Rains From Above - Each Harpy cruiser is equipped with a devastating missile armament, capable of ripping through established defenses with ease. Supporting the main missile barrage are scattered turbolasers, picking off any remaining enemy ships. For enemy vessels that are valued intact, boarding cannons can be fired in an instant, allowing hundreds of marines to eliminate the enemy crew and seize the vessel.


  • Glass Cannon - The Harpy's massive armament leaves little room for dedicated defenses. Its armor and shielding are only standard requirements for a ship of its class, and its flak cannons can only reliably intercept missiles.
  • They're Evading Our Turbolasers - With only four anti-aircraft guns on the entire ship, the Harpy cruiser is extremely vulnerable to assault by starfighters. Consequently, escorts are often a necessity when engaged in frontline combat.
  • Dense - The interiors of Harpy cruisers are too packed to allow any hangar space. Additionally, there are only two boarding decks on the entire ship, limiting the flow of allies in and out of the cruiser.

Description: After success with the Twinkie-class light cruiser, Outer Rim Military Engineering decided to make their widely produced products even larger. As a result, the Harpy-class artillery cruiser was born.


Unlike most artillery cruisers, who use heavy long range turbolasers to devastate enemy lines, the Harpy artillery cruiser uses a massive missile armament. It is just as effective as the turbolaser armements of its counterparts, if not even more powerful. Scattered turbolasers were placed on the ships in anticipation of cooldown between missile salvos, and are able to cover the cruiser until the next barrage begins.


Despite the cruiser's great armaments, it is not very capable of defending itself. Its defensive armaments are limited and scattered unevenly, while its shielding and armor only achieve basic levels of protection. But Outer Rim is willing to take the defensive payoff to have a very offensively powerful cruiser.

Oraim Mei

29 December 2018 - 09:34 AM



  • Planet Name: Oriam Mei 
  • Demonym: Orai (singular + plural)
  • Region: Outer Rim
  • System Name: Oriam
  • System Features
    • The Oraim system is centered around Oraim Prime, a white dwarf star of around two billion years old. Four other planets appear in the Oraim system, orbiting much closer to Oraim Prime than Oraim Mei. While they vary in size from a fourth to twenty times Oraim Mei's size, they are all scorching hot and have acidic atmospheres. While they have rich mineral deposits, they are very hard to harvest and most mining occurs on Oraim Prime.
    • Oraim Prime is a moderately sized planet (about double the size of Earth) with one large, Pangaea-like landmass between two frozen poles. But unlike Pangaea, large seas sprinkle the main continent, connected to two oceans nearly surrounding it. A day on Oraim Prime lasts approximately 16 hours, with a 9 hour day period and 7 hour night period. The planet is tilted nearly 40 degrees on its axis, leading to seasons that would naturally be intense if not for weather regulation.
  • Coordinates: J-16
  • Major Imports: Consumable goods, laborers (organics & droids), animals & animal products
  • Major Exports: Outer Rim Military Engineering products, raw minerals (a large variety, from durasteel to electrum), luxury resources (diamonds, pearls, etc.)


  • Gravity: 25% below standard
  • Climate: Controlled
  • Primary Terrain: Primarily mountainous land, with long valleys in between ranges.
  • Atmosphere: Type 1 (Breathable)
  • Major Locations:
    • Rim City - The fledgling capital of Oraim Mei, with around a hundred million citizens and rising. Rim City is located near the coastline to one of the large seas littering the world. It is centered around the new Rim Center, headquarters of Outer Rim Military Engineering, which looms above the cityscape. Rim City is also the largest city in Oraim Mei, with about six hundred million citizens in other about a hundred other cities and the rest in mining and scattered agricultural towns.
    • V-MF1 - Short for Valuable Mining Facility 1, V-MF1 resides on top of a large reserve of diamond, platinum, and chromium ores. As Outer Rim Military Engineering expanded their mining operations, they soon realized that extreme climates lead to greater bounties of resources. When they stumbled apon a dormant composite volcano, they found a literal gold mine. V-MF1 was placed far enough from the top of the volcano, kilometers above, to not be directly annihilated by an eruption. However, the facility is still close enough to the volcano to extract the minerals that its lava pushes out.
    • New Mon Calamari - The Mon Calamari and Quarren have reclaimed the temperate seas of Oraim Mei. At first expanding off of Rim City, but eventually descending into deeper water, a line of aquatic cities have been constructed. Replicating those of Mon Calamari in as many ways as possible, they serve as the home of a majority of the refugees from Mon Calamari. In New Mon Calamari, the culture of its people thrive, and they look up to the stars in secure comfort for the first time in months.


