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Sky'ito Yumi

Sky'ito Yumi

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#1787788 Needed Rest | Silver Jedi (Kashyyyk, Open)

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 17 May 2018 - 06:58 PM

"Well running off to explore places and do missions, they seem quite friendly with one another", it was kind of strange how well they got along, was it something they had in common? Perhaps breast size, Wu and Kurenai had very large bust sizes, though it seemed strange that simple fact may have drawn the two women closer to one another, where most of the time Kurenai was more intimidating then friendly. "Oh yes, sorry I zone out a bit", she said as Ayumi Pallopides told her to sit down in the small area away from the others, her eyes falling on a small pedant around her neck. "Is that smoke stone? I have that material integrated into my Yukata".

#1786072 Kokuhyo

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 15 May 2018 - 01:43 AM

The way the investigator reacted to a assumption was kind of humorous, she often forgot how feared her kind was among the galaxy and how others rated, one of the reasons why she kept secret about being a vampire in the first place. "It is worrying, but fear not I am kind of an expert on vampires, well as expert as one can get with so little information about them", or just because she knew exactly how they acted, thought and felt.


"As for their targets, well the time space between attacks makes me think they have spent a long time without feeding, and considering how long vampires usually live for this could be years, centuries, they just may be hungry"."As for their actions, perhaps they are not a traditional vampire, like I have said one that feeds off memories is not something that has been recorded before, for all we know this 'thing' could be a Sith made and might not want to cause people harm, but we can never be sure".


The person very well may just want to avoid a man hunt, if people did start dying security would be stepped up, the risk of getting caught and killed along with it. Still one could never be sure, there was still too little evidence to come to an assumption on the matter, only that this person had not killed anyone yet, was a vampire and very well may be a force user. Hopefully the crime scene would elude to some new things, "Have youtaken DNA samples of the person hair? perhaps that can help narrow down the search, you did say tall a- wait... I feel something".


A small push in the force took Sukai's attention, she could feel it was from someone, family.... Sawa? that was interesting, but there was something else, more then one force user around,nearby making haste through the forest but still there. Was if the vampire of someone else? hard to tell but it as a lead, the question was why Great Great Great Grandmother was here, unless she knew something about the new vampire. "I sense something over in that direction, it is hard to explain but it may be a lead, I'd suggest you stay here for now and I will check it out, wouln't want to be it's next meal now would you".


With a small grin the Jin took to the trees, bounding across the branches as she zeroed in on the dark signature of the Sith Lord, landing a few meters behind the pale and quite tall woman. It was the first time Sukai had seen Sawa in the flesh, she was a little more intimidating then she first thought but more in a creepy way then out right sinister. "I half expected you to be dressed in some dark feather witch looking outfit with skullsattached to the belt, but it seems you are more the stealthy kind Grandmother". It was easier just to say grandmother, putting several greats on the start was just to annoying.


Sawa Ike - Nine Lives - Alexandra Feanor

#1785545 Needed Rest | Silver Jedi (Kashyyyk, Open)

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 14 May 2018 - 09:32 AM

"Ah well, no but... never mind, I should have been more thoughtful in my choice of words", it was more the fact Wookies where not always the Jedi type, you know a warror like culture with fighters strong enough to rip humans limbs apart. Yer peaceful Jedi that want to help the galaxy and conduct peaceful negotiations did not come to mind, but Sukai was aware of their different religion sects, a very interesting people non the less. "Ahem, but yes we could do it here right now if that is okay with you, and maybe later we can go ruin searching, I am certain there are many skills I can learn from you", after all is was usually the less sociable Jedi masters that seemed to have the most power.


"As for my master... well no I do not believe they are jealous, but they might play that card as an excuse to throw marshmallows at you day and night... causing you to watch every corner... constantly be on guard". The most dangerous and brutal training ever, one that tested a persons will power, senses, speed and trust, you could never know when a soft tasty treat was aimed at your head. "So over all they won't mind, they are quite lax with who I train with, more so since I believe they ran off with my mother to search through the beach, something about wild animals".


Ayumi Pallopides

#1785241 Needed Rest | Silver Jedi (Kashyyyk, Open)

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 13 May 2018 - 06:45 PM

"Hmmmm, my mother is quite good at tea making, if you want I could acquire some for you, or just have mother make it on the spot", probably in part to the 600 years of practice, perfecting the fine art. "Never the less it would be the least I can to as thanks for offering training, even though you are not my current master and probably have much more to do", Sukai replied as the two continued to walk around the Silver Rest. "As for the Temples on this world, well many elude my grasp, usually this planet remains in good control of the Wookies, but I would be more then happy to go exploring in one". The last time she had done that resulting in some very interesting finds.


