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Janick Beauchamp

Janick Beauchamp

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#1864669 Ashelia's sword

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on Yesterday, 04:10 PM



The unsheathed katana




  • Intent: A standard personal weapon for Ashelia
  • Image Source: Dmytro Lisin
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Sith Sword



  • Classification: Sword
  • Size: Average 1.04m
  • Weight: Heavy 2kg


  • Lightsaber resistant.
  • Deflects blasterfire.
  • Very sharp.

The base blade was forged using traditional Atrisian techniques, called Honsanmai, which involves folding the base blade over and over for removing impurities. A masterpiece of alchemy, this sword was crafted with some modification to Sith rituals, differing from many Sith Swords before it by not being able to ground lightning. It is resistant against lightsabers and deflect blaster shots. But its presence in the Force will warn any Force-user of its wielder's arrival and ruin any attempts of stealth. Finally, due to the use of part-Vong blood, the blade also contains poisonous properties.


  • Lightsaber-resistant: It can resist lightsabers.
  • Deflects blaster fire
  • Poisonous blade


  • Force-nullifiers: The presence of Force-nullifiers can render the blade nothing more than an ordinary katana.
  • Heavy: For a sword its size it is very heavy.
  • Presence: Force-imbuement presence means that unless you somehow hide it, Force-users can detect you.
  • Poison can be cured by Force-powered means

#1858949 New FO Vote

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 12 September 2018 - 07:15 PM

I'm voting for Dax Fyre

#1857804 Nightmare in Stampa: A Protectorate Story

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 10 September 2018 - 01:19 PM

"Your Highness, there are four rakghouls that flashed past us and are making for the gunship" she told Prince Larsa Solidor before charging up every ounce of hatred she could.


Hatred for being this late to effect an attempt to save the villagers. Hatred for this entire rakghoul business. But she needed to be quick in exploiting this hatred: the window to exploiting this opportunity to hit the party of four rakghouls in their behind was soon closing, and with more precision than a SAW would have given her. Plus she had to be mindful of other parties hunting down those foul creatures in the village, as the Rakghouls are about to contamninate one of the precious few witnesses she feels is necessary to get a better understanding of this disaster. That is, a child that is about to suffer. Brent SmithTiali OrazioRC-0883 may as well be elsewhere in the ravaged town, presumably as reinforcements sent by either Duke Roman Cadriaan or Primarch Iedolas, and it was not one moment too soon. Once she was fully charged with hatred, she then released it in one radiant sphere of pure hatred, in hopes of catching those beasts off-guard before they could contaminate the child. And then... the spell. That radiant sphere of pure hatred, thrown in the direction of those Rakghouls like a repulsor ball, was headed towards them like one, threatening to break their bones upon detonation and maybe even kill the beasts.

#1852979 Nightmare in Stampa: A Protectorate Story

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 31 August 2018 - 09:33 AM

Gear: Armor, Wishblades (lightsabers; sidearms), SAW (primary)

Allies: Prince Larsa Solidor

Suspect: Duke Roman Cadriaan


After this successful Sithspawn-hunting trip on Manas, Janick would have realized by now that whenever Sithspawn were suspected, she had to fight at range, because most Sithspawn, while dangerous at point-blank, are effective only at point-blank. Thank the Force for that suit of armor! Yes, she knew a few dark-siders whose suits of armor are much more exposed, but she knew that, in this context, just about any amount of exposure was a liability. Here a SAW is a much more appropriate choice for a primary than a lightsaber; however, if the need for pinpoint precision was present at range, she could always try using bolts of hatred, feeding on her hatred of these foul beasts. It's just not the same to fight Sithspawn without Griet: she used to be on overwatch on the ground, even though she was much better in an airborne capacity. She may have saved my hide on multiple occasions, such as Shusugaunt, but here I'm not sure who I can actually trust to keep me covered, or for me to cover for them. I'd rather have a lightsaber as a sidearm than as a primary weapon, she thought, while realizing that one of the forward spotters only brought a lightsaber to this operation. She, too, was crouching near the forward spotter (Larsa) in a corn field, standing ready to fire, but she couldn't fire without compromising their position.

