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#1863806 On Your Mark! - SJO Dominion of the Cyrillia Hex

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 23 September 2018 - 06:59 PM

Sukai knew Kiso was not in the race, she maybe could have been one of the participant, but Sukai was certain her older sister was fighting on the nearby planet against the pirates that were raiding merchant ships. Either way they were here now, might as well watch the race and let Akari be spoiled by Wu, "you know master perhaps you should have a child of your own if you like my sister that much". With her finger Sukai was surprised men could keep their hand off the women, her mother constantly had that problem, even with other women. "If you have a kid Wu can I play with them.. ah I can be the bigger one, it no fun always being small". "Do not worry Akari, you will grow up tall like me and mother".


Wu Yeoh

#1862714 On Your Mark! - SJO Dominion of the Cyrillia Hex

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 20 September 2018 - 11:27 PM

Akari gave a small pout, "Fiiine, I guess, I woulndn't want Sukai to be stuck doing washing" her eating slowing down as per request, after all, she didn't want to ruin her new source of food, but in time she would eat all the things muhahahahhahha."Master, don't give her idea's, I already have enough on my plate as it is without having to worry about my sister throwing up all over the place", giving a pout of her own, easily showing how the two were related. "My sister is racing"? "wait what racing"? She was certain Kiso had been deployed to Mimban with the rangers... of was Wu just using this as an excuse to eat food and fool about. Her head peeked up at the mention of Dusaro, Akari looking at her sister with a 'wat is dish' face. "I do not own a bunker or secret valt". "Mother does though I doubt she uses it for se-... wreastling". Yeah that, having Akari around would be very akward now, at least Tana was around to help out, though she was not sure if that would do any good.


Wu Yeoh

#1862710 Back to Basics

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 20 September 2018 - 10:55 PM

"Well my sister has met him, once, though I would hardly even call the droid an acquainted, the guy even took part in the ceremony, igniting her saber and everything". She honestly was baffled by how things had played out, though over all pay no really worry to it, it was an interesting ceremony, one that nothing else could really top. "Rest an relaxation? is hand to hand combat sparing a form of relaxation to you? or art thou hinting towards other activities that may be more private"? Herself playing along with his somewhat joking attitude, even if it felt a little awkward.


"I would gather that, blowing stuff up in a confined space is a good way to lose you arm, don't even think our regeneration would help with a missing limb and I like keeping my limbs". Considering how much her older sister complained and bitched about her cybernetics when they stuffed up and needed replacement, not a prospect she wanted to deal with for 5000 years. Giving a small shake of the head she followed Dusaro Dresari into the ship, getting a familial feeling washing over her, the small sight, "is my old cabin still up for grab"?


"Hmmm Martial arts, yes I practice Jin styles of it, my mother is a master in that field, hence why she runs a dojo, but Echani martial arts, from what I know its more to do with parrying, countering an opponents attack in a sort of dance". "Though it can still be use in combat as you train yourself to see an opponent and react to their muscle movements"


Dusaro Dresari

#1862308 On Your Mark! - SJO Dominion of the Cyrillia Hex

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 19 September 2018 - 11:21 PM

"Ooooh popcorn, gime gime gime" Akari wailed at Wu, grasping at the small pieces, eating one at a time like a small animal feasting on nuts of some other small food object, Sukai just sighing once more. It was hard to understand that Akari had a nice childhood, and to be honest she should enjoy while possible, "if you get your clothes dirt I am not cleaning it up, perhaps that is one of the first things Wu can teach you". "actually come to think of that, master, will you be using the 'you know what' with Akari"? A nightmare for her, but fort he small hungry girl a heavenly experience, seemed eveyone in her family reacted differently to the secret training aid. "Acutally Akari, have you ever meet your older sister Kiso? she is here two, I know the both of you have never really med before, may be a nice thing to do while you are here". "Oh I have another sister, yaaay".


