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#1772342 Legend of the Hidden Temple [SJO Dominion of Chalacta Hex AD-33]

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 20 April 2018 - 07:02 PM

Location: WIth Silver Team on route to planet

Objective: 1 (Indiana Jones)

Peps Nearby: Zora Djo || Elisea Korrado | Darth Immortus

Post: 3


Straight on no base camp, well whatever suited the others, being a vampire Sukai would not wear for stamina through out the day, even if they had to keep on the move, carrying their equipment. Besides they could always make a small rest once they arrived at the temple, though it really depended on how the place still held up, the insides may be all ruined and unsuitable, or the structure could have stood the test of time. "Well not complains form me, lead the way Cassius Droma-san, seeing as you are our expedition leader", she replied, making a small hand gesture to proceed.


Before she could take a single step though a shiver ran through her spin, the very emanate presence of the dark side, one she knew all to well, Stephanie Swail voicing her own concern, a frown appearing across Sukai's face. "No you are not along", she replied quietly to the Padwan "I feel that something here is off", a feeling that Sukai now took very seriously, more so considering the fact the Jedi knight constantly expected the worse to happen.


"Best remain on alert, but would not want to make the others feel uncomfortable or second guess coming here", it seemed though that Sukai and Swail where not the only ones. The new woman Gianna Aegis seemed to be a little disturbed by something and it was not just the age of the structure, now Sukai could tell when someone sensed a dark presence and this place despite having rarely been visited. What finally tipped her off was the reveal of a skeletal remains along the path way, but these where not your average corpses. Bending down she examined the bones, the way they skeletons where strewn about, similar in fashion to the aftermath of a battle, defensive like positions, the body positions, damage to certain areas, body, head arms.


"Something happened her long ago, the question is when where and why"? had they died long ago? where the bodies more recent? it was unclear, the problem with secluded places like this, when something did happen very few knew about it. 'I have to keep my guard up, I have a bad feeling about this place'.

#1770788 Tournament Time!

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 18 April 2018 - 08:47 AM

oh silly me never mind, sleepy at time of writing, also not like he's only dark sider around her

#1770781 Tournament Time!

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 18 April 2018 - 08:39 AM

Wait I though this was LS and in reasons(Like no one obviously our enemy)? why is a First Order person in this? ---> Boo Heavenshield



also crap Kiaine is in this

#1770062 Legend of the Hidden Temple [SJO Dominion of Chalacta Hex AD-33]

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 17 April 2018 - 09:35 AM

Location: WIth Silver Team on route to planet

Objective: 1 (Indiana Jones)

Peps Nearby: Zora Djo | Stephanie Swail | Elisea Korrado | Darth Immortus

Post: 2


Sukai raised an eyebrow as Swails reaction to the talk on spider, it was hard not to giggle a bit at the woman's eyes going wide but she had to remember that not everyone here was willing to dive into a swampy danger filled enviroment of the off hand chance to find something. Was it true? who knew, there were many species of spiders that where as big as ones hand, many more bigger, but perhaps it was more the small but large enough to be deadly that made it a frightening thought.


Best no think about it now, focus on what is to come, the wide open jungle enviroment and adventure beyond, @Cassius Droma announcement on their arrival making the young scholars ears peek up. Herself quickly skipping over to the freighter door, wanting to get out into the wild as soon as possible, Sasori supplied traveling backpack and equipment all ready and waiting to go, giving their do gooder pilot a cheery nod as the landing ramp lowered, following him with haste.


The crisp cool and natural air wafted into Sukai's nose, unpolluted, and almost pure, the rays of sunlight illuminating her pale skin likea celestial object in the night sky. "It is indeed beautiful Gianna Aegis-san I could get used to this, maybe come here for a day out of some sort, hiking, lunch, even more exploration", she replied to the red head before walking a little ways forward next to Cassius taking out her micro binoculars, zooming in on the nearby cave system.


