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Dante Calgar

Dante Calgar

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In Topic: FO and Allies | To Rise Above, Soar

04 April 2018 - 10:57 AM

”Correlian Brady, please. Neat.”


The Moff's eyes were drawn to the strangely familiar voice a few meters away. Non-government, definitely not military. *Unusual.* he mused. It wasn't difficult for the Minister of Security to learn much about a person at a glance. The way they carried themselves, their posture, subtle undertones of their voice. This one was different though. *Murky* thought Dante to himself. With a twist of the glass in his hand the ice and amber liquid swirled before being raised to his lips. He savored the flavor, a distant memory coming to the forefront of his mind - no, he knew who she was. Slowly but surely a name began to form in his mind. *A Zambrano.* A crooked smile briefly flashed across his features before resuming their naturally neutral state. He observed the woman for a moment longer, his brief attempt at analyzing her behavior largely ineffective, but something had changed since the last time the two had crossed paths. He remembered the musty smell of the jungle as he'd hiked through it, the burn of his legs after ascending the extensive stairway to the Bastion - a disciple of the Supreme Leader or not, it was a memorable experience.


In short order, Ms. Zambrano had made her way across the room, snagging something from a tray before coming to a halt near one of the ornate pillars around the central room. There she paused, as if looking for someone specific. It was then his feet began to carry him in her wake. Carefully he navigated around several groups of talking dignitaries and attendees - some in uniform, others in regal gowns and dresses. *Dosuun High Society no doubt.* He would have sneered at the thought, but instead he assumed a gentle smile. 


"Nice night for an event, don't you think Ms. Zambrano?"


His steps had led him just to the woman's side, glass switching hands as he extended the other in greeting. 


"Decent turnout so far - expecting someone specific?" he said, nodding towards the arches towards the entrance. An almost knowing grin spread across his features. Even the unknown could come to light, if one feigned knowledge. At very least, it was one method of discovering her interest. Collecting information was one of his strengths. How she responded should likely tell him what he needed to know, and if not? Every action was a move in a perpetual game of chess, each feint revealing another weakness, another move to be made. Social events were rife with maneuvering - this was no different. 


Ara Zambrano

In Topic: Downfall | First Order

04 April 2018 - 10:51 AM

As the woman's voice continued onward, Dante's eyes maintained their deceptively calm gaze - boring into the woman. As he did so, her words seemed to speed up, her heart rate spiked - all things easily identified by the Security Minister. Noticing small behavioral tics was one of the skills which made him particularly dangerous. That, and his uncanny ability to control his own responses. It wasn't so much that he found the woman's words particularly irritating, but the way she droned on grated against his sense of efficiency. To date, Dante hadn't been one easily swayed by charismatic speeches or dogmatic platitudes. No, Dante was very much about being concise - something the woman across the desk seemed to be unfamiliar with. At least initially. As her dialogue began to wind down, he nodded, the final sentence outlining the reason for her appointment.


"I won't waste any more of your time beating around the bush.."


*Good.* thought Dante silently.


".. I had a standing meeting with the Grand Moff to give me a debrief on the war effort -- recruitment numbers, declassified victory reports, and the kind of ra-ra, go-fight-win stuff she was known for -- but for obvious reasons she's... indisposed. Is there anything you can tell me? Inquiring minds want to know."


Dante sat there for a moment, fingers crossed as his elbows reset upon the surface of his desk, eyes still aimed pointedly at the reporter. With a deep intake of breath, he pushed himself back from the desk and leaned back in his chair. Silence permeated the room, an almost awkward pause before the Minister responded. "The Grand Moff, yes, she has been busy lately. Interesting that you chose to speak to me." He narrowed his eyes and smiled. "I take it Supreme Commander Graush was indisposed?" a quiet chuckle filled the space as he continued. "The war effort, as it were, has largely been a success, I'm sure you know that. Victories have been anything but in short supply, though the Alliance continues to supply their Galactic Southern Worlds - I'd wager you don't need an explanation on how that is happening given the political geography surrounding the most recent victory claimed by the Order."


"As to the view.." Dante rose from his chair, a quiet sqeak as his footsteps carried him towards the transparisteel viewscreen. "..It reminds me of why we do what we do. Tell me Ms. Finn-Camden, why do you choose to live here? I hear you're from Galidraan? You know the Grand Moff is from there. What ties you to the Order?" A tangent perhaps, but one he'd carefully calculated. It had struck him odd, the woman leaning over his desk as he'd walked in - then again given her behavioral cues it might not be that strange, she was the inquisitive type. When had might ever served Dante though? No, he would need to be sure. Rather than continue on, his gaze fell upon the world below, letting his question hang in the air. 