#1851642 The Depths of the Mind

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 28 August 2018 - 09:04 AM

It was nice for Janick to actually visit that place called Kaikielius, where the Protectorate was established in an attempt to restore order to the Core; after the fall of the Alliance, life in the Core just wasn't the same. Now that she was on-world, she simply followed the Force-trail of someone she would believe was very powerful, but until she closed in within Force-diffraction range, Janick would have no idea as to whom that aura belonged, and the same would hold true in reverse. More than even crafting alchemical electronics, she is an expert in mental data transfers so she would suspect that this person wanted her to come so as to learn more about those, and also to learn extras via Drain Knowledge. Now, she had no idea whatsoever as to how fast Archmage Madylina Isurius' mind was, nor how good her memory is, but as she climbed the winding staircase, she would realize, of course, that power was not the same as intelligence. Mental data transfers... it seems that brainpower is the main bottleneck; as much as the relative mental bandwidths of people involved are the main drivers behind pain, it is limited by the user's brainpower, too. Often dark-siders lacked the brainpower to see past physical applications of the Force, but I believe the tower's occupant is smart enough to make responsible use of mental data transfer, she thought, while finally facing the occupant of the tower, a white-haired Sephi from the looks of it.


"Welcome. I am Janick; I trust you would like to learn more about mental data transfer? There are two facets to mental data transfers: one is used to upload memories into others, and it can be used to alter or erase memories as well. The second is used to download memories from other people, and they are both subject to the same caveats. Alternatively, maybe you could tell me what could be of interest for me to download from you"

#1851398 Witchcraft Isn't Dust And Ashes

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 27 August 2018 - 07:53 PM

"Drain Knowledge is about downloading stuff from other people's minds. You have to be mindful not only of the target's mental speed and of the quality of its memory, but also of its mental defenses. For both Memory Rub and Drain Knowledge, getting a feel for the target's mind is important"


Princess Ashelia Solidor knew by now that Janick's brain operated very quickly, so there was limited potential for her to cause pain while download was underway; that pain would mostly be caused by the pain level of what's being downloaded, more than any real information overflow. The latter was what caused the pain when using a Force-powered mental data transfer if the content was painless, or if the target's mental defenses were not overwhelming to the person performing the Force-powered download. Oh... I am led to think that there would be significant long-term consequences to using mental data transfers too much, but there has been so little research thus far; for as brilliant as I might be, as fast as the minds of the other people I infused memories into may have been, there still seems to be the possibility that some long-term side effect could arise, but it seems that other regular users of mental data transfers all seem to be highly intelligent in their own right, Janick thought, while she tried to ascertain what the student of the day would be most interested in, based on what she could tell from a preliminary scan in the Force.


"If I may, I'd rather have you download what you feel you cannot learn from anyone else, or is otherwise too dangerous to learn by normal means"

#1849184 Witchcraft Isn't Dust And Ashes

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 22 August 2018 - 02:57 PM

"Or rather, a limit on how fast knowledge is infused in your mind that one shouldn't cross unless one wanted to inflict pain. I'm afraid I don't know spells related to animal taming, however, but what I'm about to infuse right now into you is the knowledge of how to perform Memory Rub"


The other two constraints are about how much Force-energy one had, and in the very extreme cases of people that can infuse knowledge in others but otherwise don't know much, how much knowledge they had, although the third bottleneck typically isn't one, Janick thought, while preparing to infuse knowledge into Princess Ashelia Solidor regarding the matter. Janick's brain was lighting up in the Force, as the infusion process began: the two have visions flashing into their minds of how the infusion process happens inside the infusee's brain, as well as to how to modify it to alter or remove some memories from other people. And also the main factors affecting the effectiveness of mental data transfer: it seemed to work better for infusion when the infusee's memory is better, but it is easier to alter or delete memories from someone with a poor memory. And finally one should not infuse, alter or delete memories faster than the target's brain can handle it, or else pain will ensue proportionately to the excess in mental bandwidth. She has come to expect Ashelia feeling dizzy once she was finished, regardless of whether Ashelia felt any pain whatsoever, as she knew that a stream of knowledge flowing as fast as the infusee's brain could absorb it took a lot of mental effort on both people's part.


