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NPTRG Mk. I - Neutrino Pulse Transmitter Receiver Group

16 August 2018 - 03:20 PM



  • Manufacturer: The First Order
  • Affiliation: The First Order
  • Model: NPTRG Mk I.
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Minor

  • Material: Alusteel, Durasteel, Electronics Components, EMI Insulation, Hiridiu Crystals


  • Jamming Resilient
  • Battlespace Positioning System
  • High Speed Data Processing
  • Ability to Transmit Through Solid Matter
  • Increased Transmission Strength due to Crystals


  • Resistant to Signal Jamming:
    • Using particle based transmission exempts the NPTRG from signal based jamming attempts, giving it a tactical edge in traditionally jammed environments. This also allows the equipped party to jam all standard communications frequencies and still be able to communicate.
  • Natural Encryption
    • Neutrinos naturally change between three identified "States" or "Flavors" over distance. Using this cyclic change of properties coupled with an proprietary cipher, even if the data was to be intercepted or read it would require both that the transmission was received at the target distance from the transmitter as well as decoded via the proprietary cipher.
  • High Speed Processing of Data
    • Perhaps one of the most impressive features of the NPTRG system is its capability to process data at an extremely rapid rate allowing for the neutrino pulses to be transmitted over the space of microseconds. Able to receive and read the input data and process it into an audible or text format, the NPTRG is able to synthesize sound that accurately imitates the same sound as the transmitter's voice - encouraging seamless communication and recognition between ships and their Captains.
  • Ability to Transmit through Solid Matter
    • Neutrinos as defined are near-massless. Because of this, they are able to pass through most solid matter without much of a change in impedance and are largely unaffected by gravity. Because of the Neutrino's ability to pass through most solid matter, transmissions can happen even if two vessels are on opposite sides of a planet, eliminating the need for for a relay. Likewise, the signal cannot be blocked simply by putting an object (Like a space vessel) in between the transmitter and the receiver.


  • Delicate Enclosure
    • The first model of its kind, the NPTRG Mk I wasn't created with the intent of being physically resilient. Susceptible to kinetic damage, it relies on its parent vessel or facility's shields to protect it from harm. It wouldn't even take a space rock to knock this out of commission or damage it, as little as a trooper armed with a bat could deal some serious damage to the transmitter or receiver of the system. Because of the unique construction and function of the NPTRG, not just any transmitter will work - it must be a specialized Neutrino Pulse Transmitter. Likewise if the receiver is damaged, no standardized sensors or receivers will be able to retrieve and translate the message as it is not a signal based communication but a particle based communication.
  • Cannot travel at FTL Speeds (System to System Communication is slow)
    • Unable to travel much faster than the speed of light, it can take hours, days, or weeks to transmit outside of a system. Typically the NPTRG is utilized in system for combat operations or recovery operations where signal based communication is untenable due to environmental communications or intentional jamming.
  • Cannot be Utilized while in Hyperspace
    • One major downside to the NPTRG is its inability to transmit or receive while in hyperspace. Because of this, it is only able to be utilized once the reversion is complete. After reversion, there is a slight delay in the system as it calibrates, effectively "Shaking off" the effects of hyperspace travel.
  • Ship to Ground Communication requires Infrastructure
    • As the NPTRG Mk I is largely an in trial method of communication, ship to ground communication using the system requires a dedicated infrastructure. To utilize the technology between space and ground, a specialized receiver and transmitter must be present on the surface of the planet. It should be noted that a system installed on the surface would require significant power requirements for both processing the signal and transmitting responses.
  • High Power Requirement
    • As aforementioned, whether the system is installed in a ship or on the surface, the NPTRG requires large amounts of power. As such, overloads could be particularly dangerous. Due to the power requirements to run this system, many vessels will have to do some creative shuffling of power balancing to use the system if they hope to keep all their systems at baseline. For example, if the NPTRG is active, there will almost never be a situation where both the NPTRG will be active and the weapons system will allow for increased power. To put it plainly, no systems unless modified are capable of being "Boosted" beyond their baseline capabilities while the NPTRG is active.
  • Mk I. Model is non-portable and requires installation on a vessel or a designated structure.
    • Non-portable, the Mk. I model requires extensive installation and configuration. As such, it is not designed for quick, easy, or mobile deployment. This technology must be installed in either a space vessels Frigate sized or Larger or in a dedicated building on the surface of a planet.



