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#1826228 The Feast of Summer (Open to SJO)

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 13 July 2018 - 11:05 PM

"Umm thanks"? The way that Jesse Organa sounded and seemed to be embarrassed cause a slight amount of confusion to Sukai. She was a dancer no? was being told you looked nice really that worth of such a reaction? Seemed a little counter productive in her mind, but everyone had with own thing, she was no different in that regard. "Oh, are yes I am willing to stay and talk with you, just I hope the drink does not make your stories go to out of proportion" she sort of joked as another round was passed by the bar tender. "Though I am guessing that you are a heavy drinker of sorts? or at the least have experince in that matter"? Being a pirate and all, being able to take booze was like a law among them no"?

#1825682 Dances with Wookiees [Mandalorian Empire raid on Kashyyyk] (Open to ME and SJ...

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 13 July 2018 - 01:07 AM

Location: Hanger With: Saka Amara Engaging: NPC


Sukai looked behind as the Mando forces descended upon the temple, like angles of death, clad in their sinister black armor. She had to wonder what the empire plan was, its motives, so far nothing had happened between to two nations to warrant any war, no real past events besides the pirate attack, but she was certain that had been resolved. Heck would not that pirate attack just make their bond a little stronger? With that the new leader of the Mandaloirans seemed rather reasonable, the whole no killing frock users' thing making them stand out as an evolved yet still traditional empire. Unless that was all just a fast, and the Mandaliorans still harbored deep resentment against Jedi, after all once could switch leader, but the peoples minds did not change instantly, no doubt many among the ranks of it's military still wanted to exterminate every last Jedi from the face of the galaxy.


As Youric and the other Padawan went their own way Sukai turned to followed the Mirialan Padawan into the ongoing battle near the entrance to the Rest. It was a trouble some sight, but at the same time an optimal opportunity for Sukai to show her skill in battle, the young Jin drawing Shishio from her belt rushing foward to meet the oncoming wave of Mando's from above. It did not take long for the enemy to start laying down fire into her, "Saka, just focus on immobilizing them, the sooner we break their ability to fight the sooner the battle it over", she told the Padawan.

#1824602 Dances with Wookiees [Mandalorian Empire raid on Kashyyyk] (Open to ME and SJ...

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 11 July 2018 - 08:12 AM

In no time the hanger bay became empty, many fighter pilots not wasting time with their sortie, the Silver Jedi where quite prepared, after all more deadly raids had been conducted before on the Wookie home world. Stepping down from the control tower she just rolled her eyes at the sarcastic comment made by @Krass Wyms, yes she was right but at the time Sukai was uncertain of how things were going, no though it seemed quite clear what the Mando's where up to. It was kind of like the battle for Kamino in the clone wars there parts of a ship where dropped into the water that had droids inside, no doubt that falling crates where similar in that regard.


That was only a minor problem as a giant explosion rocked the place, as one of the ships kamakazied into the rest shield's, whether they held or not she was unsure, but had other objectives to deal with. Running back to Yuroic Xeraic the knight did not waste time laying down the plan of defense, Sukai looking to the Mirialan padawan through out the whole exchange. "If you need to Saka, do not hesitate to hide behind me, though it is a little strange I am more then capable of taking lethal rounds to my body and living". Probably the best way to say 'hey I'ma vampire, can't kill me easily' without saying it outright.


Looking back at the group she also decided to address something about the current landing and the Mando's apparent focus on the temple grounds, "would it be possible to coordinate with the Wookie tribes and have them attack from behind"? "Such would be a big help for us" latest training from Josh Dragonsflame with the younger Wookies and upgrading their tech made the natives much more of a threat then before. In this situation their help would be vital to ensure that the enemy was defeated quickly, judging from the space battle up top the ground forces had no real way of retreat, making things a little more to their favor.


Nova Finley | Saka Amara

#1824338 Dances with Wookiees [Mandalorian Empire raid on Kashyyyk] (Open to ME and SJ...

