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Dante Calgar

Dante Calgar

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In Topic: Settling Down to Settle Up the Skor | First Order

24 August 2018 - 11:40 AM

Dante's usually aggressive demeanor was sorely absent. Even as the conversation veered violently to the left he seemed unperturbed, instead his eyes searched through the data displayed on his datapad. He'd had little time to compile his own personal report on the subject matter but as he paged through the data a thought began to form at the edge of his mind. Page after page saw them realized, eyes darting up at the near hostile situation beginning to unfold before him. Months ago he might have asked the same question voiced by the Director but time had tempered his posture. As he paused to let the situation resolve itself he cast a wayward glance at the Grand Moff.


It was strange, seeing her so casually situated. For a moment Dante forgot what he had been about to say, biting the inside of his cheek as he struggled to find the words. Diverting his eyes back to the room at large, he cleared his throat.


"I'm sure that Lady Fortan has not erred in her judgement of of us - I might suggest that we stay on topic. To that end.."


Dante rose from his position on the lounge, his eyes darting from one to the next.


"In addition to what the Grand Admiral has put forward, it is important to note another anomaly in the forces utilized against the Concordia specifically." It almost felt wrong saying the vessel's name - she'd been subjected to quite the beating. "These here.." a holoprojection of a vessel appeared as Dante set his datapad on the small table. "..Are of obvious Mandalorian design. Not only this, but energy readouts captured as the vessels made their attack run are consistent with what we've identified as a MandalArms product known as a Ramship. Whether by design or circumstance, these vessels aren't a readily available product."


Dante let the image linger for a moment before picking up again.


"I think it's time we had a chat with MandalArms. We get the Mandalorians to subpoena their sales records, manufacturing records. The evidence is pretty damning - I see no reason why we shouldn't be able to lean on them to get them."


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In Topic: The Mandalorian Gambit

17 August 2018 - 03:22 PM

Again the Minister of Security was met with silence, nothing but the cold faceplates of the Mandalorian delegation offering any kind of response. An awkward silence hung over the room, a furtive glance to the Grand Moff for some sort of direction - she gave none but returned the same confused expression Dante masked behind his silence. Lingering a moment more, Moff Calgar reached across the table and closed the lid of the case before retrieving it. A moment later it found its way passed back to the assistants standing behind the First Order. Was this some Mandalorian negotiation method he'd not read about? Perhaps he'd misspoken and offended them? Nothing came to mind, and that's when his mind went to work.


If they weren't offended perhaps they meant to intimidate - a game Moff Calgar deigned not to play.


"Perhaps this meeting was called too soon - by all appearances, you have nothing to offer towards the conversation. A shame really." he continued. "It seems this has been a colossal waste of time. Both of my own and of the Grand Moff's, not to mention the Supreme Leader's most of all."


Dante slid his seat in, fingers stretching as he rest his hands upon the back of the seat. As he continued to speak, his eyes looked from one member of the delegation to the next.


"I think this has gone on for long enough - unless there's a reason we should stay?"


First Order Delegation:

Natasi Fortan (Grand Moff) | Asharad Graush (Supreme Commander) | Dante Calgar (Moff, Minister of Security)
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In Topic: Settling Down to Settle Up the Skor | First Order

16 August 2018 - 09:53 AM

Briefing after briefing. Dante had seen the mass data caches that had been recorded and stored during the battle over Skor II - technically the second battle. The Minister of Security hadn't been present for either but that wasn't unusual. Though he was fully capable of performing in the field it wasn't his duty to do so anymore, no. He had a more singular responsibility now. With the presence of the FIV Wrath, the sheer amount of data collected meant that he'd probably still be seeing it processed in several months time - a headache for anyone. The briefings given to the entirety of the Moff Council were vague, the subtext even moreso but Dante had picked up on a few themes, a few patterns. He'd spent hours upon hours scouring the raw data for himself. Ships logs, weapons logs, damage reports. In fact it was those hours of intense studying which found him pouring himself a three finger glass of whisky at nearly midnight.


As he replaced the crystal decanter on the small cabinet behind his desk Dante rubbed his temples. This was going to be a long process. How the Outer Rim Coalition had managed to field a fleet so quickly had baffled him, no doubt the Admiralty as well. They had expected some resistance, that was only natural, but what had been presented was much more than mere resistance. It had been coordinated - and equally peculiar. The Minister of Security wasn't a religious man by any measure but what was witnessed in battle over Skor II couldn't have been explained in any other way. Dante knew of the Supreme Leader, and of his control over what Jedi referred to as 'The Dark Side' but this? Over two dozen Purrgil had appeared in the sector mere moments after the First Order's arrival in system. Pesky enough as they were in small groups, this one had been massive and not only these but a Zumma-verminoth later on. These strange occurrences spoke to only one thing - The galaxy was yet again hemorrhaging. Not unlike one's hair standing on end moments before something awful was about to happen, Dante saw the signs expressed in unusual patterns through the data he processed. *And there's so much more to comb through. So much more.*


With that, Dante's fingers grasped the lip of the glass before raising it. Intending on enjoying the first sip after a long day he was less than pleased when before he could partake, a shrill chirp sounded from the communicator on his desk. A momentary longing gaze cast at the amber liquid, Dante set it back down on the small liquor cabinet before retrieving the communicator. A glance at the memo caused the corners of his lips to twitch, a scowl forming. *Now... what could this be?* With a sigh, he retrieved the glass and carefully returned the contents to the bottle from whence they came before departing his office. When the Grand Moff called, he answered.