Wu Yeoh

#1861894 On Your Mark! - SJO Dominion of the Cyrillia Hex

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 19 September 2018 - 12:56 AM

Wu Yeoh


When Wu said her younger sister was now her new Padawan Sukai was very very surpied, upon calling her mother only receaving a shurg and the words, Wu is good at a lot of things along with stuff about the first order. So here she was, sitting next to her baby sister, master Wu, a small sweat drop running down her face she she watched the younger sibling gorging a heap of food. "Thwak you Wuwy, mummy never lets me do this, I am glad she trusts you to take care of me, also I am gwad you could come along Oneechan". "ehh no problem, it is nice to see you again... just please don't get a stomach ache". The small ball of cutness looked p with a strange look, "but mummy said us vam-" "ah shhshh never mind never mind ehee ahahhahaa". 'Oh force she is going to be a handful, mother, what have you done to me'.



#1852472 Back to Basics

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 30 August 2018 - 12:21 AM

Sukai had wondered what happened to Dusaro Dresari in the last few years, though with her knighting ceremony and other operation along with Dus master doing... something, it was to be expected. Apparently he'd been going around on that armed freighter of his to do some sort of work, what ever that was, not that she really minded, not like her own life was full of 'just going to go to the outer rim for a unspecific amount of time'. Actually she wondered id Dus had gotten agoo look at the temple since the move, quite a lot of thing had taken place in that time, most notably was the fact her brother and older sister were not apart of the order. Maybe they could have lunch together some time? though first things first this martial art lesson.


At the moment the young Knight was standing around the nearby landing pad, soon spotting the familiar shape of a ship and Dus's force signature come into range. "Well at least he gets here on time, I wonder were are going to be training, I know the freighter has a decent amount of space... buuuut I'm not sure it is large enough for a full on spar". Perhaps they could stop at mothers Dojo, but that was all the way over in CIS space, quite a ways away from the Temple. Sh'd ask but had a feeling they would do the training here at the temple.


Dusaro Dresari

#1851621 First Contact [Semi-Open To Outsiders]

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 28 August 2018 - 07:43 AM

Location: Refitted Nebel-class ELINT Frigate "SEV Nosey Knave", Galantos High Orbit
Objective: Standing Around


Sukai was surprised by the sudden change in their direction from the current mission but did not pay much mind to it, Finley Dawson being the senior among them and all. Besides this new event was far more interesting, and as the Jedi knight had said earlier 'first contact' did seem to be a definite thing this time around. She questioned what type of people these newcomers were, actually were they even newcomers? her own people were very distant to the galaxy, only reason they were not seen as a new entity was their likeness to the Atrisians. This new entity could very well just be another wild space community that was only now reaching out to the rest of the known galaxy... or in turn be explorer from afar, only time would tell.


While the other members of the crew, conversed with themselves Sukai stared out the window, looking onto the several other ships arranged at this strange meeting. "A Jocasta Corvette, probably the New Republic if I had to guess", there were probably the only people to use such a ship these days. "As for the other ships though, hmmm they seem like any usual design but still different". I kind of felt similar to the whole enteral empire situation, but with much less death and destruction around. "Do you even know if they speak any common tongue? The strange transmission we received makes me suspect these people may have their own independent language".


Hopefully they would be able to break any language barrier, whatever the strange message read she was quite interested in it, the potential to learn a new tongue was always a welcome challenge.


Charlie Nooran Finley Dawson Alaysia Vacaryn Giddean Kuat Eshre Dainivhir Valeport

#1848947 Waiting To Leave.

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 22 August 2018 - 02:12 AM

Location: Still on Nosey Knave


Sukai broke her 'meditation' as the report filtered through the cabin, poking open an eye to look back at the other members of the order, "first contact, you make it sound as if we are meeting some new creature never yet before seen in the world".  Cracking her knuckles the junior knight stood up, walking over to the duo as the ship, "though it will be interesting to see what is up in this planet, even my own family records have little on what this place is like".