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 10 July 2018 - 08:05 PM

'Before I know it..." she knew Yuroic Xeraic words where meant as inspirational, but it also struck a cord within Sukia, one that was going to become quite the present factor. Her life span was that reaching into the thousands of years, her childhood almost seeming to fly by, much quicker then any mortal being, yes before she knew it she would have a Padawan, and as quickly as that Padawan came they would be a knight, master and then die, while she remained looking no older then 25.


She could understand why mother chose to life a live of repeat, constantly changing her name and jumping back into the world like a new person every 50 or so years. It made her feel more normal, and did not put any strain on herself when friends passed away, as each of her own persona's died too, replaced by a new one that would have their own close friends and comrades. Unfortunately her inner thought were brought to a crashing halt as alarms blared, people running to their ships, the young Padawans scattering all around almost in terror.


Yuroic quickly sent out orders to those present, even though he was not the best pilot the man was tactical, "Yes sir" she sharply relied, leaping towards the command deck of the hanger bay. Such a station equipped with radar and other devices to keep track of ships coming in to land and take off, Sukai wasting not time asking of the situation, "We have detected several warship classes as Mando ships, they have fired on the station above and seem to be landing troops, we are not sure if they plan to deploy land troops yest though".


That was worrying, but also quite mind boggling, why had the Mando's fired upon the space station? it was a well known fact the place was a civil station, used for refueling and trade. Why in the force the Mandos would fire upon it did not make much sense, it held no real military value unless... it was a distraction from the main goal.Picking up her com link she relayed the message back to Yuoirc, "that is the gist of the situation, though I have a feeling that there is something else at play".

#1824031 Dances with Wookiees [Mandalorian Empire raid on Kashyyyk] (Open to ME and SJ...

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 10 July 2018 - 08:44 AM

Sukai was slowly beginning to enter her 20's, though still a baby in terms of vampire years to normal humans she was getting to be quite mature, and among the Jedi that meant soon getting a Padawan to train. Would be bad to just push everything onto the Masters, most being busy with more seniors Padawans and newly appointed knights. Sukai was unsure of when she'd be allocated a Padawan to take under wing, though from how thing where going such would probably not happen for a while, due to the void of Padawans as of current and several Jedi masters actively looking for student.


Still that did not void her from helping out with the younger ones, today herself walking around with Yuroic Xeraic as they inspected the hangers, her own purple and black, refurbished Eta-2 Actis-class sitting not far away from the current group. She kept to the back as the children began to ask questions, not taking long to run off in their search to ask questions. If she was correct Tanasuki would be around here about now, her younger brother becoming quite the ace for the Silver Jedi.


She kept an eye on the little buggers as they raced round, though not before sending a small jest towards Yuroic as he talked to the Mirialan Padawan, "Did not know you weren't the piloting type Xeraci-san, or have you just dedicated to much time to other skills you forget to get your flying license"?


Saka Amara apparently

#1824020 Dances With Wookiees - Kashyyyk Raid [ME vs SJO]

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 10 July 2018 - 08:20 AM

Kaine Australis Why thou?

#1821733 The Feast of Summer (Open to SJO)

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 06 July 2018 - 01:22 AM

Sukai could not help but look at Ronin Wendigo with an odd stare as he almost fell over, was the guy drunk or just bad with footing? He seemed to have arrived late, but that did not really mean anything, the knish could have just been off drinking long before even coming here. Giving a small shake of the head she turned attention back towards Jesse Organa, "Oh you did dance, well I could probably assume they 'greatly' enjoyed your shows, I may not be a guy but I have a feeling that your figure would get a lot of attention".

#1821013 The Feast of Summer (Open to SJO)

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 05 July 2018 - 12:14 AM

"Oh, you know what the Jin are? most people just assume I am an Atrisan", well she was technically only half Jin, but the whole her mother being a vampire was a secret at the moment. "What was the princess like? I've not been home to Tiantang so anything much about it has been more or less unknown to me", perhaps she should organize a trip their with father and brother, such would make for a nice time.She took another sip of her drink as Jesse looked back at Ronin, the man seeming to come out from nowhere and then slip back into the crowd. "You dress as a pirate chick? I guess the whole kidnapping thing make sense of why you are not on Alderan though, but from what I see it seemed that your job was a dancer no"? Like if she was one to participate in raids some sort of armor would make sense, not a very revealing chain mail looking bra.