Lydia Finn-Camden

In Topic: Downfall | First Order

21 March 2018 - 08:26 AM

As the door to his office opened, the subtle creak and groan of the hinges grated like nails on a chalkboard. A smirk tugged at the corner of his lips. He'd always been fond of the older phrases, though they commonly failed to apply given the level of technology which was, for the most part, universal. The idiosyncrasy slipped from his mind as eyes laid on the occupant of his office, partially bent form eyeing a solitary picture frame on his desk. *Interesting.* "Miss Finn-Camden." Dante said, closing the door gently behind himself as he stepped forward. The large binder switched hands before he offered his own in greeting to the woman. "Please, have a seat. Can I get you anything? A water?" Moving and speaking, Dante slid the datapad on his desk aside, placing the binder atop it, quickly obscuring any view the woman might have had. Settling down in his own chair behind the desk, he reached for a drawer, pausing for a moment. "Something stronger?" His hand knocked against a lower drawer of the desk, a raised eyebrow signaling his inquiry. 


On the surface, Moff Calgar seemed almost normal, but no one could forget the cold and calm demeanor he'd held on the parade deck those many months ago. Dispensing the Supreme Leader's Justice. Or so it had been touted. There were those who'd disagreed with their methods, even the Grand Moff had seemed shaken by the display - but Order wasn't maintained by benevolence alone. There needed to be a strong fist to wield the hammer. Taking a relaxed posture in the leather chair, Dante rolled up squarely behind his desk, resting his elbows on its surface and steepling his fingers. "So, what can I do for you?" He leaned in, eyes meeting those of the woman across the desk.


Lydia Finn-Camden

In Topic: Fool Me Once

21 February 2018 - 12:50 PM

Outer Rim | Avalonia, Dosuun

Victory & Memorial Park | Omega Memorial


The Grand Moff's momentary lapse of cool demeanor caused the Minister to crack his own facade, a smirk fluttering at the edge of his lips. *And there we are. Perhaps not so far from the edge afterall.* he thought. While she talked, his eyes turned again towards the park, silently admiring the calm and quiet of the place. If there wasn't already a strange feeling of being watched, the gentle rustle of a bush and the flutter of breeze amplified it tenfold. He continued to do so as the woman spoke to her knowledge of her kin, as Natasi's tone change however, his features were drawn tight, a scowl forming as he turned to meet her chilling gaze with one of his own.


"I expected more of you Ms. Fortan." the calm tones of his voice only adding to the evening chill. "I assume you're familiar with Primo Victorian - the First Order has several high level contracts with the company owned and operated by your kin. Whether or not you're close is irrelevant to the matter. A line of blood connects the two of you." Taking a moment, Dante's hands moved to the partially open binder, tracing along one of the pages. "Do you really need me to spell this out for you? It's a liability."


"Intelligence reports note several sealed data files collected from within their database. We were able to crack them, I think you'll find the data we've uncovered particularly interesting." Pointing once more, Dante's finger fell upon the page, one detailing a handful of exterior contract drafts. "It appears your relative Fiolette has been busy. Busy drafting design and construction contracts with the enemy." As the words rolled off his tongue, a sinister smirk fell upon his face, gaze threatening to meet with absolute zero. "I don't have to explain why this might be a problem for you, do I?" Dante didn't give the woman time to reply before he continued. "I can take care of this little problem for you, don't you worry about that - but it won't be free." Cautiously folding his hands in front of himself, the Security Minister waited, allowing the information to sink in, the Grand Moff time to review the data in her hands. He'd played his hand, all that was left was to see if the Grand Moff could match it.


The Major | Natasi Fortan

In Topic: Fool Me Once

05 February 2018 - 01:52 PM

Outer Rim | Avalonia, Dosuun

Victory & Memorial Park | Omega Memorial


Moff Calgar's footsteps were made with purpose, his strides wide and fast. Even so, the Grand Moff had arrived before Dante and "The Major" had. It was a cool night, though not as cold as it had been, the glistening sheen of dew reflecting the dim lights of the park. Perhaps the strangest part of it all was the silence that seemed to permeate the entire park. Even during the wee hours business as usual carried on throughout Avalonia. High tech sound dampeners had been installed across the memorial, creating a serene and calm atmosphere in this part of the park. As he heard his footsteps echo against the bricks, Dante's eyes scanned his surroundings. When he'd told the Grand Moff to come alone, it had been a figure of speech. As usual her entourage of security followed, he hadn't expected anything less. Dante noted the soft footfalls of the woman in his wake come to a halt as they grew closer, prompting him to half turn. Eyes meeting the woman's he squinted briefly. "Come with me, I want you to hear all of this." With a nod of his head, he turned towards where the Grand Moff was seated at a bench.


Stopping crisply just before her, Dante's gaze bored into the woman. "Your excellency." A feigned nod of reverence in her direction. "If you'll walk with me. Much harder to pick up on our conversation. I hope you don't mind, my associate will be joining us." A gesture, Dante's hand extended, offered to Natasi. "Shall we?" With an almost machine-like efficiency he stepped off towards the stairs leading up to the memorial itself, and as the Grand Moff stepped with him the folder containing the details of the Grand Moff's relation found itself pressed against her side. "You'll find the relevant information in here. I've done you the courtesy of summarizing it, the full report is included in the rear." As they reached the first landing, he paused, turning to the woman. "How close are you two?" he said, referring to the woman detailed in the dossier. 


Natasi Fortan | The Major