Strictly speaking, Dante had been "Off Duty". He knew that wasn't really a luxury he had due to his current appointment, and so he'd been working - albeit in more casual attire than his usual. Under any other circumstances, he just might have changed. Time was of the essence however, the memo dictating that the matter was urgent as well as a footnote about extracting the most recent reports regarding the Mandalorian Empire. That alone had taken him far longer than he'd hoped, transferring the data to his personal datapad before hastily heading to Number 10. In a last bid attempt to render himself at least somewhat presentable he ran a hand along his shirt, straitening a few of the loose wrinkles. With a quick once over of himself in the reflective surface of the ornate door knocker, he reached for the handle and let himself in. Greeted of course by the Grand Moff's staff, he was ushered in. As he approached he saw the familiar silhouette of his associate "The Major", the others took him a moment longer to identify but each was known to him. It appeared he was the last to arrive - or among them. Dante wasn't sure who had been summoned but apparently it was of significant importance to have both the FOSB and the Grand Admiral present.


"Your excellency." He voiced, a half bow as he continued. "Ladies, gentleman."


What they were here for exactly he hadn't quite pieced together. It obviously involved the Mandalorian Empire but it had to be something more. Only weeks ago they'd met with a delegation, was this in regards to that? Or something different. There was no way to tell except by asking, and ask he did.


"If you don't mind Lady Fortan, why the mysterious summons?"


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In Topic: The Mandalorian Gambit

14 August 2018 - 02:46 PM

His words had been met with silence, an extended one at that. For a moment he thought he'd said something offensive but as he played back the words in his head he knew that couldn't have been the case. No, there was something else. Perhaps the delegation was having second thoughts about the First Order? It wouldn't have been the first time that a foreign nation was struck dumb in the face of the First Order - though Dante hadn't expected it from a people with such a storied martial history. With a glance towards their own delegation, Dante spoke again, this time more forcefully as if he thought it might spur the conversation onward.


"I won't bore you with the details of trade tariffs, fees, and taxes - our financial heads can work out the details. I think specifically though, technology sharing might be beneficial for both our nations. Given your recent shift from isolationist policies, perhaps we could assist you in that regard. The First Order has been on the very leading edge of technological advancement, our naval technology arguably some of the best in the galaxy. Likewise, the Mandalorian Empire has access to raw materials and precious metals that when combined with our technology could be used to great effect, both militarily and commercially. Is that something that interests you and your people?"


With a motion of his hand a junior officer stepped forward from the edge of the room, hands outstretched with a box. It was a fairly large box, longer than it was wide or deep, two latches holding it shut. Rising from his seat and retrieving it, Dante dismissed the young officer with a wave of his hand. Careful to open the box facing the delegation on the other side, he opened it slowly so they could see what was inside. Firmly held in place by the foam of the case was a First Order weapon, a blaster rifle to be exact. Standard issue to the Stormtrooper Corps.


"I've been told your people tend to favor their disruptors, but let me show you this." He gently moved the case towards them, encouraging them to handle the device. "Military technology like this is standard issue for our soldiers. Given the right motivation, and should this meeting bear fruit, we could assist you in fabricating weapons of similar design or even in limited quantities, supply you with these - and that is just the edge of the asteroid field so to speak."


Reseating himself, Dante glanced at the others to gauge their reactions. Military technology was often not the first thing brought to the table but with the Mandalorians, Dante had taken a risk. A calculated guess that it might just pique their interest. They were afterall, a war minded people at heart.



First Order Delegation:

Natasi Fortan (Grand Moff) | Asharad Graush (Supreme Commander) | Dante Calgar (Moff, Minister of Security)
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In Topic: Here With Us Among the Clouds | The First Order & Atrisian Government

04 August 2018 - 11:19 AM

"It's a bloody booze cruise, I don't know if that's going to make this easier or harder."


The Grand Moff was more or less correct - the event had been scheduled on a pleasure barge. Dante had been expecting something closer to home, perhaps a visit to the Kansai province or at very least a taste of the local cuisine aside the almost symbolic Koi gardens. Nope, instead the planning committee had booked a pleasure barge. *Achh.* Dante couldn't really complain, it allowed him to dress more comfortably although it almost felt a hair too casual standing this close to the Grand Moff. Once perhaps he had held aspirations for the office but over time the Minister of Security had discovered an unexpected ally in Natasi Fortan. Perhaps it was just as much a surprise for her.


"But it's a bit late now. I suppose we ought to get aboard before they cast off. It looks like we may be some of the last to arrive."


A quick glance around the two confirmed the Grand Moff's words. Replenishment hoses had been disconnected and the ground crew seemed to be prepping the vessel for departure. Dante nodded in agreement and fell in beside Natasi Fortan "It certainly appears that way. Shall we?" The Minister motioned with his arms towards the base of the boarding ramp. "Ladies first." He passed a curt nod and a wave towards the troopers as they passed.


"I could murder a G&T right now," Natasi said, turning back to Calgar. "How about it, Moff Calgar?"


"Only one?" He said jokingly. "No, I think you've got the right idea Ms. Fortan - a gin and tonic it is."


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