"There's another spell you're going to like, that involves downloading knowledge from other people, using the dark side as well"

#1843067 Witchcraft Isn't Dust And Ashes

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 10 August 2018 - 03:08 PM

"I feel you downloaded way too much for my own comfort" Tamana retorted, while not feeling any pain whatsoever.


"Your brain is very fast, this is why you didn't feel any pain whatsoever. Same goes for me too. In due time, I will infuse into you the knowledge of mental data transfers"


Janick also realized that, from Tamana, she downloaded more than she bargained for, and also gained the knowledge to create a false light-side aura for herself. Yet, as is customary when people came to her for training, she knew that often people asked for either mental data transfer, alchemy or both. And those who wanted it both, typically used Drain Knowledge on her to learn alchemy. Now, she realized that another ship landed in her backyard, a ship that definitely saw better days, sure, but that nevertheless landed safely. Exactly what sort of witchy stuff Princess Ashelia Solidor hoped to learn from Janick, she knew that she couldn't learn the whole thing in one go, unless she just wanted to use Drain Knowledge over and over. Just that she had to approach that ship cautiously: for what she knew, it could be a trap. But she did, in fact, know that there was an air of class around her: possibly someone going incognito, or she just went under attack while en route for what she knew. And yet, she did, in fact, summon the effort to greet the guest of the day before that guest could enter the castle. And met with her face-to-face.


"Her Highness, Princess Ashelia, I presume?"

#1842049 Witchcraft Isn't Dust And Ashes

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 08 August 2018 - 05:03 PM

"I'd love to learn something new from you, Sutta Chwitsukak. If that's possible, I would want to download it directly from your brain"


"I agree but only on the condition that you teach me how to do, as you always seem to call it, mental data transfer afterward. I can probably infuse into you whatever you wish for, if you wish for more than one power; on the other hand, I may as well wish for stuff from you, please keep that in mind" Tamana told Janick, before the latter gasped at the condition.


"Here we go"


As usual for using Drain Knowledge, she feels that hours' worth of learning has been absorbed in a few seconds, and she could now attempt using bolts of hatred if she feels threatened. In the weeks prior to this attempt at draining Bolts of Hatred, Janick could finally secure Sithspawn-splicing equipment, as well as a third witch to operate that segment of the Magic Circle's business. Once again, the castle had three resident witches, hard at work alchemizing items. Sure, the new witch on the block was about as smart as Griet, just knowing a different set of spells, but clearly Janick craved interactions with outside apprentices. And, for some reason many of those outside apprentices come to her in a crystal ball. One of those apprentices would probably appreciate all the knowledge Janick would have of witchcraft, and be grateful for that. Tamana would like to learn something from me via draining, but what? Now, that apprentice better have good reason to come all the way to Wild Space to learn and/or have stuff alchemized, she thought, while attempting to contact that apprentice in question via holomail, realizing that it could be days before that apprentice would actually arrive to the Castle on the Fourth Moon of Utapau.




ATTN: Princess Ashelia Solidor


Your Highness, I believe in developing your witchcraft potential, so I would like to take it upon myself to help you achieve it in any way possible. Spells ranging from mental data transfer, Neural Storm, Memory Walk, or even Force-lightning, pyro/cryokinesis, Force-fear, Force-cloak are yours to learn. I'm available at the Utapau Alchemy Castle on the Fourth Moon of Utapau; please let me know what works for you.


P.S.: If you have an item that you would like to alchemize, please come to the castle with that item.


