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Janick Beauchamp

Janick Beauchamp

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#1789087 So where do we stand? [Outer Rim Coalition]

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 19 May 2018 - 08:25 PM

"I knew it was risky, especially since even the alchemical cover would likely be blown at some point. Their alchemical activities revolve much more about Sithspawn than electronics. The events of Shusugaunt made me realize that even an ingenious cover, even a believable motive to adopt a cover, is not sufficient to succeed under cover, even though my position was compromised only when exfil was the logical next step. What I did not realize until now was that I was a known quantity this far away from ORC or GE space"
While I can always use a fake identity short-term, I don't think it's going to work long-term. Better have someone else do this, and... ugh! she thought, while the memories of Shusugaunt were resurfacing in her mind. Where she made it out alive only because of Griet's timely intervention, after planting ion bomb filling mixed with powdered incendiaries into the place's supply of copier toner. Now, it was possible someone else saved Jorus Merrill's hide on Shusugaunt, but Ria Misrani had the right idea. Infiltrating other factions that could possibly become players on the map, including but not limited to using underworld contacts, was perhaps a necessity. Hopefully Gilamar Skirata would actually prove of use, while Runi Verin seemed to have some connections among the CIS. She had to comb her client list, past and present, and ask for information as needed, perhaps using navy money for payment, or free items if they preferred noncash considerations. And yet, to think that she achieved that much fame from either alchemical sources or dogfighting sources was enough to give her pause. True, the Modem was her main claim to fame in the alchemical world, but to think it carried enough risk to compromise any covert ops mission she might undertake?


"I think I'll stay out of any direct field involvement in external intel"

#1788824 So where do we stand? [Outer Rim Coalition]

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 19 May 2018 - 10:32 AM

"While, of course, proper listening-post coverage is a thing the ORC possessed, is there a reason why we seemed to be unable to make a proper use of the information they provide? One would think smuggling could provide a channel for external intel gathering, a rather risky one perhaps, but usable nonetheless" she commented on both Runi Verin and Simone talking about intelligence-gathering.


Then Jorus Merrill commenting on the possibility of the Alliance collapsing? She could understand that, especially since their failures in prosecuting warfare on various theaters might lead some to question the current state of Alliance leadership, with her estimate being that their planets from Vero southward were the most likely to question GA leadership. But the First Order may be internally vulnerable, too. Varonat was as much a Pyrrhic victory for the GE as it may have been for the FO, especially given how much of the First Order's naval assets were engaged in this one engagement. They committed over 150 km to the Alliance's 100km. 100km is significant for any faction, when usual battlefleets usually comprise 10-15km for each command involved, and even less than that on Dagobah and Zenith Prime, she thought, and rumors about a similar fate befalling the Alliance as had the GE, that is, a civil war possibly erupting. But if she wanted to infiltrate a Mando ally, as suggested by Mara Merrill-Valkner, the best bet for her would be to infiltrate Sith. In fact, she may as well pose as an alchemy expert, because she is one. Or as someone brought in to make reforms to their starfighter corps. Now, the former cover is harder to blow than the latter, but the latter seems more likely to bring the ORC info that carried security implications. Some Darth title, with the Lady of Aircraft title attached to it...


"Given that infiltrating Sith seemed to be a possibility, there are two possibilities if I was to personally do that: either I pose as an alchemy expert or I pose as someone brought in to make reforms to their starfighter corps. If my information is current, the Sith's starfighter corps is in an utter state of near-complete neglect, but I have to be wary of Sith bureaucracy if I choose the latter cover"

#1788263 Utai Media Player

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 18 May 2018 - 11:46 AM



The Utai Media Player





  • Manufacturer: Utai Magic Circle
  • Model: Utai Media Player
  • Affiliation: Closed-market
  • Modularity: Yes: can change the media being played
  • ProductionSemi-Unique

  • Material: Alchemized quantum fiber, electronics


  • Can grant the user Force-powered enhanced mental throughput in the context of Memory Walk when it is worn on the target
  • Can make sentients relive memories
  • Allows to play videos in 4K format


