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Dante Calgar

Dante Calgar

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Fool Me Once

12 January 2018 - 04:33 PM



Outer Rim | Avalonia, Dosuun

Number 12, Forselle Drive

FOSB Headquarters | Office of Dante Calgar



Silence filled the entire floor, a gentle blue glow emanating from one of the offices on the upper floors of the building. It wasn't just any office, but the office of the Security Minister himself, Moff Calgar. This late in the evening it was unusual for anyone to be at their office, even more so the minister himself. The subtle clacking of keys broken up by the brief pause as his eyes traced across the screen. Less than two weeks ago Dante had nearly lost his life in an assassination attempt. So far any leads they'd tracked all lead to dead ends, literally. Chief Ennike had been involved in a complex plot to advance his career. He'd advanced all right - straight to the grave. In fact, one of the up and coming agents in the FOSB had been gravely injured in that operation. That send a quiet chuckle through the man behind the screens. Either the night was getting late or Dante was beginning to lose his mind. Perhaps a bit of both. 


Where was he again? That's right, the reports. Dead ends. There wasn't anything else thus far that was going to lead towards his would be assassin - it had however brought some other interesting things to light. Things that could be very good for Moff Calgar. Nothing concrete, but he had begun to see a pattern in the information he'd had routed to his machine. It led to some interesting places. It was now that he was faced with a choice. He could pursue the data himself, he certainly had the resources - or - he could do something else entirely. A malevolent smirk creased the corners of Dante's lips. This was too good.


With a few simple keystrokes, the Security Minister activated a secured line to the Grand Moff's residence. 


"Good Evening," he said. "This is Moff Calgar for the Grand Moff. It's urgent." A pause. "Yes I'm aware of the hour, I need to speak with her now." His voice might have been misleading, but it almost seemed calm. "Yes, I'll hold."


Natasi Fortan | The Major

Sometimes Blood Does Matter

03 August 2017 - 04:18 PM

Virgilia Sector  \\ Virgilia VII \\ Bastion of Ren

FIV Iniquitous \\ Upsilon-class Shuttle

Local Time \\ Evening


The clouds threatened to suffocate the small world, darkness long since eclipsing the landscape as the Bastion began its descent into night. Wet leaves on the trees and brush glinted menacingly near the Bastion's entrance, torchlight casting strange shadows and creating an almost eerie fluttering with the wind and as Moff Calgar's footsteps ascended the final curve along the Path of Jagged Stones a large raindrop slapped the man across his face. An annoyed swipe brushed the drop from his features, though did little to due away with the overall dampness of the man's flesh. 


The jungle was unforgiving, the humidity relentless - and with a storm on the horizon the air was thick, almost as if breathing in a thick smog. Other men might not have made the journey, it was in fact designed to test those who wished to become Knights of Ren but Dante wasn't just any other man. The Moff was unlike any other, his history largely classified if it existed at all. His official record made mention of the FOSB but beyond that the majority was blatantly absent. Whatever it was he'd done to get this far, it explained why he was able to make the trek. Breathing heavily, his feet continued upon the path, left foot in front of right until he reached the top of the staircase. What greeted his gaze took his breath away.


The Bastion of Ren was no small structure, in fact it had been carved into one of the largest mountains, corridors, chambers, and the unknown buried deep within the rock but what had taken his breath away was the sheer size of it. Large columns rose to meet the side of the mountain, the large engraved doors leading within closed save for a small panel mounted beside them. He had arrived. Moff Calgar took a moment to catch his breath, the sweat now beginning to bead along his brow - and then another drop of rain. A thunderous boom shook the mountain, the trees swaying as a large gust of wind ripped between them. Then the torrent of rain. Lightning lit up the sky followed by another tremor. Dante was quick to step towards the panel along the wall, his hand rising to meet the hand print scanner at the controls. 


With a brief flash of green light, the panel activated and a large grating sounded above the din of the storm. Water came down hard, threatening to soak the man's clothing as large droplets were blown by the gusting wind. The grating noise intensified until the large doors began to part, darkness beyond drawing the man in as an abyss. With a deep breath he strode towards the heart of the Bastion.


--- --- ---


Dante had been greeted by a pair of Disciples, their muted tones and dark attire marking them as members of Sieger Ren's mysterious order. Quickly upon his arrival they had led him to an empty chamber, seated him there and departed once more. Their only instruction "Wait."


And wait he would. As he sat, water beginning to soak through the exterior layer of clothing he'd worn, the disciples had moved swiftly towards the Knight's Quarters. On any given day, the Bastion was filled with close to one hundred Knights and Disciples though which ones was always in question. Today however, there was no question. The girl was here, and it was from the Bastion they would depart for Panatha - it was as Sieger willed. A quiet knock would be heard at the chambers of Ara Ren, the pair of disciples taking a step backwards from the chamber door, awaiting a response. 