A step away from standard communication techniques, the NPTRG Mk I doesn't utilize wave transmission like many present day communications equipment but instead relies on the transmission and reception of particles known as neutrinos. Considered near-massless, these particles are typically able to pass through solid matter without effect. Revolutionizing the way ship to ship communication is done in system, the NPTRG has several major strengths above standard communications. Incapable of being jammed by standard signal jamming equipment, it provides its users with a constant communications capability as well as a directional positioning system allowing the real time verification of sender and location tracking.


During the First Order's second attempt to subjugate the planet of Skor II, system wide communication jamming caused a significant hiccup in their operations. As such, the FOSB with the help of the First Order's research and development personnel have devised a new method of communication, one they hope to further enhance the First Order's technological advantage against less advanced foes. Though it's by no means foolproof and there are likely ways in which it could be rendered useless, it highlights a significant step towards advances in jamming resistant communications technologies.



First Order Sector Map

14 August 2018 - 03:58 PM

First Order Sector Division Map




Sector Descriptions


Red - The Home Sector:


Containing the Capital world of Dosuun, the Home Sector stretches from the edge of known space towards the worlds of Lothal and Queravert IV. The worlds in this sector are some of the most built up of the First Order, a large civilian population hallmarked by the grand architecture and wide thoroughfares - or in some cases, great underwater cities. Embodying the very heart of the First Order, these worlds boast the best the Order has to offer including some of the most breathtaking views and galaxy class architecture.

Purple - The Corporate Sector:


This sector is home to some of the First Order's most booming corporate fronts. Corporate offices, events, and conferences are often held within the sector and it stands as a symbol of the First Order's competitive business environment. Technology is at the forefront of the sector's priorities, many research grants and facilities being stood up in the core of First Order space. Where there are corporations, there is also espionage. The FOSB operates frequently in the sector and as such have established a "No Fly" zone near the world of Sump. Though used for toxin disposal and filtering, the planet remains off limits to the general public.

Green - The Industrial Sector:


The primary source of the First Order's industry, the aptly named Industrial sector is just that. Including the worlds of Mustafar, Hoth, Bespin, and Ison, the Industrial Sector is a significant provider for the First Order both in raw materials and production. Many of the First Order's vessels and fleet resources are housed in this sector, easily one of the most fortified aside from the Home Sector.

Orange - The Fringe Sector:


Containing systems like Gehenna, Red Nebula, and Kro Var, this sector shares a border with the Home Sector, creating a gap between Coalition and First Orderspace along the Galactic Southern border. Though the sector is small, it holds a surprisingly large significance as far as military and scientific research go.

Blue - The Trade Sector:


Spanning across the Hydian Way and the Rimma Trade Route, the Trade Sector is easily one of the busiest. Centered across both major trade routes the only other major hyperlane towards the Home Sector is the Corellian Trade Spine. Containing the worlds of Dagobah, Tantra, and Elrood, significant efforts to modernize the sector and capitalize on its ease of access, the Trade Sector serves as the primary conduit for imports and exports of processed goods and materials.

Yellow - The Frontier Sector:


Once the very leading edge of the First Order expansion to the Galactic North, the Frontier sector is a collection of fringe worlds that provided an influx of cultural value and historical clout to the First Order's expanding cloud of influence. Worlds like Alexandria, Zakuul, Riflor, and Endor - a symbol of First Order success at taming the unknown regions of the galaxy.