  • Memory replay: The Utai Media Player allows users to make a sentient relive memories in their minds
  • Enhanced Memory Walk: The Utai Media Player allows users to enhance their skill at using Memory Walk on the person wearing the headset by making the memories all the more vivid through enhanced sensory feelings (such as sound or sight)
  • Hi-fi: The Utai Media Player can play media in high-fidelity (and, in the case of video, high resolution)


  • Force-nullifiers: The presence of Force-nullifiers can render the Utai Media Player nothing more than an ordinary VR headset.
  • Presence: Force-imbuement presence means that unless you somehow hide it, Force-users can detect the headset.
  • Heightened headache risks: If the person wearing the headset cannot handle the heightened throughputs when reliving memories, through Memory Walk or otherwise, the wearer's brain will likely get overwhelmed and headaches will likely ensue, sometimes debilitating ones. It's also a hazard that can occur in the people wearing the headset when the Media Player is in NFU use, albeit to a lesser extent
  • Force-guzzling: With higher throughputs comes higher expenditures of Force-energy: it will effectively double the users' Force-energy consumption when actively digging up the memories of the target, regardless of their potential to cause pain
  • Jamming: If the headset is jammed, its HoloNet capabilities are jammed as well, leaving only the abilities unrelated to the HoloNet, alchemical or not
  • Unable to compel people with mental defenses activated to relive memories

DESCRIPTION: With 4K projection technology, it dawned on Janick that she could add a high-resolution screen inside a headset to watch videos in high resolution and with high contrast to the extent it is possible in a VR headset. In addition, enhanced sound technology is available on the machine, allowing videos to be shown through the Media Player with crystal-clear sound. It could also be used for enhancing the ability to use Memory Walk by displaying the memories of the target into its mind with the additional resolution and contrast of 4K resolution, as well as THX1138-quality sound, increasing the vividness of the memories, and hence increasing its potential to feel stronger emotions, including but not limited to, pain into the target. Of course, the enhancements to Memory Walk are available only on the person wearing the headset. Of course, one can download AV media from the HoloNet into the headset using the wireless datachannel.


One can actually use the Media Player in an attempt to make a person relive memories in video form, even on NFUs, while wearing the headset, despite the sometimes mountaineous amounts of memories people may sometimes hold, thanks to a process initially developed by Rokur Gepta in an attempt to torture Lando Calrissian, and later refined by Janick to allow for replaying memories with more positive emotions. The main limitation of the Studio is that it cannot relive memories in sentients in which Force resistance, other defenses against mental intrusions are active or other immunities to mind-affecting powers are present. Another limitation is that, unlike the Gepta device, it is unable to alter memories in any shape or form. And finally, it comes with all the usual weaknesses of alchemy: Force-nullifiers, Force-presence, to name the main ones.

#1788190 Mental Equity

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 18 May 2018 - 09:37 AM

"I AM HiteVision!" the Tro'zet gangster shouted, loud enough to be heard about a hundred meters away.


"Set the weapons to stun" the lead cop ordered his fellow cops. "Aim..."


And yet, unless HiteVision wanted to hijack the truck, he would find it difficult to get out of the storage bay because the truck was docked tightly enough against the storage bay door that it would only allow a somewhat narrow opening, too narrow for a Tro'zet to exploit, and any alternative way in or out of the storage bay would involve doors built for humans/Near-Humans. HiteVision is of the same species as the one being called Sortz, whose name I've heard around. Perhaps I could have a blaster on stun, she thought, while wondering if there was but one agent that could fire a blaster on stun that had enough stopping power to stun HiteVision at a deliberate firing rate. With Dax Fyre ducked near the storage bay in question, he will realize that HiteVision is a little oversized for the storage bay and that he had to continually bow down while in the storage bay. He's about to go on a rampage and, because the ysalamirs are making their job harder here, she had to let the cops fire the blasters so that the gangster could be controlled. Once the blasters were carefully aimed to fire stun bolts at the Tro'zet, the cops opened fire; the sheer size of the target made it difficult to miss, and the Tro'zet fell to the ground after taking a half-dozen stun bolts.


