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Sky'ito Yumi

Sky'ito Yumi

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A Week on the Dark Side

12 April 2018 - 09:58 AM

For a while now I have been rping as Sukai partially being a former Sith, as in she was the apprentice of a Sith that aligned themselves with the TSE/Sith Acenday. IC this has happened in the past with a few thread that involved her going to Korriban, meeting a certain Sith Knight and training under him in a few threads.


Unfortunately things did not go as planed with their rather sporadic activity and their disregard for certain site rules and lore meaning I eventually I broke things off, without going very far.


As such I am looking to see if any TSE/ (Current or former) writers would perhaps like to help fill in this blank area of back story and pass down the Sith skills that she often uses IC.

Sukai's Nanban Dou

10 April 2018 - 08:22 AM






  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: 6ky Average
  • Resistances

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High

- Kinetic: Very High

- Blades: High

- Lightsabers: Average

- Sonic: Low

​-Electrical: Low

- EMP/ION: Average

- Elemental: Average



  • Kobuto is fitted with a drop down HUD Essex Visor for basic threat analysis and targeting
  • Has the ability to be fitted out with larger Hakama/Kusazuri/Sode for better protection depending on the situation at the expense of maneuverability (increases weight to 7.5kg).


  • Sturdy: Designed are the use of lamella and combinations of certain layers bolster over all defense as well as giving it ion/emp protection
  • Lightside: Designed with the synthweave/skylar and able to be channeled or infused with the force more easily to enhance and bolster its defensive capabilities and thus darksiders will feel uncomfortable around it.
  • Calming: The force crystal within it makes the layer of plating able to calm others and the user keeping them focused.
  • Absorbital: Set as a coating on the exterior of the plating and under armor padding means the set has strong anti blaster and ballistic properties.



  • Vulnerable: With the weave designed for it force wise the vulnerability of it breaking and being destroyed when attacked by a strong enough darkside attack is highly possible.
  • Required Force connection: With the synthweave.Skylar there is a required force connection to keep the effects and enhancement active. In the smaller models for personal equipment such as speeders, weapons and plates for armor it uses the connection of the wearer if they are force sensitive
  • Kinetic Impact: Though it does not tear or allow sharp force trauma the shythweave is not able to block kinetic blunt force meaning that if his anywhere but the armor plating the wearer is subjected to busing.
  • Exposed point: TO make the armor easier to move in there are many exposed point around the suit that lack armor plating and can be exploited by a well aimed attack.


Though having a Sythmesh robe at her disposal Sukai had to opt for an actual combat suit of armor sooner or later. As such with the help of Sasori went about making a light/medium Samuri style suit of armor in the Nanban dou style. Though not seeming like much the Lamella styled armor over vital area's and layered clothing makes the suit much more protective then people would think and also give Sukai the recognition as a Samurai. When combined in combat with Shishio Sukai becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Shi Sa'ku

09 April 2018 - 09:18 PM



死、裂く(Shi Sa'ku - Death Cleave)


  • Intent: To sub the blade that was used by an unnamed Sith that gave Sukai her face scar and cut of her fathers leg back when she was 12.
  • Image Source: https://zylo-the-wol...saber-155921988
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: If needed
  • Primary Source: Sith Saber


  • Manufacturer: Unknown Sith, Sukai'Ito Yumi
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: Unique
  • Material: 
    • Saber components
    • Durasteeel-Blade pommel
    • Meditation crystal- Secondary cyrstal
    • Lava crystal-Main crystal
    • Desh/Terenthium alloy-Main body to make the large hilt weight less then it would have been if made solely for Durasteel
    • Phrick- The side prongs next to the end of the hilt are made from the saber resistance material to avoid being sliced off and to catch enemy sabers and regular blades.


  • Classification: Two handed lightsaber
  • Size:  Large
  • Weight: Average


  • Blade Pommel: Make the end of the lighsaber's butt almost as deadly as the actual blade


  • Searing Heat: The Lava crystal which which the blade uses makes it's heat even more noticeable and able to singe peoples from a greater distance then a regular blade.
  • Meditation: The meditation crystal outside of combat means the users has an easier time connecting with the force,
  • Energy Conservation: THe meditation crystal assist the wielder to stay in closer connection to the Force during combat enhancing this connection allowing them to retain energy while fighting rather than losing it
  • Water: The burification chamber means the saber can be used underwater, this is probably due to the Sith how owned it being an explorer that delved into many inhospitable environments.


  • Cortosis: The alloy will short out the blade and made it unusable for a certain amount of time.
  • Unwieldy: The large size of the blade means that is not as fluid to wield as a regular lightsaber meaning move sets from form 2 may not be applicable for this saber.
  • Large Target: Because of the sabers hilt size a good duelist may be able to target the mid section and possibly cut the blade in two

During a routine exploration of a old ruin back in her childhood, unbeknown to them a rouge Sith explorer having taken temporary residence in the area. Upon meeting the Sith waited no time in attacking Yumi's family, during the fight both herself and father engaged in combat, but the strange blade being harder to deal with then expected. In a few minutes Sukai had suffered a searing burn to her face with a scare going across her left eye and father losing his right leg.


In a final moment of desperation and taking advantage of the Sith cocky nature Sukai drew on the dark side an managed to slash the man side with her fathers blade. Herself then proceeding to give the Sith a very painful and gruesome death, the blade now without and owner. As such Sukai donned the blade as her own, symbolism of victory and for just general use as the blade was rather unique and specialized. As of now it's main purpose is a back up weapon for the grey Jedi but often enough can be used to potential undercover mission into Sith controlled space.

No Jedi Beyond This Point

07 April 2018 - 10:28 AM

For the past week I have had a sort of future non-canon (maybe) story arc that would kind of take place around 20-30 years in the future from where the Chaos time line is today. In a nut shell the idea revolved around the TSE and FO along with some other DS faction (galactic south either CIS or Empire) becoming so powerful and all reaching that no where is safe for Jedi anymore. Not even the CSA or at that potential time equivalent neutral factions if they would still exist.


The thread would revolve around Sukai, who being a vampire would still look the same as she does now, attempting to flee to the outer rim/unknown regions and return to her ancestral home of Tiantang. While doing all this coming under attack and having to doge Sith or DS enemies along the way, trying not to lead them back to the Jin home world.


Reply here if you may be interested and we can work out details over DM, or you can just say it is silly and we can all move on.

Dantooine Down-Under

17 March 2018 - 07:25 PM

It was your average warm day on the Sith controlled world of Datooine, a light breeze that could barley be felt on ones skin brushed through the large plains of grass. A light morning dew scattered across the green natural carpet that blanketed the world, dampening the ground ever so slightly. For far as the eye's could see nothing only nature taking it's due course, well not anymore that is, the remnant of a community, but a few miles away from what was the Jedi enclave


Ash, ash everywhere, the never changing enviroment on her home plant keeping what was left of her village in a constant state of destruction. The hills and mountain like ridges in the distance preventing much wind only lightly scattering the remains of the small farming town. Even if it did though the large crater from that bomb would still bear witness to this places destruction, on the edge of the artificial hole a woman sat, in a Sezia style pose, eye open, observing the carnage.


"Why.... what was the point? what did they gain from this? it makes no sense, they couldn't have been looking for something could they? The bomb would have destroyed it... where is the closure, the motive"? Her mind was racing with confusion sadness and a little bit of anger, the whole attack, everything it never had clear direction, was it just for fun? to prove a point? or was there some item of value that 'was' here but now isn't. "What would mother do in this situation"?


@Adrian Vandiir