White - The Expansion Sector:


The latest addition to the First Order, many of these worlds once belonged to the Galactic Alliance and fringe elements before being swallowed up by the First Order. Transitions have gone well, Imperial organization increasing these world's value to the Empire at large and a constant reminder of Imperial superiority in the realm of conquest. While many of these worlds are new to the Empire, a fair number have had long standing relations with the Home Sector and are no stranger to the ways of the First Order.


The Mandalorian Gambit

19 July 2018 - 04:12 PM


(Source Image)

From: The Office of the Grand Moff, Natasi Fortan

To: Manda'lor, Mandalorian Empire


Greetings in the name of the Supreme Leader and people of the First Order,


The First Order is committed to bringing an era of peace and stability to our galaxy through collaboration with our galactic neighbors. Through our wide network of intelligence resources, it has come to our attention that there may be among the Mandalorian Empire, elements that desire to establish diplomatic ties between our two great peoples. I write to confirm that the First Order would be pleased to offer a hand and establish a diplomatic presence, and to that end would like to determine a time and location where delegates of both entities may meet. I think it would be in both of our best interests to conduct the meeting in neutral space, so as to prevent any feelings of concern to both parties.


My office will work with you on establishing a set of understood procedures regarding the meeting while accounting for cultural considerations. If you could please advice my office of any cultural, ecological, or other concerns about which my Ministry of Foreign & Colonial Affairs should be aware, we will be happy to accommodate anything you may need.

With kind regards,




It had been that message which sparked a flurry of activity. Not so much the message itself as the implication and gravity of such a thing. Small perhaps in the grand scheme but Dante knew that all it took to knock down a house of cards was a touch of wind. When Dante had first expressed his trepidity around the situation, The Major had been the first to point out that the First Order wasn't exactly a house of cards, and the Mandalorian Empire wasn't exactly a 'touch of wind'... Okay, so the analogy wasn't perfect. He'd admit. It hadn't saved him from the paperwork, regardless.

"Get me everything you have on the Mandalorian Empire." his folly unknown until he was left looking at terabytes of data over the next few weeks. *Don't I pay people for this?* he thought more than once during the process. Unfortunately for the Moff, it was his job to be in the know.

The Grand Moff's rise had been a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. The two had butted heads more than once over the last years but something in the dynamic had changed. Perhaps equally for each. In any case, Dante had gone from being a political rival to something of a closet supporter of the woman's. Though he would openly criticize her in meetings, more often than not he would back her completely when the time came for some important measure to be instated or signed off on - at least those that required his signature as a formality. Moreover, the two had begun working together on measures to ensure both the safety and security of the First Order. Prone as he was to long disappearances, Dante preferred to rely on someone who was present. In this case, the Grand Moff had a much better track record at keeping up appearances. Though, he'd never say such thoughts aloud.

As it stood, Dante and The Major had done a significant amount of footwork. Paging through data, picking out the relevant bits and incorporating them into some kind of agreement that could be met between the two Empires. It had finally come down to a neutral station near Reecee. In its original configuration, it had been a small cargo port, established for quick resupply on vessel's way around the deep core - then re purposed as a diplomatic point for several regional governments. After more than one discussion at length about the viability of the station as a point for talks, it was agreed upon. Much to the Security Minister's chagrin however, restriction of weapons wasn't something they could push too hard - a Mandalorian without his weapons? Better luck seeing a Krayt Dragon in your lifetime.

Dante took a deep breath inward, adjusting the heavy duty belt at his waist. *I forgot how uncomfortable these were.* he thought to himself. Much more familiar with the weight of a concealed weapon, the whole kit and caboodle felt foreign to the man. Black gloss leather, heavy wool-like uniform. Dark leather gloves. The whole thing had grown tiresome, at least the regale of it. *One of the pitfalls of power.* thought the Moff.

"Not still hungover from last night, are we Director Shepard?"