"You're under arrest for the theft of construction materials, battery, conspiracy to trouble the peace. You have the right to remain silent; anything you might say may be held against you. You have the right to retain legal counsel; however, if you can't afford it, it's fine, too"

#1787779 Mental Equity

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 17 May 2018 - 06:47 PM

"HiteVision? Stolen construction supplies? Bay 327"


"Thank you for your cooperation"


What would Bay 327 hold? Would HiteVision be there? Looks like the Pack Rat held some ysalamirs because she couldn't sense anything in the Force within those bays, and that the Pack Rat's owner based the business on the premise that Force-users are a legitimate security threat. Which meant that she would need to use her beskad to defend herself if HiteVision was hostile, unless she could somehow stay some distance away from the garage door of the storage bay. The truck was getting docked to Bay 327, and Janick stayed some distance away, knowing that she isn't a front-line brawler by any stretch, and an anti-riot shield would be necessary of the cops closest to the dock where the truck is moored. The cops open the dock's door, finding one sentient guarding a mound of dry duracrete in pallets of powdered duracrete, durasteel rods and other parts used for structural work and other utilities work for building a bunker. But it was obvious to Janick that it was not the end of the story. The Tro'zet gangster had to bow down to get out of the storage bay... with Dax Fyre nearby.


"Why have the vandals not returned from the liquor store?" the Tro'zet gangster asked, once the police opened the storage bay door.


"They have been arrested while vandalizing it"

#1785567 Mental Equity

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 14 May 2018 - 10:05 AM

The visions flashing in Dax Fyre's mind were of a variant of Memory Rub that forced the target's most painful memories to surface, because the user would use the Force to force the opening of the mental memory files associated with them, with the cycle stopping when the target no longer had sufficient mental functionality to recall memories, the target could defend itself or when the user was completely drained, and also the legal issues to take into account when using Drain Knowledge for interrogation: although it was permitted under ORC law, due process was still a thing to her. Once again, the pain to the user would probably be very similar to the pain absorbed when using Memory Rub, perhaps a little higher, depending on the mental defenses of the target. Still, the pain she is subjected to is not unbearable and her mental functionality gradually returned back to normal. But she knew that painkillers would take a while to completely kick in. She could also feel that something dark is afoot near the liquor store, so they should get underway soon.


"Just because it's not overly painful to me, doesn't mean it's not going to be overly painful to someone else you would be using Drain Knowledge on, be it for interrogation or something else entirely. For interrogation, due process dictates that Drain Knowledge be used only after conventional interrogation methods have been exhausted, because it is legally considered to be enhanced interrogation. However, most people that can actually use these dark-sided powers won't talk about those in computing terms. Nor will you see that many people present Drain Knowledge as a learning aid, or Memory Rub as a teaching aid. And yet I sense a disturbance will soon occur by the liquor store"

#1785161 Mental Equity

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 13 May 2018 - 05:03 PM

"No, it never seemed to hurt... as it had"


Might be best to wait until my pain level is manageable before teaching him Drain Knowledge. Now I have an idea of what someone hit by Neural Storm is feeling in its head, she thought, while it's clear to her that her brain isn't functioning at the level she is used to, as if Dax Fyre's remaining mental defenses could overload her brain as someone using Neural Storm would. It was about time that she could get painkillers, while lying on that bench, from one of the police agents, and also cold water to drink with the painkillers, because her head is heating, consistent with a fever. But she knows that painkillers don't kick in instantly. And that same police agent brought the painkillers for Dax, too, and another cup of cold water. Now that she actually gulped the package, she starts feeling better, but remains cautious of not abusing painkillers, but she knows she is not well enough yet to get Dax to learn Drain Knowledge. Yes, she knew it could be painful to have flashbacks in battle distracting her, but she never was subjected to such a level of headaches from Force sources before...


"Now I know what I feel if... someone... used Neural Storm on me" she told Dax, while her headaches have only somewhat improved. 