"I am assuming that is the place we are going Droma-san? it definitely looks old, I wonder how long it has been since a large group like us has gone in search of the temple". Perhaps there would be clues to that within its stone confines, but one could never really know, perhaps mother would have a clue about it. "So, we waiting for the other to make land fall before the expedition? in the mean time we set up a small camp and plan our next course of action".

#1769495 Legend of the Hidden Temple [SJO Dominion of Chalacta Hex AD-33]

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 16 April 2018 - 10:39 AM

Location: WIth Silver Team on route to planet

Objective: 1 (Indiana Jones)

Post: 1


Had someone said ancient temple? well it seemed they had because Sukai was one of the first people to raise her hand instantly one it was set up more then to join in on this expedition to find to find Mesharra Temple. It had been far to0 long since her last trip of discovery and wonder, but this time the young Jin would be with an actual team and freinds along with family, to bad Tana had opted to kill stuff instead of discovery, but it would no doubt work out as a good bonding experience. In addition it added another chapter to the family archives, another bit to be preserved for future generations to read and learn.


Dressed in her newly fashioned Nanban Dou armor data pad and other devices on had the young Knight was pumped and ready to head out, and with Cassius Droma helping with the lead things would certainly be interesting. "Calm down Sukai, you are experienced in this, not your first delve into ancient places, you did the same with master Wu and many times with mother, nothing new... oh but what if we find something really grand, and this place, so few have come here, I cannot rule out the possibility of that, what about monsters though? sure that Stone Mite infestation is not near up, but some may stray, and who knows what beast may lurk in the forest these days".


To an onlooker Sukai probably looked like some young teenager fan girling over a meeting a popular idol or band for the first time, though replace teenager with an adult in the early 20's and idol with history and knowledge. Indeed, since becoming a Sith and later Jedi Sukai was back to her old self, in true element, one that made the, ironically energy vampire, feeling young again.

#1768849 Dantooine Down-Under

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 15 April 2018 - 11:09 AM

"Yes more factors does plague the galaxy these day, different Froce Orders besides the Sith and Jedi rising up, cyborg incisions and many other things, but despite it all the Sith are still one of the Major players". "Though as for the Jedi of old that exiled those Dark ones, from what my family has stated those dark ones did not simply read some text, and then get banished". "The Je'daii where about balance, true balance and seclusion, when they got involved with the rest of the galaxy some fell to the dark and sparked a Civil war on Tython, not a simple scuffle, but a war that resulted in many deaths". "The Je'dii that did not fall had to turn to the light to win to keep balance, something which has to be constant least the galaxy fall into turmoil" "Then afterwards those that remained of the dark side were exiled and not killed, which was more merciful that anything else". It was certainly more then anything that the Dark Jedi would have done, and in anger they came back with a huge fleet and invaded, yes there was more to it then that, but the whole point was dark side users still sparked the fire that would lead to may problems. Sometimes Sukai wondered if it would have been best the Je'dii never left Tython, then all the problems today would be minimal. Sure war would exist but you would have have Sith and the Fire birds and those so corrupt they give not heed to life.


"Your half making sense to me, as a Jin conflict and learning to fight is apart of my culture, much like the Echani, but growth is not always about opposition, a good mix between both is best, to much fighting and people become more exhausted then innovative". But considering how much more time she spent on combat skills as of late it was a little hypocritical to state that, though not like the Sith would know about that. Talking about the Sith seems that he once again changed the topic towards her family, an odd subject she herself did not know all the answers to at this point in time, she would have to ask for the family tree records again. "A dark sider, I though I had said that earlier, yes my mother is a Dark Jedi, her mother and my Grandmother is a Sith Lord, my Great Great Great Grandmother also a Sith Lord, all with extensive territory around the galaxy, even within your empire". "Though I never strayed, my mother taught me both sides of the force and left me tho chose for myself, I tested bother side and decided to be a grey, from what I have seen that brings more power then either the light or dark". That was why some Sith left and became Jedi like Jari had, those who used both sides where far more stronger then either, able to be calm and focused, but also drawing on emotional strength, former Sith turned Grey where often the strongest force users in the galaxy. Though sh had a feeling this Sith did not feel the same way, if so it was silly, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, one could not simply use the dark side, get immense power and be all find, no matter what its corrupting nature got to everyone.