Jesse Organa

#1820928 Kokuhyo

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 04 July 2018 - 08:56 PM

The explosive wave of fire and ice that soon engulfed the cave just furthered how much Sukai was outclassed, though why Alexandra Feanor was here seemed rather confusing, or why the woman was helping this creature that Sawa sought to kill. From what she had seen so far the woman was clearly harboring hatred and evil intent like no other, sure Sawa may have done something in the past but that did not really justify siding with such a creature with the ability to eat memories.


With each passing second the frost scaled up her kimono, anchoring it to the floor like a glue of super strength, Sukai more or less becoming stuck in an ice shell, unable to move without the aid of the force. Though Sukai knew any powers she mustered where no match for Alex, the Jedi master probably beating her in every aspect of the force and saber fighting. Separated and stuck Sukai could only be a bystander in the entire altercation, like a movie goer observing some climactic battle at the end of a tragic love story.


To her side Sawa offered a hand Sukai's arms reaching out to grasping it, herself focusing on the creeping ice below her, a sudden burst from a small combustion spell releasing her from Ales'x grasp. She turned to her great grandmother, looking at the open wound as it spilled blood, "she seemed insane in all intense and purposes, I can see why you want her defeated". The wound looked nasty, but she could feel Sawa healing herself quickly, but then the problem arose of where to find food. "From what mother has told me do you not have servants to satisfy your hunger"?


Sawa Ike

#1820578 Sacking Coruscant

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 04 July 2018 - 09:00 AM

Sukai had just come here to help where she could, heal the sick and injured, try and scavenge what relic where left at the new ruined temple and more. Such devastation being nothing that the planet had ever seen, not even in the days of the old republic, and the Sith empire back then was far stronger then the one here today. It was really quite shocking, but it got even worse then that because now it seemed that crime lords left and right where coming here to finish the job, despite the huge reconstruction effort and defense fleets around.


Strapping her weapons and equipment to belt the Jedi knight came up behind Kat Decoria, "Maybe, but I would not be surprised if it was just raider and pirates". "The core worlds are not without any protection and are rich beyond measure, a place full of people to exploit and much much more", a tactic that the Sith used once the Dominion fell. She could not count the times defenseless worlds were raided by pirates after dissolving to the Sith, with the Empire then coming in as the saving grace to bring 'peace'. "Either way they are the enemy and they are here, thus there is work to be done".


(With? Kat Decoria Lev Orlova @Charlie)


(Others Errreembuhr Causstik Rahn Mythos @Ultimatum)

#1819514 Dantooine Down-Under

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 02 July 2018 - 07:33 PM

Sukai gave a small shake of the mead, "I did not mean the Galactic Empire, I meant the Sith Empire from the days of the old republic, where strength was the only virtue". "Yes non-humans if proven strong where able to rise the ranks but as a whole they where not treated as equals among the empire, often down trodden and treated like lesserbeings". "You yourself stated that those in the empire without much use are cast aside, how much more non human"? Even if it was not a endorsed practice in the government it happened on a large enough individual level, she had seem it first hand many times over. "Also never said they rely on donation more that, SASORI RESEARCH AND DESGIN ALONG WITH THE 50 OTHER COMPANIES UNDER THEIR WING CEO IS JEDI MASTER WHO IS NI THE SILVER COUNCIL", she replied making a mock mega phone with her hands. "The Silvers had no need to tax it's worlds and as I've stated we do not rule them, not Jedi is in any major political position".


The comment on the revenge attack just earned a sigh, yes they where small to the massive casualties from other attack but unlike before these where not invasions, just right out revenge. Everyone on the planet was killed, if your fought you died, if your surrendered you where taken away to die, no one on a planet at the end of a Sith revenge attack lived to tell the tail, and that was the sad part. Rubbing her temple she picked her mood up at the mention of her identity, "if you want I can educate you on the Samuri code and ways later, but that would take a while and I do not have all the holo books with me right". Even she did not fully understand the whole history behind it, perhaps she should visit Tiantang, perhaps go back with her master, she was a Jin diplomat after all.