#1784581 Mental Equity

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 12 May 2018 - 08:21 PM

"Perhaps I ought to... take... painkillers"


On the one hand, the resulting pain allowed her to recharge her Force-batteries faster than she normally would, but on the other hand, just because she could recharge her batteries faster, doesn't mean she can actually use it again until these pains have subsided to a satisfactory degree. Dax Fyre felt the pain, too. Perhaps the level of mental resistance faced would have a bearing on how painful it is for a Memory Rub user, and presumably the other three items - that would be worrisome if I actually wanted to use Memory Walk or even Neural Storm. As much as I would then inflict pain on the target, I would also be inflicting pain on myself, albeit the balance of pain would depend on the relative level of mental resistance. In all other cases where I used Memory Rub, the pain was manageable but nothing like what I'm experiencing now, she thought, surprised that she had enough mental functionality left to make those observations. And yet, she'd rather lay down on a bed that is normally used for conventional interrogation, while waiting on the painkillers to be administered to her.

#1784450 Mental Equity

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 12 May 2018 - 02:45 PM

"Yes, Dax, but we have made no progress, no new leads either. Other patrols are out there right now on the lookout for clues"


Between now and the next patrol I will teach him what I can, she thought, while the local jail housed prisoners on remand, awaiting trial, and those on whom conventional interrogation techniques were unsuccessfully attempted on were tagged in the cell tracking system. Because of due process, she would not attempt mentalism on anyone before conventional interrogation techniques were exhausted. However, she could feel it would not be easy for her to attempt infusing any piece of knowledge whatsoever onto Dax Fyre because she could feel his mental defenses were much stronger than on a normal human. Just that she would prefer to ask the student's permission before infusing knowledge into a student for the purposes of teaching Force abilities. It's definitely not going to be the same as teaching Memory Rub to Sukai or Kimiko because the student is half-Epicanthix; it will be a lot more painful for me to infuse the knowledge into him, because my brain will have to work a lot harder, she thought, while the memories of her using Memory Rub on these two people surfaced.


"Might be best to let that other patrol do its job, and before our turn to return patrolling arrives, maybe I can teach you a few things on mentalism. The first item on the menu is Memory Rub, which allows you to make alterations on someone's memory. I even taught Kimiko Memory Rub by infusing the knowledge into her brain. With your permission, I may attempt to infuse the knowledge of Memory Rub on you: do I have the permission to attempt infusing knowledge into you, using Memory Rub?"

#1784422 Mental Equity

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 12 May 2018 - 01:16 PM

Since Shusugaunt, and maybe even before that, Janick has come to realize that her mind could become a much more potent tool than just what could her intellect or memory bring her. She could even get someone to relive painful memories with but a little modification from the procedure to use Memory Rub: instead of editing one's mental memory files, it was more about forcing the opening of a mental memory file, or alternatively she could indiscriminately open a lot of mental memory files at once and hence cause the target's neural network to overload. For the time being, she just got back from one of those space patrols over the Utapau system; nothing noteworthy on that patrol that could advance the resolution of a case involving theft of construction materials. But she never actually had a chance to use these two items on the field so it was going to be a risky proposition at best to actually teach it to somebody: to the extent Kimiko learned Memory Rub from her, she didn't take the chance to learn Neural Storm or Memory Walk. Yet, perhaps Dax Fyre could prove different, and actually learn the more gritty-nitty of dark-sided mentalism. Such mentalism would, however, be used only if the conventional interrogation methods failed, and enhanced interrogation was then the order of the day. For some reason, he could feel Dax's signature coming towards her...