As for letting him look at the archives, probably not happening anytime soon, heck Sukai had yet to see the fortress their family had, "yes interesting... just don't stalk me you hear, but as for the Jedi becoming Sith" "It is more if the Sith will retain that knowledge of simply stash it away, fear that the pull of the light will make people reconsider or mean that ones like you are not full dark side". Throughout this entire talk the man though claiming to be all Sith was not fully dark side, she had seen full dark side before, been there herself, heck she was probably more dark Sith then this smug Sith. "What ever you believe, though at this rate with the current state of all the Jedi Orders and countless Sith attack many will probably fall and you and the knights of Ren will soon be at each others throats no"? Now that would be an interesting conflict to see two 'collateral damage' empire go at it, probably will make a galaxy wide no mans land of nuked planets going from galactic north to south. That was no joke, both possessed and had used massive proton and nuclear bombs in the pasts, and with differentiating and fanatic ideology, well once could see how that would work out.


Adrian Vandiir

#1767495 Silver Blades [SJO]

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 12 April 2018 - 09:35 PM

Though a Knight in terms of skill and service in the order Sukai would never turn down the opportunity to refine her skills even more, as a Samurai becoming a master of the blade was a must. Even despite having the life span to put such thing off until later the young Jin was more then eager to being practice and gain a better understanding for the combat arts, perhaps she would be able to flex the other two saber hilts she carried around, it had been a while since Sukai had used all three.


Sitting down she politely listened to Josh DragonsFlame speech on what they would be doing today on the other saber forms, but who was this special guess he was bringing in for form 6? That just made things more interesting, though perhaps Sukai should mention her own custom style she had partially developed a while ago, a hybrid form combining Ataru and Soreuse together to make an aggressive defensive form the also incorporated some element from traditional Riben-Jin sword fighting and martial arts.


When it came to form 7 Sukai could literately feel a small wave of disappointment fall over the assembled students, herself catching Charlie's small sigh. In all probably for the best, would not want anyone lower than a master trying out such a dangerous style of fighting. Though one to use emotions on a regular basis Sukai would never get so close to the dark side without very rigorous training before hand, only very few people knew this form and even them quite a few just knew the style, not the whole using dark energy against your opponent.


"Master Dragon Flame, what are the arrangement for sparing? we will be paired with opponents or can we chose who we practice with", Sukai asked with a raised had, herself wanting to cross blades with Asaraa Vaashe. The talk when had with Zavii back when learning the at of small sparking Sukai's interesting in fighting the body changed Togruta, to see how the General fared with saber play. Not only that the new Echani woman Narcissa Tallhart could be a exciting new prospect, both cultures having heavy influence on bladed weapons instead of lightsabers.

#1766067 Sukai's Nanban Dou

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 10 April 2018 - 08:22 AM






  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: 6ky Average
  • Resistances

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High

- Kinetic: Very High

- Blades: High

- Lightsabers: Average

- Sonic: Low

​-Electrical: Low

- EMP/ION: Average

- Elemental: Average



  • Kobuto is fitted with a drop down HUD Essex Visor for basic threat analysis and targeting
  • Has the ability to be fitted out with larger Hakama/Kusazuri/Sode for better protection depending on the situation at the expense of maneuverability (increases weight to 7.5kg).