Janick Beauchamp

Owner, Utai Magic Circle



#1828950 Of Blood and Cherry Blossoms [Outer Rim Coalition Dominion of Hex O-60)

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 18 July 2018 - 05:08 PM

Location: Akarui

Objective: Assault the capital

Allies: ORC Kimiko Cambria Zadira Coren Starchaser Dax Fyre

Enemies: Loyalists


"All craft, enter CAP"


T-account, although I know you're an accountant before being a pilot, this time around, you proved that you could strafe. Plus the loyalists are in a full rout now that air superiority is ours, Janick thought, while the flights assigned to Wololo and Griet were both finished destroying the remaining Loyalist anti-aircraft emplacements in the city's walls, with the destruction of the emplacements causing each of them to burst into flames. Hopefully Kimiko would be in position to push the attack on the now mostly-empty palace complex so that the coronation ceremony may proceed once the loyalists have surrendered or been wiped out. But it was not safe anymore to be strafing targets in such an urban environment and there were other rebels that used the confusion generated by the battle in the streets to go free some Kitsune enslaved by the loyalist regime. Also, with the Loyalists' airpower engaged in a furball fight in orbit, if they wanted to wrest airspace control from the ORC, they would be stretched thin and sandwiched between two forces in furball fights. For now anyway, she is a little concerned by the lack of ordnance in tow, so she decides to stick to CAP for the time being.


#1827536 Of Blood and Cherry Blossoms [Outer Rim Coalition Dominion of Hex O-60)

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 16 July 2018 - 09:26 AM

Location: Akarui

Objective: Assault the capital

Allies: ORC Kimiko Cambria Zadira Coren Starchaser Dax Fyre

Enemies: Loyalists


"Have a visual on the target"


"I'll cover you"


T-account flew to the other main gate of the palace, while the enemy was so busy dealing with the rebels in the streets below. In the confusion of the battle, it appears the enemy was focusing the anti-aircraft fire on the ground-side rebels, realizing that the few surviving emplacements were getting surrounded and that they had virtually no hope of survival. This time around T-account was the one firing at the weapons emplacements near that big gate remaining, and poof they go. Meanwhile, Griet and the others were only taking stray blaster hits to their respective craft because it seemed that the loyalists were very focused on the ground; Janick also took a stray blaster hit to her craft. Once the turrets are destroyed, the palace defenders began to give chase to the rebels in the nearby streets since they no longer feel safe within the confines of the palace; they feel the palace must be evacuated for the safety of it occupants. But the Loyalists would find their escape routes difficult to navigate, and also likely to run into more rebels as they attempt to flee their royal palace.


#1826590 Of Blood and Cherry Blossoms [Outer Rim Coalition Dominion of Hex O-60)

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 14 July 2018 - 03:06 PM

Location: Akarui

Objective: Assault the capital

Allies: ORC @Kimiko @Cambria Zadira Coren Starchaser Dax Fyre

Enemies: Loyalists


"T-account, cover me: I'm going in"


"Copy, Alchemist Actual"


The main rebel force was holding steady in their assault of the capital, securing each street in a fierce firefight. Janick would simply strafe the turrets around one of the palace's entrances so that the main force would be facing much less resistance, with T-account for backup at a higher altitude if she missed her volley fired at the weapon emplacements next to the gate. Meanwhile, T-account was at a higher altitude, watching out for signs of airborne reinforcements, especially the airborne ones, as Janick was firing at the weapon turrets on the palatial compound's main gate. Just that, with most of the enemy airpower tied up in orbit, there was little hope for the Loyalists to regain local air superiority; taking down anti-aircraft was rather easy for everyone else since the quad-lasers were busy firing at ORC and rebel ground forces. They are clumsy as they are stupid, she thought, while Griet, Wololo et al were taking care of the outer perimeter's weapons emplacements, making the rebels' lives easier with each emplacement being totaled. Yet, with one gate's emplacements down, she had to make for the other gate that is part of the main force.


