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Janick Beauchamp

Janick Beauchamp

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In Topic: Under-appreciated Witchcraft

Yesterday, 07:34 PM

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"Controlling the environment is a vague notion: the best-known of the gang is, of course, electricity. That is, Force-lightning. But heat is another useful area of environmental control; you could use it for cooking, HVAC, among others. Too often Jedi or Sith only seem to think of battle uses for a specific power"


Political obligations are one thing, but political deceptions are perhaps how they can have entire factions backing them and yet have a scope of duty that is ultimately very limited. Yet, on the whole, Jedi seem to be more aware of what they can and cannot do. There may have been a few issues at times, but to Janick, Jedi were the lesser of two evils. Therion Vensveer would probably appreciate the ability of infusion, and it was something she must have subjected to so many people by now that she could do it, well, as fast as it was safe to do it, given the infusee's mental attributes. In fact, she could get a better feel for Therion's mental attributes right now... which was essential for her to proceed with a painless knowledge infusion (up to the pain level of what's being infused). She knew that, according to the Fundamental Inequality of Mental Data Transfer, to minimize pain, one should not infuse, nor download, faster than the slower of the target's or the user's mental bandwidth. Janick never felt that her own bandwidth was that big of a deal when she did it herself; however, she couldn't assume such was the case with Therion, especially if he intended to learn witchcraft by infusion or by downloading knowledge from her.


"I'm sure you will love this one: how about I infuse into you knowledge of memory manipulation? Before I proceed with the infusion, do you have any questions?"

In Topic: The Last Stand (Underground/ORC)

14 December 2018 - 02:54 PM

"Gas or chemical signature readings? Checked for anything like that yet?" Veino Garn asked.


"Looks like some chemical that has some corrosive effects on biomatter, perhaps an alien chemical-imbued melee weapon"


It couldn't simply be a regular alchemized sword doing this: if it was, in fact, an alchemized sword doing this, it needed to carry some sort of alien contaminant during the alchemical process, Janick thought, knowing that poisonous alchemized swords tended to bleed without giving a semblance of anything remotely resembling cauterization upon contact with blood. Or at least not without using some sort of alien toxin that may have been native to the homeworld of the attackers. She was realizing as much upon gently hovering the hand over a cut on the corpse without actually touching it. Hopefully Jada Raxis may be on to some psychometric detail that she would find by performing it on something other than what Janick did it to. Another object that was present in the Temple when the attack was underway. If only Janick could get some sample of the toxin today, perhaps she could keep some in reserve for future alchemical products, for further analysis or maybe both. But it was not the time to collect such items just yet. Not when the real threat may come into range soon enough.

In Topic: Soul Searching (ORC Dominion of Echidna, Hex Q-56)

09 December 2018 - 09:58 PM

It also seemed that the static was sending a message of its own, and not simply interfering with sensors and comms. And, somehow, a handful of orbs of light, each of which representing some of the wingmen that were killed in combat operations she flew with, appeared in front of her. Of those people whose callsigns she knew, and their faces, too, but their names she didn't because she spent so little time with them outside of flying: Nanami, Muntz, killed on Utapau against the Mandos, to name those whose faces actually showed up on the orbs, as well as a few others killed on Dagobah she never had a reason to actually know about their names even though they were hangar personnel onboard the Compellor. Others around her, such as Dax Fyre, Kaia Starchaser, Zak Amroth seemed to have similar experiences of orbs containing the faces of dead people they met in person during their lifetimes even though, unlike them, Janick was not onboard the Seeker. And she also had different conversations with the dead compared to Griet: the latter would have conversations of a financial nature instead, rather than of a military nature.


"It is long overdue but your deaths were not in vain, not immediately after death at least" she told the ghosts of Muntz and Nanami, before turning to the next set of ghosts. "As for you, your deaths bought the Alliance perhaps a few days or so"

In Topic: True Grit (Outer Rim Coalition)

09 December 2018 - 09:40 PM

Because Janick was infusing the knowledge of Memory Rub into several people's brains at once, her mental bandwidth was split evenly across all of the recipients, which made the infusion much slower than if she infused into a given person individually, but on the flip side, there was no risk of inducing pain that was not content-induced. So they had visions flashing in their respective minds of how to infuse knowledge, as well as to alter knowledge, either by editing mental files or by deleting them, and also with how the quality of one's memory relate to the effectiveness of Memory Rub: if the target had a better memory, infusions typically were more effective, but the reverse was true of other alterations. The witch could feel that a few of the infusees questioned the reason why there even was such relationships existing: to that she would be able to provide an answer once the infusion was complete, about two minutes in or so. She knew that very few chances existed for them to learn using infusion, and they had to make it count, but also questions would likely arise.


"I'm not sure why you are infusing knowledge of what attributes of the target would make infusions more effective and why would you claim that it would be less effective when performing other alterations"


"The reason is grounded in neurobiology. Infusing knowledge means that you're using the Force to form neuronal connections inside someone else's brain, while other alterations tend to alter or destroy neuronal connections instead. Someone with a better memory would then have more durable neuronal connections"

In Topic: The Last Stand (Underground/ORC)

08 December 2018 - 07:56 PM

To insinuate that I was there because I drank too much of this azeotropic goodness I called the Asobi 95% tihaar, might have meant that the tihaar was part of the malfunction's cause; Tamana cast the spell when I was drinking that stuff, she thought, while Veino Garn told her the basic situation: the outpost was hit. True, it wasn't as showy as the First Order may have been, but perhaps there were some Sith Assassins involved, in which case they'd have no incentive to use ysalamirs. She could always try to track the traces aerodynamic drag left behind in the Force when someone was walking, but she knew that sort of thing was faint at best, and she could try to lock on to that sort of signature for spellcasting, much like one would lock on to a magnetic signature of a ship equipped with a cloaking device. Or perhaps the magnetic signature of a lightsaber, generated by the blade, or some other energy weapon, in that case she would be casting Force-lightning, chained or not. But Eliza SteeleNarayan the Unslaver or Kaia Starchaser would potentially have other methods to find and fight the enemy as Janick disembarked.


"Initial landing uncontested. Come in at my coordinates" Veino reported.


"Be on the lookout for potential traps, Force-based or not. It's too quiet for my own comfort" Janick added to Mynock Dubrillion, while keeping an eye open in the Force for those magnetic signatures belonging to energy weapons, such as blasters, lightsabers and so on, so forth, standing ready to cast Force-lightning if their owners were hostile.