#1778343 A Fresh Knowledge Infusion

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 01 May 2018 - 12:20 PM

"Alright, the infusion will proceed"


Now that I have the assurance that Ki is smart enough to make the infusion of Memory Rub knowledge worthwhile, it's now showtime! she thought, while keeping a close watch for signs of mental discomfort or pain in Kimiko's mind. And then the visions began flashing in both ladies' minds while Janick used the Force to upload the information from her brain to Kimiko's and the student will soon realize that, in both Drain Knowledge and Memory Rub cases, one can see visions flashing of the alterations made so long as said alterations do not involve memory loss, accidental or intentional. So what's flashing in Kimiko's mind right now is how to use the Force to insert knowledge files into someone's memory, and also how to alter the procedure for editing someone else's memory files, with edits including, but not limited to, deleting a memory file in a person or editing it. Ki also learned by infusion that the hard part of performing Memory Rub-based alterations other than insertion was sorting through the sometimes mountaineous amounts of knowledge people held, which was also a pitfall of Drain Knowledge. At the end of the infusion, Janick was feeling strangely pleasured by the realization Ki's brain was, in fact, very attractive to her, much as she would virtually anyone at Ki's intellectual level or higher (like Griet), and also because she saw in Ki a lot of potential in her brain curves. In addition, Janick was feeling that both brains were lighting up because of the fast rates of data transfer between the two of them. That, even though she knew most Memory Rub/Drain Knowledge practitioners would never talk about either power in computing terms.


"How does it feel to have knowledge infused into your brain? It's probably something your future students will feel, too. Next will come Drain Knowledge, which, in fact, involves downloading information from someone's mind, which I feel is complimentary to Memory Rub, and shares many of the same caveats. While our mental datachannel is still open, try accessing my mind to download information related to any of the following, at your discretion, into your mind: Force-lightning, pyrokinesis or cryokinesis"

#1777415 A Fresh Knowledge Infusion

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 29 April 2018 - 05:48 PM

"That's me. Sorry for the wait. Before we begin: if you do not have any objections, I will infuse the knowledge of Memory Rub into you. Memory Rub is there to make future teaching easier either by infusing knowledge into someone or by correcting/erasing faulty knowledge from someone. Or, if you don't want to learn Memory Rub, but still want to learn Drain Knowledge, Drain Knowledge will go first. I do not blame you if you don't want to learn either power, but I have good reason to teach you Drain Knowledge before the final three items on the agenda"


What kind of person not knowing what it was doing in covert ops would have its position compromised only well after the main objectives were accomplished, when exfil was the natural next step? Definitely not the same kind of person that would screw up an insertion. Yes, it's true that I had little information available on today's Venefica other than being an alchemist living as a recluse: however, COTBR-era Venefica belongs to another epoch and the info may as well be outdated for covert-ops purposes. Then again, I only made it back here safely because Griet was able to save our bacon on Shusugaunt, she thought, while the last words from the Sith prior to Griet picking her up rang in her mind. You truly have no idea of what you're doing. And then she was looking at the somewhat shorter Kimiko in the Force for clues as to what Janick could potentially teach her. And there was a poodoo-load of stuff Janick could teach Kimiko, but she feels she should rather prioritize what's usable in battle although Memory Rub and Drain Knowledge are there to make future teaching and learning easier respectively. Yes, she readily acknowledged she couldn't teach all of that without risking to overload Kimiko's brain, since she knew that a person's brain had its limits. But Janick would readily let herself be the guinea pig for Kimiko to learn Drain Knowledge on, because she was used Drain Knowledge on so many times that she knew her memories would remain intact by using it on her.


"After, we will cover pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, Force-lightning: I think that's enough for the day"

#1776753 Pretty stuff...Can I has it? (ORC/TSE skirmish)

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 28 April 2018 - 06:49 PM

Location: Business hub

Objective: Refill toner cartridges


For the time being, the attention of the Sith is on the lingerie boutique where the Sith Emperor was performing a panty raid. So, until these upper-floor guys start printing with these refilled toner cartridges, they won't realize anything. And, because of the anarchist girl's skill at refilling those toner cartridges, she could get several floors' worth of photocopiers finished before the first printing job was activated. Also, realizing that, thanks to the multi-function photocopiers being located at strategic points on their respective floors, it will cause more panic and make it harder to follow a proper evacuation in the dark. But she had to make every bit of Force-fear count as she starts tethering the minds of the upper floor occupants, while the first printing job was underway. By doing so, Janick caused a few key people on each floor to freeze in place, while feeding on these people's panic to recharge her Force-batteries. The photocopier exploded and bursting its surroundings into flames, fueled by the toner and its mixture based on ionic filling, which also caused power grid failures around the floors where those photocopiers exploded in a flaming, ionic burst. But since Janick was on the ground floor, she was in a position to stand back but the anarchist was forced to stop refilling after finishing the topmost four floors in the hub, and make straight for the loading dock after exhausting the supply of toner she could carry with her, where the remaining crates of toner were located.