  • Sturdy: Designed are the use of lamella and combinations of certain layers bolster over all defense as well as giving it ion/emp protection
  • Lightside: Designed with the synthweave/skylar and able to be channeled or infused with the force more easily to enhance and bolster its defensive capabilities and thus darksiders will feel uncomfortable around it.
  • Calming: The force crystal within it makes the layer of plating able to calm others and the user keeping them focused.
  • Absorbital: Set as a coating on the exterior of the plating and under armor padding means the set has strong anti blaster and ballistic properties.



  • Vulnerable: With the weave designed for it force wise the vulnerability of it breaking and being destroyed when attacked by a strong enough darkside attack is highly possible.
  • Required Force connection: With the synthweave.Skylar there is a required force connection to keep the effects and enhancement active. In the smaller models for personal equipment such as speeders, weapons and plates for armor it uses the connection of the wearer if they are force sensitive
  • Kinetic Impact: Though it does not tear or allow sharp force trauma the shythweave is not able to block kinetic blunt force meaning that if his anywhere but the armor plating the wearer is subjected to busing.
  • Exposed point: TO make the armor easier to move in there are many exposed point around the suit that lack armor plating and can be exploited by a well aimed attack.


Though having a Sythmesh robe at her disposal Sukai had to opt for an actual combat suit of armor sooner or later. As such with the help of Sasori went about making a light/medium Samuri style suit of armor in the Nanban dou style. Though not seeming like much the Lamella styled armor over vital area's and layered clothing makes the suit much more protective then people would think and also give Sukai the recognition as a Samurai. When combined in combat with Shishio Sukai becomes a force to be reckoned with.

#1765842 Shi Sa'ku

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 09 April 2018 - 09:18 PM



死、裂く(Shi Sa'ku - Death Cleave)


  • Intent: To sub the blade that was used by an unnamed Sith that gave Sukai her face scar and cut of her fathers leg back when she was 12.
  • Image Source: https://zylo-the-wol...saber-155921988
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: If needed
  • Primary Source: Sith Saber


  • Manufacturer: Unknown Sith, Sukai'Ito Yumi
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: Unique
  • Material: 
    • Saber components
    • Durasteeel-Blade pommel
    • Meditation crystal- Secondary cyrstal
    • Lava crystal-Main crystal
    • Desh/Terenthium alloy-Main body to make the large hilt weight less then it would have been if made solely for Durasteel
    • Phrick- The side prongs next to the end of the hilt are made from the saber resistance material to avoid being sliced off and to catch enemy sabers and regular blades.


  • Classification: Two handed lightsaber
  • Size:  Large
  • Weight: Average


  • Blade Pommel: Make the end of the lighsaber's butt almost as deadly as the actual blade


  • Searing Heat: The Lava crystal which which the blade uses makes it's heat even more noticeable and able to singe peoples from a greater distance then a regular blade.
  • Meditation: The meditation crystal outside of combat means the users has an easier time connecting with the force,
  • Energy Conservation: THe meditation crystal assist the wielder to stay in closer connection to the Force during combat enhancing this connection allowing them to retain energy while fighting rather than losing it
  • Water: The burification chamber means the saber can be used underwater, this is probably due to the Sith how owned it being an explorer that delved into many inhospitable environments.


  • Cortosis: The alloy will short out the blade and made it unusable for a certain amount of time.
  • Unwieldy: The large size of the blade means that is not as fluid to wield as a regular lightsaber meaning move sets from form 2 may not be applicable for this saber.
  • Large Target: Because of the sabers hilt size a good duelist may be able to target the mid section and possibly cut the blade in two

During a routine exploration of a old ruin back in her childhood, unbeknown to them a rouge Sith explorer having taken temporary residence in the area. Upon meeting the Sith waited no time in attacking Yumi's family, during the fight both herself and father engaged in combat, but the strange blade being harder to deal with then expected. In a few minutes Sukai had suffered a searing burn to her face with a scare going across her left eye and father losing his right leg.