Ayumi Pallopides

#1784298 Needed Rest | Silver Jedi (Kashyyyk, Open)

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 12 May 2018 - 07:01 AM

Sukai could only continue to listen with intent interest as Ayumi talked about Matus power, it was, overwhelming, it made her realize how far she still had to go in becoming a Jedi, well one as strong as Matus anyways. "Ah well if you are willing to teach me, but If you where still a politician I am sure my family has enough money to buy your favor, though I do hope the lessons are free, it would not be befitting of a Jedi to ask money to teach a student now would it". Though a task of some sort or price to pay seemed to be an actual thing, like Wu being allowed to shoot marshmallow at her in return of herlessons, which have been useful despite the new induced fear.


Ayumi Pallopides

#1783756 Needed Rest | Silver Jedi (Kashyyyk, Open)

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 11 May 2018 - 07:36 AM

Walking was nice, and along such a spacious garden who could falt her, "no I have not met Matsu, my brother has and in my off time the woman's papers have been the odd reading of mine, but I have yet to delve deeper into her works". After all such papers and books were well beyond Sukai knowledge at this time, it would be like having a child trying to read a book before he could speak, it just did not work very well. She often wondered how powerful Matus was, not just in combat but the force, how wise and knowledgeable, perhaps a reincarnation as Yoda or other Jedi's from long ago with untold power. "Wait that was not battle meditation? wow, she has some power, to be able to invigorate so many people all at once with such ease, the light side sure is powerful when one puts their mind to it".


Of course it was, the light side was much more powerful then the dark, it just took a long time to master it, and time was something Sukai had plenty of. "Even so, battle meditation is still a I would like to learn one day to I may be able to help other, seeing as during the attack I myself was unable to do much before the Sith where repelled". The entire time herself more running around and getting prepared, by the time she had made it to the battle zone everything already being over.


Ayumi Pallopides

#1783262 Needed Rest | Silver Jedi (Kashyyyk, Open)

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 10 May 2018 - 08:39 AM

"Something else... like what master Matsu did during the attack? it was sort of like battle meditation but on a personal level, and also felt like she was guarding our minds from metal attacks at the same time, is that similar to what you mean or different power all together"? The whole concept around mind powers was still new to Sukai, mainly looking at physical combat and non-combat powers, perhaps this woman could train her, after all she seemed to have a lot of free time. "I would be more then glad to accompany you master Ayumi, where are we going? or did you just want to take a leisurely walk along the garden walk ways"? The Atrisian woman seemed reclusive and distant, but that was a personality Sukai could get behind and liked in all honesty.


Ayumi Pallopides

#1782421 Kokuhyo

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 08 May 2018 - 08:05 PM

Alderan had been quite the interesting planet, records and accounts from her mother describing the empire attack using the infamouse death star, reducing the planet to a small asteroid field. Not though, around 200 years ago such planet had been brought to life, rebuild in a physical sense, a carbon copy using the building blacks left after it's destruction.


It was quite a marvel and her mothers recollection of the reconstruction and restoration never got old, but that was not why the young Jin had come here, not it was due to the most recent events about some sort of memory lose. After the Sith attack there was a very high possibility that some dark side user was still present an perhaps using drain Knowledge or some other force power to stay hidden, though it could be some espionage operate trying to glean information.


Regardless, having just learned to use the force power memory rub and detect if people had their mind altered Sukai had decided to investigate, after all Faith Organa was still looking for any help in rebuilding her planet. As such the young Jedi had quickly made haste to the ruined world, her fighter landing with little trouble as the main space port, having access to the private pay reserved for diplomats and other important people. So far so good, aside from a rather odd and confusing feeling that engulfed Sukai upon exciting her fighter.


It was a feeling that for some reason begged to be familiar, yet at the same time was new, it was fast approaching, like a ship coming into land? maybe, was it a distant relative of some sort? 'No now is not the time, family events later, I have a job to do, first things first the lower areas, seems that mechanics have been a recent victim, interesting indeed'. Such mechanics where vital in rebuilding the city, if someone was targeting them then that was even more evidence towards it being Sith.


Still it was best not to jump to conclusion, the Silver Jedi's reputation was on the line here, okay first start investigate the last known location of the attack, I'll see if the recent victim is willing to talk. Jumping down from her fighter the young knight began her track into the lower levels, her three light saber hilts on displays, radiating a lightish grey force signature, her healing amulet around her neck glowing with a soft green light. If anyone where to look at her it would be right to assume Sukai was a Jedi of some sort, a advantage in some cases but also a disadvantage.