"No, alchemy is drawn from the neutral plain of the force, your own signature is what changes it, and their are always dark and light side version on similar powers, the Jedi just prefer force infusion then alchemy most of the time". Still that gave her an idea, would it be possible to make light side version of dark side power? Darkshear seemed like a viable option, perhaps maother would be able to help with that... hehe spear of light, so Corney. A small chuckle escaped her lips before turning back to the Sith, "we can never know, just be aware if we meet in combat any fight we have will be to the death, because I wont be holding back, such is considered honorable among the Jin, showing determination of ones goal". "If not I would not mind another discussion with you... though I believe it is getting rather late, the sun already sets in the west".


Adrian Vandiir

#1818413 The Feast of Summer (Open to SJO)

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 01 July 2018 - 06:30 AM

"Do things? that is quite vague but what ever" Sukai replied as Jesse looked around at the other members present, Jesse Organa, "Me, what do you mean mix? like fashion sense or what we identify as"? Once again another vague statement that was hard to wrap a head around, more so when her voice tailed off looking an Ronin, odd stare she gave him but what ever. "Well I am a Riben-Jin, even if I am wearing more casual attire today Atrisian style clothing is more up my ally, and yes there are not a whole lot of men amoung the Silver Jedi, plenty in the rangers but most of our force users seem to be women". Kind of odd, or did the Jedi orders just attract women more? From what she has seem the Sith seemed to be more male dominated, perhaps it was an emotional thing. "What about you Jesse? what's your fashion sense"? she asked finishing off her current drink.

#1817848 The Feast of Summer (Open to SJO)

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 30 June 2018 - 03:56 AM

To make the galaxy a better place? well, educating people and getting word out was a way to make things better, inform others of better times and ways to carry them self, help them avoid making bad mistakes. At the last bit of her speech Sukai almost choked, looking back to Organa with a 'what' face, "wait, your saying your leader went of and married the queen of commoner or something"? Was that the whole Arenies thing? Wait was every 'light side' leader actually a secret Sith Lord of dark side user? "Ahem, well at least if you are able to continue your work unimpeded and all, not a fate as worse as other Jedi groups mind that".


Jesse Organa

#1817440 The Feast of Summer (Open to SJO)

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 29 June 2018 - 09:11 AM

"Runt? I am not sure what goes on in their family but okay", such being a little confusing, though Sukai did not know much about Organa family, well the current one anyways. Was she a runt due to some sort of marriage? maybe her choice to become a force user instead of a government member? Why where politics so confusing. Sukai continued to listen to the woman's explanation, taking a sip of her own drink, cocking her head a little at the mention of the Church of the Force. "I have heard about that before, was made during the time of the Galatic Empire no? quite old that". "Though not really seen much of them today, is the group very big now? also what has it been up to of late" Sukai asked, taking another sip of the poured out whisky.


Jesse Organa

#1817159 The Feast of Summer (Open to SJO)

Posted by Sky'ito Yumi on 28 June 2018 - 08:13 PM

Sukai gave Yoruic a parting look as they wandered close to Asaraa, those two seemed almost inseparable, even with everything both people went through. To this day she still could not really get the whole from Togruta to human transfer things that the Padawan had gone through, also all the thing Yoruic himself had to deal with. If that was the case both seemed very suitable for one another... 'gah, no match making people what's wrong with me'.


Giving another head shake she looked back towards the dark skinned woman as she ordered a drink too, the sly smile and expression on her face seeming to carry different meaning. "Well despite being all Jedi people have the preferences and all, though I try to be friendly with everyone regardless" even if some of her attempts did not work out for the best. "Well once more it is good to meet you, though I have not seen or heard of you befor, and your last name, you are of the organa family no"?


Jesse Organa