  • Native Species: None
  • Immigrated Species: Humans, Mon Calamari, Quarren, Sullustians, assorted near-humans
  • Population: Sparsely Populated (~1.4 billion residents)
  • Demographics:
    • Permanent Population
      • 480 million Mon Calamari
      • 160 million Quarren
      • 230 million Humans, Sullustians, and other species
    • ~500 million hired workers of assorted species at any given time
  • Primary Languages: Basic
  • Culture

First and foremost, the people of Oraim Mei are hard workers. Over three-fourths of the planet is employed to Outer Rim Military Engineering in some way. A vast majority of the recruited workers work on maintaining the planet itself, expanding its cities and keeping its economy free from the threat of deflation. Some work directly in Outer Rim factories, overseeing the production of a huge variety of products or taking executive roles.
The work of the greater population has created a reverence for Outer Rim on the planet, thankful for vast employment opportunities. The company's original workforce, before the founding of society on Oraim Mei, makes up a large portion of the planet's population. The company also took refugees from Mon Calamari and delivered them to the safety of Oraim Mei, creating a large aquatic population on the planet.
Additionally, the primary planetary culture is largely based off Mon Calamari tradition. Arts and literature are highly valued, and it is difficult for a resident of the planet to lose their temper. They are hard workers and often seek to explore the space around them and claim distant planets for the new Mon Calamari society.
The reduced gravity on the planet also plays a role on its society. With less limits, more buildings are built vertically instead of horizontally, creating a city of "needle skyscrapers". The taller the skyscraper is, the more important it is viewed, with Rim Center looming above any other building on the planet.

  • Government: Corporate democracy, with an elected president caring for the planet's people and living conditions while ORME provides security and controls the inflow and outflow of goods.
  • Affiliation: Outer Rim Military Engineering
  • Wealth: High
    • ORME relocated their central assets from Mon Calamari to Oraim Mei following the devastating Sith invasion of the Mon Calamari homeworld. The resulting manpower and engineering force quickly turned a relatively sparse planet into a thriving industrial powerhouse. Its shipyards service hundreds of vessels, and a massive labor force works day and night to harvest the natural wealth of Oraim Mei. Its vast mountain ranges, reaching kilometers into the sky, hide vast reserves of precious metals, while unique variants of pearls lie in the depths of the planet's numerous seas. Once refined, products from hand grenades to Star Destroyers are able to be built in massive numbers.
    • All these factors combined makes the living standards on Oraim Mei as high as Cato Nemodia's, as they both have strong economies boosting a stable population.
  • Stability: Medium-High
    • While Oraim Mei has a generally welcoming foreign policy, its high security presents issues. People who come unprepared will often be barred from entering the world by security officials until proper steps are taken. Additionally, it is expected that all residents of Oraim Mei, whether permanent citizens or hired workers, will actively work toward the planet's infastructure. Laziness is not tolerated, and lax workers are often disliked, while hard workers have the opposite treatment. But as long as a citizen of Oraim Mei passes security qualifications and is a hard worker, he can expect to be treated fairly and respected by his peers.
  • Freedom & Oppression
    • Oraim Mei's government is annually examined for corruption and traitors, but is largely fair and treats its people justly. Military rifles and explosives are banned for use by anyone but police and military forces, while small arms and knives are readily available for self-defense.


  • Military
    • Oraim Mei is a heavily defended world, often equipping the newest of Outer Rim Military Engineering's products in its security forces. It has a well-disciplined police force and a highly organized incarceration system, leaving justice more than guaranteed. Oraim Mei has one of the largest planetary defense fleets in the galaxy, with dozens of cruisers, frigates, and corvettes in constant orbit, as well as a sprinkle of larger vessels.
  • Technology
    • Being a direct link to Outer Rim Military Engineering, one of the most influential companies outside the Core Worlds, Oraim Mei is constantly fitted with experimental, cutting-edge tech. ORME often uses Oraim Mei as a testing ground for new technologies and practices, ensuring that there is hardly ever an obsolete object on the planet.