Sawa Ike - Nine Lives

#1782375 Silver Blades [SJO]

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 08 May 2018 - 06:45 PM

Charlie was quite the adept duelist, is made Sukai wonder what her training regime was like, only having heard about the girls past life on Tython, but after all Jyoti had taken the smol girl as a student, that must have meant something. Perhaps a prodigy force user? it seemed to be around the time such would occur, one of those types that had untold power and training and quickly rose to the height of a knight, it would be interesting to see how things progressed.


The moment Charlie's hand made a path towards her knee Sukai more or less diverted attention away from that area of the duel, keeping a close gaze on the opponents saber. Riding the momentum of the blade strike Sukai let go of her hilt for a brief moment, grasping it once again in a reverse grip, pulling it up and in a method to block Charlie's blade, which she had decided to activate for some reason.


In that moment Chalire's metal hilt slammed into Sukai's abdomen, a small cough escaping her mouth as the force pushed her back, the Jin steadying herself in a defensive posture. "Well I guess that means you won the duel, was not expecting the use of Tràkata, I better be more wary in further fights with you Charlie-sama, do you wish to continue".



#1781997 Legend of the Hidden Temple [SJO Dominion of Chalacta Hex AD-33]

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 08 May 2018 - 03:06 AM

Sukai gave a worried star at the mando as he grasped the holocron, but had come to the same conclusion as Cassius Droma that it would be best to have the Sith artifact a non force users hands like Preliat Mantis, despite her past experience with similar items. Even so the dark feeling coming from the man and just the general unfamiliarity made her a little suspicious about his new owner ship of the holocron. Even if was reaffirming that no Sith could have control over him one could never be sure, the dark side and Sith entrapped in this place could very well be stronger then first thought.


Nearby she could hear the panicked words from Droma, urging everyone to pack up and leave, but Sukai put them to the side, concentrating on making sure Zora Djo had not received any lasting damage. Thankfully things seemed fine, well for the most part, but better to be safe then sorry, Sukai grasping her amulet, sliding it around her head and offering it to the woman, "just put this on for a few moments, if not healing anything will make you feel better". Said amulet was infused with the force and helped healed a users, though at peak efficiency when used with the force it would still work on the likes of Zora.


"But what Droma said should be headed, this place reeks of the dead and lost, it would be best for us to return later with a master of some kind, we have the holocron, and I have picked up the ring and Saber from that fallen person, I would say such is an interesting find". "If need be we may spend some more time trying to acquire more records, but lingering to long may be our down fall, but that is just my opinion, if anyone has a better idea I would like to hear it out".

#1781540 Silver Blades [SJO]

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 07 May 2018 - 05:55 AM

Sukai saw the raise blade as she made her approach, a high guard was always useful for intercepting attack using gravity and strong attacks to intercept attacks and bat them away from their body and come in for a counter attack. At the same time though it was rather predicated and rather easy to counter if one had experience in sword fighting, something that Sukai was well versed, regardless of the saber form used due to the Jin focus one versatility then perfection of one style. Unfortunately the rules where kind of in place for each person to solely use form V, meaning things would be a little more difficult then usual, and that was just fine, always nice to experience a new challenge.


As the blades clashed Sukai suddenly allowed her grip to lessen, in attempts to make @Charlies weight on the blade a literal down fall, stepping to the side a little to give the blade room to swing while continuing to close the distance. As the smol girls leg came up for the leg sweep Sukai lifted her right one up, aiming to drive a heavy knee into the Padawans chest and avoid being tripped over. It was a move more akin to Ataru, but once again form V was about seeing openings and attacking, and this looked like a good enough opening to Sukai.

#1780057 Silver Blades [SJO]

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 04 May 2018 - 04:49 AM

She was a little taken back by Charlie dismissive and slightly offensive reply to her offer of help, she was only trying to be nice, did that mean the young girl still did not take kindly to her? It was hard to know. "Uh... as you wish" she replied is an awkward tone, 'not to self-do not offer help to Charlie again unless asked directly... though I am not sure if we will interact with one another very often'. She really needed to get better at social stuff, but nothing Sukai did ever seemed to work, perhaps brother would have an idea about it... no that would not work, he was way to erratic.


She continued to stand their awaiting the smaller girl’s response, a little surprised but genuinely glad to see her accept, well partial, from her tone of voice seemed like a 'we don't have any other choice situation', "Well then I look forward to seeing you fight". Grasping her father’s lightsaber Sukai took a stance opposite of Charlie, activating the ting flat blue blade, holding the hilt pointing straight up in a typical Samurai stance, left foot in front of the other, standing there for a few seconds.“Hajime”! The quick shout would escape Sukai’s lips as she suddenly advanced, pushing off with her right food, beginning the duel with a thrust to Charlies side, almost deliberately aiming to miss, before pulling the blade to the side in a swinging motion aimed at centre mass.