"Are we done yet?" the anarchist girl asked.


"Just a bit of patience. They are in for one last unpleasant surprise. Stand back however" she warned the anarchist while the timing is not yet ripe for the final stage with the upper floors of the business hub being on fire and out of power.

#1776214 A Fresh Knowledge Infusion

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 27 April 2018 - 04:03 PM

After Janick tried to pull a prank on Shusugaunt, in an attempt to build up her dossier for flag rank, using a mixture of copier toner and ion bomb filling, as well as a young idealistic anarchist as a henchwoman, it felt good for Janick to be back in ORC-land, where another potential client was coming to her for some reason. She heard the name Kimiko being thrown around when Janick was but a beginner as an alchemist but never heard about her since. Before there even was a Griet in ORC service. But maybe, like one of the clients she previously had, the Force had, in fact, sent the client to her to learn from the witch. What would cause the Force to send her to me? I'm sure the Force has its reasons to send her to me, and I can teach the client a variety of dark-sided items just fine, just that, however tempting it is to just use Memory Rub to teach her, perhaps it won't be satisfying to her to just have the knowledge infused into her, so I'd rather ask beforehand before deciding on knowledge infusion and what to teach through that route, she thought, while the castle's doorbell rang, facing another rather youthful, Force-using girl, as a client.


"Welcome to the Utai Magic Circle. What can I do for you today?"

#1776068 Pretty stuff...Can I has it? (ORC/TSE skirmish)

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 27 April 2018 - 10:46 AM

Location: Business hub

Objective: Refill toner cartridges


"Lord Venefica, come to procurement on the 13th floor: the chief of procurement is available to meet you" the receptionist told fake-Venefica.


Everybody that owned a commercial-grade photocopier complained about the high cost of OEM toner cartridges; these ones were no exception. However, since Shusugaunt was, in fact, new to the main circuits of toner refills, Janick was in position to make the deal on a trial basis, with the hub's administration being totally oblivious to what Island InkJet actually was. A front specific to this mission (and, if the anarchist girl feels like using ORC NIMB funds as seed money, it could then become a legitimate business, but any discussion of turning Island InkJet into a legitimate business would have to be kept for later). But Janick, under the Darth Venefica mask, took the elevator to the 13th floor of the business hub's administrative center, going to meet the chief of procurement, for whom the matter of getting office supplies was, in fact, a critical area of cost-cutting but he knew that he couldn't simply get rid of photocopiers without incurring capital expenditures. Just that Janick had to think hard of how much she could charge them before sealing the deal for those toner refills the receptionist mentioned, while taking into account the cost of labor. If I'm to fleece those Sith, may as well do so at a profit and with a veneer of legitimacy, she thought.


"You will tell me how many toner refills you need per week" she told the chief procurement officer in a very sweet tone of voice, almost suggestive even, as if to mind-trick him.


"I will tell you how many toner refills we need per week"


"You will tell me which photocopier make you're using"


"I will tell you which photocopier make we're using: we are, in fact using, about forty GeoTwist 4000s, printing, on average, 5,000 pages a week each. Name your price"


"You will sign this deal. Now!" Janick brought out a scroll of fax paper containing a standard contract form providing a one-week trial, with the client reserving the right to either renew the service contract or to terminate it, with one week's notice, with the cash to be paid on delivery, based on the amount of toner used for that specific week. "I will sign this deal, now" the chief procurement officer spoke, under the effects of the mind trick. Now, little anarchist girl, time to start refilling the toner starting from the top floor, she thought, while giving the signal to the anarchist to proceed to the next phase of operations.