In a final moment of desperation and taking advantage of the Sith cocky nature Sukai drew on the dark side an managed to slash the man side with her fathers blade. Herself then proceeding to give the Sith a very painful and gruesome death, the blade now without and owner. As such Sukai donned the blade as her own, symbolism of victory and for just general use as the blade was rather unique and specialized. As of now it's main purpose is a back up weapon for the grey Jedi but often enough can be used to potential undercover mission into Sith controlled space.

#1764324 Dantooine Down-Under

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 07 April 2018 - 08:28 AM

Miral, really, he was bringing that up? the planet which had fallen into its state because of Sith and Dark side users, "look Miral* was a tragedy for both side, and I for one do not know what Jedi used that power". "But are you seriously using that as an excuse for the attack on Felucia and that because of one mishap carried out by a few Jedi that makes us all evil and should die.? You instigated the war with the Silver Jedi, you attacked us first Miral was a sound counter offensive that I know for a fact if the roles were reversed you would say was more than just". "We attacked because we were sick of Sith, First Order and Imperials forces ransacking, geocoding and killing everything in their path, because of your action most of former Silver Space lies in ruins with no one to help I don't see your empire doing anything about it". It was hypocritical, that the Sith would call what happened on Miral reason to kill millions of people regardless of their loyalty, even if the beam of light was not fired, the way Sith forces put civis in harm’s way, how they did not care about friendly fire would have caused just as many deaths.


"What you say about emotion is correct, but once again people who think like you are too much of a minority to ever affect the way the Empire works, regardless of what you learn or teach all Sith will be urged to use anger and hate when calling on the dark side". "I personally believe that a balance between emotion and a clam mind gives the most power, it does not make you susceptible to over confidence but allows you to draw strength from elsewhere, though I often dabble in both sides, if need be I can embrace only the light or the dark". The latter being not the most desirable for reasons best left unsaid, but even though this Sith, if she could call him that, had sound reasons she could, and would never agree with his moral standards. In no way was Sukai able to comprehend the merciless murder of someone to potentially make another life in the far future be just.


Her exotic? well it was very rare for a vampire to be an actual Jedi, once again the rest of her family being Sith and Dark Jedi, she did not know whether to take that as a compliment or a insult. "Even if you have no direst to share in conquest and mindless slaughter you will not have a choice, sooner or later you will be forced into conflict, that blade of your will one day be used to kill someone who cannot defend themselves". "Whether it be a prisoner of war, a Jedi young-ling, a pregnant woman, one day you will kill, and you with either love it, be immune to it, or hate it". "Even if you manage to avoid that, you will have to bear witness, and a person who just stand by and lets something like that take place with no objection is just as bad as the person committing it". Perhaps she was being too hard on the boy, with how big the Empire had gotten and with no military able to face them in battle he may never be needed on the front lines, just to hang back and be used and propaganda, though one could never be certain.


"Your quest is interesting, I took seek that same thing, the reason why I became a Sith and study whatever I can get my hands on that is related to the force, but I must ask how will you do that, how will you dive so deep and discover all". "Let us say the Empire does takes over the Galaxy, you know full well they will defile all Jedi temple, destroying all holocrons related to the light and purge all other information on that side of the force and those that use it". "If that were to happen how would you learn anymore, what sources could you use? I highly doubt and Jedi that do manage to escape from such an ethnic cleansing would teach you let alone allow you to find them". At the rate the Galaxy was going such may prove to be true, even with the ever-present hope of balance returning there could be a very large period of darkness ahead where the First Order and Sith reigning supreme over the galaxy with nowhere for Jedi to live in peace.