#1778755 Legend of the Hidden Temple [SJO Dominion of Chalacta Hex AD-33]

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 02 May 2018 - 03:56 AM

Location: WIth Silver Team on route to planet

Objective: 1 (Indiana Jones)

Peps Nearby: | Elisea Korrado | Darth Immortus

Post: 6


Taking Zavii advice Sukai began to move away from the dead body, thankfully not activating any trap, coming to stand next to the Zabrak, "that feeling of present but ancient power, yes it is around, be it spirits or some force user in the shadows, or maybe just the temple as a whole". "Either way not a very welcoming concept to think about... so why have the others split apart from us"? The other had delved deep into the cave a very sinister feeling from down the stair well becoming stronger and stronger.


Stephanie Swail was voicing this, the Padawan seeming to be panicked slightly at the dark present and unnatural feeling, nothing Sukai was unused to, but for the other Padawan's here it was not for the faint of heart. "We have to stop them from doing anything reckless, lets go Zavii", she replied to the Zabrak while Swail and her raced down the stair to where Cassius Droma was about to touch... a Sith holocron! Thankfully Swail stopped him before anything bad could happen, a small sigh escaping Sukai's mouth.


Unfortunately the sudden outburst from Sawil caused Zora Djo to fall over, her hand grasping onto the Holocron before falling to the floor, knocking her head again the stone pavement, sending an echo though the tomb like structure. Bending down Sukai place a hand around Zora's head, making sure there was not immediate damage, and eye keeping close gaze on the Sith holocron, hoping it had not be disturbed to much. Its eery glow and hum enticing, but once more nothing new to Sukai for better or for worse. "Djo-san, are you okay"?

#1778227 Silver Blades [SJO]

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 01 May 2018 - 08:22 AM

Sukai was now feeling a little awkward about the whole saying sorry thing, from the way Charlie reacted at the time and how, sensitive she seemed to be the young Jin was sure she would remember. "You don't remember, at Roche when... never mind, since you do not recollect I assume you have forgiven me, but if I can repay you in any shape or form I am always free, and besides making new friends among the order is a plus wouldn't you say". Which was kind of a downer since despite her time in the Jedi Sukai actually had very little friends, son acquaintances here and there but no actual friends, quite contrasting to her brother who had already gotten a girlfriend.


She was suddenly t brought back to the conversion at Charlie's seemingly teenager like response, "well I was wondering if you would like to have a practice spar with me considering most people have fallen into groups". Kyoko and Asaraa already underway, the new armored woman talking with Aubrey while mother approached Josh. "That is unless you had plans already, I would not want to cause any inconvenience to you, and if you are worried about skill difference you do not need to be, I have yet to practice the form V, so I am just as much a beginner as anyone else here". Though Sukai was unsure of Charlie's skill level, having not seen Jyoti's Padawan in battle yet.

#1777602 Silver Blades [SJO]

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 30 April 2018 - 05:02 AM

Sukai gave a brief nod to Josh DragonsFlame as he explained the whole arrangement of fighting, continuing to look on as he explained and showed the different saber style that would be employed. His talk on the forms use by stronger people Jedi her attention, though seemingly physically weaker then most Sukai's vampire heritage made her more of a tank and heavy lifter then most would think. So despite being more fluent in form 4 and 6 such a skill would be usable by her, and if she was to become a Jedi master one day all the saber skills would need to be under her belt.


As the tutorial came to an end Sukai saw Kyoko Ike and Asaraa Vaashe break off to do their own thing, leaving mother, this Echani woman called Narcissa Tallhart, a new member she had not seen before Aubrey King and smol Charlie. 'Hmm I wonder what her combat skill is like, should be interesting to see, I just hope she is not mad at me over our last talk'. Standing up from her seat Sukai walked over to Jyoti's student, the sounds of Asaraa and Kyoko standing their duel echoing in the back ground.


"Hello there Charlie, how are you doing today", she said giving a small bow, "I would question if you are looking for a dueling partner but I feel as though I should apologize about my past action". "I am sorry for what I did on the space station, I shalt speak out of line again with Master Jyoti if you so wish, I often forget that the Jedi are more casual then others and allow such joking, if there is anyway I can make it up to you don't hesitate to ask". She gave the Padawan a small smile, awaiting her response, hoping she had not said anything out of line.