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Janick Beauchamp

Janick Beauchamp

Member Since 13 May 2017
Offline Last Active Yesterday, 10:13 PM
  Faction Name Faction Stats
Outer Rim Coalition (The Underground)

We were the Underground: raids and gunrunning, decentralized and more than a little disreputable. We've fought the Dark Side from the Deep Core to the Unknown Regions. After liberating Demonsgate w...

  • Members: 523
  • Created: 12-January 15
Wyyrlok-Solusar College of the Force

An intellectual and academically focused organization dedicated to the research and teaching of the Force, it's effects on the environment, and how it can be manipulated by sentients. Non-denominat...

  • Members: 5
  • Created: 08-June 18
Interstellar Protectorate

"In a divided galaxy, choose order, choose justice, choose prosperity; choose the Interstellar Protectorate!"   Founded by the former Monarchy and nobility of Kaikielius, with the great noble...

  • Members: 36
  • Created: 03-July 18