Adrian Vandiir

(*Unfortunately the whole wall of light was never meant to cause that, Asia Yune used the skill just as a means to remove the dark power off the planet, not doing research to know it's full effects, but before she had a chance to change it, and despite OOC talks every Sith PC immediately jumped on it and basically said we nuked the city, which is one of the reasons there is so much salt between the SJO and TSE along with whole 'the Silvers are just whipping toys for the Sith')

#1762352 Dantooine Down-Under

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 04 April 2018 - 07:46 AM

"What so because these pirates and murders who would in any other case be sent to prison or given the death penalty, everything they so is all of a sudden legal because you pay them? Even though, and we both know this, they have no ethical morality and almost always after they have 'just hit a military' target will loot it, take slave, and pillage any surrounding land they see fit". "Is that all it takes to for something to be legal in your eyes? governmental funding? no of course not, if the Silver Jedi or Galactic Alliance did hire mercenaries to raid Sith military instillation you would just use it to flood propaganda and keep up the whole all Jedi are evil and must die story". Heck they already did, even though the Resistance and Rebel Alliance where both private militia like organization the Sith still pinned the blame on the core worlds regardless of intel and actual fact, only fanning the flames or war. "Also protect imperial citizens? where where they when my village was attacked? what about actual insurgents that target innocent people like the disillusioned Hand of Light? Seems like your military and policing forces are more intent of solidifying the Empires power and give not karks about the peoples, after all they are inferiors to you after all, especially farmers, non humans and so forth".


As the man because even more cock Sukai could not help but give him the stink eye, was he trying to get a rise out of her? it would not be a good thing to do, if Sukai did get angry, if she did fall under the influence of the dark site, even for a little while. Let us just say this mans family would not be able to recognize the body once she was done with it. "Why don't you prove it? you do not know what it is like to constantly hear about the many atrocities committed by the Sith, when your massive warship take over a planet, block trade and keep people on the ground, no one can tell if you come 'in peace' or are going to kill them all". "You empire it to unpredictable, on second their raising entire cities with fire the next their handing out charity baskets, in the most case people flee, not willing to take that chance, besides it is not like your idea of peace is very fun". Free trade was prohibited, under the pretense of stopping smugglers, putting many people out of business, border control meaning people could not leave planets unless authorized, other law that abolish free speach and slavering being legal once more, was that peace?


"You do have a point about accepting ones emotions, but why must is be only hate, amnesty, pain and anger? why not love, passion like your code stats? during your latest unprovoked attack against the Silver Jedi my brother battled against a Sith who looked upon all Jedi as worthless beings that did not deserve life, the only emotion the expressed being hate and anger. If I remember there name was Joycelyn Zambrano, who is in no way any minor one off Sith". When looking about it more it seemed only the younger inexperienced Sith actually believed in what this man said, she had met many before, said people ending up either dead, or turned to the dark side and becoming the deadly hate filled Sith they claimed they would never become. Once again the grey Jedi let out a small sigh, this conversation was not really getting anywhere, just seemed to be the exact same as any other Sith that she had tried to talk to that was not immediate family.


For a moment Sukai contemplated just leaving the Sith to his ideology, to let him believe what he believed for now, sooner or later he'd be placed in a battle where the ending of peoples lives en mass would come. In time he'd either change, for better or worse, though the Riben Jin had a felling it would be the latter, probably in 20 years time the boy would be a Sith Lord, carrying out mass execution on Coruscant, only time would tell. Unfortunately though the Sith posed a new question, diverting the conversation to a rather new and controversial topic, "why would I need to drain someones life force? us vampire naturally live a very long time unlike you humans, though I do source my blood from a very close friend". Said friend being a Ferrose, able to regenerate quickly after each biting session the two had, "it is the reason why I know you Empire will not succeed, my Great Great Grandmother has recounted 10000 years of history to me, time and time again and empire like yours came along, only to fall". "No matter what you do, or what you try Sith can not and will never take over, all you are is a small cog in the every cycling machine of death, all your fought battles, trials will be for naught in the end, on day your empire will crumble". "When that happens, when you are an old man on your death bed, if you last that long, I will come to you, still looking the same way as I do today, I and will say 'Told You So',".


Being a Vampire and Jedi was probably the rarest thing in the Galaxy, almost all Vampire being Sith Lords or Dark Jedi, but Sukai, she was different, modeling her moral code from the Riben-Jin samurai, making her able to stick on a road of balance then that of the shroud.