"What do you think well find there? a barren planet? a smugglers den or some ancient Sith lord trying to make their own empire"? she asked with a slightly amused look. With how much time has passed since any major event had happened, and with no major power in complete control of the galaxy there were very few people willing and able to come to a place like this.


Charlie Nooran Finley Dawson





#1848358 Waiting To Leave.

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 20 August 2018 - 11:25 PM

Aboard the: Nosey Knave


The pathfinder were a part of the Silver Jedi Sukai did not know much about, but their tasks and over all mission was right up her ally, exploration, discovery, charting new and old system, potentially finding old artifact, basically what she had been going for the last 15 years. For the most part it seemed that this section of the Jedi order was, lacking, to put it bluntly, sure other members were most likely taking care of business of their own, but only 4 people? That seemed to be a little to small for her liking, she had bad past experiences with groups of 4 after all.


That being said at least the groups was somewhat familiar, Jyoti herself leading the expedition along with her Padawan who she had just learned was from Tython. She herself had not been in a while but considering her mothers travels the place was a large hot spot for smaller Jedi groups, said mother having actually trained a few Jedi herself on the planet in hand to hand combat. It made her wonder about Charlie Nooran's past but knew not to ask, there was still a small rift between her family and the Padawan, one that she did not want to make any larger.


So for the most part the Jedi Knight Jin just sat in a simple Seiza style a few meters away from the said Padawan and the new boy called Finley Dawson, a scholar and explorer from what she knew. Keeping eyes closed and mind clear she made it look as if she was meditating, when in reality was listening in on the conversation between the two Jedi, the topic slowly switching to the Antarian Ranger, herself doing quite a few combat operation with them, her older sister a newly promoted Lieutenant among them.





#1847813 A Place In Nature

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 19 August 2018 - 09:43 PM

Sukai gave Reggie a small smile, "I have been well a lot has happened though it is nice to see you again". Becoming a knight meant a few changes and Reggie being younger he was probably still mainly confined to the temple until his training was more thoroughly complete, or found a master to take him under their wing. Seemed as of late there were more Padawans then Jedi masters could handle.


She looked to Reggie Faayare as he offered to be her partner for the day, other also seeming to pair up for the demonstration that Jairdain was running, "sure I do not mind, out for the people here you are one of the few I recognize". Standing up she joined Reggie, waiting for the others to take their place or for Jair to begin the lesson, so far only the new person called Lan had joined in, the rest still sitting around.

#1842056 A Place In Nature

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 08 August 2018 - 05:21 PM

Sukai wished she had brought a note pad, this lesson was certainly becoming popular but more so the amount of information and questions being answered by Jairdain was getting a little out of hand. Ture her memory was quite good due to certain reasons but even still this short span would be hard to recollect without taking down some information on a some device. Glancing around several new people arrived Reggie Faayare being the one to get Sukai's attention, herself waving the young Padawan to her side to stand and watch the lesson and see the canine beasts being used.


Compared to the other beasts she had seen during trips in the outerim these babies were quite cute to look at, though herself going along with the lesson and hiding her force signature like the others around her. Blocking out emotion though was an odd concept, true she could be calm and mature but completely blocking out all emotion or making them seem unnoticeable, that was strange.



Lan-Dai Navras - Jessica Med-Beq -Jairdain - Ronin Wendigo

#1839432 We're Not In Kashyyyk Anymore - SJO Dominion of Hex X-29

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 04 August 2018 - 02:40 AM

Objective: 1 Castle

Peps:Iakchi Saka Amara

Post: 2


Reaching out with the force Sukai could sense the presence of the Wookie Knight and his Mirialan Padawan, the two got along well, even with the language barrier and their vastly different cultures. She wondered if she'd ever get a Padawan assigned to her, maybe, but their was a lack of Padawans among the Silver Jedi at the moment, many Padawans being promoted to knight. Until the latest batch of young ones or new arrivals joined she;d probably be going solo for a while.