#1825424 Organic Energy [Outer Rim Coalition and Jedi Praxeum]

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 12 July 2018 - 04:41 PM

Location: Todor River Valley

Gear: Sniper riflelightsabersarmor

Allies: Shia Kryze Coren Starchaser Mishel Noren

Enemies: Cerbera


"Griet, you're on overwatch. Looks like the screeching of the dead Sithspawn caused the whole village to awaken, Sithspawn or not"


Flamethrowers lacked precision and fired in an indiscriminate cone: for that sort of usage, the Force had more precision. Chain lightning, whether fire-based or electricity-based, could be made to spare villagers; meanwhile, she had to approach the surviving Sithspawn from another direction since the Mando was providing suppressive slug fire from one direction. Griet being up in the tree, ready to fire at unsuspecting Sithspawn from above, using a sniper rifle, Janick made a rather cautious approach and, once again, she made sure the targeted Sithspawn were on a different field of fire prior to letting loose another bolt of chained fire at those Sithspawn, linking them by a red, somewhat curved line as it arced from a Sithspawn to another, while Griet fired a shot of electromagnetic plasma at one of the larger Sithspawn from a distance of a couple hundred meters. What Griet fired at was, in fact, much larger than the Sithspawn killed in the last chained firebolt spell. Hopefully, Mishel and Coren will be able to approach these beasts from another direction than we are firing from, she thought, while her reserves of Force-energy were steadily draining, and having to fire that big gun if push came to shove.

#1825231 Of Blood and Cherry Blossoms [Outer Rim Coalition Dominion of Hex O-60)

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 12 July 2018 - 09:25 AM

Location: Akarui

Objective: Assault the capital

Allies: ORC @Kimiko @Cambria Zadira Coren Starchaser Dax Fyre

Enemies: Loyalists


"T-account, pull up!"


Since the anti-aircraft guns were busy dealing with other rebel forces, it was time for them to start firing at the anti-aircraft guns, as well as other emplacements of all sizes, such as mass drivers and whatnot. From below, Janick had to pull up prior to opening fire at the AA turret; once said turret exploded in a burst, she took a few seconds to make a looping so that she could be on a parallel plane to the other emplacements. Meanwhile, T-account was flying a little erratically, almost as if she was liable to vomit. Beurk, I'm not sure it was a good idea to allow this transfer to the elite unit, or I'll have her craft inspected once this is over: I can sense T-account is soon vomiting, she thought, while T-account somehow was narrowly missed by enemy AA fire. In the meantime, Griet and Wololo were both destroying other emplacements in other areas along the wall, with the primitive AA doing the enemy no favors whatsoever. The very same AA that was able to only narrowly miss any of the fighters; even then SEAD was prioritized over other emplacements on the wall.


#1824028 Of Blood and Cherry Blossoms [Outer Rim Coalition Dominion of Hex O-60)

Posted by Janick Beauchamp on 10 July 2018 - 08:34 AM

Location: Akarui

Objective: Assault the capital city

Allies: ORC Kimiko

Enemies: Loyalists


"Now, from known intel we know the main emplacements will be in turrets mounted into the city's wall" Wololo expanded on the intel delivered earlier.


"Walls... a primitive means of fortification" T-account commented.


"Once we revert in realspace, we split up in three groups, each with a specific sector of the city: Enchantress will lead one of the groups, Wololo will lead the second group and I will lead the thrust on the main gate. Keep low until we arrive within firing range, and keep up the erratic maneuvers so we can, hopefully, force them into a friendly fire"


"Copy, Alchemist Actual"


If my visions are accurate, the loyalist army will attempt a sortie to intercept our own forces when we arrive, she thought, while realizing the implications of such. But it may as well be theirs to fight. Upon reverting close enough to the planet to pose a hazard, while allowing to bypass the pirates in orbit, left them with very limited time to split up and take on separate portions of the city's fortifications. Just by splitting up the loyalists' anti-aircraft attention it would prove to be a nightmare but something was amiss: the loyalists' airpower was tied up in orbit. There could be a trap for what she knew, but the altitude was high enough for her flight to begin a reverse Immelmann which would likely lead them to an altitude low enough to make it risky to fire anti-aircraft without risking to catch some of their own troops in friendly fire. At the same time, with T-account in tow and the other pilots in her flight, Janick was flying very low until she had a visual on the targets; there was no BVR means at her disposal to proceed. It was starting to get uneasy...