His voice was clear, eyes twinkling with mischief. From his appearance, one wouldn't have guessed that only a mere eight to ten hours ago he was quite inebriated. No smell of liquor, no hint of fatigue, not even a sensitivity to light as the bright overhead in the turbolift shone down upon the delegation. Dante didn't need to look to imagine the expression of disapproval etched upon the Grand Moff's face. Inwardly he smiled. Soon enough they'd arrive at the chamber designated for their meeting, all the adventures of the previous night forgotten as the delegation from the First Order put aside all else and discussed the future. Though the meeting may not have been as ground shaking as some they'd had in the past, it was never wise to underestimate the power of diplomacy.

First Order Delegation:

Natasi Fortan (Grand Moff) | Asharad Graush (Supreme Commander) | Dante Calgar (Moff, Minister of Security)
The Major (Director, FOSB) | Madelyn Lowe (Governor, Minister of Foreign Affairs)

Mandalorian Empire Delegation:
Yasha Mantis | Keira Verd | Alkor Centaris | Cassiopeia Australis

Beware the Parcae

21 June 2018 - 10:43 PM


Decima Cold Weather Training Facility

Morta Cold Weather Research & Development

Surface of Hoth



A biting wind howled across the ice plains just below the Ceyan Range.The muted rumble of cracking ice echoed deep below the uppermost layer of snow. It was almost musical, woodwinds playing a gentle melody, percussion a gentle thrum. If one paid close enough attention they might even see a snowmouse as it frolicked across the open plain, small bursts of snow erupting as its whiskered nose broke the surface only to dive back below. Tranquil. That was a good word to describe the world of Hoth. Now, months after the war against the Galactic Alliance, even the battleground had begun to be once again consumed by nature. Surrendered to the ice, the snow, the biting wind.


It wasn't the surface of Hoth that the Minister of Security was interested in however. The plight of the snowmouse and the eerie tones of the wind as they whistled through ice spires bored out by the iceworms was all but ignored - instead his focus had been on something alien to the planet, something man made. Dante was here to pay someone a visit.




Most gods throw dice, but Fate plays chess, and you don't find out til too late that he's been playing with two queens all along. - Terry Pratchett




Unannounced, Dante had arrived at the Decima Cold Weather Training Facility, the Deck Chief who'd greeted him upon his de-embarkation had been flustered. No doubt that he was concerned that finally his holonet gambling addiction had finally caught up with him. It was a rule that you weren't supposed to be conducting personal business on official terminals, but everyone did it right? The guys down at sanitation? He'd heard stories about what they liked to use terminals for in their free time. Alas, Specialist Voril was not the reason for Moff Calgar's visit, in fact it was highly unlikely that the Deck Chief even knew that where Dante was headed even existed.


Morta Cold Weather Research Facility was co-located with Decima Cold Weather Training Facility. While the latter trained the First Order's finest soldiers for the reality of harsh environment survival and advanced SERE techniques, Morta's purpose was a more devious one.


Nestled several hundred meters below the substructure of Decima lay Morta, a state of the art research and development facility. Dante himself had never been there but he'd heard of it during his time as a spook - in fact many of the recently developed technologies just now reaching the First Order's fighting force had been in development in the very facility. Technology wasn't why he was here though. After several uneventful minutes of travel via corridor, tram, and elevator, Dante had finally arrived. *So this is Morta* he thought to himself, eyes picking up every little detail. White polished floors reflected the overhead light, dark accents provided a clear contrast, and there were people everywhere. Lab coats, droids, even armed troopers made their way through the halls. Narrowing his eyes the Minister of Security set a course for his destination, indicated by a small blue arrow on the datapad recently recovered from his pocket. Raising his voice, he addressed the two uniformed FOSB operatives flanking him on either side.


"Gentlemen. With me. Time to see what our friend Caalgen is up to."


Travis Caalgen | Natasi Fortan | The Major | Madelyn Lowe

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