Making her way through the halls she had to stop for a moment, instinct kicking in to suddenly duck, Sukai doing just so to see some sort of dart fly past her face, embedding into the stone wall, it's speed quite quite fast, "traps, just as suspected... I wonder, it is motion sensor or trip wire"? She did not hear any clicking or sense an obstetrical, so the former seemed to be the most ideal, question was were the sensor was or how to trigger it. Using the force she pushed a rock forward, silence hanging in the air, "well it's not motion sensors, maybe biological"?


Taking a step forward she put a force shield up, once more the sharp needle launching from the wall, bouncing off the force bubble, though putting a small amount of strain on her mind, what ever the needle was it certainly did a small number in force powers. "Guess I will have to take this slow and steady", who knew if the needles were coated in some sort of poison.

#1839374 A Place In Nature

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 04 August 2018 - 01:39 AM

Sukai sat in a polite manner as Jairdain explained the upcoming lesson, the aspect of using art of small to shrink ones force signature until it is undetectable, being something interesting, Yes there were many other skills that could cover up or hind ones connection to the force, but making it so small it could not be detected, that was something new, well at least to her. It seemed the new arrival presented herself with a similar type of skill though it seemed like her method was more asking to force stealth then art of small, but needless to say a decent starting point for learning the new skill.


Jessica Med-Beq went on about her use for medical and other procedures, truly the art of small was a quite the universal skill, she wondered about it's application in combat, maybe slowly changing the materials of an enemy's saber and get it to shut off mid combat. Such would probably take a while to master, and was always a skill she could practice in her spar time, but the meditation training was something new and her priority at the moment. She was quite interested in the practical lessons that she had in hand though had one question. "Does the meditation hide your force sensitivity like you were a non-force user or is it more related to force stealth were you just mask your alignment"? "Also are you able to project a false alignment? like make yourself like a fake dark side users"?



#1837985 We're Not In Kashyyyk Anymore - SJO Dominion of Hex X-29

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 02 August 2018 - 01:50 AM

Objective: 1 Castle

Post: 1

Peps: Rachel Taff?


The damp and cold interior of the strange castle she entered seem a little too welcoming, yes her race had a strange likeness to the dark, almost seeking it half the time, but this place, it was strange. There were always rumors about sirens and curses that witches may put on people to lure them into some dark deep cave, were who knows what would happen, actually she was certain energy vampires often used the same tactic. Perhaps that added to the homely feel as she slightly stalked through the dimly lit hallways. "Keep your sense open and second guess everything, watch out for traps and dont touch anything that looks strange, or too plain".


One could never be to careful in a place like this, years of exploration of temples tombs as 'other' places making her accustom to traps and other dangers, though in this case their was apparently someone else at the end of it all. Like a deadly game of those obstical course shows were a person ran a gauntlet of activated barriers. "At times like this more back up would be nice, though I would not be sure if such would make a bigger target or not".

#1834150 A Place In Nature

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 26 July 2018 - 10:07 PM

Sukai had been practicing the art of small for a while not, though not an proficient at it yet she as beyond the basics and was able to practice by herself most of the time. Still it was always worth attending classes by Jairdain along the secondary part of the lesson on Quey'tek Meditation, a skill that greatly interested her. There being quitea many applications to use such an ability would come in handy, herself entering into the lesson room a few moments later viewing those present.


Elizabeth Skywalker and Jarael Belaerys where both people she was not totally familiar with, each being around for a decent amount of time, though neither one having interaction with herself. Jessica Med-Beq on the other hand was a very well known person, though Sukai was a little confused why the Jedi master was here? Were they interested in learning the Quey'tek Meditation? Possibly, it was common knowledge that Jess was a master in the art of small, either that or she was here to help with the lessons in some way, Jair did like her practical demonstrations after all.


Walking towards the group she gave a small bow, standing next to the Jess as Jair began the lesson.