Adrian Vandiir (sorry if this is long)

#1755143 Layla Sorenn-Syrush

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 23 March 2018 - 11:11 AM

Layla Sorenn-Syrush Think this is like the 4th time someone has used that character on this site, still nice bio, also yay more vampires

#1754510 Silver Salutations [SJO]

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 22 March 2018 - 06:21 AM

Sukai never really knew why her mother harbored such distaste for Mandaloirans, but considering her age perhaps it was something to do with the clone troopers and Fett clan, though it was a subject she dare not bring up. "Just give her time, thought being in the same clan as Darth Metus does help a bit", even if Kurenai often treated the Sith Lord like a child at time. Still she never found out why Ithiel had come to the silver Jedi and not straight to the CIS, yes mother was here to but that was only out of family relation. "So, did you ever inform my of why you chose to join the Silver Jedi"? he asked after a few seconds, eye scanning the array of food, noting how Charlie avoided her first serving of slightly burn food.


Such an act making Sukai subtly remove the singed dishes via telekinesis replaying them with better cooked goods while no one was watching, well hopefully, if the bottomless pit came charging back sh'd need to ask her brother for stealth practice. Looking around more her gaze also fell of a Sith'ari of all things, conversing with her mother and Jyoti of all people, now that was a combination she never saw coming, seemed like something out of a bad comedy skit.

#1752798 Silver Salutations [SJO]

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 18 March 2018 - 10:51 PM

Sukai let out a small sigh, managing to save the food she was cooking, but also relived that her mother had not decided to kill Verd here and now, maybe it was due to him being part of the same clan as Darth Metus? What ever the case the food was ready for serving, Sukai picking up a few plate and taking her over to the table, giving a small bow when passing Varindar Asyt and Ikki Ike, having seen the hotel owner sample some of her cooking. It was nice to see she did not immediately throw up, it must have been at least decent she would only need to spend the next 40 years until she could master every variant of the dish.


Once she had finished serving the food Sukai wandered back over to Ithiel Verd, "sorry if my mother comes off cold, she had not had the best past with Mandaloiran, it is kind of hard to explain but just don't take it personally". "After you get to know her mother is quite nice", though it would not be easy. but if any person could handle Kurenai's intense personality it would be a Mando. "so how have you been since our last meeting Ithiel? done some training or what not? get a master yet"? She replied sampling the array of food positioned neatly all over the long feasting like table, some how Charlie not eating everything in sight already.

#1752786 All Aboard! - The SJO Dom of the Ceraluen Hex

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 18 March 2018 - 10:13 PM

Objective: Find Tana and prevent him from making her an auntie

Nerby People: Junko Ike Asaraa Vaashe

Post: 4


"To be honest Vaashe, I think that is one of the reasons Zavii chose Tana, from what I know she kind of has a similar thing all but to a lesser extent", it was like a perpetual motion machine of infatuation, flirting with each other more and more and more until the do something, or each other. "Though as Junko stated Tana is not the type to blow up the ship, yes he has a somewhat... evil persona that does not really entail mass destruction, more sadistic teasing... a persona that developed form me". It was also the first persona he had developed upon watching Sukai brutally murder someone, his serious and stoic persona coming from mother and his plain Jin accent persona coming from father. Where Tana had developed the flirty and the casual one Sukai did not know.


As for the body swap such was a odd case when considering Asaraa's circumstance which did not involve her soul being destroyed more trapped but able to escape her own body and transfer to the Sith. "You said the one with more power take over, does that man Asaraa's soul was strong enough to resist the Sith's take over? would that be why she was able to escape her body and take over the Sith"? Thing about it again it was more strange to see the body of a Sith among the Jedi then the fact Asaraa was now in a new body, what would have happened if a Jedi still mistook her fro a Sith?