In the disastrous invasion of the Mon Calamari system, Outer Rim Military Engineering suffered greatly. It lost its hive mind in the Blade on Mon Calamari, and was forced to vaporize all of its assets on the world. Determined to avenge the Mon Calamari and his company, Rick Kaloo sought to find a world for refuge. After three months of scouting, a viable option arrived. A world deep within the Outer Rim, yet greatly distanced from the Sith inquisitors who had devastated the Mon Calamari homeworld. It was in a system unclaimed by any other group or faction, had a breathable atmosphere, and a great treasure trove of natural resources.Rick brought a large settlement team to the planet, which he named Oraim Mei, a shortened corruption of Outer Rim Military Engineering.
Apon hearing of a safe haven in the Outer Rim, hundreds of thousands of Mon Calamari displaced from their homeworld traveled to Oraim Mei. As the first cities were established along the coastline, countless millions of more Mon Calamari joined the initial settlers. Soon, newly polished skyscrapers held one of the largest Mon Calamari populations outside of the occupied homeworld itself. Additionally, millions of Quarren refugees joined the Mon Calamari, and ambitious human populations followed. With cities and a workforce, Oraim Mei's natural resources were ready to be harvested.
Inside of massive mountain ranges hid colossal stores of minerals, bringing in billions of tons of durasteel, titanium, and other raw goods. Among the steels hid diamonds, platinum, andhigh-value gems. In the various oceans littered across Oraim Mei, pearls all across the spectrum of colors were efficiently harvested. And at the center of it all, Outer Rim Military Engineering made a huge comeback. The company was now producing more products than ever, and raking in a handsome profit. A massive skyscraper, named Rim Center, was created as a new, highly refined galactic headquarters for ORME. A mock government was established to ensure proper industrial practices were occurring on Oraim Mei, and to provide for its people.
But there were still challenges. Oraim Mei is very close to First Order space, in fact, much closer than even the New Republic and Confederacy of Independent System's furthest territories. While Outer Rim and the First Order have never formally declared war on each other, Outer Rim supports two of the First Order's oldest enemies and refuses to do business with the Order or its associates. Consequently, Rick Kaloo made the decision to turn the world into a fortress, anticipating a collision with the Order's ruthless expansion. Planetary defense guns were installed in hidden locations throughout the planet, and a large planetary defense shield can be activated in mere minutes if necessary. A fleet provided by Outer Rim itself provides 24/7 screening over Oraim Mei, scanning all incoming vessels to ensure no illegal weapons or explosives enter. Citizenship tests occurring four times a year help root out foreign spies and eliminate traitors. Even if the Order made no move, there was still a chance of the Sith Empire arriving to finish off the Mon Calamari population. So Rick established and kept his fortifications.
Additionally, there is very little land in Oraim Mei suitable for farming. Mountains make up 95% of the landscape, and they often have jagged, frigid peaks. To make matters worse, there are very few animal species that can survive the harsh climate of inland Oraim Mei. To make up for it, Rick decided to draw the majority of Oraim Mei's food stores from its native fish and galactic imports. In return, Oraim Mei would send its valuable ores as exports.

C-3 Concussion Missile

24 December 2018 - 11:56 AM




  • Intent: To make a standard anti-capital missile for public use

  • Image Source: Turbosquid

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Primary Source: Turbosquid


  • Manufacturer: Outer Rim Military Engineering

  • Model: C-3 Concussion Missile

  • Affiliation: ORME, SJO, AiE, private buyers

  • Modularity: Different tips can be added, such as HE or APHE

  • Production: Minor

  • Material: Durasteel frame/plating, titanium-lined thrusters


  • Classification: Concussion Missile

  • Size: Anti-Capital

  • Length: 5 meters

  • Weight: 2 tons

  • Effective Range: 4 km






  • Cheap - C-3 missiles are made of simple materials, and only cost a third of the price of an average capital-grade proton torpedo.

  • Multi-Role - While mainly designed to combat capital ships, C-3 missiles are also great against armored fortifications and large groups of enemy starfighters or infantry.


  • Dumb Rocket - C-3 missiles are not homing, and they can only fire in straight lines from their launchers.

  • Limited Penetration - Despite C-3 concussion missiles coming with standard AP tips, their effectiveness is relatively limited. Consequently, well-armored heavy cruisers, Destroyers, and battlecruisers are often unable to be penetrated.


The C-3 Concussion Missile is a medium anti-capital ship concussion missile. The third concussion missile model in Outer Rim Military Engineering’s Missile Project testing, improved over the previous two models (One of C-1’s wings broke midair and it dove downward, C-2 went too slow and didn’t penetrate) and ready for general service. Designed to combat corvettes, frigates, light cruisers, and small carriers, C-3 missiles served a broad anti-capital ship role.