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Sky'ito Yumi

Sky'ito Yumi

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In Topic: Needed Rest | Silver Jedi (Kashyyyk, Open)

Today, 02:42 AM

Sukai took a cross legged position across from Ayumi as she explained smoke stone, "Yes I know, it was the reason I had it added to y Kimono, it has been very useful in the use of force powers". Also helping to keep her dark side tendencies in check, it would be quite unfortunate if in the middle of a battle she went all 'gut the enemy and bring them the most pain they ever experienced' or allies as well. "So you start it off similar to regular meditation right... wait I am stupid" why else would they call it 'Battle MEDITATION' if it did not involve parts of regular meditation. "Okay" letting out a soft breath Sukai cleared her mind, calming herself down and concentrating on the force.


Ayumi Pallopides

In Topic: Dantooine Down-Under

19 May 2018 - 09:37 PM

"Hope, never thought I would hear that come from a Sith, but how know, no one can predict the exact future, never hurts to have a fail safe", the main reason why her family had started the whole archiving things. A sort of back up in case the galaxy was plunged into a war that destroyed most knowledge about the force and history, or if a plague like the one a few hundred years ago became rampant once more. "Death not easy to overcome? I seem to be doing an excellent job at it" Sukai cooed with a sarcastic tonne to her almost immortal life span, but also knowing that even when she did die, there where ways to keep presence in their world. Still the way some Sith displayed their beauty, mainly women, seemed more like a kink or fetish then anything else, but to each their own even if it did seem to have little use on the battle field.


"The legion may, but troopers and other soldiers I know are not, I have seen Sith soldiers kill surrender Rangers and civilians on the battle field many times weather it be orders or their own choice". "As for taxing, I am not sure it is equal all around, I bet those in higher standings get taxed less then people on a lower standing, non humans probably being among those, and the fact your taxes go to funding military projects and not to the people that pay them seem rather indignant"."Though you claim that the military conquest is no evil and about destruction you can hardly speak for those that do wish it, and even so it does not make it right to want the absolute destruction of your enemies to the point the words they ruled are as desolate as Tatooine". It seemed the Sith greatly underestimated how long it look a civilization to recover from such an even, not only would building need to be remade, people would have to procreate, infrastructure restored, natural environments brought back and so fourth, Such took much more time and money then it did to make a new settlement. Still even then the way of living would still be very different, and if it was a Jedi ruled world of one that opposed Sith rule those living on it would no doubt be subjected to oppression, regardless of if the Empire really wanted everyone to be equal and happy.


"You want worlds? how about half of the Dominion, yes in the latter years it fell into ruin but that was due to the Sith attacks and the fact their military was unable to help those in need, most of it's core worlds now shadows of their former self". "Felusia, an outpost planet that was left largely untouched by the Silver Jedi, but upon the attack on Miral the Sith blew up half the planets forest down and killed everyone on the planet". "What about the recent attack on the Jedi home world where the Sith burnt down several the Wokkie villages, and that is only scratching the surface". There where many more she could talk about, here on Dantooine, what the Sith did on Miral, the combine attacks between the First Order and Sith on Ossua, the list was almost endless, and just kept on increasing if the Resurgent Empire that ruled from Korriban could be counted, which was not integrated into the Sith Empire. "As for your belief, guess I will see for myself in 200 years time, though I would not have anyway to let you know about that... unless you have children of course". Still the believe that killing others to make sure those in the future could live happy was not something she could agree with. A looming feeling that a young child growing up told that the only reason he was able to live a nice life was that trillions of other people had to die was not a bright idea.


She just stared at the Sith for a few moments, slightly face palming, "How many times do I have to say.. I... AM... NOT... A... J'E'D'I.. you sounds just like the last Sith I talked to on a subject like this". "Though I think you misunderstanding that their is light side alchemy, that has different results and uses, like healing, Sith healing only works by draining someone else life, while Jedi healing can mend wounds and subdue pain without that need". "Magic as a whole has not light side or dark side, and there are light side spells and sorcery types to use, most of which give the same results as your dark side teachings but don't involve a sacrifice of some sort".