Ara Ren

Gravis Est | The Heavy Hand

12 May 2017 - 02:27 PM

-- -- --

2 days after the defeat at Skor II

Capitol Square, Avalonia, Dosuun

[ Theme ]

-- -- --


A calculated risk? An acceptable loss? A military blunder? For weeks to come the First Order's defeat at Skor II would no doubt be the focus of  many investigations. Already data recorded during the encounter had been transmitted back to High Command, the tapes and recordings being meticulously combed for intelligence and evaluation. Like any other major government, the bureaucracy could take weeks, even months to fully comb through the data - but there were some things which required immediate action, the information irrefutable at a mere glance. 

Along the horizon a crimson crescent could be seen rising, a biting edge of cool breeze gently blowing through the streets of Avalonia. A rustle of banners filtered lightly across the large square, broken up only by the quiet breaths of men and women gathered there. These were no mere citizens, not simply the people of Dosuun gathered for a public address - the men and women gathered in the square stood in line. Their disheveled uniforms clung to their bodies as if they'd been worn for nearly a week, their eyes haggard their features gaunt. Upon further inspection it could be discerned that those gathered here were not entirely here by their will, soldiers belonging to the Shock Trooper Legion, affectionately referred to as "Fortan's Fist" stood watching from the edges of the square, their weapons held tightly - the gloss white of their armor glinting as it caught the sun. 


In formation they stood, their heads held high - their bodies yet retaining the traces of discipline which they'd so clearly lacked. This was no mere address, this was no simple parade or gathering - this was a reckoning. 


It wasn't often true disciplinary action was required past assigning extra watch duties or working in the mess hall for a stint but this was something different entirely. During the hostilities on Skor - actions had been taken that were not easily reversed, orders issued by those without command to do so, and those orders followed by further yet - those unauthorized to carry them out. It is commonly said that no battle plan survives contact with the enemy. That may be true, but all must pay for their actions. 


Silently the soldiers of Fortan's Fist arranged themselves about the square, their weapons at the ready should some officer or trooper step out of line, try to escape. Above the square atop the Capitol steps themselves stood a lone podium, a highly complex network of holo-camera's and microphones arranged at its corner. As if a silent cue was given, the doors to the mighty palace would open, a small group of figures there began their slow walk towards the open podium, their faces obscured by the long shadows cast by the rising sun. 


Natasi Fortan | Asharad Graush | Torian Pierce

Rexus Wenck | Gerhard Maxim | @First Order


The Hand or the Sword

09 May 2017 - 07:54 PM




Coursing along the Braxant Run

FIV Deliberate, Gozanti-class Cruiser


Two weeks. Or at least roughly that. He'd begun to lose track of the days since the envoy had departed the capital world of Dosuun. Stirring from his mindless wandering he picked up the datapad from the arm-rest in the lounge, eyes poring over the small screen. He'd gone over it a thousand times, but one thousand and one could make all the difference. If nothing else, he was thorough - it was part of why he'd been brought along, or so he imagined. Dante Calgar, Moff and Minister of Security - it still sounded strange as he played back the words in his mind. Strange but fitting. It had been a long road, one he'd not originally embarked upon but nevertheless stumbled down until he found himself driven to its end, though truthfully the once stumble had become a run, a sprint even for the man. 


It had been a quiet affair, his assignment as Minister of Security. The previous occupant had passed away unexpectedly, by what means was anyone's guess. Heart failure, bad genetics, maybe even an allergic reaction - the details of which had yet to be officially released. The First Order was an Empire however and the gears yet turned, cogs mercilessly grinding from one thing to the next and Dante had found himself inserted in her place. Unfortunate though the woman's passing was, it also allowed him an intimate opportunity to mingle with the highest in command - The Grand Moff Natasi Fortan, The Supreme Commander Asharad Graush, and a handful of others. He'd never been great with names though in his new position he would be required to be meticulous about them. It was an adjustment he would make. He knew there were at least 4 TIE pilots assigned to their vessel, though their names were a mystery. 


Only two hours. At least according to the datapad's calculations. That's how long it would take before they reached Bastion, the central hub of the newly formed Sith Ascendancy. Had he been any less it might have sent a shiver down his spine, it wasn't every day you came face to face with men who wielded the power of gods. It was a fine thing that Dante didn't believe that of them, he'd seen heroes broken and bloodied, titans brought to heal - he'd seen gods killed. These men were no more gods then those who had come before and perished but even so Moff Calgar was no fool. It would be folly to cross them, at least now. 


For months the Sith had been gathering, consolidating, even many who'd sought protection after the fall of the One Sith had left from First Order holdings in search of something more natural. The Ren - according to his understanding were the main culprit of the Sith's malcontent, though to say that was all would be false. Sieger Ren, the Supreme leader himself seemed to harbor resentment towards the Sith, no doubt a deeper story there to be told.. but not to the likes of him. His responsibility was simple - represent the security interests of the First Order, and to work with the politicians to work out an accord that might bring the two closer together despite their geographical divide. Dante had a feeling it would be their philosophical divide however which drove a wedge between them. 


With a sigh, he set down the datapad once more on the arm rest of his chair and eyeballed the lounge. It was early - too early for the majority of the group to be awake. Dante always found it easiest to read in those early waking hours, the quiet that came with it, and the aroma of the dark coffee. It was serene almost, the humming of the ship's engines as they continued on. The others would arrive soon and then.. Then things would get interesting. It wasn't unusual for a small vessel like theirs to go unmolested but as they began to near Sith Ascendancy space the likelihood grew exponentially. Mildly uneasy, Dante drummed his fingers across the chair and took a long sip of his dark coffee as he waited for the others to filter in. 



Natasi Fortan | Amit Nykoan | Asharad Graush

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Dante Calgar

03 May 2017 - 02:22 PM

Dante Calgar (WIP)





Dante Calgar

917482 Victory Lane, Avalonia, Dosuun

SN: 497324879



Sex: Male Affiliation: First Order Rank: Moff


Age: 38 Standard Height: 183 cm | 6 ft Weight: 82 kg | 181 lbs


Eyes: Blue Hair: Dark Brown Skin: Fair, Weathered


Force Sensitive: No



Key Traits


Military Background • Capable Speaker • Completionist


• Technically Proficient • Strategic Minded • Ambitious


Notable Weaknesses


• Duplicitous • Pragmatist • Emotional Deficit



• Arrogant • Sliding Scale of Morality




Trait Summary:


A staple of his personal identity, not much is actually known about his service with the Imperial Military, though somewhere along the line he picked up the nickname "Phobos". The only released information contained in his military record speak of excellent marks in proficiency testing coupled with a wide range of actions during the expansion of the First Order, though they fail to specify exact dates and/or times. Rumors circulate about the man's origins, tales of his deeds during the war against the Ssi-Ruuk, and even the conquest of Zarnathea pass from the lips of soldier to soldier, the story growing larger and more grand with each telling.


During his time with the First Order military, he developed a skill with words, able to communicate quickly and effectively is one of the traits which defines him. Talented with words, he is able to instill obedience by his charisma alone, rarely having to actually lay down the law - though according to the rumors, there is a good reason his nickname was "Phobos".


A completionist at heart, Dante never leaves a task unfinished and is willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve his goals. Morality is a crutch used by the weak, a cry of "Unfairness" for those who feel they are being wronged. Why let that get in the way when the situation can be remedied by a simple action, or inaction?


Over the course of his service, Calgar was introduced to a myriad of technology and weaponry, all of which he held a natural aptitude for. If you're not the hunter, you're the hunted. An aggressive outlook on life perhaps, but it has served him well and undoubtedly will continue to do so as he pursues even greater status within the First Order machine. Directly tied to his ambition, it has driven him farther than any other might have come had they taken the same route. Formerly military, now political figure - Dante's ambition is only tempered by the strategic mind developed through countless hours devoted to learning strategy both high and low - even though he is no longer an active member of the First Order war machine, he is constantly engaging with the military commanders within his sphere of influence.



Dante is a man who cares not only about his physical appearance but also for his health. A strict diet and physical training regimen keep him ahead of the majority of his peers. Due in part to his time spent as an officer of the First Order in addition to his close familial ties, Dante commands a high level of physical fitness and gravitas. Piercing blue eyes pick up on the smallest bits of detail and dark hair, in contrast to his pale complexion.


Born the son of a military officer in the Outer Rim, Dante has seen the hardships of living in the outer fringes of space - lawlessness abounds. Though he'd always had an eye towards the military, Dante had important hurdles to clear first, his education. Unlike many of those born in the Outer Rim, he was able to travel abroad, attending a number of schools. Well versed in Galactic Basic, Dante almost had a natural talent for stringing words together to form not only sentences which others could understand but almost in such a manner one might have called his speech elegant. As a young man following after his schooling, he'd enlisted in the military - spurning the route of the officer and instead choosing to join the grunt forces. Throughout the training process, his superiors were constantly impressed by his performance, escalating his record up the chain.


It only took a few years before he was selected for special duty. Originally a member of the general ground forces, he was transferred to a black ops division operated by the FOSB where he served as an "Infantry Officer". According to his service record he'd been assigned permanent duty on the backwater world of Sump to a garrison there. An uninteresting post - if it had been his actual assignment. Instead, Dante had been sent immediately for advanced training with the FOSB where he carried out missions in secret, off the record both in and out of uniform. Now, recently a vacancy has been created on the Moff Council - though his records are mostly classified if they exist at all, a mock record has been generated for those who would attempt to do some backstory. He too has been briefed and will be soon assuming the position of Security Minister, replacing the recently deceased  Rabri Bharati.


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