"As for relics, the Shadow Jedi of old where like that, but most Jedi usually seek to contain it elsewhere like myself, though I would like to point out the Sith do the same, but often destroy it and make sure that no one learns of it ever". "The Jedi often teach the dangers that come with the Dark side and also explain things about it, but to each their own, just let me know when you wind up looking like Palpatine". Her voice one again a little joking, but also being true, the more he delved into the dark side the more physical effects would become apparent on his skin, unless Adrian master force illusion of some sort.


Adrian Vandiir

In Topic: Needed Rest | Silver Jedi (Kashyyyk, Open)

17 May 2018 - 06:58 PM

"Well running off to explore places and do missions, they seem quite friendly with one another", it was kind of strange how well they got along, was it something they had in common? Perhaps breast size, Wu and Kurenai had very large bust sizes, though it seemed strange that simple fact may have drawn the two women closer to one another, where most of the time Kurenai was more intimidating then friendly. "Oh yes, sorry I zone out a bit", she said as Ayumi Pallopides told her to sit down in the small area away from the others, her eyes falling on a small pedant around her neck. "Is that smoke stone? I have that material integrated into my Yukata".

In Topic: Kokuhyo

15 May 2018 - 01:43 AM

The way the investigator reacted to a assumption was kind of humorous, she often forgot how feared her kind was among the galaxy and how others rated, one of the reasons why she kept secret about being a vampire in the first place. "It is worrying, but fear not I am kind of an expert on vampires, well as expert as one can get with so little information about them", or just because she knew exactly how they acted, thought and felt.


"As for their targets, well the time space between attacks makes me think they have spent a long time without feeding, and considering how long vampires usually live for this could be years, centuries, they just may be hungry"."As for their actions, perhaps they are not a traditional vampire, like I have said one that feeds off memories is not something that has been recorded before, for all we know this 'thing' could be a Sith made and might not want to cause people harm, but we can never be sure".


The person very well may just want to avoid a man hunt, if people did start dying security would be stepped up, the risk of getting caught and killed along with it. Still one could never be sure, there was still too little evidence to come to an assumption on the matter, only that this person had not killed anyone yet, was a vampire and very well may be a force user. Hopefully the crime scene would elude to some new things, "Have youtaken DNA samples of the person hair? perhaps that can help narrow down the search, you did say tall a- wait... I feel something".


A small push in the force took Sukai's attention, she could feel it was from someone, family.... Sawa? that was interesting, but there was something else, more then one force user around,nearby making haste through the forest but still there. Was if the vampire of someone else? hard to tell but it as a lead, the question was why Great Great Great Grandmother was here, unless she knew something about the new vampire. "I sense something over in that direction, it is hard to explain but it may be a lead, I'd suggest you stay here for now and I will check it out, wouln't want to be it's next meal now would you".


With a small grin the Jin took to the trees, bounding across the branches as she zeroed in on the dark signature of the Sith Lord, landing a few meters behind the pale and quite tall woman. It was the first time Sukai had seen Sawa in the flesh, she was a little more intimidating then she first thought but more in a creepy way then out right sinister. "I half expected you to be dressed in some dark feather witch looking outfit with skullsattached to the belt, but it seems you are more the stealthy kind Grandmother". It was easier just to say grandmother, putting several greats on the start was just to annoying.


Sawa Ike - Nine Lives - Alexandra Feanor

In Topic: Alchemical Revenue

14 May 2018 - 08:15 PM

"Yes, I do not reqire anything else at this time, thank you once again Beauchamp-sama, I look forward to any future lessons we may have together".


Giving one last bow Sukai departed from the Alchemist's lab, clusthcing the new item she had froged, but more that that feeling enlightened, strong and just over all impressed with herself. In but a few months she had learned so many new things, battle meditation, these new skill, how to spar better, and so much more. 'At this rate I will be a master in no time, I cannot wait to see mothers reaction, I think I may reaching her skill level already, who know I may surpassed her soon enough'.Climbing into her star fighter the Jin Jedi made a direct course for home, eager to try out her new found powers at the silver rest.